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Fear Toxin For Dummies!?

Scarecrow hates this guy! As our expert divulges the top 10 ingredients that supposedly are in Fear toxin and how you can literally make it in Walmart.

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This is going to sound like a stupid question, but it seems like most of your campsites are literally just in the middle of no where, not like at a legit camping ground. Is that necessarily legal? Asking because I'm real inspired to try something like this myself

This is not a dumb question at all - and perfectly relevant to our current fight to protect our public lands.  I can legally camp in the middle of nowhere because I do so on public lands - lands owned by all American Citizens.  This is land set aside for public use - be it camping, hunting, fishing, biking, climbing, hiking, etc…  Public Lands are owned and supported by tax payers and also sometimes referred to as Federal Land (most research shows public land costs about $4 dollars per tax payer a year).  Restrictions depend on the agency that manages the area - most BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land has very few restrictions and allows for camping almost anywhere (without the need for a campground).  However, I strongly encourage Leave No Trace ethics when camping in wilderness and if you are going to camp on our public lands please go to the following link and read the 7 Leave No Trace Principles: 

I prefer to camp in the wild - to leave the city behind and experience the outdoors as a refuge from human impact - and in order to continue to experience it as such we need to keep it looking as if we were never there.  I am a climber, a hunter, a mountaineer, a fisher, a hiker, a biker, and most importantly I was lucky enough to be born in the USA which gives me access to public wilderness as if I had the money to own a cabin in the mountains.  However, I don’t have the money to own a cabin and so when the weekend rolls around I throw a few things in the back of the Land Cruiser and head for public lands… I find a spot that is my own, that feels as if I am one of the few lucky enough to sit on this rock and watch the sun go down - and I am lucky.  

Watch the video link below:  4 minute bipartisan history of how the USA came to have so much public federal land, specifically in the west.  This video educated me on how almost all federal land has always been federal land - and is not land that was taken from the states:

It is my opinion that there is falsehood in state legislator’s desire to want public lands to be taken from the federal government and given to the state for the resident’s interests and stats seem to support this.  Federal land is held in a trust for the use of the American people -  and that’s it, that’s all, it is there for our future generations - so that I can teach my kid to ethically hunt and camp in the mountains just as my grandfather and father taught me.  Some states do a great job with land they manage for public access, but the problem is that the land is no longer explicitly a trust and if the wrong individuals become elected, or are already are elected, that land can now be sold to private entities and will no longer be accessible to the public. In FACT 156 MILLION acres of Federal Public Land has been transferred to states and of that land 70% has been sold to private entities - that is 110 MILLION acres that we don’t have shared access to use anymore.  I would rather not risk the possibility of my land being sold off so that I can not use it.  Historically this has occurred when a state’s budget isn’t balanced because it is pretty easy to sell of a chunk of land to compensate for debt. 

Please read the Field and Stream article in the Link below it is easy and incredibly informative:

Please vote to protect our public lands! 

Public lands for our use and what agency manages them can be seen in the map below: 

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can you please explain what does the new tmz article mean? is it what we already knew or is it new information? :/

This is exactly what happens in a case, just as I said. Nothing is new in there except TMZ wanting a headline (and it’s effective based on my inbox, because everyone is losing their effing minds). The prosecutor will decide whether to charge him. That’s not up to the police, it was never up to the police. The police gather the evidence and make the arrest and present it to the prosecutor. OF COURSE the police will give the evidence to the prosecutor even after seeing a video (which video? when? who? we have no idea - please read the article critically; 99% of the time THEY HAVE NO DETAILED SOURCE OF INFORMATION). If they didn’t, then they’d be admitting to wrongful arrest. The prosecutor decides whether they want to spend their resources pursuing a case where the video like that would be presented to a jury. Police don’t have to think about that; all they care about is justifying their arrest.

Also, Louis has a very high-powered effective attorney. Us worrying about this (or trying to do anything to help – please stop that, it’s interfering and unnecessary and childish) and getting hysterical every time there’s an article we don’t like helps no one. Reacting dramatically to articles about normal court procedures is the exact thing anyone who is trying to smear Louis’ name would want.

