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Spotting Moftiss in a Lie

DISCLAIMER: Liespotting can be a bit imprecise. This post is based on research that scientists have gathered about how to tell if someone is being dishonest. PLEASE take this with a grain of salt, as even scientists tend to disagree on the signs at times. I tried to take the most agreed upon signs and analyze the first 1 minute and 30 seconds of the Cambridge Q&A. 

Okay let’s begin. 


Before you can tell if someone’s lying, you need to know how they usually behave/tell the story. People usually deviate from their baseline behavior/story when they say something fishy. The baseline for us is Jan 31st when Moffat talks about season 4&5.

January 31st, 2014 on planning season 4&5:

MOFFAT:  Yes, we do.  It’s really [Season] 4 that we’ve got, but it throws forward to a terrifying [Season] 5.  It wasn’t a planned thing.  We had just got out of the rain and because we don’t have the lovely big trailers that Benedict and Martin have, we had to go sit in the accountancy department and we just talked about what we could do.  We just started having what I think are the best (set) of ideas we’ve ever had.  I think (they)’re just wild.  And when I say ideas, it’s what stories we’ll tackle, what big twists there will be, what gut punches there will be, and what surprises there will be, and I think it’s really exciting.

This behavior then deviates at the Cambridge Q&A on January 20th, 2017: 

Steven: Um, we-ahk- we’re not lying. We- we don’t know! We haven’t even sat down and, uh, uh, done any complicated graphs or sums yet. Uh, so, we really, really don’t know.
Mark: We are sitting down now. 

Steven originally says that they have planned season 4 and how it relates to the storyline of season 5. Then, Steven takes it back and says they haven’t even really thought about it. Then, Mark and Steven even discredit each other by saying that they haven’t sat down and are currently sitting down to discuss it. 

(Thanks to @worriesconstantly​ for the quotes!)

2) Non-verbal Cues

Fibs make you fidgety. Liars will scratch their noses, rub their necks, pick imaginary lint from their shirts

or repeatedly shift their position.

position 1 (steven’s legs crossed towards mark, both of marks legs on the ground)

position 2 (both of steven’s legs on the ground, mark’s legs crossed towards steven)

position 3 (both have crossed their legs towards each other)

position 4 (back to the original position) …all in under a minute

Liars may also maintain eye contact too well or consistently look away.

This is a very difficult thing to actually pinpoint. In my opinion, Moffat maintains too much eye contact while discussing season 5, Gatiss looks away far too often. I’ll leave this one up to your judgement. 

Liars also wring their hands due to feelings of guilt. 

and maintain closed off body language.

(mark’s crossed legs, steven’s hand covering his face, mark’s hands over his crotch, both of their palms are facing down, their bodies are facing each other rather than the interviewer)

Mark seems to be the worse liar in this case. When Steven starts to talk about not knowing anything about season 5, he immediately braces himself and death grips the armchair (better seen in video). Then, strokes his leg from thigh to knee with his palm down which signifies discomfort.


Lies make us chatty. A liar may talk a lot to win you over, but most of those extra sentences are fluff. 

See: the immediate evasion by talking about Dr. Who; the repetition of “we don’t know” (also seen as removal of individual responsibility), “who knows”, etc; and then the quick subject change to casting martin and ben despite no one asking them. 

AKA They evade the question by adding a lot of details that don’t matter. 

MOFFAT: But what you have to do is put out huge amounts of disinformation to try to bury all the secrets 

Phrases like “The truth is” or “To be honest” can mean that even if they aren’t lying to you now, they were earlier. 

see 1:15-1:17 of the video where they both say “honestly” right after one another despite NO ONE contradicting or fighting them. 

4) Finally, there is the Moffat admitting to his tendency to lie

Moffat: “In fairness, I say I’m going to lie, then I lie, and people still get mad at me” (Comic Con 2016 Panel)


Individually, these signs may mean nothing. 

All of these signs in under 1:30? Plus their tendency to lie about the show?

I think it’s safe to say that something is UP. 

[Please feel free to comment and critique if you see something that is wrong as I am by no means an expert. :) ]

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Carousel | 04

Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Genre/words: Angst, Implied/light Smut, Arranged Marriage! AU / 14,844 words

Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

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After being in the astro community for quite a while now, I’ve noticed a number of different ways that people make mistakes and assumptions. I’m very passionate about the way that astrology is received by the world, and I want it to be a practice that is RESPECTED and possibly even accepted by everyone (eventually). Here are some ways that astro blogs tend to invalidate astrology.

*DISCLAIMER* - I am not targeting any specific people. I’m a Virgo moon, and I only want people to become better astrologers and improve the way astrology is used on this website. And I also want everyone to think more before they post! I’m a naturally critical person and want to fix things, but I don’t want anyone to take personal offense to it (my Libra mars wouldn’t like that!). 

- Using sun sign alone. People rely heavily on sun-sign ONLY astrology. Why do people insist on only talking about sun signs? This is just one slice of someone’s personality - there is a whole chart that needs to be looked at, showing that each person has many other qualities other than the ones expressed by their sun. This is not real astrology, and never has been. This is the astrology created by popular media. Most people will not relate to their sun sign in posts anyway unless the post is about their ego, central identity, and general personality. Most astro bloggers make posts that are not about those things, yet they still insist on writing using sun sign instead of another planet that would be much more accurate. Before you write, think about which planet it would REALLY apply to. Please read my post here for a more detailed explanation of this.

- Forgetting your audience. When reading posts, most people ASSUME that the sun sign is the placement the post would apply to. For example, if the post says “Aquarius in love”, 99% of people (especially newcomers to astrology) try to relate it to Aquarius sun - when in fact, this would need to relate to Aquarius venus since venus is the planet of love. Aquarius suns would not have the qualities that this post describes, unless they have an Aquarius venus as well. Even some highly respectable blogs do this - they forget their audience. They don’t realize that most people don’t understand the way the planets work. I see this most often with sun sign posts, but it could also be true for others. Like, there could be a post about the moon signs that really would actually relate more to mercury. The idea is, remember that people don’t know right off the bat which placement the post would apply to. Help them out! Less people will write off your posts as inaccurate if you do this anyway.

- Including the 13th sign Ophiuchus. Just, no. Please don’t. This was a hoax created by NASA to try to prove astrology false. Astrology isn’t based on the constellations anyway, so there is no 13th sign. It’s based on the sections of the sky - they just happen to be named after certain constellations. The signs haven’t shifted. Read my post here about this for more information.

- Generalizing the signs. “Geminis are talkative and full of gossip!!!” “Cancers are soooo emotional and cry all the time!!!” “Leos want to hog the spotlight 24/7!!!!” Honestly, generalizing only leads to people getting upset. Not to mention the fact that it’s completely inaccurate. Most Geminis are not gossipy, most Cancers are not crybabies, and most Leos are not attention hogs. This could even happen with other planet placements (like moon signs or rising signs), I just happen to see it mostly with sun signs. These kind of posts are made by the same people who tend to only write about sun sign away. Read a real description of the sun signs (I recommend, or don’t say anything at all. The signs are complex, and can’t be labeled. Also, people don’t realize that all placements and signs can be either introverted or extroverted. They assume that the air/fire signs are extroverted and the earth/water signs are introverted. Sun signs cannot be limited to one personality type - not to mention the fact that the expression of introversion vs. extroversion is actually shown by the rising sign because that is the “shell” that the world sees. See my post here about how the rising signs can be both introverted and extroverted.

