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saturndream  asked:

Hi!! ive been on tumblr for a while (and following you for a while haha) and i just haven't been growing. im active and posting alot of my own pics but i havent gottan any new followers in 2 months! do you have any tips?

hello! first of all thank you so much for sticking around yay love yaaa! 💟 here’s a slightly elaborate (and quick) list of my tips to gain more audience:

1. ask ppl to check your blog! a little note that some people might find this annoying!! i find this okay bc i constantly feel the need to find and discover new blogs! however, that is not always the case for everyone. please do check the faq of every person before hitting up their asks!
2. make/post your own content. simple ones like cute photos, selfies, thoughts, etc. please do tag other people who can reblog it for you too! in my case, my tag is: peachisty! this really helps in gaining more notes i believe. this is because more notes = more audience!
3. get a nice lay-out, personalize it. dont just settle for the lay-out you took from the theme-garden. style it! literally the codes are everywhere in google! but if you have no idea where to start, feel free to hmu! i know lots of css stuff and im p much skilled with web designing so yeah :~)
4. choose your blog style and stick with it! in my case, it’s personal/art/positivity i guess? changing your blog style once a month doesn’t help tbh bc people want consistent content! and having literally super random stuffo is chaotic i believe?
5. get a nice, catchy url and dont just leave it around!!! dont change ur url everyday! my url is p much a gem so i dont rlly think i will ever ever change it tbh haha. i do have some saved ones that are centuries old btw!! if u dont have something in mind, feel free to hmu so i can give em to you
6. talk to your pals !!! may it be thru saying: “if u ever need somebody to talk to im here!” or thru posting updates about you or your day!! i think it just makes me feel safe and happy to read regular updates about ppl on my dash!!! i guess the same goes for other ppl!
7. make your own tag and reblog the stuff ppl tag you into!!! usually, your tag may be your url bc it’s easier to remember! i think this helpz bc u can gain pals thru exchanging of posts tooo
8. make a faves page! haha idk, but faves page made me discover tons of really cool blogs!!!!!! this assures u new mutuals too!!! mutuals that match your aesthetic! ;)
9. join networks. this did not entirely help me in gaining followers but it did help me gain friends!! this is bc networks treat each other like family!!! and idk!! that’s the very reason why i made tumblr tbh!! to meet new beautiful ppl that have the same aesthetics and passion as mine!! networks give u that! along with it, u can do group blog rates, follows, etc!
10. follow similar blogs! this is p much obvious! u follow similar blogs in order to have similar posts on your dash that u can easily reblog! also, if u have the same content, there is a huge possibility that the person will follow u back!!

last note: i want you to know that it is never about the amount of followers!! if you’re using tumblr as a platform to showcase your art: im pretty sure it feels more validating to have sum ppl recognize your talent but please do not entirely depend on it! dont stop making art just because you dont have lots of audience! the amount of ppl who sees your art =/= your skills ok !!!!! :0 at the end of the day… if you come to think of it… i can delete this blog and im back to 0?? i mean… do you get me? you’re still youuu! :)

i hope this helps !! good luck on your journey bb 🐝

Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge

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I have decided to host another writing challenge to celebrate.

I love me a good romantic comedy (aka the romcom). Love them. I also love some good fluff fics, the fluffier the better. I decided to combine the two and the end result is Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge!

Below, you will find a list of some of my favorite romantic comedies, along with quotes from those movies. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to write a fluffy fic including the quote from the movie.

The Rules and Regulations:

Female reader inserts with Sam, Dean, or John Winchester only. No ships (no hate meant, it’s just easier this way).

Your fic can be as many words as you want; I do ask that you please try to make it at least 500 words. Please add a “keep reading” for fics over 500 words. If it doesn’t have a “keep reading” I will not reblog it.

Please make it a one shot or the first part of a series. AU’s are also okay.

Please tag me, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and use the hashtag #mimi’s romcom fluff challenge. Make sure the hashtag is in the first 5 tags. If I don’t like it within in 48 hours, I didn’t see it. If that happens, please send me a message.

Please mention somewhere in your author’s notes that it is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom Fluff Challenge and which prompt you had.

