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ok so basically i saw a post on my dash and it was someone being like ‘wtf i just saw donghyuck smut’ so i was like???????? is she kidding lol????????

i searched nct smut and wow oh boy i saw hell with my own two eyes

it was written by @angelina1004 so could you all please go over there and explain to her why shes wrong with that mindset???? she doesnt seem apologetic AT ALL and i know, free speech, whatever, i dont give a shit but???? the sexualisation of minors is????????????????

if you’re reading this, please understand that i’d never wish death on you! it’s just that none of the nct stans like to see minors, especially those as young as nct dream being sexualised! this isnt coming from someone taeyong’s age, but someone jisung’s age. how do you think we’d feel seeing boys barely older than us being sexualised?

i understand that in your society it might be fine, and i respect that, but please. having strangers write smut about you is already weird enough as it is. but having strangers write that sort of stuff about you when you’re a minor? thats worse tbh???? i think everyone would appreciate it if you took down the posts.

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.


☆:*:Happy birthday, Moon-Moon:*: ☆

PSSTTTT… Little hint, buddy- *slides $5* If you look closer, they’re really just sharing shirts *wink, wink* You’re welcome- 

I am on my 2nd mid-terms for the semester RN so I just colored some doodles from July (it’s what my past self would’ve wanted U_U) ¾ are for/kinda-inspired by @hetalian-schoolgirl‘s fics: Next time, We’re Getting Room [NSFW]Chrysanthemums and Roses and Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home (PLEASE READ THEM IF YOU WISH, I CRIED BEFORE, I WILL STILL CRY NOW) 


guys im going on a semi hiatus so i can get moving and get caught up on my classes. i dont know how long i’ll be on this hiatus but i know it’ll be for two weeks at least. i’ll still check my notifs to see what im tagged in and i’ll try to reply to all messages. there will be a queue set up but there wont be many posts on it (when i log on at night i’ll try to add things to it). i’ll be back fully soon 💞💫💕💐💓🌷💗

Part 2

Trigger Warnings: Abuse, Reference to Abuse

(This was done on mobile, so if the format looks messed up it should be fixed soon! If it’s unreadable I’m so sorry, please come back later to read it if you wish!)

Preston Garvey: “Would you look at that..” Preston murmered to Sole, standing by his side. He was looking ahead towards the horizon, observing Sanctuary’s newly installed wall made from wood and wire. Without Sole, the settlement wouldn’t be safe at all.  “Hey, thanks,” Preston said, turning to face Sole, “I knew I could count on you general.” Preston patted them on the shoulder and he watched in confusion as Sole shouted and flinched away from him. Was it something he said? “I’m sorry General, are you okay?” Preston asked. They hid away, shrouded from his view, edging further and further away. Why were they acting so strange? After a while, Sole looked up at him with sad eyes and briefly explained what was wrong. “Preston, I’m sorry. It’s just that… Before the war, anything I said, anything I did… I got hit for… I was beaten and bruised head to two by my partner and… I still haven’t got over it. Please, don’t touch me.” Preston gasped in utter shock, bringing a hand to his mouth for a while. He brought it back down as he saw Sole shy away slightly and he apologised again. He had no idea they were a victim of abuse, and he would try to help them get over this as soon as possible.


: “Oh man,” MacCready exclaimed, aiming down his sight and smirking at his perfectly lined-up shot, “This jerk’s gonna get it big time.” His grubby fingers fumbled for a moment at the trigger, the coldness of the air really getting to him, before pulling it back and shooting a raider clean in the head. The man’s eyes lit up and he turned to his partner, excited by his kill. “Did you see that? All in a day’s work for MacCready!” He exclaimed, laughing. Sole seemed distant and more focused on something else and annoyed at no response, MacCready outstretched a hand to turn their head towards the raider’s dead body. Sole acted quickly and moved his hand away, moving away from him with a look of sheer terror plastered on their face. What the heck? What did he do, did he really disgust them that much? “Hey, I was only showing you something Boss” MacCready huffed, looking away. There was no need to get pissy about it, Mac thought to himself. “No, MacCready, I-It’s not you…” Sole began before being cut off quickly. “Oh yeah, who is it then?” Sole looked at him and mumbled a story about their pre-war abuse. As the story progressed, MacCready regretted his actions more and more as he felt sorry for what he had did and said. “Boss, I’m sorry. I had no idea that you went through all of that and… If you need someone to talk to then I’m always here…”