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Hey! I am very pro-AZA facilities, but I am a little bit concerned about your recent comment on sanctuary breeding. Sanctuaries and rescues are NOT receiving genetically valuable animals, usually they come with no genetic history, and are inbred for color morphs or mixed species (i.e. tigers)! This wouldn't be smart breeding for conservation like the SSPs! (1/?)

The animals they receive should essentially be considered like the excess domestic dog/cat populations in the US (only big and dangerous), because there truly are more than there are available suitable homes for. The argument of breeding for conservation in captivity has to be done in line with responsible breeding that’s part of a larger networked plan, because roadside zoos breed all kinds of animals irresponsibly (filling up the sanctuaries) and claim conservation.

Most of what you’re saying is true, and what you’re most concerned about re: the SSP mention is going to be an issue in the future. However, there are a couple things I want to respond to because they’re going to be super important for people who care about big cats to understand in the near future, in regards to conservation and the sanctuary industry and animal rights interactions. I’m gonna break those down below, but it’s not intended as a smackdown - you just gave me a great opening to talk about something I’ve been realizing I need to write about. To give you some context: I’ve spent the last couple months digging into the histories of sanctuaries and rescues as an industry and studying a lot of the exotic animal legislation that has been proposed/passed in the last couple decades. That means I’ve been researching the evolution of legislation and how animals move (both around the US, and between types of placement) in response to it, and what legal actions or public petitions influence those movements. The holistic picture is… interesting. 

First, though, I want to talk about a couple of the statements you made - because they’re super common in sanctuary messaging right now and, most importantly, have started showing up in legislation and lobbying regarding big cats recently. 

The lack of known lineage for big cats coming into sanctuaries and rescues was really only accurate in the 90s and potentially early 2000s, and from what I can really was at latest an issue up until 2007. The 90s was the period when the big cat population in private ownership in the US was out of control and rescue began to be a big deal - hence the formation of the current major big cat sanctuary organizations. The last large number of big cats of “unknown origin or lineage” left private hands and went into sanctuaries between 2004-2007, as people prepared for the full enforcement of the Captive Wildlife Safety Act (which, among other things, prohibited moving cats across state lines). After that point in time, the need for rescue - by which I mean hoarder situations or animals that truly were not receiving appropriate care, not exotic pet politics framed as abusive - dropped off sharply because anyone who hadn’t given up their big cats prior to 2007 was very aware that the CWSA meant that they were responsible for keeping those animals for life because they could no longer be easily transported to a new owner or another facility. So, a decade after that, animals coming into rescue are generally coming from either pet situations or are confiscations from private facilities. The people who are currently breeding big cats outside of AZA accreditation - regardless of what else you think about them or their practices - are smart enough to understand that inbreeding can occur and that tracking bloodlines is important. All of the exotic pet communities are pretty small and tight-knit in the US, so I can’t believe that there’s no known lineage for the animals currently ending up in sanctuaries. It might not go back more than a couple generations, or might not be something the sanctuaries are given, but it’s got to exist. 

I’m also really skeptical about the whole “there are more big cats than there are suitable homes for” messaging that’s omnipresent in the rescue and sanctuary industry right now, for two reasons. One, there’s no agreement on what a “suitable home” for a big cat is: the Animal Welfare Act is the federal set of requirements for appropriate care, but sanctuaries and animal rights groups consistently condemn places that meet that criteria, and only AZA likes the idea of AZA standards being a requirement for a suitable home, since most facilities don’t have the funding and mission to become part of the AZA. This means there’s no other set of standards that sanctuaries and rescues can point to to back up a claim about a situation for a big cat being ‘not good enough’. Since sanctuaries continue exist because they house confiscated animals, in the absence of data or concrete standards used to quantify a bad situation, any statement they make about big cat quality of care is inherently embroiled in politics. 

Two, the current numbers for captive big cats in the US just do not make sense. They’re all over the place and appear to be estimations because there aren’t primary source citations in any document - legislative or media - that I’ve found past 2003, and even that’s iffy. 