- Grouping the signs into categories. I’m sure everyone reading this has seen a post where half of the signs will be in one category and half of the signs will be in another. This isn’t accurate astrology. Signs cannot be grouped or limited - they are unique, and have 12 individual forms of expression. Limiting them to two or three categories makes astrology simple and trite, when in fact it is extremely complex (but fascinating). It’d be one thing if they grouped them by element (earth, air, water, fire), modality (cardinal, mutable, fixed), but most don’t even do that. It’s literally random most of the time. If you’re going to group the signs, at least offer an explanation why you put each sign in each category.

- Dismissing signs or placements as simply compatible or incompatible. Let’s be real here - each sign has the potential to be compatible with ANY sign. Also, compatibility should focus more on moon or venus sign as opposed to sun sign. Sun sign compatibility just determines the kind of general energy that would surround the relationship. Compatibility is complex. Instead of saying whether or not two people are compatible, say WHY. Show, for example, how their moon signs are different elements, how their venus signs are sextile, and how their rising signs are sister signs. Show how one person’s moon sign is the same sign as the other person’s sun sign. Compatibility is really about connections, anyway. Read my post here for more information.

- Basing astrology just on people you know. Not all Scorpios are energetic just because your best friend is. The reality is, your friend is a Sagittarius rising with an Aries mars. This has nothing to do with her being a Scorpio. When you make posts basing the information solely on one or two people you know, this is spreading false information. This could mean that readers would then assume in the future that all Scorpios are energetic just from reading your post. I hate to break it to you, but a lot of people believe everything they read. Especially if they’re beginners to astrology. Please do your best not to influence them to make assumptions.

- Posting without knowledge. You’d be surprised how much this one comes up. If you don’t know a lot about Taurus moons, don’t make a post about them. Simple as that. Play to your strengths to avoid spreading false information. Again, people believe everything they read more often than you think.

- Giving astrology a bad name. Astrology is fun. If you’re reading this, you probably would agree with me. But, there’s a difference between “fun” astrology that is accurate and “fun” astrology that just makes astrology a complete joke. “The signs as types of peanut butter” doesn’t improve people’s knowledge at all. I mean, sure, you could say it’s funny, but it really isn’t. It’s just pointless, and only serves to make readers think that astrology is a joke. Most people who make these don’t consider that people look at them and assume that that’s all astrology is. Every post you make is influencing people’s perception of the subject. Again, at least offer an explanation for WHY an Aries would sleep with five pillows if you’re really going to make a post about the number of pillows the signs sleep with. Chances are, you don’t have one anyway. Sure, you can say all you want that I’m “taking the fun out of it!!!!” or something. But I’m really not. I just want astrology to be perceived as something that really works, not something people make fun of. I’m sick of people laughing at astrology for the wrong reasons - and joke posts are not helping. You can make astrology accurate AND funny. Here’s an example of a post I made about the venus signs that people found amusing, yet also related to at the same time.

First Kiss: Jaemin


Anon: first kiss with jaemin please👏🏼👏🏼💕💕

Anon: Idk if can even request this but could you do Jaemin for the first kiss series soon? Sorry you can’t it’s cool!


Thank you for requesting! I really hope you like this because I think it’s the best one I’ve written in the series :’-) good writing is very rare for me so I’m just uysaibhdisbidhsa - anyway enjoy! Also this was written for @jaeminnana and @jaeminniemouse because well, it’s obvious lmao 💕 💕 💕

Originally posted by zeusmayo

this gif literally fits in so perfectly with this scenario like ???? you will see what I mean when you read it my heART

