please send in your submissions

You guys submitted prompts and voted on them and we are ready to officially roll out our Eren/Levi 2017 Summer Week with Alternate Universe themes!

The prompts are arranged by order of popularity with the most votes being Day 7. They are:

Day 1: Medical AU
Day 2: Teacher/Student AU
Day 3: Idol/Band AU
Day 4: Kimi no Na wa AU
Day 5: Actor AU
Day 6: ABO/Omegaverse AU
Day 7: Mafia AU
Day 8: Bonus Day

This event is going to run from July 23 to July 30 with the 8th day being a free bonus day open to whatever prompt of your choosing! All forms of art are good entries from fanart to fanfic to graphics and so on.

You can tag your entries as #ererievents, #ererisummer2017, or #ereriauweek. Please remember tumblr only tracks these when they’re placed in the first 5 tag slots. We won’t see them if you don’t tag them in those spots! If you have any problems with your submission not getting reblogged, please contact us. 

As usual please go over our rules before creating your submission. Send us an ask if you have any questions! We are always happy to help. Most importantly, please have fun and give our boys some love! 

Fear Toxin For Dummies!?

Scarecrow hates this guy! As our expert divulges the top 10 ingredients that supposedly are in Fear toxin and how you can literally make it in Walmart.

fascistfree-comics is looking for mods

marvel’s trying to feed us secret empire. dc wants to swallow new order. and we are done with their shit.

ff-c is a space to fight fascism in comics: we’ll post about the big two’s latest fuckfests and how to speak up against them. (always tagged for ts! this will be a safe space above all.) we’ll connect conscious comics readers with each other. but first and foremost, we’ll be making a master list of comics that

  • are nazi-free
  • have jewish and/or rromani characters
  • are lgbtqia-friendly
  • are genocide-free
  • have characters of color
  • are fascist-free
  • are feminist

does this sound like your jam?
if you’re interested in joining ff-c just reblog this post and shoot an ask to @brightredbirdie about why saying no to fascist “superheroes” is important to you.

if you can’t mod but you want to support safe comics, please feel free to reblog this post anyway. send us your favorite safe titles! (submissions and asks are both all right; anon is open.)

stay safe, stay free, and keep your pull lists fascist-free! – mod b

Corrupt Your Gemsona Art Event!

On July 23rd, GemsonaResources will be turning two years old! To celebrate, I have decided to host a gemsona event to mark the date. Artwork, literature, animation, and gifs are all allowed!

Prompt: Take one of your already existing gemsonas and create an alternative universe (AU) where they become corrupted. DO NOT use a gemsona that is already corrupted in their story line. This event is to help you get creative and create new story lines for already established characters.

When: July 23rd; 12 am Eastern Standard Time to 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time

Where and how do I send in my work(s)?

Two ways:
1) Post your works on Tumblr, use the hashtag #GRgemcorruption within the first five tags on your post, and tag me @gemsonaresources in the description or the first five tags so I know where to find your works.

2) If you do not have a Tumblr blog or prefer to submit your works on another website (DeviantArt, Twitter, etc), please send me a link to your work through my Submission Box and I will post it onto my Tumblr page.

Are early and late submissions accepted?

Yes and yes! If you are unable to be online on the 23rd, you may send in your work(s) to me early and I will queue them for the date. For late submissions, I will keep checking the #GRgemcorruption tag until July 27th!

Restrictions on Submitted Art and Literature:
-All creations must be made specifically for the event.
-Works must be G or PG rated (think of what is shown on Steven Universe).
-No cursing/swear words
-No blood, gore, extreme violence, or death
-No nudity
-No NSFW/sexual content
-No ships with Steven and/or Connie (or other background characters their age) with any gems (they are minors).
-No traced or recolored work of someone else’s art (unless it’s a base); we want your original content! This includes photoshopping another person’s work to fit the theme of the event.
-Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated 
-Canon gems are allowed, but all works MUST have at least one gemsona referenced.
-No roleplay threads

