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➢ We are very excited to present to you Keith’s Birthday Week! Seeing as our boy has a confirmed birthday of October 23rd, we’re going to have a week dedicated to celebrating! 

How to get involved:

➢ This event will run for one consecutive week, with each day being a different theme that relates to Keith.  We’d like you Voltron fans to help us celebrate this whole week with tons of Keith content!

As we previously stated, each day will have a theme.  On this day, you can post graphics, edits, gifs, ANYTHING positive and supportive of Keith and that relates to the theme of that day.

Theme Dates:

The week will start Sunday, October 22nd 2017 and go through Saturday, October 28th 2017.

Sunday-  Friends/Family
Monday- Birthday!!
Tuesday-  Garrison 
Wednesday- Red
Thursday-  Isolation
Friday-  Heritage
Saturday-  Free Day

Required Details:

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✧ You MUST tag your Keith Week posts with #KeithBdayWeek so we can see it and reblog it!

✧ We will only be reblogging from anti shaladin creators to keep our blog free of discourse and be a safe space for Voltron fans.

✧ No ship related content will be allowed, since this is a week for Keith!

✧ When setting up the post, make sure that the caption has the theme stated somewhere in the caption!

✧ If you wish to move this to twitter, please do so under the hashtag #KeithBdayWeek

✧ If you have any questions please message @keithkogayne or shoot an ask to this blog!

➢ Keep this on your calendars!  Mark the dates and make sure you’re ready to spread the love! :)




click here for the prompt list / beautiful illustration by rad @raddical

its that time of the year again. DIRKJOHN WEEK is back and its stronger than ever. 7 full days of madness coming directly to you through your internet pipes. as always every day comes with two entire prompts for you to mix and match as you please for your very own unique, sensual experience.

fanart. fanfiction. shitposts. anime music videos. DIRKJOHN WEEK is a beast that must be fed and all tributes are welcome and encouraged. join us and celebrate the healing, organic power of gay love with seven days of the wildest hedonistic homestuck shipping bacchanal this side of paradox space.

remember to @ dirkjohnweek or use the tag #djw17 so we can reblog your fanworks and use them to build on this blog a great and terrible tribute to homestucks most canon pairing.


* there is one rule and its “no brojohn”

🌸Lily’s Follower Love Giveaway!!🌸

Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to announce a little giveaway for all my wonderful followers! ☺️ You all make me smile, and I wanna give back!

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Boey’s 500 Follower Giveaway!

Thank you guys so much for the support! My blog has only been running for under a month. I honestly didn’t expect to be so openly welcomed into the Animal Crossing community and to make so many wonderful friends! 500 followers…. I can’t believe it! So, as a little thank you, I’m pairing up with the lovely and talented artist, @thelittlestmayor, who is going to magic up some of her beautiful art for the 3 lucky winners! 


🌼 You must be following me! New followers are welcome, but don’t un-follow straight after if you win, that’s really unfair on everyone else!

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🌼 The giveaway will end on October 7th, giving you a month to enter! 

🌼 I will message our 3 lucky winners, so have your IM’s open. If you do not reply in 24 hrs, I will pick another winner.


1st Prize will receive: A full body drawing of both their Mayor and favourite Villager!

2nd Prize will receive: A full body chibi-styled drawing of their Mayor or their favourite Villager!

3rd Prize will receive: An icon of their Mayor or of their favourite Villager!

( @stackmodus‘s Mayor ) 


I love the amount of fanfiction that is written about IT, but like any large fandom, mass fanfiction has its difficulties; it’s hard navigate through everything that is written, smaller writers don’t get noticed, ship tags are full of general posts, etc.

So, I decided to make the blog @itfanfiction as a sort of catalogue for all the IT fanfiction written. There will be specific categories to separate AUs, series’, general writing, x reader, as well as a specific page for ships. Writers can request their work to be reblogged for more recognition, someone searching for a specific type of fanfic can have an accessible directory, readers can ask questions about fics that they’ve read in the past, trigger warnings will be easier to sift through, and many more positive interests,

I love supporting this fandom, I love to support writing, and I know the same goes for most everyone. I think having a blog where all the fanfiction is in one place would be a really dope platform for smaller writers, a bigger boost for more popular writers, and an easy way for readers to find the work that they like.