  • So your first kiss with Jaemin would literally be your first kiss ever
  • And you weren’t even dating at the time
  • He was just your childhood friend, who had grown from the awkward and shy child he was to this confident and handsome teenager
  • Although you were complete polar opposites, you remained close friends throughout those changing years
  • And although, Jaemin had become a guy who was easily irritable and a little bit too cocky for his own good, you couldn’t help but fall for him
  • Of course you’d never tell him this though, god no
  • He already had a line of girls falling at his feet and swooning at the fact he was an idol and a student, and you weren’t intending on joining that queue any time soon
  • Little did you know that Jaemin felt the same way
  • Unable to resist your awkwardness and easily flustered self, he only just  managed to keep his feelings in check and only admire you from afar
  • You never realised how he stared at you whenever you spoke, or always slid his arm around your waist whilst you were walking, nor did you notice how he always spoke to you in a sweet and calm voice (even when he was teasing you) unlike how he usually spoke to everyone else
  • It definitely came as a shock to him when he suddenly blurted out one day: “Jaemin, how are you supposed to kiss someone? Can you show me?”
  • The question was innocent and laced with the obliviousness of affection for you, but to Jaemin, who literally choked when you said this, it came as a huge shock to him
  • You were both both studying at his house, sitting quietly next to one another as you tried to revise for your upcoming test
  • For a while now, your mind had been occupied with thoughts of only Jaemin
  • Maybe it was just teenage hormones or maybe it was just you realising how much you really really like Jaemin, 
  • But your heart couldn’t help but flutter every time he said your name or smiled at you
  • Having little experience in love or relationships would be something Jaemin always teased you about and would jokingly use it against you too
  • But his heart would melt at your question
  • He’d internally coo and sigh, cursing the universe for making you so adorable and innocent and yet still having the ability to make him feel all kinds of things in just a few words
  • Gulping, he leaned back of his chair looking at you seriously with an eyebrow raised
  • “Uhmmm, Y/N, shouldn’t you be asking someone else that? Like, I dunno, one of your girlfriends?”
  • “What? No! I’m not kissing them!”
  • Your eyes widened slightly, and you gasped at what you had just said
  • You had basically just asked him to help you by showing you - in literal terms too
  • Jaemin would chuckle at you, grabbing your hands and giving them a shake as if he was trying to get you back to normal
  • “Oh, c'mon Y/N. Not having your first kiss yet, it’s not that big of a deal. Let’s-let’s just carry on with this work yeah?”
  • He’d smiled at you sympathetically
  • It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help you, to be honest he had always wanted to kiss you
  • But that was exactly the problem - because he wanted to kiss you anyway, he didn’t want to change things between you or make things awkward
  • You eyes dropped and you forced a smile, blushing with embarrassment for being turned down
  • Even if he wasn’t going to show you, you really wanted to be told how to do it
  • “Please Jaemin? I don’t want to embarrass myself when I actually kiss someone I like, I just need some tips….”
  • Your voice started to get quieter and you cursed yourself for thinking that he’d agree and saying something as bold and weird as that
  • Watching as your shoulders slouched and your mouth twitched, a sign of yours he had noticed that you’d do whenever you were uncomfortable, Jaemin frowned, feeling a little awkward and guilty at your state
  • Quietly you’d hear a sigh and “fine then” and see him jokingly roll his eyes
  • Almost immediately you sat up straight a smile on your face, thankful that he had changed him mind
  • “So the first thing you need to know about kissing, is that you only do it when you’re married and in love okay?” - Jaemin & a slap from you
  • “Jaemin!” “Sorry, sorry okay!”
  • He’d turn his chair to face you onwards, gesturing that you do the same, and then moving closer to yours and pulling your chair between his legs slightly, so you were closer to him that you were expecting
  • In his head, he’s literally yodelling screaming with joy and his heart is racing, but on the outside, he looks chill af
  • You on the other hand, are doing a cRAP job at hiding your nervousness - you’re sweating and panting and red as hell
  • “I don’t really know how to explain this but…look I’ll just show you and you, you can see, yeah?”
  • His voice is low and deep, as he laces one of his hands with yours rubbing your fingers with his thumb warmly
  • Not trusting your voice to speak for you, you nod cutely, smiling at him fondly
  • His hand still laced with your fingers, he strokes your cheek with a finger
  • His fingers trailing fire over your too-sensitive skin, tracing the line of your jaw and the hypersensitive place by your ear
  • He bent closer to you, now close enough that you could feel him shaking a little bit as if he wasn’t sure if you would change your mind or push him away
  • But he didn’t realise how caught up you were in the moment
  • Giving you a shy smile, he untangles his hand from yours and slides his arm down to the small of your back and pulling you closer to him
  • When you made no sign to discourage him, he chuckled whispering “just enjoy this, yeah?”
  • You could feel his breath on your cheek and your eyelids fluttered closed at their own accord, as he closed the gap
  • His lips began a gentle exploration of your mouth, peppering soft kisses at each corner
  • “Relax - I don’t bite, Y/N”, he caresses the side of your face to get you to soften your jaw
  • Uncertain of what to do, but fully aware of how amazing it felt to have him kiss you, you unclenched your teeth and began kissing him back
  • You didn’t really know what to do or how to kiss him back well, but you could feel the sparkles in the pit of your stomach and firecrackers exploded behind your closed eyes
  • A hand cradled your head in just the right position to deepen the kiss, the kiss now turning from a short peck to show you how to kiss to a deeper, more meaningful kiss
  • His lips briefly left from yours to start their own sweet explore, touching the curve of your jaw and the Collins of your neck 
  • Jaemin’s lips were warm and soft but he soon broke the kiss, pecking you once more before leaning back at grinning widely at you
  • Both of his hands grab your hands and he plays with your fingers shyly, avoiding your gaze and smiling to himself
  • Your cheeks are burning, eyes wide in shock and you bite your lip trying to hold back from saying something stupid and potentially ruining things 
  • “I-I really liked that Y/N”
  • “Me too…”
  • A silence feel between you two, both your minds occupied with thoughts of one another
  • Eventually he looks up at you and smiles again, a hopeful glint in his eyes
  • “I’ve waited a long time to do that to you, Y/N. I hope you realised that”
  • “Wait, really? You have?”
  • “Mhmm…do you uhmmm- feel the same way perhaps" 
  • He laughs awkwardly, his gaze avoiding yours again but then immediately returns when you simply say "yes”, a bold side coming from you
  • A smile stretches across is face and he claps his hands in joy before reaching out to squeeze your cheeks and coo at you
  • “Oh yes! You’re so cute Y/N! Ooo wait, here have another kiss!”
  • Jaemin leans back in again, kissing you on your cheek to which you flushed deeply at and giggled 
  • And that was basically how Jaemin had grown from the awkward and shy child he was, to this confident and handsome teenager, and now to your idol and utterly charming boyfriend 
  • This was so cute to write omg I think I may have just swerved myself into Jaemin’s lane lmao join me in hell guys

First Kiss Series:

If you guys would be so kind could you please sign this petition demanding Eastern Michigan University dismiss an associate professor known for his ardent Armenian genocide denial? 

In the United States of America, 44 out of 50 states recognize the Armenian Genocide, including the State of Michigan.  Even though the state formally recognizes the Armenian Genocide, our public universities are employing professors that openly deny the Armenian Genocide.  In particular, the Associate Professor of Economics at Eastern Michigan University - Mehmet Erdem Yaya.  He, along with TACAM (The Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan), are fighting to block H.B. 4493 - a bill requiring the Armenian Genocide to be taught in Michigan public schools.  This bill would further educate the population on the horrors my people faced at the hands of the Turkish government, in the hope that one day our slaughter will find justice and our tears won’t be ignored.  And, that maybe one day, our nation will do what’s right and formally recognize the Armenian Genocide.  

I call on Eastern Michigan University to dismiss Associate Professor of Economics Mehmet Erdem Yaya from his position.  Our youth should not be taught by a person who refutes historical fact and denies the genocide of millions of people.  If you agree, please sign this petition.


This guy has been through way too much shit caused by both “fans” and agency.

This is a time where Kpop fans can truly show what Kpop-family is. An idol neglected by the agency he’s signed to, where he has been for 9 years (which may I add, is before older groups like 2NE1, F(x), 4MINUTE, BEAST and SHINee even debuted. In fact, SNSD debuted the same year he debuted at SM).
Can we all just agree to help him out? Whether it is him wanting to leave SM, or him wanting to release his music.

“I…only have my fans left. If you see this message, please speak for me. My agency doesn’t listen to me.”

Let’s speak for him.

BNHA Light Novel 2 Trans.

Chapter 4, AB Union: A Girls only Gathering, Part 1.


t/n some of the parts refer to stuff that happened in the previous chapter which was basically Mineta trying to peep on the B girls also it was really hard to translate some bits so it may seem really weird especially the ending where it got way toooo philosophical lol but I hope it still makes sense, also another disclaimer, this part is really long too imo D: 

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“Nice shirt by the way“

Request: “A Josh AU where you’re really good friends with Jordan, but you’re really chill about his brother being in twenty one pilots, but when Josh comes home he’s interested in you and you think he’s cool but you don’t want to make Jordan uncomfortable…? Idk specifics sorry, something along those lines? Thank you x.“

(A/N): Good news I‘m not dead, bad news I‘m not dead. I hope this is not all too atrocious x 

Words: 1,087

Originally posted by jcsephsdun

“Aw look J, it‘s the size of your dick“ you snicker, gesturing towards the tootsie roll you‘ve just picked up.

Jordan looks up from the book, he‘s been concentrating on, to catch a glimpse at you; smiling wryly as he lays eyes on the tiny piece of candy in your hand. “Very funny“ he mumbles and quickly puts his focus on the page in front of him again. 

