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Happy motivational monday! We have a MatPat quote for today! Im gonna add Stephanie to the bunch next week ;) 

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captainsupergravity  asked:

What if lance was adopted? And so was most of his siblings, and that's why his family looked mixed? What if his family was always adopting/fostering new kid so he always felt left out or put to the side, never feeling like he was enough (sorry if this is really badly worded)

Yes! YEs YES! Omg the angst that could happen!

-Lance’s parents died in a car crash, lance was thankfully unharmed in the crash. both of them were immigrants but Lance was born in the country so instead of sending him to Cuba, they put him in the foster system.

-Lance didn’t really talk to anyone, both from the fact that he just saw his parents die, but also because he didn’t know much English. He knew Cuban, but no one else in the houses did, so he chose to stay quiet, even if he really wanted to talk.

-Lance gets tossed from house to house, some were ok, others weren’t so nice. at all. It was definitely hard for Lance, who still didn’t talk much. It made it hard for families to know what he wanted, and it sometimes brought out the worse in people. Lance just wanted to disappear from everything.

-but then he got placed in the McClain’s house. And it’s just full of so many Ethnicities and cultures of everyone in the house. And just so full of love and had a homey feeling to it. Something that none of the other homes had. It kind of shocked Lance that their were foster homes like this.

-The best part was that the father of the family was Cuban, and when he spoke to Lance in his native language, Lance started to cry, because that was the first time since the accident that he’s heard such loving words that he knew he could respond to. It was the first time he was able to really talk to someone.

-Lance was still pretty nervous around some of the older kids, and didn’t really talk to anyone. That was until Philippe(that’s what I’m gonna call dad) got home, than Lance would bound right over to him and talk a mile a minute about everything and anything.

-sometimes, when Lance would have nightmares or just couldn’t shake the heavy weight of losing his parents, Philippe would sit with him and talk to him, even if Lance did really reply. Lance enjoyed those moments, when he could hear Cuban being spoken so naturally.

-slowly, Lance started talking to the other people in the house, while his English was choppy, he started to enjoy talking to others.

-it was because of Philippe that Lance got interested in the stars. A lot of the time, he would take Lance with him to the roof of the house and would tell him all about he constellations and the stories that surrounded each one.

-Lance was ten when the McClain’s officially adopted him, and while he was sort of put on a back burner when new foster kids came, he did what ever he could to make sure that they had just as much support as he did with Philippe.

-Sometimes when Lance would a bit too left out when a new person arrives, one of his siblings would pay him a bit extra attention, knowing the same feeling. They would congratulate him on stuff they know he worked hard on, and always supported him.

-Lance took to Languages very eagerly and studied as many of them as he could, so that way if another kid comes to their house and doesn’t know any English, Lance would be able to talk to them in their native language, and give them some sense of normalcy. Because he knows what it’s like.

-Lance will still get nightmares about the accident, but now he will go to one of his siblings rooms, and they let him crawl in and cuddle him, letting him hold something living in his arms.

I’m going to be honest, the first thing that popped into my head when I first read this was that during a really heated argument between Lance and Keith; Keith would bring up the fact that Lance didn’t know what it was like in the foster system, that he always had a family to go home to, that he doesn’t know what it was like. And Lance just pretty much goes off, saying that he does know what it was like. He knew what it was like to go to a house that he knew would never feel like home, he knew what it felt like to see pity on someone’s eyes. He knew what it was like to be placed in home after home and never knowing if it would be a good home or a bad one. He’ll talk about how yes; he did get lucky in finding a family that cared for him and made him part of their family, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the pain of being in the foster system. It definitely shocks everyone, and once they shake it off the pull Lance into a big group hug and Lance hesitantly tells them about his past. And how he will get nightmares sometimes, while they don’t happen often, they have definitely progressed into including not just his birth parents but his adopted family and the team. Now whenever Lance wakes up from a nightmare, he knows he can slip into one of his teammates rooms and sleep with them. He usually does it with either Pidge or Hunk, because Hunk is a cuddle master, and even thigh half the time Pidge is up when Lance comes in, she lets him cuddle her, which usually brings them both to sleep. He only ever goes to Shiro’s room if it was a really bad one, they don’t happen often, but it shakes Lance to the core.

