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Hey guys! So money is pretty tight right now for me, so I’m sending out a newly updated commissions page! Now there’s a Bust/Portrait option that will include a beautiful snapshot of your chosen character with a pretty backdrop painting behind them! Neat right?

Anyways! I have more info on my commissions page if you want to see! Otherwise, feel free to send me an email if you’re interested! Thank you all for your support! Cheers! <3

Hello, I really need your help

There’s been an inconvenience and I urgently need to raise 500€ (~560$). So, guys please help me make it by commissioning me. I’ll be doing drawings like these for 20$ 

or like this for 10$

I can add an actual shading but that’s more time so the price will rise a little bit. Other variations will be taken on account.

Please guys help me. Send me an ask if you are interested and boost me.

Need Some Help! (Signal boost this!!)

So Ethan decided to give me a heart attack and reblog my idea for a meet up when he’s close to reaching 300k subscribers, so I need some people to help me out because I can’t really be here this week. I can try for maybe an hour a day or so but it might not be possible since I got school and work which is my priority to handle.

I know he’s pretty close to the milestone at the moment but I cannot do this without some help from you guys. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m really afraid for how to go about this because I’m just some random person honestly, and not exactly an Ethan blog either. (what even is my blog anymore lmao)

If you are interested in helping me out, or just want to give suggestions for what we can do, please send an ask or message and I will take things into consideration before the end of this week. Soon enough I will post a final thing for the meetup tag, what day and time this will happen, etc.

Oh and before I forget I really want to take this over to the community from twitter very soon. My account is at @/crankyblumuffin if you want to know ahead of time when I tweet about it. It’s a new-ish account so the only way people will know about it on there is if you guys help out and retweet! ^^

I hope this can clear some things up for what I have planned. Thanks for reading, and have a great week! See you soon!

So, it’s the hiatus. We’re all dying. Why not have a Fanfic Submission Thursday?

[thank you so much @adoringjensen for the banner!]

What is Fanfic Submission Thursday?

• a way to compile a bunch of great fanfics into one post every Thursday based on a theme that i put out each week

• for readers to get mORE FIC and for writers to get featured 

• simply submit the link of your fic, along with the supplemental info outlined in this template, and i will include it on the weekly Thursday post for 2k+ followers to see! 

How do I submit my fic?

Every week there will be a theme based on this calendar. Submit the link of your already posted fic to my blog. Your fic can be linked to any platform (tumblr, livejournal, etc), it just has to be public access for everyone to read.

Please check the submission guidelines to see what information I need about your fic! If I don’t have the completed information, I won’t be able to post it.

When do I have to submit my fics each week?

The deadline for each category is Wednesday 11 PM CST. If you submit your fic after that, there is a high chance that I won’t be able to include it in the post.

Additionally, if you know that you want to submit a fic for a future category but we are not on that week yet, please do not send in that fic early. I will not be able to keep track of fics that aren’t part of the category of the week.

see: Schedule of Categories and Deadlines

What pairing can I submit?

This is a Destiel fic submission for most of the categories, with the exception of the three categories of Rarepairs, Gen Fic, and Femslash (although fem!destiel is acceptable for that last category).

Is there any story with particular warnings or ratings that I shouldn’t submit?

Any rating is fine, but you have to include the rating and any warnings for the fic in the submission. Please see the submission guidelines for more info.

Can I submit other people’s fics?

Please submit your fic only. It’s time for self promoting, people! In rare cases you can submit on behalf of someone else if I know that you have their permission.

Do I have to submit only complete works?

WIPs are highly encouraged! That way people can see your fic, and subscribe as you’re writing it. Complete fics are completely welcome too. However, your fic has already be posted somewhere. I will be posting the link to the fic, not the fic itself.

Is there a length requirement?

No; anything from drabbles to longfic is accepted. Go nuts!

Here are the documents you’ll need to submit your fics! 

Submission Guidelines and Template 

Schedule of Categories and Deadlines


If you have any questions, please, send me an ask! Happy submitting! :)

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Alright guys. I’m in a bit of trouble again.

Due to a recent incident, my mother forced me to buy myself an extremely expensive school uniform. I was saving up to escape my abusive environment, but now the money in my Paypal is seriously low. That is why…

I will be doing art commissions for the first time!

Icon Packs:

5 Lineart icons = $7 + $1 for every extra icon

5 Flat Color Icons = $9 + $1.50 for every extra icon

5 Colored and Shaded Icons = $12 + $2 for every extra icon


Message me for the cost of these and an example if you want one!