Piper: Sole had really done it this time. It was Thursday afternoon, and Piper ‘lost’ her hat. She knew exactly who was behind this, and it was the man/woman laughing their ass off in the corner of the room. Moving around furniture, ornaments, even the carpet, Piper grumbled as she attempted to find it. “I take a short nap, and this is what I wake up to. Thanks a lot blue, you jerk…” “You’re welcome…” Sole said, a wide grin plastered on their face as they watched their friend struggle. “Alright, I give up, I’m callin’ for Nick!” Piper exclaimed in a huff, throwing her hands up in defeat. Sole held out an arm and dangled the cap in front of them. “It was behind my back this whole time…” Piper looked them up and down and strode up to them, snatching the hat back. “I cannot believe you…” she said, giving them a playful slap on the arm. Sole reacted weirdly, flinching back and their once smiling face suddenly growing pained and hurt. Was this the whole, touchy thing again? Piper didn’t understand what was going on and every time she asked, Sole always kept quiet. “Piper, I’m sorry. But… I’ve told you not to touch me!” Piper frowned in confusion and folded her arms. “Well why, I was just joking? Besides, you get into fights all the time, I’m not hurting a big tough guy/gal like you am I?” A small smile came across Sole’s lips until their face darkened again. They explained about their pre-war abuse and why they didn’t like anyone to hurt or touch them. “I.. didn’t want to tell anyone this so… Piper, please keep this quiet.”

Nick Valentine: “Kid, I just wanted to say thanks for helping out on that case of mine. It means a lot.” Sole beamed brightly and placed the files down on Nick’s desk. It had been a long day but they were happy to help out the Detective Agency regardless. “Anything else I could do Nick?” They asked, leaning against the desk and folding their arms awaiting his response. The old synth chuckled and stepped towards them. With a steady hand he patted them on the shoulder and told them that they have done more than enough - for now. Valentine watched as his friend flinched away from his touch, a look of horror firm on their face. “What’s wrong? I was being friendly. I wasn’t trying to hurt you,” Nick explained, “If you don’t mind me saying, you’ve been acting like this for a while.” Sole looked away, sighing and trying to find the right words to say. Were they going to tell him the truth? Or were they just going to use the lie of fresh wounds from battle. They bit their lip and looked at Nick. “This… Isn’t, easy to say…” they began, Nick watching them intently, “I’ve never told anyone this before and I trust you to keep this a secret.” The Detective nodded, his bright eyes staring at his friend. “Well… B-Before, you know, I was frozen. My partner used to beat me and… I don’t know if it was the repeated damage - emotionally and physically - but, I don’t like people to touch me.” Valentine was shocked at this remark and he quietly said that they didn’t have to speak about the situation anymore, as he could see clearly it was upsetting Sole. They nodded, and they both started to head back to Sanctuary.

Part One on my blog!

Inconsistencies In The Spoilers For The Mid-Season Finale

Hello everyone! I noticed when the Q&A spoilers got released for the mid-season finale there were slight inconsistencies. Luckily, these inconsistencies are great for backing up Beth’s possible return in the MSF.

Warning, spoilers for the mid-season finale are in this post please do not read further if you wish to not know spoilers.

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Hello everyone, this is ACEMAX-BLACK’s first international fanbase, ACEMAXBLACK INTERNATIONAL. As days come by, ACEMAX-BLACK’s debut is also coming a step closer. To encourage them, we would like to collect fan letters to celebrate their debut. As we do not know when the debut date is, we will start collecting bit by bit and hopefully when they announce the date we can send this to them as a surprise! 

We do know that there are very limited informations about them, but please continue to support them and get to know them bit by bit with us. If you would like to contribute your letter to them, please continue reading! If you don’t wish to, it is okay! We hope that you’ll join us the next one! :)

We will be collecting any messages and letters from you and will be translating each of them so that they will be able to read them and receive your blessings and love.

Below are the details for the letter/scrapbook:

- Letters should be less than 120 words as we are compiling them together
- Should not contain any profanity
- Will not alter your messages at all
- Please include your name (or nickname if you’d prefer that) and where you are from
- If you would like to send a fan art in, do include that!

Send any of your messages through email so that it won’t be ‘eaten’ up by the server. We will reply you as soon as possible when I receive it. If within 24 hours we do not reply you, please let us know! The email will be:

Like stated above, we do not know their actual debut date yet so we will be receiving until official date is being produced. If you have any questions, please do send an ask in or you can contact us through Twitter at @ACEMAX_BLACK. The main admin who is handling this project will reply back to you shortly. 

We hope that you will be able to join this mini project and give them some support and love. 

Thank you! ♥


Oh hey there, dear anon !!

