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lemon & ginger | luke coffee shop au

a/n: hi friends! so i see 5sos from calum’s pit tonight. you can imagine how dead i am right now. here is another chapter! i travel all day tomorrow so i will write, but i dont think i will post until the following day. as always, reblog please! stay tuned on my blog and twitter as well for pictures and videos of slfl tonight!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | PART FIVE

 It was late in the day, around six o’clock, which was time to start closing the small coffee shop. You closed early on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It usually took you an average of forty minutes to end the day by yourself, which was on most occasions because you enjoyed the quiet of being the only employee. Everyone else had asked if you wanted to go out drinking with them, because it was a Friday night, but you politely declined.

You were back in the kitchen when the front door of the shop opened, the chiming sound of the bell warning you that there was a customer. You swung open the door, letting the new occupant know that you were closing up for the night.

“Sorry, we’re clos-“

You were met with the same blue eyes that you found yourself thinking about all day when they didn’t show up this morning for their usual tea.

“Hey,” he breathed, smiling when he saw you behind the counter. “Oh, sorry, the door says open,” he pointed, gesturing to the sign.

“Oh, shit, I forgot to change that,” you said, letting out a nervous laugh, vacating the space behind the counter to flip the sign. Luke’s eyes followed your movements, but he stayed silent as you walked back behind the counter.

“Uh, can I get you anything? I mean, I was about to start cleaning up but it’s not a problem,” you said nervously, kind of in a frantic process of thoughts.

“My usual would be great,” Luke replied and you smiled at the words ‘usual.’

“You’re late today, mister,” you said, pouring his tea into a to-go cup.

“Yeah, the day kind of got away from me, but I wanted to try to get over here,” he spoke absentmindedly, eyes widening when he realized what words he had just said.

You smirked, turning and sliding his tea towards his hands that were resting on the counter. “Oh, did you now? And why is that? Just wanted some tea on a crazy Friday night?”

His cheeks turned red, blushing a crimson color. You’d never seen him look nervous before until this moment. That look was gone in an instant, though—almost like his normally flirtatious and confident façade had broken for a split second. Snapping out of his nerves, his eyes met with yours again and he let out a regular and playful comment. “Oh, no reason, just wanted a mean cup of tea with ginger and lemon,”

Remembering the text message that was received from your coworker yesterday, you decided to mess with Luke. “Oh, I thought maybe,” you said in a sing-song voice, “you wanted to see the girl with the book,”

His eyes widened before he stammered his next words. “How did you know about tha-“

“I know everything, Luke,” you said smirking, stomach getting butterflies at saying his name out loud for the first time.

“I-“ he sighed, accepting defeat and joining you in laughter.

“’The girl with the book,’ really Luke? That’s the best you could do? I’m offended,” you said, shaking your head side to side.

“Not my fault I don’t know your name,” he replied, leaning the palms of his hands on the counter, his body hovering near the cash register and in an extremely close vicinity to yours. His eyes locked with your own, causing your heartbeat to quicken. Playing it cool, you quickly snapped back with a witty reply.

“But still, anything other than that would have been better.” You rolled your eyes playfully, pushing the palms of your hands off of the counter after replying, pushing your body further away from his own teasingly.

He chewed on his lower lip, biting back a smirk. He followed your movements, pushing off of the counter and reaching for his tea. “Thanks for the tea,” he spoke, his Australian accent in a soft voice.

Your eyes followed him to the door, noticing a small smile that was left on his lips as he turned to back out of the push/pull door.

“(y/n)!” you blurted out, making Luke stop halfway through leaving the doorway. He smiled, throwing his head back against the glass of the door lightly.

“Well then, see you tomorrow, (y/n),”

Closing the shop was hard that night, catching glances at Luke’s empty table and daydreaming about all of his flirtatious and snarky comments over the past two weeks. Finally after two weeks, you were both properly introduced to each other. No more ‘cute Australian boy’ or ‘the girl with the book.’

