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as a thank you to all my followers, i’ve decided to have an art giveaway!!


- full body drawing -

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names will be picked out of a randomized generator!! if you win i’ll message you telling you what place you won. if you don’t reply within two weeks, another name will be drawn. thanks for understanding!!


since the last poll went so well, i want to ask y'all: how did you come to play your base instrument and why?

was it chance? did you put a lot of thought into it? were you forced? did you inherit something? any regrets? favorite parts? please reblog/reply with your story!

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This clip is not from the hit webseries The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo but is from one of Brian Jordan Alvarez’s dozens of hilarious shorts (which often include the other actors from Caleb Gallo and inspired many of the jokes/gags in the miniseries). I honestly can’t get enough of this guy and I can’t believe how long I was missing out.


I’m an aspiring novelist. I’m currently in the process of trying to complete and publish my first book, which will be a modern retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee, about the trials that two teenage boys face falling in love in an early time period. As an LGBT writer, I want to create more stories with diversity and representation available for teens and young adults.

I need to gain support, for this book. It seems a little silly to ask, but this will never become a thing unless there is a real following and genuine interest for the story. I was told that gaining interest on social media is the best and most efficient way to start my career and make a living from this.

Truly, this will NOT be able to happen without tremendous support from all of my followers, as well as anyone who wants to support diversity in young adult literature and young, aspiring authors.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are at all interested in reading, knowing more about, or supporting me and this story, LIKE AND REBLOG this post. Gaining a following is one of the biggest and most important steps in gaining the momentum needed to self publish or to get a decent publisher, and any support, whether it is liking or reblogging this post OR following my blog, it would be IMMENSELY helpful.

Tumblr has always shown momentous support when it’s been needed, and I would really, really appreciate anyone who is willing to help get this jump started. I will be posting excerpts, updates, and recording my experience as it happens, as well as continuing my regular prompt filling that I do now.

Thank you SO much in advance, and please feel free to send me an ask if you’re interested in learning more!


God. How long has it been since we have done one of these? Feels like it has been an entire age. But honestly, 600 followers! I can’t thank you guys enough. Every single one of you mean a lot to me! So, I think to celebrate it is time to break out an old tradition around here.

* musters up her best rita repulsa voice* 


This time i’m doing 4 prizes. Not one, Not Two, BUT FOUR!

Winner will receive a full color request!

Runner up will receive a flat color request!

Second runner up will receive a line art request!

third runner up will receive a sketch request!

People who know me know that I hardly ever ever do requests because I am so very busy,.(Please read “Very busy” as prepping for DND games and eating nachos) so this is a perfect opportunity to get some free art from me! Its a once in a lifetime..well OK maybe not that much.

1 like = one entry
1 reblog = one entry
Note you also have to be following me to be counted as part of the raffle!


After which I will put the names of all who  entered in a list by numbers and pick a number through a random number generator!

Get to liking and I hope everyone has fun!

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that was honestly one of the softest liveshows and my fave so far :(((( what do you think tiff??

im actually now going to rewatch it a second time (cause i missed the first part) so i’ll liveblog down my feelings as i go (SPOILER ALERT; I THINK.. DAN AND PHIL ARE IN LOVE,, SOFT HUSBANDS)

