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Fandon: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader//Liam Dunbar x Reader
Warnings: funerals, death, sadness
Request: “Could you please do an issac lahey one shot where the reader begs him not to go after Allison death because they were together. Then she gets with Liam but season 6 when issac returns he wants her back thanks.” (by @anomonous2)

Word Count: 1,780

A/N: this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo saddddddddddddddddddddd,,,,,,,,,,,,, and i’ll split this one shot in two bc that’s like my thing ya know


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Allison Argent’s funeral was heartbreaking.

Her delicate lifeless body was wrapped in a beautiful white lace dress, her hair was curled and face was pale as usual. Though this time her cheeks didn’t have that rosy color they used to have, that was the only sign of her not having a beating heart. All her friends were there, except from Scott; the pack hadn’t heard from him in all week. They were worried, of course, but they decided to give him some space and time for him to cope with Alli’s death.

Chris Argent sat in front row, he wasn’t a very religious man but since his wife’s suicide he prayed and hoped her should was finally resting in peace. Yes, sometimes she wasn’t the most understanding woman, but she was loyal, she was a great mother and a great partner; but most importantly, she loved him. She loved him as much as he loved her. So then, sitting in front of the casket that held her daughter’s lifeless body, he prayed. He prayed that her soul finally found peace, he prayed that her spirit could always be around him. He prayed that she’s proud of him.

Lydia Martin and Isaac Lahey were sitting next to him, she had her head rested against his shoulder and she cried. She cried for her best friend, she cried for her sister. Isaac could not believe this was happening, ever since the night Allison died everything seemed like a blur and things were happening so fast. One day Isaac and his girlfriend Y/N were dreaming about moving together, the next day they were mourning over their best friend’s death.

Truth is Isaac wanted to leave Beacon Hills, ever since his father died there was a small voice in his head whispering that he didn’t need any of that. All those nights they spent worrying if they’d be alive the next morning. He wanted to leave, but there was something holding him back. 

Y/N and Isaac’s relationship had an odd start. At first he didn’t trust her, a normal human who just knew too much and always tagged along with the rest of the pack. It wasn’t until they were fighting a sea creature that Y/N discovered that she could control water. Not just oceans or seas, but the water inside a person’s body, that lit up a spark of curiosity in Isaac, after that they’d spend more time together trying to figure out exactly what she was and how to use her powers.

Those were the good days, when the worst thing that had happened to pack members was getting hurt, dying was a whole different level of crazy, that’s what triggered Isaac to leave.

After the funeral was over Isaac, Y/N, Lydia and Stiles went with Chris to his loft to keep an eye on him; everyone sat down on the couches in the living room, silence fell upon them.

“I’m leaving” was the first thing Mr. Argent said, the teenagers looked at him with worry eyes

“What? Where?” Stiles was the first to ask

“I don’t know yet, but I know that I can’t stay here any longer. This town has brought nothing but chaos to my life. I don’t blame you, kids, but I need to get out of here; I have family left in France, maybe I’ll go with them” Chris explained and the teenagers were silent again. A few seconds passed before another voice echoed in the room.

“I’ll go with you” Y/N’s eyes widen in surprise and horror all at once, she looked to the boy beside her, her boyfriend Isaac. He didn’t look at her but instead kept her sight on Mr. Argent.

“Isaac…” was all Y/N said

“I need to leave, Y/N. My life is a mess right now, my father is dead, my best friend is dead. I don’t want to be next”

“Isaac, please. Think this through, you’re not okay right now, let’s talk about it” Y/N tried to reason with him

“Son, listen to your friends. I’m leaving in a week, think about it and then let me know” Chris said before getting up from the couch and walking to his room, he closed the door behind him and Y/N released a breath she didn’t know was holding.


Isaac and I were in my room, he was sitting on my bed and I was pacing around my room

“Why do you want to leave?” I asked while I stopped walking.

“I already told you, I don’t feel safe anymore. It’s like one day I’m completely fine and the next one there’s something evil chasing us”

“Isaac you are a werewolf, you can protect yourself. This is what you wanted when Derek bit you. You can’t just turn your back on the pack. You can’t abandon us.”

“I’ve sacrificed so much for the pack, the least they can do for me it’s accept my decision”

“So you’re just gonna leave… and what about me? What about us?”

I was on the verge of tears, he was my boyfriend, he couldn’t just leave me like that. Did he not care about me? Did I mean nothing to him?

“Y/N… it’s my decision, you can come with me if you want to, we can look for a place together, we can be happy. Just the two of us” he said standing up and cupping my face with his hands, I looked at him and shook my head

“I can’t. I’m sorry, Isaac, I can’t. I owe my whole life to the pack, I can’t just abandon them like that”

“Please, darling. Think about it, we can be happy, together.” I shook my head again.

“Could you leave me alone for a second? I need to think” I asked closing my eyes, suddenly I felt a pain in my chest, I looked at Isaac and he nodded before leaving my room.

