please read this if you are considering buying a commission


heyo! if you like my art then maybe consider commissioning me? ;o

my art tag is here

will do: anthro, OCs, ship art, fan characters

won’t do: anything nsfw, mecha, extreme gore

payments will be made through paypal only, please make half the payment before i start on the commission! 

if you’re interested just send me a pm or an ask, or contact me at 

thanks for reading  _(:3」∠)_

Again haha! ( sorry long post!) 

 So My computer just die… ( Rip 2010 - 2017 ) So Im a working on the old lap of my mom. I really Need my own computer! aahh I always dreamed with a nice computer! So guys if you want to help me, can you considering commissioning me? Or just a reblog, that would be amazing!  
I dont like talk about my personal situation but, I live in a country very…sad? I’m from Venezuela, so is impossible for just buy something like a computer here, And I was helping my family with the commissions that I done before ( thanks!). ( Im not lying! read about the inflation in my country here )

Now I want to save all my money just for my little whim ♥   If you have Any kind of doubt please feel free to ask me!

I dont have any problem drawing guys or girls together ( love wins ♥) or something a little sexy. But I can’t draw Mecha/bara ( I cant srly haha) 

♥   Only paypal
♥   I only start work after payment has been made!
♥   Do not pay me before I accept your commission
♥   Process: Send me some reference pictures and I will make a sketch. You pay me the half and can ask me to change everything you want. when the color process ends I  will contact you, you pay me the rest and I send you the final drawing. Feel free ask me to see the process anytime c:
♥ 1 Commission (waist-up ) will Take around 1 week as max, Completeboy 2 week as max 
♥ You can contact me too via mail: <- this is NOT my paypal account!
So I think that is all, here some expamples…Thanks for reading/sharing/reblog/favs!  

And thanks to all those people who commissioned me before, I have amazing examples with beautiful characters!♥ 

If you share this, srly thanks! ♥ Have a nice day! and sorry for my poor english x_x

Please read the message below, it might save lives and nerves of poor artists

I’m addressing this not to someone in particular, but to anyone who would ever consider to commission/buy art, either mine or someone else’s. I’ve had enough times when people who were interested in buying my art, just magically disappeared after I told them the price/method of payment/something else. You know, it’s totally understandable if you don’t have enough money/don’t want to spend them on a silly ass drawing/are afraid to transfer your money through anything but PayPal/something else, but please, PLEASE, just tell me (or another artist whose work you were meant to buy) about it. You don’t even have to explain the reason, it’ll be enough to say that you’ve changed your mind. I won’t curse you and your whole family, I pinky promise. The thing is, when you fall silent, I wait and wait and wait for your answer. “Maybe they’re just busy”, I think on the 378th day of anxious waiting. If you need to figure out whether or not you want to buy something, do tell. I can’t read your mind and nothing will stop me from selling this art to someone else in case if you don’t answer long enough. Well, that’s all, folks. Just a friendly reminder that artists don’t bite and won’t kill you in your sleep if you simply tell them you changed your mind. Sorry for my poor English, by the way.

anime-mon  asked:

I haven't been able to find a good post on creating body guidelines, could you help?

Hey there, sorry for the slightly delayed response…

Here’s a beautiful resource: Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Basic Body Proportions by Joumana Medlej (one of my favorite resource creators!) 

& a tdlr snapshot that can be found at the end of the article, though the whole thing is worth a read!

Prefer a video? Human Figure Proportions – Idealistic Figures – Andrew Loomis by Stan Prokopenko. Clearly explains Andrew Loomis’ amazing philosophy. 

 If you have more time, I highly suggest checking it out: Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth - Goodreads (I think it’s public domain, but you can also buy the print edition!) 

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Two more cuties from the shop, father and son! This sweet mustache makes him the best looking member of the shop (that’s why he’s the profile picture). For more Narwhal goodness keep reading!

If you’re interested in what you see, please check out my Etsy shop. If you’d like to commission me for something that isn’t in the shop please message me and we can work some things out.

If you want to see more things like this, please consider buying me a coffee. Since I don’t like coffee, all money will go towards supplies.

And if you can’t support financially a reblog is more than appreciated!!

Shop and Ko-fi links are in the description of this blog (even works on mobile) and all other social media links can be viewed on a desktop since Tumblr is still being weird about having links in a post.

Thank you!

Hey fishblr!! I’ve been considering doing this for a long time and i’m finally doing it! I’m opening up some fishy portrait commissions <3 These are digital 1300x1300 pixels at 300 dpi. please read my Commission Tos before buying!

