please release a album soon :3

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why r u hoping for the person on amazon to not get in trouble?? they leaked bts content and that is illegal besides armys r not grateful and should not be because bangtan must be so disappointed that the work they've put into this album got leaked. amazon should be sued or at least put down the preview. ur probably not answering this ofc.

Let me start off by saying I like the notion that you are protective of bangtan. I think that’s great and I don’t blame you for thinking this. For one, I just hope that since comeback is near, as a fandom we don’t fight about things like this and work together. Also, perhaps learn to find more information before drawing conclusions.

1. The album isn’t leaked, they were 30 second previews that isn’t new that Bighit does. We get previews all the time with other albums, why would Bangtan get disappointed?

2. We already heard 8 out of the 15 tracks are we really gonna argue about the remaining 7?

3. In fact, I had someone reblog the amazon post saying that they didn’t want to order the album but since hearing the previews they went ahead and did. Isn’t that a great thing? If more people heard the preview it can convince them to buy the album and then it’ll help bangtan.

4. Finally, Amazon has a condition that selling through them, it is within their rights to provide a preview of the music they will be selling:

*IMPORTANT: Amazon Music & 7digital both make preview clips of your song(s) available BEFORE your digital sales start date, as soon as 3-7 business days after distribution for Amazon Music and 7-10 days for 7digital. The release won’t be available to buy until your release date, but if you’re uncomfortable with having preview clips available before that date, please do not choose Amazon Music or 7digital as a store for distribution until after or right before your release date.

from here: (info credit

So either Bighit didn’t know about this condition or it’s ok for them to have a preview anyways. Or they weren’t able to talk about it clearly. Either way, Amazon was just doing what it’s supposed to do for something they’re selling.

5. I don’t think it will hurt Bangtan if we hear the 30 second previews. Like for me, it gets me more excited and pumped to help them succeed. 

6. However, what people shouldn’t do is reupload the clips out of Amazon, I hope we just keep it there and not distribute it everywhere else as a sign of respect both for Bangtan/Bighit and Amazon as well.

SCANDAL; “Feedback!” blogpost by HARUNA☆

“Good evening! How’s everyone?”

“For me, I started to attend driving school from January onwards and I’m slowly approaching towards getting my provisional license. In between work, I’ve been diligently attendingー!”

“And then, a piece of news for today!”

“The KITTY SHOP that’s currently running in Shibuya will soon go through a renewal opening, to become “Feedback!” from 3/1 (Tue) onwards, as a private shop selling SCANDAL’s official goods! For more information, check out the Twitter account @Feedback_shop alright!”

“Since tomorrow will be the last day that it’s operating as KITTY SHOP, those who have the time, please do go over!”

“It’s about another 1 week till our new album「YELLOW」releases! Tomorrow as well, there’ll also be good news, so may everyone look forward to it☺︎︎ I think that everyone will surely be happy about it♪”

“Now then, see you!”