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hello everyone, today I’m bringing you: a Fantastic Beats AU where everything is the same except everyone has a dæmon

disclaimer: this AU is very self-indulgent and I haven’t thought out all details and impracticalities of it, so please don’t nitpick. anyway,

- only witches and wizards are born with dæmons, muggles don’t have them

- a lot of dæmons settle as birds seeing as it’s more convenient form that can follow its human when they travel via flying objects like broomsticks

- both Grindelwald and Graves have large birds of prey as their dæmons; the birds are different, but look similar enough to be mixed up by anyone who doesn’t pay too much attention (this is another reason for Graves to be extremely salty once they find him after the whole Grindelwand infiltration incident; “I can’t believe you fools couldn’t tell one bird from another,” he keeps saying. “Maybe I should summon that Scamander guy back in America and ask him to give you all a few zoology lessons.”)

- Tina’s dæmon is an english setter, Queenie’s is a dove

- Credence’s dæmon is a black cat, for two reasons, one of them being me finding it aesthetically pleasing, and the second is that it’d probably piss Mary Lou off even more because there’s a lot of superstitions around black cats plus all that stuff about them being familiars of witches

- when Credence was a child, and his dæmon could still change its form, it took shape of small animals/birds/insects so that Credence was able to hide it from Mary Lou in his pockets; then it settled as a black cat and Credence started having a really hard time keeping it from Mary Lou’s eyes

- I wasn’t sure about Newt’s dæmon, only knowing that I wanted it to be an animal he can carry around on his shoulder so it’d constantly pick fights with Pickett much to Newt’s agitation; then someone I was discussing this AU with suggested an occamy and I ran with it. maybe it doesn’t exactly fit him personality-wise, but it’s my favourite magical creature so I just kind of. put two of my faves together. personal bias much? why yes, absolutely

- (or, you know, Pickett himself could be Newt’s dæmon instead, now that I think of it; those drawings can be read as either of these two options)

- yes, magical creatures can also be dæmons, because why the hell not; I guess it’s just not that common, and if your dæmon settles as one it’s a sign that you’re most likely an eccentric and unpredictable person (and isn’t that what annoys other people)

okay I’m done and please for the love of god don’t delete this long ass comment

Hey there friends since it’s Endometriosis Awareness Month (and also Endo Awareness Week I’m pretty sure) here’s some important info about it:
  • Endometriosis affects one (1) in ten (10) people assigned female at birth
  • It’s when the lining of the uterus grows outside in other areas of the body
  • Its common symptoms are pelvic pain, abdominal pain, lower back pain, heavy/abnormal menstrual bleeding, painful intercourse, nausea, extreme fatigue, digestive problems, and sometimes fertility problems
  • You don’t need all those symptoms to have endometriosis
  • Anyone at any age, race, and identity can be affected as long as they’ve started their period
  • It doesn’t just affect you during your cycle (I’ve been wiped out from this for months now so trust me, I know.)
  • Many doctors, GP’s, and even gynaecologists don’t know much about it
  • Halsey, Whoopi Goldberg, Chaz Bono, Dolly Parton, Daisy Ridley, Marilyn Monroe, Cyndi Lauper, Yuki Murofushi, and even Hillary Clinton all have endo
  • Surgery isn’t the only solution, and birth control, acupuncture and natural medicines usually end up working better anyway
  • There currently isn’t a cure for it

And remember: heavy and painful periods aren’t normal, they’ve just been normalised. You aren’t making it up or overrreacting, and you don’t deserve to suffer like this.

Love n spoons 💕


It’s time for another Kingsman Tumblr Meetup!

Seeing as the trailers (can you believe we’re talking about multiple “trailers” here after months of nothing??) have reawakened the fandom and all of its members - the old and the new - it’s about time to get to know each other (again), don’t you think?

It’s all very easy, all you have to do is be a Kingsman fan and you’re in!

The meetup is an online thing where you can:

  • introduce yourself to the fandom and your followers
  • find new blogs to follow
  • share your fanfiction
  • share your fanart
  • share your headcanons or AU ideas
  • tag each other for challenges
  • freak out over the the sequel (remember to tag appropriately!)
  • (you can honestly do whatever you want, this is just a way to connect with your followers and other fans c:)

The meetup is on Sunday, June 4th, and it’s all day long, that means you can post at any time throughout the day! (you can obviously post in the tag whenever you feel like it, and remember, you’re never too late for the meetup!)