You didn’t know if your relationship with Luke would expand to anywhere outside of the coffee shop, but that didn’t stop you from thinking about it. But realistically, the most conversation that you’d ever had with him was one day last week when he caught you immersed in your book again; asking what was so good about the plot that made you get so deep into it. Maybe three minutes of conversation. You didn’t know anything about him other than he’s Australian, drinks his tea with lemon and ginger, and is always working on something on that laptop of his—or the paper and pen in some cases.

He was left a mystery, and you were left smiling for the rest of the night.

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Send Me A Number And A Boy From 5SOS And I'll Write A Blurb To Go With It

Numbers thought of by pastel-5sos-blurbs please don’t take these to write your own on your account, you may reblog but this is strictly for my account to write the blurbs that go with these numbers and not for other blogs to come up with. Thank you for being respectful ☺️💕

1. “Wanna dance?”
2. “Just kiss me.”
3. “I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
4. “Can you shut up?”
5. “I trust you.”
6. “Did you just spank/bite me?” (Your choice of which word)
7. “Please stay.”
8. “You’re so drunk.”
9. “Make me.”
10. “Stop that.”
11. “I think I’m falling for you and it’s terrifying.”
12. “Ow.”
13. “I hate you!”
14. “Are you jealous?”
15. “Get out!”
16. “Why are you here?”
17. Can’t you at least try?“
18. “You’re so annoying.”
19. “You look awful.”
20. “You know that drives me crazy.”
21. “If you keep staring at me like that we won’t make it home.”
22. “I heard you two last night.”
23. “You’re such a tease.”
24. “Quit biting your lip.”
25. “Oh god.”
26. “What have you done?”
27. “What did you just say?”
28. “You heard me.”
29. “Look at me.”
30. “Fuck you!”
31. “Why are you so cute?”
32. “What is wrong with me?”
33. “Fine.”
34. “Only for you.”
35. “Help me.”
36. “Come here.”
37. “I’m so sorry.”
38. “Please just let me love you!”
39. “I’m not who you think I am.”
40. “I want to help you.”
41. “You were right.”
42. “He broke my heart.”
43. “I never opened my eyes and saw you were here all along.”
44. “Please, just let me in!”
45. “Was that good enough?”
46. “Here we go.”
47. “Let me love you.”
48. “I can’t do this anymore.”
49. “Why should I?”
50. YOUR CHOICE OF A SENTENCE OR JUST AN IDEA (i.e- angel Luke, Demon Michael, Bad boy Calum, Nerdy Ash)

HI or HEY dear 5SOSFAM & 5SOS!

Since our fave boys still didn’t sit down in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke car I thought it would be fun to do some kind of petition to show them how much the fandom would love to see them and James singing their hearts out to some of our/his/their fave songs. I mean, imagine our gentle giants rocking to She Looks So Perfect as loud as they can, or making our hearts melt while singing an a capella version of Amnesia in this great car acoustic. Doesn’t this sound awesome?

So if you would love to see 5SOS in Jame’s car, as much as i do, please reblog & like this post and tag it with “5sos” (of course) “5sos carpool karaoke please” or “james corden 5sos karaoke” & who knows, maybe we can get them to see it, which would be totally awesome! 


Thank you for taking part - LY ♥

P.S. I’m not affiliated with the boys or James, I just thought this would be fun and a chance to show them how much we would love them to do this!


Our Love Story…

Dear Lydia Martin,

I’ve always disliked love stories. I used to think they were cheesy and cliché and everything I swore I’d never be.

And then you came along, with your vibrant green eyes and blinding smile, and it all went downhill from there. (Scott bet me ten bucks on the ten year plan, and I’ve never been happier to be ten bucks richer)

I do not trust myself to do our love story justice with meager words, so I’ve entrusted our long winded journey in the gentle hands of a melody.

This is the story of how I fell in love with you, Lydia Martin, the girl with fire for blood and a heart made of pure gold (as much as you may deny it). Thank you for always being there to catch me.