The most important rule, it MUST contain fluff. No angst (side-eyes a couple of my writer friends - you know who you are). I want the fluff. It can have smut, but it doesn’t have to. But, there must be fluff.

How to sign up:

Send me an ASK. Not a reply, reblog or IM, it needs to be an ask. Also, don’t send it on anon, I need to know who is participating. If it’s from your side blog, please mention the name of your side blog.

In the ask please tell me:

  • The number you want and whether you will be writing Sam, Dean or John Winchester. Please send at least one alternative in case your first choice is taken.
  • If you are writing from your sideblog, please give me the name of the blog.
  • One prompt per writer (for now).

Fics are due by Saturday, September 2nd. That is about two and a half months. If you can’t make the due date, send me a message to ask for an extension. I won’t be mad or upset. Life happens, I get it. I do ask that if you sign up and can’t finish the fic for whatever reason, please let me know. I may be able to find someone who would like to take your place.

Movies and quotes are below the cut:

Keep reading


Noctis x female reader

Ok so part 4 might be a bit of a mess. Im trying to make sure everything adds up. If you happen to enjoy this then please like or reblog. Any feedback you have would be great, feel free to talk to me. Just a warning there is a little angst and mention of blood. Tagging @airlea-sicarius, @angel-dream and @dlb113.

Your mind was whirling round in circles. What had you done? What brought you to this moment? How did this happen? This was never your intention. All you wanted was the truth. The blade in your hand….the blood….who’s blood? Yours? The enemy? Your friends? You didn’t know anymore. So much fighting. Fire was spreading all around you, visibility becoming clouded but you could just about make out a silhouette on the other side of the flames. You squinted your eyes. The persons features appearing in your view. The scar on his left cheek, the brown spiky hair, the almond eyes. His lips quirking up into a smirk when he sees you. He’s taunting you. A fire lighting inside you. Anger. Frustration. Hate. This was his doing and you were going to make him pay. Gunner was a dead man.


You had been summoned to the kings study. “A meeting” Crowe had told you. You were free to roam the citadel with the guards trailing you.
You were waiting in the gardens, sat on a bench. Taking in the view of Insomnia. Beautiful sunshine, though a slight chill in the wind. You thought back to the day before. How you had told Noctis that you would help him steal back what the guild had took. How he was grateful to you. How his midnight blue eyes had a look of guilt in them. Guilt for allowing you to do this. Guilt because he knows what your doing means losing everything. Because you are ultimately putting your life in danger.

“Y/N?” You were pulled from your thoughts by Crowe. Even with her hair in a messy bun she always looked beautiful. You envied her for that.

“Hey sis” You sighed “Is this a social call?” You knew it wasn’t.

“I wish it was. The kings ready to see you now” She sounded sad. She knew you were risking everything.

The thing with Crowe was she was never very good at telling you how she felt, but you could always see what she was trying to tell you through the expressions in her face. This was one of those expressions. It was saying “Isn’t there another way? I should be protecting you, not letting you risk your life for them”.

You stood and placed your hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze you say “It’s ok Crowe, I know what im doing” and with that you walked into the citadel, heading towards the kings study, the guards trailing behind you.

As you enter his study, you notice how neat everything is placed around his desk. The king sits behind his desk, a bemused look upon his face as he reads a letter of some sort in his hand. His eyes look up at you but his head doesn’t move. You were unsure what to do. The guards had closed the door behind you and you now found yourself alone with him. The momentary silence is broken.

“Y/N please have a seat” He says gesturing to the chair in front him.

You slowly walk yourself towards the chair. Unsure of how you should behave around him. You seat yourself and place your hands in your lap. Sitting as stiff as a board. The king smiles at you, raising an eyebrow.

“Relax Y/N. This isn’t an interrogation. I just want to discuss some things with you” He says sincerely.

“Things? Don’t you mean you want to discuss what I know about the thieves guild? What I know about my friends?…..”.

He cuts you off.
“What you know about the people you thought were your friends don’t you mean?”.

