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rosso I'm writing a long and boring fic and I caved and wrote about cuddling but it won't show up for ages so: imagine genos pressed against saitama's back, curving his body around saitama, one arm draped over saitama's hip, hand running up and down his stomach. genos presses his forehead to saitama's shoulder blade and hums tunelessly into his skin and saitama can feel it through his whole body. genos murmurs 'saitama' repeatedly, saitama feels so warm and tries not to cry.

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Would you have anything against fanart based on what you write? (:

*Bangs fists on table*


But seriously, and this is to everyone else out there too, if you want to make fanart, go for it! I only have a couple of requests:

1. Please credit my reactions and the person who sent in the prompt (if the requester wasn’t anonymous).



Clintasha 5/10 AUs | AU "Reincarnation"
↳Based on the book "The Eternal Ones" by Kirsten Miller
"Do you... Did you ever love him?"
"Loki? NO! not once. Love is for children."
"In that case, I am a child."
"Clint, you know why I can't say those three little words to you, right? This life, Loki, the Red Room, everything I've seen and done..."
"It's okay Nat, I know you love me."
"Perhaps in our next life things will be different for us."
"I wish it were that easy. I look for you in every life, but I don’t always find you. And sometimes I find you too late."

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companions react to Sole finding an empty shopping cart by a slope outside the super super mart and instructing them to "get in." with a wicked gleam in their eye

I couldn’t not do this prompt as soon as I saw it. Oh. My. Goodness. I NEED FANART OF THIS!!! (╯◕_◕)╯And I’m not saying that to be like “oh my stuff is so great it needs fanart,” I’m saying that this idea is pure gold!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you patrol!!! If anybody actually does draw fanart, please give MAD PROPS to homeboy patrol, and then send me the link because I want to see it!!!!!

And also, down here in the south, we call them thair shoppin’ carts buggies, so that’s what that word means (in case I lose you when I use it). Because after a while “cart” gets repetitive.


Deacon: Their eyes met. No words needed to be exchanged. Deacon reaches into his backpack and pulls out a pair of aviator goggles, hands one to Sole. They both snap the eyewear over their eyes, or over their sunglasses. Top of the hill: they can only go down from here. One foot into the cart, then the other. Sole in the pilot’s seat, Deacon holding onto their waist. Nothing can stop them. Sole looks back, “Are you ready?” They ask gravely. “I was born ready,” Deacon narrows his eyes determinedly behind two sets of lenses.

One, two THREE!

Sole jerks forward and the cart begins to barrel down the vacant highway. “WOOOO!” They both scream into the wind. “Look ma! No Hands!” Deacon shoots his hands to the sky, and Sole laughs uncontrollably from the front. “Hey! Stop! We’re gonna run into the-!” The buggy rams into a parking barrier and flings the two riders directly into an open dumpster. “SLAM DUNK!” Sole pops out from underneath the trash, arms raised in a victory pose. Deacon pops up beside them. They just look at each other with wry smiles.

“BAHAHAHA!!!” They lose it, and continue to sit in the dumpster like the garbage they are.


Sole grabs Deacon’s face and forces his lips to theirs, and Deacon immediately pushes them back into the garbage. “PAH! Woah, woah. You kinda taste like trash. No offense.” Sole just laughs and tackles him into the trash bags, kissing him all over his face.

Nick: “Sorry to be a wet blanket kid, but are you sure that’s a good idea?” Sole promptly ignores Nick and begins to climb inside the shopping cart perched precariously at the top of a steep stretch of road. When they get settled, they look to the detective and begin patting the seat behind them. “Ha, that’s cute. I think I’m going to sit this one out, you go ahead without me.” Sole narrows their eyes at Nick and continues to sit there silently with their arms crossed. A good couple of minutes roll by and Sole hasn’t broken eye contact yet. “Can’t ya just go on by yourself? Do I have to get in?” “Yes,” Sole answers seriously. Nick heaves a sigh and reluctantly sits down behind Sole. “Don’t say I’ve never done you any favors.” Nick complains.