Thank you very much, I’m glad you like my art ! At the moment, I’m working on a fiction to explain what this AU is about which is called Their Wings ! What I can only tell is that Heavenfell is a Sub-AU to Underfell, or even an UA (Universe alteration) in which one or more characters are altered (you have yet to discover who through/in the end of the story). The plot is quite the same as the original one, Frisk falls in the Underground and has to make their way out of it, for that they need to reach for the portal. But like Underfell, Frisk and Flowey are Pacifist-Run characters in a Genocide-Run world and monsters try to kill them while they do their best to get out alive befriend them. But unlike Underfell, on their way through the underground, they see their own health degrading and black marks running over their body without finding the reason why nor the source of these. They just know or feel they don’t have much time until they are corrupted too, so they need to be fast, no matter how many times they’ll have to die and the suffering they’ll have to go through.

Once the fiction will be over, I’ll be able to be more specific. I just don’t want to spoil any of the story for the readers who might be following this blog ;u; sorry !!


hi everynyan! (つ•̀ᴥ•́)つ*:・゚✧ would you want to commission a pixel like this???

well, now you can!!! i have {Detailed Pixel Bust} commissions for FIVE SLOTS at a time! please read over the above if you wish to commission me for a QUICC PIXEL.

what you will get:

➤ a detailed pixel at it’s original size. (see: the one in this description.)
➤ said pixel resized in HD between 300 to 400%.

you can either:

send me a DM via Tumblr OR Twitter.
 email me at
➤  if you EMAIL me, you must title the subject of the email as “Pixel Bust Commission.”
➤ you must send me a REFERENCE SHEET if you want your OCs drawn.

my paypal is and currency is USD. all payment will be made through  there!!!

welp, that’s about it! thanks for reading!


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writing prompts

I thought I’d put all the prompts I’ve given people in the last few days in one post and send them out.  If you decide to write a prompt, please tag me, I’d love to read what you write!  Please also feel free to take whatever idea you wish from the prompt itself.  Change what you want.  Write what strikes you.

  1. There is music in the lines of his body, a singing in his eyes.
  2. She’s never been kissed like this, no - oh, there’s the ground spinning away in the circle of his arms.  There’s her heart tilting, an axial shift.
  3. She is like a hummingbird, bright and flashing, sunlight chased across the sky, mind working at a hundred beats per second.
  4. Death, death, death, and the battlefield his skin, cut and abraded, bruised and punctured.
  5. She wants such a simple thing, she knows.  Of all the things in the world to long for, the injustices she could bring to light, the wrongs she could undo - oh, she just wants to wake up with his scent suffusing her skin.
  6. It’s funny how she’s never noticed these things about him.  Truth is, expertise only lends itself to a deeper lust for knowledge.
  7. A mirror, she thinks, she is a mirror.  Lips touch lips, fire calls to fire.
  8. The realization strikes him like a hammer on a dulcimer string.  It hits him so hard he oscillates with it, and is surprised that the ground does not yawn from his feet in cracks, that the people standing by are not sympathetically moved.
  9. She lies with the speed of a falling star, elegant and beautiful and cutting.
  10. The aftermath is a stillness which roars.  Where are her mundanities now? she wonders.
  11. He looks at her as if she is new, touches her like he is afraid to spoil her.
  12. It is impossible to tell how long they have burned in the blue heat of her ardor.  Like wildfire or summer lightning it is over fast, not meant to endure.
  13. He’s good at so many things, better than good, an expert, really - except for this.  Romance.  Shows of affection.  Consideration.  That utterly infuriating lunkhead.
  14. When he smiled, all she could think of was #FFFFFF.
  15. A sigh.  His intent is manifest on his tongue, the touch of his desire clear in the sweep of his eyes.
  16. What is routine but a slow, even spiral towards death?

So uh….yeah. I was gone for awhile. To cut a long story short - parents banned me from using my computer and…never truly lifted that ban, so I’m technically sneaking on. But I wanted to get back onto Lily, and felt bad leaving so many people hanging - 

That being said, I did revamp her blog, and updated all the pages. Please read the rules as they have been heavily updated, thank you!

If you wish to continue interaction please message me, otherwise I will probably start cleaning out threads and my inbox.


Prompt: Reader is Steve’s wife, she is one month pregnant. She and Steve are having dinner with Tony, the Maximoff twins and Clint. The reader realises she’s bleeding and everyone starts freaking out thinking the baby is in great danger. Steve is the only one who stays calm and takes her to the hospital, she passes out in Steve’s arms as Tony drives them there. The rest come to visit her in hospital. 

Warnings: If reading things about pregnancy complications gets to you, please don’t read, I don’t wish to upset anyone. I know it can be a sensitive subject.

