please run into each other and roll around on the grass innocently until you realize how in love you actually are

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“Shhhh, be quiet, Y/N.” Calum drunkenly giggled as he led you down the stairs of his home.

His three best mates were all crashing in the living room due to the game of Never Have I Ever getting too much for them. You were amazed with all of the crazy things the four had done, but you knew that they were pretty wild to begin with. You on the other hand were just slightly tipsy being only two or three shots away from the amount Calum had taken. You both giggled loudly as you tripped over your feet once more and Calum slid open the patio door, leading you into their backyard.The cool, freshly cut grass tickled your bare feet as you cross the yard to get further away from the house so you wouldn’t have to be as quiet.

“I wanna do a cartwheel.” You announced as you broke away from his grasp, grinning widely at your crush. Although the two of you flirted heavily and you and everyone else knew that you were attracted to one another, you weren’t in a relationship. You had the fans fooled, though.

“Go for it.” He encouraged. The boy even clapped once you had flawlessly done the cartwheel without falling over. Suddenly he had gotten excited as he shouted,“You know what we should do?!”


“Yanno that scene from the dirty dancing movie where she jumped into his arms and he caught her?!” He waited as you nodded your head before continuing.“We should try it!”

“I dunno, Cal.” You nibbled your lips nervously.“You might drop me.”

“I swear I won’t.”


When he nodded his head you took that as a cue to prepare yourself to jump into the air. You weren’t too keen on relying on a drunk, barely grown man to catch you as you jumped into the air, but it was Calum. That was enough for you to roll with it.

“One…Two…Three!” He shouted and you took off running, leaping into the air with a squeal.

Calum came through and caught you, but he didn’t hold you up for long before you both came tumbling down onto the soft grass, each blade kissing your cheek. You were laughing loudly as Calum flipped you onto your back and began to wrestle with you, holding your leg up to your chest just enough without hurting you. You wrapped your legs around his waist to get the upper hand and try to roll him, but Calum grips your wrist and placed the majority of his weight down on you.

“Let me go, you ass!”

With his body now straddling you and your legs connected around his waist, the boy lifted you up by your arms and to your surprise placed his plump lips onto yours. It wasn’t the first time you had kissed - the first time being a dare from Michael - but this was the first time you felt sparks fly even as cliche as it sounds. Calum pulled away from you to examine your reaction to the stunt he had pulled and you leaned in to capture his lips once again. The kiss was cute and simple, no tongue even being involved at first. Even when Calum’s tongue finally had began to explore the inside of your mouth, tasting the chocolate you had eaten before coming outside, it still didn’t get heated. You never imagined that your first actual make out with Calum would be so innocent and sweet.

You could feel a tickling sensation on your bare shoulder, but brushed it off as the grass. When that tickling sensation had slowly began to trail down your arm, however, you soon realized that it was a bug. Breaking away from the kiss and squeaking loudly, you began to smack your shoulder to get the bug away from you whilst Calum laughed as if it was the most hilarious sight. You watch as he allowed the harmless bug to climbed onto his finger, your eyes dazzling with astonishment as the insect crawled around on his hand.

“That’s disgusting.” You shook your head in disgust, but your interest in the bug causing you to ogle.

Calum couldn’t help but to adore the cute expression worn on you face as you examined the bug, knowing that a million thoughts were going through your head at the moment. You both sat quietly as he allowed the bug to crawl from his finger and onto a blade of grass, falling into a comforting silence.

At least it was comforting until you had surprise tackled him to the ground and began to tickle the poor boy. Calum was laughing loudly, the skin around his eyes crinkling and the multitude of dimples adorning his cheeks. His arms were flailing as he tried to get you to stop your attack and his cheeks were beginning to turn a hue of red from laughter.

“Y/N, stop! Please!”

“Why should I? Huh?” You teased, enjoying having the upper hand for once.

“I’ll- I’ll take you to Chill!” He bargained with you by using your favorite frozen yogurt place.

That was enough to get you to give in, the both of you panting from laughing so hard. Again there was a silence between the two as you admired each other, smiling at each other goofily as Calum’s chocolate brown orbs gazed into yours.

