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An Audio Book Misunderstanding | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Author’s Note: I have be in the surge of writing fan-fictions now because of the love you leave at my first Zach x reader fic. Oh my god! I’m so happy that I’m going to shred tears now. Anyways, new piece, I enjoyed writing it so I hope you do when you read it. Any form of feedback and REQUESTS are appreciated.

Word Count: 1165

Zach’s Point of View

 I rushed immediately at her room since her mother allowed me to do so. Mrs. Y/L/N trusted me so much that I couldn’t do anything to break that.

I tiptoed towards her room to surprise her. I did bring some of her favorite chocolates and gummy worms. When I hear a man’s voice over her room

“I know it’s wrong, but … but I can’t do this without you. You need to trust me that this is going worth it and it will be our secret. No one will find out. Trust me. I love you.”

What. The. Hell.

I immediately found my way back towards their living room and waved Mrs. Y/L/N goodbye.

“Wait, darling you just went upstairs and your leaving?” Y/N’s mom blurted out.

“I have to go, since my parents will be late at work and my sister is alone … at the house and they just texted me like right now.” I made my explanation to her, I don’t want to tell her what I’ve heard, I can’t even believe what I’ve heard.

“Okay. –“ she replies.

“Uhm .. please don’t tell Y/N that I dropped by, Mrs. Y/L/N?” I smiled at her.

“Yeah, sure darling, take care.” She said as I found my way to the door.

Y/N’s Point of View

“Mom?” you called.

“Yes?” she replied.

“I think, I’ve heard Zach’s voice?” you inquired.

“No, honey, Zachary was not here.” She answered.

Then I made myself settle in my bed, “You and I tonight, I will not sleep to finish you.” You pressed play.

Mornings are hard for you especially when something preoccupied you last night. You can smell in the kitchen the perfect harmony of bacons and pancakes. You smiled as soon as you saw your mother in the counter.

“Hey, morning.” You greeted her.

“Glad you’re up, sunshine.” Your mom responded.

“Yes, because I don’t have the chance to choose whether to lay back in my bed and school.” She giggled in my sentiment.

You’re glancing at my phone, Zach haven’t dropped any messages since last night. It made you wonder what was wrong or what you made wrong.

You decided to text him first.

You: Good morning, Z. Is there any chance that you’re going to fetch the princess?

You smiled as you sent the message. Five minutes later no response.

You: Did you broke your phone? Or happen to lost it? Anyways, I’ll be riding with Tony on the way to school. You immediately sent it.

You: Something wrong Zachary? You didn’t even bother to pick up my calls and responded to my messages. I’m worried.

You inhaled and exhaled as you make your way to Tony’s Mustang passenger side. You peeked at him through the window.

“Hey, thank you for letting me be your shotgun today, T.” you smiled as you seated in his car.

“No, it’s an honor, my lady.” He replies.

“No, the pleasure is mine.” I argued.

“No, it’s mine.” He laughed and started his car.

You reached Liberty High and waved goodbye to Tony. Made your way to your locker and spotted Zach and his friends.

“When did you lost your girl, Zachary?” Marcus commented.

“Yeah, like she’s a lost one in the hallways.” Monty added.

“When was the last time I didn’t see you together?” Justin thought.

“Then, let me walk you to your class Y/N.” Bryce suggested it as he lands his arms around your shoulders.

“Fuck off, Bryce.” As you pushed him away.

You decided to meet Zach’s face and for goodness sake he didn’t even bother to comment on what his jock friends did. His arms are folded in his chest and is eyes met mine. Something was totally wrong.

Peer Communications, your second period for today and happened that the teachers are having their monthly meeting. So … Free time as they say it. Cuddle time as what couples referred it. Study time for nerds. But, I’m so pleased that I shared this subject with Zach.

He was occupying the last table, lost in his thought was the only words you can use to describe what his expression right now is. You made your way to his table and grabbed and chair to sit in front of him. You pursed your lips as you stare at him. He neglected the fact that he is aware of your existence. You settled your elbow and cup your left cheek as you spoke.

“Are we under lover’s quarrel?” you asked as you bit your pinky finger.

His eyes met yours and you smiled. “I think so. Yes.” He answered.

“Under what circumstances?” you inquire

He looked at you like his stare is worth a million of dagger. “Of you cheating on me.” He answered.

Your jaw dropped in his accusations, “Wait, what Zachary?”