Pairing: Steve x Reader, includes Tony, the Twins and Clint

Hope you enjoy

Stay calm, I’ve got you

You and your husband Steve are expecting a baby, he couldn’t wait to tell everyone. It was nice to know that he was excited about being a father. At first you were scared, but that seems to be everyone’s initial reaction when they discover that they are going to be a parent for the first time. Steve told you that some of the team wanted you to invite you over for dinner to celebrate the good news. You more than happy to attend because they are also some of your best friends. Actually, they were more like family. 

Tony greeted you and Steve as you both entered the Tower. A small dinner table was set up in the common room, not everyone could be there but that didn’t matter. It was still nice for them to make the effort. Normally you don’t like making a fuss and being the centre of attention, but you felt like this was something you could make a big deal about. Steve pulled out your seat beside his and you sat down. Your husband was such a gentleman and was even more so now that you are expecting. He wanted to take extra care of you and the baby. 

“A baby Rogers huh?” Clint beamed at you as you took your seat across from him. 

“I can’t wait to be an Uncle.” Tony clasped his hands together in excitement, of course he was sitting at the very top of the table. Even the thought of Tony being around your child was a strange one. You couldn’t imagine Tony running around after a child, just didn’t seem like his style. 

“You can teach them all the knowledge that me and Steve can’t. Just don’t have them blowing up things or have them wearing and Iron Man suit by the time they are two.” you joked at him and he laughed, but then rubbed his chin thoughtfully. You just had to go and give him crazy ideas. 

“The world definetely needs an Iron Baby to protect them.” Tony smirked at the thought of a baby in a little Iron man suit. Steve looked at you in horror, as if to say ‘over my dead body’. 

“No it definetely does not.” Steve added in. You both hoped that Tony was just going along with the joke, but then again you could never tell when he is being serious or not. 

“If I had a child I would keep it as far away from Tony Stark as possible.” Pietro spoke up, his arms folded. You could see where he is coming from, Tony isn’t exactly good role model material. But he is a close friend, you couldn’t keep him out of your child’s life. What’s the worst that could happen?

“Like you’re any more responsible than me.” Tony defended himself, he didn’t understand why people thought he was such a bad influence on children. He would prove them all wrong when Steve and y/n’s child is born. 

“Do you want a boy or a girl?” Wanda decided to ask, moving on from the Uncle Tony discussion. 

“Boy.” you smiled at her.

“Girl.” Steve said at the same time, you looked at each other and laughed. As long as the baby was healthy, it didn’t really matter what sex it is. 

By this time everyone had finished their main course, which was delicious. You excused yourself from the table, needing to go to the bathroom. Being pregnant meant that you constantly needed to pee. It was one of the many joys that came along with it. When you wiped yourself however, you noticed that there was some blood. This caused you to panic, feeling your stomach knotting. Taking no time to rush back to your husband, who could see you were in great distress. 

“Y/n what’s the matter?” Steve gave you a concerned look, putting his hand on your lower back.

“I’m bleeding, I think there’s something wrong with the baby.” you told him what was wrong and everyone started to panic feeling concerned for you and the baby. Steve remained calm though, because someone had to. Even though you could see the fear in his blue eyes, he put on a brave face. 

“Tony could you drive us to the nearest hospital?” Steve looked over at Tony who nodded, grabbing his car keys. The rest of the group knew they had to stay behind because there isn’t enough room. They hoped to god that everything was going to be alright. Knowing how devastating it would be for y/n and Steve to lose their baby. 

Steve got you into the back of Tony’s car, there was no time to lose. Tony started up the engine and would drive as fast as he could, hoping the traffic wouldn’t be too bad. This was serious and you couldn’t help but cry, this broke Steve’s heart seeing you this way. He knew how much you wanted this baby, and so did he. 

“Stay calm, I’ve got you. No need to be scared…” you heard his voice trail off as your eyes shut over slowly. 

-At the hospital-

When you woke up Steve was holding your hand; he hadn’t left your side at all, not even once. He wanted to be the first person that you woke up to.

“Is the baby okay?” you swallowed hard as you asked your husband. You just had to know.

“The baby is fine. You just had a little bit of spotting, that’s all. The doctor told me it’s perfectly normal, but we were right in coming here to get you checked out. Our baby is okay.” he took hold of your hand and kissed it. You never felt so relieved in your life. It really scared you, but you were glad to hear the good news. 

Just then Tony, the twins and Clint walked through the door to come and visit you. Each bringing you flowers and get well soon balloons. They knew that the baby was fine but still wanted to do something nice for you after the evening you’ve had. 