*single subject with simple bg - 21$ this includes simple decor such as flowers, plants, etc. of your choice.

*add 10$ for each additional subject

*Payment will be made through paypal only and I require a 50% deposit before I start.

if you’re interested please send me a fanmail or ask with the following info and I will email you :

Name: (can be your real name or username.)

Type of commission: (single subject or two,etc.)

References: (Please include at least one clear image reference of the subject matter.)

Description: (If applicable, a description of what you want.)

email: (so I can send you an invoice from paypal)

Info: (any additional info or specifications.)

SLOTS+STATUS - I will only be taking three at a time ;u; 

1. Blazetorrent 

2. thishaileysays 

3. Thishaileysays


I’ll be opening a slot or two to help with Holiday funding this year! Please message me if you are interested ; 7 ;

All transactions must go through paypal, and sent in USD for simplicity sake.

If you’re interested, please submit me the following!

Commission Form - (Insert URL here)

Character - (First + Last name AS WELL as a clear visual reference of your oc) 

Order (Example, 1 Default sprite + 3 expressions + 3 gestures)

Total - (Example of the above order, $19.00 USD)

Brief Guideline - (Example, Default Sprite. + Happy, Terrified, Angry expressions. + Clenched fists, Arms in the air, Cute pose. Or you are welcome to leave it up to me if you’re unsure what you want. This is just to help me make sure you are happy with what you pay for!) 

Additional Info (Anything you think that I should know before starting! Great info to include are pronouns, likes, dislikes, ectect~)

Important Reminder

  • I am still a person with things I must take care of offline, I wont be finished instantly. However, I will be sure to meet any reasonable deadlines you may have!
  • I make my sprites from scratch, I don’t use existing sprites to create my own, nor do I really believe in selling edited sprites.
  • I wont be issuing any refunds, namely because money raised is going to a family member’s paypal.
  • I’m sorry, but I currently wont be accepting characters that are overly muscular or really push my limits as an artist! These are sprites you will be paying for after all, and I am not confident enough in my ability to provide these sorts of sprites just yet! I’ll practice though, promise <3
  • While I ask for a guideline on what you want, I would appreciate if you didn’t write extreme rules such as “The left arm bent at a 50 degree angle while the fingers… ectect.”


Once I agree to your commission, I ask that you please forward the money to the paypal (which I will provide to you in private, as the email belongs to family, not me.) and I will begin spriting the baes~!

Thank you for reading and thank you if you consider buying!

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message!

Good morning.

(Half the fandom are going to hate me for this lol does anyone except me actually ship makorra anymore).

I needed to release some of my pent up Makorra feels. I miss them so much ;__; I seriously need some interaction next episode cause I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE

Inspired by basically every fanfiction I’ve ever read. Bedsheets are evil.

p.s. My commissions are open! If you like my art please consider buying some!


hey you would you like your very own animaly thing like these things here?! well you are in luck because i am doing some commissions at the moment and these thingies are a steal at $18 AUD (a little more for complex or hybrid creatures, message me to talk about it)

even if you can’t buy one, i would really appreciate a signal boost, because i’m transgender and i’m hoping that i can make enough money with these commissions to start hormone therapy so that i feel confident enough to get a job and make friends again

i have a sketch blog where you can find some more examples of my digital painting. please don’t remove this text and please consider signal boosting, it means the entire world to me. thanks for reading!


Hey, everyone! Lins here again with an updated commissions sheet!

Come December, I’m going to be moving back home to Missouri for personal reasons. For the first few months, I won’t have a job. There is a long winded reason for this, but I won’t bore you with the details. Basically, for those months, I’ll be relying on commissions for extra money (I’ll be living rent free, so I won’t be in a bind, don’t worry).

I cut out the things that no one was buying, and trimmed it down to the two options above. If you seriously want something else that doesn’t fit the above images, please don’t hesitate to message me. I would be happy to talk through other options (such as B&W line-art images or things like illustrations and character sheets) and reach an understandable price.

If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or purchase inquires, please contact me at And if you’re not interested, please consider reblogging this post so others can see it!

And, as always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day! <3

Update! We managed to pay enough that they let us have internet back and thanks to Nik we managed to make enough to that we have enough to pay the the rent but we still don’t have enough for Em’s car payment and various other bills. Please consider buying commissions from me! I’m currently doing discounted Single Character Full Color Full Body commissions for 20 bucks!

If you’re interested in something more detailed you can check out my commission post here! If you’re interested you can message in ask here or in email at And if you’re just feeling generous and want to donate my paypal is the same email!

Thank you for reading!