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‘what did juunkrat do?’: a masterpost

as i’m sure some of you might have seen, tumblr user juunkrat has recently said and done some….really nasty stuff, and outed themself as someone who is definitely not to be trusted. there are quite a few photo posts of screenshots of conversations with them going around, but they’re long and hard to process, so i’m going to be trying to summarize everything in this post. this will basically be the answer to the question a lot of people are asking right now, and that’s “what’s the deal with tumblr user juunkrat?”

BIG warning for mentions of pedophilia / csa and ableism

(and a big thanks to @luxwing and @dailypicturesofscout for providing quite a few of these screenshots, and countless well wishes and good vibes your way for dealing with all of this. stay safe, guys) 

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So just a tip for any artists/DnD players, lets you make custom figurines with different races, bodies, poses, outfits, weapons, ect. The main purpose of this is to buy your own custom figurines, which is cool itself. Something else that I use it for is using it to make the character that you want to draw, and having a 3d model reference. Its great as an artists reference.

And if youre not an artist, but you want to show people what you think your character would look like, you can make one and send it to people. That way if you cant draw, you can still give people a visual representation.

And if you have the money, and are a big DnD nerd, you could always create your character and have your own physical figurine of your DnD character!

Its super helpful, and fun no matter what kind of interests you have.

but im doing commissions again, and i have special rates for acnl specifically as a big thank you for being such a kinda, safe, and calm community. nothing is more pure than this group and its the most amazing thing, every since wild world youve been there for me. thank you. 

rates are as follow: 

  • $10 for a mayor
  • $5 for a villager doodle
  • $7 for a talk sprite and $1 per emote
  • $9 for a town map

dm me or email to request a commission and i’ll respond asap, thank you again for helping me through so much, these past few months have been awful for me but i’ll always have this community to fall on and love. thank you 

heyo! i’ve made a post like this before, but since the situation is different now i’m making a new post. i have no source of income what so ever. i can’t get a job right now and i also can’t get on income support until i’m 21. when i did have a job my mental illnesses caused problems frequently in the work place such as panic attacks, feeling physically sick due to anxiety, dissociation, and others. i’m not able to work under these conditions

my paypal is

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I made ‘Your Character Here’ sketches! They are $5 to $7 per piece depending on the design of the character. If its very detailed it will be more expensive. Ask me if you’re unsure !!

The finished piece will be 900 x 900 pixels, fully colored, like this example. The buyer will receive version without watermark (signature isn’t a watermark). Posted version will have watermark unless the buyer is fine without.

If interested, please send me a message here on Tumblr via the personal chat!

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i’m writing an essay called “television history” about the most malicious queerbaiting effort in television, and possibly a second one about the inconsistencies in tfp and why it was horrible. if people could reblog this and just add things worthy to include in the essay(s) that would be amazing! i want it to be poignant.