Ouch. That hurt. Stabbed in the chest by just one sentence, that’s all it took. Your eyes started stinging. Fighting back the flood that was trying to take over your eyes. You looked down at your boots refusing to look up.

“Im sorry Y/N. That was uncalled for. Much like my son, I have a habit of speaking before thinking”. You found yourself chuckling.

“Not a good trait for a king”. You smile and look up at him.
“Your majesty….I…”

“Regis will do fine Y/N. No need for formalities” he smiled at you, he relaxed into the back of his chair and crossed his arms. “Tell me what you know”.

You took a deep breath and began. You told him how you became a part of the guild. Who Gunner was. How many there were in the guild. How it operated. You told him in detail how the mission in the citadel was supposed to go down. How you thought it was supposed to go down. You found yourself laughing with Regis about your encounter with Noctis. Laughing about the fact that you jumped out of the window to get away.

“Noctis smelt that bad did he?” The king joked. This put the biggest smile on your face. Because even though the man you were talking to was the king, he was just as normal as any other person. The conversation had to end on a serious note though.

“I need to ask Y/N. Where is the hideout?” You felt your smile drop. You knew this was coming but you weren’t prepared to answer it.

“First…I..have a request” You state.
“Hmmm?” Regis rose his eyebrows in surprise.

“I know where it is, I know they’re going to be waiting for your people……..All I ask is that you let me go too?” You were surprisingly forward.

“You understand why I am sceptical of this idea Y/N?” He asks, a concerned look on his face.

“I know you don’t trust me but please!” You plead with him “I need answers, and im not going to get them, sitting here doing nothing…..” You throw your arms in the air and stand. You were showing Regis your frustrations.

Regis sighs unfolding his arms and standing with you. He looked smart, all suited and booted in his kingly raiment. He made his way to the window. You watch as he limps over with his walking stick.
“It’s not that I don’t trust you Y/N. Your young. You deserve a better life. Your sister deserves a better life…..It’s wrong of me to ask you to do this….”.

“Your not asking me” You interrupt “Im asking you”. Regis looked over at you and smiled. He knew you weren’t going to take no for an answer.

“So be it. But one condition…You will be escorted by one of the crowns guard. In fact…..” The king clicked his fingers. Clearly having a bright idea. “I’ll see to it that you are escorted by my son’s own shield” He looked at you beaming “His name is Gladiolous Amicitia, he’ll see that you are safe”. You weren’t sure how to react. The king basically just gave you a bodyguard that you don’t need.

“But your majesty!! I don’t need a…..”

“enough! I will not willingly send you into danger without ensuring your protection!!” Now the king wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“Fine” You didn’t like this idea at all. But in order to get what you wanted. You had to agree.

It was getting late in the day. You had told Regis the best time to hit the guilds hideout was at night. The king agreed this was the safest option. You asked one of the crowns guard to bring you rope. That was all you needed. When they asked if you should need a weapon you raised your fists and said “Already got a weapon”. You were sat on the steps outside the Citadel waiting for the Amicitia guy. You were feeling nervous. You were about to infiltrate your own home. Fight your own people. But for what? Was it for this ancient weapon? Or was it revenge for their betrayal? Did they all have a part to play or was it just Gunner? So many thoughts made you sick to the stomach.

“Well, well, well. Who’d of thought I would be protecting a thief” You shot up and looked round to see the man with a big build and tattoos on his arms, a grin on his face. You remembered him from the throne room, stood next to Noctis.

“You must be Gladiolous, believe me im not too chuffed about this” You say sounding fed up.

“Cant say im too happy bout it either” He said brows furrowed.

“So we going or not?” you said impatiently.
“course, just waiting on his highness” He pointed backwards with his thumb. Noctis was trailing behind him “Need a driver” He shrugged.

“You can’t be serious? The king is allowing his own son to take part in this?” Horror was apparent in your voice.

“Yeah well, apparently only he or his dad are able to wield the sceptre. And the king’s not exactly in any fit condition to take part. So…” The shield looks back at Noctis “Looks like im babysitting the both of ya”.

“Sceptre?” You asked confused. You always assumed a sceptre was just a pretty stick that kings and queens held when they ascended to the throne. Gladiolous was about to open his mouth but Noctis interrupted him.