“Of you cheating on me.” he repeated, “do I need to say it again?”

“When and how?”

“Oh, don’t play me with your innocence Y/N.” he said not breaking the eyes connection between the two of you,

“I don’t.” you reacted.

“Last night, I was in your house,” he spoke, “I made my way to your room, to surprise you,” he admitted and shrugs, “then I heard this man’s voice telling you things like, I know it’s wrong but I love you trust me, it’s going to be a secret trust me stuffs like that.” He finished unleashing his thought.

Upon hearing those words all you did was to laugh.

“And your laughing, Y/N what did I ever done that made you do things like this to me,” he whispered.

“Wait. Are you jealous?” was the only words that left our mouth and continued to giggle.

“For fuck’s sake, you think I’m jealous? I’m mad, okay. I’m mad.” He admitted as his anger is visible and it made you stop from laughing.

“No, you’ve never done anything wrong, except for not texting me for about 12 hours? And for not confronting me about this babe, you know I can explain things to you.” You said sweetly as you held his hands.

“I was just,” you stare at him, “listening to an audio book last night and the line you just said was there and the man’s voice you’ve heard is the narrators’ voice.” You utter.

He just raised his eyebrows and in that moment you knew he doesn’t buy your explanation.

“Okay here,” you grab your book, “turn to page 278 that paragraph with sticky tab, that’s the part.” You point at him as he found the page, “and listen to this.” You stand up and placed the earphones in his ears and pressed play.

“See?” you smiled at me. “No cheating, I was made for you Zach.” As he removed the earphones.

“Fuck!” he swear, “I did accuse you cheating on me with this damn I don’t know what the hell is that.” He said.

“An audio book.” You answered him.

“Yeah, audio book and I didn’t have enough sleep because of that.”

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Suga and Daichi fuck.


“Last night I had an interesting dream.”

Sugawara, Oikawa, and Kenma turned towards Akaashi as he made the statement.

“Please, share,” Sugawara clasped his hands politely in front of him on the table.

“I love hearing about people’s dreams!” Oikawa rested his chin in a cradle of his hands, smiling intently at Akaashi.

Kenma let out a low groan, “If this is another dream about Bokuto’s biceps I swear I’m leaving.”

Akaashi was silent for a long moment.

“It’s… not…”

Kenma started to stand but Sugawara dragged him back down.

“Please, continue, Akaashi-san,” he said warmly.

“Okay, so Bokuto-san was doing pull-ups. His biceps were glistening with oil-”

Ughhhhh,” Kenma slumped back in his chair. “Not again. Please, can we talk about something else?”

“I want to hear about Bokuto’s glistening biceps,” Sugawara said.

“Me too,” Oikawa mused. “Iwa-chan is still out of town so I need new biceps to fuel my libido so that when he comes home we can have the best sex of my life.”

“Then why don’t you just think about Iwaizumi-san?” Kenma scowled.

“Well if I tell Iwa-chan I fantasized about other men, then he will get jealous and fuck me even har-”

“Okay, sorry I asked.”

“Actually, I’d like to hear about that too,” Sugawara said.

“Me too,” Akaashi admitted.

“So it’s settled,” Sugawara nodded. “After we are done hearing about Akaashi’s sexy dream, we will hear about how hard Iwaizumi is going to fuck Oikawa when he gets him jealous.”



“No deal,” Kenma grabbed his drink and stood. “I’ll be at the counter. Goodbye.”

Sugawara grabbed him by the back of his hoodie and dragged him down to his seat once more. He looked to Akaashi and smiled, “Continue, Akaashi.”

Kenma groaned as Akaashi cleared his throat and began once again.

“So Bokuto-san was doing pull-ups. He was shirtless and was covered in oil. Except his hands, of course. It would be difficult to do pull-ups with oily hands.”

“Very difficult,” Oikawa agreed.

“Maybe even impossible,” Sugawara lifted his glass to his lips and sipped.

“I hate you guys,” Kenma grumbled.

“So this went on for several minutes,” Akaashi and the others ignored Kenma’s growling. “As I was watching, suddenly… these huge wings sprouted from Bokuto-san’s back.”

“Oh man, I bet the pull-ups were so easy after that,” Sugawara’s eyes widened.

“They probably would’ve been,” Akaashi agreed. “But he stopped doing pull-ups. And he started flying around. And then his shorts came off-”

Kenma slumped over the table and moaned into the wood.

