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A gift for Troye

I believe Troye knows he’s famous internationally, but I don’t think he understands how many people have been touched by his music all around the world.
That’s why I want to make a video for him, a compilation of people from different countries showing Troye how important he is for them.

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Troyblemakers Please Read

Seeing as Troye is releasing his EP soon, he will be getting more fans. meaning that there will be people who didn’t know he had a youtube channel before his E.P. Please, please, be nice and gracious and welcome them into the family regardless of whether or not they knew of Troye before his EP. Troye deserves ten times the amount of fans he already has, so don’t jeopardize that because you think you are a better fan. 


Hi guys, so I’m not so sure how to say this.. So with out further a do: I’m really upset with what this fandom has come to be. Everyone is making everything a competition (ex: follower count. Amount of notices … Ect) when no one actually cares. There is also a lot of exclusiveness and hate going around. I personally joined this fandom to have a happy safe place away from bad vibes and ugly hate comments, at me and at others, but a lot has changed sense I first joined. Some good and some bad. I just would really like to stress the fact that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how many notes you get, how many friends you have, and who you socialize with, we should love and care for everyone regardless. I think we all, myself included, need to work on changing all of the hate and exclusiveness into love and open arms like we used to be.


Troye Sivan Mellet,  yes that’s the blue cake boy we knew who’s making silly and hilarious youtube videos for 7 years, the troye that wears his beanie in a video because he really need a haircut, the troye that thinks he’s the queen b, the troye who fell in love with a gif, the troye that consumed his body weight in chicken nuggets, the troye that can’t even make his “kiss me by ed sheran” cover perfect, the troye who promised to get naked if he reach 100k subs, the troye who’s passionate with harry styles, the troye who learnt a lot about tumblr and was the tumblr queen, the troye who risk his life for bungee jumping , the troye troye had to post his coming out video while at tyler’s house bc he was so nervous, (too many to elaborate) and now a troye who begging his mom to buy him a pet turtle, ugh still the baby troye we knew since the beginning. Because of these cool shits look what he had gone through, he’s now going through a big change in his life, a big change that can make his life even better, likewise to us, his fans who’s been through the making of his career and because of that we must bear with him as he’s going to be busier than ever, gonna have new fans to welcome, and maybe worldwide tours  since everything about troye’s career is going to the next level and we must not stop supporting him otherwise we must tie ourselves up into a bunch,  be a stronger and fearless fandom (as troye wants us to be) who support s him in bad and good times of his life. Tbh, he’s truly an inspiration to the teenagers right now, and not only them but also the people all over the world who are not ready to show up their own hidden skills and still finding themselves in the crowd and come up with the best that they can be and to reach their goals  in their lives. Literally, TROYE SIVAN IS THE BEST BEST BEST THING HAPPENED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, HE NEVER FAILS TO MAKE OUR DAY EVEN BETTER I KNOW WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO EXPRESS HOW FUCKING THANKFUL I AM FOR YOUR EXISTENCE. We love you troye so much of the bottom of our hungry (for troyler selfie) hearts, you will always be our troyeboy who makes videos to make other people happy af.

PS: I hope troye will never forget us cause maybe he’ll be famous not only on earth but on the other planets, we’ll never know. (Sorry for the wrong grammars and unfixed ideas)

- Cecille

Dear YouTubers,

There has been lots going on in our family lately. Some awesome things (like EPs, and movies, and books, and podcasts) and some not-awesome things. It’s hard for us viewers to know what to tell you when you’re struggling. We all don’t understand what it’s like to make videos and have them scrutinized like you do. We don’t understand the craziness of conventions like you experience them. We don’t see very much of your life, so we don’t always know how we can help. 

So this letter is for you. It was written by Troye, one of your own, a while ago, to Charlie McDonnell., when he was struggling with his channel. Even though this letter doesn’t apply to all of you perfectly, it sums up everything that I could ever say to you, especially those of you who are struggling with inspiration and motivation. 

I hope this letter means as much to you as it does to me. I love you all. We all love you so much. That’s all that should matter.


Your people

Sooo, i finally finished the drawing of tyleroakley and troyesivan, what do you guys think?? I know it ain’t perfect, but waaay better than my last drawing of tyler.

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IMPORTANT REMINDERS FOR TROYE'S TOUR (please read especially if you're going)

- if you want to get a good spot/front row, get there early, even if you have VIP
- don’t cut in line, one or even two people is fine to save spots for but don’t push people that have been there all day farther back because that’s just unfair
- try to pack light, sometimes venues don’t let you put your stuff anywhere and you don’t want to be carrying it all or getting it stepped on
- drawstring bags are best, all you really need is your phone, some money, maybe portable chargers and room for merch, the lighter you pack the more space you’ll have for merch
- if you can’t fit jackets/sweaters in your bag hang them over the barricade (if you’re front) and make sure you keep them in your reach, this also helps cushion yourself if you get crushed in the barricade. if you don’t have barricade, tie it around your waste
- if you get the VIP bag, try not to have it on the floor, I know there aren’t many other options but your poster could get stolen/damaged if you move around during the concert. (I would have rather held mine the entire time then have what happened to mine)
- don’t push or shove just to get yourself closer, if you’re trying to get to a friend, push through as calmly as you can and use your manners
- DO. NOT. force yourself onto the barricade. it may seem like there’s enough room and that it won’t affect people, but all that does is causes people to be shoved sideways and even fall over or be put in an uncomfortable situation. you either didn’t line up as early as the people there or didn’t pay as much as them to be there. take what you have and be great full for it. don’t make other people’s time less enjoyable
- make sure your phones are charged
- bring a portable charger if you have one
- don’t spent too much time video taping/taking pictures, spend the time enjoying him right in front of your eyes
- enjoy it the best you can because Troye is a fucking angel and you’re lucky you get to see that beautiful piece of art live

All in all don’t be rude, take the best you can get without hurting other people, be respectful, take care of your friends and your stuff. What happened in Vancouver was beyond “pushing and shoving” my friends and I were crushed to the point where I could hardly breath at times, my two friends beside me (one of which is 15, and tiny) ended up on the ground at the end of the show even though they were barricade. People got hurt. My friend and I got our 2 $60 sweaters stolen from us, plus my signed VIP poster that I payed extra for. Please keep this in mind for all the rest of the shows. Troye would not want this to happen, he would want everyone to have an enjoyable time and would never want anyone getting hurt.

Thank You.