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i don't claim the larries that believe in rbb or the ones sending hate to their families. but larry is still great and they wouldn't send us so many signs if it wasn't real.

Fill me in! When was the “Please spam these people’s accounts daily on our behalf so we can be freed” code sent?

Fill me in! Do you believe these grown ass men literally prioritize you over their grieving siblings or those who are fed up with your bullshit? Do you believe they’re prepared to send you, a total nobody, all these signs and codes even though they know it leads to tonnes of people being harassed on their behalf about it? Do you think you’re that important to them? Why…?

And when have these codes ever lead to anything?

We have two babies and 7 years later and you’ve got nothing to show for it. When are these codes finally going to give you anything besides gaslight you? What’s the difference between the secret signals you’re sent and the ones apocalypse believers put together? What’s the difference between you and groups who believe the world will end at certain dates when it doesn’t?

the lunar chronicles is so great man like, futuristic fairytales? heck yes. the oppressed standing up for themselves? give me that shit. four different male characters who fall in love despite their better judgement? yes please. and four individual female protagonists who are strong and beautiful and kind in their own way? siGN ME THE FUCK UP.

My opinion on Signs & Dating/Seeking Them

Best Signs To Date:

Scorpio because they’re very intense / passionate (if you can’t adapt to it, it can come off very overwhelming and almost creepy) type to rub your feet after a long day but over thinkers, super jealous/territorial.. easily upset when they can’t be under you but want to do everything for you, including trying to better themselves to please you.

Gemini because when they really are committed they won’t give up without a fight, they love hard if they really love you of course. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they like you tbh because they are so quiet and to themselves, but you can tell by their comfort level (eating, burping, etc. around you)

Aries try to play like a tough sign, but in love they are thee most simpy sign lol they are great at communicating but suck at thinking before they speak, which will cause friction in the relationship because they don’t think they’re wrong but they will apologize if they hurt your feelings, that’s it lol

Pisces is a very loyal sign to date, very committed for the most part. Very caring they believe in being with someone and seeing it through. Very expressive, have no problem speaking their minds (sometimes at the wrong time) A romantic, will shower you with love, attention, and gifts. Overly emotional sometimes tho.

Unattainable Signs:

Leo , my god; if this isn’t the most nonchalant, passive fucking sign ever. They refuse to let you know what they really think about you, they give you a piece of how they feel then stop and use the excuse of wanting to make sure it’s mutual. They front the heaviest which makes them the most sought after (after Libras of course) because you never really know what’s up, which keeps you coming back for more.

Libra, honestly the most lovable sign known to man, easy to get along with, social butterflies which automatically makes the sign approachable and appealing. This sign cannot be tamed tbh, they believe in the fairytale of love but not the commitment to it. Adapts well to any environment that’s why your parents and family love them but the only sign I know that might tame a Libra is a Leo because they will never completely understand each other or how they move, which is appealing to both.

Taurus, beautiful people, easy to get along with but relationships wise.. It’s a dub! They don’t want relationships for the fear of attachment, they will play like I’m only fucking with you for a nut and good vibes and whole time they telling their friends about “this guy/this girl”

Sagittarius is a very flighty sign, they love the idea of being free and unattached to all things that can be seen as restraints. They are willing to make friends but a relationship is nearly impossible unless you enjoy open relationships tbh or you are just as free flowing as them.

Iffy Signs:

Virgo is super iffy they are so consumed with material things that most times they confuse that with love, you really have to catch them during your bad times tbh to really know what’s up because if they really fuck with you, if they got it you got it; that’s how they show they love you or by purchasing you things. You can never really tell sometimes cause they talk wild shit then afterwards be in your face like they did nothing wrong .. crazy enough that’s how you know they love you lol

Aquarius is iffy because they love freedom but if they really have interest, see longevity and if they feel it will be a learning experience for both parties they ‘might’ consider a relationship. They are very aggressive and can come off very timid and maybe even rude starting off but that’s just a front until they get to better understand you.

Weird Signs:

Cancer is the the most hot then cold sign, I hate them lmao they will like you, tell you they like you then once they tell you they will act as if they never told you. Super fucking weird. They brag a lot (turn OFF) I don’t see them as a dateable sign because they flirt a lot and get cold feet about anything that has to do with commitment.

Capricorn is another weird sign to me, because they are so disciplined they become very stubborn. Which is never an appealing trait to have. They are know it alls, have to be the problem solver, but overall they can be a great sign to be friends with (in my opinion) hard to actually get a Capricorn (dating wise) tbh, you will have to do some serious note taking to win this sign over.

Don’t quote me! Lol

Please sign the petition to keep Manson murderer Patricia Krenwinkel behind bars

At the end of the month Manson ‘family member’ Patricia Krenwinkel will be up for parole (because apparently 2016 hasn’t been shitty enough already, a whole bunch of these people have been eligible for parole hearings this year) - Patricia was involved in both Tate/LaBianca murders. 

I have featured Debra Tate’s petitions on the page throughout this year, and I am more than happy to do so again. You guys have been great in responding to them and lending your support, it would be brilliant if you could do so again and keep a dangerous person behind bars. 