Let’s just look at tigers, for instance. In 2003, a paper Nyhus and Tillson estimated that there were anywhere between 5000-12,000 captive tigers in private hands alone in the US. The excuse given for such a huge potential range: the authors think most pet tigers would be kept illegally and not reported. It goes on to say the most likely estimates are between 7000-9000, but following up on those sources simply gives me news articles where the one of the authors is quoted about those numbers - there’s literally no data or study cited to support that. Okay, so, hold on, we’re guesstimating in a scientific paper about the existence of multiple thousands of tigers, multiple times more than exist in the wild, because of an utter absence of data and the determination that people lie? That doesn’t seem right.  But, then, in 2008 a report on tiger trafficking done by Fish and Wildlife said there are “as many as” 5000 tigers in the US - total, including in zoos and sanctuaries as well as private hands. They were using data from a single 2005 study, which estimated 3349 tigers in “private” hands (2120 in USDA licensed facilities that were not considered zoos or sanctuaries and 1129 in non-exhibition situations). That’s a drastic difference from 2003-2005, and only the 2005 citation shows evidence of actually having data backing it. Now, fast forward to the last couple of years. In 2014, the World Wildlife Fund states that of the 5000 tigers it thinks are in the US, 4700 of those tigers are in private hands. In 2015, the founder of the sanctuary group Tigers in America stated that he thinks there are actually upwards of 7000 tigers in the US with no mention of location. Neither of these statements have any sort of citation, and those numbers don’t make sense. It’s been a decade since the last mention I can find of an actual study of the locations of big cats in the US, so does that mean the numbers that are now being used in legislation and advocacy efforts are simply estimates based on how many pet tigers these organizations think people aren’t reporting? Not to mention, the numbers don’t make sense - the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, as well as many pieces of state-and local-level legislation restricting big cat ownership have majorly restricted the ownership, transport, and breeding of big cats. How are the numbers going up as legislation gets more restrictive? If anyone can show me actual data on the number of big cats in captivity in the US post-2005, I’ll happily update this post - until then, I remain pretty skeptical about this supposed surplus of big cats because after months of searching I’ve found no primary data anywhere to support it. 

Next, let’s chat about roadside zoos for a second. If you’re not aware of why I think that appellation is outdated and meaningless to the general public, please take a second to read this article I wrote about the topic. This is especially pertinent to this discussion, as many facilities outside of AZA (frequently referred to as roadside zoos) directly contribute to the success of SSP programs - see Mill Mountain Zoo’s success with Pallas Cats and Red Wolves, and Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s success with Clouded Leopard breeding. Not all non-AZA places are of the same quality - some do still promote breeding color morphs or talk about white tigers as a separate subspecies - but it’s inaccurate to say that all roadside zoos don’t contribute to conservation or just “fill up sanctuaries” with excess animals. 

Okay. Now, on to the SSP and sanctuaries comment. Most of the cats coming into sanctuaries right now are either previous pets or animals confiscated after animals rights investigations, as mentioned above. Right now, AR groups aren’t going after places that participate in SSPs… but that’s not going to last. For years, HSUS has been campaigning to close down every zoo that isn’t AZA. You can see that in their rhetoric, and in the fact that in every single piece of legislation and media they right they directly contrast how AZA does things with the horrors of roadside zoos. As of earlier this month, the CEO of HSUS made a statement indicating that AZA is partnering with them to help police the rest of the zoo industry - and the biggest focus that HSUS wants to see from AZA is help shutting down roadside zoos, according to a representative who spoke on HSUS’ behalf at the 2016 AZA national conference. It’s convenient that there’s no operant definition for “roadside zoo” published anywhere in HSUS literature since 1980, isn’t there? (See the linked article above for that discussion). This leads us to the question of what happens to the big cats in external facilities that participate in SSPs when animal rights organizations start going after facilities they deem “roadside zoos” or those they condemn for simply not being AZA. Somehow I sincerely doubt they’ll deviate from the long-term plan of shutting them all down just because they happen to support a decent big cat conservation program. When HSUS lobbies to have a facility investigated, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF, the legal branch of the AR organizations) get involved with advocating to have animals removed from a facility, there’s always a sanctuary or two ready and willing to take those poor animals -  and they’re all ones that are tightly associated with the animal rights organizations and decry the breeding of their residents. So yes, I do think we’re going to see genetically valued animals “rescued” from facilities where they were part of legitimate, planned breeding programs in the near future and put in sanctuaries where they can no longer contribute to the conservation of their species. 

