please read my letter

If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

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why you should join me in reading the peter grant/rivers of london series
  • the magic of harry potter
  • the sass of percy jackson
  • the london police genre of sherlock holmes
  • begins with peter just accidentally stumbling into a ghost and things go sideways for him from there 
  • the river goddesses are all strong independent black women
  • diversity (including a nonwhite protagonist)
  • the whole story is written from peter’s pov and his thought process is v real 
  • there’s magic but it’s not presented in an easy to master way like not everyone can just *do* it peter spends hours studying ancient languages and blowing stuff up as he practices 
  • the storyline is suspenseful and interesting with tons of variety as you follow peter’s investigation

and I’ve only finished the first book but there are six of these lovely things so I’m sure there’s wayyy more good things to get to please read them

To my girlfriend

I promise to love you even on your worst days. Promise to keep a smile on your face at all times. I promise to be your backbone and be there for you when nobody else is. I promise to listen to you rant, even if it’s about something so little. Babygirl, I just want to make you happy and I’ll do everything in my power to do that. I promise you that I’ll reassure you of how beautiful you are each and everyday. I promise that I’ll never leave your side, even when you get difficult bc I know how it feels to be left. I promise I won’t ever hurt you bc that would be like hurting my bestfriend. I promise to always be honest to you even if you don’t want to hear the truth. You are my priority now. You are not an option to me. It is an honor for me to be your friend, shoulder to cry on, confidant, and most importantly your girlfriend. I promise that I will never stop giving you the world and treating you like the queen that you are. You are my happiness. My baby. My lover. My bestfriend. And I promise I’m in this forever honey ❤️

I have been thinking.....

The past couple of months haven’t been the best for me and the past couple of weeks have been hell. That’s why I haven’t really been paying attention to what people post and I am sorry for that. I have taken some time off tumblr to try and sort things out, but things have just gotten worse the more I have been away. Tumblr, my fics and my friends online have been my distractions from my problems.

Many of them have had me chewing their ears off with my problems and I’m sorry about that, but I will never forget what you have done for me. I love each and every one of you. Thank you. I still am a bit away with the fairies, but I’m not as bad as I was a week ago.

I’m doing these requests for all charcters across the series.

Ask Box: Open

Imagine: Open

Character Ask: Open

Headcanon: Open

Love letter: Open

Reader Insert: Open

For the reader insert, just give me a character from Assassin Creed series (I’m sorry I can’t do Aveline, I haven’t played on Liberation). Give me a situation for that character to be in (if you wish to) and I will write it up for you. If you wish you can tell me what kind of fic you want it to be. For example it could be fluffy, smutty….well you get the idea.

Also if your bored feel free to ask my OC’s, Adeline and Edward Kaldwin, anything you like. Just tell me which twin you want along with your question. The question can be anything you desire, it can be super sweet or super filthy (nsfw) ;) or if you want to you can just ask me a question. If you wish to get to know me better. I don’t bite.

Just want to say thank you again to everyone who follows me here on tumblr. It’s good to know that I can talk to all of you and you are always willing to listen to me. Thank you. You don’t know how much that means to me. Love you all.

A huge thank you to @swiggle-muffin @thepandadrawer @llljacobfrye4lifelll @vanilleeistee @oreanagalena

Mark, my letter to you.