“It’s the ancient weapon we’re going to retrieve” His cerulean eyes made contact with yours. You felt your body tense up. For some reason the prince being within just a few meters of you made you feel clammy, somewhat more nervous than you already felt. You didn’t have time for this. You pulled yourself together.

“You sure this is a good a idea?” You wanted to kick yourself. Because Noctis knew you weren’t talking about the plan. He knew you were talking about him. You were showing concern for him. His lips quirked up into a smirk. Thankfully Gladiolous had no idea what you truly meant.

“It’s this or nothing. If that weapon ends up in the wrong hands, we’re all screwed” You followed behind Noctis as both men led you to the car. You got in the back and belted up.

“Where is everyone else?” You asked. Hoping to god it wasn’t just the three of you. Noctis fired up the engine and looked into the rear-view mirror. His eyes meeting yours once again.

“Their trailing behind us, waiting for instructions”.

As Noctis drove you through the streets of Insomnia, you watched as you passed by people strolling through the city. Returning home from work, collecting the last of their shopping before closing time. The sun was setting and you were getting closer to your destination. Closer to finding out the truth. Noctis pulled up on the side of the road. Turning off the engine. He turned to look at you. You were looking outside of the window, so lost in your thoughts you hadn’t realised that he had stopped the car.

“Y/N? You ready?” He asked concerned. You took a deep breath. Of course you were ready, you had to be.

“Lets do this” You said, opening the car door and stepping out. Gladiolous followed you. Standing and stretching, flexing his muscles.

“The others are little ways behind us awaiting our orders, where do we go from here?” He said looking at you.

“Follow me” You took them down a back alley, going through the slums. The dense air giving off a musty smell. You never did like that smell. You reached a tall building that looked like a factory and brought the other two to a halt. They both looked at each other confused. You smirked and pointed upwards.

“We climb up from here” Really? Was the face you got from both of them. “What? You wanna go through the front door? Be my guest. It’s your funeral”. They both groaned.
“Ladies first” Noctis gestured to you.

“Well aren’t you the perfect gentleman” You said smiling. Gladiolous cut you both off.
“Quit flirting. Start climbing” Gladiolous said barging past you both and stepping onto the ladder that led to the top. You were following behind him when a blue flash flew past you. You looked up to see Noctis already at the top of the building.

“Damn show-off” Gladiolous grunted as he hauled himself up the ladder.

“How does he do that Gladiolous?” You asked, sweat breaking from your brow.

“Just call me Gladio, it’s easier. As for that smug git up there? That powers passed down from the Lucien blood line. So if you wanna know if your ever gunna be able to do that. The answers no” Blunt answer but ok. You thought.
Gladio reached the top and you weren’t far behind. Noctis was waiting for you, his hand held out ready to pull you up. But because of the stubborn person you are, you ignored his gesture and pulled yourself up. You walked to the other end of the roof and peered over the edge.
There was a tap on your shoulder. You turned and looked at Noctis who was holding something out to you. A pair of black leather bracers with golden embroidery on them.
“Crowe said to give these to you. She said you might need them for protection. She also said to look after them. They cost her a few gil” You took the bracers and slid them on. They fit perfectly.

“Uhhh…thanks…I’ll be sure to take care of them” You found yourself unsure of how to respond to him. You decided to get back to what you were doing. You took the rope that was attached to your belt and tied it to the metal railing.

“What are you doing?” Gladio asked you from behind.

“As you can see im tying the rope to the railing” You point out sarcastically.

“Yeh I can see that smart ass. What do you plan to do with it?” You looked back at Gladio who had his arms crossed and tapping his foot impatiently. And Noctis? He’s just staring at you. He’s always staring at you.

“Im going in through the window below. Its empty” The look you get off of the both them tells you that they think this is a terrible idea. Well it is a terrible idea but that’s not going to stop you.
You pull the rope to make sure it’s tight. Taking a few steps back you make to run. Jumping off the ledge, you swing yourself round and put your legs out in front aiming straight for the window, you crash through it. Doing a double roll and somehow managing to land on your knee safely, steadying yourself with your hand. You stand yourself up hoping you haven’t drawn attention to yourself but all seems quiet. You feel a cold air sweep through your hair from behind. You turn to see Noctis stood looking around the room.

