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Recognize the Armenian Genocide

On April 24, 1915, Ottoman Turkey began the annihilation of the Armenian people, killing 1.5 million Armenians, and creating the first genocide of the 20th century. Turkey has attempted to keep this genocide forgotten, however, the blood that runs in the veins of the descendants of the survivors has not allowed that to happen. While some countries have recognized it as a genocide, we still have struggled to obtain complete worldwide recognition. The Turkish government continues not to take blame for what their forefather have done. They deny any and all of those actions, despite the outstanding amount of evidence.

Tumblr, what I ask you today is to please reblog this to educate your followers, so that they may pass it on as well. Within this month, do something small. Maybe, post something on your social media having to do with the genocide, so that the people you know may be educated and pass the word on. If you are really wanting to get involved, there will be marches all over the world to get recognition. I know this is a website full of people who stand for activism. Please, help educate the world on this matter. It would mean a lot to me, who lost ancestors during that time, and other Armenians who share the same story. Thank you.


ANNOUNCEMENT - please check out the trailer for my new 8 part LGBTQ+ Pride Month series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” - my hope is to amplify the disenfranchised voices within our community, honor our history, & fight for our future. creating this series enriched my little gay soul, so any reblogs would mean the world to me. thanks for the love & support!!


I’m a lover of books and The Raven Cycle is one of my favorite series of all time I AM OBSESSED!
I was planning on recreating a scene from the book but then I found out they were making the series into a tv series…I flipped out when I heard this because I am excited and nervous. Mostly because I’m worried that I wouldn’t get a chance to audition for Blue.
Tiny resume: I’ve been performing for 11 years, I’ve been in theatre competitions where I won best in show at district level and straight superiors at state level, and I am in the international theatre thespians society.
I hate talking about myself like that but it is to show that I am experienced in acting!
Blue and I both have a different sense of style, and strong personalities. I was hoping that I could get the support from the fandom because it would break my heart if I don’t get a chance to at least audition for a character I love and relate to deeply.
Fan cast
Blue: Vanessa John aka @mistyxaesthetic

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emilee-404  asked:

Hi! I want to draw people with a lot of emotion captured, but I don't really know how to do it so that the viewer feels something. I want to show more emotion, I guess? (This was really unclear, I know :0) Thank you so much!

What a great question, @everchangingotps​!

I think studying anatomy helps a lot. Facial muscles are a bit complex, and they move in different ways to make the frowns and smiles happen!

Here’s a few great resources I found:

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i hoped to never do this but i’m at that point. i’ve recently been a victim of fraud, and my bank and the police refuse to do anything about it. i’ve been fighting with my bank for weeks now, but they continue to refuse to help me. a few weeks ago, someone offered to buy something from me and the transaction was fraudulent. so now my bank account in -883.89$ USD. and i’m panicking. 

i’ve been trying to sell my things but considering how the last transaction went, i’m super cautious and it has yet to bring any money in. my bank says i legally have to pay the 940$ that was taken from me by fraud and they won’t reimburse me. i had 56$ in my account (my last tuition payment killed me) when the 940$ was taken by the person who scammed me. now i’m desperate. 

i’m interviewing for five jobs in the next few days (those who know me know i lost my last job bc of bullshit re-location/closing the store), but i have rent and my deposit due next week: 525$ for the deposit and 375$ for rent (i have four roommates so it’s low as possible). but i have a huge negative balance and no way to pay these. 

if you can, please donate at my paypal, venmo, or just signal boost this post. it would mean the world to me. i have over 2000 followers, so even if you reblog, it would help. im also willing to offer a quick 500-1000 word drabble/fic as a thank you if you donate. message me if you have any questions. 


 venmo: leablair0

Hey guys! I just hit five hundred followers on this blog, so I’m doing another milestone giveaway! :)

What you could win: A working special edition jester furby!

I will pick a winner via random number generator and ship anywhere in the world!

Here are the rules of the giveaway:

  1. Giveaway ends midnight, April 6th, 2017. Meaning the night the 6th starts. 
  2. Only reblogs count.
  3. You can reblog as many times as you want.
  4. No giveaway blogs.
  5. You do not have to be following me (although I would appreciate if you checked out my blog).
  6. If you are chosen, you have 24 hours to respond. Please have your instant message system open so I can contact you. (If you don’t, I will try your ask box, but I’d prefer to talk over IM since it’s easier.)
  7. You must be willing to give me your address and a name so I can ship the furby to you.
  8. You must be 18+ or have permission from a parent or guardian to enter.
  9. That’s it!