I hope y’all like the idea as much as I do. If you do, please reblog this so the blog can grow and become a supportive resource for all of us to use!


My attempt at replicating this path! This is my first path pattern and is certainly not perfect or identical but I did my best. :) This one took a few days to complete so I didn’t have any time to make any outfit patterns the past few days. More on the way and feel free to make requests!

These pathway patterns were requested by @asdalmao-blog​ here on Tumblr. :)
Also, I’m unsure who the original creator for this pattern is but all credits to @asgard-crossing for the screenshot image. If anyone knows where the original path came from feel free to message me and I will credit and link back. ♥

If you intend to use this, please reblog and follow! :) You can also support me by following my Instagram @townofwisteria. Thanks for all the love! ❤ 

Want people to find your OCs?

Alright, any of you people who have OCs listen up. You want people to see you OCs and love them, right? Well me too. That’s why there’s this very special person named @moonsion. She runs a blog called @meglovesocs. This blog reblogs all your oc drawings, drabbles, and the like. She’s trying to build a community of Creators to share and like each others original stuff so more people can find you and your original stuff. Just tag your drawings, writings, etc #meglovesocs. 

Even if you don’t have OCs I ask that you boost this so that your followers who do can see and find out about this great thing Meg is doing.

          blogs with female muses deserve far more recognition.

          if you play a male muse, like i do, then you may know it’s not really hard to gain followers and / or attention. people flock to male muses in droves for any number of reasons, spanning from character types to how physically attractive the character is, yet the writers of female muses sit at their computers and wonder what they’re doing wrong because their blog that they’ve worked tirelessly on goes overlooked in favor of the hot new male muse.

          i’m not saying you have to follow every female blog you ever come across. i’m not saying you have to bend to writers of female muses. i’m attempting to use my blog to bring awareness to a very real problem in the rpc, that being the blatant favoritism or male muses and the misogyny + sexism everyone likes to pretend doesn’t exist.

          so—– if you play a male muse, please consider boosting up the female muses around you. reblog their promos. acknowledge their hard work. try to do better for those in our community who feel left in the dust simply because of the gender identity of their character.

          small acts of kindness in the rpc go a long way.
          tell a blog with a female muse you love + appreciate them today. ❤

I want to follow a lot more people so if you post/reblog any of the following, Please reblog this and I will look at your blog and see if you are fit for my dash (you probably are tbh ahaha)

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I don’t care about who you ship because I respect you and your opinions. Thanks and have a lovely day/night. (also it would be lovely if you could follow me back if you like the content that I serve)


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      Continuing a trend of mine I desire to transition into tradition, I am celebrating my twentieth theme milestone with another pack. This time, we’re taking off to the stars with an ingenious theme-and-page combo that only appear to be minimalistic.

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Following Spree

In short: my dash is dead, so I’m asking for your guys help! Please reblog if you make or reblog any of the following content:

-Fire Emblem
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-Legend of Zelda

Reblog this and I’ll make sure to check out your blog! If we’re mutuals, I’d love if you guys could reblog this just to help me get the word around~

Left At The Altar - Part 3? (Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader)

Title: Left At The Altar (Part 3?)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Steve Rogers X Reader

Genre: Angst?

Summary: Steve and (Y/N) are both working on what could potentially be a blossoming relationship between them whilst Bucky’s sees tiny cracks. 


Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5

“… Tony and Sam, you two will keep a lookout up on air. Wheels up in 30 mins. Dismissed.” Steve ordered.

The group of Avengers pushed themselves off the chairs and started making their way to get ready for yet another mission. It was a pretty routine mission, information extraction and ultimately shutting down the base they were raiding. It wasn’t complicated but the grounds they had to cover was pretty massive and so the entire team is involved.

