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nature made me a freak, man made me a weapon and god made it last too long | a fanmix inspired by Logan (2017) {available on spotify and playmoss}

1. johnny cash - hurt; 2. jamie n commons - lead me home; 3. the national - i should live in salt; 4. the civil wars - kingdom come; 5. editors - no sound but the wind; 6. bob dylan - knockin on heaven’s door; 7. the secret sisters - tomorrow will be kinder; 8. johnny cash - redemption day; 9. the national - fireproof; 10. dan van rorke/oscar isaac - hang me, oh hang me; 11. pink floyd - wish you were here; 12. whiskey shivers - graves; 13. shawn james - through the valley; 14. johnny cash - god’s gonna cut you down; 15. gustavo santaolalla - the last of us (main theme); 16. unkle - when things explode; 17. lera lynn - my least favorite life; 18. editors - the weight of the world; 19. edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros - this life; 20. dead man’s bones - flowers grow out of my grave; 21. the civil wars - barton hollow; 22. nick cave and the bad seeds - o children; 23. johnny cash - the man comes around

I know that you’ve probably heard a lot about qriket BUT if you haven’t it’s this really cool app where you basically spin a wheel and you get money. That’s it. You choose a color and if the wheel lands on that color you can win anything from 5 cents to a hundred dollars. I know it sounds like a scam and I thought it was too but it’s legit! You can transfer the money you make into your PayPal account. It’s a really cute, fun game and you make a few extra dollars doing it.

Also, I have a referral code : 27F338. If you guys choose to sign up and use my code I would be forever thankful AND you can get 25 free spins (once you run out of spins they make you watch ads to get more)! I really need the help. Please message me if you use my code so I can thank you personally. 💕

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A little bit about me: I’m a law student in my 4th year doing an LLB. Im South African and I’m 22 years old :)

While I enjoy studying law and aim to do my best I am planning on doing graphic design after I finish (in 2016). Whats inspired this change? Making my printables! (Which you can download for free from my blog)

With my studyblr I want to be able not only to inspire myself to study hard and achieve my goals but also to do the same for others :)

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(end of all things- panic! at the disco)

     Hello, my name is Veronica. I’m a nineteen year old, non-binary, autistic, mentally ill, physically disabled, intersex lesbian with PTSD currently attending community collage.

     Recently, I’ve been kicked out of my house by my abusive parents. I am financially all on my own. I’m currently staying with my grandparents as a temporary housing. However, my grandparents are both hoarders and the condition of their one bedroom house is very dangerous to both my physical and mental health.

     Without the support from my parents, I can no longer pay for transportation, medical bills, and basic needs for myself. I am unable to work because of my disabilities, there is too much risk in anyone hiring me.

     I need funds to pay for my medical testing (that can cost up too 10k depending on the test) to locate the chronic pain I have in my chest, therapy, transportation, food (I have to have a special meal plan because of digestion issues), hospital visits, my medicine, and hopefully a safe place for myself to stay.

     If you can, please donate to my paypal: or reblog this post. Anything at all would help me in my situation. Please feel free to message me about any questions or concerns. Thank you.

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okay i just marathoned shadowhunters and realised i have waaaaaay to little of it on my dash so if you have a lot of shadowhunters on your blog (doesn’t have to be exclusively sh) ~please~ like or reblog this post and i’ll follow you

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