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five stages of finals grief
  • Denial: you know what? my grades are probably fine! i need to stop worrying so much
  • Anger: well FUCK THE SYSTEM for putting so much pressure on us to excel academically and FUCK ANYONE WHO THINKS A TEST GRADE DEFINES ME
  • Bargaining: dear god, please let me pass the test. just send me a sign i'll do alright so i can stop worrying, okay? i'll do anything you want, just... just send me a sign. .... .... ...okay, dear satan....
  • Depression: *hysterical sobbing*
  • Acceptance: okay, fuck it. just... fuck it. i will live in a cardboard box and i will live off the grid because i am going to fail this. i accept my fate. fuck this.

Hello there! If you have ever wanted to meet One Direction, but have not been able to afford it, please sign this petition. Hopefully we can reduce Meet and Greet pass prices from $7,500 per person to something much more reasonable. Please reblog, this needs as many signatures as possible.
Allow Concealed Carry in NJ

Hi I made this petition to encourage the NJ government to pass a law that allows concealed carry. Please sign it and reblog to support making NJ a safer place.

Sign-ups are now OPEN on our tumblr page until January the 26th for normal participants; please check out our INFORMATION and RULES pages first!

Welcome to the Kylux February Fic Exchange of 2016!

The deadline for submission is the 9th of February, and fics will be revealed on Valentine’s Day (the 14th of February) on HERE! You can follow this blog for more information and notifications during the coming time period.

If you’re interested at all, please do sign up! If you’re not, maybe help pass this around anyway! The more attention this gets the more fics that are going to happen!