Please like or reblog this post to let me know if you’re interested and to share it with your followers :)

follow @kingsmanmeetupif you like, it’s the official blog where all the posts will be reblogged :)

and most importantly, don’t forget to post everything in the tag

#Kingsman Tumblr Meetup

Season 2 is coming!

We let you guys decide the prompts for our pre-S2 canonverse celebration and the results are in! We’ll cut straight to the chase and let you know which ones you guys seemed to like the best. Thank you to everyone who voted in our poll and took our survey (we will be analyzing the results and figure out any changes we’d like to make moving forward - your feedback was very much appreciated!). The prompts for our next event are the following:

  • Day 1: Budding Romance
  • Day 2: Secret
  • Day 3: The Ocean

As usual, remember to tag your entry in the first five tags of your post so that we may see it. This event’s tags will be #ereri canonverse weekend, #erericanonverseweekend, or as always, you can simply just tag #ererievents

(Remember, the tag says ereri, but our blog is open to all forms of the ship!)

Late entries are always permissible and this is just a simple reminder that we do accept submissions and are willing to accept entries and maintain anonymity if you’re feeling shy about posting anything. And please do not feel pressured to partake in anything if you’re uncomfortable or you’re just not feeling up to it! 

Please send us an ask if you have any questions about anything. And remember to always check the rules before creating your submission! 

P.S.: It is likely that our week-long celebration planned for the latter half of the year will also be canonverse themed as season two will have likely wrapped up by that time. We may also sprinkle in a few single day events this year as well, but they have yet TBD. 

As always, thank you all for following us and a big thanks to those content creators who help keep this blog going! 

ciutae  asked:


1) outfits :/

2) their posture

as u can see here, they’re definitely slouching the entire time, a distinct stylistic choice (instead of, say, when namjoon isn’t using his entire body during his ver of this combo) which makes the dance feel more sexy (?)

it’s like they’re so in control of everything, there’s no need to be tense about it. it’s clearly a choreographical decision tho, or an interpretive one, bc they still have the moments executed thru their whole body the entire time.

3) the choreography

the choreo itself is very smart. it plays a lot with levels (standing —> floor, etc) and works with the beat. musicality is a little hard to do right, but there’s a lot of space for them to fool around, and both jimin + jungkook give 👏every 👏 count 👏 justice 👏

it engages the audience by using a fast/slow technique. for example, the choreo takes things slow (they’re able to upper body movement while lower body is chilling) before it hits a really fast eight count that is All footwork at 0:53

every step is on the beat, the boys work isolations so hard i feel it in my fuckn SOUL, baby (serve me those chest n legs 👅👅👅 yayayaya), and the way they add their own flair to the in betweens got a bitch reeling

4) their individual style

i’ve talked about how jimin dances before, but the difference between the two of them are very clear in this dance. jimin tends to milk every step and uses tons of resistance, while jungkook prefers to move easily and sharply (?) which happens to be 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛 for me

do pay attention for their added flairs as well. i would say to watch out for the parts where their hair bounces; that’s the easiest mark of where there’s doing extra head/shoulders/neck/etc movement.

my favorite thing is watching this like 80000 times while focusing on only one person with every replay. they interpret the choreography soo differently, and it’s a treat to see them deliver, but using different methods of shipping (think UPS v FedEx) during this combo

5) the Extras

they are constantly moving in this dance. there is never a moment where they’re standing completely still 😍😍😍 whether it be chest or head or hands or legs 😍😍 my boys have really strong musicality when it comes to this combo and im 😍😍😍

even when they’re holding a position, both of them bounce a little on their feet or roll their heads back a little to keep the choreo from going stale. 

do take notice of their hands as well; it’s a very important part of dance. are they relaxed by their sides? are they in a fist? are they curling & uncurling during each step? how are they moving? how are they being utilized?

