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Dan: it is time for some more dan and phil festive action, wow you all went there.

Dan: you do you phil

Dan: fot the philling, you see ehat I tmdid there

Phil slides in screen with a coat on: and for the coating

Dan: stand in the hallway of shame, for 5 minutes, we’re pausing the video for 5 minutes
Phil: i am scared

Phil while stroking a spider: do you think anyone is sexually attracked to spiders?
Dan: lets not go there right now phil, put it down

Phil: straight in tk barry the bowl
Dan: lets not ………., we have phanfiction about that before we know it.
Phil: laughs neevously
Dan: are you oke phil
Phil: i am just thinking about the phil and barry fic

Phil: dont lick that
Dan: not yet, *winks*

Phil: the neighbours are calling the police again

Dan: can I lick the spoon now, come on,get that in my mouth phil

Dan to phil: “teach me dad”

Dan walks away
Phil: he dan
Dan walks back
Phil: whats a vampire favourite fruit
Dan: a blood orange
Phil: a nectarine

Dan: you literally gonna impale me

Dan: go mental phil, lick that spetelar
Dan: no wait I need to get closer

Phil: we’re a putting a stick in the unbaked muscles

Dan: oke stick me

Dan: yes we are adults 😂

Phil rips backing paper
Dan: what does your family say to you at christmas
Dan: we wished we never had you

Dan and phil: rolling rolling rollling rolling rolling WHAAAT
Phil: we need to get delete
Dan: i am sorry

Phil: one joke, what room does a ghost not need in his house
Dan: thinks, gives up, what?
Phil: a living room
Dan: I dont even know how to feel

Phil: *microwave*
Dan: looks at phil, who told you you were aloud

Dan: do we use that for abain marri
Phil: yes
Dan: then wtf is this
Phil: that is just decoration

Phil: dr. Oetker more like marry me now

Dan: use this time to clean all the crap you left
Phil: well, i leave that to you


Dan: verry ucly but I love ir cause its my child

Dan: I am gonna call this one billy
Phil: you shouted me for calling the bowl barry, bit then you can call that billy

Dan: what do I want in here, I want your ass

Dan: so I hear you saying, Dan
Phil: Dan

Dan: we must go deeper
Phil: we must go sweeter

Phil: you are verry monsterist

Dan: MMMM, mmmm I am a-ctually having an orgasm

Dan: I would eat me any day of the week

—  Halloween bakng 2016

ok but give me a thread where muse a and muse b grew up together. like they were little kids ( i’m talking seven or eight years old ), muse b moved into the house next to muse a and they became best friends almost immediately. and they were super duper close, even going as far as going to prom together because they were both single at the time. they were the ones that everyone wanted to be together, or actually thought already were. and after graduation, they went off to seperate colleges. muse a ended up returning home after college, while muse b went off to the big city to achieve their dreams or whatever BUT now muse b has moved back to town and is reuniting with muse a and they’re both realizing their feelings for each other????
*infomercial voice* BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!
optional: muse a already has a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/fiance/e and their relationship with muse b is putting tension on that relationship so they’re pretty much left with the choice between them or muse b

ok i’m done now

Active Witchcraft Accounts?

I just realized a bunch of blogs I’m following have been dead for quite some time. I’ve unfollowed quite a handful… so now I’m looking for new, active blogs to follow!

I’m primarily interested in, but am absolutely not limited to…
*Black magick
*Green magick
*Domestic magick
*European folklore
*Vulture culture
*Tarot Cards
*French stuff 
*Witchy DIY and crafting 
*Getting drunk and talking about witch stuff
*Nice people

If it suits you well enough, please like/reblog/whatever and let your presence be known! I will most likely follow you. <3 

Ippy - 01/05/17
(My “primary account” is swammpwitch666, this is my side blog.)

Looking for Discourse free blogs.

I am multishipping trash and my dashboard is dead. Please reblog/like/or do whatever you want to make yourself known if you post/reblog a lot of:




Multifandom blogs are fine and if you only blog about one of the above that’s okay too. Just no discourse or antis please! (And no Kallura either…sorry but I just do not like that ship)

A follow is pretty much guaranteed :)

This took a while to make actually. But I’m on break for Thanksgiving so, YATTA!~ This was still fun to make, though. Also, I’m playing Syndicate at the moment and I love it so, expect some future fan art of that later!~ Thanks for following, liking the art, and rebloging is very appreciated!~

Hi, need new blogs to follow

Please like, reblog, follow or whatever if you post:
- art/your own art
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- pastel
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- kpop (mostly big bang, exo, bts, 2ne1, got7 and red velvet. Anything else is fine too tho)
- just whatever you post i really don’t care if you hit like or reblog i will definitely check your blog out and maybe follow you.

                         KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 6

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: NEW UPDATE! YAY! Okay, things are really getting intense now (as if they weren’t before) i’m pretty stoked to make the next few parts as I’ve got a lot in mind. BTW! Guess who finally makes an appearance this chapter? Please enjoy/reblog/like…whatever your lovely soul wants to do! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.3K+

Warning: Cursing? As usual.


Anyone who cried as much as you did couldn’t possibly recognize their own face, how could they? The way your face was heated, cheeks stained with undried tears along with your bloodshot eyes–it was something horrifying. Yet, in the back of your mind, a questioned raised: how was Kylo not the least bit grossed out at the sight of your terrifying aftermath called a face? Taking in yet another sniff as you continuously wiped your tears, you weren’t sure what you were crying about at this point. “Stupid Kylo Ren,” You muttered, tossing the crushed up toilet paper towards the mirror with such force, you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh as you watched it completely miss and land in the sink.

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