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30 Day TMNT Challenge - Day 19 Favorite Michelangelo Moment

Another moment based on their family dynamic. Man don’t threaten Mikey’s family he’d fuck you up. That would be why this is my favorite Mikey moment. He was all getting hurt but as soon as his family was threatened he stood up and gave Kluh a right beating.

This is extremely important

you might remember this but “my mate tyrone’s application to stay in australia has been declined because he is deemed as a “burden on society” due to his autism. he and his mother have 25 days before they’re deemed unlawful in australia and get deported back to the phillipines where he won’t have his family or the support network he needs. his last chance is the minister for immigration overturning the decision, so pls sign and share this petition and basically save tyrone’s life”

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Hey, guys! I’m very sorry that I have been extremely inactive on here recently not only me as a presence but my whole blog as well! 

I’ve sorta been on an unplanned hiatus as I've been super busy lately and am absolute crap at filling back up my queue 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

I have decided to make a fresh start considering I have been basically gone and inactive for quite some time now, so starting the 1st of next month I have decided that I’m going to become a multi-fandom blog! 

I will officially switch from a 100% Haikyuu!! blog to a multi-fandom starting Septemeber 1st! ♡

I will still, of course, be posting a lot of Haikyuu!! even as a multi-fandom blog and will remain 100% hq!! in posts until the first of next month! 

I will try my hardest to reply to all asks I have never answered and will fill up my queue sometime this week!

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to be more active on here again have an amazing week!