many people don’t realize this, but hands can completely set the mood of a piece, and the laid-back —> intensely sexual atmosphere of this combo is also due to that~~~😏😏 (+ pay attention to 0:21 and 0:57 when they’re also motioning 2 the fingers using their hands hgnsldakghasg SO HOT WTF 😩😩😩)

watch where they balance their weight as well. how does it transfer between steps? i know jimin likes to roll through his feet, but jungkook spreads his weight out evenly between his whole foot. for example, at 1:19, jimin’s up on his toes while jk is still on his heels

personal favorites

0:25 - the way they snap into those levels??? godt they have so much control and precision over their bodies even when their hair is flying everywhere i’m SOLD 😪😪😪

0:38 - the movement that travels up through both their bodies (jimin’s is a little more defined at the beginning though) and all the much drag they utilize galskdhg kidna made me cry

0:56 / 0:58 - the L O C K 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 the S N A P 😖😖😖😖 the fact that they hit all the beats Just Right,, how the movement is subtle, but you can still tell that they still put energy into it (check their hair) at the same time 🙏🙌🙌

1:25 - that arm shit they do??? when they close it off with hands that are Just loose enough?? the isolation between upper and lower bodies?? bihccchh PLEASE i was sold from view #1 when they did that part of the combo. plus that turn at the end………………….SO SOLID. my boys really stuck that landing gjhdgglg

anyway i’m pretty sure this combo made me stan bts :/ i watch it once every day to keep in good health ghgdh

**note: asking me to discuss/explain a dance is a very broad topic, so if you want me to talk more in detail about a certain aspect or if you have a question about something specific, don’t hesitate to send me a message!!! i loove talking about dance~~ 😍😍

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #30

Officially no longer a youngster. Get a job and get out of your parents’ basement, “weekly” rec list, for pete’s sake. Get it together.

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

A Lonely Mind by Bandity
Words:  11,292 (WIP ½)
Author’s Summary:  Lance struggles with depression, choosing to hide his problems, he starts down a dangerous road alone.
My Comments: I think I kinda freaked the author by leaving a RIDICULOUSLY long comment on this one. Go read that for my expanded thoughts. But yeah, fave of the list. You remember that post going around not long ago about how healing pods are scary? This fic takes that concept in a FABULOUS direction, and I love it to death.

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul by Agapostemon
Words: 1,595
Author’s Summary:
“So you want me to spy for you,” Keith observes blandly. “Exactly!” Hunk nods, “Oh, and keep an eye out for food stashes. I wanna know where all my ingredients are going. ”Keith sighs, “Fine, whatever. I’ll spy for you. But only because he’s my brother and I care about him.”
My Comments: Really sweet and heart-achey exploration of Keith and Shiro’s relationship, through the scenario of Shiro hoarding food in his room.

Pizza, Pasta and some comfort by SerenePhenix
Words: 4,405
Author’s Summary: I love taylor_tut’s sickfics to death but the one that really stuck with me was the one about the college AU where Lance appeared on the gang’s doorstep and they all were like “let’s take care of this sick stranger”.I really couldn’t help myself…
Getting Lance to stop before he can collapse Shiro wonders what can be done to help the poor guy.
Besides making sure that his temperature doesn’t go through the roof…
My Comments: Not long ago, I recced “The Pizza One” as my favorite taylor_tut fic, and here’s a nice long sequel! I love it almost as much as everyone in the fic loves Lance.

Food for Thought by WildWolf25
Words: 9,094
Author’s Summary: After a very uncomfortable breakfast his first morning in the Castle of Lions, Ulaz learns that Galra and Earthlings (and Alteans) have some very prominent cultural differences, specifically relating to food. Once they get some misunderstandings cleared up, though, Lance gets a certain idea…
My Comments: Crack alert! This is delightful. Gen, but technically NSFW for…reasons. Just read it, if you’re of age.

Stretch the Day by Stratagem
Words: 886
Author’s Summary: Lance and Hunk hang out with their siblings at a lake and have a nice day where nothing bad happens. Really!
My Comments: I’m actually reccing every fic in this series, Voltron Space Family, this one just happened to come up first in my AO3 history because I read it the most recently. But yeah, you should consume everything. This author is SUPER good at child mannerisms, as well character interaction and feels. There’s a story where Shiro is rescued after the end of Season 2 by a misfit band of space pirates including one Matt Holt, and another where the Galra kidnap Lance and Hunk’s siblings, which is heart-rending. Very, very good stuff. I’ll be following this author with eager anticipation.