Ok, I think I got it all out. Thank you so much for the prompt! I had so much fun writing this, and if there is anything you guys want to add to this, or want to send a prompt, feel free to! I love getting them!

What are some good ways to organize and preserve old notes and schoolwork? I have a lot from the past few years and I don’t want to get rid of them just yet, but I’m looking for a better way of keeping them than my current stacks-of-paper-in-a-bag system. Ideas much appreciated! ^^ 

also feel free to just spam me with your organizational systems because those are my jam and I would love to see them!!! <3

I am so glad you are still here!

I have received many wonderful and supportive comments on my recent 3 Year HRT Anniversary (my re-birthday) post from yesterday. One particular message I received as an Ask in tumblr stopped me in my tracks though. If you can’t read the screenshot above, here is the text..

“*suicide tw* Hi! I just wanted to say thank you. Your transition timeline post literally helped save my life today. I had a suicide plan drawn up this morning and I was 50/50 on attempting. I’m trans but closeted and things have been incredibly hard lately. Your honesty about your journey, your struggles, and how you’ve overcome them gave me enough hope to carry on. Sorry for the long Ask, but I just wanted to say thank you again. I hope you’re having a happy Halloween.”

Knowing their message could help others, I asked if I could share the message and whether or not the submitter wanted me to include their message and name. They said I could include their info. Please send this person some love and give them a follow. 

This is why I try to keep my blog, website, and story up to date. I have received messages like this before with varying levels of urgency in where the person was at in their struggles. Transgender people of all ages need to see themselves represented positively and see that they are able to be out of the closet and just live their life and find love and acceptance. We will not continue to be erased, made villains or scapegoats, and used for political votes, if those that are able continue to stand up and present ourselves to the world. Our narrative should be ours to tell. Our society is so broken regarding its treatment of transgender people. With modern science’s understanding of the validity of transgender existence, there should be NO STIGMA (#NOSTIGMA). Suicide rates for transgender people are the way they are because of continued misunderstanding, the perpetuation of old biased science and myths, hateful bigotry and misogyny.


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anonymous asked:

What would the boys reaction be to you sitting on their lap and kissing their neck in front of all the members (´,,>ω<,,`)♡

WOW! I love your request :) this should be fun!! thank you for your request and i hope you enjoy it ^.^

V : *Really shocked at you being so bold* “B-B-BABE!?!? This is not the time to be doi- Forget it keep doing what your doing” he says as he eventually gives in to your teasing.

JIN : “You are so bold today!! what wrong?” *he is sincerely worried about you so much that it makes you laugh and ruins the moment*

JUNGKOOK : *He would get really Shy and nervous but at the same time doing things like this in public really turned him on so he let you keep going. Eventually his hands found their way to your hips* “We should stop soon…..Hyungs ares going to noti-” “WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING OVER THERE?!?!” Screams Jin *Jungkook then hides his face in embarrassment.*

 SUGA : “Babe cant this wait till later? i wanna watch the movie…plus i don’t want the boys to see you like this…that’s for my eyes only” he says with a little wink

J- HOPE : *His hands would travel down your body and rest on your hips and he would  lift your shirt up slightly and rub small circles on your lower back, he would lean over and whisper in your ear* “Your asking for it baby girl”

RAP MONSTER : “You are really pushing your limits here babe, you know i dont hold back very well… warning you….you should stop….babe you should sto- NEVERMIND! WE ARE LEAVING NOW!!” *As he grabs your hand and pulls you out the door*

JIMIN : *At first he lets you do as you please but the more you do it the more…uncomfortable he gets. eventually he snaps* “Nope! no more, i cant handle any more! Everyone look away! you don’t want to see whats about to happen…you know better yet EVERYONE OUT!”

i hope you enjoyed it :) please send in some more requests!! i love doing them :) you guys are awesome!