Good luck!! :)



Where to contact me:

  • Send an ask or message to @pidgerinbalt
    • Extra references under the “my art” tag.
  • Send an ask or message to @pidges-art-pile
    • Extra references under relevant tags. ((lineart, flat colour, etc))
  • Send an e-mail to

I may take a little bit to get back to you, depending on how busy I am or if you happen to message me while I’m sleeping. Please be patient!

And try to include some of the following in your message if you can:

  • Information on the type of pose(s) you want.
  • Expression(s), other body language.
  • Anything else you may want tweaked.

Otherwise I’m taking it as a “pose-what-you-want” and do whatever seems fitting.

Payment can be done through either:

PayPal OR the right number of coffees.

Also consider my Patreon! There’s a discount on all commissions for $20+ Patrons, among other rewards! (∩✧ヮ✧)⊃━☆゚.*

I will happily provide WIP’s if desired, guaranteed to come after each stage is completed. Small changes CAN be made during the sketching process, like the off-chance I drew their hair part backwards, or their outfit isn’t quite long enough. Just don’t get rude about it, okay? Politeness gets you further than rudeness, after all!


1. Commissioned piece will be discussed prior to payment.

2. The piece will not be started until full payment has been received.

3. If money is sent to either payment method before discussing the commission, it will be treated as a donation, and you will have my gratitude for your decision to support me.

4. Additional characters will vary in cost, depending on complexity. Usually around 100% original price without background costs. ((I.E. A sketch with two characters would be $6, or a full-colour drawing with two characters would be $30 - $36.))

5. Refunds:

  •  one: Non-permanent problems such as a tablet wire fraying to the point of not working, I will ask if you’re fine with waiting for me to replace parts. Otherwise, see points three and four.
  •  two: More permanent, like extremely dramatic IRL things, or anything long-lasting that will otherwise prevent the completion of the commission, I will refund you instantly, possibly with no warning because honestly? Disappearing with someone’s money is kinda shady, y’know?
  • three: If you reconsider the commission halfway through the creation process, 50% will be deducted from the returned amount ((generally applies to coloured/shaded pieces, or pieces that were finished and then were no longer wanted.))
  • four: None of the above? Enjoy a full 100% refund.

6. Completion comes anywhere between a couple hours to a few weeks, depending on the piece, how complex it is, and other outside factors. Averages out to maybe a week or two for full colour + shading, since I have other projects to keep up with and such.

Please help me prove my point, guys, it would mean the world to me.

I need to prove my parents something, but theres a story that goes along with it. Please help me out by reblogging this. It would mean a lot.

In 8th grade, during class, this guy (that I hardly knew) attempted to grope my ass, and he would not stop. No matter what I said, he wouldn’t listen, and since I’ve never been put in that situation before, I had no idea what to do. Class ended (soon after he started, thank god), and he finally left me alone. 

Now, I love my parents. I know they love me, I know they aren’t bad people, and we mess around a lot. It’s the summer before my softmore (10th grade) year now, and I just told them what happened that day in class. It wasn’t like I was raped, and I’m not scarred for life or anything, I’m just really, REALLY aware of my surroundings now. Ever since then, I don’t like it when they slap me on my butt “for fun”. 

I know they don’t mean it like that, they never would, but it still makes me extremely uncomfortable. Before I told them about what happened, they wouldn’t listen to me, and even after I told them, they still will not listen to me. 

Instead, when I sternly tell them to not do that, and that “this is MY body, I don’t like it when you do that, it makes me uncomfortable, don’t do that again”, they reprimand me. They tell me to, “stop this misbehavior”, and take away all my electronics for 24 hours. 

I know they aren’t bad people, but this isn’t right, in my opinion. If you agree, please reblog this post. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a lovely day! 

jeremyreid1  asked:

Any tips for beginning artist?

Hey there! @jeremyreid1​!

I recommend learning the fundamentals first–basic hand eye coordination, learning to break down forms into simpler 3D shapes, control for values -light/dark/midtones, perspective, and anatomy (if you want people). 

Check out

I hope this helps!

