please reblog it or i will cry for 8 years

So I recently hit 500 followers which is something I never expected! Thank you to all the lovely people that follow me and made it possible!  To celebrate, I decided I would hold my first tumblr awards

* Excuse the crappy banner, I have absolutely no knowledge on how to make one. 


↳ Must be following me :)

Reblog this post (likes for bookmarking only and will not count)

↳ Must reach 50 notes (or else I’ll cry, be embarrassed forever and go into hiding)

↳ Reblog until April 28 (GMT+8 my time) , winners announced in early May probably between 1-5

↳ There will be one winner and three runner ups in each category :)

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I can’t stop crying. I had my Tumblr for 8 years and I accidentally deleted it while trying to delete a sideblog I had. I literally can’t breathe right now I hurt so much. All my poems and mixes and messages are just gone. I used to follow 700 blogs and now I have nothing. If I used to follow you, please let me know so I can follow you and reblog this to let other people know.