Imagine hacker!you and hacker!Woozi simultaneously shaking your head and facepalming yourselves when spy!Mingyu accidentally set off a hidden trap.

teasing | | [ grant gustin ]

a/n: oh man, it’s been forever since I last wrote my chicken nugget Grant. I miss writing him so much even though I do write his Barry, go figure right? I made this set during SDCC 2017 since there was a lot of teasing going on with the cast, the relationship between reader and grant can be considered as friendship or more if you wanna squint at it. I wanna write more Grant and/or the Flash cast because I love them so please send some requests. so I hope you like this Grant imagine nonnie! C/N is your character name and M/P is your character’s meta powers from the show. Ships are closed and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

nonnie requested: Grant Gustin Request - You’re apart of the cast of the flash and the reader and Grant are acting all cuddly and fluffy in front of the other cast members and then commenting and teasing them

Originally posted by soniaanguez

           Relationship(s): Grant Gustin/Reader (up to reader’s perspective)

Everyone knew how close you and Grant were since you two had met while he was filming Affluenza, you were starring as one of Kate’s friends in the movie. You had became rather fast friends after months of talking whenever you could due to schedules while you worked on different projects until it was announced that C/N was going to be on the Flash during the middle of season three. Many people were curious who would play C/N until Just Jared had gotten the news that you were going to play as said character that had M/P after there was photos of you arriving on set a few months back. You had gotten close with the rest of the cast while filming as rumors started to spread if C/N was going to come back for season four but there was no real yes or no answer to them. Now flash forward towards with the San Diego Comic Con as Grant and Tom had asked you to come along since the writers had confirmed between each other and the actors that C/N was coming back. You couldn’t really say no either way since you had wanted to go SDCC so here you were at the Flash panel as they were being called out with the crowd cheered when Grant’s name was called.

“We have a special guest today actually you might remember them coming in mid season, please also give a welcome to Y/N L/N to the panel.” The woman says into her mic as the crowd responded in almost the same way as Grant’s which surprised you while you walked out as you waved to them before sitting down. She called out the rest with Tom, Danielle, and Carlos respectively. The announcer asked various questions to the cast until she said your name, “Okay Y/N, I’m sorry I got distracted a bit.” She says with an embarrassed blush before clearing her throat, “Many fans and I’m sure there’s some in here as well is wondering the same thing that I’m wondering. Is C/N coming back for season four?”

“Oh, well I hope the writers don’t hate me for this but I think it will be okay if I told you guys. I can confirm that C/N is going to come back for season four, it will be very interesting because I’m actually pretty excited for it. You get to see them and their relationships with the other characters in more depth.” You answer while softly laughing at the crowd’s positive feedback to your answer.

The woman smiled as she looks at her index card for the next question, “I’m sure most know this but you are good friends with Grant correct?” She asks as you and Grant both nod, “What’s it like to work with him?”

Carlos butted in before you or Grant could comment, “Please I don’t think Grant’s or Y/N’s instagram pictures together can cover that.” He says as he chuckles at both of your reactions to his answer, “What? It’s true though, like you need to see some of the things on set to see it to believe how close how close these two actually are.”

Keiynan was the next person to comment on it, “Like one time we were filming a scene that was between Joe, Barry and C/N, Y/N couldn’t stop giggling because Grant made the most ridiculous face. It probably took a good two hours to get Y/N to stop since they couldn’t get their lines in without laughing.” The other said with a small laugh along with the rest while you try and hide your face.

“I think they’re pretty cute together truthfully, I mean I have caught them one time with Y/N like leaning on Grant with Jett and Nora cuddling up on Y/N after we filmed nonstop one day to get it finished on time. “But I think it makes sense that they are so close because they are both goofballs that make me freak out.” Candice says after sipping her water as she notices Tom and Jesse laughing, “It’s not funny, I thought they were seriously hurt sometimes!” She says to defend herself.

Grant rubs his nose a little, “I think they answered the question for you Y/N.” He chuckles, “But I think I’m awesome and Y/N loves working with me ‘cause I’m the best, let’s be real.” The burnet says as he fake stretches and wraps his arm around you.

