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The media is WAY underplaying the women’s march in DC. there are OVER A MILLION PEOPLE. Not “around half a million.” OVER A MILLION.

It’s amazing. Chanting “Black lives matter” and “my body my choice” and “lgbtq and e; we just want equality.” Over a million people shoulder to shoulder with signs and anger channeled into action. THAT’S what the march was.

so i thought i’d help my buddies (the paladins, duh) out and help searching for their dad

This is Not Our Choice

We are leaving because for months now we have been treated unfairly by some of the other mods of this blog. We love this blog with all our hearts but we can’t continue to be treated this way. Thank you for all the kind messages and words you’ve given us over this past year. It was wonderful and we had some really great experiences. This was a really hard decision for us but we’re tired of the hypocrisy, we’re tired of being ganged up on, and most of all we’re tired of being blamed for having “the blog go downhill”

It’s not the people who reblog ask games or make silly posts who make the blog go down hill. It’s the people who expect us to act like emotionless robots who can’t interact with the followers in a friendly way. It’s the people who yell at us for reblogging fandom stuff then turn around and do the very same thing.

I’d also like to apologize to everyone who applied to be a mod. It wasn’t our decision not to accept anyone, either. In fact, we didn’t even get a say in it! It was decided without us. So again, im sorry to everyone who got their hopes up (well hey now they’re down two mods and still have two hella inactive mods so maybe this will change)

Please don’t let this be deleted. Please reblog this, we’re begging you. Please let our voices be heard @dalaisa-katili @fearinyourheart @socialjusticecourier @friendly-neighborhood-patriarch @satoshi01 @takashi0 @darkvioletcloud @doot5xg

So it’s with a heavy heart what we bid you farewell. And remember, be careful who you trust, because some people aren’t as nice as they seem

-With Love, Void and Blue

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things to do today: 

  • 27 pages of psych notes (get at least 15 done) 
    • ?/27 completed
  • calc test corrections
  • calc homework area between two curves
  • calc homework cross sections
  • make sure all ch 5 calc homework is done -> finish if it isnt
  • khan academy calc if time 
  • duolingo if time 
  • start english poetry assignment if time

im having a shit time and my room mate and i are out of money and food. we just got out a brutal relationship with the same person and are kind of dealing with all that stuff (being cheated on, sexually assaulted, abused all that kind of stuff!!! lmao!!!) and were looking for work just everything kind of sucks right now!!!

we have a place to live, and thats nice, but we have nothing else left and we just need some help right now 

if you could throw anything our way to help with food and bus fair wed appreciate it a ton
even reblogs help is my pay pal 

also im always sellin nudes lmao hmu :)

GO BLOCK @xxloopsyluluxx

please go block @xxloopsyluluxx for purposefully triggering me!!!!!!! they have just remade in an attempt to hide their shipping, too bad i have screenshots :’)

i originally spoke to this person kindly. they asked a simple question on my nsfw blog and then i went to check their blog to see if i would be interested in following them to find blmatsu. I kindly informed them of the fact that blmatsu makes me uncomfortable and asked them to unfollow my nsfw blog. I have since blocked them, so I don’t have the beginning of the conversation, but I do have enough proof without it. 

I nearly had a breakdown because of this person, so please, just hear me out.

I told this person I am very uncomfortable around incest. In response, they immediately made a vague-post about me, WHILST STILL TALKING TO ME. The post showed up on my feed and I told them it was impolite to make vague posts about people - if you’re going to denounce someone, at least do it to their face. They then told me I should ship it anyway if I like “osomatsu-san porn” (since apparently anyone who likes porn should like incest). This ensued.

A more personal story under the cut, and why this action affected me so badly to the point of tears. Trigger warnings: vomiting, cutting, suicidal thoughts, isolation, emotional abuse. I highly suggest you read it.

Firstly, though, you might go to her new page and say “but there’s no proof of BLmatsu shipping!” Well, in order to keep up on my blocklist, I send myself proof of the shipping in a private group chat in which I am the only member on Skype. Skype now shows the images in a post, and the first bit of text. Despite them having deleted the posts, I still have the beginning of the posts and the previews of the posts.

So, please. Go block this person who purposefully triggers people.

(also, from posts on her old account about how her mother would not like her reblogging sexual posts and her censoring words like hell, i’m pretty sure she’s like, 11. so i’m not sure why she messaged my nsfw-matsu blog asking if i had nsfw audio anyway.)

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Well this is your chance!! to have your own tiny ridiculous blob baby form of your fave charas and ships!

Special baby commissions! Why are they special baby commissions? They’re cheaper than my regular ones.

These once in a lifetime!!!! prices being:




Babies come with one (1) onesie or whatever dumb little baby clothes you pick. Babies may be having baby adventures. Babies are not limited to my own personal fandoms. I reserve the right to reject babifying someone if I am uncomfortable with the subject.

For more than three babies, let’s talk it out. If you want a normal-sized character holding a ridiculous blob baby, check my normal commissions. And/or ask me.

More examples of my usual baby pics HERE

Contact me via jlarinda @, either of my tumblrs here, messenger doves, anything.


Today, we made history!!!! I was so proud to be a part of the march in my hometown with my mom, my sister @birdsandnerds(who did the posters!) and one of my best friends! And with Rogue One posters! To meet so many amazing activists and remind the world what we believe. There were dogs and a guy in a wedding dress and little kids wearing “the future is female” t-shirts running around yelling “Donald Trump is wrong!” It was my first march and it was UNBELIEVABLE!

We did encounter people not in favor of the march. As we walked back people rolled down their windows and yelled “Trump!” And on the edge of the square stood people holding a “one man, one woman” sign as well as “pray to end abortion.” To combat this, same sex couples stood in front of the sign to block it and made out while we cheered them on. Soon we were all standing around the sign to block it. The feeling was indescribable.

Proud to march with all my sisters. Proud to be a part of this fight. And I swear, I’ll see it to the end!