Steve has sort of made (Y/N)’s room his over the past couple of months but still kept his own space located right opposite her room. It was more because of space constraint than anything. The 100-year-old super soldier enjoyed collecting keepsakes and the extra room was needed to hold them, even though he was pretty much permanent resident in (Y/N)’s.

He made his way into his room and reached for the stealth suit in his closet. Heaving a sigh at the thought of having to leave (Y/N) behind yet again because of his job, Steve failed to notice the girl opening his room door.

“Hey, captain. Why the long face?” came (Y/N)’s soft voice.

Steve turned around and his smile widened as his eyes landed on her.

“Not too excited about leaving you home alone doll,” he answered, moving closer to her.

A soft smile broke on her face as she stepped into Steve’s embrace. Mumbling into his chest, she said, “I’m not too excited about having you go risk your life either, Cap.”

The two was developing a sort of more than friendship, less than love kind of relationship. For (Y/N), she felt conflicted about her growing interest in her ex-fiance’s best friend. For Steve, he just didn’t have the confidence that (Y/N) would ever return his feelings. But the two reveled in this current comfortable relationship they have right now. Not too fast, not too slow. And it felt just right for the both of them.

Bucky stepped out of his room, geared up and ready to go but stopped short when his gaze fell to (Y/N) in Steve’s embrace. The slightly opened door hid nothing from Bucky’s view. His super soldier hearing didn’t help lessen the blow either.

“Come back safe. Promise me, Steve. Don’t go doing foolish things like jumping off a plane. I’m right here waiting for you to come home, alright?” (Y/N) said, her eyes meeting with Steve’s blue ones.

“Yes, ma’am. We still have got that art exhibition to go together. I’ll make it back right in time for it, I promise.” came Steve’s answer, as he landed a peck on her forehead, his lips lingering.

Bucky was no stranger to this new sort-of affection going on between his captain and (Y/N). (Y/N)’s reaction towards him surprised him immensely. The anger and spite he anticipated from (Y/N) did not happen. She was civil, polite, almost too polite to him and Jenny. She kept their contact to a minimum but never purposefully avoiding him. But Bucky would honestly feel so much better if she yelled at him or threw some spiteful comments here and there. This civil and polite girl was new to him. Ever since day 1, (Y/N) was welcoming, warm and friendly. This almost feels painful to him, like Bucky is nothing but a stranger along the streets to her.

His thoughts halted when he heard a laughter bubbling from (Y/N). Looking up, he sees (Y/N) walking around Steve’s room, gathering the essentials he would need for the mission and putting them in his go-bag. This scene of pure domestic bliss was what hurt him the most.

He couldn’t understand why this would hurt. He chose to walk away from this, didn’t he? He was the one that didn’t think (Y/N) and he was right together.

Shaking his head in an attempt to push these thoughts away, Buck threw one last glance into the room and stomped his way to quinjet.

“Where’s Cap? He’s usually all geared up and ready to leave before any of us.” Wanda questioned, as she helped lug Natasha and Clint weapons up the quinjet.

Bucky frowned at the question, his mind wandering to the scene before. He couldn’t help but mumble under his breath, “He’s too busy and pre-occupied with my girl to actually do his captain duties.” The thought startled him, why did he still label (Y/N) as his girl - she wasn’t anymore, and would probably never be again.

“Is everyone gathered?” Steve’s voice came and broke Bucky’s thoughts.

“We’re waiting for you Capiscle,” Tony replied, his face held a knowing smirk.

“I’m here. So, let’s go.” Steve replied, rolling his eyes at the billionaire.

Just as Steve was about to make his way to the controls, two voices sounded.



The lot turned and saw (Y/N) and Jenny making their way to the quinjet the former calling for the captain and the latter calling for the sergeant.

An awkward silence enveloped the quinjet as the rest of the heroes scattered around to make themselves seem busy but kept their ears peeled for the conversation that was to take place.

The look in Steve’s eyes warmed when he spotted (Y/N). Holding her by her hand, he led her away from Jenny and closer to himself, his large frame shadowing the girl as if trying to protect her.