“Now I think you’re just flattering yourself Grant, I think Y/N might be in it for your dogs.” Danielle comments with more laughter coming through the room.

The panel had ended as you and the cast went to sign things for fans, you even saw some dress up in C/N cosplay which made your heart swell with happiness at the great feedback you were getting. You even said hi to a snapchat video that a fan asked you since her friend couldn’t be at Comic Con with some of the cast, you were almost a bit overwhelmed. You smiled as you signed a poster for another fan that had already a few signatures on it as you looked up. “What was your question again? I didn’t hear it the first time.”

The fan obviously seemed a bit shy and blushed again but tries to repeat themselves, “I was wondering if you and Grant were dating or if you’re single?” They ask you as you were taken back a bit, you weren’t sure to come out what your relationship with Grant was yet.

“Um well. .” You start before you answering the fan’s question before they said thank you before they left to let others come through to get their pictures and autographs.

Paramore asks

1. First Paramore song you’ve ever listened to
2. 5 Favorite Paramore songs (because i know it’s impossible to pick one)
3. 5 Favorite Paramore songs to listen to when you’re sad
4. 5 Favorite Paramore songs to listen to when you’re happy
5. Favorite Paramore song to listen to when you’re upset or angry
6. 3 Paramore Songs that makes you cry
7. 3 Favorite music videos of Paramore
8. 3 Favorite Paramore songs played live
9. Favorite Paramore song from a lyrically aspect
10. Favorite Paramore song from the melody aspect
11. Last Paramore song you listened to
12. Favorite line from a Paramore song
13. Favorite live performance of Paramore
14. Favorite acoustic song of Paramore
15. Favorite Paramore album
16. Favorite song of All We Know Is Falling
17. Favorite song of Riot!
18. Favorite song of Brand New Eyes
19. Favorite song of Paramore (the self titled album)
20. Favorite song of Singles Club
21. A Paramore song that you didn’t like at first, but ended up loving
22. A Paramore song that breaks your heart
23. Favorite Paramore song to sing in the shower
24. Favorite Paramore song at this moment
25. An underrated Paramore song
26. A Paramore song that calms you down
27. If you could get any Paramore lyrics tattooed, which would you choose
28. Favorite Paramore song title
29. A Paramore song that has a lot of meaning to you
30. A Paramore song you can’t help but dance to

send me a number and I’ll tell you!

Winchester Sister- Life of the Party

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Title: Life of the Party
Parings: Sam x Reader!Sister, Dean x Reader!Sister, Winchester Family
Words: 1202
Summary: After a very long and hard hunt, you sneak out of the bunker to go to a party, but when Sam and Dean find you, they aren’t very happy.
Warnings: alcohol, typical party stuff, angst, and a little bit of language
Requests are open please send me some; I’d love to write them :)
A/N: This one was so much fun to write lol


“God, it’s good to be home,” Your older brother, Dean, exclaims once you and your two brothers walk into the bunker. You three had spent the last two weeks hunting vampires in Ohio and you were tired, to say the least. Sam and Dean head to the kitchen but you walk past them to go to your room.
“What? You’re too cool to hang out with your brothers, Y/N?” Dean laughs behind you. You shoot him the finger and continue down the hallway to your room. You throw your bag onto your bed and change into comfortable clothes.  You hear your phone buzz and you take it out to see a text from one of your friends you’ve met at the local bar.
‘Party tonight. My place. 10pm’ From: Andrew
You sigh because you know Sam and Dean would never let you go to this kind of party and the only way to go will be to sneak out, which will have serious consequences if your brothers find out. But you really want to go; you want to get away from your family and go out with your friends and get drunk. You round up some courage and reply with a simple, ‘I’ll be there’