I also don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the animal rights organizations will eventually start going after AZA, once all the other zoos have been driven out of business or had their animals confiscated. The head of BCR has said publicly that she wants to see all cats removed from zoos and in sanctuaries by 2025 - and that she plans on doing it by first turning the public against roadside zoos, and then by taking in all the big cats the zoos abandon after she convinces the public that they’re fundamentally immoral for having them. That lines up pretty neatly with the current rhetoric coming out of sanctuaries and animal rights organizations about zoos right now, and hey, BCR and HSUS and ALDF are all sponsors of all the recent big cat welfare petitions to the USDA and heavily involved in lobbying for congressional legislation like the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Still not convinced? In the newest iteration of the BCPSA, AZA-accredited facilities are no longer accorded their historical exemption from the proposed regulations. 

Big cat sanctuaries may currently only have cats who aren’t considered valuable to conservation programs, but I don’t think it’ll stay that way. All of the animals who came into the sanctuaries because of the Captive Wildlife Safety Act in 2007 (along with a ton of funding, because pretty faces and sob stories are great for fundraising) are reaching the end of their natural lifespans. If the sanctuaries want to continue to exist, they have to get new animals from somewhere - and you can see them beginning to turn against the zoo industry and demand ownership of their animals. It’s scary, but it’s real, and it looks like it’s starting already - in late 2016, ALDF notified Landry’s Downtown Aquarium (an AZA facility) of their intent to sue for removal of their tigers under the Endangered Species Act if Landry’s did not send the cats to an accredited sanctuary. 

Some of the relevant citations:

dear australia,

i would like to apologize on behalf of my country, and on behalf of the man named donald trump who is now the president of the united states…a fact i find hard to swallow (but will accept, because i believe in democracy and our right to vote and choose our leaders).

i am writing this from the backstage dressing room of a venue in brisbane, australia, where i am about to take the stage.

i’ve been coming to australia to tour and perform almost every year since 2004, and it’s a place i hold near and dear to my heart. i love this land, i love the people and the attitudes towards freedom here, and i love that we both - the americans and the australians - are close cousins in our difficult and entangled struggles in the dark waters of our deeply complicated histories. i believe that in time, we can help each other navigate these waters.

i want you to know that donald trump’s stance on immigration (and specifically this current australian/american refugee deal madness, see below) is not the stance i take, and it doesn’t reflect the stance of about 99% of my american friends and family. i know that, because we talk about it, on and off the internet.

donald trump bellowed at his inauguration that he would put “america first”, and that we are “the greatest country in the world”.

and i want you to know that i don’t believe that, and that my circle of american friends don’t believe that, and that pretty much everybody i know is deeply embarrassed that this man is the face of our nation.

i believe that we cannot, as a human race, leave our most destitute hanging … i believe that we cannot just “take care of our own and fuck everybody else”. i believe we are better than that.

america NOT “first”.

nor australia.

nobody “first”.

or: everybody first. world first.

togetherness first.
and together, we’re going to figure this out.

please let’s stay friends.


p.s. it’s been all over the news….but if you don’t know what i’m talking about, please go read this article from the new york times:

If I read one more whining post about why all the female characters are so ugly in ME:Andromeda I’m going to go on a comments rampage. Quite aside from the fact that the characters are NOT ugly (and it shouldn’t matter even if by your shit subjective pov if they are), suck it up dumbass. Women are not put on earth solely for your dubious pleasures. We had to live with a decidedly off-putting male gaze throughout ME and I sincerely hope they’ve abandoned that this time round.

– Italy, ESC 2017

Full Trans. of Deleted Article

This is a full translation of the article that is deleted within (an estimated) 30 minutes after it was posted. Apparently, TS was in contact with the reporter that wrote the article, hence the availability of quotes in the article. Please read the full translation of the article below. 


B.A.P’s world tour is opening soon. The fans declare a boycott and express objection towards the concert (T/N: Seoul Boom; context for Babyz’ reference: Boycott Camp wants to boycott Seoul Boom to lead to cancellation of the Seoul Boom concerts as well as the rest of the Party Baby World Tour). TS Entertainment’s position is that they will not back down because concert cannot be cancelled with the confirmation of plans and contracts for concerts in place, hence it is impossible for cancellation. The situation of the intense polarised spate (between the agency and the fans) is being played out right now.

