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Beard Burn

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Steve likes to grow his beard out between missions, and you think its sexy.  He wants to know why you think so, then he gets turned on. (it’s just smut)

A/N: inspired by the goddamn soft!bearded!steve board.  y’all….just let me live. also i need to learn how to title things.  i called it fucking “beard burn.” @ myself come on…

Warnings: oral sex (fr), language

Words: 2148

Tags: @daybreak96 @feelmyroarrrr @jimtkirkisabitch 

Part Two

(this gif made me wet tbh)

Steve glances up over his book at the sound of you entering the room.  He smiles.  “Hey, doll.”

You stop dead.  “You have got to be kidding me,” you mutter, taking him in.  He’s lounging back on the bed in nothing but a pair of low riding sweats. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he was still growing out his beard.  And—God help you—he was wearing glasses.

“Goddamn it, Steve.”

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I Think I’m In Love With You

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

WARNINGS: SMUT, cursing, oral (male and female receiving), UNPROTECTED SEX, fingering, sexual tension, fluff, and overall sin.

A/N: guy’s I’ve updated twice in like a week and a half what is happening?!?! I mean, it’s not necessarily bad. Also, this fic is hella long, and I;m not going to lie, I’m really proud of it. Hope you guys like it! Part two of “Seven Minutes In Heaven” is coming next week.

You wake up with a start, breathing heavily and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. You tried to recall what it was you were dreaming about, but to no avail. You eventually give up, thinking that it was another nightmare.

You glance at your alarm clock, wondering about the time. Seeing that you have two more hours to sleep, you gladly roll over and go back to sleep.

When your alarm goes off, you feel even more tired than you were earlier. You still manage to drag yourself out of bed, and start your day. It’s then when you smell the bacon, and the coffee. Perking up at the idea of a good breakfast, you put on some more decent pyjamas, and head to the kitchen. Most people are still asleep, seeing as the sun is only just rising, so you wonder who is in the kitchen. You step in, and find Bucky cooking up a storm.

“Sad, or mad?” You ask as you walk in, knowing it’s one of the two. He looks at you with confusion, so you rephrase.

“Are you cooking because you’re sad, or because you’re pissed off? Because I know you, Bucky, and it’s only one of those two.” You smirk at your friend, earning a smirk back.

“Neither actually.” He side-eyes, adding to your curiosity.

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Ardor – seven.

❝  After your art professor notices your ardor towards nudeness in arts, he sends you to apprentice under his old friend, the Korean painter Byun Baekhyun who’s infamous for his erotic pieces and cocky demeanor. Rumors surrounded Baekhyun at any second and women who had been with him described him as “an unforgiving lover of bodies”. What happens when you find him taking a liking to you–and your body? ❞

Reader x Painter!Baekhyun


one. two. three. four. five. six.

“Do you love me?”

He hesitated, his breath hitched when he tried to speak. His embrace ran cold causing you to bite your lip, sink your eyebrows into a deep frown of fear. Of course, he didn’t. He couldn’t, not him, not the person he was. He wasn’t made to love. And if he ever found it in himself, one day, to love, it would not be a stupid school girl he was able to fuck after three days.

Yet –

“I do, Y/N. I love you.”

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#3 I am flirting with you

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Word count: 11,277

Warnings: Blow jobs, fingering, rough sex, dirty talk

Requested: Yes

A/N: Fun fact! This is my first time writing smut so my apologies if this totally sucks. I also want to say i’m sorry that I didn’t upload a story on Saturday. I had Halloween parties all weekend and honestly I was just avoiding the smut. But, now i’m back and all is well. So yea,

Hope you enjoy :-)

The monitor illuminated his face with a faint blue light. The blinking cursor was almost taunting him. Calum watching the line flash on his screen with his tired eyes. He sat back in his squeaky office chair and stared up at the dim fluorescent lights. Calum decided the ceiling tiles weren’t much more interesting that the computer screen. He spun around in his chair taking in his cramped cubicle. He dreaded these four small walls. He had tried his best to personalize his area with pictures, posters, even a silly object here and there but it underneath it still remained dull and gray. The sound of typing keys filled the office, which Calum usually blocked out, was now deafening. He rubbed his hands over his face, trying to keep his sanity. A glance at the clock in the bottom of his desktop showed him that there was only one hour left. He could make it. Calum decided a little conversation might prevent him from going crazy. He stood up leaned over the small wall that separated him and his friend, Michael.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Calum inquired.

“Uh, not much,” Michael replied, glancing at Calum then right back to his desktop with his nose nearing touching the screen.

“What are you even doing?” Calum pondered, leaning over to glance at Michael’s computer.

“Check this out,” Michael turned the monitor toward his friend “It’s the new secretary, Blair. Damn, I’d like to take her out sometime, and by take her out I mean-”

Calum held his hand up to stop Michael from continuing his sentence. “Yea, I know what you mean.” He chuckled lightly. “She not really my type though.”

Michael looked at him astonishingly. “Not your type? Cal, since when is any girl not your type?”

Calum shrugged “I don’t know man, I’m just not into her like that”. Just as he said this Y/N, his boss, left her office and headed to the break room.

Michael followed his gaze towards the woman “Oh, I get it. You’ve got a thing for the boss!” he exclaimed

Calum quickly shushed Michael so that no one would over hear. “Dude shut up, I don’t. I just think shes really hot.”

“I mean you’re not wrong. I saw her in that tight skirt today and I swear, she’s not wearing any underwear” Michael winked

“I bet I can find out” Calum said cockily.

“No way” Michael said, turning his head back to his screen.

“Yes way, fifty bucks says i’ll even find out what color it is” He challenged.

Michael looked at him skeptically “How are you planning on doing that, exactly?”

Calum laughed “that’s for me to know and you to find out” then Calum grabbed some papers of his desk and walked out of his small working space.He walked towards Y/N’s office, beaming with confidence.

He knocked on her door and waited a few moments before a stunning Y/N appeared before him. Michael was right, her skirt was tight and from Calum’s height he could see perfectly down her white button up shirt. Her voice broke him out of his thoughts.

“Mr. Hood, do you need something?” Y/N asked, slightly impatient.

“Yes ma’am, I just wanted to give you this week’s report files” He said as he gestured towards the papers.

“Oh, yes, right. You can just put those on my desk please.” Y/N stood back and opened the door wider so that he could come into her office.

Calum walked in, placed the papers on Y/N’s desk, then turned around and leaned against it so that he was now facing her “Y/N, I think we both know why i’m here”

Y/N looked confused at him “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean”

He sighed and pushed off of the wooden surface and began to walk towards her. Once he was right in front of her he reached behind her, shutting and locking the door. “I know you want me.”

Y/N looked at Calum as if he had two heads “excuse me, this is highly inappropriate”

He smirked “The way I think about you is highly inappropriate” he said as he reached around her waist and pull her so close that their chests were touching.

She furrowed her eyebrows at the tall man “Are flirting with me right now, Mr. Hood?”

“Maybe I am flirting with you, what are you gonna do about it?”

When Y/N did nothing, Calum grabbed the back of her head, bringing their lips together in a passionate yet messy kiss.

The two pulled away, both breathing heavily. Y/N’s eyes were wide with shock but also lust.

She always found Calum attractive but she knew that she could never act upon her feelings. If Calum and Y/N were to ever initiate a relationship or else they both would be immediately terminated and she really couldn’t afford that. She was after all the head of her division.

Calum couldn’t help himself at this point. His member was already beginning to harden in his trousers due to their close proximity and the effect her lips had on him. “You make me so hot Y/N. God, I need you now”

She bit her lip, pondering whether the risk was worth the reward. “Mr. Hood, I don’t think this is a good idea” she said trying to keep things professional.

“Y/N” Calum spoke while rubbing circles in her back “I see the way you look at me when you think i’m not paying attention. I know you want me as much as I want you. Don’t lie to yourself. Come on, I can treat you right”

That was all she needed. She closed the space between their lips. Calum heard her moan into the kiss and it drove him crazy. She drove him crazy.

He lightly pulled her with him to her desk. When they reached the wooden surface. Calum turned around swiped his hand across the top of the desk pushing all the materials onto the carpeted floor. He spun back to face Y/N, grabbing her waist and placed her onto the desk before returning back to the kiss. “Mr. Hood!” she exclaimed in anger “that stuff is expensive”

“No offense but, I honestly don’t give a fuck” Calum moved his lips to the corner of her mouth and began to trail kisses down to her neck, trying to find her sweet spot. He bit her skin softly then using his tongue to soothe the slight sting. When he heard her moan he felt his manhood twitch. Calum grabbed Y/N’s backside to pull her closer so he could grind into her clothed core. She gripped the back of his previously unwrinkled shirt so tight her knuckles were white.

