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Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge

I just reached 16,000 followers! Yay! 

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I have decided to host another writing challenge to celebrate.

I love me a good romantic comedy (aka the romcom). Love them. I also love some good fluff fics, the fluffier the better. I decided to combine the two and the end result is Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge!

Below, you will find a list of some of my favorite romantic comedies, along with quotes from those movies. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to write a fluffy fic including the quote from the movie.

The Rules and Regulations:

Female reader inserts with Sam, Dean, or John Winchester only. No ships (no hate meant, it’s just easier this way).

Your fic can be as many words as you want; I do ask that you please try to make it at least 500 words. Please add a “keep reading” for fics over 500 words. If it doesn’t have a “keep reading” I will not reblog it.

Please make it a one shot or the first part of a series. AU’s are also okay.

Please tag me, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and use the hashtag #mimi’s romcom fluff challenge. Make sure the hashtag is in the first 5 tags. If I don’t like it within in 48 hours, I didn’t see it. If that happens, please send me a message.

Please mention somewhere in your author’s notes that it is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom Fluff Challenge and which prompt you had.

The most important rule, it MUST contain fluff. No angst (side-eyes a couple of my writer friends - you know who you are). I want the fluff. It can have smut, but it doesn’t have to. But, there must be fluff.

How to sign up:

Send me an ASK. Not a reply, reblog or IM, it needs to be an ask. Also, don’t send it on anon, I need to know who is participating. If it’s from your side blog, please mention the name of your side blog.

In the ask please tell me:

  • The number you want and whether you will be writing Sam, Dean or John Winchester. Please send at least one alternative in case your first choice is taken.
  • If you are writing from your sideblog, please give me the name of the blog.
  • One prompt per writer (for now).

Fics are due by Saturday, September 2nd. That is about two and a half months. If you can’t make the due date, send me a message to ask for an extension. I won’t be mad or upset. Life happens, I get it. I do ask that if you sign up and can’t finish the fic for whatever reason, please let me know. I may be able to find someone who would like to take your place.

Movies and quotes are below the cut:

Keep reading

if you are thinking about killing yourself

find a place to sit down. take some deep breaths. inhale for three seconds, exhale for four seconds. find a tissue, wipe away those tears, if there are any.

you are NOT going to kill yourself. if you are looking for a sign not to, then this is that sign RIGHT HERE. i am telling you right now, you are not going to kill yourself. and although i probably don’t know any of you personally, im still telling you that you’re not going to do it.

you are NOT going to plan your suicide. you’re not going to write suicide notes, you’re not going to get pills, ropes, anything else you could use to kill yourself. PLEASE. i am begging you not to.

you, might be thinking, why not? why shouldn’t i kill myself?

your family. your friends. they would all be devastated. can you imagine the pain they would all feel? if you killed yourself, they would feel endless pain. your parents; they would blame themselves. your friends; would be lost without you. don’t even think about saying that they wouldn’t care - cause i am telling you right now that they would. THEY ALL WOULD. they care about you.

you have your whole life ahead of you. art, music, writing, reading, movies - whatever your interests are; maybe even maths, anime, knitting, you would never get to experience them again. everything you love, your memories; would all be gone. maybe you’re at a place right now where you don’t find anything interesting. all the things you used to love, just don’t make you happy anymore. BUT, when you get help, when you eventually get better; you will get to experience that happiness again from the things you love. OR, you might develop a new interest, a new personality, new style. if you kill yourself, you’ll never get the chance to do so.

as you get older, you might fall in love. some quicker than others. yes, you might get your heart broken. but someone else will come along eventually, and pick up the pieces and put them back together and you’ll wonder why you were ever heartbroken over the previous person. OR, maybe you won’t fall in love. AND THAT’S PERFECTLY FINE. you might decide you are perfectly comfortable with being alone, you don’t need to spend your life with someone else. whatever your sexuality or preference, you are absolutely perfect the way you are.

the years will pass by, and you’re gonna meet new people. you’re gonna visit new places. you’re gonna read new books. listen to new music. take new photos. watch new movies. you’ll probably change your hair and not like it for ages, but then it’ll grow on you (had to fit a pun in somewhere) and you’ll realise you have liked it all along. you’re gonna buy new clothes that you love, some that you hate - but you’ll buy them anyway. you’re gonna go to really bad concerts, and you’re gonna go to FUCKING AMAZING concerts that make up for all the bad ones. the bad ones will simply become a funny memory. 

you’re gonna do things you’re really proud of; maybe spend hours, days, weeks or even more on a painting or drawing that you will be proud of for the rest of your life. you’re gonna study hard for that exam, and pass it and be really proud. you’re gonna win that football game, you’re gonna learn to play that song on that instrument, you’re gonna feel confident about your body, you’re finally gonna dye your hair that crazy colour. 

you’re gonna meet assholes. there’s no getting away from it. there are assholes in this world, and they are everywhere. BUT, you’re gonna meet amazing people that make you forget about all the people who made you feel bad. those amazing people, they’ll be like the sunshine coming up after a night of storms.

maybe you’ll learn to drive. buy a crappy, used car that you could barely afford, but still - you love it so much. you’ll take new photographs, you’ll gather up old ones and remember those old times. you’ll meet up with friends you haven’t seen in years, you’ll meet new ones. you might pursue a career that doesn’t pay well, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a career that you love. new jobs, new places, new people, photos, books, movies, music, concerts, adventures……

do you really want to throw all of that away?

(im not gonna say - YOU HAVE TO REBLOG THIS OR ELSE however, i would appreciate if you did. not for notes or followers. you never know who this could help. thanks.)