Distance by nawsies
Words: 1,381
Author’s Summary: Pidge misses her Mum so much and most of the time she refuses to think about it, Lance is in the right place at the right time and wants to help his friend (he helps).
My Comments: Sweet, achey, homesick Lance and Pidge. Beautiful little fic.

Mermaid Rescue and Rehab Inc. by isabeau25
Words: 1,064
Author’s Summary: Sadly, this isn’t the strangest phone call Pidge has ever gotten from Lance. The mermaid is new though.
My Comments: MERBABY SHIRO RESCUED BY THE GARRISON TRIO. If that doesn’t make you want to read it I don’t know what will. Just go. It’s great.

Voltron Hug Collection by hufflepirate
Words: 12,761
Author’s Summary: 15 microfics, minifics, or oneshots featuring Voltron hugs. These were written based on tumblr prompts (plus 2) and to get me through finals week. Every chapter involves at least one hug, all hugs are platonic, and chapter titles will tell you the people involved and some idea of the plot or prompt, so keep an eye out for those.
My Comments: I’ve been reblogging these fics in their tumblr post form, because they are all amazing, but if you missed any, here they are all handily collected for your convenience! I intend to comment on every single chapter, just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Lionhearted by Pidgeon_Online
Words: 9,539
Author’s Summary: It’s a struggle for everyone. They’re struggling to stay afloat in the sea of stress and anxiety.And Pidge accidentally tipped the boat.or
Pidge gets sick and everyone helps while trying to juggle their own problems.
My Comments: Sick Pidge with bonus angsty Lance and supportive everyone else. A pleasure to read.

One Day at a Time by dem_hips
Words: 2,818
Author’s Summary: Being away from home at school is a little different from being away from home defending the universe, as it turns out.
My Comments: Kind, supportive Garrison Trio. They’re all so very far away from home. Another fic where Pidge and Lance level up their friendship. I love it.

Caught in the Rain by WildWolf25
Words: 3,611
Author’s Summary: “Hi, um, do you need help with your… robot car?”Pidge looked up to find a man looking down in bemusement at them. His black hair was cropped close to his head, shorter at the undercut and only slightly longer on top, save for a white-dyed tuft that fell over his forehead.
“It’s a rendition of the Mars Rover, but ‘robot car’ works too.” Pidge said. “And I’m okay, I just need to dry it off. My teammates are delayed, so I just need somewhere out of the rain to wait for them. Sorry about using your awning.” (While waiting for their robotics club members, Pidge gets caught in the rain and takes refuge in the lobby of an onsen, where they meet Shiro)
My Comments: This is such a warm, gentle, relaxing fic, much like I imagine an onsen visit to be. Love this modern version of Pidge and Shiro, with Lance being a disaster and Hunk being a suspicious mechanic, as it should be.

Heathens by TheCookieMonster77
Words: 8,785
Author’s Summary: “You…"Keith looked completely bewildered and lost at Lance’s outburst and Lance thought that that was probably the worst part of all of this. The heathen didn’t even realize his error.Keith’s face looked startlingly close to a kicked puppy. "What did I do?”“I- You-” Lance let out a muffled shriek shout of irritation. “You,” he growled, jaw clenched and teeth grinding, “just asked for pineapple. On pizza."What. An. Out. Rage.Keith blinked. ”…Yes?“Hunk is an amazing angel (like always) who figured out how to make space pizza. Lance was ready to sing his praises to the universe, but then his teammates have to go ruin everything by insisting on pineapple pizza.Heathens.
My Comments: Very fun and funny fic! I loved everyone’s different reactions.

A (Space) Mother’s Work is Never Done by BajillionKittens
Words: 2,851 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: A Mother’s Day celebration for the team mom. Six times Coran took care of his kids and one time they returned the favor.
My Comments: SO CUTE. I love the way Coran takes care of all of these children he’s suddenly stuck with. The different scenarios are all very good and fitting, and I’m looking forward to more.