“I‘m bored. Let‘s do something fun!“ you suggest enthusiastically, swinging your legs back and forth while sitting steadily on the kitchen counter. The curly headed guy sitting at the kitchen island across from you doesn‘t avert his gaze from the book. “No“

Unwilling to give up, you try to get his attention by throwing several tootsie rolls at him. Just as the hard candy hits his head, he lets go of the pencil in his grip out of frustration and starts to massage his temples in order to restrain himself. No more than seconds later, he lets out a final sigh and shoots a defeated look at you. “Could you please stop distracting me? I would very much appreciate that“

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Poems for the signs

there’s a fire inside of you
why is it never true
when you say “leave me alone”
and all you want is love
to be shown

time is running out
you’re having your doubt
if life’s really worth living
because it’s just you
who’s constantly giving

talking can be beautiful
it can be truthful, but also neutral
you’re stick between
the two of them
trying not to make a scene

if you’ve ever been hurt
remove that person just like dirt
you don’t need to be close
with the someone who
gives you all the “no’s”

oh you crave attention
but there’s another way to mention
try to be humble and kind
for there are always people
who do mind

yes, you are perfect
but what if there’s a defect
with the one you love
and care about
are they enough?

you may be adaptable
but are you even capable
of the amount of criticism
you might get
because of your decision?

when people say you’re intense
it’s just their normal sense
of detaching themselves
from things
that might give them wings

the world is free for those
who want to overdose
the feeling of being high
not high of drugs
but high of the blue sky

if you keep working hard
you will get the card
for a lot of money
but is that what you want?
don’t you wanna be funny?

freedom is what you search
you’ll be left in the lurch
if you won’t settle down
why don’t you call it home?
being in your favorite town

stop caring for others
it’s not only lovers
if you wanna help the world
then take care of you
until you are unfurled

*these poems are made by myself, if you don’t like them or don’t agree with them, please do not reblog with hate*

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to distance myself from Camila and 5h coz every time I see Camila I just get so angry and that's not healthy I know but i cant help it. therefore I want/need to get a way I tried not to see anything related to her and i was fine but lots of my mutuals are following her too and they tweet from time to time about her. I feel this way coz i don't support unfairness I don't honstly know what to do to get over my feeling for her specially since i don't know the truth about their situation

Wow ok… I wouldn’t usually respond to something like this but i sense that you are aware that your view of the situation is distorted but that you are finding it difficult step out of that mindset. So I’ll try to get through to you. We don’t know the truth of the situation but there are certain things that we know are true. We know that all five of these girls have been heavily exploited, overworked, probably forced to work for no money, had grown adults use their personal/private lives to make money, been told how to act [what to say, what to wear, where to stand] since they were as young as 15, have suffered mild to severe mental health issues, have had their bodies heavily sexualised since they were not even legal adults and come online to see vile abusive online bullying towards them as a regular part of everyday life. We know that they signed hideous contracts when they were young and desperate, which might I add, all five girls are still under. We know that they have basically no control of their public images because they signed away their rights to their public identity. They also signed away their rights to their own social media and agreed to confidentiality clauses that legally forbid them to say the truth about certain things. Can you imagine having millions of people judge you for someone who is not even you, but a controlled and edited image of yourself that your publicists have presented to the public… and not being able to do anything about it?

 All of this stuff applies equally to all five girls. You may think it is unfair that Camila was given the opportunity to have the first solo career, but please reconsider what ‘fair’ means in this situation. None of it’s fair. And by the way, after reading just a little bit about how the industry works, you start to understand that even if Camila wanted to leave the band, she is under contract and simply would have had no say in if/how/when it was done. Do not punish Camila for how her label/management/PR team have gone about this situation. This is an exploitative business where ALL the girls are victims to the people who have the ability to control them and make money off of them. There are real people trapped inside this mess. They do not equate to your perception of them based on what a magazine tells you about them, or what their role is in their label’s publicity campaign. They are living breathing human beings who, incidentally, you don’t even know. You don’t have to like her, but you have to understand that you have no legitimate basis to dislike her either. She’s just a person trying to get through the day just like you and I. I urge you to just view this in terms of compassion - have a little understanding. Being a compassionate human being is free and easy. And unlike judgement, compassion doesn’t put wrinkles on your face :) .

(p.s. if none of the above works and you are still stressed out by seeing Camila’s face, I suggest trying weed, chocolate, masturbation, exercise, listening to music, colouring-in, playing an instrument, having a bath, lighting some scented candles, watching your favourite TV show, looking up videos of baby puppies on youtube, taking a walk, did i already say masturbation..? All of the above should make you realise that judging strangers is a bad use of your mental energy.)


REQUEST by KNOWDAGIRLM: Uhmm if yhuu don’t mind writing a Roman smut where thick reader is upset because her bf broke up with her and the women pick on her about her weight Roman finds her crying and he makes her feel better if it’s not too much😘

Warning: Smut, language, slight harassment
Disclaimer: I gotta practice fam, don’t judge. Feedback is more than welcome. Enjoy!
(A/N) I’m sorry guys, this is poorly written. I promise the next one will be better. Also, whoever is reading this, you’re beautiful from the inside and outside, don’t change for anyone♥️


‘’So that’s it?’’ I asked frustrated. ‘’You just wanna end everything we have and pretend like nothing happened between us?’’

‘’Listen y/n, I can’t help the fact that I’m no longer in love with you anymore,’’ my apparently now ex-boyfriend Will, nonchalantly huffed. ‘’I don’t want to sound harsh, but I need something new, diversity.’’

‘’What the hell,’’ I laughed from disbelieve, ‘’you want ‘diversity’? I’m not diverse enough for you?’’

‘’Not for me, maybe for someone else.’’ He grabbed his bags and walked towards the door. ‘’I doubt that.’’ Will mumbled under his breath. I wanted to kick his ass for what he said at the end, but decided to just let it pass because it won’t get me anywhere.

‘’Just take your ass out of here and don’t come back.’’ I sighed and fell back on the couch as Will left. Tears started to fall down my face, feeling both sadness and relieve for some reason. Me and Will have been dating for two years and we never really had problems, until a few months ago. He started to complain about the way I did things, my eating pattern, and many other things. I still loved him despite the way he acted towards me and he told me he loved me as well. I wiped my tears away and stood up, walking to my room. My mood went from 100 to 0 real quick and honestly, I didn’t want to do anything, but promised myself to go to the gym. I never really liked my body the way it was, that’s why I began to work out. Being surrounded by girls who didn’t have to worry about their body and weight, didn’t really help my confidence in any way. Looking in the mirror, I did my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my bag.


Once in the gym, I wore my shoes as some other girls made their way inside the dressing room. Both of them were skinny and looked amazing. As I checked my phone, I heard them whisper. About what, I was not sure, but by the way they looked at me, I just knew it was about me. I bit my tongue to keep myself from bursting out in tears, but I wasn’t going to do that in front of them. Letting out a small sigh, I walked out of the dressing room, into the gym. It was pretty serene; not many people came to the gym on a Saturday evening. All of my friends went out or did other stuff I wasn’t really interested in. Personally, I’m quite coy and I try to keep myself on the background as much as possible. Talking about staying on background, I walked to the other side of the gym, starting with squats. Half way my exercise, the two girls settled a couple meters away from me.

‘’I bought this new dress to wear this weekend,’’ the brunette bragged, ‘’I bet she wouldn’t fit it.’’ She quietly chuckled, signing to me.

