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Who else is dead bc of the new mv? 😂
I made the new lockscreens the way I always do them as it seemed like you didn’t like the ones for the spring day teaser 😊🔥 Also check out my other lockscreens if you haven’t already ♡


As per the request, some overlay of the new BTS logo. I really like these! 

Some photos are my own, some are copyright free images. 

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anonymous asked:

hi sorry to disturb you but i love your gifs so much and i was just wondering what ps you used and how you sharpen them? :')

Thank you so much! I use photoshop CS5 extended, it’s my favorite version of photoshop and has been for years.

As for my sharpen settings, I use an action I made myself, but I’ll share it with you of course!

before sharpen:

after sharpen:

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I’ve been spending the past few weeks working on a self-indulgent, silly game titled Monster Girl Academy. The story follows a group of weird girls as they try to solve a murder at a private academy.

It is very short- only about 25 minutes or so- as it’s a fragment of a larger story! I’m certainly considering writing a sequel if people are interested.

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• Never walk alone concept photos lockscreens pt 2 •

Bighit dropping them Concept photos gives me so much work 😂 If you haven’t yet check out pt 1 😏