“But instead of his normal lower body,” Akaashi went on, “It was the body of a horse.”

“So he was like a…” Oikawa’s brows furrowed. “Centaur… Pegasus?”

“Exactly. So then, this voice echoed all around and it was like, He who tames the Pegasus and earns his trust, will become the president of the United States. And so of course, I don’t care about becoming the president of the United States, but I was interested in taming Bokuto-san.”

“Naturally,” Sugawara nodded slowly.

“So I entered the competition to tame Bokuto-san,” Akaashi said. “Oikawa-san was there too. He wanted to become president of the United States, eradicate capitalism, and become a dictator. And the first law you wanted to put into action was that everyone had to have the same hair as you.”

“Well now, this sounds a little too real to be a dream,” Oikawa lifted his hands in a dainty shrug.

“But Iwaizumi-san didn’t want to spend two hours styling his hair every morning, so he was competing against you,” Akaashi added.

“Not fair!”

“So the competition started, and all these fireworks went off, startling Bokuto-san. He flew away. Everyone went looking for him but couldn’t find him. But I knew where he was.”

“Where was he?” Sugawara leaned forward, eyes bright.

“Let me guess,” Kenma muttered. “He was at the bar.”

“You’re right, Kenma.”

“Ohhhh good one, Kenma!” Sugawara offered his hand to slap but Kenma shunned it.

“So I run to the bar, and there’s a huge hole in the wall. Also, for some reason, the bar was painted neon pink…”

“Because it’s gay,” Oikawa said.

“Really gay,” Sugawara confirmed.

“So I crawled through the hole in the wall and Bokuto-san was standing on the counter. I went up to him and I told him that I was there to tame him. At first, he argued with me, but then I took off my shirt and-”

“Please don’t tell me you had weird centaur sex,” Kenma interrupted tiredly. Dark bags hung under his eyes as he regarded the other man wearily.

“No, unfortunately not,” Akaashi let out a sigh.

“Oh thank god.”

“So on my chest was this huge tattoo of Meryl Streep-”

“What the fuck?” Sugawara whispered.

“Holding a flame thrower-”

“What the fuck?” Oikawa whispered.

“Riding a griffin-”

Kenma tried to stand but Sugawara yanked him back down.

“And her hair was in corn rows.”

“I fucking hate you guys,” Kenma said.

Akaashi ignored him, “And Bokuto-san just started crying. And he turned around and on the side of his horse body, he had a grey marking that looked exactly like the tattoo.”

“This is super romantic,” Sugawara said.

“And then he said he was hungry, so I went into the kitchen…” Akaashi looked to Sugawara, “And Sugawara-san and Daichi-san were in there, making love on the stove.”

WILD!” Sugawara jumped to his feet. “THEN WHAT?”

Then… that was it. The dream ended.”

Ehhhhh?” Sugawara pouted. “No… give me more details about me and Daichi fucking.”

“Uhm… well I only caught a glimpse,” he shrugged. “You were on top of him though… and you were wearing a Tiki mask, but I knew it was you because Daichi-san was like, Oh Suga. Suga… lick my buttery nipples…”

Wild,” Oikawa muttered.

Sugawara let out a loud whine and stomped his feet. “No fair! Even Akaashi’s dream Suga gets more dick than I do!”

He sat down with a huff, arms crossed over his chest. The table fell silent for a long minute before Kenma muttered,

“I can’t decide what’s more unbelievable about that dream. Bokuto’s wings, his horse body, the Meryl Streep tattoo, the president of the United States thing-”

“Don’t you dare,” Sugawara warned.

A slow smirk spread over Kenma’s lips, “Or the fact that Sugawara actually got laid.”

“Oh fuck you, Kenma.”

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader, potential Archie x Reader.

Description: No one quite knows who this new girl is.

AN: Yay! My second oneshot! This may be part of a series, I haven’t quite decide yet. 

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It had been a week since the new girl showed up and no one quite knew who she was. 

“I heard she came here because she was caught selling drugs,” one girl whispered disdainfully to her friend, critically analyzing her outfit.

“She’s in my English class, and showed up our teacher,” a boy told his friend, licking his lips as he eyed her up and down.

“I heard the Sheriff is going to interview her about Jason’s death,” Veronica Lodge whispered to Betty Cooper as the new girl walked in front of her. 

