For the love of all that is good in this world please DO NOT dress up as a ‘mental patient’ this Halloween. 

If you need this explained to you (which okay, I will do because I’m in a super patient mood), then please remember that people struggling with mental illness are just people. People with an illness. People going through a rough time. They are not there to be ridiculed. 

Would you dress up as a person in a wheelchair for example? And I’m not saying a character who uses a wheelchair (even though that raises problems of its own), but would you literally go as a wheelchair user? NO. 

At least I hope you wouldn’t because that’s disgusting. 

So why would you go as a stereotypical and ableist interpretation of a person experiencing mental health difficulties? 

Also this whole association with mental illness and being scary or dangerous is wrong. It enforces stigma which leads to people taking their own lives. Yes, this sort of ‘light hearted fun’ has a death count. 

Most of the time these ‘costumes’ and the performances that go with them serve to ridicule and alienate people who experience delusions, schizophrenia, or psychosis. These people are actively being presented as people to laugh at, or people who pose a threat. 

Just fyi, mentally ill people make up 90% of people who die from suicide in the UK alone. You want to know what can lead to this? Stigma. Alienation. Ridicule.

Not to mention that mentally ill people are more likely to be the VICTIMS of violence and abuse than perpetrators. 

Also, if you’re pretending to experience psychosis and running around in a straitjacket with your eyes rolling into your head, then how do you think that’s going to impact someone who actually suffers with psychosis? 

a) you’re telling them they’re a figure of ridicule, and that you see them more as a cheap joke than a person deserving of compassion and respect. You are essentially striping away their humanity because of an ILLNESS. 

b) you are potentially stopping them from seeking help because they are afraid that they will be seen as a danger, as a stereotype, or that they will even be put in a straitjacket and have their humanity denied again. You are increasing the fear of seeking help for a life threatening condition. Let that sink in. 

c) you are letting the world know that you care more about a cheap laugh at the expense of a struggling person than about the daily lives of the mentally ill. 

I’m not here to tell you what to do, okay. You can do what you want. If you want to dress up as a mentally ill person this Halloween, then go for it. But I thought you should know what that says about you, and what that does to actual mentally ill people. 

Your choice. 

AO3/Tumblr Master List

All right, Tumblrererers!  Here’s the list which features your AO3 and Tumblr names.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Have no idea what I’m talking about?  Here’s the original post which explains it all.   

If you’d like to submit your info, or make any changes, feel free to contact me. I’ll make updates on Fridays.  

Be sure to bookmark it.  Additionally, I’ll have a permanent link to the Google Doc here on my front page:


My dad has been suffering with a serious infection for the past week or so. It’s from a bug bite, one of the most poisonous bugs out there. He’s already had to go to the hospital once for it and I think he may have to go again. Please pray that he’s okay.


This is in Portugal. The whole country is burning. People (and animals) are dying, loosing everything they have and not sleeping for days, the sky is black and you can’t breathe without a mask on.  It has been horrible, There are more than 200 active fires right now. There’s an island (Madeira) that almost doesn’t have water to stop the fire. Please spread the word since there’s no one talking about this on the news. #PrayForPortugal


Federal police and military force is massacring activists and professors who were protesting against the laboral/educative reform. I repeat, they’re massacring them. They’re are killing them and burning them outside Nochixtlán. 

On another news, right now in the main plaza, the center of Oaxaca, federal police have cut the lights to make “cleaning” which means dragging and killing all the protesters they can. Ambulances and military jeeps were advising people for NOT helping the protesters or take refugees, or they will be “cleaned” too. 

  6 protesters were confirmed killed due to the use of large weapons by the police. More protesters are disappeared and some are confirmed (just by the survivors) death or burned. In Hacienda Blanca they were killed too.

Also, hospitals, doctors and medicine students aren’t allowed to help or receive the protester, all of this are orders coming from president Enrique Peña Nieto, and the public education secretary Aurelio Nuño Mayer.


help jean get a roof!!!

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Having BPD Be Like
  • Me:I really like the idea of coming across as the dark, mysterious loner. I'll remodel myself to fit that.
  • Me:*Five minutes later* I really want to be like the flirty party girl who just wants to have fun. I'll remodel myself to fit that.
  • Me:*Another five minutes later* I want to come across as the person who acts kind of subdued happy and supports people but is secretly sad and tries to show that. I'll remodel myself to fit that.
  • Me:*A further five minutes later* I really like the idea of coming across as the dark, mysterious loner. I'll remodel my...wait a second...

I know I usually don’t do this kind of posts but I really really need your help guys!!

 @stevenquartz is in a rough situation, he’s gonna be homeless soon and its been a while since he eats something because he’s broke, he is working on commissions right now but people is not buying and he has nowhere to go.

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Autistics with no special interests are valid.

Autistics with special interests that constantly change are valid.

Autistics with special interests that never ever change are valid.

Autistics who lose their special interests, even temporarily, due to depression or trauma are valid.

Autistics with obscure special interests are valid.

Autistics whose special interests are wildly popular are valid.

Autistics with special interests not aimed at their age group are valid.

Autistics who don’t know or can’t remember everything or even much of the details about their special interest are valid.

You’re all great and I love you.

Please help, 16 about to be homeless

Hi, im sorry to bother everyone with these types of posts but i am in a very deep hole and need help. I live with my mom and younger sister, 2 cats and dog, and we are about to be kicked out of our house. We have nowhere else to go and no money, my mom is over 500$ in debt meaning she has to give the bank 500$ to get to 0$. I recently quit my job because i was not being treated fairly or with respect by the people in charge, but if i knew about the situation sooner i would have never left. I have been activley going out getting job applications and i am currently waiting for a reply and trying my hardest to make as much money as I can. We are living in our grandparents house now, they recently passed but gave us the house because we could not afford to be living where we were before, and it turns out that there were a lot of unpaid ‘fines/bills’ that the current house owner is now responsible for. I’m not sure of every detail of the situation because i am a minor but am trying to explain the best i can. The reason this has only come up now is because my mom, was told the fines were taken care of (by a family member) We then had everything looked into (yes, by a lawyer)  which gave us some time but not enough, and it turns out we are responsible. We have no where to go and even if we find somewhere, we have no where to keep our pets, they are loved members of this family and i do not want to leave them behind. 

I am trying my hardest to get the money and so is my mom, we are doing everything we can and i am just asking for some help. If anyone is able to donate to my paypal @ SKADUCK1999@GMAIL.COM - or the donate button on my blog- it would be very very very much appriciated, anything helps even one dollar. We have gotten out of these types of money issues before but this time im afraid we’re screwed. 

We need about 700$ before the 5th of October - which is less than 10 days. I appriciate any type of help or encouraging words and I am very sorry to ask for help with something like this, I just can’t risk anything. I don’t expect to have that much in donations, i’m just trying to give an idea of the situation. Anything helps and thank you for reading