He slipped his cool hands under her blouse making her shiver under his touch. She removed her hands from his back, ripping off his tie and making quick work of his shirt buttons. Once she had finished the task she hastily pushed the material off of his his shoulders. She then hopped off of her desk and started leaving kisses on Calum’s neck, leading down to the waistband of his pants. Y/N undid his belt and pulled down his slacks just enough enough to see him fully.

She licked her lips at the sight of him. Y/N took Calum’s girth in her hand and began to pump him slowly to tease him.

“Come on, Y/N” Calum groaned in frustration.

“Good things come to those who wait” she replied as she kissed the tip of his cock before she began to suck his head, teasing him a bit.

Calum moaned at the feeling of her lips wrapped around him “but the best things come to those who go and get them” he grunted. He tangled his finger in her hair and pushed all of himself into her mouth, causing her to choke slightly.

Y/N tried her best to suppress her gag reflex and steady her breathing. She began to bob her head as his member repeatedly hit the back of her throat, making her eyes tear up.

Suddenly, Calum pulled her off of him and roughly stood her up. He held a tight grip on her jaw as he brought their mouths together momentarily in a clash of teeth and tongues, before spinning her around and bending her over her own desk. He pulled up Y/N’s short pencil skirt to expose her barely there, pale pink, lace panties.

“Goddamn” Calum mumbled under his breath. He kneaded her ass with his large palms, squeezing the flesh which was beginning to redden. Y/N moaned softly when Calum trailed his hands from her ass to her moist core. He pushed the lace aside and and swiped his finger across her slit, collecting her juices onto the tips of his fingers. Y/N moaned at the feeling.

“You like that, princess?” he asks as he slid the thin fabric down her legs and casually shoved them into his pants pocket. He slowly pushed his digits into her glistening hole which made more soft moans leave her lips.

“You’re so tight baby. Can’t wait to fill you up with my hard cock” Calum spoke. He pumped himself a few times before pushing inside of her before beginning to move at an agonizingly slow pace.

“Calum, faster please” Y/N groaned.

“That’s Mr. Hood to you, sweetheart” with that he started pounding into her brutally. He gripped her hips so tight there would surely be bruises. Y/N moaned loudly but Calum quickly slapped his hand over her open mouth.

Calum leaned in, close to her face “Gotta be quiet princess. We wouldn’t anyone to hear, now would we?” he whispered into her ear.

Y/N shook her head, hardly able to comprehend what he was saying due to the movements of his hips. He removed his hand from her mouth and returned it to her hips. She whimpered softly and biting her lip, trying to make as little noise as possible.

He then pulled her up so her back was against his chest. He could now feel her glistening skin slide alongside his own. Calum wrapped one arm around her waist and the other playing with her nipples as he rammed into her mercilessly.

Y/N could now feel a knot in her stomach starting to form as Calum repeatedly her g-spot. Her hands soon found Calum’s and she gripped on as if she would float away.

Calum could feel Y/N tightening around him and knew she was close. He reached down and rubbed fast and sloppy circles onto her clit.

“I-I’m close” Y/N whimpered and leaned her head onto calum’s chest.

“I know, let go baby” Calum whispered to her.

With that que she felt the tightness in her gut finally snap. Her vision went white. Calum watched as her eyes fluttered and her mouth fell into a perfect ‘O’ shape.

Calum thrusted into her a few more times before releasing himself. The two milked their highs for as long as possible.

He pulled out of Y/N, which awoke her from her blissful state. She cleared her throat and started to pick up her clothes.

The tall, tan man chuckled at the woman. “Someone’s in a hurry”

Y/N looked at him astonishingly “Calum, what we did was wrong. Because of this slip up, we could lose our jobs. More importantly, I could lose my job!” She exclaimed as she smoothed her wrinkled top.

Calum rolled his eyes but still had a smirk planted on his face. He also picked up his clothes and began dressing himself. Once done, he walked towards the door. Before he twisted the knob he turned around to face Y/N who was busying herself by organizing her desk, which he had rudely ruined in the heat of the moment.

“Oh by the way” Y/N popped her head up to look at the talking man “nice ass” Calum chuckled before exiting the office.

He strode back to his small dull cubicle and sat down in his squeaky office chair. When he sat though he felt something in his pocket. Then he remembered.

“Hey, Michael” Calum said as he leaned onto the wall that separated the two work spaces.

“What” Michael replied as he looked up from his paperwork.

“Pink” Calum simply said.

When Michael gave him a confused look Calum threw the balled up lace panties from his fist, right onto his friend face.

Realization hit Michael as he groaned and pulled out his wallet.

the-nerdy-cheesecake  asked:

13. Paternnal Moxiety

Are you ready for this @the-nerdy-cheesecake ? I had fun with this one. 

13. “You’re going to get sick if you don’t wear a coat.”


“You’re going to get sick if you don’t wear a coat.”

Virgil rolled his eyes. “Pat, I’m wearing a coat.”

But Patton shook his head, arms crossed. “You are wearing a hoodie. A thin one, at that.” He planted his feet in front of the front door, and gees, was he seriously going to keep him in here? It was snowing outside and Virgil was going to go walking on the frozen lake (because that sounded really freaking cool, to be honest) whether or not the other sides wanted him to.

“I’m fine. It’s a warm hoodie. I like this hoodie.”

Patton shrugged and pushed up his glasses. “Well then, put this jacket on top of it.” He took a jacket off one of the hooks by the front door and raised an eyebrow. “This one should work.”

Virgil groaned. Really? Really? “I’m not putting that on. It’s huge.”

“It’s warm and you have a weak immune system.”

“I don’t-”

“Unless you’d rather wear this one?” Patton picked up his own jacket. It was bright yellow with ducks in the fabric.

Virgil blanched and took the black jacket from Patton, who grinned. “I thought so. Now put it on.”

“Patton, please-”

“Do I need Logan to come tell you about the effects cold has on the body’s ability to fight viruses because I will.”

Oh heck no. He was not sitting through that lecture again.

Virgil slipped on the jacket, struggling to get the two hoods from getting bunched up in his back. Once it was on, Patton stepped forward and zipped it up smartly. “There you go. How do you feel?”

“Like Michelin man.”

“Warm. I bet you feel warm.”

Virgil sighed as Patton stepped out of the way and opened the door. The icy wind came rushing in and Virgil almost was glad he was wearing the jacket. He stepped outside and glanced back at Patton. Patton winked at him from the doorway. “Off you go, kiddo.”

Virgil almost slipped up and smiled at him. He waved vaguely from the porch and crunched off into the snow. He would never admit it, but it felt… weirdly nice despite the occasional annoyance, wonderful, actually, to have someone who cared. Patton cared so much.

Virgil didn’t understand why or how, but he loved that. He loved him.

He was warm his entire walk outside, despite getting pelted by snowballs by Roman and nearly slipping on the ice-covered lake. But if he was honest, it wasn’t the jacket that kept him warm inside. It was Patton.

Pretty Boy // Shawn Mendes Smut

Requested by: @shawnmendessmut18

a/n~ I’m sorry this took so long my love, I wanted it to be perfect but like, this is shitty. I’m sorry. 

WARNINGS: Smut, Cursing. 

Prompts: Fuck me/ Stop teasing me so much/ Do you like it when I touch you like that?/ Can I touch you?/ Open up..

They had met earlier in the night through a mutual friend he had tagged along with. He was never one to say no to a party - even if it was just a college homecoming game after party. Their casual conversation soon turned to flirting as he complimented her on how great her ass looked in her dress of choice. She couldn’t help herself; had to tell him just how beautiful she found his honey colored gaze. 

He had her backed up against the counter in their friends kitchen, the party going on behind them long forgotten. He brought his hands up and rested them on the counter on either side of her, ultimately boxing her in. He leaned forward bringing his mouth just a breath away from her ear, chuckling lowly before speaking. 

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Request ⇾ Bill x reader where he’s walking home in the rain with an umbrella and he sees his crush leaving the library in the rain so he rushes over and the reader and bill share an umbrella - filled with fluff &a he walks her home and she gives him a kiss on the cheek and he’s just so smitten ?

Warnings ⇾ none!

A/N ⇾ I imagine bill to be the tiniest, cutest boy ever so enjoy him being tiny and cute in here!


The droplets of water splashed dextrously, as the annual rain came shooting down once more. Bill was walking home wearing his yellow slicker, one to match Georgie’s. He pulled up his hood, protecting himself from the heavy downpour and continued splashing in and out of deep water pools. He bounced from one foot, to the other, to the other, to the other and marvelled with wide eyes in the reaction the cold water gave, not taking a second to stop having his fun. He twirled around and peered up out of his hood, and smiled. Despite the harsh rain that would’ve dulled any other persons day, it made him smile. It made him happy. Bill was never dull; not even the rain could quiet his shine.