“Where’s Gladio?” You ask.

“He’s calling Iggy. Letting him know to wait for us by the front door. Said he’ll catch up” He said sounding breathless.

“You ok there? You sound like you need more exercise” A chuckle escaping your lips.

“Shuddup” Was the princes response. Which in turn had you both laughing. It was nice being able to laugh like this but now was not the time.

“Once we go through that door there’s no turning back” You sigh.

“You sure you want to do this Y/N?” Concern in his tone. It made you feel like someone actually cared about your wellbeing. You may have had friends at the guild that you could laugh and joke with but you could never shake the feeling of still being alone. But with him? You felt alive.

“Im sure” You said with certainty “You have my back?”

“I’ve got your back” His smile was meaningful. He was being truthful. You knew a liar when you saw one but Noctis was far from that. You walked towards the door and put your hand on the knob about to turn it but there was a sudden gentle grip on your arm.

“Y/N wait. Let me go first” You were about to protest but it was too late, the door was open and Noctis ran ahead of you. You chased after him to try and slow him down but he was too quick. This wasn’t what you had planned at all. You swiftly turned the corner and you were suddenly grabbed from behind, a hand covering your mouth. You struggled to break free, contemplating whether to fight your way out of their grip. But you were quickly put at ease by a low, calm whisper in your ear.

“Shhh, Y/N it’s just me” Noctis softened his grip on you. You calmed your breathing as he slowly removed his hand from your mouth. You felt a strange kind of comfort with his hand wrapped around your waist. His warm breath on your neck where his chin rests on your shoulder. You slowly turned around, Noctis’s hand sliding along your waist as you turned. You felt a heat rise to your cheeks as your eyes met.

“Umm…what are you doing?” You whispered.

“There are two guards just round this corner. Sorry. Didn’t mean to grab you like that” He looked apologetic. You looked down at your waist, where his hand still rested. Noctis very quickly removed it when it occurred to him he still had hold of you. He smiled at you sheepishly. You rolled your eyes and proceeded to look round the corner.

“That’s Aki and Rafi. They’re pretty basic fighters. Easy to take down” You say. Without a thought you start to make your way round the corner. Only for Noctis to yet again grab you and pull you back.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Take down? Aren’t these people your friends?” He asked gobsmacked.

“Correction. They were my friends. I never really liked them anyway” You huffed.

“In that case I’ll handle them” Your blood was beginning to boil, you wanted this over and done with but Noctis was determined to slow you down. You pulled your arm free from his grip, giving him a death stare. Stormed round the corner, immediately catching the attention of the two guards. You grabbed Aki’s arm twisting it backwards, all the while throwing a kick straight into Rafi’s face, sending him flying into a wall and knocking him unconscious. You then jumped onto Aki’s back, wrapping your arms around her neck, pulling tight enough for her to struggle to breath. You didn’t want to as go far as to kill her but far enough to knock her out. She slowly slipped away into a deep sleep. One that would at last least last a couple of hours. You looked over at Noctis. His mouth agape and eyes wide in horror.

“what?” You asked completely unfazed at what you just did.

“I….Uhhh…what are you? Some kind of ninja?” He said scratching the back of his head.

“Ninja? Ha-ha. Funny. You think I just steal things and that’s it? I learnt to defend myself too you know” You say sarcastically.

You searched through Aki’s pockets and found a steel blade, removing it you slid it into your belt. You looked over at the door that led to the next room.

“That door leads us into the main hall, we’re going to need to be very quiet. There’s stairs to the right that will take us to Gunner’s study. Im betting that’s where the weapon is”

“You hope” The Prince fires back at you.