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Hello everybirdie :3

I think it’s time for one more masterpost about Virgo, maybe the last one before launching the demo, if everything runs smoothly until then!

I’ll show you some more about the Zodiac Realms system and more in depth info on battle system! I’ll also talk a little about my considerations in regards of a crowdfunding campaign in the near future for Virgo!

In Virgo you will travel through multiple worlds with vastly different enviroments to explore, each owned by a different Zodiac Sign. Each realm will be themed by the characteristics of their ruling sign. The main quest of Virgo is very clear: You have to dethrone all of the other Zodiacs, but as you go along the areas, Virgo will see herself amidst different paths and side quests, that will somewhat change her vision of this world around her, since she never really had a direct connection with (almost) any of the Zodiacs as she’s experiencing now by visiting their realms.

You can interact with almost anything on the game, except for trees - they aren’t friendly. Sometimes interactions may present you with choices for different actions that may change your path as you go.

Stat points can also be earned through interaction with the enviroment and characters. There will be plenty of situations in which the player must make a choice that not only will impact the story, but also Virgo’s statistic growth. Maybe forcing your way into a roadblock will raise your Ambition while waiting for it to be cleared will raise Patience. Several stat-checks will also be present, enabling some secret areas and rewards for different player builds~

This will affect the whole playthrough. Items received can be different and even the responses to the environment, as you may trigger specific events.

Players will progress from world to world, all connected to a Hub area, which will often be filled with NPCs you’ve encountered in the areas previously visited, so it’s possible to find Salarygoats there, for example.

Zodiac Realms may be revisited once they’re completed and each will feature its specific Black Hole Zone - the only places where Heretics respawn endlessly for optional bonus experience, currency and special rewards. The game will be perfectly winnable without spending time on these arena-like zones, though, so if you absurdly despise grinding, you don’t have to go there.

Virgo’s combat system is designed around making every turn very significant. From guarding when enemies will most probably strike you with all they’ve got to removing their buffs at the right time to not get countered and abusing their weakness through skill combos, the core philosophy is to give meaning to every single action and mechanic.

Buffs should be drastically noticeable, enemies will fight with their own varied intelligence so that players won’t ever find a single optimal strategy for the whole game.

Virgo will be the only playable character, but think of it as a plus, as the story and every enemy will be personally designed for her, giving a lot more meaning to all of your actions throughout the game.

(Look, it’s Musashi!)

Every single fight is made to test the player’s skills and tactical thinking, with a focus on in-conflict demands and results, as opposed to having dungeons with dozens of easy battles that just matter to wear down the characters slowly so they must manage their resources over time.

In Virgo, Purity (the resource used to cast abilities) regenerates naturally in battle and outside of it and items are significantly powerful, but can only be carried in very limited amounts, to assure a per-conflict danger.

A battle against a very tough foe can’t just be brute-forced through by spamming Attack 35 times and using 56 Potions, but a smart use of skills available as well as taking advantage of special items to inflict status effects on foes.

Skills and abilities are earned through equipment; items will often give Virgo a new ability in addition to stats and passive effects. Players are encouraged to mix and match pieces of equipment to create various skill combos, such as combining a Shield’s risky Block-chance Buff (that works at the cost of armor) to a Ribbon’s Blinding Spell to minimize the downsides of the first buff.

I think the development of the game untill now is doing really great! Now I’m in a critical moment where I find bugs that weren’t supposed to be there, so setting a date for the release of the demo is hard, but saying it will certainly be around this month or early march is certain!

I also am going to release a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (kickstarter doesn’t accept my country unfortunatelly), so I can pay my musician, buy some new equipment (still using a decade-old computer for this) and maybe feed myself with lots of cupcakes to fuel development directly (through unhealthy amounts of sugar). I plan on launching the campaign on Virgo season (august/september), so please keep up with me until then~!

Also, I’ll probably have to launch a greenlight campaign soon for Virgo because of the new Steam direct policy (with its potentially absurd fees), so if you could help me with the greenlight it would mean the world to me~! Thank you all for your support until now reblogging and spreading the love on Virgo, it makes me constantly glad to have this community helping me with my little gaimu T____T~



This isn’t my art. This piece was done for me a year or so ago and I’m trying to find the artist again to properly thank them. This drawing is literally one of the few things I hold dearest. It meant, and means, so much to me because this was drawn for me out of this person’s own time, for free, during a time when I was not okay. I look back on it whenever I need to feel happy and it is one of the most comforting things I have. 