Dear Mark,
I really hope this reaches you. I was a bit late watching your recent video and in sorry for that, but I must say.. You are amazing. You also are SUCH a dad and I can not explain to you how amazing and wonderful you are to at the least share your feelings with us, but to share really intimate and insecure feelings like that just makes you even more of a great person. I can’t stress it enough how much that means to at least me. I wasn’t there with you since the beginning.. Sadly I found you a bit after you grew your hair out a bit, but I so wish I would’ve found you sooner! I wish I could’ve been there from the get go to really be able to watch you grow and to watch you change and become better! I wish I could’ve been there to cheer you on and I really hope you know that I’m not the only one!
I’ve been in your shoes. It wasn’t with Youtube though it was simply with friends. Except I was a bit depressed at that time, and all I could think about was I need to get out of bed. I need to be there for my friends. I need to push myself harder than I can handle so that I can push them to be better. So that they will have a great example and role model, and my worse fear was disappointing them. I feared that if even for a little bit I broke that they would be so disappointed in me and would just want nothing to do with me then. And with that thought process I utterly destroyed myself. I turned to Youtube because I always saw these people who were happy and the content they made made me smile and happy and I could just get lost in the videos for at least a little bit. I was lonely and people on Youtube kept me company. People taught me how to do my makeup better or how to dress cuter. And you and others like you helped me to see that even if its tough giving up won’t do me any good. The out come is too great to just give up on. You’ve taught me that its okay to break down in front of people and its okay to be confused and yourself and its okay to care so much you don’t know what to do or how to handle yourself.
I got a little too in to it sorry about that, but I promise you there are those of us still here with you on this journey that you will never be able to disappoint. We know you aren’t perfect ( even though you surly look it ) we know you have flaws and feelings! We know you’re not some mindless but making videos because it’s your job. We know how much this all means to you! We never forget that and you don’t let us! We love that you care so much and that you’re so kind. Please believe that you did save people. Saving someone doesn’t just have to mean that you stopped them from killing themselves. It can mean that you gave them hope for a future. That you got them up on their feet. That you inspired them to be who they are today.
I believe you when you said that we saved you. I believe that we have saved you in more ways then one. I believe you Mark. And I’m so sorry that you were going through such a tough time. In so sorry that you have that as a memory, but I don’t know about you but I know that i wouldn’t trade those times for anything. They were definitely hard at the time and I know I felt like dying, but looking back at it for me makes me realize just how much I’ve grown as a person. It makes me realize that I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for those hard times. I didn’t really have people or anything to motivate me for a long time. The only thing I had was that I couldn’t leave my mom and sister with my stepdad. He was horrible, but at least with me there I could take some of the shit so it wasn’t so much on the others.
About feeling lost.. Maybe you could try writing a book? I don’t know about you but I know for me it’s easier to write what I’m thinking and feeling down rather than say it. Plus it could be a goal for you. Something to look forward to! Or maybe try doing more vlogs. I at least love knowing what you’re doing, working on, plan to do, and just how you’re doing. I like to know that you’re doing okay or not.
I think it would help if you took a step back from it all and looked at everything, what’s making you feel this way, what you’ve been doing, how you feel about us and those who’ve helped you, and memories, and look at it all from a different perspective and with a different thought of mind. I don’t think you’re lost Mark. You’ve been found. You aren’t alone. People love you. Chica loves you. We, your viewers love you.
You are such a beautiful person Mark, inside and out. We love you for who you are and what you like, even if you can count the things you like on one hand. That’s more than okay. Its not about quantity, it about quality. And you, my dear, are filled with amazing qualities!
I’m sorry for such the long post. Thank you, whoever reads this, for taking to time to read it. Mark.. I really hope this reaches you one day. xx
-the girl who cares


Hi potato head, so I’m like 12 to 13 weeks, depends on when you read this okay? and it’s almost father’s day here… So happy father’s day, I guess.

I went to my first ultra-sound without you, took Toby and she is a very supportive person I think she shall adopt your unborn child. Moving on I have bad news, we are having a plum, but there was a strong chance it would be a fruit since, you know. More news, it looks like a human now, sort of like and if I press my bump it probably kicks back, but I really can’t feel anything. My belly is starting to show and the doctor started to search for an heart beat and Adam you should have listened to it, weak but I swear it felt like I finally knew we are going to be parents and I swear that if you were here you would have cried.  Anyways, we can start telling people it’s safe now, you should start by all the females in your camp you know? And also tell them we are going to get married and we are having triplets just for fun okay?

I thought on writing and not really skyping this because it seems more romantic and I want something for our grand kids to sell one day and make people on the store believe we are some sort of very romantic cheesy couple, who had no choice but to talk this way due to bad internet connection, it shall be a story people will never stop talking about. I also sent this because you can’t really send a picture through a computer right? and hang it on a wall I think that’s what you guys do there? And if you can’t listen to a heartbeat at least, I got to give you a father’s day gift?  Bubbles and Pan send you a lick on the face, different sides because they are jealous. We seriously miss you and everything you brought home except the vegetables, nobody misses that. I also have been sending you letters since day one but you never said a dang about them on Skype so you better talk about the baby next time!