‘’I agree, it’s too tight for her. I bet you’ll get all the boys, especially that hot guy over there.’’ The blonde pointed towards the dumbbells. I slightly turned away to see who they were talking about. The handsome, dark haired, muscled man was standing over there, trying to decide what he was going to do. ‘’I heard his name is Roman or something, why don’t you go and talk to him, before she does. Not that she makes any chance.’’

‘’You think he’d find her pretty? Girl, please.’’ The brunette huffed and smirked at me as she walked towards him. I couldn’t take all the pressure anymore so I walked out of the gym and sat on the stairs. Tears started to fall down my face, feeling terrible. After what must’ve been five minutes of crying my eyes out while my head in my hands, I heard the door open. I wasn’t going to look up. It was probably one of the girls who weren’t done insulting me.

‘’Are you okay?’’ I heard a male voice asking me. Confused, I looked up. To my surprise, Roman was sitting next to me. The two of  us talked before and we could luckily get along. I always liked him but since I was still in a relationship, I couldn’t do anything. Plus, how could he like girl like me?

‘’Not really no,’’ I chuckled, quickly wiping my tears away, ‘’things are working against me today and I just feel like shit.’’

‘’What happened?’’ He asked concerned.

‘’Well,’’ I sat up and took a deep breath, ‘’my boyfriend broke up with me, saying I’m not diverse enough for him and those girls over there are making shit ass comments about me and my body. I’m not trying to act pathetic or something, it’s just that it’s getting too much for me to handle.’’

‘’Babygirl, look at me,’’ Roman intertwined his fingers with his, forcing me to look at him, ‘’You’re beautiful okay? If other people don’t see that, that’s their problem. You’re you and that’s what counts. I’ve always admired you as a person, y/n. Not to mention the way you look, your body, damn girl.’’ He said, shaking his head. I laughed and looked at our hands. ‘’Your personality is more diverse than anyone I know.’’ He brushed a piece of hair behind my ear. ‘’Can I show you how beautiful you are to me?’’ Roman whispered. Not knowing what to say or expect, I nodded slowly. He stood up, our fingers still locked, guiding me up too. We walked into the storage room, which was pretty big.  

‘’What are we doing here?’’ I laughed as he closed the door behind us and turning on the lights which were dimed. ‘’How are you going to…’’ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he crushed his soft lips against mine. I kissed him back with a level of need which I didn’t know existed. He smiled against me as he pushed me against the wall, his huge frame pressing against me. My hands grabbed his arms as his left hand grabbed my ass, lifting me up easily. As my legs were wrapped around his waist and my back leaning against the cold concrete wall, I suddenly felt my whole body react to his touch. His hand against my stomach, sliding inside of my panties. Two of his fingers slowly pushed inside of me, making my mouth pop open. ‘’Oh fuck..’’ I moaned.

‘’Feels good baby?’’ His hoarse voice questioned me as he kept going. I nodded as my head fell back, giving him full access to my bare neck and he took full advantage of that. Kissing, sucking and licking on the spot right underneath my ear, I felt his fingers picking up the pace. ‘’You’re so beautiful,’’ He murmured against my skin, ‘’are you close?’’ he asked. It was like my body became numb of the pleasure since I wasn’t capable of answering. As I felt myself reaching my peak, he pulled his fingers out and sucked off my juices. He hummed and smirked as he kissed me again. I took off my sweatpants and tossed them somewhere behind him, doing the same with my top, leaving me fully naked against him. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to his ankles, stepping out of them. Doing all of his while still holding me with one arm This man is truly impressive. I moaned in his mouth as I felt the head of his dick against my pussy. ‘’I’m gonna make you feel so good y/n,’’ He bites back a moan as he slid his shaft inside of me. I immediately felt fuller as he filled me amazingly.

‘’Oh my god…’’ I moaned as he started thrusting slowly, ‘’Roman..’’

‘’Shit y/n, you’re gorgeous, you feel so good wrapped around my dick.’’ He groaned, fingers digging deeper in my thighs. My grip on his shoulders tightens as he started to fuck me harder.

‘’Fuckk! Roman please,’’ I pleaded, making him smile against my neck, ‘’make me cum.’’

‘’Oh I’m going to babygirl, don’t you worry about that.’’ He slid out of me and put me down, turning me around so my back faced his chest. His hands spread my ass as he slid his dick back inside of me in no time, both of us moaning loudly at the pleasure. ‘’Jesus you’re beautiful.’’

‘’Please Roman,’’ I cried out in pleasure. His hand traveled down my body, circling my clit slowly.

‘’Cum for me baby,’’ His deep voice whispered in my ear, sending me over the edge. My walls clenched around his dick, making Roman groan loudly. ‘’Oh fuck baby.’’ He said before I felt his dick twitch inside of me. Once we both gained our breaths, he turned me around and smiled. ‘’You feel better, beautiful?’’

‘’Much, much better,’’ I honestly answered smiling, pulling him in for a kiss.

Can we please talk about Natasha in Civil War?

Natasha, whose fear is to see the Avengers torn apart. She signs the Accords not because she trusts the government. Yes, she wants to make amends and agrees to an extent that people with powers need to be put in check, but more importantly, she believes it’s the best option of keeping the Avengers together. Path of least resistance, if you will. Natasha’s a pro at reading the terrain. She knows if they don’t sign, they would be heading down a road paved with pain. 

Her priority throughout Civil War is to keep her family intact. That’s why you can’t place her on a team. It’s not simply #TeamSteve vs #TeamTony. She didn’t hop from one side to the other. She’s playing by her own rules, governed by her head and heart. She tells Steve staying together is more important than how they stay together.

Natasha, who shows up at Peggy’s funeral because she doesn’t want Steve to be alone, worries about Tony’s state of mind, pauses mid-fight to get Clint’s reassurance that they’re still friends. Natasha, who lets Steve and Bucky leave despite the consequences she’d have to face and returns to find out how Rhodey’s doing instead of running to hide. Even in her last scene, she’s still playing mediator.

This is Natasha looking out for her own. This is Natasha trying to be a friend. This is Natasha acting on her emotions for her family, as Steve is for Bucky, and Tony for his parents and the victims in their missions.

So don’t whittle her down to a simple “double agent”. I will fight you.

Shots Fired and Hidden Secrets [Part 1]

For @chatnoirisnotaravenclaw!

Sorry, Marie! This has been delayed for so long now… feel free to virtually throw tomatoes at me.

The first time Nico had seen Will in such a state, it had been accidental and the situation was something none of them had ever expected. Sure, they’d anticipated a monster here and there to try and attack them while outside the camp’s protective barriers but none of them ever thought of actually being assaulted by a different kind of monsters.

They were being mugged by street criminals.

There were three of them in total, none actually looking like they can stand their guard on a real fight and are trying their best too look intimidating with how they hunch their bodies and try to ‘carry’ themselves. Not that, the Demigods are intimidated at all. Oh, please. They fought on wars, this is nothing in compare with what they’ve gone through.