But no one was quite as interested in this new enigma as Jughead Jones. And it was his duty, as a journalist, to get to the bottom of this mystery.

The door squeaked as Jughead walked into Pop’s, gripping his bag tightly. The waitress smiled nervously as he walked towards his booth. “Someone beat ya to it, Jug,” she whispered, before flitting away quietly.

Jughead frowned, and gritted his teeth, walking towards his table to find the new girl sitting there. She looked up at him, and raised an eyebrow. “Can I help you?” she asked, her (y/e/c) suspicious. Strewn on the table in front of her were books, legal pads, a camera, and… tarot cards? Noticing his stare, she covered the table with her arms and glared at him.

“Uh, yeah,” he replied, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “This is my table.”

The new girl snorted (actually snorted) and laughed at him. “I don’t see your name anywhere on here,” she challenged, a slight smirk on her face. 

Jughead, realizing he was fighting a losing battle, sighed and rolled his eyes. “Can we share the table, please?” he asked, a slight pleading tone to his voice. 

Hesitating for a moment, she shrugged and waved her hand flippantly in the air. “Be my guest,” she said sarcastically, taking a sip from her milkshake. As he sat down, she eyed him warily. “Jughead, right? I think you’re in my English class.”

“Oh yeah,” he replied, slightly surprised. He didn’t remember seeing her in his class, but he was usually on his laptop… “What’s your name?” he blurted out, and her sharp eyes turned to him again. 

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” she said, taking another sip from her milkshake, leaving a ring of purple lipstick behind. She leaned back, revealing the mess of paper in front. Jughead leaned forward curiously, seeing the name ‘Jason’ written several times, along with several other familiar names.

“Why are you so interested in Jason Blossom, (Y/N)?” he asked, looking up and meeting her piercing (y/e/c) eyes. 

Sighing, she ran a hand through her thick hair and gave a him a little smile. “Well,” she drawled out. “he’s my brother.”

If You

If it’s not too late
Can’t we get back together?
If you’re struggling like I am
Can’t we make things a little easier?

Kwon Jiyong/ G Dragon X Reader

< 2,000

He watched you walk down the aisle like someone might watch an angel descending from heaven, in complete and utter awe. Through the vows, the prayers, and the hymns he kept his eyes on you and you alone. It pained him in the moments that he was unable to wipe the tears from your cheeks when you cried out of pure joy. It hurt him knowing you were right in front of him and yet you were still so incredibly far away.

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You’re so Punny (Sherlock X Reader)

Summary: You spend the day telling puns and Sherlock doesn’t seem to be a fan of them. Sorry if there are some mistakes, I looked through it, I promise.
AN: I wrote this for a oneshot book I have on fanfiction based on a story I’m writing. Since it is one of my favorites, I decided to make it a reader insert here.

