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me and my mother need financial help

hi! this is my first post on anything like this kind of but i really need your help.

my mother and i (basically, my somewhat family) are in trouble. she hasn’t been paid here in three months and her mother doesn’t spare her a reasonable amount of money to pass the month

(and if the guy that pays rent gives her the money away, she won’t get the half of it, since she’s begun cutting down the amount of money she gives to her daughter - my mother)

this is VERY urgent. my mother is not mentally stable as well and she can’t leech off her boyfriend who barely gets paid (30 euros a day as a mechanic) or get money from her credit card as she’ll see the transaction letter

this isnt for me or anything, this is mostly for her to finally support herself and not have to depend on the money that her mother barely gives her. my mother is a lovely person (i’d give her the world if i could) and i love her to DEATH she’s taken care of me when my father really never did and she needs help now. she doesn’t deserve this neither her mother still emotionally abusing her and cursing at her.

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HEY GUYS!!! Broke art student needs cash so here we are hello. Paypal payments only please!

First time doing real commissions for actual moneyz, forgive me if I forgot to mention anything in the chart, don’t hesitate to just send me a wee message.

So most of the pics are fandom related but I will draw OCs and stuff :)

Hit me up!!

Oh and please click on the image for better quality!

Hello! I really need some extra cash to pay off my student loans for the coming months SO I’m gonna open commissions again!

I will do simple $10 commissions, no backgrounds, no more than two characters, colored. The finished products will look something like this

i won’t do any nsfw, and i will only do ocs if i have a reference picture to work from! i accept payment via PayPal. if you have any questions or if you are interested, send me a message on tumblr or email me at




Hi friends, please consider commissioning me so I can pay rent, buy groceries, live in peace, etc.


I WILL NOT DRAW: Mechas, extreme blood/gore, anything nsfw

*I will draw light PDA or light blood, just double check with me

I’ll draw fandom or OCs, just as long as you have refs for me if it’s an OC! And yes, I do draw furries.

Prices + contact info below!

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Please help this disabled couple/victims of identity theft

So uh, where do i start on this one
for those of u who dont know i’m dahlia and i’m engaged to lix we’re both physically and mentally disabled, i recieve 0 assistance and i can’t hold a job. i provide as much support to lix as i can with my art but my graphics tablet just kicked the bucket so i can’t do much. we don’t have a room mate so we’re struggling to make rent but we were gonna make it this month.

except now we aren’t. my fiance lix had xer credit info stolen and we got hit with overdraft. the charges got canceled but the bank won’t remove the overdraft and we’re in the negatives. i really don’t know what to say or do, i have to buy my pills soon, we haven’t bought groceries in months, i have no wy to save for a new tablet and rent is coming up in a few days and now we’re in the negatives. everything managed to go to hell over night and i just really need help.

if you can help my paypal is, if you can’t please signal boost, like just keep spreading this. also my fiance has an art commission post here. please and thanks.

Commissions Open

They can be any character you want (OCS/FCS included!) I will also draw furries!

I will not draw things that are: mecha, sexual, muscular

partial nudity is ok!

gore/blood is ok!


- Colored Sketch: 7$ per character

- Full Body Colored Drawing: 10$ per character


You can reach me on fan mail or pm! If you have any questions let me know! I only accept money through paypal.

Thank you for reading!


my mom is a hs english teacher and rn shes on an indefinite suspension because our superintendent wants her gone but cant fire her. his best friend, now the principal, went thru her personal twitter account (which is in no way linked to the school or her school twitter account) and saw that she mentioned beer a few times. towards the end of december the superintendent took that information to the school board and told them he would “look into it” bc he said that “inappropriate behavior” on her twitter account may be an indicator of “inappropriate behavior with students.” he then told my mom to meet him in his office where he told her the board said she could either resign or he could conduct a full investigation. she couldnt resign bc then she would look guilty of something so over the next few days he conducted an investigation. 

  1. the board did not say she could either resign or he could conduct an investigation, he lied to my mom
  2. he lied to the board by telling them he would just “look into it”
  3. in this situation he is the prosecutor and the conductor of the investigation 

on the last week of school before winter break almost all the students were aware of the injustice that was going on. post-it notes were put up all around the school about the investigation and how u shouldn’t answer any questions unless a parent or trusted teacher was with you. on thursday post-it notes were put up on all the lockers in the hs hallway that said to wear black on friday to show support for ms. banks. at 3:00 both the principal and superintendent took down all the post-its. the next day just about the entire school, including the middle school, wore black. the superintendent wore white. more post-it notes about having a parent or trusted teacher with you were put up and students were pulled from class. one of my friends was stopped in the hallway by the superintendent and threatened that afternoon choir might be taken away bc he wore black. another one of my friends was told to stay after class and then after school bc he wanted to question her. the superintendent took other kids too that i dont know very well and he worded the investigation questions to the them in a way that made my mom sound like she assaulted a student: “have u ever seen a student alone with ms. banks?” “have you ever heard ms. banks say anything inappropriate to a student?”  by lunch time there were several disgusting rumors going around but luckily nothing stuck. 

two days before christmas and with only 40 something hours notice, the school board held an emergency meeting about my mom. she couldnt show up bc she was in the hospital with my sister. many students and parents however did show up and they brought letters with them that they had written about my moms positive impact on their lives. during public comment some of them read their letters. the only people who werent crying were the members of the board, some of them being close friends of my mom. when public comment ended we all waited outside. hours later the meeting adjourned and no decision was made. the board had the opportunity to end the investigation right then and there but they didn’t. my mom has been crying all break and recently she’s been informed that she’ll be on an indefinite suspension so that the superintendent can continue his investigation. 

my mom is a wonderful person, parent, and teacher. she doesnt deserve this. please help me. if theres anything i can do please please please tell me.

help me fix my laptop!!!

tl;dr - i need money to fix my laptop because my parents are taking all of my money and i literally can’t live without the security of having my own computer

HI i’m quinn, a mentally ill nb 20 year old from cincinnati. i need a little help from tumblr.

my year-old lenovo laptop has a broken hinge. i took it into the shop and was initially told it would cost $150 for repairs, but because of parts costs i actually need about $300.

now normally i would be able to afford this myself, but lately my parents have been demanding ridiculous amounts of money from me and i’m pretty much flat broke. i won’t get paid for another two weeks and i can’t last that long without my own computer. my parents have no respect for my privacy and i can’t keep sharing the desktop computer with them because of my constant paranoia.

if anyone can donate, even just a dollar, that would be lovely! if you can’t donate, that’s perfectly fine, but please reblog this post to signal boost!!

my paypal email is

please donate or boost if you can. i will try to at least write every donor a personalized thank you note :)