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Ade Martinez retexture: maxis-match, female only, cf-ef, binned/familied/compressed, two versions: w/ and w/o bangs, mesh included, Zeusar’s texture in 4 natural colors, grey for elders linked to black. Also 2 unnatural colors, 6 dual tones and 6 ombres, all of them unbinned.


Credits: MYB/Martini, @adedarma, @zeusar, @pooklet


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Who else is dead bc of the new mv? 😂
I made the new lockscreens the way I always do them as it seemed like you didn’t like the ones for the spring day teaser 😊🔥 Also check out my other lockscreens if you haven’t already ♡


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• Never walk alone concept photos lockscreens pt 2 •

Bighit dropping them Concept photos gives me so much work 😂 If you haven’t yet check out pt 1 😏

Asexual Identity and the Ace Spectrum version 1.1

This pamphlet focuses on ace identity, as well as identities related to asexuality such as gray-asexuality and demisexuality. As always, the pamphlet is 100% free to download and use.

In this pamphlet, you can find: terms and definitions relating to the ace spectrum, ace positivity, an explanation about ace people for those who don’t understand them, and resources for and about ace individuals.

Updates: Formatting change, minor text fixes / edits

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