Sherlock sat across from you, reading that morning’s paper and ignoring his breakfast. Meanwhile, you ate quickly and tried understanding the book in front of you. You picked it up just to have something to do while you were eating. Sherlock wasn’t exactly talkative in the mornings and Mrs. Hudson had gone back down to her flat already.
“What are you reading?” Sherlock asked, not taking his eyes off of the paper.
You honestly didn’t know, but you saw the word ‘anti-gravity’ everywhere and began your horrible streak.
“A book about anti-gravity. I can’t put it down.”
His eyes shot from the paper to you, and you smirked, unable to help it.
“Really?” He asked. You could tell he was judging you. You could feel it even as you began to eat your breakfast and looked away, but you couldn’t help it. You laughed.
“Too early for puns?” You wondered.
“It’s always too early for puns, (Y/N).” he folded the paper and walked away from the table, going back to your shared bedroom.
“Please, please, please.” You begged. You really didn’t want to go to the store alone. You would’ve asked John, but he was at work. Sherlock was your only option at the moment.
He had declined every time you asked him until now. Tired of hearing you beg he sighed and stood up, grabbing his coat before marching downstairs. With a victorious grin, you followed.
The trip went by quickly. You found everything you needed and were going to check out when your phone dinged.
“Nevermind.” You said to Sherlock, stopping in your tracks.
“What’s wrong?”
“John just sent a list.” I went through the text, looking at the items John needed and wanted. Included in the list was a calendar to track the days, and keep up with major events, something you all had neglected to buy at the beginning of the year. You let Sherlock carry that one, so he wasn’t just following like a lost puppy.
You put everything on the table to check out, and as the clerk reached the last item, you suddenly remembered the calendar, and turned to Sherlock.
“Calendar.” You said, holding out my hand. “Wouldn’t want to walk out of here without paying for that. Last time I stole a calendar, I got twelve months.” The clerk laughed a little, and you did the same, looking at Sherlock, who wasn’t finding the humor in the joke.
“Get it, because-”
“I get it. No good.”
You looked at the clerk. “He secretly likes my puns.” You said, and she smiled.
“Not when you’ve been making them all morning.” Sherlock said, strolling out of the store, not having any business left in there.
“That’s the second one I’ve made today!” You called after him.
You scrolled through the channels, not finding anything that caught your eye, but there was nothing else to do.
Aggravated, you turned the TV off and let the remote fall to the floor.
“There’s nothing to watch.” You complained out loud.
“There are several programs to watch. I just saw you flick through all of them.” Sherlock said from his chair.
“Nothing good, that is.” You corrected yourself. “But I guess television is a medium. Anything well done is rare.” You pressed your lips together, trying not to laugh at your own joke.
“I’m serious, these are getting bad. How many more of these do you have?”
“Tons.” You answered and turned to him. “What’s wrong with a good pun?”
He didn’t answer, just kept typing on his laptop.
Your eyes scanned the paper from over Sherlock’s shoulder, reading small articles here and there. He knew you were reading, but didn’t say anything, only asked if you were ready for him to turn the page.
Seeing nothing else interesting, you agreed and he flipped to the next sheet.
“Oh, do you see that one?” You wondered.
“Which one?”
“The one about the Italian cook. See it?” He was still scanning the page.
“What about it?” He still hadn’t found it but played along.
“He had a terminal illness and he pastaway.”
You were ready for bed and walked out to tell Sherlock goodnight.
However, he wasn’t having a good night at all. You could tell he was becoming increasingly frustrated with whatever he was working with at the kitchen table. Chemistry things were everywhere and you could tell his jaw was clenched.
You walked over and put a hand on his shoulder snapping him out of his work. He ruffled his hair and leaned back against the chair.
“No luck?” You asked.
“None at all.” He groaned in response, looking at the mess he made on the table. You knew you were going to have to try to clean it up in the morning.
“I’m sorry.” You thought about it, debating on whether or not you should. He was already agitated, would you make it worse?
Worth a shot.
“I would tell you a chemistry joke to cheer you up, but I don’t think it would get a reaction.”
He only turned his head, eyes meeting yours. He said nothing and he didn’t have to. You ruffled his hair some more and walked back to the bedroom, a smile on your face.
“Sorry.” you laughed down the hallway.
You were almost asleep, your head against Sherlock’s chest. Despite his annoyance with your jokes, he didn’t protest when you scooted to his side of the bed and curled up against him.
You heard Sherlock sigh and his chest began to shake. Worried, you sat up only to see him smiling a little.
“What?” You questioned, wanting to know just what was so funny to him.
“‘Pastaway’.” He chuckled a little, shaking his head.
“I knew you thought they were funny!” You exclaimed.. He shushed you.
“You’ll wake up John.” He said gently pulling you back down.
“I think they’re clever.” He corrected.
“Whatever, you think they’re funny. There are few things that Sherlock Holmes thinks are funny and my puns are one of the few.”
“I said they’re clever. It’s a clever play on words, takes a bit more thought than most things.”
“Sure.” You rolled your eyes with a smile. “Pastaway…that’s my favorite.” You mused, closing your eyes.
“Do you know more?” He wondered. You grinned.
“I thought you’d never ask.”


“When my stepdad invites himself to dinner at my home, naturally, his his chair at my table is built from my gayness…”

Part 5

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  725

Author’s Note:  We’re getting a little backstory here. It’s a short-n, but please let me know what you think nonetheless! I appreciate everything y’all share with me as this story keeps developing! Please enjoy :)

Table of Contents Here

“Captain, I believe it may be time,” Spock stated, hovering over Jim as the blond tried to come to a decision. Two weeks and nothing.

Before the attack, there was massive radioactivity spike. A peculiar frequency, as Mr Chekov had called it, distracted the scanners and the ship’s crew for nearly twenty minutes. Enough time for the entire away team to be either injured or killed.