“You’re so damn beautiful.”

Your face suddenly felt hot from the compliment as well as the starstruck look in his eyes. You nervously began to twirl his white tee between your fingers as you mumbled out,“Yeah, I know.”

“Don’t try to act like you’re unaffected. I know you’re dying on the inside.” Calum said cockily and you rolled your eyes playfully.

“Oh, whatever.”

“You love me.”


“Really? ‘Cause I think I love you.” He grinned.

Your heart nearly skipped a beat at this confession. This was the confession you had been waiting for for months. You leaned down to kiss the Māori boy once again, biting his lip and tugging it towards you before letting it snap back. Calum groaned at this action and his hands went to rest on your butt.

“I love you too, Hood.”

“So, that means you’ll be my girlfriend, right?”


“Fuck yeah!” Calum cheered in triumph, pulling you back to his lips for what seemed like the millionth time tonight.

You jumped slightly when you felt him pinch your bottom and smacked his chest lightly, causing Calum to let out his infectious laugh. You shook your head in fake disbelief at the action while the boy just smiled up cheekily at you.

“You have a nice ass.”

“How am I gonna deal with you?” You questioned and he shrugged, pulling you down to rest your head onto his chest and placing a sweet kiss to your forehead.

“I don’t know, but you’re stuck with me now.”

bts reaction to you falling and landing on them

these are actually so fun to write?? i didn’t realize how much i enjoy writing reactions lmao.

thank you for requesting this! i hope you all like it  ♡ (i didn’t know if you wanted them to be strangers or friends, so i did a mix of both!)


Walking dogs was the only job you could get in college without it interfering with school, so naturally, you took it. You were able to manage most of the time, but today was different. The dogs were unusually crazy, running around and barking at everyone and everything. Why they were like this, you had no idea. All you knew was that you were bound to get injured, and you were right.

Apparently, dogs know a cute boy when they see one and like clockwork, one by one they started to run after him. Which meant, you were also being dragged to him. One thing happened after the next, and you were tripping over their leashes, landing on the boy. “Fuck! I’m so sorry-”

“You’re kind of cute.” You looked at him with a puzzled expression, not realizing that you were still lying on top of him. You scrambled to get up, frantically looking around for the dogs. “Over there,” he chuckled, pointing to the patch of grass that they were each doing their business on.

“I don’t meet very many pretty girls with extremely cute dogs, so if you’re up for it, would you maybe want to go on a date?”

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You definitely knew better than to bother Yoongi when he was writing, producing and most of all; sleeping (even if you were his girlfriend, he’d kill you). Running around their dorm, chasing Taehyung seemed like a fun idea to cure your boredom, but the others beg to differ. 

“You two are either going to break something, get injured, or wake Yoongi up. I’m sure neither of you wants that?” Namjoon sighed exasperatedly. You snorted as you ran past him. “Says the human form of destruction!” Taehyung’s howls of laughter could be heard all over the house, but that happiness didn’t last long.

“Tae- fuck!” You landed again something hard, but not as hard as the ground. You could only presume that you had landed on a person and your fingers were crossed that it wasn’t Yoongi. 

“Having fun there, babe?” 

You rest your head on his chest, a nervous smile playing on your lips. You were about to spew apologies, until you felt his arms link around you. You hear him hum softly before pulling his blanket over the two of you.

“I’ll yell at you later, right now, let’s just cuddle.”

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Bike riding was not your thing. Anything that had to do with moving definitely was not up your alley, but Hoseok being the extremely adorable and convincing person he is, he managed to get you on one.

“If I fall and die, you’re paying for my funeral service.”

He chuckles, holding onto the bike you were on. “You won’t fall, I won’t let you,” he assures. You felt your heart melt when he flashed you the biggest and most innocent smile.

You took a deep breath, gripping onto the handles so hard your hands were turning white. “Easy there, you need to trust me! I’m your friend!” You started pedaling slowly while narrowing your eyes at him, a silent gesture to make sure he didn’t let go.