Please… help me get out of here. I’m suffering so much every day from my mother’s abuse and it would mean so much to me if you could help. Even if you can’t, PLEASE REBLOG.

For you!

Hello guys how are you ? I hope you’re doing well ❤️

Anyway these days I noticed something there’s a lot of ppl asked us to recommend to them a blogs to follow… And I want to help them cuz some of them are new and don’t know who to follow Or they want to follow a new blog Or their blog has deleted by tumblr staff…. So i made this for them and I want you to help guys, Of course if you don’t mind ^^ All I want of you is reblog this to let them see this post! 

So guys here’s some blogs that I really love and they’re so talented and beautiful.. Trust me you won’t regret!

@yamazekis @aizawashoutta @orekis @toorvus @katsuukis @rirens @alexbenedetto @laetia @bakugouhs @hoetian @sarapyon @toshiiros @rose-flowers @leloucn @izuchii @jaegersz @34takano @okita-senpai @hogeky @hoshis @yaoyorozus @hyodo @chiisai-hope @mobpsycho100 @ayaarin @spectrux @shiroiraiha @elliejoys @ah-luna @serragakis @l-e-v-i-ackerman @aeselyn @juminss @nanzse @nicorobins @tovbio @nikifforovs @kishou @kirschtein @justnosense @owarus @miidoriyas @tartataill @erenyeager @erwonmyheart @jolynecujo @atsushisnakajima @urushenna @allenswalkers @8ay @rinsuokah @fudayk @ohreigen @genosus @genoza @ri-cha1 @lahviis @tobiohchan @kanekin @naruzumake @oiivkawa @shokugekis @kurorolucilfer @ichigo-iichie @bohkutos @littlebratciel @fairytailwitch @mazusu @psychohelmet @ranpohedogawa @escarletes @bertholdts @preciousghouls @erenyegar @shgieo @seihanndas @ayumiko @sukerokus @larimii @tatsunaris @hanae-ichihara @gintoukis @sassaki-s @zakuras @yushiyuki @tachibana–chan @komaedas @koitoshi @kourai @t0ukas @kenmai @laynce @dazaiosamu-s @kissumi @a-sakuras @shotous 

Note: You can add your favorite blogs if you want to help :D

Hey guys, so I didn’t want to have to do this but I need to. I have two tickets to see Markiplier in Indianapolis in one of the better not VIP seating rows in the middle for the 8pm showing on June 10th. I bought the tickets without realizing my cousins wedding is on the same day, and unless I come into some sudden money of some sort for an airplane ticket from where her wedding is, to the show, I don’t think I can go.

The tickets are in ORCH-C, Row T, seats 6+7. They’re for June 10th at 8pm. I’m asking $130 for them, because that covers the ticket insurance I paid as well as the handling fee LiveNation charges. If you’re interested at all, tho, still let me know and maybe we can negotiate.

I just want my money back and can’t refund my tickets at this point. If anyone is interested please hmu if you have any questions I can get you more details. Please Signal boost if you could. Thanks guys.

Help Please!

Hi guys, as you probably know, I am a senior in high school. As such, I have to complete a statistics project! Below is a link to a google form that I need at least 125 responses on. Please, please help me with my survey by answering AND spreading this post. All responses will be anonymous and nobody will see your responses. Please help me out! I will be so grateful for you all of your help! Thank you <3


- Rin

Please donate if you can !!

My tablet broke last month and it was my only way of earning money, I have been struggling for a while but it’s getting more difficult.

I’m posting this to hopefully get some donations to put towards a new tablet so I can start earning money again, as I’m unable to find work and struggle for various reasons.

Every donation will be saved and every donator will be contacted when I finally save enough to get one, where I’ll repay with a drawing of their choice!

I’m in the UK without PayPal, so if you donate please either be from the UK and can transfer to me, or can transfer internationally with the Xoom app (Xoom will have conversion fees if you’re donating from America, dunno how much though).

The cheapest tablet I know of is £50-£60 but I’ll be looking into cheaper alternatives if I can, and any donation will be VERY helpful as I really need to make money somehow and I’m really financially struggling!

Please please please signal boost this if you can’t donate!!! Or even if you do, please signal boost this if you can.

Thank you guys ;;

The Panda Needs Your Help!!

…again. ;_;

More or less a year ago I asked your help to buy a heater and got it because my darlings are awesome. Period.

