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you guys got any Steve Harrington x Reader fic requests? he is my muse rn and I love him, please send anything my way, I’ll also reblog some prompt lists toooooo 😋

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life is unfair - an attempt at summarizing the feeling of dontnod’s life is strange.

small hands - keaton henson // mt. washington - local natives // arrival in nara - alt-j // three rounds and a sound - blind pilot // crosses - jose gonzàlez // interlude 2 - alt-j // i might float - syd matters // mountains - message to bears // burgh island - ben howard // lying to you - keaton henson // colombia - local natives // stydia kiss - gabriele aplin // spanish sahara - foals

        max got a second chance to spend time with someone she loves before they died. and even though those memories don’t ‘exist’ to the chloe who was buried they exist in her soul, & they’ll always be theirs and they will always exist. this game is such a little snow globe full of nostalgia, regret, melancholy and love, and everyone deserves to play it & experience it as the lesson it is. go talk to the people you love. we won’t get a second chance like max.
        this game really will stick with me forever and i know it’s this important to lots of other people too.. so thank you dontnod, for making this something i got to experience for a year of my life & allow it to become so important to me as a person.

i can’t stop thinking about FMAB i know its gonna be one of THOSE animes that probably stay in my dum head forever so can you please like this or reblog this if you post 

  • fullmetal alchemist -brotherhood
  • fullmetal alchemist 03 (ill watch it soon) 
  • fullmetal alchemist manga
  • roy mustang 
  • any pairing/ship
  • any character, i seem to love everyone (i mean except like Father and Gluttony but im quite sure there arent any blogs solely for them) 
  • full! metal! alche! mist!
  • roy and maes’ friendship!!!!
  • my elric babies
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HI GUYS!!! i just opened my etsy shop!!!!
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My friend (the photographer) and his friends did this small video as an initial starting project. Its no longer than a minute and your support would mean the world to us, so please watch it and reblog it