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Hello lads! I’m rolling into the last months of production of my film, “Bookaneer”, which means I need help with coloring! I’ve worked as a colorist on past films and through that I’ve developed a really fast efficient coloring method I’ll be teaching. I work in photoshop to color animation but it can be applied to other programs too.

If you have extra time in the next couple of months and want some extra cash, please consider joining my crew! Send applications and questions to!! Applications end 1/22!!

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hi! i have 5 extra tickets to fifth harmony’s concert for the 7/27 tour in boston on july 28, 2016 at 7pm at the blue hills bank pavilion. together, the tickets are $380. i would prefer it if you bought all five. however, if you just want one ticket, that’s okay too. i just don’t want there to be like one ticket left that i can’t sell because nobody wants to go alone. the seats (23-27) are in section 4 row E. if you’re interested, please message me off anon and i will give you the paypal details. just letting y’all know, this is cheaper than stubhub!! on stubhub the site charges you a fee of 15% higher than your actual ticket cost in order to generate revenue. i really have to sell these tickets, so even if you aren’t interested in buying them yourself, it would mean a lot to me if you could reblog this/spread the word. 

i'm dumb

we all know that a few blogs were being deleted for having too many saved urls, so as i was deleting some of my saved urls on my laptop, my internet cut out, refreshed the page to my main blog and i deleted it w/out realizing. obviously, there’s nothing anyone can do to get it back but i put a lot of time and energy into that blog and had literally just hit my next k and i had edited all the code of my theme and had a few popular posts and to lose that all is just devastating. on top of that, i’m leaving in an hour and I’m not going to be home for five days so i have no computer to set up my actual blog or anything which is insanely frustrating. i know it’s going to take me a long time to get back to where i was, but every follow i get back really means a lot. if you could please, please reblog this to spread the word I would be eternally grateful !!! thank you guys.