“WHEEE!” Sole jerks forward and the cart is now rolling. Nick quickly grasps at Sole’s shirt with one hand, and with the other he pins his hat to his head. He lets out a startled and embarrassingly loud scream which makes Sole laugh so hard the top of their head leans back far enough to touch his chest.


The cart hits a pile of rubble and throws both the passengers onto the concrete, Nick on top. “Ugh. Hey kid! Are you alright!” Nick quickly picks Sole up to their feet after almost crushing them into the ground. Sole now has a wicked strawberry burn covering one side of their face. “Dammit! I knew this was a bad idea.” Sole giggles, “Shut up Nick. You had fun.” Nick makes and indignant huff and shakes his head as he walks away, smiling once Sole can’t see his face anymore.


“Ow…” Sole puts a hand to their cheek, and then hisses when it burns. “That’s what you get for not taking my advice.” Nick comments smugly. Sole blows him a raspberry and continues to tend to their wound. “Hey Niiiick. I think I need a kiss to make it better.” Sole smiles with the corner of their mouth. “You don’t say?” Nick says, then leans down to gently peck the rash. “AH! THE KISS BURNS!” Nick laughs as he watches Sole fish the water from their backpack.

Danse: “Really? We have work to do. This is an obscene waste of time and energy.” Danse could not bring himself to believe Sole was really hiking a leg over that ridiculous shopping cart. As Sole plops down onto the wire frame they call to the paladin. “Hey! Come get in!” They yell. “Are you out of your mind? Get out of that this instant, we have areas to clear! Hey, stop that! Are you actually-” Sole cuts in halfway through Danse’s tirade with a “WHOOOOOOO!” as they rocket down the hill. “Catch ya later tin can!” Sole hollers as they roll away. Danse literally can’t even. This is the person he’s sponsoring for the Brotherhood.

About ten minutes later Sole hauls the buggy over the top of the hill. “Are you quite finished?” Danse asks with a hard glare. “Nope,” Sole responds, setting up the cart for another go around. Danse has to close his eyes and take a few deep breaths. When he opens them again Sole is sitting the cart looking expectantly at him. “Push me.” They command. “What?” “Push me!” “Will this be the last one-“ “Yes! Yes! Now push me!!!!” Sole bangs their hands on the rim of the cart. Danse growls and shoves Sole down the hill as hard as his powers armor allows him to.

“AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEHEHE!!!” Sole waves their hands in the air as the wind whips past their face bringing tears to their eyes. Danse is suddenly afraid he pushed too hard. Sole was heading straight for a fallen tire. “Watch out!” It’s too late. The cart crashes into the tire and Sole soars through the air and lands face first into the sidewalk. “Sole!” Danse calls out, running towards them. Sole perks up, nose bleeding. “NAILED IT!” They call out to Danse. Danse slows his jog and comes to a stop a few feet away from a grinning Sole. He looks incredulously at them. Well, they’re nothing if not durable he supposes.


Sole runs up and tackle hugs Danse. Danse shouldn’t be surprised that diving into a suit of power armor doesn’t bother Sole, but he still backpedals a bit. Whenever Sole finally releases him, his chest plate is now painted with Sole’s nosebleed. “At least we look like we accomplished something now.”

MacCready: “Seriously? You want to go sledding in a shopping cart? … Alright. I’m in.” MacCready smiles a little. He slings his sniper rifle across his back and hops in along with Sole. “Wait!” He says. “I found these in the Hubris building.” He grins and pulls out two capes and a pair of eye masks. Sole flashes their teeth with a grin, and happily dons a set while MacCready puts on the other. “TO VICTORY!” Sole shouts. “HYA! HYA!” MacCready joins in.

“WooooOOOOAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH!” The two nerds scream hysterically the whole way down the hill. MacCready has to latch onto Sole halfway down when the cart starts to lift off the ground. “THIS IS THE MOST FUN I’VE HAD IN YEARS!” MacCready shouts into Sole’s ear, making them laugh. The ride comes to an abrupt stop however, as the wheels hit a bump that sends the cart and its passengers sailing into the skeleton of some once decorative foliage. Sole and MacCready sit in stunned silence for a moment, the squeaking of the still-turning wheels being the only sound.