Corrupt Gem Prompts:
-Your gemsona gets corrupted on Earth after the Homeworld gems left (think Centipeetle).
-Your gemsona gets corrupted as punishment for criminal activity on Homeworld.
-Your gemsona gets corrupted after fusing with a corrupted gem (think Jasper).
-Your gemsona manages to get partially healed due to Steven’s healing spit (think Centipeetle). They can either revert back to their full corrupt form, or remain partially healed.
-Your gemsona makes friends with other corrupted gems just like them.
-Your gemsona makes friends with Steven (think Centipeetle).
-Your gemsona meets and makes friends with humans.
-Your gemsona’s main ability becomes emphasized and stronger due to their corruption.
-Your gemsona gains a power/an ability due to their corruption.
-Your gemsona reunites with an uncorrupted gem friend(s) who had/have been searching for them.
-Your gemsona reunites with their gem friends who are also corrupt (think Centipeetle).

**If you have any questions or wish to send in your work(s) early, feel free to send in an ask, fanmail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources​ or @macbeth-macdeath​​ (my main blog)!

1k follower GIVE AWAY!!!

I said I’d do a give away once I hit one thousand followers - and I did a while back, so THANK YOU! This is your chance to win some Blue exorcist stuff, as well as some random kawaii stuff too! 

MAIN PRIZE: Is this Yukio prize figure - it is in it’s box and brand new, I couldn’t get a good photo of it so I used a google picture.

Rin Okumura half age figure cooking ver! I used the stock photo for this as it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet - but don’t worry it will arrive within a few days, so plenty of time to spare!!

Ao no exorcist mini art book! (Disclaimer: It’s all written in Japanese, but its still totally cool - I actually bought one for myself too)

A sneak peak inside the mini art book:

I believe these are bookmarks? I’m unsure tbh but they pull out like strips and are laminated, so I guess thats what they are? Perfect for manga :)

Theres also a page of stickers! Featuring all of the exwires (apart from Nemu RIP - but like…um who cares about Nemu anyway), it also has a Mephisto sticker for your demonic daddy needs, and of course everyones favourite demonic cat, Kuro!

Just a few glimpses of the pages:

It also has a mini double sided poster inside:

(personally the Kyoto arc poster is my fave!)

Also you’ll receive some Yukio and Rin paper notes - I think they are meant to be used as little post it notes but they aren’t sticky, perfect for reminders!

You’ll also receive two mini figures of Yukio and Rin, a Knights of the True Cross pendent necklace, as well as the True Cross Academy logo patch (I’m unsure if it’s iron or stitch one - sorry) Also a Rin and Kuro badge set!

A closer look at the mini figures ^^^

And lastly, some Japanese/kawaii snacks! ( I believe all our suitable for vegetarians apart from the white packet which contains fish oil)

You’ll probably also find some extra cute little gifts in there too :)

Now…how you could win.


I have enough asks in my inbox so PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN YOUR SUBMISSION TO @askingexorcists

You can enter three ways, you can submit your entry to my other blog @pastelranicorn or you can message me on @askingexorcists or @pastelranicorn with your submission or you can repost your favourite Blue exorcist picture (a scene..character..your own art..a picture of your current merch…anything blue exorcist related) with the words: jordans weeb giveaway and tag @pastelranicorn in it, not this blog as I get too many notifications to keep up (my names Jordan btw - have I ever told you that?) (I would LOVE to see your fan art!)

When you enter please fill out this form (no matter which way you enter do the form):

Name: (first)


How you became an Ao no exorcist fan:

Your favourite character and why:

How did you find my blog: (and how long ago it was - new followers have a chance of winning as well, so don’t worry)

Cute pet: (Do you have a cute pet - send me a picture of it and tell me it’s name! If you don’t have a pet don’t worry, just forget this part!)

Give me one reason why you should win: (Winner will be picked random, but I’m just curious! BTW, please don’t choose ‘I have never won anything before.’ try something like ‘Because I had chicken nuggets for breakfast today!)