“Yeh well there’s only one way to find out” You head for the door, opening it as quietly as possible. Noctis following closely behind you. The room was dimly lit and you could hear voices on the level below you. You looked over the bars to see a whole group of the guild casually chatting to one another. You slowly move towards the steps to the right, heading for Gunner’s study. But you are quickly interrupted by a loud noise from below. A gun shot? You stood and looked over the bar. Smoke was bellowing into the room and panic occurred among the guild members. Suddenly an army of people broke through the main door with a crash. Gunfire filling the room. The crowns guard had totally disregarded everything you told them and started attacking the guild members. You made it clear that they weren’t to attack the guild until you had secured the weapon. Now they were alerted to their presence and you had to retrieve the weapon swiftly before it was too late.

Noctis looked over at you and shouted “GO!!” He suddenly warped into the crowd, summoning his weapon and fighting with the crowns guard. Gladio, Ignis and Prompto quickly joined the fight. Gunner’s study door suddenly flew open behind you, one of the guild members running up the stairs straight towards you. Pulling a dagger out from their belt and throwing it. You managed to evade it, swiftly throwing your body to the side.

“Shit!” You ran towards the guild member. You threw your entire weight on them, causing you to both go crashing down the stairs. Somehow you managed to land on top of them and pin them down, throwing a punch to their face, knocking them out. As you stood, you felt throbbing in your head and a strange wetness running down the side of your face. You place your hand on the area that hurts, removing it to find your blood imprinted on your hand. Choosing to ignore it you carried on into Gunner’s study. You looked around, the coast seemed to be clear. Only there was one problem. What the hell did this sceptre look like? Gunner’s study was full of crap and gold, shiny things.
“Okay. Just look for a big stick!” You told yourself. You searched the room high and low, pulling the entire room apart. But no sign of a big stick anywhere. “Son of a bitch!! What did you do with it!!”

There was a sudden explosion, and you were thrown off your feet, straight into the wall behind you. You felt the pain stretching up your back. The sheer force of the explosion had caused a hole in the wall. You could now see the main hall, fire spreading everywhere, people screaming. You forced yourself to stand, cuts and scrapes over your body, covered in dust and dirt. You make your way out into the main hall, you could see peoples silhouettes but you didn’t know who was who. You saw a blue flash at the other end of the hall. It was Noctis, it had to be.
You were about to run towards him when someone suddenly flew at you from the right. They threw you against the wall, then throwing a punch in your gut, completely winding you. As you crashed to the floor, trying to get your breathing under control, you hear their voice. “You traitor!”. That kind sweet voice, full of anger, hatred. The next thing you know a fist hits your face and strong hands are wrapped around your neck. Struggling to breath and trying desperately to break free from their grasp. Immense pressure building in your head you just about manage to find your voice.


“How could you do this to us! We were supposed to be friends! Gunner said not to trust you and he was right!” Tobi’s hands tightened around your neck, you could see his eyes pouring with tears, the pain he was feeling for doing this to you.

“Gun..Gunner…set me…up” Was all you could manage to spit out. But it was enough for Tobi to loosen his grip on you.

“What are you….” But before he could finish a gunshot fired from behind him. Blood splattered on your face. Tobi’s eyes wide as his body suddenly went limp and crashed on top of you. You summoned all your strength and managed to roll his lifeless body off of you. You watched as the blood poured from the bullet wound in his head. Your eyes started to sting as you shook him uncontrollably.

“Tobi? No….no…no,no,no! Please! Please wake up! Don’t leave me!” But it was too late. Tobi was gone. You forgot everything happening around as you lifted his head into your shoulder and cradled him “Im so sorry, you didn’t deserve this” You felt numb. The flames around you were growing wilder. You had to move. “Forgive me Tobi” You lay his head back down on the floor. You took the blade from your pocket and stood. People around you were dying. But only one person was the cause of this.

Your mind was whirling round in circles. What had you done? What brought you to this moment? How did this happen? This was never your intention. All you wanted was the truth. The knife in your hand….the blood…who’s blood? Yours? The enemy? Your friends? You didn’t know anymore. So much fighting. Fire was spreading all around you, visibility becoming clouded but you could just about make out a silhouette on the other side of the flames. You squinted your eyes. The persons features appearing in your view. The scar on his left cheek, the brown spiky hair, the almond eyes. His lips quirking up into a smirk when he see’s you. He’s taunting you. A fire lighting inside you. Anger. Frustration. Hate. This was his doing and you were going to make him pay. Gunner was a dead man.