The hardest part won’t be leaving; it’ll be coming back in without making noise, mostly because you know you will be coming home drunk. You slip on a tight dress and make sure not to put on your heels until you are outside the bunker. You know with your brothers being exhausted from the hunt, they have undoubtedly already gone to their rooms so you sneak out of your room quietly and tiptoe down the hall. Once you reach the library and see that the coast is clear you hurriedly run up the stairs and out the door.
You had told one of your friends to meet you at the diner that was just down the road, so you walk until you see her car in the parking lot. You wave at each other and you hop in shotgun and she speeds off in the direction of Andrew’s house.
You reach Andrew’s house and the music is already pounding in your head. “I’m going to get us some drinks!” Your friend screams over the extremely loud music and maneuvers through the crowd of people. You start to dance with the people in the crowd and soon you feel a pair of hand around your waist. You turn around and see Andrew looking down at you with reddening eyes. “You look extremely hot tonight.” He says, obviously looking at your cleavage as he hands you a red cup with vodka in it. You smile and drink what’s left in it, not taking your eyes off of him.
“You wanna dance?” He shouts, you nod and he brings you over to a spot that is a little less crowded in the living room. You two start to dance when you feel a buzz start in your head and the music sounds a little fuzzy. You move closer to him and he grabs your hips and starts to move his against them. You repeat what he’s doing and soon enough you look like every other couple here grinding on each other. You continue to dance as he brings his lips to your neck and harshly sucks on it, surly to leave a mark. You turn around to face him and smash your lips with Andrew’s. Your hands go into his hair while his go to your ass, pulling you into him. He turns you around and pushes himself against you, his mouth coming to your ear, “How about me and you go upstairs?”
You smile as you continue to dance against him, you were about to say yes when you spot two familiar faces. “Y/N WINCHESTER, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” You’re slightly blurry brother Dean screams when he sees you and Andrew together. He and Sam rush to where you are standing wide eyed. “What the hell are you wearing?! I swear to God Y/N when we get home I’m gunna-“
“Hey buddy, leave her alone!” Andrew yells when Dean jerks you by the arm to him and shrugs off his jacket, placing it on your bare shoulders. Sam’s chest puffs slightly as he walks over to Andrew and gives him a very dangerous look.
“Listen here you punk, if I see you with my sister again, I will personally beat your ass to a pulp.” Sam spits venomously, his eyes squinted as he and Andrew have a stare off.
Andrew looks at you with his eyes now bloodshot, then he turns back to Sam, “Fuck off, I can do whatever I want with her. Hell I could take her right here if I wanted, or on that wall. I could make her scream my name so loud that-”
“That’s ENOUGH!” Sam’s voice booms. His fist connects with Andrew’s jaw and he follows him to the ground with excessive punches. People around you start to catch on and chant ‘fight! fight! fight!’
You struggle against Dean’s grip to try and save Andrew from being killed by your older brother. “Sam stop!” You scream. “Sammy!”
Sam continues to ignore you and kicks Andrew in the stomach. “Sam!” Dean shouts sternly, causing Sam to snap out of his trance and back at his siblings. “Let’s go.”
Sam says nothing and walks past you and out of the house. The party is now completely silent and you take one last look at Andrew, who will probably never want to talk to you ever again. Dean pushes you in front of him and you two exit the house and walk to the Impala where Sam is pacing beside it, looking furious.
“How stupid do you think we are?” Sam glares, smacking his fists against the roof of the car, making you jump. You stay quiet, not knowing what to say. “We can track your phone, Y/N. I mean, what did expect would happen when we found your room empty?”
“I just wanted to have some fun!” You shout.
“Oh yeah, it looked like you were having a lot a fun with that douchebag back there.” Dean interjects, anger filling his voice.
“We were just dancing!” You lie, you all knew it was way more than just dancing.
“That wasn’t dancing! That was having sex with clothes on!” Dean shouts, shoving you back a little so he could open up the back door. “Get in. Now.”
Your buzz is now gone and you quickly got into the backseat before either of them could yell at you again. Your brothers get into the front and start the car, “I am very disappointed.” Sam says, hell he hasn’t even look at you since before the fight. No one says anything after that, too much tension for the car to hold.
Dean parks the car in front of the bunker and turns around so he’s looking right at you, “You are grounded for- I don’t even know how long! No more hunts, no more tv, no more anything; and that’s letting you off easy. Get inside, we will finish this conversation in the morning.”