But of course, Hoseok did the unexpected, slowly moving his hands away from the bike, leaving you to keep pedaling no matter how afraid you were. “Hobi, I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

It was the moment you were going way too fast for his liking was when he realized how bad of an idea the whole thing was. He sprinted towards your bike until he finally reached you, only to have you come falling off of the bike and onto him.

“If it helps, you look really pretty right now.”

Please choke, Jung Hoseok.”

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Having you and Namjoon in one room was definitely the epitome of the end of the world; it was a disaster. So when Hoseok and Yoongi realized that you two were the only ones left to pick up Jungkook’s birthday cake, they knew they were screwed.

“We’re just picking up a cake, what could go wrong?” You whined, trailing behind Yoongi who was busy making sure all the decorations were in place. “Are you afraid we’ll lose the cake or something?”

“No,” he snorted. “I know you’ll bring the cake, I just expect it to be all over you instead, and not in the box.”

Now that you were right on top of Namjoon, with a face full of frosting; you knew what Yoongi meant. Your laughter and the quiet (and rude) comments made from the strangers walking past you two only made the situation even more amusing. “You know, when you spilled your drink all over me the first time we met, I knew I had found the one.”

Namjoon felt a light smack against his arm as a smile appeared on your face. “May I remind you, that situation, and this one were both your fault.”

“Whatever, all I care about right now is how good the frosting on your lips look. Can I have some?”

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A walk in the park was something you and Jimin loved to do, you tried to do it at least once a month, just to clear your head from any stressful thoughts you two may have had.

It was usually calming, but the number of children running around screaming that day was innumerable.

You absolutely adored kids, but when you felt one of them running into your legs every five minutes, causing you to trip every time, you could not say you were loving them at that moment. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to leave? You’ve tripped over about six kids in ten minutes,” Jimin teases. 

You roll your eyes, a snarky comment about to leave your mouth until you feel yourself come in contact with Jimin’s body.

Your eyes are shut closed until you hear Jimin’s light groans under you. As soon as you open them, the sight of Jimin clutching his head makes you panic. “Jimin, what the fuck? Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine, as long as we stay in the position.” 

“Park Jimin! There are children around!”

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It was known that Taehyung was extremely playful when it came to you, sometimes in a cute way, and sometimes not. He loved to mess with your head, he loved how confused and flustered you got, and it makes it even more enjoyable for him knowing he caused it.

“Taehyung, stop,” you groaned as the boy continues to pester you. The last half hour of your lives was spent with Taehyung doing all he could to get you annoyed, and it was definitely working.

“Don’t act like you don’t enjoy my presence!” 

“We are in public, and you’re over there poking my sides, tugging on my hair, and you keep touching my face! I’ve told you before that-”

Without thinking, Taehyung smirks and puts his foot out in front of you, only to have his whole plan backfire when you grab onto him. You both end up on the ground, in a position that Taehyung had to admit, he loved. 

A smirk was plastered on his face as you get up with pink cheeks and the most annoyed expression. 

“Tell me again why I’m dating you?”

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You moved around restlessly as you glanced at the time on your phone. You had been waiting in line for twenty minutes, and you were still in the back. If you had known that the coffee shop your sister deemed as “abandoned” was this full, you would have refused to come.

It was loud, small, and you were sure you’ve had about two people accidentally touch your ass. “Why can’t we just leave?” 

Your sister rolled her eyes, waving you off. “The coffee here is amazing, now stand still and stop complaining, will you?”

You loved to annoy your sister by doing the exact opposite of what she wanted, but when you swung your arm and felt the burning on your skin, you knew you fucked up.

You turn around, mistakenly rushing over to the boy on the floor with scalding coffee all over him, which caused you to slip and land right on top of the stranger.

As if the situation wasn’t already embarrassing enough, you felt your cheeks heat up when you actually saw how attractive he was.

“Wow,” you breathe out, causing the boy to smile shyly. 


“Hot,” your sister interrupted, sending a wink your way.

Your face, along with his turn beet red.

“I could say the same about you.”

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