Winner will be picked at random, if anyone has questions at all please message me on @askingexorcists


  1. You must be following me on @askingexorcists - my other blog doesn’t matter
  2. You must either be over 18, or have your parents permission to receive random shit from a stranger in the mail
  3. This give-away is WORLDWIDE, however I am not responsible if your country will make you pay a custom charge (btw, I’m from the UK!)
  4. Only enter once
  5. No anon’s as I obviously won’t be able to tell who you are
  6. Do not send your submissions to @askingexorcists ask box, only my messages is where you may enter for this blog, however you can send me in questions by using the askbox if you prefer too!

WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED JULY 25th - so theres plenty of time to enter! Feel free to reblog this as well!


Hello, everyone! We are a brand new fan blog dedicated to otayuri. Our aim is to create a safe space for people who love the pair and to make finding content dedicated to them easier. Please feel free to check our blog out & spread the word! 


▫️ We will be reblogging (older and new) otayuri fanarts, fanfics, gifs, edits and other content, as well as posting our own creations. 
▫️ We will be tracking #fyeahotayuri and reblogging the creations in the tag.
▫️ We won’t be allowing any negativity or discourse on the blog & we will be blocking anyone who tries to start drama.


We’re currently looking for members who can help us with tracking down and queueing older posts and/or create original content for the blog. If you’d like to become a member please send us a submission with the following info:

▫️ Your name & age
▫️ A link to your creations
▫️ Your reason(s) for wanting to join the blog


We would love to become affiliates with similar blogs to ours. If you run a fyeah or a network blog related to yoi or other animes and you’re interested in becoming affiliates please let us know by contacting us.


If you’re a fanartist, fic writer or any other type of creator who made otayuri content in the past and you’d like us to check them out & reblog them, let us know by simply messaging us we will be adding your posts in our queue.

Hello! May I have a scenario where Todoroki’s s/o makes him laugh for the first time and, as a result of being absolutely ecstatic and enamoured by him all over again from the sight and sound of it, they pull him into a loving kiss?

Bonus: they said something weird like ‘oh my god nothing is on fire, fire on things’ or ‘if a dog sees a police dog do they think ‘oh shit, it’s a cop’

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! =) (also, please use the ask box next time lovely, you send your request via the submission box =) )

After the first second of surprise, Todoroki kisses his partner back, one of his hands coming up to gently frame their face. He feels their hands smoothing over his sides as well, leaving pleasant warmth in their wake.

“What was that about?” He asks quietly when they separate again and his partner presses one last kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“Just…” Their gaze is warm and they give him a loving, quietly happy smile. “You have such a nice laugh.”

Todoroki feels a soft smile spreading over his face, his chest swelling with affection and he hugs his partner close, feeling their arms wrap around him as well.

“Thank you.” He says and feels their grip tightening for a moment.

“I’ll make you laugh more.” His partner promises and gives him a happy grin. “As much as I can.”

Todoroki drops a kiss to their temple. “I would like that.”


It’s time to bring it back folks! CAS is BACK for another session of shoutouts! This month’s theme: Young Artists! 

This will be the first time I’m going full out and searching for artists on Tumblr as well!  

Part of keeping the art community together is to consistently encourage young artists and help them in ways that we can whether it’s lessons, nice word, or just giving their art more recognition/a boost to media! All art is loved and appreciated and that’s what we’re going to celebrate this CAS session! This is an highly encouraged event for incoming students for art colleges/schools!
This month’s CAS is open to everyone from ages 25 and younger! Or if you are above that age limit submit your work from when you were of a younger age with some improvements that you’ve made as you grew older! 
No matter how you look or identify all are welcome to join in! 

So whether you have visual art (drawing, painting, fashion design, graphic design, animation, etc.) performing arts (acting, dance, cosplay, etc.) now is the time to step forward for that recognition you deserve! This event is to support you as an artist and bring the people together as a community along with making sure that our younger artists feel included!

 So if you’re reading this and you want to join in on CAS send a message or leave a comment and I’ll have you featured in this month’s event! 
To see what CAS looks like check my Instagram page for February’s and April’s posts! 


-This event is family friendly. So no NSFW work please!!! 