“Pffft-hahahaha!!” The two laugh with each other inside the buggy. “We should do this more often,” MacCready declares. “Do you think Danse would mind if we stashed this with his power armor?” He asks. They swap knowing looks and break out in laughter again.


“Soooo…” MacCready starts, “Any ideas on how to get out of this tree?” Both he and Sole peer over the edge of the cart. “Weeell, we don’t have to leave just yet. It’s kind of romantic up here.” Sole smiles with their tongue between their teeth. MacCready has to agree with Sole, and promptly leans in for a long, super duper kiss.

Piper: “Oh hohoho no. I know what you’re thinking, and I am not okay with getting in that cart. Blue. Blue, stop walking this way. Blue! Hey-!” Sole flings Piper over their shoulder and flops her into the buggy. “We’re going to have fun!” Sole declares. “Blue, I swear, I will publish so much dirt on you! You’d better let me out of this thing right now!” “Hush Pipes. Enjoy the ride.” Sole tells her this as they make a running jump for the cart. “Here we GO!!!!”

The force of Sole’s jump propels the buggy forward, and soon the two companions are flying down the street. “AAAAHHHHHH! I’M GOING TO DIE!!!!!” Piper cries out! Sole pretends to be oblivious to her pleas and just squeals in delight at the wind rushing over their face. “PHHHPPFFFT! BLUE! OH MY GOSH! YOUR HAIR IS GETTING IN MY MOUTH!!!!!”

As the cart rolls to a stop, Piper begins spitting strands of hair out of her mouth. “Ppppt, pfft, pah-pah! Urgh, you need a haircut Blue. C’mon, I’ll even shell out the ten caps.” Sole frowns and begins stroking their hair like a villain’s fluffy white cat. They even hiss for effect. “Geez, alright alright. I’m riding in front then next time.”


Piper is sitting in front this time. “Ready Blue?” She asks. Sole leans forward to peck her on the lips. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Preston: “What are you doing?” Preston asks Sole. “Get in.” Sole looks solemnly at Preston. The minuteman is a little confused. Why was his General sitting in an old cart? He gives Sole a questioning look, but he trusts them enough that he climbs in behind them. “Ready?” Sole asks. “For… what exactly?” “For THIS!!!!!” Sole rocks the cart forward and they being jetting it down a large hill. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Sole squeals with delight. “AHHHHHHHH!!!” Preston also squeals, but less with delight and more with nausea-inducing fear. He clutches Sole’s sides and digs his nails in like a terrified cat. “I DON’T THINK THIS IS SAAAAAFE!!!!!” Preston screams at Sole.


The cart’s wheels lodge into a pile of rubble, and then proceeds, with comedic sluggishness, to tip over and spill the two minutemen onto the road. Laughing, Sole rolls onto their back and looks over at Preston. The man is just lying down on the concrete, eyes wide, breathing heavy, and staring into space while trying his best to calm down. Sole giggles. “Hey Preston, I wanna try something.”

Preston pushes the cart over the bridge to Sanctuary. Sole is standing inside the buggy, waving a giant blue minuteman flag dramatically through the air while belting out “She’ll be comin’ ‘round the mountain when she comes.” Sole hops out of the cart once safely inside the subdivision. No one really gives them a second glance; it’s just like any other Tuesday with the General.


Preston pushes the cart aside and says to Sole, “I’m not usually the kind of person to expect a reward for doing favors, but I believe I earned at least a little something for pushing you all the way here from the Super Duper Mart.” Sole bellows with laughter, and just to appease him, they give Preston a quick and sloppy smooch on the lips.