Turning to his left, he noticed Y/N standing under the canopy above the entrance to the town’s library, hungrily seeking out someone who could help her predicament. Y/N. He pulled his umbrella out of his backpack with no haste and ran over to her, ignoring the incoming cars.


Oh, it was Bill Denbrough. He was in her history class, he always seemed to have a smile on his face but the two had never really spoken. Y/N lifted her gaze up to meet the excited boy standing opposite her. She beamed back and sent a small wave in his direction.

Instead of saying anything else, Bill simply opened up his umbrella and motioned for her to come under.

“G-get under!”

It wasn’t forceful or rude, it was congenial and wholesome. Everything she was previously searching for.

Y/N complied and hopped straight under it. She looked above her head, the bright colours spinning around catching her gaze. She looked back at Bill and saw a cheeky grin appear on his face as his right hand continued twisting the handle of the umbrella. The red replaced the orange, which replaced the yellow, which replaced the green, the blue, the purple and back to the red. It was a giant, swirling, colourful mess. And she loved it. A giggle escaped her lips as she grinned back at him.

The two didn’t really talk on the walk back to her house, they just walked in content, a pleasing aura encasing the two of them. Her hand did, however, slip over Bill’s on the handle of the umbrella, which caused both of their cheeks to light up a desirable pink.

“Here we are.” Y/N said as they arrived at her doorstep.

He put his umbrella down and he stared intently at her. She moved the hood of his yellow slicker down and leaned forward. She smiled at him for a moment, before leaving a gracious and gratifying kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you.”

As Bill looked up at the sky, it lit up in a harsh piercing yellow which ceased the rain. The boy trotted, in glee, on his way, a hop in his step. There never was a dull moment with Bill; no rain could quiet his shine.

Rule of Thumb

Requested: no

TW: abo, alpha dean, dubcon issues, use of alcohol, weed, sex, knotting, breeding kink, depression, body issues

Summary: Dean Winchester is satisfied in his life as a mechanic at the family shop, but that doesn’t mean Mary Winchester is happy her 37 year old alpha son is unmated. So she does what any mother would do, she medles. They’re used to the blind dates and hook ups until an omega shows up in town, an omega who has a rule of thumb not to trust alphas. 

Originally posted by dreamweightjensenacklesontopofme

It was raining heavily in the middle of the night. Mary Winchester didn’t mind, it was good for her plants, after all April showers did bring May flowers. The sound of the rain wasn’t what woke her up, it was the emergency phone for Winchester Automotive. She rolled over, smacking John across the face for him to get up and answer the phone. 

John grumbled, but answered the phone, his expression and tone softening when he heard the fear in the voice of the girl calling. “Okay sweetheart, I’ll be right out with a tow truck. Just wait in your car.” 

Mary got up to make a pot of coffee and call Dean to meet up with John at the shop. John kept a tow truck in the back field of the family farm for cases like this. He started the engine and drove to the Gas in Sip just off the interstate. 

He scanned the lot, quickly spotting the red Mustang. Pulling up beside the car, he got out, cautiously walking toward the driver’s side. His nose flared slightly as a gentle, omega scent filled his nostrils. No wonder she was so scared on the phone. John softened his expression and smiled as she got out timidly. 

Lavender. She smelt like lavender. “I’m John, we spoke on the phone.” 

“Y/N.” Her reply was soft. She had a slight edge and he couldn’t deny the sharp inhale she made when she smelt him. 

To Y/N, all alphas were the same. They built you up with promises they wouldn’t keep and would throw you out the minute you became an inconvenience. She gave him a quick once over, relaxing slightly at the gold band on his finger. At least he wouldn’t hurt her. 

“Well Y/N, you go on and get in the truck and out of the rain. We’ll go back to the shop and see what is what and then go from there.” 

His alpha tone was stern yet comforting. She knew not to think twice and did as he said. John Winchester seemed to know what was best, and right now that meant keeping her safe. 

On the other side of town, Dean Winchester thankfully had an excuse to leave the horrendous date he was on. The girl was sweet, really, but he was allergic to cats and he got the impression her’s were a top priority.  He paid for her drinks and grabbed his keys, going to open up the shop.  Winchester Automotive had a policy, a set of morals really, that they should be available 24/7, and he didn’t mind. Saving people kind of was in the job description. 

Dean opened up the shop, turning on the lights and getting the bay open and ready. They probably couldn’t fix it tonight, but he would try. He eased back into the front desk, propping his feet up on the desk. Seger, the shop guard dog, happily trotted over to lay his head in Dean’s lap. 

He hadn’t had his eyes closed long when the door bell went off. His green eyes fluttered open at the same time his nostrils twitched. A wave of calm crashed over him at the scent filling the shop. Dean looked up, a slow smile spreading across his face at the sight of his father and the small little omega beside him. 

“That’s my son, Dean. He doesn’t always sleep on the job.” John winked at Dean before going back into the bay. “She’s got a beautiful car, but I think the engine is shot.” 

Dean was still trying to recover from the high feeling of the unmated omega In front of him. “Oh?” 

Y/N didn’t know why she was blushing. This Dean guy was an alpha, a no go, but damn his black t shirt was incredibly tight. And his green eyes reflected the ceiling lights and gave the illusion of a twinkle. “Yeah” she finally sighed moving away from the strong scent of whiskey. “My baby just died on me, I mean I know she was having some trouble but, she just died.” 

Dean stood up, earning a whine from Seger. He walked over to join your side watching John under the hood. Seger whined and followed after a Dean, tilting his head slightly. He nudged at the back of Y/N’s legs. “Sorry.” Dean quickly apologized going to pull the German Shepard away from the girl, but she shook her head. 

“Hey there buddy.” Y/N momentarily forgot about the overpowering scent of alpha. She got down on her knees, becoming eye level with the dog. “You’re a good boy aren’t ya?” The cooing was too much for Dean to handle. 

“His name is Seger.” 

Y/N’s eyes sparkled slightly, looking up at Dean. “Nice taste.” 

John kept his smile to himself and put the hood back down. “I’ve got good news and bad news.” He wiped his hands on a towel and leaned against a tool bench. 

“Bad news first please.” It was hard for Y/N to distract herself from the dog, but she managed to pull it together. 

“Your engine is shot.” John said simply. For Dean, the strange feeling of happiness at the news was concerning. 

“Where’s the good? I’m a broke, college dropout.” And there was the cynicism. The thoughts were starting to creep in, all the ways these two alphas could ruin her. They would take her car, she was going to be in so much debt she would have no life meaning. 

The two Winchesters exchanged a soft glance. There was a story behind you, no one really just drifts through Kansas for kicks. “There is good darling. We can get the part in tomorrow and have you out of here by the end of the week.” 

Y/N awkwardly shifted her legs as she mulled it over. She wasn’t going anywhere specifically, that wouldn’t be an issue. Money was the issue. Her savings was running short and there was no chance in hell of her asking her parents for help. Running a hand through her slightly greasy hair, she bit her lip. “Do you guys take credit cards?” 

John opened his mouth to answer simply, but Dean was getting anxious. There was a pretty girl with a nice car who loved his dog standing right beside him. “As a matter of fact we do.” His charming personality made it difficult to resist smiling. He stretched his arm around Y/N’s shoulder, noticing a slight agitation but no protest. “And for pretty girls in mustangs we’ll just charge you for the part.” 

If John wanted to give him hell he could, but right now Dean just wanted the pretty girl who smelled like lavender to be smiling. And she did. “I, that’s not fair of you. I’ve already dragged you out of bed at” she glanced up to the clock on the wall “1:35 in the middle of the night. I can’t ask you for that.” 

John shook his head. “You didn’t. We offered.” Alphas and chivalry was not a cocktail Y/N knew well. 

“What’s that thing Sammy does?” Dean clicked his fingers in thought. “Quid pro quo?” 

Y/N squeaked out a sigh, the last bit of youthful innocence that remained in her urged her to hug them, but she could only muster up a relaxed shoulder shrug. “Thank you.” 

Dean gave her shoulder a squeeze, reminding her of his presence there. “Mom up?” His eyes scanned John’s face. “We can lock up and take her home.” A flirtatious grin stretched across his face. “Unless you want to come to my place.” 

Y/N tried not to give into the charm and instead focused in on the trunk of her car. “The cops don’t have to get involved do they?” 

The two alphas shook their heads, suspicion running through them. “No, why?”

“Um, I, no reason.” An embarrassing laugh echoed through the shop. 