If you follow the link below Debra Tate tells it better than I can. You can choose to not have your name and comments published publicly if you don’t wish to.

so I woke up this morning to quickly check tumblr and I FOUND @hitamory‘s posts of an Ajin mp100 AU????????????????????


Yo, Hamilton Fandom!

So this is just me gauging interest for a little idea I had. 

The Hamilton fandom is a collection of AMAZING writers (like HOLY SHIT GUYS YOU ALL ROCK) and I was thinking about how great it would be to have something to showcase all of that talent.

So, what if I were to host a little friendly contest? Anyone who wants to would be able to sign up, and then y’all would be be given a prompt that everyone has to write a fic based on, and followers can vote on their favorites or whatever. The prompt would also be for a specific character so no bias comes into play from voting… I’m also toying with the idea of, like, having brackets or whatever and having you guys compete directly against another fic and there would be different rounds and then we end up with one winner or whatever.

You can either win bragging rights and glory or maybe I’ll make a prize thing???

This is just a basic outline for an idea, so please do let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in and tell me also if you have any questions about how it would work or want to suggest an addition / change to the structure.



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Pisces Hufflepuff Moodboard: Community service? Of course, what else is magic for? Hufflepuff Pisceans live to please. They literally feel pain when other people feel pain, so often wind up doing intensive study of healing magics. Potions come naturally, too, for Pisces is a water sign, and all wizards born under water signs have some talent at potions. The temptation to make love potions and mood altering substances is very great, for Pisces is in love with love, and almost as much in love with easy escapes into altered states of consciousness. Hufflepuff Pisceans have somewhat less of a work ethic than average, but will apply themselves to their studies in the hopes that what they learn will benefit humanity somehow. They are followers, not leaders, but they do make good teachers, for they are very patient and have a gift for making subjects seem interesting to learn.

An important sign at the expo: “Please be aware that these cages are NOT the full time residences of these animals, they are in the smaller containers so that they might be transported here and put on display for your close up viewing.”

Reptile expos aren’t just for buying and selling. There’s a lot you can learn at one and I think it’s great they had an adult Burm (15'8") there for people to see what those pretty little babies grow up like. Seeing these animals up close promotes responsible ownership- hearing “they get big” and seeing one for yourself are two very different things! Remember when you see show pictures: those small spaces are NOT their homes. They’re just temporary space.

Hi everyone!

The Artist sign ups are now CLOSED! 

If you missed it, there are still a few days when you can email us ( and talk to us if you have art ready that you’d like to submit (more art is always good). 

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Thank you so much to everyone who checked in so far, and to all the artists who sent in their artworks! It’s certainly looking great already :D Authors, you’re in for a treat when the time for claims and fic writing comes. 

Artists: you have until Wednesday, March 29th to submit your artworks - if you have scheduling or technical issues, please contact us via email. 

Your SRB Mods

Signs as PSAT 2016
  • Aries: Our great hero Pliny
  • Taurus: Red meat is so 2015
  • Gemini: Mariah's boring white husband
  • Cancer: Brain waste
  • Leo: Nice try J.K. Rowling
  • Virgo: Will the real author of the Federalist Papers please stand up?
  • Libra: You too can be a physical therapist!
  • Scorpio: The Great Society
  • Sagittarius: Kimberley not Kimmer
  • Capricorn: In case you didn't know, atoms are small and confusing
  • Aquarius: Letters as eyewitnesses
  • Pisces: People only care about money

ok but please take a moment to imagine the possibility of combeferre being deaf

courfeyrac and enjolras becoming fluent in sign language just so it’s easier for the three of them to communicate (particularly in high-stress situations)

combeferre tapping courf’s shoulder during meetings when enjolras starts talking too fast for him to read his lips and courf catching him up

combeferre who is really, really great at speaking but still gets nervous that someone will critique him solely because his voice is different and is a little intimidated by public speaking because of it

courfeyrac signing horrifically dirty things at combeferre when he gets up to speak in front of les amis and enjolras choking on his drink (followed immediately with laughter from feuilly and grantaire and they’re all just??? when did the two of you learn sign language?????)

just !!!!!!!!! combeferre being deaf is a really important hc to me idk


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and lastly, if you’ve yet to sign your character up for a job, PLEASE DO SO. make sure you’re familiar with where your character lives too. {pairings and children live together, unless pairing is divorced, then one parent lives with children in a house whilst the other parent lives in an apartment. OCs / canons not paired live in an assigned apartment}. all of this information is on our locations page

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Hufflepuff Pisces: “Community service? Of course, what else is magic for? Hufflepuff Pisceans live to please. They literally feel pain when other people feel pain, so often wind up doing an intensive study of healing magics. Potions come naturally, too, for Pisces is a water sign, and all wizards born under water signs have some talent at potions. The temptation to make love potions and mood altering substances is very great, for Pisces is in love with love and almost as much in love with easy escapes into altered states of consciousness. Hufflepuff Pisceans have somewhat less of a work ethic than average, but will apply themselves to their studies in the hopes that what they learn will benefit humanity somehow.”