Cait: Cait cocks an eyebrow at Sole when they beckon her with a single, curled finger to come sit with her in the shopping cart. “Have ya done lost all-a your marbles now? What’re ya doin’ in a rickety ol’ shopping cart?” “Having fun silly!” Cait frowns a little and furrows her brows. “It doesn’t look like much fun to me.” She says disbelievingly. Sole scoffs and turns around to give the spot behind them two slow and deliberate pats while staring straight at Cait. “Fine, fine,” Cait begrudgingly complies with Sole’s wishes and sits down behind the vaultie. Without warning Sole pushes off.

“WHEEEE!!!!” “WHAT THE HELL SOLE!!??!?!?!” The two are now careening down the road with zero braking systems in place. “WE’RE GONNA FUCKIN’ CRASH YOU IDIOT!!!” “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Sole continued to ignore Cait and let the thrill of the descent rush through them.

When the ride finally came to a complete stop, Cait immediately jumped out of the cart and pushed it over before Sole could get out. “You’re a damn idiot! Warn me next time before ya do somethin’ so stupid!” Sole perks up, grinning.

“Next time?!?”


“I didn’t mean that there would actually be a next time.” Cait grumbled. “You’re lucky yer so good lookin’, else I might’ve just decked ya and moved on with me life.” Sole waves their hand at Cait, “Aw shucks.” Sole quickly places a kiss to Cait’s cheek to placate her.

Curie: “May I inquire as to what you are doing?” Curie asks Sole as they hike a leg over one side of the buggy. “I’m going on a ride. Wanna come?” Sole grins at Curie. “Is it… safe?” Curie looks uneasily at Sole. The concrete looks incredibly painful. “Aw, c’mon Curie. I promise it’ll be fine!” Curie, too trusting for her own good, climbs aboard and sits in front of Sole so they can hold her. “Ready?” Sole asks. “As ready as I’ll ever be I guess. Oh, I am so nervous!” Sole laughs and lurches forward.

“OH! ZIS IS MUCH MORE EXHILIRATING ZHAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!!!!!!” Curie yells. Sole squeezes her tighter in the excitement of the moment. “WOOOHOOO!!! LET GO OF THE CART CURIE! IT’S MORE FUN THAT WAY!” Laughing nervously, Curie shakily lifts her hands a few inches off the edge of the cart. “MY, HOW THRILLING!” By the end both Curie and Sole are shaking with giddy laughter.

“C-can we do it again?” Curie asks shyly. Sole grins, “Thought you’d never ask.”


This time they make a slight crash landing that throws the pair to the front of the cart with Sole squished against Curie, and it takes a minute of relaxing their tense muscles to effectively peel away from each other. Curie and Sole lose themselves in a fit of giggles. “Zhis was so much fun. Thank you for showing me!” Sole chuckles and gives Curie a quick kiss. “Anytime.”

Hancock: “You hit the jet too hard there?” Hancock eyes Sole as they step into the shopping cart. “Just wait. I promise I know what I’m doing.” Sole says. “Sure.” Hancock smirks. “Okay, get in!” Sole rapidly pats the seat behind them. “Uh, it’s already a little cramped don’t ya think?” Sole gasps mockingly. “Hancock! Are you… are you saying I’m… FAT!” “Ugh, okay. Just be quiet I’m comin’ in.” Hancock parks his rear behind Sole and grabs onto their waist. “WHEEEEEE!!!” Sole leans forward and the buggy begins accelerating.

“WHOA! MY HAT!” Hancock grabs at his hat and just barely manages to grab it before it flies away. Sole is screaming through their teeth which chatter slightly due to the bumpy asphalt. “HEY EMPEROR! I THINK WE’RE GOING A LITTLE FAST YE-!”

Both passengers scream as they are flung from the cart and into the missing windshield of a run-down car. “Argh! That hurt’s like nobody’s business.” Hancock rubs his neck which he is pretty sure sustained a direct his from the steering wheel. Sole giggles, their limbs tangled with his in the cramped vehicle.

“Again?” “Again.”


“Actually, how about we just stay here?” Hancock suggests with a wicked smirk. Sole smiles back. This might be even more fun than the shopping cart.