- dan in the white hat and kaonashi sweater and holding his pillow is the cutest and softest thing please, he’s the softest most good boy, a soft looking angel; phil dressing in black (/ mostly black) is the best thing that’s ever happened to us as a human species and we must bow to him, phil invented the color black
- they’re talking about merch for the shop, and yet why does it feel like they’re discussing which flowers to choose for their wedding ceremony—
- “we are in the room that’s not the room” pretty sure, like 10000% sure, it’s their room with the double bed where they sleep together every night
- phil called him DANNY with a deep voice and for 3 full seconds you can see dan got affected by it and i think that’s just lovely
- they’re… Love…………..just my analysis
- phil looks like he wants to punch dan in the face but in the most fond way possible, if he tried to punch him rn tiny hearts would come out of it
- PHIL phiL Phil phil  P HIL   P H I    L phIL phill phill l lpHIOL   P   H   I    L
- dan: “i’m wearing a hat cause im fluffy” YES YOU ARE I CAN CONFIRM, THE FLUFFIEST BOYE :((((((
- something tells me dan likes phil but im not sure because he’s only said his name 18297234379597 times maybe i am mistaken……
- phil and dan smiling together? true love is real and alive
- “PHIL, BITE YOUR LIP AGAIN” you might think dan was reading the chat but i was actually there next to him and he just said that by himself (his face when phil did it though? he felt Something)
- sorry for being gross and cheesy but dan’s laugh can make flowers grow
- dan pretending not to know what the chapstick challenge is…. pls…. what a phake, im sure he’s filmed it with phil and the .mp4 is hidden somewhere in his computer, i dont believe this
- phil: “i’m not gonna put it in your mouth”…… i have things to say but im not gonna say them, i think dan’s face when he says that is self explanatory
- this guessing game shouldn’t be as cute as it is but since the 2 boyfriends are doing it then it looks like i just dipped my whole body in honey (the honey is a metaphor for Real Love)
- is it just me or dan got more comfortable in phil’s liveshows?? i remember he said he wasnt comfortable much in phil’s liveshows but he really does seem more comfortable to me now [cries softly]
F         O          N           D
- how phil said he’s going to reblog more fanart and “showcase” the posts we make and “boost the artists”, i love him so muchhch what a good man ;______;   [btw PLEASE @ PEOPLE, DONT POST EMBARRASSING THINGS IN THE TAG, THE MAN IS LURKIN]
- “💓💓💓💓💓SERIOUSLY💓💓💓💓💓💓WHAT IS WRONG💓💓💓💓💓💓💓WITH THIS GUY💓💓💓💓💓”
- update: dan and phil are in love
- “💖💖💖💖💖💖💖PHIL💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 WHAT A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖”
- when phil was scared of dan spraying him, that was……………..too cute
- “i got some quinoa” “are you going to give me some quinoa?” “do you want some quinoa?” “yeah, cook me some quinoa” i literally feel like the most third wheel person to have ever third wheeled, what is this
- “if you don’t know who this guy is it’s DAN💕💕💕💕 DANIEL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 LOOK HIM UP 💕💕💕💕💕 IT’S DANIEL HOWELL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕”
- last update of the day: dan and phil are in 100% Love

my conclusion: SOFT 10000000000000/10, IN LOVE 1000000000000000∞


“I stared toward the open world, the city and the restless sea and the dry winter night.

Maybe it was some shred of courage, or recklessness, or I was so high above everything that no one save Rhys and the wind could hear, but I said, ‘I’m thinking that I must have been a fool in love to allow myself to be shown so little of the Spring Court. I’m thinking there’s a great deal of that territory I was never allowed to see or hear about and maybe I would have lived in ignorance forever like some pet. I’m thinking … ’ The words became choked. I shook my head as if I could clear the remaining ones away. But I still spoke them. 'I’m thinking that I was a lonely, hopeless person, and I might have fallen in love with the first thing that showed me a hint of kindness and safety. And I’m thinking maybe he knew that—maybe not actively, but maybe he wanted to be that person for someone. And maybe that worked for who I was before. Maybe it doesn’t work for who—what I am now.’


The words, hateful and selfish and ungrateful. For all Tamlin had done—

The thought of his name clanged through me. Only yesterday afternoon, I had been there. No—no, I wouldn’t think about it. Not yet.

Rhysand said, 'That was five. Looks like I owe you two thoughts.’ He glanced behind us. 'Later.’“

-Excerpt from ACOMAF, Sarah J Maas.

Um, enjoy? Share? A little performance reading from yours truly. Please reblog if you like it! Would this be something y'all would want me to do again?

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Can you please share this psd /post/144811591917/i-just-want-some-answers ?

it required a lot of adjusting and i’m not sure how it’ll work on other episodes but sure, here you go. (also please like/reblog if you use otherwise i won’t post my colorings anymore)



you can download it here.

I need new blogs to follow

Guys please if you post any of the following, let me know! I will follow everyone who likes/reblogs this.

  • panic! at the disco
  • twenty one pilots
  • fall out boy
  • the neighbourhood
  • shadowhunters
  • sherlock
  • doctor who
  • reign
  • how i met your mother
  • modern family
  • friends
  • how to get away with murder
  • basically if you blog any great tv shows i will follow you
  • i mean seriously if you post marvel stuff i will totally follow you
  • dc

follow backs would be very appreciated but not necessary

IronHawk (Part One) (Clint/Tony ABO AU)

Hey Everybody! Welcome to IronHawk :)

ABO AU with Alpha!Clint and Omega!Tony. I don’t have a “timeline” for this fic, obviously sometime after the original Avengers but it doesn’t really affect anything. I just make up battles and happenings… it’s a good time.
Also, Clint has wings because… he’s Hawkeye and he’s a BAMF. Tony struggles in this fic, lots of ups and downs so be prepared and please don’t hate me during the rough parts :(

I seriously love this fic guys. It was the first one I ever wrote and rewriting/re-editing it has been so fun :) I hope you love this as much as I do!

