please rescue him

years in the future bitty gets a text from caitlin farmer-chow and it’s just an underwater picture of chowder with thumbs up in his wetsuit and sharks hanging in the back and bitty wants to print, frame and hang the picture because the boy has never looked happier

Okay~ So here’s my fan art of She Li I did when he first appeared recently. <3
I posted it on instagram as well, but Ill post it on here as well just in case~
So, I’m aware there’s a new chapter out (Or two) And I don’t know where to go to read it??
Is She Li not a good character?? I need answers. He’s so handsome why must this happen. 
If anyone couild send me the link to the newest chapters, that would be grand. <3

The X Men as Pets

Peter- the hyper active boxer that no one wants to take the three hours it needs to walk and play fetch
Kurt- the lovey, skinny cat that the kids pick up all the time and the family spoils
Scott- the small pomeranian that is shy and just wants to be carried everywhere and will bark at everyone
Warren- the terrifying bird that flies at your face and wants pets one second but will bite you the next, yet the family keeps him around because ??
Jean- the fancy brown bunny that everyone holds all the time and “AWWWWW”’s over
Hank- the happy go-lucky mutt breed that everyone loves and will follow you everywhere
Erik- the creepy snake that watches in silence with dead eyes, and the family only keeps him just to look cool
Jubilee- the proud little chihuahua that the kids dress up
Charles- the disabled lab that the other dogs follow around and is calm and quiet, and everyone has to stop and pet him
Raven- the sneaky ass ferret that WILL escape and have free roam as she pleases
Ororo- the crazy white horse that does weird shit like get her halter stuck around her neck and slip in the mud
Betsy- the black cat that stays in the dark and only comes out at night, and will attack peoples feet
Alex- the stereotypical golden retriever that is not as good as he lets on (don’t ask who chewed that hole in the back of the couch)
Walks- Charles stays at their owners side while Peter pulls and gags himself because LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO YO, and Hank is torn between yelling(barking) at Peter to calm down and making sure Charles is ok. Scott walks with a grudge towards the back because damn it he wanted to be carried, not forced to walk under all these annoying mutts. Alex circles around excitedly and ends up nearly tripping the humans. Jubilee is right with Peter in the front and panting because fuck these tiny legs.

Food- Warren will fly to the counter and rip open bags of chips and spill them everywhere for the dogs to eat and to piss the humans off. Kurt will watch from a distance and be very shy about the loud racket in the kitchen. Peter and Hank wrestle over bones and end up moving the couch, spilling the water, tearing the carpet, and ripping the damn curtains down. (“No, we aren’t too big, the house is just too small!”) Scott knows how the humans work and before the rest of them know it hes in their laps during dinner and eating out of their hands. Raven will get in the cupboard in five seconds flat and help herself- pellets are stupid, the humans should know better.

Sleeping- Peter passes out sprawled on the couch and will drool like there’s no tomorrow. Kurt curls up next to Warrens perch- wherever it may be- becuase ‘he’s only angry becuase he’s lonely.’ Betsy stays in the basement 99% of the time. Scott and Jubilee of course get special spots on the humans giant bed, while Charles gets hown own big cage decorated like a little castle becuase the wounded baby deserves it. Hank waits until the humans are asleep to jump up and lay over them, earning a small growl from Scott. Alex will pass out literally anywhere. Erik prefers the isloation of his tank, but that’s not to say he doesn’t sneak out every now and then becuase Charles’s cage is just really warm okay.

Play time- Ororo will jump around and roll over in the grass and mud, and will run away from the humans trying to get her lead on her. Peter will jump and jump and jump becuase THROW THE BALL! WALK TIME? DID YOU SAY TREAT? COME ON BRO, JUST THROW IT, LAST TIME I PROMISE. Warren will open his mouth in a threat and puff his feathers up when someone reaches their hand out to pet him, but wait- wow that feels good, ah yes, get the neck NO WAIT GET AWAY and will then bite your finger clean off. Hank and Alex will patently wait with their ball or rope in their mouths until you aren’t so busy. Charles prefers to watch the others quietly but content at theit happiness. Besty will look at the string you are draging in front of her like you are the biggest dumbass ever. Kurt can’t resist the feathery, jingly ball and will bat it around like crazy and run into the wall or under the couch. Scott still just wants picked up.
(If you want a certain person with something just ask XD these are really fun I would love to do more)

random head canons

After Bitty got his concussion–and was sent home and told to rest, I imagine Jack pulled Bitty’s deskchair over next to his bed and sat there watching him without blinking to make sure he didnt die. He tried to keep him awake so he didn’t lapse into a coma. *poke* “Bittle, wake up.” *poke* Bittle, you can’t fall asleep.” (Shitty’s trying to pull Jack out of the room and telling him they don’t do that now that they have CT scans.) Jack pokes Bitty. “Bittle, tell me more about Behanna,“ Bitty sits up like how dare u, “It’s Beyonce, you heathen.” Shitty and Ransom and Lardo drag Jack out of the room. Lardo tells Jack to stay out of Bitty’s room or she’ll put something gross in his bed.

Jack stalks around the house murdering a stressball and whisper shouts at people to tip toe and keep their voices down. Until the stressball pops. Shitty and Lardo throw him in the car and drive him to Duxbury and make him look at the ocean and then they buy him an ice cream and hug him.


Bruno was gone. In another fucking galaxy and sweating bullets, the hit from the bong he’d taken– just one a massive one that had literally ripped through him like that one scene in alien– had him feeling so close to death that he could feel it’s cold clammy hands on his forehead. Somehow he’d managed to stumble his way into a coat closet, folding his long legs in a crossed position and his back against the wall, somehow though he didn’t know how he managed to pull his cell phone and text message Jesse to come rescue him. Please help. His fingers were shaking and he was sure his pupils were the size of golf balls. I was eating a tomato and I looked down and saw the universe in my hands. He felt horrible, weed had never done him this wrong. Jesse come save me. I’m in the closet it’s a portal to an alternate reality and I’m trapped.

Dear Lord,

Please let Cain kidnap Castiel and force Dean to rescue him. Please let this be what drives Dean to get the blade and confront Cain, in turn spinning Dean out of control and almost causing him to kill Castiel. Then, please let it be Cas who talks Dean back into sanity.

If it’s totally maudlin and a bit soap-opera, I’m cool with that. 




If you’re in the UAE & want to foster him or even rescue him, please please contact 055 503 3930 or @madmojo_ on Twitter. If nobody takes him by 5 PM, he’ll be put to sleep. PLEASE HELP.