Didn’t mean they’ll simply take things easy though. After all, a threat is still a threat no matter how small. After all, the criminals are carrying weapons of some sort including a gun. The one guy who carries it, pointed at them as if saying he’ll shoot if they as much move a muscle.

Nico isn’t impressed of course, if not he’s actually quite irritated. If it had been only him, he would have easily taken the guys out, gun or not but Will is with him and he won’t hesitate killing these people if they as much try and lay a finger on the other.

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anonymous asked:

I miss your writing. More snippets please hehe

I miss my writing, too. I’m sorry. :(

Um … let me see if I have a snippet. Oh! I found one. I don’t think I’ve shared this one before:

“Really?” Bucky jerked his chin at the display in the shop front window. Vivid royal purple curtains, rustic wood shelves stacked with mystical doodads and bundles of display herbs, and a large French nouveau-inspired, hand-painted sign advertising psychic guidance.

Darcy smirked at him. “Really.”

“I didn’t take you for somebody who believed in this bunk.”

“I don’t, because it is all bunk,” she agreed, stepping around him to get to the door. “Except Madame Odette.” Bucky frowned at the sign and gave her a wary look. Darcy shrugged. “She won’t pry. It would be rude.”

Darcy pulled open the door and stepped into the fragrant herbalist’s shop, Bucky at her heels.

Madame Odette was at the counter and looked up at the chime of the bright copper bell over the door. She propped an elbow on the worn wood and raised an eyebrow. “Well, look who finally decided to turn up. Where you been?”

“You tell me.” Darcy said with a grin.

“Still got that smart mouth, huh?” Madame Odette straightened up and walked to the end of the counter and waved Darcy over. “Come on over here and let me get a look at you.” Darcy complied and the woman took her hands, giving her a long look up and down. “Ah, my babies are all growing up.” She pulled Darcy into a tight hug.

“You look as stunning as ever,” Darcy told her, planting a little kiss on the woman’s cheek.

Odette’s short cap of black curls, just visible under a scarlet bandana, were shot through with thin strands of silver, and her dark eyes were bracketed by a few more lines, but, the wispy, tiny psychic looked much the same as last time Darcy saw her. Her long, flowing skirt was a pattern of wild slashes of colors, and her simple cream blouse was accented by a collection of rope necklaces strung with dark chunks of vibrant stones. Simple and vivid, that was Madame Odette.

“Oh, never mind me,” the woman sniffled and stepped back, her hands on Darcy’s shoulders. “Aren’t you gorgeous? Oh, darling, you grew up beautiful. Didn’t she?” And Odette turned her head to Bucky, who was lingering by the door, and gave him a knowing look.

“Yes, ma'am,” he answered promptly.

“And in a minute she’ll remember her manners and introduce us.”

Darcy laughed. “Who has the smart mouth again?”

“You do, darling.” She raised her eyebrows and tipped her head at Bucky.

Rolling her eyes with good humor, Darcy held her hands out between the pair. “Odette, this is James Barnes. Bucky, this is Madame Odette.”

“Pleasure to meet you, ma'am,” Bucky said, tipping his head.

Odette stared at him for a moment, a smile growing on her face, and she skirted Darcy to stand in front of Bucky.

“Welcome home, Sergeant.” She reached out and touched the backs of Bucky’s hands, asking silent permission to grasp them in her cool, gentle hands. He complied with a turn of his wrists and a puzzled frown, but she just gave his fingers a light squeeze.

“Oh, baby, you had such a long road home, didn’t you? But you are home.”

“Thank you,” he murmured, uncomfortable, and shot a look at Darcy, who was leaning against the counter watching them. It didn’t surprise her that Madame Odette knew who Bucky was; she had a head for all sorts of random bits and bobs, and she wouldn’t have needed her “sight”. And Odette really wouldn’t pry, she’d have seen that in his eyes, and knowing who he was it didn’t take much to guess it had been a long road home.

“And there I go, making you uncomfortable.” She gave his hands another squeeze and dropped them. “I had an uncle who served in Europe during the war. My grandmama’s little brother.”

“I don’t really remember a lot of—”

“No, no. He told stories about you Howling Commando fellows from time to time.” She laughed, rich and low. “Come on then, you go flip that sign to closed, and then you and Darcy come sit and talk with me for a time.”

“Yes, ma'am,” he said, sounding bemused, but he turned and walked to the front of the shop as requested, while Odette returned to Darcy and took her arm in a light grasp.

“That explains how time was odd around you,” the woman murmured.

“That’s not even the half of it,” Darcy said with a laugh. “But, I figure I owe you the story.”

Odette tsked and shook Darcy’s arm, leading her into the back of the shop. “You don’t owe me a thing. What was freely given asks no price.”

“Still, you gave me something, I want to give you something back.”

“So long as you know there was no obligation to my gift.”

Darcy snorted. “I feel like we could go in circles on this for like an hour.”

“Probably about that. We’re both too stubborn.”

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Heya ^^. Before I do anything, may I just say I've spent the last hour reading through you headcannons and there just making me fall harder for these fictional cuties, and I thank you. You are a blessing <33333333333 May I please request the reaction of the main 5 and unknown and V (if possible) to the MC asking them to play the pocky game. Pretty basic but thank if you do. I hope you have a lovely day <3

Author’s note: I hope this is okay!! If you don’t know what the pocky gameis just look it up


  • he had NO IDEA what the pocky game was
  • but when you explained it he agreed to do it SO FAST LIKE settle down puppy
  • when your lips met he pulled away at first bc OMG HE JUST KISSED YOU
  • but then he went back for seconds


  • he would purposefully drop his side so the pocky would fall 
  • then he would go in for the kill kiss
  • “Zen, please play for real.”
  • “Okay babe, I will!”
  • sIKE HE JUST KISSED YOU AGAIN but you aren’t complaining


  • poor baehee
  • you asked her to play
  • and she happily agreed she had no idea what she was signing up for


  • he laughed when you asked him
  • but your face was dead serious
  • he finally agreed and set up his camera to video it he said he was going to post it but he just wanted it for himself
  • he definetly blushed when you kissed him


  • “Nope”
  • “There’s no way I’m playing that game.”
  • “I said no.”
  • “Okay maybe one really quick round.”
  • you were just so excited to kiss him and when your lips brushed YOU COULD’VE SWORN


  • “I suppose playing a commoner’s game could be fun.”
  • he played the game but he had his eyes on your lips the prize
  • when he kissed you he made a mental note on how sweet your lips were
  • Mr. Han liked this game
  • he liked it a lot


  • when you started
  • AND eat the whole thing HIMSELF
  • ?? that’s not how you play the game ??
Baby Blue Eyes // Simon Minter Imagine

Requested: Yes by @blueminter 

“Heyy, was wondering if you could write me a Simon imagine where you tell him you’re pregnant?? Xx”

Warnings: Fluff and a little swearing

A/N: Hi everyone, this is my first sdmn related imagine so plz don’t be too harsh. Sorry if it seems too long. I revised and removed as much as needed. Feedback is always wanted and I thank you for taking time out to read it. 

