please raise your kids

Soukoku on a date
  • Dazai: I gotta go!
  • Chuuya: Aren’t you forgetting something?
  • Dazai: *Kisses Chuuya on the forehead*
  • Chuuya: No, pay your fucking bill!! Who the fuck raised you!?
The unicorn with no horn.

A long time ago, there was a unicorn.
he was different from others, however, he didn’t have a horn.
He had wings instead,
When he was at school he was called to a pegasus, much to his dread.
Every day, he would come home crying,
His mother, not knowing what was wrong, tried to teach him flying.
But the unicorn hated flying, he hated his wings, he wanted a horn.
One day the unicorn came home, looking especially forlorn.
His mother, still concerned, asked him what was wrong.
The unicorn said “I’m not a pegasus, I’ve been a unicorn all along.”
The mother, surprised at the news, asked if that’s why he’s been so upset.
The unicorn said “yes, though I try to forget.”
For a moment, there was utter silence
Before the mom said that she would support him, and protect him from violence.
The unicorn had many more struggles ahead.
But the unicorn came home, smiling instead.

PSA: Just because you’ve suffered more hardships than a person does not give you to right to dismiss their problems and say “I’ve had worse.” and “You know, that was nothing compared to…..” Their experience does not make it any less painful to them than yours. Not only that, you will also prevent them from reaching out to people when they are dealing with severe problems and force them to deal with their difficulties without the support of others. No one’s emotions are ‘superior’ to others; all of our emotions have equal priority. And remember that crying never makes you weak.

For the Nonny (sorry for making you so sad love *blows kiss*) and my lovely Zuzanna ( @lady-mephistopheles​ ), here is a short list of some fluffy fics!

I Could Have Dance All Night by @venvephe

Harry teaches Eggsy to dance, and doesn’t realize how sexy it gets. (View most of their work if you want light hearted fics tbh)

Arm Candy by @galahard

Eggsy takes Harry to his school reunion and everyone is like DAMN UR MAN BE FINE UNWIN. (I recommend most of her fics in general xD)

Kingsman: The Misadventures Edition by @granpappy-winchester

Unfiltered Eggsy and Harry after being injected with a serum. UNFILTERED. HARTWIN. It’s wonderful.

Think of the Children ‘Verse (some self promotion :D)

If you want to see Harry and Eggsy raise a kid together while being domestic af, please direct your attention here!

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This is such a cute fic about deviant!Eggsy trying to seduce officer!Harry~

Wood and Silverware by @elletromil

Not just rec’ing this because it was gifted to me, but I am ALWAYS A SLUT FOR MARRIED!HARTWIN being cute! :D

Parents, please, PLEASE, raise your kids to know how to do chores.

Dad’s been washing the dinner dishes for the past couple of weeks now instead of mom because her cuticles and nails are getting bashed up and needs healing time…she caught him using the clearly labeled antibacterial handsoap to wash the dishes last night. Instead of the bottle of clearly labeled dishwashing soap.

This is what happens when you’re the youngest male child in an Asian family born in the early 50′s.

You get fucking spoiled.

Lord knows I ate half raw pork chops when I was 10 and mom went on a girls’ vacay.

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Will sound racist but It’s my perspective (Don’t call me names and don’t call me racist when POC are hypocritical AF as well)

White privalege is a form of racism, Blacks have more privilege in a way if you come on and think about it. They want to control the whites? Maybe depending on how hypocritically racist they are and getting away with racism as a black person or POC that means you have privilege to be racist.

If you want your statistics that sounds racist but is slightly to mostly true (Such as violence and going to Jail or reproduction is too much), then fucking change yourself and also others in a way. PLEASE raise your kids better as a non violent/not so idiotic person but at least have discipline involved (also to the whites and many other races as well  who pretty much are more fucking stupid as fuck with their surroundings and money. Don’t call out on my bullshit just yet).

N*****/n***a is racist no matter who’s saying with certain colored skin. If you want white people to stop calling you that, then please stop saying it yourselves. I see the N word as a word that means: no matter what skin color, If you’re being a piece a shit towards your environment, the people around you, and depending on the government, Not wanting a damn job while doing drugs/alcohol making too many babies uncontrolably and let the government take care of you and cater you yes I see everyone like that as one no matter what skin color.

Weed needs to be legalized so the POC and the poor aren’t being punished for smoking a plant that’s god’s gift to heal and open the mind more. I believe that shit is unfair and never right to illegalize ad punish, I believe in fairness and I’m a humanist for a great reason.

I’m wanting to get a job and not depend on the government much because I feel they’ll attack me with “you’re a terrorist for speaking the truth” and take my benefits away for good and assassinate me because I speak what I believe is right.

I’m seeing the stupidest white people in my area who do drugs such as Ice/meth and making their kids being raised by their damn smartphones and not raise their kids right making them rude as fuck and become idiots as well like their parents and most likely and some aren’t even educated enough or even at all.

I live with some black folks (both with white women, One married to one), I am not against them because I know how to co exist with other people, but there are some things that bother me of what they do. One is an alcoholic who depends on the government and tries to get my money at the very 1st of the month before I pay him for rent on the 3rd, It really makes me angry that he spends my money on beer more than his property taxes on the house he owns without a mortgage and the house is in the worse of shape to where the toilet doesn’t flush at all and there’s a hole on the floor in the bathroom.

Guys I called myself a N**** a few times lately because I remembered I lived like one while in my apartment me and my fiance use to live and also depended on the gov so much until something got into my head that I shouldn’t be doing this. We had to move because there was a fire and my ex-landlord became the worse slumlord of most people because he couldn’t provide us three (me, my fiance and my fur-baby) a place to go while getting the place fixed.

Please call me one because of my past I’ve went through as a fucking mess and trash. Feel free to call me so I can feel a POC’s pain. Anyways please take this as a wake up call to racism and hypocrisy not me being racist and bigoted.

Kittens - Michael

Another ridiculous sentence prompt..


“I’m sorry?!” You must have heard him wrong, “what have you just said?!”

“I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats”, he mutters. So, no, you didn’t hear him wrong.

“Michael! Are you kidding? Please, tell me you’re kidding?” Your voice raises three octaves, “of course you’re not kidding, it’s you!”

“But babe, they’re so cute! They have little noses and they love me so much!” His voice pleads.

“Oh my god” you don’t know what to say to your complete child of a boyfriend.

“Listen! This one’s meowing! Listen!” He holds the phone to the kitten so you can hear. There’s a faint meow, “did you hear him, babe? That one’s called Kevin, as in Jonas.”

“We are not calling our cat Kevin!”

“Ha! You said our cat! I knew you’d want to keep them” there’s a smug tone to his voice.

“Oh, for goodness sake” you huff, “you know I’m not going to say no to you, but I am not looking after them alone!”

“I double promise that I’ll look after them really well!” You can hear the happiness in his voice, “do you want to hear Patrick now? He looks like he’s about to meow.”