Stiles Stilinski

(P.S. There was nothing more terrifying than seeing you in that hospital room. I am so, so sorry my love. I can’t promise your safety, but I can promise that you’ll never have to go through any of this alone.)

(Listen Here)

Good Girls- 5SOS/ She’s So Mean- Matchbox Twenty/ Adderall- The Heydaze (Gazzo &Amp; Sweekuh Remix)/ Angel With A Shotgun- The Cab/ Poet- Bastille/ Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol/ Far Too Young To Die- Panic! At The Disco/ Echo- Jason Walker/ Skinny Love- Boniver/ Please Don’t Say You Love Me- Gabrielle Aplin/ Smother- Daughter

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Ashton’s huge Spotify playlist was deleted, but I saved a copy of it. Please RT the first tweet so hopefully he can see & reblog to spread the word here as well. Click here to go to the tweet.

Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 15

Photo not mine (Did edit a bit)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,838

Luke’s P.O.V

I felt it; the water filling up my lungs cutting off my air way. My eyes snapped open though everywhere I looked was blurry and blue. For a second I thought it was a wave of dizziness coursing through me from the hit I took when I blacked out but as my air way cut off more and more I realized that I was under water.

I felt my body begin to panic, not sure of what to do first and not ready to die. My legs automatically began pushing myself up off the smooth surface of what felt like a pool floor only to be dragged down again. I searched for whatever was keeping me anchored until my eyes landed on a large cinder block that had a rope tied around it and my ankle. I  tried once again, pushing myself to the surface now knowing that I had extra weight to carry, but the block wouldn’t budge.

Kneeling down, I began trying to untie the knots around both my ankle and the slab of cement but it was as if whoever tied them went to scouts and completed all their knot badges.

I searched the pool for anything sharp enough to cut it but there was nothing around me. My hands moved to my hair in frustration knowing that there was no other choice but to stay here and quietly die. I let my hands trace over my face and down my neck, halting once I felt my shark tooth necklace that I always wore beneath my shirts.

Ripping it off my neck, I leaned back over the rope and began sawing away at it. At this point I didn’t know if all this work would even pay off. I began hacking at the rope and pulling with my arms allowing it  to give away.

Finally I began to feel the rope start to lack around my ankle telling me that I was near freedom. With one last pull I was able to rip it apart from my ankle and began my journey to the top. I was lucky that the pool wasn’t that deep as I finally surfaced and began coughing up water.

My eyes did a quick scan of the area realizing I was still in the park though it looked to be around mid night. I somehow managed to find the strength to pull myself out of water sucking in all the air I could get.

“Didn’t think you’d make it there for a second, mate.” A thick Irish accent said from above me. My eyes traveled up the pant leg of the person who stood in front of me until I got to his face. He reminded me of Jai only instead of having pits of black for eyes his were like a grey sea before a storm hit. His dark hair was also styled differently, shaved short on the sides with it quiffed in the center. But his sun kissed skin was exactly like Jai’s.

“So instead of helping me,” I began, starting to get to my feet even though I’d rather just lay there for another 10 minutes until I caught my breath. “You decided to sit back and watch the show.”

“Hey mate, I only just got here when I saw you using whatever you had to break free of whatever was tying you down.” He put his hands up in surrender  telling me that he was innocent. “I’m Kean.” He extended his arm out for me to shake but I ignored it.

“So I’m guessing you aren’t part of Jai’s gang or else you would have had another cinder block ready and pushing me back under.”

“Jai?” His eyebrows shot up. “Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.” I studied him for a moment trying to figure out if we’ve ever met. “When Jai use to live back in Ireland I was his secondhand man in his gang.”

My eyes moved down to the dog chain that was tied around his neck, an exact replica of mine.

“So was I,” I told him and he cracked a smile.

“Was?” He asked.

“I tried over ruling him, tried being the gang leader.” I shrugged. “Almost did it but I couldn’t bring myself to…" Kill him. I finished in my head.