 I went through a really rough day today, probably one of the roughest I’ve had, and I looked at this drawing more than twice. It seriously helps me and I just really want to thank this person. 

 So if you have an idea on who they might be or can just spread the word to see if others know who drew this, please let me know and reblog this. It would mean the world to me.

Tagging my beans to see if they can help at all: @thefriendlytonberry @alicemoonwonderland @xalexanderxkozachenkox @weapons-grade-spork @darkgraze

Please Help!

I’m in an abusive household and trying to afford to leave. It would mean the world to me if you could donate even a dollar or simply reblog. My PayPal is Thank you so much!

Well, it’s officially been a year since I posted my first series on this blog. I never thought that The City would be the starting point of this journey. And even though the past few months have been extremely difficult, I am so glad to still be here at the end of the day.

It’s hard to fathom that there are now almost 10k of you reading my work or not (many of you just like me as a person and I think that’s great!). I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point but I would not be here without you all. It’s because of you that I am still writing. It’s because of you that I keep finding ways to break your heart (and let’s face it mine) over and over again through my work.

Honestly, I am shocked that y’all are still around after everything I have put my readers through. There have been so many ups and downs in my real life and in my words that I feel like a completely different person than I was a year ago. If I could personally thank each and everyone of you for the love and support you give me, I would. I went through some of the hardest times of my life this past year but you all stuck by me and gave me so much love and support.

This blog may be evolving into something new this year. I know many of you are scared of change, and I am too. But I will always be the same Ramsey. I will always be the same person regardless of what group I am writing for. My love for BTS will never change and nor will I ever stop writing for them.

Thank you for embracing this next chapter. Thank you for one of the best years of my life. Thank you for everything you have given me. I hope I can somehow in some small way give you the same amount of love back,

I would never trade the community we have built together. Because this space is just as much yours as it is mine.

There are some people I want to thank, but I know I will probably be leaving someone out and I am so sorry if I do.

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champagneshot  asked:

Hello! Do you have some tips about composition and compositive equilibrium in paintings? ( more pointedly in abstract art?)

Hey there @champagneshot​!

Composition Tips Masterpost

This post is relevant for all kinds of art, but I will try to focus for abstract in particular, where the rules are generally more flexible. There are several kinds of composition styles that are pretty aesthetically appealing. 

Further Reading on Fundamentals [since composition links closely with perspective and other foundational topics of art] 

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Guys I really need help, my mother and I are having some troubles paying the bills and It would mean a world to me if you could please commission me.

Ill draw full drawings like this for 5 dollars or sketches  for 1. Ill try and do my best to draw anything you want just please im seriusly desperate.

Messege me If youre interested and I only take payment from paypal so

if you can please reblog if not thats fine too

thank you in advance -dan
Petition · @NetflixLAT #Netflix #Sense8: SENSE 8 SEASON 3 RENEWAL ·

Sign this if you want to petition Netflix about giving Sense8 another season! It’s a long shot but still worth a try!! Even if you don’t watch this, the support would mean the world. Every name counts and it only takes two minutes!

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Urgent - Please Help

Hi everyone. If anyone of you noticed I haven’t been on tumblr lately, it’s due to the fact that I’ve been overly busy with doctors, surgeons, and other medical things.

I need to have open heart surgery this summer.

Surgery is extremely expensive- and thankfully my dad and his insurance is covering most of it. But there’s things I need during surgery that aren’t covered by insurance- food, shelter, I need my room to be moved and renovated so I don’t need to go up stairs.

I can’t really ask my dad for money anymore. I still need to eat, I need to pay my$200 housing deposit this week, I have sorority dues coming up (call them unnecessary but my sorority is my family and keeps me sane) and things of the like. I thought I would be fine, seeing as I can sew and sell things online and on campus.

But my sewing machine broke.

I need, at the very least, $100 to get it repaired. Then I can start making money again. If I could get more to even cover my housing deposit or dues, that would be amazing.

My paypal is:
My Venmo is: @Erin-Costello-9

Please, please donate even a dollar if you can. I don’t know how to keep my head above water.

If you can’t donate, please reblog this. It means the world.