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The Signs based on things I’ve done

Aries: I didn’t know how to make friends with my best friend’s mutual friend so all I did was hold onto their arm and say “friend” whenever they were around.

Taurus: I bought a candy bar and my friend took a bite out of it right out of my hand even though I directly told them not to and I grabbed their neck and almost killed them over a candy bar.

Gemini: At a school dance, I saw a guy sitting by himself and I asked him why he wasn’t with his friends. Long story short, he had some beef with his friend and I might have initialized his rage and he ended up punching a girl in the face instead of his friend who stood next to her.

Cancer: Freshman year I was in marching band, and on the bus ride to one of the games I was in the very back singing MSI lyrics at the top of my lungs and rubbing my ass against the back window for everyone driving behind us to see.

Leo: My friends made jello with a lot of butter? I didn’t know, nor did I care, and I ate it anyway. 

Virgo: My friends were making me laugh so hard that I pissed myself at my friend’s house. I had to wash my pants there. 

Libra: We were eating cheetos and my friend tried to put one up my nose but they couldn’t so I had to do it myself. Both nostrils. I also put pretzels up my nose. That was a completely different day.

Scorpio: In elementary school, a girl I sat with on the bus didn’t want to go to school and wanted to pretend to be sick, but I told her “just stick a pencil down your throat, it’ll make you barf” and she fucking did it too. We all had to get off the bus as the driver cleaned it up.

Sagittarius: We met a rich boy on Omegle who owned a yacht and my friends kept pointing to my left boob calling it the party tit and asking if he like the party tit.

Capricorn: I ate a sticker. Alone. I had nothing to prove to anyone I just fucking ate it. 

Aquarius: I didn’t know what bukkake meant and apparently every fucking person knew what it meant and at lunch, my crush at the time came to sit with us and I asked him and he couldn't even look at me he was laughing, he was so red and embarrassed I asked.

Pisces: New Years, I had to drink champagne out of a travel mug bc I kept spilling my drink everywhere. 

This is extremely important

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Important please read!!

Hey, guys! I’m very sorry that I have been extremely inactive on here recently not only me as a presence but my whole blog as well! 

I’ve sorta been on an unplanned hiatus as I've been super busy lately and am absolute crap at filling back up my queue 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

I have decided to make a fresh start considering I have been basically gone and inactive for quite some time now, so starting the 1st of next month I have decided that I’m going to become a multi-fandom blog! 

I will officially switch from a 100% Haikyuu!! blog to a multi-fandom starting Septemeber 1st! ♡

I will still, of course, be posting a lot of Haikyuu!! even as a multi-fandom blog and will remain 100% hq!! in posts until the first of next month! 

I will try my hardest to reply to all asks I have never answered and will fill up my queue sometime this week!

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to be more active on here again have an amazing week!


DT Appreciation Week: Day Two

↳ Favorite Funny Moment

This scene from The Stolen Earth always cracks me up :)