"Well you got further then I ever did.” Kean told me. “He left taking everything with him. People told me that he moved back her to Australia where he was born.” He studied me from head to toe. “And by the looks of it, they’re right.”

I gave him a single nod, eyeing him one last time before turning to go back to my car that was still parked in the parking lot.

“I never caught your name.” Kean called out to me.

I stopped walking turning towards him. “Luke,” I shouted over at him. “You aren’t by chance here looking for a bit of revenge on, Jai, are you?”

Kean began walking towards me with a smirk that was almost as wicked as mine. “And what if I told you I was.”

My smile grew, “Then welcome to the club brother.”


Ella’s P.O.V

 I gasped for air as my eyes shot open taking in my new surroundings. It looked as though I was in a fancy condo complex that only movie stars could afford, from the high end appliances that I could see from the open lay out, to the modern furniture that was placed ever so carefully in the living room.

I tried to move but noticed that both my arms and legs were tied to the chair I was sitting on. I was still in the same casual clothing I was wearing at the amusement park with Luke, my hair still pulled back into a pony tail only it was beginning to come undone. My eyes searched the room once more trying to find any signs of life but there was none that I could find.

“Hello?” I called out into the spacious living area. “Hello?” I called again only a little louder after not hearing a response.

After no one answered me, I knew for certain I was alone. I couldn’t remember anything that happened past from when Luke told me to stay where I was as he went off to talk to Lux.

My head fell against the back of the chair, letting a sigh out in the process. I moved my head to the side trying to get comfortable until I saw the letter opener on the coffee table only a meter away from me. Checking to make sure no one was around to see or hear me, I scratched my chair along the marble floors going as quickly as I could to reach the knife. With it being in arms length, I stretched my hand as far as it would go wrapping my fingers around the base and bringing it down to the arm to begin awkwardly hacking away to the ropes.

It took me nearly ten minutes until the fibers became so loose I was able to swing my hand free. I did the same to my other hand and both my feet though it took less time as I began getting the hang of it.

Doing on last search to make sure no one was there, I got to my feet and made my way to wherever I could find and exit but stopped when the sound of the door opening and closing filled the empty condo.

Without thinking, I ran straight back to the chair hiding the knife behind my back as I sat pretending like I was still tied up.

“Ella,” The familiar voice sent shivers up my back like a cold winter breeze would do. Turning my head I met the dark eyes that belonged to Jai with Lux, Rowan and Tyse standing off to his side. With a single flick of a wrist, he sent all three off to a room that was to my right. “It’s nice to see you’re still here.” He smiled as he made his way towards me.

“Can’t really go anywhere when you’re tied up and stuff.” I muttered to him causing a smile to sprout on his lips. He turned his back to me, giving me the perfect opportunity to strike him with the knife that was hidden behind my back. Moving as quietly as possible, I took the blade in my hand before lunging forward at him only to be swung around and held in a headlock position.

“You surprised me,” Jai whispered in my ear as I gasped for air. “You didn’t strike me as the kind of person to try and escape, I mean I thought death was a cutters best friend.”

Anger boiled inside me at the mention of my cutting causing me to jerk backwards into Jai in any attempts to hurt him but he caught me easily.

“A little tip,” He advised me. “If you want the element of surprise on your side then I’d suggest you at least move the chair back to it’s original position.”

My eyes traveled from where the chair use to be to where it was sitting now after my struggle to reach the letter opener.  

“Your entrance was a little abrupt,” I wheezed out. “But I’ll keep that in mind next time.”

With that, he tossed me to the floor like a rag doll making me cough from the over powering air that was now being absorbed into my lungs. I watched him with daggers in my eyes as he paced back and forth in front of me.

“What do you want with me?” I asked him. “You obviously don’t want to kill me or else you would have already.”

He eyed me suspiciously before letting his smirk return to his face. “Well there you’re wrong,” He shrugged. “I do want to kill you but you see it has to be timed precisely with the right audience watching.”