Enjoy :))

Perfect. A complete understatement to describe this day; better known as your twenty-sixth birthday. You made Simon promise not to go over the top for you and he listened for the most part but in the end, Simon still bought you whatever he could get his hands on. So, you didn’t mind when he happily pulled out his vlogging camera and recorded when you were doubled over in laughter after he told you a terrible joke or smiling until your cheeks began to hurt as you overlooked the gorgeous city on the London Eye. Your heart soared and your stomach fluttered every time Simon gazed at you with those glimmering blue eyes of his.

The months leading up to this day have been hectic for you and you were sure it has been for Simon as well. All within seven months, you were engaged to Simon and were moving from the US to England to be with him. You of course visited London several times before, considering you and Simon had been together for four years so you’re not completely nervous about the move but it’s still a big step. Thankfully, you have someone as amazing as Simon to help you with the big move.

There was no day that you didn’t thank God for having him and the little one growing in your stomach in your life. Being only nine weeks along and already anxious as hell to spill the beans to Simon, you decided not to and bite your tongue until later.

Hours later, you were at your soon to be home with Simon and the rest of the gang, aka the sidemen, the girlfriends, both Cals and Sarah. You wanted a small party to celebrate amongst the people whom you most cared about. Simon continued to not so secretly record videos of you here and there of you as you laughed at one of JJ’s inappropriate jokes or when you blew out the candles on your cake after you made a wish. Before you could beg Simon to put the camera down, he lifted you in the air as he pressed a tender kiss to your lips.

Just like the first day you and Simon met, he made your heart stop and took your breath away as he always did. Your lips melded perfectly with his as they moved together to the pulsing beat of your heart. It beat so loud, you thought it’d jump out of your chest from every movement of his lips but it only seems to fill with your ever-growing love for a dorky and amazing fiancé. You hadn’t realized the whistles and coo’s until you heard Freezy tell you and Simon to stop before you both made a baby in front of everyone.

Giggling like the love-sick puppy you were, you unlocked your lips from his as you blushed profusely. “Oh shut up CalFridge.” You teased back, smiling happily.

“I will forever, hate that Cards Against Humanity video. Everyone called me that on Twitter for a week.” Cal groaned as he took a sip of his drink.

“It’s just bants innit?” With a teasing smile, Simon piped up.

“Yeah, I’ll show you bants.” Cal said before he jokingly tackled Simon to the ground of which you just face palmed and shook your head.

“Don’t kill each other please? It’d really ruin my day and I’d hate to have to find another fiancé because mine is physically unable to please me.” You chuckled as you looked down at the tumbling mess of lanky arms on the ground.

“But isn’t he already like that?” Cal joked, earning laughs around the room as he sat on Simon while he held Simon’s arms behind his back.

“Fuck you Cal.” Simon yelled from underneath him.

Shaking your head, you said, “Just make sure his all of his limbs still work because I want to take a photo of us when I come back and I’d hate to have to kill you.”

Your lips curve into a smile when you hear a quick shout from Cal as you walk out of the room. “You got it Mrs. Minter.”

You hurry up the stairs to you and Simon’s room and into your suitcase. The butterflies in your stomach can’t help but to flutter around, making you more nervous and nauseous than you want to be considering the morning sickness you’ve had recently. You grabbed the covered sign and hurried back downstairs.

As you walk into the room, you hold the sign behind your back and rush over to the sofa where Simon left his vlogging camera and grab it. With shaky legs and a racing heart, you stand in the middle of the living room and call everyone to attention.

“Hey guys, I have a surprise for you all, mostly Simon but you guys will enjoy it too and when you see it, don’t say anything until Simon sees. Okay?” You plead with a partial shaky voice. Everyone shrugs their shoulders and agrees as they look at me quizzically.

You walk over to Freya and give her the vlogging camera and whisper, “Can you pretend you’re taking a picture but actually have it on record please?”

She agrees without a single second passed and turns it on. You were thankful that she never questioned your motives and instead agreed even though she had no clue what was going on. Just as no one else did. Scurrying back over to the center of the room with the sign still gripped tightly in your hand. By now, Cal has finally stopped using Simon as a chair and he is now standing beside me. A wide smile stretches across your lips as you turn to Simon and ask him to hold the sign for you. He of course questions why until you reply to him telling him to just hold it and look at the camera.

“On three…” Freya calls us to attention and we turn to face her. You securely grip the thick translucent paper covering the words you drew on the sign; ready to rip it off. “Three …Two … One …” As you hear the last the number, you rip off the covering and finally feel yourself breathe again.

You watch everyone’s eyes light up and widen to the size of saucers. Several gasps and hands covering the smiles on everyone’s faces fill the room. You can’t help but to chuckle a little before turning to a confused Simon standing beside you.

“What? What’s everyone looking at?” Eyebrows raised in a puzzled manner, Simon looks from everyone to me.

“Look at the sign.” You tell him as his eyebrows scrunch together even more confused than before but does as you you’ve told.

The sign read: “You’re not just my daddy anymore” written in blue and pink bold letters with your ultrasound under the words and your September 9th due date at the bottom.

You gaze at him as you watch a series of expressions change on his face. Confused to baffled to opened mouthed shock. In a flash, Simon turned to face you, mouth still wide in disbelief. “No fucking way! Are you really?” He says in a low deep voice, frozen in place.

Smiling brightly, you nodded your head, confirming your little bundle of joy. Simon quickly hands the sign over to Josh, smiling brightly before sweeping me off my feet and into his arms. Your laughter becomes lost in the sea of cheers and shouts of congratulations from your friends. You wrap your arms around his neck and his snug around your waist as he holds you close.

Time feels like it has begun to move again when he slowly lowers you to the ground and stares down at you. The dimpled smile you’ve always loved seemed to grow, causing yours to do the same as you gaze up at him.

“I love you and my little one so much; even though I only found out less than five minutes ago.” Filled with as much love and happiness as you had, he pressed his hand against your tiny bump while his eyes never left yours.

“We love you too Si. Forever and always.” You tell him, smiling probably the happiest you’ve ever been. A warm feeling wafts over you when Simon’s tender pink lips touch yours and you know indefinitely, you had the be the luckiest person on earth.

Septiishu cuteness :3

Watching yesterday’s video of Jack and Wiishu inspired me to write this fluffy little ‘mini-fic’ - if you can even call it that xD I apologise in advance if I missed any typos, and I may or may not have broken the 4th wall at one point… :p this is my first time posting any kind of fic so… please be gentle with me :3 Hope you enjoy the cuteness ^-^ 

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Meeting you. (Jaebumxreader) pt.2

pt. one here

 I’ve decided to change the writing style to make it feel more like the reader is part of the story sorry if it feels choppy having two parts with two styles but I think this one is much better. - JJ 

genre: fluff/romance

summary: after your coffees with Yugyeom, Bambam and Jaebum. You need to find a way to get home.

word count: 902

The Ride

You sat in a few moments of silence. Did he really say I am pretty? “Uhh Tha-” before you could say anything else Yugyeom and Bambam were back with your drinks. But, Jaebum never took his eyes off you– even when Bambam and Yugyeom addressed their questions to him his eyes stayed fixed on you. He looks so sexy, I could just have him right now. You licked your lips with a lingering bite at the end to see if you could shake his cool demeanour. And just for a moment he wavered looking to the corner of the table 

You all finished your coffee’s but it was getting late so you all decided to leave the cafe and walk to the dorm. You knew the boys probably had an early start the next day so you decided to head off. “I guess I should go.” You said as you looked at them, but kept your eyes on Jaebum a little longer. “Should we call a cab for you [Y/N]? Yugyeom will pay again.”Bambam said laughing. “Ya! Bambam! don’t get me wrong I’ll be happy to [Y/N] it’s just he has to stop doing that.” “Guys I can manage the bus by myself.” “I know but at this late, you shouldn’t be going alone” The four of you stood now outside of the dorm when Bambam lit up “Hyung you can drive her in the company car!” You could swear you saw a smirk cross Jaebum’s lips, but he collected himself before you really got to see.“I don’t see why not. Let me go grab the keys.”