Of the six that went down, only two came back alive: Lieutenant Scott and Ensign O’Malley. Mr O’Malley died within hours. Ms Scott flatlined once, but she came back, almost. And as meticulously as Bones had conducted O’Malley’s post-mortem, there was no indication of what had killed him or what could have caused Scott to crash.

And the frequency never resurfaced.

“I’m afraid you might be right, Mr Spock,” Jim breathed. “Mr Sulu, take us away.”

“Sir,” Sulu nodded, preparing the ship to jump to warp.

“Spock, walk with me,” Jim said, hoisting himself from his chair and stepping to his ready room just off the bridge. Spock followed, standing with his hands behind his back just inside the doorway as it sealed itself behind him.

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UraRadi ep33

Long awaited Yoha-Chika-Dia UraRadi DX!! I only had the chance to listen to half of it but goddamit I miss Anchan I’m not biased I swear lololol!!! Their dynamic is quite enjoyable so far! Through my fail Japanese, I’ve managed to translate some of the highlights:

[A fan letter asks them to get reacquainted by saying things they like about each other]

Anchan: There are many things I like about Arisa-chan but of course, most of all, I love how dependable she is
Arisha: but I’m the boke sometimes too
Aikyan: lots of times (´꒳`)
Anchan: yes yes I love all those about you! As for Aikyan… she’s interesting (omoshiroi) ( ◞・౪・)
Aikyan: …… [please imagine her expression there XD
Arisha: whatta reaction
Aikyan: stop it/yamete… (*´_ゝ`)
Anchan: like, a moodmaker, someone who easily senses and really sets mood

Arisha: what I like about Anchan is how, as leader, as Chika-chan, she really gives it her all and tries her best and pulls everyone along. Like, when I came here today, I was like ‘ah Anchan will be here too so it’ll be fine today’
Arisha: as for Aikyan [forgive my pitiful condensed translation here], her energetic expression of herself, whether UraRadi or niconama, is…quite interesting (omoshiroi)-
Aikyan: chotto, why is it the same…
Arisha: a different kind of interesting than Chika-chan but still, y'know?
Anchan: aah, right. There’s… a bit of similarity between Chika-chan and Yohane-chan, ne?
Arisha: yes I understand. They both try very hard

Aikyan: hmm, yeah there are many things I like about Anchan too but, my favorite part is how fuwa-fuwa she is! Dazes out a lot  (´∀`)♡ Like, ’…whacha doin’?’ kind of feeling. I like that
Arisha: things sometimes just fly over her head
Anchan: ehe like ‘huh what’re you guys talking about’…
Arisha: this part of her resembles Chika-chan a lot
Aikyan: yup yup. So yes, I like this quality about her
Anchan: I’m like this at home too, yeah
Aikyan: kawaii
Anchan: ah, stop that
Aikyan: kawaii
Anchan: stop that- so how about Arisa-chan *quickly changes topic*
Aikyan: hmm, Arisha is always serious… I mean, there are ponkotsu/airheaded moments too of course…but hmm, no it’s kinda different than being 'ponkotsu’…
Arisha: what?
Anchan: Oho? Something new!
Aikyan: 知世溢れてるchise afureteru/brimming with knowledge (I think that’s what she said here Orz someone help me)
Three in Unison: ooooooh *starts clapping*
Anchan: the sound of approval and gladness
Aikyan: but yeah, I like that about you [why can I almost see a chuuni pose there]
Arisha: *chuckling* y'know I just noticed, since I was staring at the mike, Anchan’s is yellow… no, mikan colored?
Aikyan: Hey, I was complimenting you there, what were you doing!
Anchan: oooh this, yes, I get it now!

Arisha: *reading a fan letter* okay, next, from “Prideful Penguin-san”-
Anchan & Aikyan: *snickers*
Arisha: why are you laughing
Anchan & Aikyan: nothing *still snickering
Arisha: Oi!

[they’re reading letters suggesting their new trio name, and this fan suggested “Trilliant”, as in 'brilliant’ from shining/kagayaiteru and trio]

Anchan: *attempts to pronounce but fails adorably
Aikyan: ah this can’t work
Arisha: Anchan can’t even say it
Anchan: *tries again but still fails adorably
Aikyan: this is kinda like “Lily”
Anchan: I’m the type that would say 300 mililililtre of water
Aikyan: 300 mililitre
Anchan: 300 milili…li…
Aikyan: XDDD
Anchan: *changes subject back* so this name Trilliante is fine- hey, I said it!