X6-88: X6 watches Sole disapprovingly as they clamber into the rusty shopping buggy. “You can’t be serious. Just what are you planning on doing?” X6 inquires. “Come. Sit.” Sole commands. “We do not have time for this sir/ma’am.” “The faster you get in the faster we can keep moving.” Sole promises. X6 frowns and breathes heavily through his nose, but ultimately relents to Sole’s wishes. Sole barely waits long enough for X6 to get both feet in the cart before launching forward.

“YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Sole screams, fist pumping the air. X6 falls backwards into the kiddie seat and almost kicks Sole in the head on his way down. His sunglasses fly off of his face and into Sole’s lap. Sole laughs triumphantly and puts them on. “I’m a courser now! Look at me!” “Sole, give me those at once!” X6 demands, gripping onto the buggy so hard his knuckles where white. Sole pretends not to hear them and continues to rave until the buggy slows down at the bottom of the hill. Before it stops completely Sole hops out and beings running away, X6’s glasses in tow. “Hey! Get back here!” X6 stumbles out of the cart, accomplishing to knock it over in the process. “Sir/ma’am, when I catch you there will be repercussions.”


X6 grabs Sole’s bicep and wrenches them to his chest. “Glasses. Now.” He glares down at them. Sole quickly plucks the glasses from their face with their free hand and holds them away from X6, giggling. “Kiss first!” Sole counters. X6 wastes no time and pulls Sole up to his lips to give them a bruising kiss. He sets them down straight-faced and holds out his hand. Sole bites their lip, debating whether or not they want to break their promise.

Codsworth: “Um, sir/mum? Are you sure I can fit in there with you? I am rather… expansive.” Sole assures Codsworth he’ll fit and grabs one of his appendages. “C’mon Codsworth! Have a little fun!” Sole encourages the bot, and reluctantly he floats over the rim of the cart and settles himself as best he can behind Sole. “Are you comfortable sir/mum? I feel as if I am squishing you.” Codsworth admits. “I’m fine Codsworth. Hey! I’ve got an idea… Codsworth, can you tilt forward a bit and use your jet?” “You aren’t seriously proposing that I propel this dinghy with my hovering apparatus?” Sole just smiles and purses their lips. Sigh, “If you say so then. Here we go!”

“WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Sole screams as loud as humanly possible. “HAHAHA! I haven’t had this much fun in centuries!” Codsworth laughs, actually delighted by their makeshift go-cart. As the cart nears a curve in the road, Sole leans to the left, and the cart makes a perfect turn. Sole looks back at Codsworth with wide eyes, and Codsworth immediately understands.

The two roll up to the Red Rocket filling station looking like the baddest mofos in town.

Eventually they trick out their ride, flame decals, neon lights, the works, and it is the hottest set of wheels to ever hit the Commonwealth pavement.

Dogmeat: “Alright Dogmeat, are you ready to learn about the simple joys of riding in a car?” “Arf!” “That’s what I thought. Well, you’re gonna be disappointed. I don’t have a car. Instead, today we will be riding the second best thing.” Sole steps aside to reveal the wiry shopping-device turned vehicle. Dogmeat barks excitedly even though he has no idea what Sole just said. Sole heaves Dogmeat up and dumps him in the cart, and then they jump in after him. “Let’s GOOOO!” Dogmeat wags his tail at unparalleled velocities as his ears fly backwards and his tongue flops against his aviator goggles. He and Sole ride the buggy for the rest of the day until someone finally comes out to fetch them.

Strong: “STRONG NOT FIT IN TINY WIRE BOX! STRONG WILL CARRY IT INSTEAD!” “WhoooOOAA!” Strong picks up the buggy with Sole still in it, and now Sole has a portable siege tower.