“Damn aren’t you sketchy?” Dean laughed.

John rolled his eyes and went to go lock up. “Seger’ll keep a watch out for your baby. Mind if we ride with you Dean, I assume you want to stay the night.”

Dean nodded leading Y/N out toward a “67 Chevy Impala?” His eye brows quirked up in admiration. 

“You have your baby, I have mine.” 

The cozy feeling from earlier was slowly fading. Fear took control again as she realized she was going to be left alone in a car with not one, but two alphas. Y/N fell silent, and remained silent until they arrived at a charming farmhouse with the front lights on. 

They were met at the door by a gentle looking blonde who reached out and pulled Y/N into the house. “How do you take your coffee?” The house smelled…homey. Mrs. Winchester, at least that’s who Y/N assumed she was, had a faint scent of sugar and caused Y/N to relax ever so slightly. An omega was a comfort. 

“I’m fine, thank you though Mrs. Winchester.” Y/N didn’t keep much from her parents, but she kept her manners. 

Mary shook her head, giving Y/N a pat on the arm, “nonsense. You’re still damp from the rain, go on into the living room and I’ll bring you something to eat.” Her smile was so achingly maternal Y/N had to fight the fondness. She was going to be in for a long night. 

Anonymous said: Preferences request: getting caught by parents doing the dirtyyy , getting caught by one of his/her friends

there were two other prompts with this one but I’m gonna do those separately  😊

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Soaked for Science

I went to the March for Science this weekend, and since I went armed with @eclecticmuses‘ wonderful FitzSimmons commission for me, I couldn’t resist writing a flufflet about the two of them actually marching. All signs mentioned were ones I saw. (Also, a brief exchange was inspired by one I had with @ifwehadamonkey later that day!) 
Rated G, in a canon-divergent s4 where everyone’s happy, healthy & in reality. ;-)

“Four hours.”

Jemma groaned, droplets flying off the sleeve of her sunflower-patterned raincoat as she whacked him on the shoulder. “Ugh, Fitz –”

“We’ve been standing in the rain for four hours.”

A burst of static crackled over the sound system as speakers changed places on the stage.

“And so has everyone else,” she pointed out, hopping slightly onto her tiptoes to glimpse something at the side of the crowd. Fitz reached out instinctively to hover one hand over her lower back, ready to catch her should she slip on the sopping wet grass.

“I can barely remember what it was like to be dry –”

“Oh, for –”

“I’ve never seen fingers wrinkle because of rain –”

Clapping her hands together, Jemma let out a little noise of excitement and grabbed onto his arm, interrupting his good-natured complaining. “Fitz, look!” He followed where she was pointing, blinking as rain dripped into his eyes. “Not all superheroes wear capes,” she said, reading the sign that she’d spotted within the crowd, “most wear lab coats!”

“Daisy’d agree with that,” he said with a grin. “I don’t think any superheroes wear capes. Too impractical.”

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William Nylander - Part 1

Again, beginnings can be a little boring and long. Next post is much more action packed and exciting! I’m excited to begin this next story and hope you all enjoy it as well! 

               “Are you done looking for the fairest of them all, Rian?” I say snidely to my sister, watching her stare at herself in the mirror.

               She throws a filthy look my way though she has no comeback. Her brain doesn’t work that fast.

               “You two ready?” We hear a shout from downstairs.

               “Coming!” I call back, giving Rian one last smirk before slinking out of the bathroom and down the stairs.

               “Hey, babe,” Nathan grins up at me, all green eyes and white teeth.

               “Rian’s coming, probably another forty-two years and she’ll be skipping down the stairs,” I tell him, reaching to bottom of the stairs. Leaning up and pecking him on the cheek before he has the chance to turn his head and kiss somewhere else.

               “That’s not much of a hello,” he raises an eyebrow at me.

               “You know me.” I say pulling on my jacket. “Never been one for hellos and goodbyes.” I wink at him and turn to the stairs once more. “Rian! You have thirty seconds to get your ass in the car!” I swing open the front door and hold out my hand, gesturing for Nathan to go ahead of me into the chilly Toronto air.

               I step out after him and we trudge through the snow to his waiting car, already warm from the drive over here. Settling down into the front passenger seat I look over my shoulder at the boy already waiting.

               “How’s it going, Jake?” I grin at him.

               “Same as always, Y/N. Taking the backseat for the sake of my best friend’s ego,” he winks at me as Nathan opens his own door and climbs into the driver’s seat.

               I roll my eyes and turn in time to see Rian sprinting down the front steps to the car. Her perfect blonde curls slightly losing their shape with the wet snow falling, but I don’t dare tell her that. When she scrambles into the backseat and Jake greets her, I don’t have to look at her to know her face its beat red.

               “Hey, Jake,” her voice sounds so small when she replies to him and I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud. Nathan and I exchange a smirk as he puts the car into gear and glides us away to the ACC.

               “Usual seats?” Nathan asks me after a few minutes of casual conversation.

               “Nope.” I say, smiling out the window.

               “No? Where then?”

               “You’ll see,” I grin at him and exchange a secret smile with Rian.

               “You two are the worst,” Nathan mutters and I see his fingers twitch on the console between us. Discreetly as possible, I take my hand from where it was resting close to his and fold them in my lap. Any time he can, Nathan finds an excuse to hold my hand and while I don’t mind most of the time, my baby sister is currently in the backseat with Nathan’s best friend.

               “Really not going to tell me?” Nathan asks again, trying to put on his puppy dog eyes and I quickly look out the window again.


               “What if Jake asks?”

               “You wanna know, Jake?” I ask, not looking back.

               “I would love to,” he replies.

               “Rian, tell Jake.”

               I can hear them shift in their seats, putting their heads together.

               “What! Come on! That’s not fair!” Nathan exclaims, looking over his shoulder in the backseat before scowling at me. “Literally the worst.”

               Pleased with myself, I settle down into my seat and stare out the window contently for the rest of the ride, tuning out Nathan’s occasional complaint and the bickering I can’t make out from the backseat.

               Once Nathan is able to find an open parking spot, we pull our hoods up against the wicked wind and make our way into the crowd slowly milling into the arena. Nathan repeatedly bumps against my shoulder and I wince in annoyance each time. I slow my pace slightly and am able to maneuver Jake between us, only a little guilt forming in my stomach.

               I produce the four tickets when we get inside, holding my thumb over the seat section when Nathan tries to look over my shoulder.

               “You’ll see soon enough,” I say before he even opens his mouth. Holding out the tickets to the man behind the gate before Nathan can snatch them out of my hands. I step through the gate with the other three following along after me. We blend into the sea of blue and white of jerseys and shirts and hats though the occasional orange jersey breaks through the crowd.

               Rian and I lead the way down towards ice level, Jake and then Nathan following along. We reach the glass and turn right, walking to the very end of the row and taking our seats right next to the home team’s bench.

               I plop down onto the end seat, and rest my elbow on the railing between the Leafs bench and my spot.  

               “Good enough for you?” I ask him and he just stares at me in awe. “Happy Birthday!” I exclaim just as I start to hear shouting from the tunnel just behind me.

               Nathan stands there gawking as players begin flying past us out onto the ice. The sound of their skates digging into the ice makes goosebumps erupt all over my body. I look away from Nathan and out across the ice surface proudly. I may not consider myself his girlfriend but goddamn I would be a good one.

               Eventually Nathan drops down to his seat with the assistance of Jake. The three people to my left stare at each player as they zoom by while my attention filters down to the white and orange jerseys on the other end, indifferent to the blue ones in front of me.

               After the shock wears off, Nathan and Jake make their way back to the concourse to get themselves a few beers.

               “I’m starving, you want anything?” Rian asks me, standing to follow after the boys.

               “Just bring me one of whatever you get,” I say, smiling at her. “Thanks.”

               She nods and moves to walk away but pauses, turning back to me slowly. “I think you made Nathan really happy tonight, Y/N. You may be a horrible sister, but you’re a great girlfriend.” She winks and flashes me a smile before running up the stairs to catch up to the boys.

               I stare after her, my mouth slightly open as I try to find words even though she’s already gone.

               “But he’s not my boyfriend,” I finally whisper and turn back to the ice, though my gaze is unfocused. Does everyone think we are together? I don’t think we are. Why does Rian? Does Jake think the same thing? Does the lady staring at me two rows back also think so? No, probably not. I flinch as a puck hits the glass directly in front of me and I’m too late focusing in to notice who it was and why their pass was so horrible.