Little Drops of Poison by Saereneth for BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 2,607
Author’s Summary: Shiro had been trying to catch up to them, clawing his way through years of separation just to feel like he was part of them once more, but sometimes it was just too much, and he had to excuse himself for a while so he could come to grips with everything he’d missed.
My Comments: @bosstoaster‘s Ten Years On AU bothers me on a very visceral level that I have trouble articulating, but this little exploration in the sandbox is lovely. I love Pidge unable to stick with her original concept and expanding into thing she finds interesting or just pretty, and the way Lance notices Shiro spiraling and subtly grounds him without being flashy is really lovely characterization. Very believable development of both of them, and Shiro is heartbreaking as always, but everyone’s going to take care of him.

Be Water, My Friend by xLoLix
Words: 8,531
Author’s Summary: So there are the quieter moments between missions, between exciting events, between the moments that matter. (The real secret are that those are the moments that matter the most.)Here are some moments between the paladins, starring Lance.Or; I air out some of my general grievances and de-stress from school by writing a fic about my favourite character.
My Comments: Really lovely exploration of Lance and his relationships. I enjoyed it.

Finding Family by squirenonny
Words: 17,214
Author’s Summary: A collection of drabbles that don’t fit neatly into the main Duality plotline. Most can be read independently of the main story, though each entry contains a note on where it fits in the timeline.Written based on prompts from readers.
My Comments: Some mild Klance and Shatt. Every single of one of these is delightful. You should just read everything this author writes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

As Color Fades Away by IcyPanther
Truce by kyanve
The Times They Remembered Pidge Was a Girl by MagmaWrites
The Color Of Our Planet From Far Far Away by LonelyGirlInSpace
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny  (THE GANG IS BACK TOGETHER)
Secret of the Blood by exclamation (now complete)
Garrison Days by castlestormed
Towards The Sun by Eastofthemoon
The Machinations of Perception by HapaxLegomenon
Must Surely Be Learning by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (now complete)
The Garden of Heaven by Genesister (papirini)  (now complete)
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Scattered by avidbeader
A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
Shifting Sands by Cardigan_Quincy

Since Summer is upon us and Riverdale is on hiatus we thought we would have a bit of fun to pass the time.

The aim of this challenge is for all Bughead shippers to get involved and get creative during the break.


  • Anyone can enter but please remember NO ship bashing. Any Anti-Bughead posts will be ignored
  • Your entries must be completed before the deadline provided.
  • Please no more than three entries per person per challenge so we can keep track of them.
  • You must tag ’Bughead Summer Hiatus’ in the first five tags of your post so we can reblog them. You can also tag ’Bugheadcentral’ but it’s not necessary.
  • The content should feature Bughead in some form. HOWEVER, we will accept character focused posts (as long as the characters are of Betty or Jughead).


  • Challenge 1 (Monday 5th June - Sunday 18th June) - Edits: Best Of Us // Fanfiction: An Unpredictable Moment
  • Challenge 2 (Monday 19th June - Sunday 2nd July) - Edits: You Brought Colours Into My Life // Fanfiction: Three Wishes
  • Challenge 3 (Monday 3rd July - Sunday 16th July) - Edits: I’ll Write You A Song // Fanfiction: With This Ring
  • Challenge 4 (Monday 17th July - Sunday 30th July) - Edits: Lips // Fanfiction: Thankful I’m A Writer
  • Challenge 5 (Monday 31st July - Sunday 13th August) - Edits: We Have Suffered Enough // Fanfiction: Moral Dilemma
  • Challenge 6 (Monday 14th August - Sunday 27th August) - Edits: Skin // Fanfiction: Home Sweet Home
  • Challenge 7 (Monday 28th August - Sunday 10th Septemeber) - Edits: Family // Fanfiction: Voice

A few examples (if you are having troubles with any of the prompts):
Best Of Us - What are your favourite Bughead moments?
You Brought Colours Into My Life - Create a colourful gif or edit.
I’ll Write You A Song - Create an edit with song lyrics.
With This Ring - How would you imagine a Bughead proposal?
Skin - Physical touches, intimacy etc…
Home Sweet Home - Create a scene featuring Domestic Bughead.
Voice - Create work featuring a beautiful speech (such as wedding vows) or an all-dialogue fic showcasing funny moments between them.