You saw the gun in his hand. The gun that had inevitably just ended Tobi’s life. He turned and ran. You had a choice. Go help Noctis and the others or go after him. But your mind was already made up the second you saw him. You ran and jumped through the flames and after Gunner. What you hadn’t realised was Noctis had seen everything. He saw Tobi’s death. He saw how broken you were. He saw Gunner smirk at you. He saw you run after him. And he’d be damned if he was going to let you fight him alone. So as you chase after the man that destroyed your life, Noctis wasn’t trailing far behind.

if you are thinking about killing yourself

find a place to sit down. take some deep breaths. inhale for three seconds, exhale for four seconds. find a tissue, wipe away those tears, if there are any.

you are NOT going to kill yourself. if you are looking for a sign not to, then this is that sign RIGHT HERE. i am telling you right now, you are not going to kill yourself. and although i probably don’t know any of you personally, im still telling you that you’re not going to do it.

you are NOT going to plan your suicide. you’re not going to write suicide notes, you’re not going to get pills, ropes, anything else you could use to kill yourself. PLEASE. i am begging you not to.

you, might be thinking, why not? why shouldn’t i kill myself?

your family. your friends. they would all be devastated. can you imagine the pain they would all feel? if you killed yourself, they would feel endless pain. your parents; they would blame themselves. your friends; would be lost without you. don’t even think about saying that they wouldn’t care - cause i am telling you right now that they would. THEY ALL WOULD. they care about you.

you have your whole life ahead of you. art, music, writing, reading, movies - whatever your interests are; maybe even maths, anime, knitting, you would never get to experience them again. everything you love, your memories; would all be gone. maybe you’re at a place right now where you don’t find anything interesting. all the things you used to love, just don’t make you happy anymore. BUT, when you get help, when you eventually get better; you will get to experience that happiness again from the things you love. OR, you might develop a new interest, a new personality, new style. if you kill yourself, you’ll never get the chance to do so.

as you get older, you might fall in love. some quicker than others. yes, you might get your heart broken. but someone else will come along eventually, and pick up the pieces and put them back together and you’ll wonder why you were ever heartbroken over the previous person. OR, maybe you won’t fall in love. AND THAT’S PERFECTLY FINE. you might decide you are perfectly comfortable with being alone, you don’t need to spend your life with someone else. whatever your sexuality or preference, you are absolutely perfect the way you are.

the years will pass by, and you’re gonna meet new people. you’re gonna visit new places. you’re gonna read new books. listen to new music. take new photos. watch new movies. you’ll probably change your hair and not like it for ages, but then it’ll grow on you (had to fit a pun in somewhere) and you’ll realise you have liked it all along. you’re gonna buy new clothes that you love, some that you hate - but you’ll buy them anyway. you’re gonna go to really bad concerts, and you’re gonna go to FUCKING AMAZING concerts that make up for all the bad ones. the bad ones will simply become a funny memory. 

you’re gonna do things you’re really proud of; maybe spend hours, days, weeks or even more on a painting or drawing that you will be proud of for the rest of your life. you’re gonna study hard for that exam, and pass it and be really proud. you’re gonna win that football game, you’re gonna learn to play that song on that instrument, you’re gonna feel confident about your body, you’re finally gonna dye your hair that crazy colour. 

you’re gonna meet assholes. there’s no getting away from it. there are assholes in this world, and they are everywhere. BUT, you’re gonna meet amazing people that make you forget about all the people who made you feel bad. those amazing people, they’ll be like the sunshine coming up after a night of storms.

maybe you’ll learn to drive. buy a crappy, used car that you could barely afford, but still - you love it so much. you’ll take new photographs, you’ll gather up old ones and remember those old times. you’ll meet up with friends you haven’t seen in years, you’ll meet new ones. you might pursue a career that doesn’t pay well, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a career that you love. new jobs, new places, new people, photos, books, movies, music, concerts, adventures……

do you really want to throw all of that away?

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