               I sigh and try to push all thoughts of boyfriends and green eyed boys out of my mind. I stretch out in my seat, resting my foot on the small lip beneath the glass and watch the players in front of me. My eyes follow various numbers and names across the ice. There’s Marner. Oh look he’s doing his weird stretch thing next to Matthews. And there’s Bozak hitting the glass where his son is standing.

I don’t flinch this time when another puck hits the glass in front of me and my eyes zero in on a small cluster of guys near the blue line near the opposite boards. None of them are looking at me but I see a few smiles. Rolling my eyes I turn my attention back to the warm up drill they are currently working through.

I’m able to watch in peace for only a few minutes before my gaze is interrupted by a pair of the bluest eyes I have ever seen. My breath catches in my throat as our eye contact extends past a few seconds as he skates by slowly, stretching his stick above his head. A slow smile forms on William Nylander’s face as he finally passes me and I blink several times though my eyes continue to follow him.

“The shortest line was for hotdogs,” Rian says beside me and I nearly fall out of my seat. “Jesus Y/N! You just scared the shit out of me!” Rian snaps as my sudden movement made her nearly fumble the stack of hot dogs in her arms.

“Sorry! Here,” I reach out and take the two large drinks out of the nook of her arm.

“What were you staring at?” Rian asks taking her seat and spilling the pile of wrapped hotdogs onto her lap.

“Oh nothing, just got absorbed into the action,” I say, picking a hotdog from the pile and unwrapping it.

“Sure or you were absorbed into the godliness that is William Nylander,” Rian snorts, taking a huge bite of her hotdog as I gape at her.

“How could you have possibly noticed that? Weren’t you trying not to break your neck while walking down the stairs?” I ask.

“I said your name about three times before you snapped out of it,” Rian says through a mouthful and I wrinkle my nose at her. “Plus I could feel the tension halfway up the stairs.”

“Oh shut up,” I mumble, taking a bite of my own hotdog and pointedly staring down towards where the Flames were warming up.

“The boys were still in line when I was on my way back. You should see the smile on Nathan’s face. And Jake’s for that matter.”

“Now that you bring up Jake…” I say suggestively, a smirk playing on my lips.

“Just shut up now.” Rian doesn’t even bother looking at me, but I can see the pink rising up her neck to her cheeks.

“Rian and Jacob sitti- OW!” I squeal as Rian pinches me under the arm which somehow makes me kick my leg out hard into the boards in front of me. I gasp in pain while Rian erupts into a fit of giggles as I massage some life back into my toes through my boots. “I hate when you do that!”

Rian is too overcome with laughter to answer me and I scowl across the ice in full pout mode. I hear laughter from the bench area beside me and when I glance over I immediately regret it. Nylander is standing with a Gatorade bottle in his hand and a smile on his face, his eyes on me. I quickly drop his gaze and return my attention to my foot that is still throbbing.

“Shut up,” I mumble when Rian nudges me in the arm. She opens her mouth to say something but I’m saved by the arrival of Nathan and Jake.

They take their seats and another punch of guilt hits me as Nathan sits on the other side of Rian, giving me a disappointed look. I try to ignore it and look anywhere but him, deciding instead to watch Andersen go through his pregame routine.

Nathan and Jake engage in their usual pregame conversations, going over statistics and predictions. I can’t help but steal glances at Nathan and the smile that never seems to leave his face. He catches my eye a few times and I give him a soft smile, though I’m quick to look away. No need to fuel the fire. He’s been one of my best friends since I was in high school and only recently has the relationship gone to another level, one I’m not too sure about yet.

The game starts without any more awkward eye contact, which I strategically planned despite the nudges from Rian every time she noticed someone staring in our direction. A downside to the seat choice I hadn’t thought about. The atmosphere comes to life as the Leafs take an early 2-0 lead over the Flames. Rian and I clap but we don’t jump out of our seats like the two idiots sitting beside us. We giggle at them each time, making jokes at them that they occasionally take a little offense to.

By the end of the first period Nathan and Jake have both successfully had two beers a piece and soon go on the hunt for more while Rian and I watch the intermission activity.

“How’s your toe?” Rian asks me sweetly after a few minutes and ignore her.

“Why did you call me Nathan’s girlfriend?” I ask instead, frowning at the glass in front of me.

“I thought you were, are you not?” Rian asks confused, and I can see her looking at me from the corner of my eye.

“Definitely not,” I say. “And I hope he doesn’t either.”

“But I thought you two had feelings for each other. And I see you holding hands sometimes, him kissing your cheek, the hugging…”

“Okay, I get it. That would look a little like dating.” I interrupt much to her amusement. “I do love Nathan, I just don’t think I want him like that. And now I feel like I let it go on too far.”

Rian is quiet a moment, a first for her. “Well then I take back my earlier statement. You’re not a good girlfriend, you’re a good friend.” She taps my hand once as the team again comes shuffling out of the tunnel beside me. I turn my attention from Rian to the game again, trying and failing to focus. Only when the goal horn sounds for a Toronto goal to I snap to attention and clap, having no idea who even scored.

Thankfully, I don’t have to look very far because he is already skating to the bench for the celebration and I’m not quick enough to look away. Those pretty blue eyes meet mine again, a huge smile crinkling them at the corners and I feel myself smiling as well, though I know it’s just because of the goal. When play resumes I still struggle to pay attention, my mind is whirling about too much. I’m overly aware of the boy sitting two seats down from and overly aware of the bench on the other side of me.

I prepare myself to get up after the next whistle, needing to get away from the bright lights of the arena, a slow throb already forming in my head when I hear it.

Watching a Stranger Watch a Movie - Tom Holland x Fem(Reader)

Summary: Tom Holland goes to the movie theater to surprise people seeing his movie. He goes to sit in the back of a theater, to be recognized by a beautiful stranger.

Warnings: Spoilers. Curse words. Nothing else I don’t think…besides aN ADORABLE TOM HOLLAND


Tom pulled the hood over his head and glanced around with a small smile at the mildly crowded theater.

He was exited. Surprising fans and making people happy was the best part about his job.

Slowly making his way up the rows of seats, he shoved his popcorn under his arm so her could make his way around a girl who sat alone, staring in anticipation and excitement at the screen.

But as if in slow motion, his popcorn slid through his arm and sprayed all over the poor girl.

She gasped softly, and Tom froze, and quickly rushed out a “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry, I’m a bloody idiot.”

She awkwardly brushed the popcorn spewed all over as well as she could off of her (Your skin color) skin. Then she glanced up at a guilty Tom Holland, whose hood has slid off of his head.

Her eyes widened for a moment, but then she shook her head and stared at the ground for a moment before looking back at Tom and answering with a melodic “You’re fine. Accidents happen.”

Toms eyebrow raised slightly as he stared at the girl who he guessed knew who he was.

“Do you-Do you know-?” Tom questioned her carefully.

“Yes I know who you are.” The girl replied softly.


“Huh?” The girl laughed. “What does that mean?”

“You just-reacted strangely.”

People were giving Tom weird looks for standing for so long without taking a seat, so he asked the girl if he could sit down. She paused before nodding her head.

“What do you mean? ‘Reacted Strangely’?” The girl resumed their conversation.

“Well most people who recognize me scream or-or I don’t know. They freak out. Usually.” Tom stuttered.

“Well should I scream to the heavens and alert everyone to the superstar in the room?” She raised her eyebrow.

“Um no. Please do not do that.”

“Exactly. I figured you had that hood up for a reason. By the way, might want to put that back up.”

“Uh-Right.” Tom slid the hold back up. “Also, thanks for not freaking out. I’m trying to surprise the theater after the movie.”

“That’s pretty cool.” She said simply, sucking on the straw of her drink.

“So what’s your name?”

“Y/N L/N.” She replied, and Tom found himself smiling at the her, for he liked the name. “Also, um, it’s really really nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you to.” Tom grinned.

“I’m exited for the movie. I’ve loved Spiderman since I was a kid.” She smiled, soaking in her own nostalgia. She brushed a strand of Y/H/C hair out of her face.

“Really? Same here.” And she giggled.

“I didn’t notice.” She said sarcastically, and her smile was beautiful as she smiled at him. “But yeah. One year I managed to convince my mom to let me dress up as Spiderman. Even though it was a 'boys outfit’ or whatever the hell that means.”

Tom laughed at her sarcastic and kinda badass vibe. It was attractive.

The screen dimmed and Y/N sat up excitedly in her seat, eyes wide and animated. But Toms eyes still laid on her. Which actually confused him, because no one had ever enchanted him quite like she had.

The movie went underway and Tom found himself looking at her over and over again. She was beautiful. She was dressed simply, and she didn’t have any heavy makeup on, but her aura attracted him in a way that he was unfamiliar to.

“Do you want some?” She asked Tom, offering her small popcorn.