  • Please feel free to reblog this post to give us a signal boost.
  • If your post does not appear in the tags due to tumblr issues - please SEND US A MESSAGE and we will be happy to reblog your post.
  • If we miss your post for any reason PLEASE LET US KNOW and we will reblog this for you.
  • Any creative content is welcome (gifs, edits, fanmixes, fanfics, videos etc…)
  • Whilst we have provided separate prompts for edits and fanfiction please feel to choose either of them. If you want to write a fanfiction using an edit/gif prompt then please do so and vise versa.
Show Me Where it Hurts (will you make it okay?) (Oliver/Felicity; T)

Summary: Set immediately post-5x17. Felicity patches Oliver up.

A/N: Well, I never thought I’d be writing these two again, but here we are. I actually really enjoyed this episode for the first time in a long time. It was a great character exploration for Oliver and I felt like this was the show I signed up for in the first place. This little drabble is just my way of trying to process that.

I hope you enjoy, and please remember to hit that reblog button and write something in the tags if you enjoyed!

Read at AO3

Read at FFN

“John, it’s - it - it - it’s over for me. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m shutting everything down.”

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Take a look at the following info ;)

What’s this for?

EruRi of the month is an initiative to both spread the love for this pairing and let the artists show their art to the community.

How this works?

Every month a different topic will be revealed, along with its specific tags. The idea is having as many artists as possible creating content about the same thing in a given month.

The beauty on this is that we’ll be able to see how different people represents the same idea, each mind is a world, and even having the same theme, there are infinite possibilities! We want you to let your creativity fly!

Ok but, what am I supposed to do?

Wait for the Flavor of the month and create!

Once you have your entry remember to use the proper tags, so we can reblog your art and many people will be able to enjoy it.


Each month will have a specific topic, you can add as many pieces as you want (fanfics, drawings, edits, etc) and you can upload them within the month. Once the month has passed and a new theme is announced, posts should only be made about the new theme.

The main tag will be #eruri_of_the_month but each topic will have its own specific tags and you can also add whatever tags you want. But please don’t forget to add the main tag!

NSFW is allowed as long as you properly tag it as #nsfw 

 Have fun!!! This is all about spreading the love for the EruRi and nothing else. Posts containing hate against other couples/characters won’t be allowed. Also please remember to respect and tolerate each other.  The EruRi fandom is a bunch of incredible people and we want to continue being a nice community :) 

One last thing!

The topics haven’t been decided yet, we want to let this opened to the community, so please feel free to suggest ideas! Depending on how many we receive, we’ll be creating a poll — or something —

That’s all for now! We may be adding more rules if doubts arises :D

Calm down - the teaspoon girl pt 2

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 1617

Had to break this into parts: it’s been too long since I posted a story. Part three isn’t too far away.

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part one:

A tiny object on the floor caught Sam’s eye. Just a doll, but… he bent down to pick it up. It was warm and floppy, and… yeah. This was definitely on the weirder edge of the spectrum.

Coming closer, Dean squinted at the thing in Sam’s hand. “Is that…?”


Sam picked her up and held her in his hand. Barely ten centimetres long, she weighed no more than a small cookie. He shuddered. How was he going to do this without squeezing her to death? Surely she would be crushed in his giant hands. Gently, he turned her over. She was completely still, but limp, her hair spreading out over his fingers: there were no signs that this was a grown, living woman. Except of course the fact that she had a pulse, and was warm to the touch.

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Giroud & Ramsey

.. Yeah because we love them and can’t get enough of them ❤

right?  @thegametheboysandthearsenal 

Feel free to add more pictures and gifs! 

Originally posted by thomasmxller

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awwww, Aaron is so giggly *v*  #thegiroudeffect

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can we pleasee take a minute to remember this!! (ft. welbz) 

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Lol, Aaron trying to look pretty while Oli is getting ready  “dancing” ? 

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mmmmm….. and then this happened …. ?? i need answers 

Originally posted by tjgoalshie

Is it too obvious that i LOVE them TOO MUCH! ❤❤❤

Shannon’s Birthday Fic Challenge!

HELLO FAM. in honor of almost reaching 3k followers and my 20th birthday coming up next month, I’m hosting my first fic challenge!

your fics should be posted BY MY BIRTHDAY, MARCH 12TH! obviously you can send them in before that, but if you need an extension, please message me. because the next day (march 13th), I’ll be making a masterpost for all the fics.

the fic theme is BIRTHDAY and there are ONLY 50 SPOTS OPEN, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!