Sebastian Stan Request

hey dear! can you please write a sebastian stan x reader where she’s his wife and an actress and she’s doing a panel and a signing on wizard con and his signing ends earlier than hers so he kinda crashes into her signing to say hi and be cute or something?

“Hi,” Sebastian said as the young girls came up to him.

“Hi,” they said eagerly and handed him pictures they asked him to sign.

“How are you guys doing?”

“Good, how are you?”

“Great! Thanks. Looks like you guys are the last people I’m seeing,” he said noticing his line for his signing was depleted. “What are your names?”

“Audrey.” “Meagan.” “Skylar.”

“Great to meet you guys. Thanks for coming. Did you guys have fun today?”

“A lot of fun,” one of the girls replied. “Did you?”

“Oh I had a great time. I mean, look at all this stuff I got,” he motioned to the two boxes packed full behind him, “and I got to meet you guys and some other great people.”

“How’s Y/N?”

“She’s great,” Sebastian smiled. “Thank you for asking.” He checked his watch, “She’s actually doing a signing right now but I don’t know if it’s over or not.”

“I think I heard someone say it was still going when they walked by a little while ago,” and with that the girls watched a smirk take over Sebastian’s face.

Sebastian crept behind the you listening and watching you as you talked with your fans, answered questions and signed whatever they gave you. Finally he crept behind you and told the fans in line to keep quiet. He walked up behind you and put his hands over his eyes.

You jumped, “Ugh…”you said. The hands dropped and you turned to see your husband. “Why hello,” you smiled. “What are you doing here?”

“I finished up my signing and thought I’d annoy you while you wrapped up yours up.”

“Well I’m glad you did. Would you like to join me?” You turned to your fans. “Would you guys mind if he joined us?” The crowd erupted in cheers and the managers brought out another chair for Seb.

“Alright, now the fun begins,” he joked.

“Hi Y/N, hi Sebastian,” a young man said as he got up to you. “I’m Jacob, I’m a big fan of both of you.”

“Thank you Jacob,” you shook his hand. “Good to meet you. What can I do for you today?”

“I was wondering if you could sign this for me,” he passed you a ticket from your latest movie.

“Of course! Did you like the movie?”

“Love it.”

“Awesome! That makes me so happy.”

“Can I get a picture with both of you,” Jacob asked.

“For sure,” Sebastian said and scooted into the frame.

Jacob took a picture with the two of you and left. As you saw the next person in line your heart melted. “Oh my gosh, babe look,” you smiled at the little boy in front of you. Probably about 5 years old the little guys was dressed up in a Winter Solider costume.

“Babe, we need a picture with this little guy,” Sebastian said. The two of you got up and walked around the table. “Nice to meet you Winter Soldier,” the little boy beamed at Sebastian.

“And what’s your name?” The little boy looked up shyly at you and then at his parents.

“His name’s Kaden,” they told you and Sebastian. “He’s a big fan of both of you; has all your character’s stuff in his room.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Kaden,” you shook his hand. “I think that’s the best costume I’ve seen all day.”

“I know it’s the best one I’ve seen,” Sebastian grinned at the boy. “Would it be ok if we took a picture with you?” Kaden nodded fiercely and his parents smiled. After the cutest picture of the century you two said goodbye to Kaden and before you could stand up he hugged you both. “Have a great day guys,” you bided them goodbye.

As you both sat down behind the table and the next fan came up Sebastian leaded up to your ear, “I think we need one of those.”

blurb: you're on your period

honestly i think DAN would be super chill with menstruation like sure boo what tampons do u like do u need me to clean ur menstrual cup for u whatever u need is fine so whenever u had cramps he’d just ask what he could do to help which most likely was just to give u a hot water bottle or “inject hot chocolate into my bloodstream DAN PLEASE U SIGNED UP FOR THIS WHEN U ASKED ME OUT” yeah dan wouldnt mind at all like give him a job and he’ll do it also psa period sex is super great i doubt he’d care

PHIL would be a bit weird abt it at first like he wouldnt really know how to broach the subject at first?? like he didnt wanna be like HEY SO UR BLEEDING OUT OF UR VAG so he just restocks the girl box for you but then u were like hey philly i use a menstrual cup no need for all that other crap and he’d be SO FASCINATED like ooooh how does that work?? ur cervix?? COOL CAN I SEE and then he’d go beet red but who cares he’s so cute and he cares so much

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my secret is I've been thinking about killing myself for three weeks now because my anxiety has been so bad that I'm struggling to leave the house. I have panic attacks every day. I have a constant tightness in my chest that won't go away. If I was dead, it'd be gone. I'd be gone and it would be great.

Okay you beautiful soul, listen up, you’re so so strong for dealing with this for even a day, let alone how long you’ve actually been struggling for. But if you died that tightness in your chest wouldn’t go away, it would rent out a new body. It would move to your grieving mother and your friends that swear they could’ve done more to help, and your teachers/employers that will wish they would’ve noticed the signs. Please please please find an anchor to hold onto, be it either the idea of what you’d be leaving behind or the pain you’d cause by letting go. You’re so worth your time on this earth and I swear you always have an open ear from me and so many others for when you feel like this. I love you and I promise you many others do to. Please, stay strong, stay smiling.