“Thanks.” He chuckled, still guilty about his popcorn spill.

“No problem. I figured you need to have that nice angelic popcorn breath when you meet everyone.” She replied slyly.

“Very funny.” Tom said jokingly.

They continued to watch the movie, and her hands started to shake as Peter parker screamed the famous “C'mon Spiderman.”

Tom stared at her as her eyes widened at the boy caught under the rubble on the screen. She seemed truly worried for Peter, and she licked her lips as the superhero dug himself out of the rubble and his pain.

She reached her hand at the same time as Tom and in the most cliche way possible they bumped hands. She quickly pulled her hand out and shyly put her hands on her lap. Tom smiled at her adorableness.

The movie came to a close, and she let out a huge breath.

“Wow.” She said.

“Did you like it?” Tom asked.

“Wow!” She repeated. “That was amazing! Your acting and you accent was beautifully put into action. The whole story was so engaging and I felt true worry for you-for Peter.”

“Thank you.” Tom beamed.

They both stared at each other. Unspoken things passing between them. Their shared but short experience of the movie theater feeling so long.

“You uh probably need to get going to meet all those people. I’m sorry for holding you back.” She broke the silence.

Y/N stood up and grabbed her purse and looked around stalling for time as she clenched her hands on her sweater.

“Hey-you know what?” Tom announced. “Can I give you my number?”

“Y-Yes!” She grinned and Tom did the same in reply as her beautiful face lit up.

“Great. Because I really liked talking to you. Well we didn’t really talk, but I feel like if we talk more, I’d really enjoy your company-” He rambled. But then shut up and gave her the number awkwardly.

“I really hope I see you again.” Y/N said bashfully.

“Same here.” Tom said, and turned around to go surprise the crowd, but paused before turning and saying “Nice meeting you Y/N.”


A/N Hope you all enjoyed!

Merry Crisis

OlderTeen!Damian Wayne x Reader

A/N I hope this is kind of what you had in mind anon who requested, if not I’m sorry but I wrote something so I’m happy!

Request: ( teenage) Damien Wayne being forced to get along with Jason on Christmas by his so

Warnings: None


So you had been invited to your boyfriend’s family Christmas party. This might sound fun but the last time you had visited with his family it had ended up being a disaster. One of your boyfriends brothers had decided to jokingly flirt with you in order to mess with him which ended up with black eyes on both sides, which with knowing who they both are isn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Your thoughts are interrupted when you hear a knock at the door and your dad answer it. You listen to your dad talk to Damian for a bit before he shouts, “(y/n), you ready to go?”

“Yah dad!” You yell back coming out of your room and hugging your dad.

“Okay, have fun,” he says hugging you back, kissing your forehead before you leave with Damian.

“You better be good this time,” you say as soon as the door closes behind the two of you.

“Todd better not flirt wit you this time,” he grumbles back, linking his arm with yours.

“Dami, you do realize that he did it just to mess with you?”

“Tt, that doesn’t change the fact that he did it,“ Damian replies opening the door of his car for you.

You sigh and get in the car waiting for him to get in the drivers seat before you say, “Even if he does it again, can you promise me you won’t fight this time?”

“Fine, just for you,” Damian says kissing you quickly then starting the car and driving to the manor.


The evening had been going smoothly until it was decided you would all be watching a Christmas movie together. Watching a movie seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem. Until you sat against the arm of the couch waiting for Dami and Jason decided to sit next to you, taking Damian’s ‘spot’. “Tt, thats my spot, Todd.”

“Yah? And how that? I don’t see your name on it,” Jason replies.

Damian pulls his fist back to throw a punch but you stop him, standing up and saying, “Dami please don’t, you promised.”

“Tt, fine,” he says putting his fist down, grabbing your hand then leading you over to a chair and sitting down pulling you into his lap and glaring at Jason.

You laugh a bit at his antics before leaning back to look at him, “Thank you,” you say kissing him on the cheek and snuggling up to him to watch the movie.

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Chasing the shadow || Part II

Summary: Your quiet life quickly get complicated
Words: 1712
Warnings: none
Author: Cass

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Title: Movies and Waffles

Summary: Stephanie Brown should have known better, she really should have - but here she was anyway, bleeding out in Jason Todd’s apartment.

read it on ao3

Stephanie should have known better, but here she was, bleeding out in Jason Todd’s – the Red Hood’s apartment.

She really should have known better.

His apartment, though, was the closest to where she had been injured. Hers was on the complete other side of Gotham, and anyone else was pretty far away too, so finally she’s decided fuck it, and had broken into Red Hood’s apartment.

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anonymous asked:

Is there any chance you can take up this prompt?: Dick did something that had him accidentally switching bodies with Tim. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself in Tim's body. Tim who he has not talk to in ages and Tim who is now Dick, but in some dangerous situation that makes him wonder what Tim has been up to. Poor Tim would not be happy with the situation he finds himself in, because of Dick. Sorry for my babbling. Can you PLEASE take up this prompt. You always do it best. Thank you!!!

Hey babe. Merry Christmas and whatnot, yeah?


He sucks in a breath like he’s dying.

And the brain is still in fight mode, adapt to your surroundings, assess, place the dangers, find the shadows, palm the tech, and motherfucking move.

He’s a Red Robin that’s had a seriously bad stint of year; one that’s weary down to the bone. One that is scrawny and scrappy, more raw and ruthless than he ever was wearing the R. Sometimes you have to evolve to deal with things like Lex Luthor, dick bag aliens, and terrorist organizations bent on any assortment of world domination.

Magic users suck ass too.

Case in point:

Twenty-eight seconds ago he was in the middle of a fight in downtown Los Angeles against a magic-user; right now, he’s in Gotham. Really, he’d know the Wallstone anywhere.

“N, what the fuck was that?”

The Red Hood is literally Right. Fucking. There.

Shit,” he snarls out, already kicking into yet another type of fight mode, but—

The voice.

The body difference.

One look at his hand and—finger stripes


“Dick?” Is Hood’s voice coming out low even with the synths, “what is it?”

Red (or N) holds up both hands in the universal I’m not that dangerous, don’t kick my ass kind of way, but he can already see Hood going for his sidearm, just, you know, very fucking familiar.

“Magic users are dick bags,” is the first thing he comes up with, and it just sounds wrong in N’s deeper baritone. “Don’t shoot me, Hood.”

“…fuck, Replacement?

“I’d say good to see you, but well, I’ve already stated the obvious.”

“Hn. Dick bags, yeah?”

Oh yeah,” he takes a second to feel around for where N kept his cell now since the damn suit is just a second skin really because some people had no shame

The iPhone is literally such an antiquated piece of shit that he almost drops it, just ick.

Before he gets the thing unlocked, “Addicted to You” cuts through the dark Gotham night, permeating soft lamp light.

Of anything he could have expected (shot, stabbed, a dance-off, a game of banter-fight, whatever really), the Red Hood to hold up a just a minute finger while bringing the cell up to the side of the helmet, is not one of the scenarios.

“Uh-hu,” Hood nods.

He subtly checks the Nightwing suit for weapons, grapple, pellets, well, something so he doesn’t get stabbed on top of everything else.

“Aw, Dickie, I’m hurt. Like I’d shoot the lil’ fucker er something.”

Red stays wisely silent, pellets palmed. You know, for just in case. Extra grapple line is still in the back of the waist, just like when they used to—

Hood is making a hurry it along, asshole hand and finally holds the thing out (and is an Android of relative control thank God), “here y’are.”

“Red Robin,” sounds stupid in N’s deeper baritone.

“The Titans say hi!” N yells enthusiastically, and his voice sounds so off with Dick Grayson behind it (and it takes effort to swallow down the bitter regrets, righteous anger, and old hurts anytime he has a break between catastrophes to wonder where it all went so wrong—)

“The fight?” And his (N’s) throat clicks slightly.

“Uh, well—I only got here half-way through and all, Baby Bird—“

Don’t fucking call me that.

“He got away.”

“Magic users. Am I right?” And his voice sounds too amused, too smug, and he just wants to punch himself in the face right about now, but there are plans in the works for what he could realistically do to Dick’s body without permanent damage.

“Put Superboy on,” is ground out between clenched teeth.

“Aw, c’mon, we can fix this, Tim. I’ll—“

“It happened on our side,” is clipped, precise, “I’m on it. Just put Kon on the phone.”

There’s a hesitation on the line and whooshing of the background, soft zaahs of movement (well, Bat-movement, that is), “Tim, I know we haven’t—we haven’t been okay in a while—“ and Dick in his body isn’t even winded while dodging something. The grunt following tells him it is indeed Kon.