1) send me an ask (asks ONLY guys!)

2) tell me what character you’re writing for

3) pick a prompt and a backup prompt in case your first pick is already taken!


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The spell - the teaspoon girl pt 1

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 1220

Had to break this into parts: it’s been too long since I posted a story. Part two isn’t too far away.

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

It wasn’t planned. The day had started out pretty good: chirping birds had woken Y/N gently after the first proper night in what seemed forever. After the failure that was the previous hunt; where a small miscalculation had ended with one dead victim and another one paralysed from the neck down, she’d been sleeping even less than usual. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw the accusatory face and snapped neck.

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Time to celebrate surviving three weeks of hiatus with a new prompt! After coffee shops, space and royals, we can’t wait to see what you come up with for:


We’re sure you’re all familiar with this one, and there’s certainly a lot of possibilities to explore! There’s no rules on setting, so you could do a real world AU, or explore the possibilities within the canon. Or do something more exotic! The choice is up to you - as long as someone’s a single parent, it all fits, so go wild!

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Love, the SHAUMondays squad

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reasons why seungkwan is a sweetheart
  • even if he’s part of the maknae line, you can see how much 17 members rely on him, always checking his reactions, and expect him to lead everything (and are usually lost if he’s not there)
  • if no one is saying anything during an interview, even if he’s not the MC he either leads the members or starts talking even if it’s nonsense to save the situation
  • he always tries his best to give good advices, and more than anything: always encourage people a lot
  • he’s able to get along with everyone, even new staff really quickly
  • he likes to make a lot of jokes, but he’s always careful of people’s reaction: if it looks like he said/did something that would make other unconfortable or hurt them he apologizes right away and try to make them feel better by saying nice things about them or gives them a hug
  • he just gives tons of hug to people who are pouting even a bit, or just tons of hugs in general
  • he’s just extremely polite and respectful: like on One Fine Day, when they were given something to eat after picking bossam in Cheongsando, he was the first one to go to other workers to feed them
  • after Mingyu used one the bossam to stop a fire, he apologized right away with a 90° bow to workers who gave them bossam
  • he’s careful of everyone like he tries to make everyone shine, and he keeps telling fun stories about members who don’t talk much
  • he protects his members of any situation where they could be embarrassed: when people ask Jihoon’s height, when Jeonghan accidently spat on the floor (and he moved quickly to hide it with his foot), or when Hoshi was asked if he changed the choregraphy this week too but he didn’t so Seungkwan immediately explained how Hoshi had so much work that it was impossible for him to do so
  • he’s careful of other members likes and dislikes, like when a member suggested to cook curry in a cooking program, he immediately said « no we have a member who doesn’t like curry » before Woozi even said that he disliked it
  • he’s extremely observant and can tell when seungcheol is lying, when woozi is embarassed and acting like he’s not, or really pretty much anything about the members
  • he’s interrested in foreign members’ culture a lot, like  he kept saying to Minghao how he wanted to try chinese food, until Minghao had enough and took him and Jun  to a chinese restaurant
  • and he’s always talking in english, and even try to communicate with foreign fans by using it
  • he didn’t show much of his japanese yet, but it seems pretty good since he’s one the of member who says the longest sentences in japanese
  • he’s very affectionate with everyone really and even more to fans: he greets them with the biggest smile on his face, hands waving really high in the sky, and he  just looks so happy and excited
  • when he leaves he either greets the fans the same way, or looks really extremely sadden to leave
  • he always tries his hardest to communicate with fans, no matter if they are foreigners or not, he has no problem trying to use their language, and start asking them questions about where they are from even if the situation doesn’t really permit them to talk
  • so whenever he’s in a situation where he can’t really talk (like when he was doing Sukira for exemple) he writes on a notebook things he wants to ask to fans (« are you excited for the comeback? », or after asking to a foreigner where she’s from: « NY? » to make sure), saying thank you to fans « thank you for congratulating me for my graduation♡  », talking about his feelings « i’m going to sing later, i’m so nervous », « i missed you »
  • he’s also one of the member who communicate the most withs fans on SNS
  • because of Pledis’ rules he sometimes has to refuse things like taking pictures, or giving people his signature, and he was said to look extremely sorry and apparently kept apologizing everytime it happened