Print ideas?

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m gonna be tabling at a convention for the first time ever this year!

Both conventions are this October, but I need a little help thinking of print ideas! I figure if I start making things now I’ll have enough content by the time it’s con season (it’s 5 months from now holy cats ;u; )

One of the conventions I’ll be tabling at is a Furry convention. I’ve never been to a fur con before so I have literally no idea what kind of prints and things I should make for this convention. I’ve seen a lot of people doing fan art for Pokemon and MLP but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

The other convention is an Anime convention! I have a short list of animes I plan to draw things for but if anyone has any requests of fandoms you’d like my to draw please send me your ideas!

I’ll also be stocking some original art and such as well haha c:

Also, if anyone has any pointers for someone tabling for the first time please share! 

Thank you in advance : D

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imagine bucky eating real food for the first time in ages - food HE got to choose. rediscovering chocolate and plums, making a pb&j sandwich and cutting the crusts off like his ma used to do, drinking coffee with a ton of sugar and creamer, going to the local pub and drinking while watching two men out the corner of his eye as they lovingly grin at one another over dark ale, discovering orange soda and rootbeer floats, eating an entire pack of hot dog buns/weiners, cooking pork & beans on the stove at midnight, eating sticky cotton candy and grinning at his blue tongue in the mirror after, taking food tips from the fruit vendors at the market (which restaurant has the best lunch special and “do they have pie?”), trying every flavor of milkshake that he comes across, popping popcorn on the stove & remembering steve at the expo, eating cinnamon rolls and closing his eyes briefly because it takes him back to sarah rogers’ small brooklyn apt and sliced bread with cinnamon on top & a pinch of sugar. just imagine.

Happy 710 everyone! uncagedwonderland asked to see my favorite pieces from my collection.

Here we have my (I believe) 1/1 Mako upline pendant recycler, and my favorite pendant which is also by Mako. There is so much detail in the eyes, and the opals bring a great contrast and fire.

It’s hard to pick a true favorite because they all bring something different and awe-Inspiring to the table.

Please leave my caption intact when sharing. Thank you.


Story Time with Alfred 

I really loved watching the Batman animated series growing up, and I think Batman is one of my favorite super heroes (if not THE favorite). Plus, who doesn’t love Alfred? I had a lot of fun just drawing all the cutesy stuff and the little plushies of the allies/villains. ^^

Anyways, this is another print for AC Boardwalk Con and maybe Animazement! I’ll be sharing a table with my friend Dean! Please check out Dean’s blog and my blog for more art if you’re interested! ^^

-watercolor, acrylic, pastel, digital touch ups


So i’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to my newest art books. My intention for them was to have them available for sale at the conventions I am able to attend locally. At this point I have no other convention trip planned for this year. If anyone in Texas has a a table at Comicpalooza 2016, San Japan 2016, or AnimeFest that is willing to share half their table please feel free to contact me at I was a little late for the sign up for these conventions and would love to still represent and sell my art at these cons if I can :D. Out of state conventions are off the table for the time being for me. 

With all the above in mind and after an unfortunate incident with the printer that printed these books I do find myself with a large amount of books taking up some serious closet space for now. Sadly a large amount of the books that I have on stock suffered from either discolored lines (you can see the line in the two bottom pics) running through some of the pages or they were mis-cut to have a large amount of white on the bottom of the pages that was never meant to be there. I could not bring myself to bring these books with these errors to the cons I attended simply because I still have a good amount of books that came out perfectly. So keeping in mind the amount of books that I have with and without errors I am working on figuring out a way to make these books available for purchase online. Shipping is not something I ever planned or wanted to deal with but at this time it may be a necessary evil that I must learn ;P. A couple of my friends have volunteered to be my test subject as I send out different packages of these books to see how well they arrive and the average cost of shipping with different providers. If anyone out there has any advise on shipping books feel free to share. I’m going with trial and error right now. But if anyone has some experience with this I welcome their advise. Depending on how the first round of test shipping goes I may have these books available for purchase starting in July. I’ll be selling a couple of the good books and all of the slightly less perfect books for two different prices that will be determined at a later date. 

Generally I would love to hear if you would be interested a book. I’m trying to build up a count so I have a good idea on what I may be dealing with. ;)

What each judging function needs to work on

Ti: Being too blunt
Example of being too blunt: “You know why you’re failing, you’ve showed up to class late everyday, show up on time and you’ll learn something.”
Example of being less blunt: “Y’know, you have been coming in late every day, not telling you anything you don’t already know here, but thats going to be a major reason for your grades falling.”