-If you don’t want to post a picture of yourself that’s completely acceptable!

 -If you participated in the February or April event and would like to participate again please send in new work that’s different from your last submission! If you are sending in current work then please update your selfie! If you are sending in past work then please submit like before! 

 The event will run from August 15th to September 15th.  Reblogs appreciated to spread the word!

Thanks so much for always making CAS fun and possible! I can’t wait to see who all will submit this month!

“Be my Valentine! Or ours… But don’t send flowers. Or do, if you feel like doing so”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So… what about showing some appreciation to fellow Tumblr photographers?

So many people here inspire us each day. Let’s give something back.

Submit a photo dedicated to a photographer on Tumblr who inspires you and write write some words of appreciation. Please add the photogs Tumblr URL, so that they know you meant them. And also please add your own URL

Please send in your submissions until Monday February 13th

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

Welcome to the Midsummer Night Masquerade Ball!

The Aether foundation cordially invites you to an evening, of music, dance, food and friends benefiting the Aether Foundations continued efforts of medical research and pokemon conservation.

When: July 25th, 10am - midnight EST Real-time
Where: Aether Foundation VLFS, Alola region

Formal attire required

Primary colors for men: Black, Red, Yellow, White
Primary colors for women: Black, Purple, pastel yellow, blue, White
(if you don’t identify as either, feel free to pick from any of the colors listed. Secondary and tertiary colors do not matter, as long as they do not clash.)

Masquerade masks should follow and fit the theme of your outfit!

Silent auctions will be held in the main lobby, showcasing local bakers and artists and their humbly donated wares, all proceeds will go toward the Aether foundation fund. Direct donations will also be accepted throughout the night, simply speak to any of the Aether foundation employees and they will assist you with your donation.

As usual, the back terrace will be open for pokemon battles, and spaces normally open to the public will remain open during the ball. (Conservatory, botanical garden, ect.)

Clearing up a few frequently asked questions from past balls.

If you’re seeing this post, Consider it as your character receiving the invitation! Please send your RSVP to the event ASAP! Send an IC Ask/submission to @typenullandvoid to confirm your characters attendance! You may also include any monetary donations in your RSVP message. 

Example of an RSVP message: “Hello! It’s ____ ! I’ll be attending the ball on the 25th, I’m excited to see you there! Included in this letter is a check for ₱ 1xxxx as my donation to the Aether foundations cause!”

Please tag all Ball related posts (Outfit drawings, musings, interactions, ect.) with the event tag   “ e; midsummersball ” .

All RSVP posts will be tagged as “midsummersRSVP” to create a guest list of attendees which you may use to locate RP partners! There will also be a list or two of sentence memes that can be used as Ice breakers!

As always, please reblog to spread the word! We look forward to seeing you there!

Operation Fanboom Relaunch

Nobody has come forward to take over Operation Fanboom but I’m determined to save it as it shows a lot of promise and fans have been looking forward to it.

So I will take over Operation Fanboom.

Unfortunately I cannot access the submissions on the SaveWOY email. So I’m very sorry to ask of this but could fans please resend their submissions to I am not setting a deadline for submissions yet, there will be plenty of time.

Yes I was taking a break from SaveWOY projects for my health but I’m not going let our supporters down and abandon this project. I have the time and software to work on this project. Just please understand that this project will take a while to complete and I would like it to be as stress-free as possible. I will work on it bit by bit whenever I feel well enough to. But I want you all to know that it will be in good hands. Thank you for understanding.

I understand that not everyone will have their submissions saved and I apologise if that’s the case but there are far too many emails to forward and the other mods are too busy. So I have to start from scratch collecting the submissions. But if you do have your submission saved then please send it to or feel free to make a new submission if you can and have the time!

I will make more posts in the future with further information and I will keep you all updated on the progress. This project WILL happen. I promise.

Let’s revive Operation Fanboom and show Disney the love for Wander Over Yonder hasn’t died!

Magazine - Send In Your Submissions!

Just wanted to give y’all a little update on the magazine. 