“This isn’t happening,” he interrupts, “at all. Thank-you but fuck you, Dick. You give me a member of my team, I get this shit reversed, and we wave bye-bye from a safe distance of several continents.”

“Jesus Tim, I thought we were at least—“

“Apparently you thought wrong. Give me Kon or I’m hanging up and throwing you in front of a train.”

The audible click by his temple is just the Red Hood taking that for the threat it really is. “Do everyone a favor, and don’t try it, asshole.”

He turns very slowly, thinking how fucked up it is that he’s not shorter than Jason this time around, “my brain in Dick Grayson’s body,” is all he needs to say.

“You little shit—“

“Go die, Hood,” he sneers, pellets already between his fingers.

“All right, all right,” N shouts through the phone in his voice, “I’m giving the phone to Superboy, just…dammit, Jay, calm down. Please?”

Something unintelligible comes through the synths, and surprise, surprise! the Red Hood backs off, easing the trigger down. He points a finger at Red, tension in the lines of his stance, “you want I really put some effort into the dance, Red, try to make good on that shit.”

And he doesn’t know if his smirk is anywhere near N’s own evil expression, but he grins white in the night.

On the other end of the phone, Kon is apparently amused as hell (and oh yeah, he believes in karma—just all the way), “Hey Red! Or N…?”

“Fuck you,” Red snarls out, deeper with Dick’s vocal chords.

“Look at it this way,” Kon continues, “you can beat the hell out of his body instead of yours?”

And Red just walks right over that comment with, “I’m going to my Perch here and start on the usual list of magic users to get this crap reversed. Drop him off at the Manor, try following the Mystic if he left any kind of trail.”

“Well, someone pissed in your cornflakes fearless leader.” And yes, that’s his best friend right there, the epic douche bag. Bart probably already has a list of shit he intends to say.

“Not amused,” he replies and hangs up the phone without a good-bye, tossing it in Hood’s general direction, and throws the line, takes the appropriate swing in the direction of his Perch, reverently hoping for something to kick the shit out of on the way.


Five hours later, Dick Grayson (in his temporarily shorter body) is scowling like mad, taking the steps down to the Cave with rough, jerky movements. He’d spent the last twenty minutes in front of the bathroom mirror adjacent to his old room; it had been a rough twenty minutes of cataloguing the mass of new scars marring Tim Drake’s back, the new ones on his front (one right across his abdomen, too clean for the usual array of sharp, pointy things). He’s on his way down to the Cave for some computer time, start looking into what Timmy had been up to in the last few years since he’d been the Red Robin.

He lifts a small hand in greeting to Dami, fresh out of the Cave showers after a long patrol, and barely gets a word.

Drake,” and all the venom is there, hitting Dick right in the chest. “Haven’t you learned you no longer have a place here?”

Dick almost chokes, staring down at Little D, his mini-bro, his partner, his Robin, hurt and almost betrayed before he remembers he’s not wearing his own face.

And Dami hesitates, narrowing his eyes when he isn’t met with the usual scathing retorts he’s come to expect. The utterly crushed look on the former Robin’s face is not one he can ever remember seeing before now.

“It’s Dick,” he admits, numb, “Dami…do you really say that kind of thing to Tim?”

But the youngest Robin’s brain is switching gears, “Grayson? Grayson? How—?”

“The Titans were facing magic users,” and his face firms, crossing Tim’s arms over his chest while he stares his little brother down.

Tt, useless. Drake allowed himself to get hit and take your body from you?”

“Little D—answer the question. You really don’t try to keep Tim from coming home, his home, do you?”

Now the smallest gives Dick an impatient look, “honestly, how is it that you have managed to live this long will forever remain a mystery.”


“You are well aware,” the youngest rolls right over him, “the Robin legacy is mine by blood. He had no rights to it. He has no place here once I took over the mantle.”

“How could you do that to him?! God, Dami, he was Robin in his own right. He’s part of the family whether it’s by blood or not—“

“We have argued this before,” Damian just raises a hand, “and we will never agree on it, Grayson. I believed that is why we stopped having the Drake discussion in the first place, I believed you finally began to see reason.”

“I don’t like where this is going,” B interjects, scaring the shit out of both of them (because, you know, the night).

Dami goes stiff immediately, face carefully neutral, “Father, I—“

“The role of Robin has nothing to do with blood,” the Batman admonishes shortly, striding right past his son, cape swirling around him.

Dick just turns Tim’s back and follows B to the computer, leaving Damian to his own churning thoughts while he climbs the stairs to retire in the Manor for the rest of the night.

“I need to do some research,” he fills the boss in, automatically throwing a hip against the chair, and almost falling on his ass because, well, height difference and such.

B hums while the system comes to life, his way to indicate yes, hyperactive child, I’m listening.

Instead, he steps to B’s peripheral and raises the shirt off Tim Drake’s abdomen, then waits for it.

The cowl comes off, blue eyes narrow on the incision scar, the calculating gaze going up to Dick’s (Tim’s, who he hasn’t seen in too long without a mask—usually when the criminal world shit has hit the fan and either the Bats or JLA need Red’s brand of talent). Dick just turns and raises the shirt up to the mass of white scars marring Red Robin’s back.

“So, yes, I need some intel,” on what the fuck he’s apparently missed.

But B’s mouth gets that crazy little moue when he’s already got theories and evidence to back him up.

Dick points an accusing finger, “you already know.”

Well, World’s Greatest Detective.

“I’ve been keeping track,” B fills in shortly.

Dick catches himself this time and can lean on the console to give B all the attention in the world.


The security system shows him his own face standing outside the penthouse perch, and Tim sighs, considers the benefits of staying in lockdown to work the spell from Zatanna (who had likewise laughed like an asshole, really, superheroes are just a community of gossipmongers that enjoy the shit out of it when he actually gets screwed over for once), and hoping Dick goes back to the Manor.

He interprets the expression on his own face to the one he’s currently wearing, and yup, that’s the former Batman’s got your number look.


“I’ll have it in another few hours,” he says when he cracks open the door enough to show his taller, more flexible self, “and I haven’t done anything to your body.”

“That’s what worries me, Timmers,” is Dick’s hard tone from his own mouth when the smaller of the two pushes himself inside and flicks the who knows what pellets back into hiding.

“How did you find me?” Is what he asks instead, crossing the arms over the chest broader than his own.

“I’m also this thing called a detective,” Dick deadpans and…it works, really.

Tim nods for the touché, giving Dick a mental point, “all right, I think we’ve already covered all the basis, so there’s no need for you to—“

“Be here, Tim?” And his smaller body gets right up into his bubble. So, regardless of what body he’s in, Dick’s understanding of personal space is non-existent as usual. “I don’t have to acknowledge you? To deal with you? Is that what you were going to say?”

And what Dick is pissed about goes right over his head, but he’s on the defensive by tone and body language alone.

“Maybe I’m missing something here,” he starts slowly in a voice that used to mean something, “but whatever crawled up your ass and died—“

“You don’t have a spleen,” shuts him right the hell up.

So? I can still do my fucking job, Dick. I lead my team, it doesn’t affect—“

“You told me,” Dick jabs a finger right into his sternum, “you told me, Tim, I was still your big brother and you knew I’d always catch you. I believed it.”

Tim makes the face he’s wearing go neutral, blank.

“And Dami…I just learned to let 75% of the crap he says go in one ear and out the other, but he’s part of the reason you’ve stayed gone? Dammit, Tim. You should have told me what it was doing to you. You’ve always been able to come to me,” and Dick’s voice is picking up, anger making it well up and spew out, “I’ve always tried not to let you down, no matter what. You’re my brother, and yes, you asshole, I love you, and—“

“You thought I was crazy,” he admits, low and completely empty, “you took Robin with some bullshit about being equals and you tried to get me into Arkham.”

Dick eases down, staring up into his own face intently, the expression looking as though it actually belongs on the face.

“After I brought B back, when I didn’t come to Gotham, I figured it was a done deal. You made your choice, and your choice told me I didn’t have a place there, that I was never really a Robin anyway. Him saying it? Just like you saying it, Dick, so I stayed the fuck out until some catastrophe or one of you needed tech support or some shit.”

Dick’s jaw tightens, but Tim doesn’t back down.

“You want to know what it did to me, Dick?  It made me realize what my place really was, so it’s fine, I get it. You’ve got the real thing, the right Robin, so spare me this big brother act.”

He shoves past his own body, back to his system, to his comfort pot of coffee ready to be devoured, and the pressure in his chest is completely inconsequential because he’s had time to come to grips, to accept the unavoidable truths.

“Now, like I said, I still need a few hours, and you obviously know where the door is.”

But, the body standing shock still hasn’t moved, has barely breathed, his own eyes taking in everything possible for the detective in Dick’s hindbrain while his fucking heart gives a lurch.