TS Entertainment released through the B.A.P’s official channel to inform fans of a world tour that will start with the concerts in Seoul. The Seoul concerts will be held at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall over three days starting on 24 March and the world tour is coordinated now with USA and Europe to happen afterwards. In the concert poster, an exciting party atmosphere is seen with logos and neon signs reminiscent of a club to reveal a scene of exciting fun and exciting performances by the members.

Contrary to the poster’s enjoyable time with the members, fans’ reactions were the opposite. Via SNS platforms (T/N: Twitter), fans expressed their sentiments with the hashtag #2017_BAP월드투어_반대, which is now part of the boycott campaign that’s ongoing right now. There has even been a portal site petition page that has been opened for the campaign. Campaigners are worried about the tight and taxing schedule that the members have to digest after going on many tours after their 2012 debut, with the Pacific Tour in 2013 Summer, the Arena Tour in 2013 Winter, the Continent Tour in 2014 Summer, the World Tour in 2016, the Japan Tour in 2017 January, and even the upcoming 2017 Party Baby World Tour.

Another question that fans have is of Yongguk’s health—on sick leave due to the diagnosis of his panic disorder—and his participation in the concerts and in the world tour. In the past year’s second full length album NOIR’s promotions for ‘Skydive’, he was even too unwell to participate in the promotions, thus it is doubted whether he is well enough to join the upcoming tour. The conclusion is that it is fans’ wish to see a stop to the abuse of ‘our oppas’ with unreasonable schedules.

The agency is put in a difficult spot by the fans’ boycott. It is said that the plans for the tour cannot be made without the discussion with members, and members have also shared the official post of the world tour on their own SNS accounts to express their wish to go through with the plans; hence this is the current stand. In response to the charge of unreasonable schedule, it is expressed that “after last November’s promotions for Skydive, members already had a 2-week break” and this has been discussed with the members. With regards to the lack of domestic activities for B.A.P, TS expressed that “a new album is about to be released before the world tour and it is in the pipelines for B.A.P to promote it on Music Shows” as explanation. It is also speculated/ hinted that in the new album, the voice of Bang Yong Guk who is resting now will be heard.

As such, right now the agency and the fans are in a tense standoff. The agency that refuses to give any explanation or response to fans wants to tide over the controversy of being labelled as ‘bad’, and from the standpoint of the agency, fans are putting on a show of tyranny. Whether it will be a performance that has no fans, or the disadvantage of cancelling the performance, either outcome will be B.A.P’s tragedy.

Full Translation of deleted Article
Trans cr. @ricejuseyo-gimmerice

(Personal side note: While I’m not in the boycott camp, I felt slighted and mocked when the reporter used terms like fans are worried about the abuse of “our oppas”. In addition, it starts to look like a report in favour of TS when the quotes start coming up, which made babyz’ concerns seem unreasonable and uncalled for. Also, most importantly, the fact that TS thinks that having 2 weeks break after promoting Skydive means B.A.P can have a killer world tour schedule from March till god-knows-which-month tells me that TS has no common sense and is not listening or reading our concerns, which is the killer tour schedule and not whether B.A.P gets vacation breaks or not. For instance, sleeping 72 hours straight does not mean that you can work for 123456 days straight. So resting for 2 weeks last December doesn’t mean that one can store that rest like a camel stores water and overwork in future. In addition, promoting on Music Shows for only around 2 weeks before going on tour is not doing the new album justice nor is it really answering to our call for more domestic activities. TS is not answering anything at all. Last but not least, the very last line is immensely saddening. It is also precisely why I champion for the middle ground camp. Why doesn’t anyone see it like I do.)
A neurobiologist studying monogamy wins scholarship from porn site
Natalie Nevarez, a graduate student examining the brain chemistry of monogamy, wins a $25,000 scholarship from the pornography website Pornhub.

Please read this hilarious article about our awesome friend Natalie:

Nevarez said that she’s thrilled to receive the scholarship from Pornhub, even though she agrees that it’s unusual for a pornography website to help fund her pursuits in academia. But in some ways, she said, it’s fitting.

