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The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

Stealing Harry's Sweater
  • Draco: *is cold*
  • Draco: *sneaks over to Harry's stuff*
  • Draco: *digs out Harry's favorite sweater*
  • Draco: *smells it*
  • Draco: *pulls it on*
  • Sweater: *is slightly too small because Harry is shorter than Draco so why would his sweaters ever be as huge as the entire fandom seems to think they are???????*
someone on a private instagram account said that Harry had a big leather shoulder bag with him backstage yesterday that was partially unzipped, and inside there were knitting needles and a big ball of fuzzy blue yarn. When asked what he was knitting, he answered “grrrrr Cookie Monster grrrrr”

Look, I don’t know who sent me this - but I swear to God - this is the best thing I have EVER read. I really hope it’s true. Please identify yourself anon, privately if you wish….because I have never been happier than I was after reading this. 

My little knitting boy. I love him so much it hurts. 

@sassan-lady-love said: “What if Kaneki had Todoroki’s hair style?” and oh boi.

May dark father ishida bless her soul.

I H A D to do it

To all those people telling others they’re going to hell, who said you were promised Jannah?

Reaction to You Having a Past Violent Relationship and Sometimes Flinching Away From Their Touch. . .

A/N this is a sensitive topic and I know some people will feel offended or hurt, but this could also help someone feel better about their situation. If this may upset you, please do NOT read further! I wish every one love, comfort and happiness.

Kai ~


Namjoon would be cautious whenever he would touch you. However he would make it his mission to get to the point where you would become so accustomed with his touch that you would never flinch from his touch or be slightly frightened when he suddenly touched you. He would never push you because he wouldn’t want you to be scared of him. He would also speak to the other members about your sensitivity to touch and would make sure they know to be cautious around you whenever you went visit them at the dorm. However he wouldn’t give them the details about it for your own privacy. He would be very protective of you and would hold you close to him, by the waist, when you guys are out in public.

*gently intertwines his fingers with yours and looks to you to see your reaction*

“This okay baby?”

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He would move slowly with you. He would always make sure you were comfortable with what he would do. If he saw fear in your eyes or you slightly flinch, he would retreat his touch and make sure he reminds you that he would never lay his hands on you like that. He would then probably continue to pull you into a hug gently or lightly kiss your cheek. He would watch you closely with the other members and make sure you are comfortable at all times. If he sensed you were uncomfortable he would move you guys into his room or tell the guys to settle down more.

“I love you and would never hurt you. You know that right?”

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Amazingly, with his persistence and patience, you were already comfortable with physical contact with him. It took a long time for him to get you completely comfortable with him and to never flinch when he would touch you, but you still had a hard time with other people, especially with men who reminded you of your ex (even being in their presence would upset you). So while waiting for him backstage after BTS’ performance, when you saw a man who looked distinctly like your ex, you froze up while your heartbeat sped up. When he came back, seeing the state you were in (pure panic) he pull you close to him, blocking the man out of your view and whisper in your ear.

“You’re okay. Just breath in and out. Just listen to my voice baby. Just listen to my voice.”


He would treat you normally, knowing that eventually you would get used to his touch. He wouldn’t push you though, he knew his boundaries and would never go past them. He would be so in touch with your moods and emotions that he would know when and when not to touch you. However, he is protective of you and wouldn’t let anyone get too close to you in public, and he would remind the other members to be aware of your discomfort with touch.

*holds your hand without warning and smiles to you

“I love yooouuuu~ And you love meeeeee Jagi~!”

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This boy is practically your personal guard dog. He made sure that even his band members wouldn’t get too touchy with you. Whether it was a hand on your shoulder or a friendly arm around your shoulders. He would force you to show him a picture of your ex so he would know what he looked like, from then on, he would keep an eye out for anyone who looked even slightly like him. If there was someone who looked like him he would make sure to distract you and keep you from looking in that direction. If anyone did get too close to you he would call you over to him, pull you over to him or put himself between you two and simply smile down at you with his award winning smile.

“Jagiiiiii~ look at meee~ am I cute?”

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He would never push you, and was very cautious with you. He would never take your hand of put his hands on you unless you gave him permission. Even if you told him were already comfortable with his touch, he would still ask for your permission to touch you. The only time he wouldn’t ask is if you guys were out in public, or he could see you were nervous about something. Afterwards he would apologize for holding your hand or touching you without asking first.

“Ah, sorry, you just looked uncomfortable. Are you okay? I didn’t startle you too much, did I?”

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This scared little bunny would not touch you. He would be too terrified. He would be too scared that he would scare you, and that would be the last thing he would want. For you to be scared of him. However, he would be patient and you would be patient with him, and over time you would eventually become accustomed with his touch and he would notice. As soon as he notices you are comfortable with his touch, he would always have you close to him ready to protect you from anything that would seem harmful to you in his eyes, even if you had no problem with it.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me Y/N.”

