please rub it all over my body

Tyler Seguin Imagine

Prompt 30

I’m out at the local bar with some of my girlfriends having fun and drinking but it all goes downhill. I see my ex walk through the door. This ex put me through hell and back when we were together. My friend nudges my arm, “(y/n), I think he noticed you”. I panic and make my war near the bartender but I see a handsome guy around my age. I take the time to walk up to him and rub my hand on his back acting like we’re dating. He quickly turns his head and his facial expression is looking for an explanation. “I understand that this might be weird and all but my ex-boyfriend just walked in. He’s coming over here now so can you please just pretend to be my date?” He glances at the guy and leans towards my ear, “Sure thing, doll. What’s your name, babe?” A smile takes shape on my face as I lean closer into his body, “It’s, (y/n). What’s yours?” “Tyler”, he tells me with a smirk. I start giggling and looking into his eyes while my hand begins to trail up one of his tattooed arms. He buys me a drink but I notice that my ex is moving closer to me, “He’s coming over here. Kiss me”. He discretely nods his head and leans his head towards me and kisses me hard. The kiss is filled with passion and need. I just met this guy and he is kissing me as if we’ve been together for years. I hear the sound of a deep throat clearing next to us. Tyler then glances up to see my ex standing dangerously close to me. “Hey, bud. Do you mind backing away from my girlfriend?” He has a shocked look on his face but it then melts into a smirk, “Did you miss me, (y/n)? I heard that you moved to Dallas so I came to get you back”. Tyler slightly pushes his shoulder back with his hand, “Do you understand what back off means?” He rolls his eyes and saunters away from us and out the door. I exhale a sigh of relief, “Thank you so much, Tyler. I really cannot thank you enough. Can I repay you in some type of way?” He ponders for a couple of seconds, “You know what, (y/n)… You could repay me by allowing me to take you out on a date sometime soon”. I feel a blush forming on my cheeks, “I think that I can make that work. How does this Saturday sound?” He nods his head and writes his number on the square napkin that is placed on the counter, “Give me a call, babe. Maybe sometime we can make our relationship official”. He leaves by kissing my cheek and giving me a long hug. Cheeky smooth bastard.


“Hyung I can feel you staring.”Jungkook murmured, eyes still close.

“I just wanna make sure you’re okay.”

The sunset was almost done setting and the warm colors were streaming through the window, hitting Jungkook’s face at all the right angles.

“You look perfect like this.” Taehyung whispered.

He leaned over him, trapping Jungkook between his arms. He softly pressed their lips together, a pleased sigh leaving them. Jungkook’s lips were chapped but he didn’t mind.

“Mm Tae, don’t get me started. My body can’t take it.”

“Sorry Kookie.” He kissed the back of his hand before rubbing it gently.

“I can’t believe you’re still here. I mean with me, through all of this. It’s a lot for a new relationship.”

“I can handle it.” Taehyung bit his lip. “Besides I really care about you.”

A knock came from the door. “Mr. Kim, I’m sorry to have to tell you visiting hours are over. The good news is we should have your results some time tomorrow so you’re welcome to come back then.”

Taehyung gave him one last kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be back as soon as possible alright?”