 Thing is…it broke…and now I’m freezing!! Again!! But of course bad things never happen alone and my computer needs a new ram memory and a miracle but I am broke. Most of you know that internet and specially Tumblr are my only distractions, the thing that keeps me sane because on top of the social anxiety problems and the depression, yours truly got diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Going back to work? Never more. Meds? Yep, for the rest of my life. Social Security here in Brazil is ridiculous by the way.



MOST of my bills are paid, I do have food, thank God and thank you! you know who you are ;) but I don’t have money for anything else and I’m turning into a Panda Popsicle (many flavors!) every night while crying over my pc freezing as well but for entirely different reasons…

Can you guys help me one more time? 

I need more or less $95,00 to buy a cheap but functional heater and repair my pc. Will you help your Panda-Mun again, lovelies? 

If you can’t help could you reblog this post? You can?? Thank you!! You’re an angel!! <3

My e-mail for paypal is

Love you all!

Hey guys, so I didn’t want to have to do this but I need to. I have two tickets to see Markiplier in Indianapolis in one of the better not VIP seating rows in the middle for the 8pm showing on June 10th. I bought the tickets without realizing my cousins wedding is on the same day, and unless I come into some sudden money of some sort for an airplane ticket from where her wedding is, to the show, I don’t think I can go. I just want my money back and can’t refund my tickets at this point. If anyone is interested please hmu if you have any questions I can get you more details. Please Signal boost if you could. Thanks guys.


Hey guys, I’m in a bit of a bind right now. I have a very large tuition bill due in August and I need to scrape up two thousand dollars to be able to pay half of it (my parents will pay the other half). I do already have a job but my manager is having trouble scheduling me more hours and the hours I currently have won’t be enough to earn the two thousand. So any money I can get to put towards this bill would be greatly appreciated. Even just sharing this post helps too. 

Thanks a bunch! 

(Sorry if prices are a bit high I’m trying to cover this bill asap)

My friend Damian is bisexual and is pretty bummed out by the lack of bi-positivity on Tumblr. He cant find any bi-positivity blogs or posts with over 1000 notes talking about how rad people who are bisexual are. So im gonna make him his post.

Like and reblog if think people who are bisexual are hella rad and need more love.

I got a Patreon!

Hi guys! You may not be aware, but I dream of being a writer. It is the only thing I have ever wanted to do with my life.

You also may not know that I currently work at least eight hours a day and commute two to a full-time job. You also may not know that I have been chronically ill for the past few years and getting worse. My doctors think I have a disease called endometriosis, but I am waiting on a surgery to officially diagnose.

I live with my boyfriend who studies and works and as much as I need to reduce my work hours to better manage my health and follow my dreams, we need the money my full time job provides.

And so I got a Patreon account. I am aiming to start off by posting one piece of short fiction each month on a $1 pledge tier. If I get enough patrons, I am hoping to make more rewards and gradually build it up enough that I can do part time work.

I have already put up my first short story of the month, called The Seal Princess. I’ll post a sneak preview as well so you can see if you’re interested. If you aren’t interested, please share this around, I would really appreciate it.

Hey guys.


My unemployment was cut off much earlier than expected (four and a half months earlier).

I’m doing okay, but I will quickly NOT do okay.  

So icon commissions!  These will be $15 dollars.  They are 600x600, fully inked, colored, and shaded with a simple background like the sample.  Message me here or email me at

If you just want to help, you can buy me a coffee

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Neh, guys, I’m kinda stuck in drawing block and I’ve been looking through the oc tag and there’s a lot of really awesome oc’s out there! So, if you don’t mind, can someone hmu about drawing their oc’s? I’ve added a picture so you guys can see how I draw, but I also draw full body pictures as well! Hmu!!!!

I hate to be this person, but guys I really need help. This is my fiance, Dan. He’s got a baby face, is wonderfully sweet, amazingly smart, and the greatest person in my life. He’s also trapped in an abusive household. I know that we all see a thousand of these posts a day, but I’m out of options. We’re trying to get him out, but his mum has access to his paychecks and will get physical if they’re not as large as they should be. He has no money, I have no money, and we have no one we can turn to. So please, if you have even fifty cents and are feeling generous, it would help. We have a PayPal set up that his parents can’t touch, There’s a flat that we’ve been looking at, but in our current financial situation there’s no way we can afford the down payment and rent. If he can escape his mum he can reclaim his paychecks from her and we’ll be okay, but we need help getting there. Please, I’m begging anyone out there who can help. Please do.