I’ve got a couple of articles written up as well as a few others from the always helpful community, but I’m still in need of a few more. I’ve planned out what I want in the magazine (as a basis, it can be changed if needs be) and I’m currently aiming towards this:

1. Frontpage

2-3. Contents & Editor’s Note

4-6. Featured Model of the Month

7-8. Topic of the Month

9-12. Clothing Articles (name in progress)

13-16. CD Submissions

17-20. Makeup Articles (name in progress)

21-22. Agony “Aunt”

23-26. Shopping Deals/Best Buys

27. Subscribe a Friend

I want this to be a mixture of advice articles which will help crossdressers both amateur and pro, as well as pictures of other crossdressers within the community.

If you would like to feature on the submissions or feature page, send me a message to!

Send me a few pictures of yourself and answer the following questions:

  • What do you like about crossdressing?
  • What’s your favourite outfit?
  • What would you love to do while en femme?

I’ll be looking for around 6-8 submissions for each month, so please don’t be shy about sending in your submissions.

Obviously I won’t be able to pick everyone that applies, so specifically I’m looking for:

  • Multiple pictures in different poses and outfits (variety is the spice of life)
  • Nothing sexual, gotta keep it safe for work
  • Pictures where the face is on show will be prioritised
  • Questions must be answered!
  • More interesting answers will be prioritised
  • I’m not necessarily looking for the best makeup/wig skills, but effort is a must

I’m really looking forward to seeing what y’all have to offer!

I have a name in progress, however a friend of mind also decided to throw together a mock-up of the front page!

It’s not going to be a front cover, but I love the way it looks and this is certainly the look I’m aiming for!

Please send in your submissions and if you want to help build this magazine in any way, shape of form just drop me a message!

- Jessica Blaise x x

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey it's me again, I was wondering if I could get a wedding day hc for the RFA please. Also for your submission box would I be allowed to send a picture of my 707 cosplay just to like get your opinion, thank you :)

hello ! i thought i’d answer this request first bc of the submission thing - my submit box should be open - feel free!!!


  • He acts like it’s a breeze, but secretly he’s panicking about every single detail.
  • Is the reception venue sorted? Will you actually turn up? Are the rings perfect?
  • He cries when you walk down the aisle.
  • And the kiss at the end is the most dramatic and passionate kiss anyone has ever seen.
  • He swears that he heard Jumin mutter “get a room” at one point???

Jumin Han

  • He got the most extravagant venue and there are so many flowers.
  • Everyone can see that he’s shaking as he fiddles with his cufflinks.
  • But his shaking stops as soon as he sees you because d a m n you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.
  • He prepared this long-ass speech about you and why you’re perfect, and almost everyone in the reception was crying.
  • Ngl Saeyoung cried like a baby at all of this - because it’s all so damn cute.

Jaehee Kang

  • I lowkey picture her as Monica when she arranged Phoebe’s wedding, except it’s her own wedding and she shouldn’t be this involved (video here for those who haven’t watched friends)
  • She’s not as extreme, but she likes sticking to a schedule and having things short and sweet.
  • You agreed that she would walk down the aisle and her in a wedding dress is the most stunning thing that anyone has seen.
  • Her wedding speech is mainly dedicated to you, but she also hides a little “thank you” to Jumin because without him she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to join the RFA.
  • Jumin becomes so s m u g.


  • If you’ll allow
  • On his suit he has his LOLOL badge and a few other gaming pins.
  • He also cries when you walk down the aisle because oh my lord you’re gorgeous and how is this boy so l u c k y???
  • His speech goes on for ages.
  • “Oh yeah I forgot this really cute thing MC does when she gets mad!”
  • He lists everything he loves about you and your relationship, and that’s what takes so long.


  • He lowkey wanted to wear a dress but you said no :(
  • Mainly because damn does Saeyoung look gorgeous in a suit!!
  • The wedding is simple and very very cute, and when you two kissed the whole RFA went “awwh!” bc they’re so happy!
  • You two wanted something simple but important to the relationship, so you agreed to get these rings.