Like or Reblog to be tagged in updates!
PS I just tagged everyone who liked the excerpts, if you want to be taken off the list just let me know :)

Additional  Chapters HERE!

Clint landed on the railing lightly, his wings folding behind his back and melting against his skin until they disappeared entirely.
Rolling his shoulders, he frowned at the slight ache. Even months after the frankly outrageous battle for Asgard, the blow that had nearly severed his left arm from his body still caused him pain. Maybe Thor had some magic laced potion to completely heal his arm. Really it was the least he could do, considering Clint had been dragging his demi- godly ass to safety when a rampaging Titan had tried-and thankfully failed- to end his life.

And as thanks for saving the Asgardian Prince, the All-father himself had gifted Clint with actual wings, so he could hunt and fly as well as the fierce birds he was named for.

Clint had to smile at the memory.
He had been terrified to stand in front of Odin. Whether he had particularly believed in gods before that moment was strictly relative now because no one could argue with the giant man occupying the golden throne, and the booming voice that made Thor sound as if he was still going through puberty.

Clint had been awed, and humbled, when Frigga had approached, wrapped her slender arms around him, and whispered soft magic into his ear.

Almost instantly, wings had sprouted from his shoulder blades, and opened wide in the Great Hall. Feathers of dark brown and burnt gold caught a slight breeze and ruffled, sending shivers down his suddenly over-sensitive back.

The whole team had stared in disbelief, Nat with her hand over her mouth, Thor grinning proudly. The Captain shaking his head, still struggling with the whole idea of other realms and deities, much less one of his friends sprouting giant wings. Even Tony had had a hard time looking away, the ever present smirk on his face giving way to a look of respect.

Clint frowned, pulling himself from his thoughts, specifically the thoughts about Tony. It never did him any good to think about the omega. For all the Iron Man blustered and bitched and postured, the Alpha in Clint wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms (and wings!) around the genius and give him a safe place to relax. A safe place to be Tony. A safe place to just be whoever the omega was in his quietest moments.

Tony despised his omega biology though, and actually kept it a secret from all but the Avengers and a few select others. He had been on suppressants longer than Clint had known him, longer than even Pepper had known him. He simply refused to be anything other than Tony Stark, Iron Man, billionaire genius and player of hearts.  His secondary gender was of no use and therefore of no concern. He would throw Clint out a window if the alpha so much as looked at him in interest, so Clint kept his alpha pheromones, arms, wings, and looks to himself.

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Emergency Commissions

Hey guys, I have actually run out of places to apply that I wouldn’t need a car to get to every day. I have like $25 but I need $400 to register my car and pay the first month of insurance.

My mom is actually threatening to make me clean the whole house every day with no compensation if I can’t get a job but as I said I need a car to do that at this point. My commission info is here, my art tag is here, and I even set up a donate button in the upper left corner of my blog. Please, please spread this I don’t have any other options.

I hate asking for money so I’m willing to do short stories or poems as well, but I really need some help.

Hello everyone, Ashley ( @thechemistrynerd  ) here and to celebrate my late 1k (now 1.3k?!) I decided to host studyblr awards! Also, exactly a year ago today I started up this studyblr of mine that has blessed with an amazing community and good friends. Seriously, I couldn’t thank you guys enough for following me and being just beyond awesome!

Rules -

  • mbf me , please :-)
  • be mostly a studyblr or academic related!
  • reblog this post , likes are for bookmarking
  • if a side blog , message me your URL
  • there will be one winner for each category + two runner-ups
  • Higher Chance: message me , I don’t bite! :-)
  • Deadline: September 1st

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I’m crying because you guys are awesome

Originally posted by coporolight

Seriously, I will forever be in awe at the support in this community (save for some jerks who just likes to ruin things for people). A few days ago, I surpassed another remarkable followers milestone and to celebrate it with you guys, I’ll be doing a Steve x Bucky x Reader mini thing!