“I look at animals have sex all day,” Nevarez said. “So many hours of my life. It gets very tedious.”

She and my husband used to work for the same PI, but he wasn’t part of the vole research group, so hearing about their work second-hand has always been incredibly amusing to me. 

Also, as the article describes, Natalie is a badass Latina in STEM with an amazing, supportive family who sacrificed everything for her to reach her potential in academia. Definitely worth the read if you have a few minutes.

Hey guys, since I constantly get messages from people asking me how to lose weight, and about specifics…and I really don’t have the time to create a full blown course, I decided to do the next best thing - to share with you the program I follow. The creator of the program was kind enough to give me an article he has written himself which kind of introduces you to it. So if you are not really getting the results you want, please read the article and learn more about this program.

Article: Why You Should Only “Diet” for Half the Day

I fully endorse it - it has changed my life. (p.s. It is only a diet - and I had tried many before, but this was the one which made a breakthrough. Don’t get me wrong I do fitness exercises too, but the real bones of my progress came from this diet, if you feel like you’re stuck - this is the place that can get you out of that zone.)

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Please ask your followers to leave positive comments on this article ew(.)com/tv/2017/03/28/walking-dead-season-finale-danai-gurira-michonne/ caryl/carol/melissa, and maggie/lauren fans are shitting on Danai and michonne

Dear Followers, please go and read this article to see what Danai has said about the S7 finale. Dalton Ross always gives us the goods when it comes to Michonne (and Richonne). Go and leave a positive comment. Show your love for Danai and Michonne.

As some of you may know..

This morning Bernadette Giacomazzo and I had a very civilized conversation on Twitter regarding the “feud” between ourselves and shippers vs non shippers in this fandom . A little while ago Bernadette wrote an article detailing her side of these issues and doing her part to broker peace between our sides. I have promised to respond with my side and I intend to , I won’t be able to do that until later tonight as I am not home and haven’t been able to read her article yet. Please know that I fully intend to respond as was our agreement and so that we can move forward from the hate and anger . Two days ago my BFF was talking on the phone with her sister who had recently had back surgery , my friend thought her sister had fallen back to sleep while talking to her , sadly she had in fact passed away . Today I am spending the day with my friend and her family at her sisters farm and not only is wifi non existent out there but I am taking care of my friend first . I am sure you understand as will Bernadette.

Hey guys, since I constantly get messages from people asking me how to lose weight, and about specifics…and I really don’t have the time to create a full blown course, I decided to do the next best thing - to share with you the program I follow. The creator of the program was kind enough to give me an article he has written himself which kind of introduces you to it. So if you are not really getting the results you want, please read the article and learn more about this program.

Article: Why You Should Only “Diet” for Half the Day

I fully endorse it - it has changed my life. (p.s. It is only a diet - and I had tried many before, but this was the one which made a breakthrough. Don’t get me wrong I do fitness exercises too, but the real bones of my progress came from this diet, if you feel like you’re stuck - this is the place that can get you out of that zone.)

no offence but if you’re going to write an article about b.a.p pls do ur goddamn research first

Zendaya has her first Vogue cover so she is 100% on her way now!  I don’t personally know Zendaya from a can of paint but I feel so invested in her success.  Every time she does something I’m like, “oop, dass my baby, y'all!”

Please read this Vogue article.  It’s the best way to describe why Zendaya is pretty much the only person in Hollywood that I stan extra hard for when I don’t even like their artistic output.  Because I don’t.  I’ve never liked any of her lil’ songs and I’m too old for her lil’ Disney shows, but I feel like she is on the cusp of greatness.  I did watch her season of Dancing With The Stars (because I watch every season, leave me alone and find your own joy) and she is such a star.  She can do anything.  She WILL do everything.  

I knew she was That Girl when an interviewer asked her why she was still doing Disney shows at her age and level of visibility in the industry and she said Disney gives her the opportunity to do more than act.  She’s learning to be a producer, a director, a showrunner, a writer – she’s doing so much more than just acting and she can’t get that level of training anywhere else this early in her career.  She’s planning for the long haul, not the instant fame, and I'ma ride with her until the wheels fall off.