Te: Being too rigid
Example of Te being too rigid: “You’re late. Again. 2nd time this week. Totally unacceptable, keep it up and disciplinary actions will be taken, no excuses.”
Example of Te being less rigid: “You’re late again, You’re really going to have to take actions to be on time from now on. I don’t want to have to penalize you, so work with me, alright?”

Fi: Being too selfish
Example of Fi being selfish: “You’re late. I’ve had it with you… Y’know, every time you’re late i have to mark it down and it reflects badly on me. They start asking questions and it’s not my fault! I can’t control weather or not half my class decided to be absent. I’m tired of it, i don’t care why it keeps happening, just quit doing it.”
Example of Fi being more selfless: “What’s going on? You’ve been late alot lately… It’s my job to make sure my students succeed in my class, so it’s important that we work together on this. Maybe you’d like to move to one of my other class times?”

Fe: Making a scene (being dramatic)
Example of Fe being too dramatic: “Oh, look who decided to show up? *sigh* Sit down… Everyone ELSE made it on time… Can someone share notes with Mr. Anon? Seriously, meandering in here everyday CERTAINLY wont help your grades!”
Example of Fe being less dramatic: “Come in, Mr. Anon. (walks over to Anons table) please find someone you can share notes with, we can talk after class about catching up, okay?”

Hello, Stranger : Привет, Незнакомец : アンニョン, 君の名は

Summary: In which Nozomi visits Russia for the first time and finds herself frequently bumping into a stranger by the name of Eli. Alternatively: The five times Nozomi rolls with the flow of things, and the one time she tries to take matters into her own hands. Nozomi-centric. AU.

Words: 7, 387

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Exo Reactions To Them Asking You To Live With Them

Here you go, I was going to make it longer like the proposal one but I thought it would be cuter if it was more simple. Also, half of these felt so weird, because they dodn’t seem to fit their personalities enough. But maybe it’s just me who thinks that. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *gets all shy & cute while the two of you are walking together in the park, you tilt your head, giving him a questioning look & he starts giggling* “I wanted to know… if you want to move in together?”

Chanyeol: *you catch him staring at you, looking like he has something to say, a goofy smile on his face while you’re folding laundry, he just nods to himself, thinking out loud* “I think you would enjoy living with me.”

Chen: *you’re in his kitchen washing up the few dishes the two of you had dirtied when he comes up & turns you around with a motivated look on his face, but he speaks in a very careful & sassy tone* “You know who is really fun to be around & wants you to stay with them? Me.”

D.O.: *you find him talking to himself in the kitchen & he smiles when he notices you, looking very shy all of the sudden* “So… I was thinking that you should stay here. Like indefinitely. Because I really want you to.”

Kai: *while you’re out to dinner, you promise to cook a meal for him someday & he looks over, showing his bright teeth in an equally bright smile while he chews his food* “Move in, then we could eat together every night.”

Kris: *you’re unpacking your weekend bag while he watches you from the other side of the room, leaning against the wall, he gets a cocky smile*“Since you’re here all the time, you should just stay. I wouldn’t hate that.”

Lay: *he’s playing with your hair while you’re talking & he casually interrupts with his own thoughts*“What would you say if I asked you to live here? Because I am.”

Luhan: *he drops you off at your place after the two of you had spent a week together at his apartment, he takes your hand just as you’re walking inside & pulls you close to him, smirking confidently* “I think we should live together.”

Sehun: *the two of you start rough housing, but in his typical fashion, he gets too sassy & ends up rolling you off the couch into the floor, you laugh & just lie there, staring up at him, he gives you a hint of a smile with his eyes focused on you* “Move in with me.”

Suho: *he sits you down, having prepared a whole dinner & cleaned his place up, making things as perfect as he can, barely letting you touch your food, he smiles over the table to you* “Please come share this home with me?” 

Tao: “I get lonely living by myself… so I was wondering…” *he trails off, opening his hand to show you a small key & giving a sweet smile, hinting in his not so subtle way*

Xiumin: *two of you are talking while you’re in bed, you lying on his stomach, he pulls you up so you’re almost completely lying on top of him, giving a small smile & speaking softly while looking you in the eye* “I want to do this more often. Come live with me.”