Love you like potatoes, keep safe, Apple Jerkins.

♥1k Thank You: My Love Letter to You All♥

Yesterday when I woke up I had hit 1k followers, and I literally gasped because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been mulling over how I would celebrate/acknowledge this all day. I finally decided upon a (probably super lame) thank you post (ok so it is actually more of a narrative). So if you will forgive me one long text post (please don’t unfollow me for this dear lord that would just be the saddest irony of my tumblr existence), I just have some feelings about my tumblr journey that I need to express…

(If you actually “keep reading” this, bless your soul and I love you. Warning - It is long but I pretty much never post personal stuff on this site, so I figured it was time to open up to you all in case you care- which you may not. Hopefully some of you will because I mention a lot of you in it! IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE I AM SO SORRY BECAUSE THE READ MORE LINE PROBABLY WON’T SHOW UP AND THIS IS A HELLA LONG PLS DON’T HATE ME OMG)

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Hey everyone! To celebrate my recent follower milestone, I am holding a give away that will run until February 1st!** There will be a total of three winners, who will get a number of the items seen above. Anyone is free to enter, but please, please be sure to read and understand the rules below! Good luck :)

Entry Requirements:
- You must be following yona-chan to enter. I will be checking before contacting the winners.
- Like and/or reblog this entire post for a chance to win. Liking counts as 1 entry. Reblogging also counts as 1 entry. So, like + reblog = 2 entries = double the chance to win. All winners will be chosen at random.
- 2 entries is the maximum you can have. Aka: only reblog once. Reblogging heaps of times will not get you extra entries, and is a waste of your time.

- If you’re under the age of 18, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to enter.
- You must be comfortable giving me your name and mailing address so that I can send you your prize should you win. If you aren’t sure if you are comfortable doing so, it’s probably best you don’t enter.
- You must have your tumblr askbox open and be available during the period I announce the winners (the first week of February). You will have 48 hours to reply to my message. Failing to do so will result in me picking another winner.
- The winners will move up should one forfeit. I.e: Should winner 1 forfeit, 2nd place will become 1st, 3rd will become 2nd, and I’ll pick a new 3rd place.
- No give away blogs! Please also don’t follow me solely for the sake of this give away.

- 1st Place Winner: 1xA, B, 1xC, 3xD
- 2nd Place Winner: 1xA*, 1xC*, 2xD*
- 3rd Place Winner: 1xC*, 2xD*
- Each winner will also get a letter from me, yay! :3

*You will get a choice of prizes from the remaining items not chosen by the winner above you. E.g: if winner 1 picks the Kija key-chain, that key-chain is no longer available for winner 2 or 3 to pick, and so on, so forth.
**Midnight of January 31st, AEST (UTC+11) time.
This give away is not supported in any way by tumblr!

"Don't go, please."

Elowen yelped and fell back, startled by the stag’s appearance. She recognized him immediately. She stood and approached him, reaching her hand out to caress his cheek. “Thranduil, no. Don’t come for me, please meleth. Read my letter, it will explain.”

Dear Mom,

Please, do not read my tumblr.
You keep asking about it,
This unknown void that fills my time.
I’m doing my best to keep you away from it,
Away from this,
Mostly away from me.
This raw, open me
That bleeds out poetry
Of heartbreak and dark thoughts.
It’s heavy and hopeless
And not the little girl,
The little girl I always want you to see.
Because you still believe in me.
You ask when you’ll get grandkids-
I can’t tell you blades and wine
are the only love of my life.
You dream of my future so effortlessly.
You still believe in me-
Maybe that’s why I still fight.
Mom please,
I don’t want you to ever know
You have a crying skeleton for a child.
You’ve given so much to love me,
And I hope you’ll always remember
Pigtails and carefree smiles-
How I used to be.
Mom please, don’t ever read my poetry.