Maxson: “What the hell are you doing?” Maxson refuses to believe that Sole is actually getting into a shambling old grocery cart. “We are on a time-sensitive operation soldier! Cease this nonsense at once!” The Elder feels his scarred eyebrow twitch. He should expect this from Sole. Sure, they followed orders most of the time, but if they ever wanted to do something, Maxson’s superior ranking seemed to be the last thing on Sole’s mind. “Hey! I already have to escort you across the Commonwealth! You’re walking a fine line soldier. As your commanding officer, I order you to stand do-“

“YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAWWWWW!!!” Maxson watches, flabbergasted, as Sole takes off down the hill in the middle of his lecture. His stomach curdles with fury, until Maxson notices how much… fun Sole is having. He would die before admitting it, but Maxson was a little bit jealous of Sole at that moment. When Sole pushes the cart back up the hill, Maxson is suspiciously quiet about what just happened. Sole cocks their head in his direction.

“… Do you think I could try that?”

Sole and Maxson totally spend the rest of the afternoon forgetting about their “time-sensitive operation.”


Sole and Maxson crash one last time into the tire barricade at the bottom of the slope, and both of them lose their breath from laughing too hard. Sole likes this side of Maxson: he doesn’t have to act like he has a pole up his butt when he’s away from the Prydwen. They quickly steal a kiss from Maxson, and the officer pulls them back in for more.

Weekly Wishlist

Unsurprisingly this weeks wishlist has taken a monochromatic turn! The items below are things I’ve seen during the week and trends which I’m a fan of.  I’m always open to new suggestions, so if you’ve purchased something and would recommend it please send me a message!

Below are the links to each item, with prices in Australian Dollars. 

Western Inspired Belt ($36) — Topshop: For a while now western belts have been on trend and it doesn’t seem to be going anyway. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing this style of belt! I’ve been a fan for a while so I’d love to get one to wear with black jeans or ripped shorts.

Faux Leather Satchel ($46) — Forever 21: Inspired by the Céline Trapeze bag, this faux leather satchel is a great style steal. The options of a long strap or handle is great for styling different looks. 

The Original Watch ($145) — The Horse at Superette: I’ve wanted a new watch with silver hardware for a while and this one is minimal and cute. It would be very easy to add to an outfit.

Good Things Take Time iPhone Case ($57) — Casetify: Casetify is one of those stores where you can buy absolutely everything. I love their simple designs for most phones and especially the option to have a case that’s both pretty but practical and protective.

Moto Super Ripped Jamie Jeans ($91) — Topshop: Another big trend at the moment is ripped jeans! My love for black jeans is so strong I couldn’t avoid liking this ripped pair for Topshop. They pair perfectly with pretty much everything!

Printed Cotton T-Shirt (Reduced from $34 to $18) — Mango: Over the past few weeks I’ve been really into simple tees with small slogans on them. This top thats on sale for less than half price is perfect for creating a rock-chick or grunge look. 

Petite Pu Biker Skirt ($85) — Topshop: This is the perfect combination of so many trends; a-line mini skirts, leather and zipped detailing! I love the length and zipped detail of the skirt. Definitely a high contender for my next purchase list!

What is on your wishlist? Have you bought anything recently? Let me know! If you enjoyed this post, please like or reblog.

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Hello there! I'm kinda embarrassed about this and I do hope you don't mind me asking you this question but... do you happen to know how to report a reposter? Well, at least the post that is a repost of one of your original posts. It's the first time that I see myself in this situation (it's a gifset, in this case) and I've not been able to find where to report that. I know it's not a nice subject to talk about, I'm so sorry, but I really don't know how to do this.

can you link me to the post please?

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Hello, I just wanted to post this in the Ohayocon official blog because it is relevant. Many of you who attended probably remember the Wreck-it Ralph cosplay, and if you didn’t know him, his name was Nick Pivato and after he spent 3 days enjoying the convention with me, he died of a car accident the next Wednesday. He loved cosplay and Ohayocon and you may remember him from previous years.

He had asked me to be his girlfriend, there on Saturday night, and I said yes, but we never had a chance to make that happen.

If you have any photos of him, me, or both of us, please send me links and if possible, permission to use the photos elsewhere. Thank you so much.

Rest in Peace, Nick.

GIF courtesy of