Also because Chamber of Secrets is being a bitch and giving me such a hard time

If you want to be tagged in that, please comment on this post ONLY (please dont send me asks or reblog because it gets hard to track and I dont want to miss anyone) 

FYI. those who are on my forever list will be automatically tagged. 

A tiny hint. 

It’s a firefighter AU 

Originally posted by espressobuns

ignore the banner I made in like 2 minutes but I have officially hit one thousand followers!!! I seriously cannot believe this many people follow me and have stayed here with this trash blog. I thought I would give back to you guys a little by doing make me choose edits! 


- please be following me

- reblog this post

- send me an ask making me choose between two characters, ships, places, etc.

- be patient with me please! I’m going to do them all as soon as I can, but if I get busy it may take longer!

that’s it and again thank you all so much!

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Rfa boys, sorry for jaehee fans, and them reacting to MC bringing them lunch at work/school. She doesn't necessarily have to make it but its up to you :D

Your wish is my command :3 I think this is such a cute one ohmigosh. I totally rushed this one tho so it might not be that great IM SORRY BUT I WANTED TO GET STARTED ON THE REQUESTS THAT I HAVE. but no baehee D: PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND IN REQUESTS OR JUST QUESTIONS, I will answer them in the order I receive them :D


  • He totally slept in and bolted outta the house without grabbing his lunch. 
  • He was texting you about how he was starving in class, bc he didn’t eat breakfast and didn’t have enough money for lunch  I feel you yoosung 
  • So being the amazing girlfriend that you are you decide to bring him a lunch
  • You pack all of his faves, throwing in some honey buddha chips that he stole from seven in too,
  • You get dressed and decide to surprise him on campus RIP MC
  • You’re about to abort mission and just text him when you hear some people talking about LOLOL, naturally you gravitate towards them because if yoosung wasn’t there then god only knows where he was
  • Sure enough he was in the middle of the group, having a heated debate on which weapon would be best when he saw you
  • His jaw dropped, and he rubbed his eyes a few times
  • Ok so I know I’m tired but why do I see my beautiful girlfriend in front of me, am I like losing my mind
  • He heard his friends talking, “woah, why is that babe walking over here smiling?” “idk man but i’d hit that”
  • And like that our little yandere boy was out of his dream like state
  • He glared at his friends, told them that was his gf. 
  • He walked over to MC and smiled, hugging her, what are you doing here he asked
  • Well being the amazing gf that I am, I brought you a lunch :D I made it myself too, and delivered it. Aren’t you lucky
  • As if he didn’t already know. >.>
  • He was so happy he couldn’t even say anything he just squeezed her again
  • They sat down to eat together, and his friends came by again bc they didnt believe mc was real to say hello
  • Yoosung was so happy surrounded by his friends and girlfriend,”I should forget my lunch more often”


  •  You were worried about your man, is that a crime
  • His schedule was so crazy packed and it looked like he lost weight too
  • You didn’t want your baby to overexert himself
  • so obv you grab some food and decide to have lunch with him
  • You pick up some super healthy food, and grab some fish shaped bread for desert and make your way to his rehersals. 
  • You sit in the audience, admiring your talented boy toy, when the director calls the scene
  • You get up and he runs over to you, smothering you in a hug
  • Babe, what a pleasant surprise. What’s up, I miss you” :(
  • Zen we saw each other like 5 hours ago. Yeah EXACTLY
  • You hold up the food and his entire face lights up
  • He’s so happy that you care 
  • Ever since he ran away from home, he’s been on his own
  • So he’s really happy that you care enough about him to bring him lunch
  • You guys sit together and eat it, enjoying each others company
  • He tries feeding you, laughing at the blush the begins to crawl on your face
  • Also, you guys may or may not go into his dressing room for a little fun hue hue hue