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And They Had Cake

A/n: Ok so….this originally was going to go in a slightly more sexy direction. And then it became deep. Sue me. I feel like I really want to do really emotional, wordy, well done smut for them now but I just don’t have the brain focus at the moment. But if there are any ideas for prompts for these two, smutty or otherwise, please send them to me. I love some Adlock ideas. Enjoy. Set immediately after The Lying Detective.

How was the cake?-IA

That was certainly not what he expected the text to read. And furthermore, it probably isn’t what she really means to ask. With the Woman, there’s always a code. A subtext. They say more than they say, more than they type.

But still, he feels his brows furrow, confused. He wasn’t going to ask how she knew that John had dragged him out for cake. He had long since stopped asking questions like ‘How did she…’ with her. No, what confused him was why she had not shown her face. Not that he desired for her to. Absurd idea. But if she knew about the cake, he can presume she was watching them, meaning she has to be in London. On the rare happenstance that they both end up in the same city on his birthday, she usually shows up at 221 B, in his thinking chair, asking him to have dinner with her. He never says yes. They had dinner in Karachi. And Montengro. Possibly once in Wycombe. But he never gives in and says yes when she specifically asks. It has to be, at least partly, his idea.

But every time he says yes, his head is left spinning afterwards. All this science and research done to figure out how the human body reacts to sex. Physically. But he has not read nearly enough on how it affects the mind. He would compare her affect to a drug. Not cocaine, no. That leaves you feeling wiped out afterwards. Destroyed. More like ecstasy, ironic as it sounds. Because it leaves your senses vibrating and anticipating more.

So one could easily deduce why he had not responded to that question. The confusion of why she sent it instead of appearing. The impossible deductions about what she actually meant by that question. Any path he could take concerning the text all lead down very distracting, very frustrating roads. Tempting, but…he had other pressing concerns. Or he thought he did. In his present state of withdrawl and being babysat, he couldn’t seem to remember what case he was supposed to be focusing on. Oh yes, the serial killer. Done. John came back.

He walks past the skull on the mantel, old buddy, to his room and sits down on his grey, rumpled sheets. His phone is in his hand and the screen has her text pulled up, but he doesn’t know how that happened. He sighs at himself. He’s found that sometimes his hands go on autopilot, starting to answer her before he’s decided if he wants to.

He lays back in bed and his fingers hover over his phone. He kept having the annoying desire, itching at him, to talk to someone. For them to tell them he was not a monster. He was human and made a mistake. But he also wanted to be assured that being human was also alright. That he hadn’t lost his touch, wasn’t a common person. He couldn’t even stand the idea. He had considered John, for half a second. But John was the epicenter. He was too close to the disaster. Molly was coming to watch him soon, but she was almost too sympathetic. She would indulge him too much. No, he needed a mix between the two. Not angry, not overly kind. But honest. And someone that knew and understood the way his brain worked.

That’s why his fingers kept going back and forth between typing out a reply and throwing his phone to the floor. He knew who he wanted to talk to. She was the only person he really could talk to about this. But it would open so many doors he didn’t want to walk through right now. He was not emotionally capable at the moment.

Sentiment, he cursed at himself as he sighed and called uncle, typing out a reply.

Vanilla with cheap frosting. But edible-SH.

He wasn’t sure how she would interpret that. Or if she would even reply. Sometimes she answered rapidly. Sometimes she never answered at all. He assumed it depended on her schedule. And whether she was running for her life.
But the moan sounded out in his silent bedroom, cutting through the flat.

Does John not know that you don’t like vanilla?-IA

He pauses at that, maybe just a tad surprised, an uncommon emotion for Sherlock. He does not remember ever mentioning his cake preferences to her. And he remembers everything he has said to her. Not nostalgically, but the way a computer copies files to a back up drive to keep them safe.