  • he always show the same respect to sunbae groups, no matter if they are a popular or an unpopular group, he’s admiring all of them and keeps talking about how much he liked one of their song or enjoyed things they did in the past, etc
  • he’s like some kind of Jeju ambassador: never letting anymore makes fun of it, even if playing along with other people’s jokes would make it easier for him to fit
  • he has his own insecurities like his weight or his dancing skills (he used to be considered one of the worst dancer) and how he’s the one being scold the most during recording usually, but he never blames anyone joking about his weight, or people scolding him during dance practice, or  during recording. He just keeps working hard to diet, and improve in any area he’s not confident in
  • he makes sure the members don’t loose confidence in themselves, like when seokmin had to show a special talent on a show but reactions weren’t so good, he took his hand even if he was really far away from him to show support
  • he showers members with praises about anything related to their insecurities: like randomly talking about how happy he is that seungcheol is the leader, how much he likes mingyu’s skin color, or how fun joshua is and actually not a boring person at all…
  • when Jeonghan joined the group and was awkward with everyone, Seungkwan was the first one who tried getting close to him, by doing a lot of silly jokes, and it was never said but it looks like it took some time for Minghao to become close to the members, and Seungkwan also seems like one of the first who started looking out for him
  • he loves babies and kids so much and if seungkwan is usually the most professional of the group in any given situation, kids are an exception for him: he just stops talking about what he was supposed to talk about and keeps playing with the kid and talk no-stop about how cute he/she is, or even almost forget about the « no photo of people without their consent » rule, because they are so cute to him
  • he knows every members’ birthday
  • seungkwan always thought during his predebut days that he would be the least popular, and his biggest fear has always been not getting any attention at all, not being noticed
  • he was said to be a soft-heart boy since predebut: he cried more than Chan when his father came, also cried the hardest when samuel’s mother read a letter written for seventeen’s members, was the only one who cried when he read his letter for his mother on parent’s day, cried when doing a video message to his mother on 17project and couldn’t stop crying after seeing her, cried at the boys wish concert, cried when seventeen won their first rookie award, and got extremely emotional on his last day at Sukira with Ryeowook and the rest of the S-line, and on the One Fine Day when the 3 leaders read their letters
  • he also cares a lot about member’s feelings, like he was afraid for seokmin’s feelings when no judge talked about his singing in 17project (while seungkwan was praised), or when vernon said he felt sorry to seventeen about SMTM, he said later in an interview « He was talking about how he was sorry. What’s there to be sorry about~ right? » ©
  • he loves his mom so much and keeps talking about her no matter what; he even almost gave up on being an idol because he didn’t want to leave his mom in jeju
  • he gets anxious really easily, and sometimes he’s tired but since he’s the moodmaker and has pride on this title, he doesn’t want to let other people seeing his tired-side and try to gives energy to people as much as he can no matter what
  • i have so many things to say but i’ll stop there, so just remember that seungkwan is a sweetheart and that he deserves all the love
The Bog of Eternal Stench - the teaspoon girl pt 3

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 1013

Had to break this into parts: it’s been too long since I posted a story. Part four isn’t too far away.

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part two:

Dean thought for a second, then looked like he’d found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. “You can ride in Sam’s pocket. You’ll be safe, I don’t have to worry about crushing you… it’s a win-win situation.”

That was the best idea Y/N had heard in a long time, and if she wasn’t so hell-bent on keeping a crush a secret, she might have high-fived Dean.

The ride back to the motel was surreal. Sam plopped Y/N into his chest pocket without second thought, and she’d spent the rest of the drive trying not to think about how insanely close she was to him.

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Hello RebelCaptain Fanfiction Fans!

We are back with Fanfiction Fridays. Here is your theme for the month of June:

                          ~*~FAKE DATING/MARRIED~*~

This will be the focus for fic prompts and fic-related events for the month. (Go here for a reminder of how this even will work! Remember that participation may earn you prizes!) We hope you enjoy this event because we’re really excited to be relaunching it and see what kinds of fics and ideas you will all come up with.

This week’s challenge:

  • Write a fic (any length!) for the prompt: 


  • It can be anything you want, canon (divergent lol), AU, angsty or fluffy—so long as it fits the prompt (and the month’s theme)! 
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