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i call this one: a moody and distant teen trying to decide whether it’s worth the emotional repercussions of buying and eating a 20 piece mcnugget alone

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Clione no Akari
Hajimete no Gal
Isekai Shokudou
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Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
Knight’s & Magic
Koi to Uso
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Made in Abyss
Nana Maru San Batsu
Netsuzou TRap
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Princess Principal
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Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ (and pretty much all of Symphogear)
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Shoukoku no Altair
Tenshi no 3P!
Tsurezure Children
Vatican Kiseki Chousakan
Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
… basically all the seasonal/currently airing anime

aphobe lore

long long ago, the only thing that existed in the farthest corner of tumblr was the all powerful aphobe god, peder. one day, peder realized that he was all alone in his little corner, with nothing to keep him company. peder spoke in his mighty voice: “yo turn that goddamn light on” and suddenly light shone down onto this part of the hellsite from all sides. shortly after, peder realized that the light was not very good company. he decided to create something else to entertain him. 

“i want some kids to live vicariously through. make sure they’re aphobic”

three young children emerged from the shadows. 

“father, we have come to serve you and fulfill your aphobic wishes.” one of the children said. peder could tell by his posture and tone that he was a natural leader. 

“you will run a very popular discourse blog,” peder commanded. “no one will dare debate with you, for you are too intimidating.”

the young aphobe seemed pleased with this, and ran off to start organizing his blog. he, however, was very uneducated on lgbt history or the discourse at all, and couldn’t win an argument even if he tried!

the two other aphobes were sent off to run blogs much less popular than their brother’s. 

one day, a short aphobe girl approached her father cautiously. 

“father! i have come seeking guidance. i am ashamed of being an aphobe! i cannot handle the discourse and anon hate! i cannot! i lose every argument i get into!” peder was brought to tears upon hearing his daughter’s story. how could a kind and gentle discourser such as her receive so much hate?

“do not fret my child! i will grant you the gift of knowledge! there will be no extent to your knowledge about the discourse!” and the girl was filled with knowledge. soon, her follower count surpassed her brother’s. what with her arguments filled with proof and facts and all. her brother grew angry, and typed out a long and detailed callout post for his sister.

not long after, the Great Aphobe War raged. many picked sides, some got lost in all the confusion and without a team to side with, were forgotten and left for dead. the sister and brother fought, calling for backup when needed. it was a harsh war, leaving tumblr a wreck. amidst all the chaos, some inclusionists joined forces to create a rebel gang called mogai. mogai was feared by both sides. the one thing both sides could agree on was this: mogai needed to be stopped.

mogai’s reign was too strong, however, and many ended up being killed by their microidentities and misuse of the SAM. the two sides were not powerful enough to defeat mogai, and they reverted back to fighting the same old war.

at this point, you might be wondering: whatever happened to the third aphobe? well, this aphobe was smart, very smart indeed. he did not ask his father for any gifts, because doing so would only bring about pain and suffering. he was biding his time, staying out of the war, and devising a plan to defeat mogai. 

after 2 long months of plotting and planning, the third aphobe went out into the chaos for the first time. he was shocked at what he saw. exclusionists of all kinds were lying in the road, children were crying. some were trying to help, but it looked like most had given up. he pushed back his plan to make time for an announcement. he found an old rusty bucket and stood on top of it. 

“uh, excuse me?” he called. some lifted their heads to look at him solemnly.

“i’m one of the children of peder, actually. i- uh- i know what’s going on.” 

when he said he was the child of peder, more looked up curiously. he was intimidated by all the eyes on him, but straightened up and cleared his throat.

“why are we fighting this war? why? aren’t we all aphobes? we should be working together to defeat the cishets, not tearing each other apart! do you guys even remember what you’re fighting over?” 

the audience that had gathered looked at each other, shaking their heads. one young girl spoke up.

“the first aphobe said that his sister and him shared an id when he specifically said ‘no doubles’ in his bio.”

“that’s kind of ridiculous if you think about it, actually” a voice called out from the crowd. weak laughter rang out.

“exactly! now let’s put aside our differences and all work together to defeat mogai and banish the cishets!” the third aphobe said. the crowd cheered. “let’s go!”

a line of aphobes accumulated behind the third to help in the banishment of mogai. the group ran off to defeat mogai in an epic adventure, with the third leading the way.

not long after the destruction of mogai, the sister and the first made up. 

“imm sso soryy,,, sfor accusig yuo of bbeign a ddoubel ppbleassee.. forgibe mmee……” the first cried.

“it’s okay brother.. i forgive you.” his sister said. they embraced, and the war ended.

and the third went down as the greatest aphobe in history.

Imagine Tendou and Suga as college roommates who constantly antagonise each other. However, sometimes at 3am one of them would wake the other up and say “let’s go on an adventure.”

I’m so tired I’m sorry

h-hewwo? do you like morally grey characters that are too grey for their own good and cause problems? please check out this blog , a multimuse with the main face being a canon divergent custmonized male!kamui, along with some other fire emblem muses ( and soon fankids ) , who knows maybe some pokemon and a storyteller ( abel from devil survivor overclocked ) of the blog! please be aware it contains VERY dark triggering themes that i’m going to write, but welcomes all of those that have no triggers! please give this post a like/reblog if you’re interested in falling into hell with me!

Hey, I got a favor to ask you guys.  And I promise I am not trying to be super entitled about my art or anything, but my follower base for both my personal and art blogs are not that large and it has even been difficult getting my commissions sheet out there, with reduced prices and all.

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And thank all of you who have been here.  You guys are doing so much already!  I appreciate all of you.