No. How is it that you do?-SH

We had dinner on your birthday once. Do you not remember?-IA

He can tell when she means dinner and when she means dinner. They never had DINNER on his birthday. The memory floods his mind palace now. They were in a run-down French restaurant, right outside of London, after he had first showed his face again in the country after being presumed dead. They were trying not to be seen. The waiter had come around with a desert cart. He had been feeling particularly hungry that night so he picked up a slice of cake.

You got chocolate cake. I had crème brule.-IA.

He raises one eyebrow to himself, impressed.

That is an astute observation, Miss Adler.-SH

I had already guessed from our other dinners that you don’t like vanilla things, though-IA.

He has to put the phone down and pinch the bridge of his nose, attempting to prevent a headache. Just as she showed her intellect, she had to fire back with innuendo as well. That time, he knew, she did not mean dinner.

You were not in my chair when I returned-SH.

Did you want me to be?-IA

It was an observation of a broken pattern. You are in London. But you didn’t come to violate my chair.-SH.

I can violate whatever you like.-IA

Avoidance is not appealing.-SH

Some time passed before her next reply, the clock ticking.

I am giving you time. To detox.-IA

I would rather have a conversation.-SH

He had to curse himself as the three little dots appeared on his phone, indicating she was hesitating about replying.  He had never openly told her that he needed her to just….talk to. She usually came to him. And even then, half of what they spoke was code.

But sure enough, her reply came in not seconds after his doubt.

Oh whatever about? I’m sure the great detective has all the answers.-IA

Maybe, as horrendous as it is to consider, sometimes I am human.-SH
Of course you are.-IA

Now that shocked him. So much so that he had to put down his phone. Those words on the screen haunted him slightly…..what did she mean? She, of all people, knew how disastrous he was at emotions. He swallowed thickly, unused to the very uncomfortable tightening in his throat. He had heard it described as panic….but what was he afraid of?

Finally, on a crazy whim, he decided it would be better to just call her for this. And so for the first time, her ringtone for him rang out. Not his text alert. But the ringtone of an incoming call from Sherlock Holmes. Oh, a girl could be so lucky at times, she thought to herself.

She picked up the phone with a red manicured hand and couldn’t suppress the curl of her smirk, “Mr. Holmes.”

“Irene,” he sighed, her first clue that something was amiss with him. Seriously. The only time she remembers him saying her first name by itself was during dinner. It was Ms. Adler in public. It was a disgruntled Woman when he was upset with her. It was Irene Adler when he was proud. But only ever just Irene during intimate times….

So, quite appropriately, she frowned at his response, “Sherlock? What is the matter?”

He let out a humorless laugh, “Surely, you have updated yourself with the goings on of my life. Or your sources have. You know what they like after all.”

His voice cut, hurting her because he was hurting, “Don’t. Darling, you know deflection won’t work on me.”

He snorts in disbelief and he can almost hear her responding eyebrow raise of annoyance.

“You have never successfully lied to me, Sherlock.”

He wanted to deny it, to snap at her out of grief. But ultimately, he was too smart for that. He knew she was right. They were too similar to get away with lying to one another. One side of the coin cannot deceive the other.

“What did you mean? When I said I might be human, you said that of course I was,” he sounded slightly bewildered. He was hiding it with a gruff tone, but his voice was colored with a hint of something else.

She refrained from rolling her eyes as she would normally. This was serious. And rare. Something she understood that Sherlock did not. She had to explain it carefully to him.

“I have always known you were human, darling. You act like it is a recent development in your life, but Sherlock Holmes, you have always been just a man. Brilliant, maddening, slightly crazy. But human none the less. Perhaps more so than any other man.”

“No,” he spoke slowly, “That’s….not sensible. I have never quite understood all the pesky human emotions clouding all the people around me. With John and….with Mary….I started to. They were my friends.”

There was conviction in his voice. And pain. She noted the pain. It must be why he called.

“….Dear, why do you do what you do?”

“Excuse me?”

“Why do you solve crimes?”

He laughed at that, “Because-the game…the thrill of the chase, the high of the mystery and deductions. I enjoy it. You know that.”