“You mean Luke." He gave me a vicious smile before nodding, "So what? You’re going to lock me away in a high up tower while a call out for a prince as he tells me to let down my hair?”

A cold laugh erupted from his chest causing my goose bumps to return. “I decided this would be a choice for you,” He began. “Either I could kill you or I could train you to be a part of my gang. You’ll learn how to fight, how to deal, how to wade off unwanted people.” He looked me from head to toe licking his lips subconsciously, “Because being a girl in my world is anything but a paradise, especially when they look like you.” His eyes stopped on my chest making me raise my arms to cover myself though it didn’t do much to ease myself. “Either way,” He continued. “I’ll get to watch Luke suffer because you’ll be torn away from him.”


Next Chapter Here

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Hi all,
If anyone is going to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert on June 25th in Melbourne, please read this and share it (even if you’re not going please share this)

As you would know, Michael has hurt himself, and has been burnt by the pyrotechnics at a show.

For our concert, I am looking to make a little support group for Mikey.

If anyone can, wether it’s hairspray, hair dye or even clip in extensions, can we all please make some part of our hair the same colour as Michaels?

To show support.

If you see this, reblog, if you’re going to the Melbourne concert, and want to participate, please do, and message me on snap chat (livthestarfish) to let me know, because I’d like to organise a few things to give to Mikey as well, since my friends and I have Meet and Greet.

Thank you so much, and please, re log this for Mikeys sake.



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Hi all. I have created a snapchat that will be given out to a person for each date on the tour. I think it’ll be cool for people to see and experience each show and I want to make this fun and entertaining for all involved.

Right now I am working on setting it up, which isn’t hard. But it’s going to take me a long time to get a person for each date. Right now, I want to focus on the dates in February, March, and April. 

To apply, fill out this form. I’m going to do it on a first come, first serve basis as long as I see fit. I might need some help so if you want to help recruit some people to do it for their date, that would be great.

I will keep a running list of all the dates in a link on my blog. 

If you aren’t going to any shows (or if you are), feel free to add the snapchat so you can experience it every night. I want to make this big so please reblog this!

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So I recently got told I had gotten into the X Factor UK and that I had to pick a song to sing in front of the judges

So I decided to pick Try Hard because it fits my voice perfectly and it really represents me and what I love

So I would really love it if you could reblog this and tag the boys so that they can see this and hopefully understand how hard i’m going to try to ace my audition and hopefully make 5sos and the family proud

thank you<3


5SOS Fam Boston MA Meetup!
↳ host: vodkaclifford (tumblr) // Boston5S0SFam/teenagedfricks (twitter)

when: january 17th, 2015. Starts at 1 PM and ends whenever everyone leaves.

where: faneuil hall, meeting in front of Victoria’s Secret

RSVP: message me here on tumblr or tweet me either on Boston5S0SFam or teenagedfricks. if you are hesitant and want my number just in case you can’t find the group or something, feel free to ask me for it.

bring: MONEY in case you want to buy things/so we can all go out to lunch together!! you can also bring any cameras, posters, etc, but those are optional :-)

questions/concerns: if you have any questions about specific details/any concerns whatsoever, feel free to message me here on tumblr or tweet me on any of my accounts. i promise to get back to you as soon as i can, i will answer EVERYONE, and you won’t be a bother! x

***if you do decide to come, PLEASE make sure you let me know so i have an idea of how many people are coming. if you tell me you’re coming but there’s a change of plans and you can no longer attend, please let me know as well. thank you, hope to see you there! x


Hey there guys! As a few of you know, I am meeting 5 Seconds of Summer on September 1st, and you have no idea how pumped I am. I normally have the worst luck ever, but one of my amazing friends had kept this a secret from me for about a year, as this was her way of giving me the best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten as I also have sound check and front row seats. The reason I’m telling you this, is because I’ve decided to bring you all into the little gift as well. Since I am only one person and I don’t know how much time I will have with them and it would be completely horrible of me to ask them to make thousands of video’s for each and every one of them, I’ve decided to give them a book. I know what you’re thinking, Justina, why would you give them a book with nothing in it? Well, here’s where you come in. 