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{Hope this is what you wanted Anon! Keep the requests coming in!

Kai~ }
Kissing Colors - EmeraldSage - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
The rays catches on blond - amber gold and pale buttercup - but even the radiance of the sun can't compare to all the shades of blue he sees in his lover's eyes as they kiss. Sometimes, he wonders if he can see the world looking through them. And then, he kisses the thought from his mind.
By Organization for Transformative Works

For @gerame who wanted GerAme kissing. I have no idea why this came out the way it did, but the writing deities were watching out for me ^^! Hope you enjoy, hun! And to the rest of you, if you liked it - welcome to rare pair hell, lovelies!

Also, I have no idea how it ended there. Really. (Don’t hate me)


ok so basically i saw a post on my dash and it was someone being like ‘wtf i just saw donghyuck smut’ so i was like???????? is she kidding lol????????

i searched nct smut and wow oh boy i saw hell with my own two eyes

it was written by @angelina1004 so could you all please go over there and explain to her why shes wrong with that mindset???? she doesnt seem apologetic AT ALL and i know, free speech, whatever, i dont give a shit but???? the sexualisation of minors is????????????????

if you’re reading this, please understand that i’d never wish death on you! it’s just that none of the nct stans like to see minors, especially those as young as nct dream being sexualised! this isnt coming from someone taeyong’s age, but someone jisung’s age. how do you think we’d feel seeing boys barely older than us being sexualised?

i understand that in your society it might be fine, and i respect that, but please. having strangers write smut about you is already weird enough as it is. but having strangers write that sort of stuff about you when you’re a minor? thats worse tbh???? i think everyone would appreciate it if you took down the posts.

Reverie, Part 7

Pairing: Post-Azkaban Sirius x Reader

Warnings: Language, See Author’s Note

A/N: This chapter deals with the traumas of Sirius’ life, and some of it briefly depicts abuse. If you don’t wish to read this, please feel free to message me and I will give you pertinent information to continue with the next part.

“Why do you live here all alone, Y/N?”

“I can afford to and I don’t like roommates.”

“You never really talk to anyone unless you work at Hogwarts.”

“How would you know?” you asked petulantly.

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In case of Pupcake withdrawls...

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Behind Closed Doors [KWS]

↠ ravi x f!reader; 14.1k; ceo!au; some secrets can be more deadly than others, but are easier kept as a secret
 trigger warning: mentions of death and cancer, please read with the knowledge that this can contains very sensitive topics and reader discretion is advised because of this

“We’re all dying. I’ve been dying since I was born. Don’t you try to use the fact I know when I’m going to die as an excuse for your actions. Don’t treat me like I’m one of your business partners. You know yourself they’ve always meant more to you than me.”

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Help Me Move!! Commissions Open

Hey guys, as some of you may know I am finally moving out of my very bad roommate situation next week. Unfortunately that also means spending a lot of money I don’t have. I do have enough to move into the new apartment but I would be scraping pennies together to buy food or pay for transit to class and work. 

So in light of that I would like to advertise my READING COMMISSIONS!

I am offering several types of tarot, past life, pendulum, and crystal readings to anyone interested for very reasonable prices.

Tarot Readings:

  • One Card ($1.00)
  • Three Card ($2.00)
  • Five Card ($3.50)
  • Ten Card ($6.50)
  • Custom Spread or Specific Spread: IM me to discuss spreads and pricing options
  • Communication Spread (deities, entities, guardians, etc): IM me to discuss pricing and length

Past Life Readings:

  • Standard Reading ($5.00) 
  • Standard Reading + Additional 3 Cards ($6.00)
  • Standard Reading + Additional 5 Card Spread ($7.50)
  • Small Reading ($3.00)

Pendulum Readings:

  • One Question ($1.00)
  • Each additional Question ($1.00)
  • 5 Question Bundle ($4.50)
  • 10 Question Bundle ($9.00)
  • Spirit or Entity Communication: IM me to discuss possible price depending on entity/spirit, length of reading and number of questions

Crystal Throwing:

  • Standard Crystal Reading ($5.00)
  • Large Throwing Answering 5 Questions + More Crystals ($11.50)

For more info on these readings follow these links

To request a reading please go HERE

You may also tip me if you wish at my Ko-fi page

Any extra income I can get to help with this move would be greatly appreciated. So please if you aren’t interested in a reading or can’t afford them, spreading the word would be wonderful!

Thank you all for understanding and hopefully I won’t be short on income for long. Positive energy to all of you!

Part 2

Trigger Warnings: Abuse, Reference to Abuse

(This was done on mobile, so if the format looks messed up it should be fixed soon! If it’s unreadable I’m so sorry, please come back later to read it if you wish!)