“Thanks guys, it means a lot to me that you’re all here.” You thanked them for their gifts and for coming to visit. 

“You’re one tough cookie.” Tony gave you a friendly kiss on the forehead. He was happy to see that both you and the baby were doing fine. 

“Don’t you dare frighten us like that again.” Clint gave you a smile, you could only imagine how much you scared everyone. You were just glad it was all over now and that things will get back to normal. 

You were released from hospital after some final tests and were given the all clear. Everything was normal and your baby was perfectly healthy and was at no risk. You could only hope that there would be no more complications during the rest of your pregnancy. 

-8 Months later-

It was finally time, your water broke when you and Steve were in bed. The contractions were the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your life. Steve rushed you into hospital, your baby was on their way. You had always wondered what giving birth would feel like and the only word to describe it is excruciating. 

Steve held your hand as the doctors continued to encourage you to keep pushing, the baby was almost out! This was such hard work, you always thought your mother exaggerated how painful it is. 

“You’re doing great honey, just keep on pushing.” Steve kissed your forehead, which glistened with sweat. You were definitely not looking your best right now. Taking a deep breath in, you managed one long last push. Before you could take a moment to relax, you heard your baby crying. 

“Congratulations, you’ve had a healthy baby girl.” the doctor told you both and you turned to Steve, who had a tear rolling down his cheek. You cried too, feeling blessed to have had a healthy baby girl. 

Steve got the chance to cut the cord and she was taken away to get cleaned up before you could hold her in your arms. When the doctor returned he handed her over to you. She was so beautiful and precious, she had your nose and Steve’s eyes. You couldn’t believe something this beautiful could be yours. It was worth all the pain, that’s for sure. 

“What are we going to call her?” Steve asked, leaning over the pair of you, the proud father that he is. He held out his hand and she took hold of it in her tiny grasps. Steve felt his heart swelling up in his chest. 

“Can we call her Hope? I’ve always liked that name for a little girl.” You gazed up into your husband’s eyes, wanting his opinion of the name. He had as much as a say in the name as you did. 

“Hope Rogers, I like the sound of that. Yes, lets call her Hope.” Steve happily agreed with your suggestion, pressing a kiss onto your forehead. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl. 

The doctors said that you and Hope were good to go home today, both of you being fit and healthy. Steve put her into her car-seat and you both decided to go to the Avengers Tower to show everyone the latest edition to the Rogers clan. 


For Valentine’s Day 2016, I have decided to organise an anime secret valentine (an idea taken from secret santa) to spread love, promote positivity and have some fun!

If you wish to participate, please read the rules carefully before you reblog:


  1. You must be an anime blog to enter (no nsfw blogs).
  2. To enter you must reblog this post! Likes do not count.
  3. Tag your top 5 favourite series – I will TRY and match up similar interests however please understand that matching will be difficult with a large number of participants.
  4. You must have your instant messenger enabled (not restricted to mutuals), ask box open with the anonymous option enabled so that I can tell you your match and your secret valentine can contact you without revealing their identity.
  5. Once you receive an URL, you are free to message that person anonymously with positive messages, friendly conversation, cheesy valentine chat up lines etc. Remember to end the message with “from your secret valentine” so they know it’s you.
  6. Hopefully you’ll also be receiving messages from your anonymous secret valentine (a different person).
  7. Finally on Valentine’s Day (14th February 2016) you can reveal yourself!

If you have any more questions please check the FAQ before asking.           

Other important things:

  • The deadline to enter is February 10th 2016.
  • I will be tracking the #animesecretvalentine tag and I would love to see the messages you receive.
  • Follow this blog to receive updates!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun!

10 Things to consider before taking the National Dental Board Exams

July 1st 2015 at roughly 5 p.m. an additional 294 people were announced as new dentists. One of them was me, and boy was the journey to getting my name on that list a tough one. I’ve had many people ask me advice on how they should tackle the board exams, and what they needed to do to pass as well. To be quite honest, I was just as clueless as anyone, so please don’t take my word as gospel, because I am only speaking from experience and from being overly observant; but, if you will let me, and if I can contribute a little to the success of the future generation, then by all means please read this article if you wish.

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I am a moon junkie. Every time I look at the moon, I feel less alone and less afraid. I tell my boys that moonlight is a magic blanket and the stars above us are campfires set by friendly aliens. I track lunar cycles on my iPhone and take my kids outside when a moon is new or full or blue. We call this “moon hunting” and we bring flashlights and moon candy along. The moon candy looks suspiciously like M&M’s, but so far neither of my sons has noticed.

Yes Please, Amy Poehler.

Raise your hand if reading this makes you wish Amy Poehler would adopt you.