Since I myself have always wanted to write them each individual letters on how incredibly talented they are and how proud I am that they could bring amazing music into this world to share with the rest of us, I unfortunately suck at writing them. So, I’ve decided, how about you write them the letters and I’ll write them out into this book. It makes it a little easier for them to know that you guys exist without the hassle and worry of annoying the crap out of them. So, let me explain how this works. 

The title of the book is going to be ‘This is Everything I Didn’t Say’ and what’s going to be in it is paragraphs on paragraphs of whatever you guys want to write to them. Each paragraph, letter, essay, honestly write as much as you want, will be hand written onto the pages of the book. Your url, twitter, instagram, name, and even age if you want, will be put similar to a title so they know who wrote it. Now I want you all to know none of this is mandatory. You don’t have to put your name or anything, you could be anonymous if you’d like, but you have to write that somewhere so I know. The small paragraph should be submitted to me, giving you as much room as possible to write idk is there a limit on that?

The format of the paragraphs will look something like this in the book: 

If you have any questions feel free to ask here, and my submit box is open, also on my blog, but you can also click here for it as well. Remember these will all be given to 5sos!! Every single one you send in will be written down!! I’m closing the box August 15th, giving me enough time to finish writing them all down in time of the concert! I will change the closing time depending on the amount I am getting. and remember you don’t need to be following me but it would be nice because I’m hoping to reach 2k by September 1st and I’m so close to it! Oh and last thing, even if you aren’t doing this, please reblog this so other people can see it, this is for you guys, not me. I’m not even writing in it really, I’m just explaining what the book is about and the rest of it is yours. Happy writing guys!


guys a member of the 5sos fam (novacxlum) is planning on killing herself either tonight or sometime soon and idk as a family we cant let her drown! please message her and try to convince her out of this guys! you can find her tumblr here please guys we have to do something she cant die! please reblog this so more people can see it and help!

Helloooooo I just wanted to do blog awards because idk its fun lmao and because i’m close to my goal.. i was kinda hoping this would help me reach it?? 


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5sos tickets giveaway !

Hi everyone! So I see tons of posts on here from people who couldn’t get 5sos tickets because they didn’t have the resources.
I’m incredibly lucky, and I have seen them a few times so I want to spread the love!!
I’m gonna buy a pair of tickets for the winner of the contest, valuing up to about 150 US dollars (maybe a little more? I’m not made of money though I wish I was)
I will get you the best tickets I can for the cheapest price!

Please just REBLOG THIS!! Get the word out!!

If you want you can send me a message just to tell me your circumstances. We can chat !! But that’s it :)

I will send you a message asking for the date of your show and your email! I’m going to buy these tickets electronically, so I will forward you the pdf files for you to print them out !

This contest will end FRIDAY JUN 12! At 12 PM Pacific (California time). I’m sorry if your date is before this :(

(Side note: pls don’t enter the contest and resell the tickets for money. That’s mean and I will be v sad)

Okayyyyy, so lucky me the person I was supposed to go to the Tinley Park 5SOS show Sunday August 2nd cannot go anymore…SOO

I’m looking to sell ONE ticket (Section 105 Row BB).

Seeing that the show is a week away, I’m looking to sell it ASAP and am fairly flexible with the price, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MESSAGE ME.

Even if you’re not looking to buy a ticket, please reblog so I can get the word out and hopefully help someone with getting a ticket!


So, A LOT of you guys seemed to like the idea of 5SOS as Werewolves, so I decided to continue TAWIL.

You can read the first chapter here!

please forgive me if its not very good, I haven’t written fanfiction in two years.

OH and please tell me what you think so I can know to continue on or not, and let me know what you’d like to/what you would like to happen!

and if you could maybe reblog this so others can see i’d be forever grateful!