Preston Garvey: “Would you look at that..” Preston murmered to Sole, standing by his side. He was looking ahead towards the horizon, observing Sanctuary’s newly installed wall made from wood and wire. Without Sole, the settlement wouldn’t be safe at all.  “Hey, thanks,” Preston said, turning to face Sole, “I knew I could count on you general.” Preston patted them on the shoulder and he watched in confusion as Sole shouted and flinched away from him. Was it something he said? “I’m sorry General, are you okay?” Preston asked. They hid away, shrouded from his view, edging further and further away. Why were they acting so strange? After a while, Sole looked up at him with sad eyes and briefly explained what was wrong. “Preston, I’m sorry. It’s just that… Before the war, anything I said, anything I did… I got hit for… I was beaten and bruised head to two by my partner and… I still haven’t got over it. Please, don’t touch me.” Preston gasped in utter shock, bringing a hand to his mouth for a while. He brought it back down as he saw Sole shy away slightly and he apologised again. He had no idea they were a victim of abuse, and he would try to help them get over this as soon as possible.


: “Oh man,” MacCready exclaimed, aiming down his sight and smirking at his perfectly lined-up shot, “This jerk’s gonna get it big time.” His grubby fingers fumbled for a moment at the trigger, the coldness of the air really getting to him, before pulling it back and shooting a raider clean in the head. The man’s eyes lit up and he turned to his partner, excited by his kill. “Did you see that? All in a day’s work for MacCready!” He exclaimed, laughing. Sole seemed distant and more focused on something else and annoyed at no response, MacCready outstretched a hand to turn their head towards the raider’s dead body. Sole acted quickly and moved his hand away, moving away from him with a look of sheer terror plastered on their face. What the heck? What did he do, did he really disgust them that much? “Hey, I was only showing you something Boss” MacCready huffed, looking away. There was no need to get pissy about it, Mac thought to himself. “No, MacCready, I-It’s not you…” Sole began before being cut off quickly. “Oh yeah, who is it then?” Sole looked at him and mumbled a story about their pre-war abuse. As the story progressed, MacCready regretted his actions more and more as he felt sorry for what he had did and said. “Boss, I’m sorry. I had no idea that you went through all of that and… If you need someone to talk to then I’m always here…”

Piper: Sole had really done it this time. It was Thursday afternoon, and Piper ‘lost’ her hat. She knew exactly who was behind this, and it was the man/woman laughing their ass off in the corner of the room. Moving around furniture, ornaments, even the carpet, Piper grumbled as she attempted to find it. “I take a short nap, and this is what I wake up to. Thanks a lot blue, you jerk…” “You’re welcome…” Sole said, a wide grin plastered on their face as they watched their friend struggle. “Alright, I give up, I’m callin’ for Nick!” Piper exclaimed in a huff, throwing her hands up in defeat. Sole held out an arm and dangled the cap in front of them. “It was behind my back this whole time…” Piper looked them up and down and strode up to them, snatching the hat back. “I cannot believe you…” she said, giving them a playful slap on the arm. Sole reacted weirdly, flinching back and their once smiling face suddenly growing pained and hurt. Was this the whole, touchy thing again? Piper didn’t understand what was going on and every time she asked, Sole always kept quiet. “Piper, I’m sorry. But… I’ve told you not to touch me!” Piper frowned in confusion and folded her arms. “Well why, I was just joking? Besides, you get into fights all the time, I’m not hurting a big tough guy/gal like you am I?” A small smile came across Sole’s lips until their face darkened again. They explained about their pre-war abuse and why they didn’t like anyone to hurt or touch them. “I.. didn’t want to tell anyone this so… Piper, please keep this quiet.”

Nick Valentine: “Kid, I just wanted to say thanks for helping out on that case of mine. It means a lot.” Sole beamed brightly and placed the files down on Nick’s desk. It had been a long day but they were happy to help out the Detective Agency regardless. “Anything else I could do Nick?” They asked, leaning against the desk and folding their arms awaiting his response. The old synth chuckled and stepped towards them. With a steady hand he patted them on the shoulder and told them that they have done more than enough - for now. Valentine watched as his friend flinched away from his touch, a look of horror firm on their face. “What’s wrong? I was being friendly. I wasn’t trying to hurt you,” Nick explained, “If you don’t mind me saying, you’ve been acting like this for a while.” Sole looked away, sighing and trying to find the right words to say. Were they going to tell him the truth? Or were they just going to use the lie of fresh wounds from battle. They bit their lip and looked at Nick. “This… Isn’t, easy to say…” they began, Nick watching them intently, “I’ve never told anyone this before and I trust you to keep this a secret.” The Detective nodded, his bright eyes staring at his friend. “Well… B-Before, you know, I was frozen. My partner used to beat me and… I don’t know if it was the repeated damage - emotionally and physically - but, I don’t like people to touch me.” Valentine was shocked at this remark and he quietly said that they didn’t have to speak about the situation anymore, as he could see clearly it was upsetting Sole. They nodded, and they both started to head back to Sanctuary.

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Sketch of a Scene from Come follow the band! My Favourite fic, ever please go read it,,,,,,