“Uhm, I know you shouldn’t be wearing anything that isn’t part of your suit but would you please just bring this along? You don’t have to wear it just leave it in your go-bag. It’ll make me feel less jittery about you leaving.” (Y/N) said, her face flushing as she handed him the necklace she always wore. It was a long chain with an intricate ring strung through it - her mum’s wedding ring, a sort-of family heirloom that the girl treasured.

Bending to meet (Y/N) eye to eye, Steve gave her a breathtaking smile and lowered his head, requesting for (Y/N) to help him put it on.

“I’ll take good care of it doll,” Steve said, as he straightened his posture, thumbing the ring around his neck.

Bucky’s couldn’t tear his eyes from what was happening in front of him. That necklace was (Y/N)’s. That necklace was his. (Y/N) would always make him wear it when he was leaving for a mission, said it gave her a peace of mind. Bucky’s eyes narrowed at the scene and couldn’t help the low growl he let out.

The only other super soldier picked up the sound and met Bucky’s eyes. Steve saw the look Bucky was giving him and pulled (Y/N) in for a hug, his eyes locked on Bucky’s for a long moment, before he pulled away and caressed the side of (Y/N)’s face.

Jenny tapped on Bucky’s arm and jumped when he turned and glared at her in an instant. Seeing the started girl, Bucky’s gazed softened slightly and gruffly questioned her, “Yeah?”

“You didn’t say bye. So I, I just thought I should come say bye.” Jenny replied, her eyes fleeting between Bucky and what he was previously staring at.

“Yeah okay. I’ll be back soon.” came his reply.

“It would be good if you could tell me where you’re heading to and when you’re leaving and coming back next time, Bucky. I’m your girlfriend. I have the right to want to know where you are and what you are doing.” Jenny grumbled.

“Fine,” Bucky replied, walking away from the fifth argument they’ve had this week.

Jenny stomped off the quinjet, anger radiating from her. The moment of awkward silence was saved (Y/N) yelling out “goodbyes” and “stay safes” to everyone. She met Bucky’s eyes and gave him a small reassuring smile, “Stay safe sergeant.” and a polite nod of her head, before turning to Steve.

“Come back to me soon, Steve. I’ll be looking forward to our art exhibition date,” she said, her eyes turning into crescents from her wide smile.

“Date, doll?” Steve questioned with a teasing tone.

(Y/N) face turned red when she noticed what she has said and lightly shoved the soldier towards the quinjet control.

“I’ll be back for our date doll.” Steve teased, a smirk forming on his face, (Y/N) hurried off the quinjet, not before stopping to wave at the team before heading into the compound.

Tony took one look at Bucky and rolled his eyes at the kicked puppy dog look he was giving the girl.

“Hey! You don’t get to feel sorry for yourself, Manchurian Candidate. You let her go the worst way possible. So suck it up, live with your misery while she gets the man she deserves. Capsicle gave her up to you once, don’t expect him to do it twice.” Tony scoffed with a roll of his eyes and left Bucky on his own with his loud and unforgiving thoughts.

I am overwhelmed by all the nice things you lot have got to say! Thank you so much for the support and this chapter was somewhat a slow burn. Future chapters would mostly like feel more like punches to the gut. Feedbacks are most welcomed! Comments, likes and reblogs are fuel to a writer’s writing ya’ll. 

Ps, any future tag requests please direct it my ask guys so its easier for me to keep track. If you could, please reblog pieces that you enjoy to help writers get exposure. Thank you! 

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anonymous asked:

Okay man like is this blog a joke? Because if not then please leave meme mom alone, girl probably didn't do nothing to you.

Yes, this blog is 100% a joke. Someone sent Kylee an ask from a blog title i-love-kylee-henke and I said to myself, “hey, you should go get ihatekyleehenke so it can’t be used for evil.”

So I did. I actually hadn’t planned to do anything with this url, but then Kylee reblogged the post where I said I was hoarding the url and said she “hoped I lovingly roasted the shit out of her,” so here we are.