She laughed at him, like the way a mother would shake their head at a child failing to tie their shoes, “No. I’m sorry, but no. Well, yes, that’s a part of it, but….with your brain, Sherlock, you could have been….a Nobel Prize winning scientist….a world renowned neurosurgeon….but you CHOSE to be a detective.”

He blinks, his brain trying to process her point, “Yes….I did. And?”

She sighs, almost frustrated that he isn’t getting it, “There is only one reason someone solves crimes, Sherlock Holmes…”

He did not respond.

“To help people,” she finally explained, “You have one of the greatest minds of our age and you chose to use it simply to help. Not to invent new technologies, not to get fame or money. But to get justice for the wronged in this world. And, I’m sorry, Sherlock, as much as it may ruin your image you have of yourself….that is the most human desire a man can have.”

Ah…he understood the panic now. Calling Irene meant he would have to face a mirror, stop lying to himself. If he wasn’t quite human, abnormal….then he wouldn’t have to feel the loss of his friend as intensely. But now that she’d let loose his secret, he had to feel it.

“….You know, don’t you?” His voice was low.

She almost wanted to play dumb and ask ‘know what?’, but it would be insulting him, “….Not the details, but, yes. You lost a friend. Not John, or you’d be on the floor. But someone almost as close….I surmise his wife?”

He swallowed the bile coming up his throat and nodded uselessly-she couldn’t see, “Yes. Mary. She was, uhm…” he trailed off, overwhelmed and somehow still sounding dignified. The posh boy.

“You don’t have to tell-“

“She died protecting me, took a bullet, as it were…”

She inhaled sharply, stunned by how much his voice broke during the admission, “Sherlock, I…”

“Please, Irene, you’re too smart to be sorry for something you had nothing to do with.”

She scoffed, almost offended, “I am not sorry for her death. How could I be? I didn’t know her. I am sorry for your pain. I do know you. And…knowing you, you must not be handling it well. You said you and John were friends….are you not know?”

“That’s the best part,” he smiled without joy, “It was my fault. You see, I swore to protect them. I promised Mary that I would keep all harm from her and John and the small Watson…”

She scowled at his guilt, almost mad at him for it, “Dear god, don’t put that on yourself! What did you expect yourself to do? See her coming to shield you and shove her out of the way in that split second?”

“No, Irene, but I invited her! I kept inviting her into dangerous situations with me! Because she was clever and I liked having her around and she helped me!”
Irene pulled away from the phone, taking a deep breath to calm herself. He was raw. A raw genius is never a good thing.

“I know, Sherlock. Trust me, I’ve…dealt with similar situations. But you didn’t force her. If she didn’t want to endanger herself, she wouldn’t have gone with you. From what I hear of Mary Watson, she was the type that lived off that danger. Like you. That’s probably why you liked her. No matter what you did, she probably would have ended up in another dangerous place, of her own accord.”

“You didn’t…no, you didn’t know her. She had a daughter. She wanted a safe, normal life with her. And with John. And I wanted to give them that…”

“Has anyone ever told you that you can’t always get what you want?”

He actually laughed aloud. He couldn’t believe she’d achieved that. She smiled in relief and decided that the rest of the conversation needed to be in person, “Mr. Holmes, do you want to have dinner?”

And they had cake.

PSA; Honestly everything that needs to be LAID OUT. 

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And at the toxic people being all controlling, demanding and placing down the victim card like it ain’t nothing. Hurting others, threatening people. Force shipping and not caring about their feelings. Expecting people to give you their all when you won’t do the same. Replacing people for petty things cause you got some sort of issue. Don’t even play that game. Realize what you are doing is wrong, realize that this person deserves so much better. Realize Tumblr isn’t your playpen, so you best stay in your lane and do not cross lines. You might think you’re on top and the BOSS cause you got someone wrapped around your finger, but best know someone will roast you. Amen. And everyone will come together and put you in your place. So, don’t play those cards.

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Stand for each other also. Always ( try ) to stand with those around you when a storm is hovering over. Don’t let anyone drown in the darkness alone. Sit with them in the dark. Sure, you might not know the person… but sometimes all a person needs… is someone to listen. 

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Not the hate, not anyone.