  • You know that cat daddy stresses himself out and totally over works himself
  • so one day you make him lunch
  • tbh you’re really nervous
  • before you can change your mind
  • you barge into his office and see him at his desk looking over paper
  • hair mussed from him running his hands through it all day
  • He barely notices you, so you walk over to him and kiss him on the cheek
  • That stirrs him out of his trance
  • “MC, darling what brings you here? Is everything alright?”
  • You kiss him on the nose, “Yes Juju, everythings great. I thought you might be stressed out so I cooked lunch for you. I don’t know if it will suit your taste tho…..”
  • Nonsense.” He immediately brings you over to the couch and begins digging in. He honestly would love anything, as long as it was somewhat associated with you. 
  • As you being talking to him, he visibly relaxes. Enjoying your company, he listens, playing with your hair affecctionately. Feeding you bites inbetween your stories. 
  • After he is finished he pulls you to him, and just holds you. He kisses the top of your head and says into your hair, how much he appreciates everything you do for him and how much you love him. 
  • He’s totally blushing guys, I can’t hes so cute GAWD
  • Afterwards he just kisses you, letting you know that he loved the commoner food and wouldnt mind having it more often. 
  • Now you guys have lunch dates like every week :3


  • So since this nub works from home, its not a huge ordeal to bring him lunch
  • thats what youd think right
  • this kid, literally LIVES on chips and phd pepper
  • Initially, he gets irriatated when you bring him food, but when he sees that you made it yourself and put it effort
  • He feels so guilty
  • Here you were just trying to show that you cared about him, and he was being a dick 
  • surprise surprise
  • So he’ll come over and this guy
  • will act 
  • so 
  • spoiled
  • like you gotta feel him everything
  • and he will be hella clingy
  • MC! MC! Seven wants the airplane now” 
  • Seven why are you talking in third person
  • He is super surprised at how well you cook, and he makes a mental note to try making breakfast for you once
  • like how hard could it be right?
  • GoD PlS nO
  • After you guys eat he cuddles you a lot, he still is kinda closed with his emotions, but he seriously loves you. He doesn’t feel worthy at all of your love, but he can’t let you go. 
  • Covers you in kisses to try showing you how much he loves you
  • Also tries to burp in your mouth, thats it we’re over seven

Yeah so this one was a fast one hehe. Please specify if you guys want mini fics or like scenarios or like hc/reactions. I like my posts to be on the longer side but I seriously rushed through this one. I am always open to critique so if you guys have any tips or comments pls send them in i would love reading them :D

You know the drill, show me and this post some love and I will love you forever ^.^ REBLOG/LIKE/FOLLOW

✁ 500 follower appreciation ‘”

 hey guys!! so to thank everyone for following me ( this extra piece of trash )!! i seriously really want to thank yall, but since the old 400 celebration continuation thing isn’t great, i decided to do name aesthetics, name edits ( or url ) and hp blogrates !

to enter :

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- please, be following me !! ( i promise you i’m not chill and will love you if you love me back )

- pick ONE of the following

- send ♤ for a hp OR mythology blog rate

- send ♡ for a name / url edit

- send ♧ for a playlist ( and your preferred genre of music ; if not your favourite artist )

- send ♢ for a name aesthetic ( and your name as well please )

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I’m running a kickstarter to gather funds to produce some enamel pins, but I need help getting the word out! And, i get it, some of you don’t care for pins or don’t like to reblog stuff, i get it, really i do. So i am here now, to bribe you into doing it.

If you reblog my Kickstarter post you’ll get a chance to win a commission from me! Depending on how well this does, there can be 3 winners! The Winner(s) can choose between a Colored Headshot Sketch or a Colored Chibi Sketch!

Rules for commission prize:

  • Single character
  • Image refs only*
  • *For FlightRising peeps, i can design a gijinka for one of your dragons based off their apparel/genes/bio.
  • Art will be finished within a month of the winner(s) being chosen.
  • Not a rule, but you can check out more of my art over here to see if my art style would be suitable for your character!

The winner(s) will be chosen from people that reblog the post, likes don’t count, sorry guys!

Also please like this post, the one you’re reading right now, so i can cross-reference people and make sure the winner(s) are people who actually want art haha (I know it’s a little…confusing, but i’m trying my best!)

Here is the post you must reblog! My Kickstarter runs until September 4th at about noon cst. The Winner(s) will be chosen by September 9th.

But seriously guys, i really want to get these pins made, like really bad okay 8((( So please help boost my project! You might get lucky and win some art! <333

i recently hit 500 followers on this blog, and I just wanted to say thank you all, so much

like seriously, I did not expect this many followers so soon. anyways, to celebrate, I’ve decided to do some name aesthetics!

• please be following me :) (also if you could follow my positivity blog @starlightpositivity that’d be great too)
• like or reblog this post
• send me an ask with your name and (if you want to) something about you

i will be tagging this as #stvdytea500 and it will be ending on september 1st 2017, so make sure to send it before then. thank you!