One week later

“Isaac please don’t leave. You can’t do this to me! I thought you loved me!” I cried as I hugged him one last time, I knew I wasn’t going to make him change his mind, but I just had to keep on trying.

“Y/N we’ve talked about this, everything will be fine, okay?” he said grabbing my face with one of his hands and removing the tears falling from my eyes with his other one.

“Please don’t go. Don’t do it” I was a crying mess and I knew I was catching some judging stared from the people at the airport.

It was finally the day Chris and Isaac were leaving, and I just couldn’t accept it. He couldn’t leave, he was my best friend, my everything.

“Baby, please. Don’t make this any harder than it already is”

“Then don’t leave, and everything will be just fine” I said grabbing both of his hands in mine. He was about to say something when a voice came through the speakers.

“All passengers from flight #5834 to Paris, France please board the plane through gate #5” I closed my eyes, reality finally sinking in. This was happening. Isaac was leaving and God knows when I’ll see him again

“I have to leave, baby girl” he said and started rubbing my cheek

“No, please don’t leave me” I said crying harder. His eyes started watering, too. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me towards him, I rested my head on his shoulder with my face in the crook of his neck.

“Y/N, listen to me. You’ll be fine, we’ll see each other again, soon. You have to be strong for me, sweetheart, okay?” he said and I nodded. After denial, comes acceptance. I had to accept that this was what he wanted.

“I’ll come back. Beacon Hills just isn’t the right place for me right now, I have to find somewhere I belong to” he said and he pulled himself away from me.

“You belong with me” I said and again, that stupid voice came through the speakers and Isaac grabbed his suitcase from the ground

“It’s time” Chris said walking towards Isaac and I, I nodded and hugged him goodbye

“Have a safe trip, Mr. Argent. I’m sure Allison’s very proud of you. And I’m sure she’s with us, she’ll always be with us”

“Thank you, Y/N. Take care of yourself. And I’ll take care of your boy, right here”

“Make sure to come back soon, who knows when Beacon Hills will need its bravest hunter” He smiled once more and started walking towards the gate

“Promise me you’ll never forget me” I said before kissing Isaac on the cheek

“I won’t forget about you” he repeated my actions

“Promise me you won’t do anything stupid, or I swear to God, Isaac, I’ll find you and kick your ass” I kissed his forehead

“I won’t do anything stupid”

“Promise me you’ll come back”

“Y/N…” he started but I interrupted him

“Promise me, please… I need to hear it” I closed my eyes, feeling tears burning in my eyes

“I promise I’ll come back” he said kissing me on the lips. It was short and sweet, his lips tasted salty because of my tears. I enjoyed the kiss, because somewhere deep inside I knew that it would be the last one for a long time.



I smiled in the middle of the kiss, he moved his hands from my neck to my hips, and gripped tightly. I let out a soft moan and he laughed.

“Eager, aren’t you, baby?” he said mocking a sexy voice and I started laughing while I ran my hands through his hair.

“Gosh, Liam, you totally killed the mood” I looked at my boyfriend and got up from where I was laying on top of him.

“No I did not, Y/N, you just can’t handle this level of sexy” he said and winked at me, he was such a dork. But he was my dork

“Is that so?” I asked wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him towards me. I opened my lips slightly and closed my eyes, we both started leaning in and our lips were just about to touch when the bell from my house rang loudly. We both jumped scared and I walked towards the door.

“I swear to God if that’s Scott I’ll kill him” Liam said and I chuckled

“Shut up, you won’t do anything, and if Scott’s here it’s because he needs… us.” I opened the door


“Babe, who is that?” I head Liam calling me from the kitchen


“Is that Scott?” Liam asked again, this time his voice sounded closer



There you gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i dont know when ill post part two but hopefully it’ll be this week!!!! alsoooooo, this is my first time writing Isaac and i think i did pretty good

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OkayOkay! I just thought of this while waiting at the airport. But imagine Kagami, who flies a lot, is at the airport going through The security thing when it beeps. And then sexy security guard Aomine has to pat him down... Maybe even a bit more thoroughly once he gets back ;)

Oh my, Anon, reading this prompt actually made me blush.


Kagami sighed, checking his watch and glaring at the long line in front of him. Narita was busy as always, and the security check was a necessary but tedious hassle. He was about to check his watch again when his eyes landed on something that would definitely help pass the time.

It was one of the security guards, his tight-fitting navy security jacket matching his hair and eyes. He stood idly by the metal detector, waving through people as long as the machine didn’t beep. Kagami couldn’t tear his eyes away from those long limbs and sharp features, and before long, he found himself at the checkpoint.

That was quick, he thought as he removed his watch and backpack, shoving it in the tray and taking out his passport and ticket to be stamped. Now that handsome man would wave him through, and they would never see each other again, never knowing each other’s names… He passed by dozens of people like this every day, yet the sentiment made him feel slightly disappointed this time.

He sighed, walking over to the metal detector, stepping through it like normal, when-

Beep. The light on the side turned from green to red.