He came back down pretty quickly and as the two of you got into the car Yugyeom yelled back to you “Hyung take care of her.” “Oh, I will.” But he only said it loud enough for you to hear and just waved back to the boys. 

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Hand In Hand

Request:  Can you make a Carl fluff about how you go out on like a first date with him and go back to his place, but then right when things start to get heated rick and michonne or Judith walk in you and completely ruins the moment? Lol idk I just think fluffs like that are so funny : )

a/n: Thank you to the person who requested this really it was fun to write. It’s not very long and there may be some spelling errors but hey :)) Please don’t forget my requests are open and so is my messages! xo

Warning: A little bit of smut, no actual sex lol.

Tagged: @localantisocial :) Enjoy!!

You look at yourself in the mirror and try to flatten your hair down but instead you decide to put it up in a pony tail because Carl sees you in a pony tail most of the time anyway. Carl had asked you out on a ‘date’ and you happily agreed. You were also very surprised given that you liked him but he never showed any sign of interest.

When Carl arrived to Alexandria he was shy. Too shy. You, with the help of Enid, finally brought him out of his shell and then you two became best friends but you liked him a little more than that. You’ve dropped the subtle hints but he seemed to never understand the hints and then when he asked if you wanted to go on a date you embarrassed yourself by going bright red.

The knock on the door brought you back to reality as you checked yourself in the mirror again.

“I’ll get it.” You shout to Carol. When Rick brought his group Carol had to share a house with you. You didn’t mind though. It felt like having a mother again. You opened the door to see Carl stood calmly and you smiled.

“You ready to go.” He says as you shut the door behind you and nod. You follow him and he takes you to one of the many walls of Alexandria and smiles. “Because of the circumstances of our world right now I wasn’t really sure on what a date would be considered as. We’ve had fun outside of the walls I figured why not do it again but as a date this time?” He smiles and you blush

“Okay. Let’s do it.” You say as he started to climb the wall and you follow suit. 

You walk down the street of Alexandria, hand in hand, with Carl as you laugh.

“Yes! Not only did you almost fall over a log but then you almost fell over nothing and apologised for it.” He chuckles as you both walk together. “Hey, let’s go back to mine.”

You walk through the door and to your knowledge there seemed to be no one in the front room. He led you to his bedroom and you walked in and sat on his bed. As you look around you acknowledge the comic on the floor.

“Really? You’ve read that comic at least 13 times now.” You scoff and he tilts his head.

“If you can find me something else to read beside every comic here then by all means do it. But trust me, I’ve already tried.” He huffs and he comes to sit next to you, placing his hat on the floor by his feet.

“I had a good time today. I haven’t felt as good as I did today in a long time.” You whisper. He looks at you and smiles.

“You’re most welcome.” He utters as his face inches closer and closer to yours. Within a small amount of time his lips are on yours and you’re both moving in sync. You feel the kiss deepen as his tongue enters your mouth and you move to straddle him.

You continue to kiss him as you feel his hands move down to the button of your jeans and he’s soon deftly undoing it. His hand slides past your panties and his finger comes in contact with your clit. You gasp with an immense amount of pleasure when he put pressure on your clit and your brows furrow. His other hand moves to yours so that you’re both hand in hand while his fingers do works of magic.

“S-shit.” You stutter out as his finger moves further south and slips into you. You back arches into him and then the door swings open to reveal Rick, Michonne and a tired, but unwilling to go to sleep, Judith resting on Michonne’s arm. You push yourself off of him and do the button on your jeans up as you both sit up and look a them.

“Oh, sorry we didn’t mean to interrupt anything we were just um, checking to see if you got back. Looks like you did.” Rick says as Michonne’s head leans against Ricks arm and she chuckles. As does Rick when he sees you both go red.

“(Y/n) I’ll let Carol know you got home, she was a little worried about you. I’ll tell her you’re staying over our’s tonight then yeah?” Michonne mutters as they walk out of the room together. Just when you were about to laugh the door opened again to reveal an embarrassed looking Rick.

“Look just promise me. Make sure you use a condom or something yeah?” He says and Carl nods.

“Sure dad.” Carl utters as his checks turn crimson. When Rick leaves you laugh into Carl’s neck. “Wow.” He mutters.

“Yeah, wow.” You chuckle as you move closer to Carl and lay your head on his chest as you both lay on his bed together. “Maybe we should check next time to see if anyone else is home.” You look up to Carl to see his eye starting to flutter shut. He nods.

“Definitely.” He sighs and you grab hold of his hand. You listen to his steady breathing as your eyelids get heavy. You both lay there, hand in hand as you fell asleep. You smile to yourself knowing that when you wake tomorrow Carl will still be there. He’ll be right next to you.

It’s time! Artist sign-ups are a go!

Check out this link to sign up as an artist for the Voltron Gen Mini-Bang!

How does this work?

  • Sign ups will be first-come, first-serve. The first 25 artists to sign up will be participants in the mini-bang.
  • If you are still interested and there are no more spaces, you can sign up to be on the waitlist! As a waitlist artist, you will be on-hand in case one of the initial 25 artists drops out for any reason.
    • (Please be aware that as a waitlist artist you are agreeing to be on call for the entirety of the mini-bang, so be sure you can commit to this before signing up.)
  • Please, do not sign up for this event unless you are sure you can fully commit to it! Due to limited spaces, if you sign up now without the intent of following through, you may be taking a slot away from someone else who wants to participate just as badly. Dropping out early would also be very unfair to your author partner when claims occur in early May.

Important Note!

  • If we receive as many artists as quickly as we did authors, we may up the number of slots for both artists and authors (more info here).
  • This decision will be made after initial sign-ups occur; if this is the case we will post an announcement as soon as possible. For now, only the first 25 artist slots are guaranteed.

Additional Information

  • We will not share your personal contact information with anyone except your author partner, once claims are completed.
  • In the event that you change your contact information or username, please notify us immediately so we can keep in contact with you!
  • When the 25 slots fill, we’ll make an announcement. But we’ll still leave artist sign-ups open until early April in case you want to sign up as a waitlist artist!

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQ, or ask us!

Artist Sign-Ups Are A Go!