please see how adoringly i gaze at my apple for further proof of perfection

I was still technically furloughed all day today, despite the fed reopening. We’re really low on the priority list, so we haven’t received our ‘start work’ orders yet. SO! Tomorrow will be my Monday. And my Hump Day! AND my Friday!

I haven’t been to CrossFit in two weeks. It’s no big deal, just a fact. Last week, my leg was still super swollen & my hand was still jenked from my first OTB (over the bar) experience. Any movement of my thumb or pressure on my palm caused a fair amount of pain. This week, I was busy with sister time and shenanigans with friends. I was going to go today, but my hand actually still hurts a bit from the crash, so I figured another weekend of rest couldn’t hurt it.

In lieu of CrossFit, my go-to weekday activity has been the naked run. I’m wearing clothes, you pervert! I mean that I carry no technology - not even my phone. There is no worry about meeting arbitrary paces or other contrived metrics of what constitutes a 'good run.’ It’s just me and my footfalls and my breaths and my thoughts and my miles. It’s been so lovely, and it reminds me why I love running.

I’ve also been going in the late afternoon, because the way the sunlight falls on the mountains this time of day is one of my absolute favorite things in the world. All of that coupled with the crisp autumnal air and a post-run apple plucked from my tree?

Three miles of absolute perfection.