Kagami raised a brow. What? I took off everything…shit, my belt! He mentally slapped himself, remembering the metal buckle on his belt and how he had forgotten to remove it in his distracted mind.

The man looked at him, his dark blue eyes checking out more than just Kagami’s face. From this distance, Kagami could easily read the badge on the man’s chest. Narita International Airport Security - Aomine Daiki.

“This way please,” Aomine stepped aside and pointed to a curtained cubicle. That husky voice was sin to Kagami’s ears.

Fuck, he isn’t going to pat me down, is he? Shit. Is this good luck or bad luck?! “It’s just the belt,” Kagami explained aloud while following him. “I forgot to take it off.”

“We’ll see about that,” Aomine drawled, opening the curtain to let Kagami through. For some reason, Kagami felt a shiver of apprehension when Aomine closed it behind him.

“Is this a strip search?” Kagami blurted before he could stop himself.

Aomine took his passport and ticket and flipped through it. His eyes lifted to meet Kagami’s. “Do you want it to be?” he asked with a smirk. “Kagami.”

Kagami felt his cheeks heat up as Aomine stepped closer.

“Relax,” Aomine said softly. “It’s just a routine pat down.” His hands gripped Kagami’s belt buckle.

Kagami’s mouth went dry. “I-I can remove it myself…”

Aomine was still staring at him with a small tilt to his lips as his hands worked on the buckle, unlatching it and tugging it loose. The chafing sound of the leather sliding against Kagami’s jeans was loud in the small stall.

Loud, and suggestive.

Fuck, Taiga, fucking stop thinking about shit like that, Kagami bit the inside of his cheek.

Aomine dropped the belt in a nearby tray and grabbed Kagami’s waist. Kagami jerked a little in surprise, but the guard was just patting his sides. He didn’t miss the amused look on Aomine’s face though, to which he responded with a flustered glare.

“All good here,” Aomine murmured, grinning. And then he dropped to his knees right in front of Kagami.

Oh. My. God. Kagami was definitely feeling a little light-headed.

Of course, Aomine wasn’t going to do what Kagami’s first thought had been, but he patted Kagami’s legs slowly and meticulously. And when his hands moved from Kagami’s calf to his thigh, the redhead decided that maybe fantasising while wearing jeans about the security guy who was checking him probably wasn’t the smartest thing in the book. In any book.

Oh man. Aomine’s hand were really close to…there. Kagami could swear he was doing this on purpose, but he didn’t dare look down at him.

Come on. Think of something else. Dead kittens. Ugh no. Um…mossy plates? Like when you leave them unwashed for long. Shit, no, that’s…not…WORKING!

“Are you hard?”

Kagami pretended not to hear that, until he felt a hand press down there.

“Holy shit, you are.”

Kagami gaped, frozen at the hand on his crotch.

Aomine laughed, turning around and stamping his ticket. “That’s a first. But you’re clean and good to go.”

“You totally did that on purpose!” Kagami hissed, feeling his blood rush to his face. “I should accuse you of sexual harassment!”

“Sure. If you weren’t enjoying it. Which you totally were,” Aomine winked. He opened the curtain. “Have a safe flight!” he held out the passport.

“Fucking asshole,” Kagami grit out as he stomped away, grabbing his bag with more force than necessary. He could still hear that bastard laughing.


Five weeks later, Kagami stepped out of Narita’s glass doors, breathing in the Japanese air. He pushed his trolley to the taxi stand, smiling in his good mood. The flight had been comfortable, the food had been surprisingly good, and he’d even managed to brush his teeth at the airport.

He felt great. His mood was great. Now to wait for the taxi…

His face fell at the insanely long line, and he dropped his head, groaning. This was an hour’s wait at least. His eyes wandered. No distractions around anywhere…

“Hey! Kagami, right? How was America?”

Kagami’s eyes widened as a very familiar man in a security jacket idled up to him, tossing car keys in one hand.

“Aomine, right?” Kagami muttered, the memories of the last time he had seen this man flooding his cheeks with colour.

Aomine grinned, then looked at the passenger line and whistled lowly. “Damn. That’s long.”

Kagami rolled his eyes. “I know-”

“Want me to drop you?” Aomine said casually. “I just got off work.”

Kagami stared at him. “What?”

Aomine smirked. “I’m not a serial killer, I promise.”

“That’s what they all say,” Kagami snorted, glancing at the line, then back at Aomine.


It was a tempting offer… “Are you going to sexually harass me again?”

Aomine shrugged. “What? Are you still salty about that?” he laughed when Kagami glared. “Promise, promise. Unless you want me to, of course.”

“Oh my god-”

Aomine held up his hands in mock-surrender. “Hey, my free employee parking expires in ten minutes, so you better decide quickly.”

Kagami sighed, failing to stop the smile on his lips. Is this called good or bad luck? He looked at Aomine. Aomine, looking at him with warm eyes and a cheeky smile. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

“Alright then. Lead the way.”