“I made good choices,” Dick finally admits, “I didn’t carry them out like I should have. I didn’t… I didn’t take care of you like I should have so you’d never doubt your place, so you’d always know you’re a Bat. No matter what happens, Tim, no matter what Damian might have said to you, you’ll always be one of us.”

Sitting at his system with Dick’s longer legs stretched out and the translation finally ready, the laugh that comes from his chest is one that makes the older vigilante flinch.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” and he soothes away the utter bullshit vibe, not looking up when the door opens and closes.


Getting his body back means peace, I’m out.

Because, well, the Manor and such. At least he’d left Dick’s body in a complex system of Gotham’s sewers, conveniently without a cell phone or comm.


Well, whatever. Croc is in Blackgate for the moment, just taking a vacay.

So, he has the time to get back to the Perch, get a quick shower, and take a ride to Titan’s Tower, get back on his usual crazy ass workload and conveniently forget he ever got stuck in some terrible trope.

He goes down the back staircase, hitting an alternative vent leading down into the back side of the Cave where he can just hop a Ducati without running in to any other Bats that might be writing down notes from the night’s activities, fixing random vehicles, making more tech, running the gambit of analysis, or feeding the odd gathering of animals.

Once he hits freedom without any snags, he can take in a full breath again, riding out into the familiar countryside paths back into Gotham proper.

The hidden entrance to his underground garage opens up to the sub-basement where he parks the bike, and takes the stairs two a time to get to the penthouse. Suppressing a shudder at the thought of whatever Dick might have done to his body, he rips the borrowed Gotham Knights t-shirt off, hand already moving up his abdomen before he gets the door closed and faces the mirror—

And winces.

Black sharpie with Dick’s careful block printing is all over his chest, upper arms, and abdomen, each scar recorded with a date, time, place, weapon of choice, and injury statistics. With a slow turn, he glances over his marked shoulder to the scrawling chicken scratch of the Red Hood on his back.

Dick took his time mapping out the last couple of years—on Tim’s own body.

His eyes trace the pathways, read the commentary, look at that neat printing with things like could have died again, and maybe…maybe some part of him wants to step back, give Dick an inch, even though he’s just fucking tired of being the last one standing.

It’s not a big enough part to stop him from getting in the shower and scrubbing his skin raw and red with harsh soap usually for abrasions. It’s not a big enough part to stop him from suiting up and riding out to the Batwing twenty minutes before Bruce Wayne shows up at the door to his Gotham penthouse. It’s not a big enough part to answer his phone when it’s Damian’s number ringing through.

It’s not a big enough part to stop him from leaving.

Little Bit Lost

Word Count: 1715

Player: Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers)

feat. the Oilers

Warning/s: none

Song: Inspired by This Ain’t a Love Song by Scouting for Girls

Originally posted by martinjones

Truth be told you were a mess. Growing up you always wanted to be the person that just moved on after a breakup but that didn’t seem to be possible. You felt lost and the only thing that was benefitting from your heartbreak were your grades. Only because you wanted to stay away from people and studying seemed to be the only excuse people accepted. 

And you had to use your frustration and for something, right?

Other people. Your friends, family… They didn’t understand. Your friends would always look at you with this pity in their eyes. Look at our friend! She was almost happy! She gave up the great guy for… why did you breakup again? Your friends had no idea and you really didn’t want to be pitied by them. They only saw the person you had been together with and apparently, your heartbreak was stupid because you let Connor Mcdavid go. 

Captain of the Oilers. The Next One. That’s what counted for them.

Your parents weren’t any better. Your Mom gave you that look as if you had betrayed her for the perfect son-in-law. Your Dad was cracking jokes the whole time. He didn’t get that his child could that upset about something as little as a breakup. As little, yeah. For him, it wasn’t a big deal. For you it was though, considering you took all the fault for it. On purpose. 

Yeah, it could be considered a messy situation. And you were the mess at the center of it.

And it was damn hard to feel normal while being single again.
You had gotten used to Connor, which you only realized now that he wasn’t breaking into your Apartment in the middle of the night when he came back from a road trip, when he didn’t look out for you before a game started and when you weren’t chatting while you were going to get yourself a coffee.

“Connor, we’re doing it again! We’re screaming at each other because of some little thing that doesn’t even matter!”, you called out in frustration.  

Both of you were breathing heavily from yelling at each other. His living room had turned into a war zone. And the cause was the fact that you couldn’t do this any longer without feeling guilty. It was eating both of you up. You loved each other, so why wasn’t it working? Connor had to focus.

Connor and you were staring at each other in shock.

“How did we end up like this? I mean, what went wrong?”, he asked, voice desperate.

He knew. It wasn’t going well in the last couple of weeks and he knew something was up when he left for the last road trip. But that he’d find you with your stuff packed, ready to leave… He was overwhelmed and he had no idea what to do to save your relationship.

“I don’t know. But it’s distracting you. And you can’t be distracted right now. They need you.”, you said, trying to control the tears that were already spilling.

“But I need you.” His voice was quiet, just above a whisper.

A sob escaped your lips, and Connor barely resisted the urge to pull you close to him. Instead, he stared at you, close to crying himself. He hated to see you like this. But he just didn’t know how to fix it.

“I- I need to do this. Let me do this for you. That way you can’t take the blame for something that is not either one of our faults.”, you cried. 

You picked up the bag as Connor was staring at you, and you shot him a last look before you turned around and walked to the door.

“Y/n, please. We can’t just throw all of this away.”, he begged, his voice cracking. “There has to be some sort of way to fix this.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.”, you said to the waitress as she handed you your coffee. 

You took the cup and your change money out of her hands before you turned to the door. You made your way to the table the closest to it, pulling your hood back up and putting your earphones back in. With the music coming back, you picked up your coffee and left the shop, only to bump into someone, not three meters out on the sidewalk. 

You turned around to look at the person, taken by surprise as you recognized most of his group. 

“Y/n?”, Leon asked, although you only saw his mouth form your name. 

You quickly pulled out your earphones and pushed your hood back, revealing your face fully. And to your relieve, the light rain had started again. Making it hard to see the look on your face from their perspective.

“Hi.”, you greeted quietly.

Leon was just as surprised to see you. “I didn’t expect you here.” He was nervously looking to the rest as if he was waiting for something specific.

“I live right around the corner.”, you explained, motioning to the corner you were referring to.

“Right, yeah. Don’t you have school at this time?”

“Oh no, not today. And you? What brings you to this part of town?”

“Oh, a few of the boys meet up here after practice.”, he explained with a small smile.

You had befriended him when you were still with Connor, which had been a long time. Now you hadn’t seen either of them in a month and you missed them. You saw Nuge come up, joining the talk.

“So what have you been up to?”

“Not much. School kept me busy for a while. I’m going home for a week soon, to see my niece for the first time.”

“Your sister had her baby? Please tell me you have pictures.”, Nuge said with a big grin and even Leon smiled although he didn’t do that often.

You pulled out your phone, glad that through the music no one would see the lock screen that you just didn’t know what to change into. You opened up your pictures and picked the one you had received just that morning. A little silver lining in your hell of a weird month, trying to piece yourself back together. 

You turned your phone around for them to marvel at the one-week-old baby.

“What’s her name?”, Leon asked curiously.

“It’s Emma.”

Your eyes trailed off and met Connor’s who just approached the group. You acted like you didn’t see him, blinking against the light rain. You pretended that you didn’t see the shocked and heartbroken look that he stared at you with. Because you were unsure how you would react if you would talk to him again.

“It was nice to see you, boys. But I really gotta go.”, you said quickly, pulling your hood up again. 

Mostly so they wouldn’t see the pained look on your face.

“Yeah, it was nice. See you around?”, Nuge asked.

“Maybe, dunno.”, you muttered, putting your earphones in. 

You wheeled around as casual as possible, starting to walk down the street. Please just leave it. Let me go. You didn’t believe in any god, but in that moment you were praying to all of them. You were lost, you couldn’t handle talking to him.

But you knew Connor too well. So when you felt his hand on your shoulder, you stopped dead in your tracks and turned around, pulling the earphones out and stopping the music.

“Hey, Y/n.”, he started off awkwardly. 

You realized that the Oilers were all staring at you from your side, looking like they wanted to know where the suspension was leading them. And maybe they were hoping for some kind of sign if you would manage to actually talk.

“Hi, Con.”, you said, cursing yourself a second after. No nicknames. You should’ve just said, Connor.

Connor surveyed you, trying to take as much of you in as he could. He missed you, and it took him a lot not to hug you on the spot. Or maybe even kiss you.

“How are you?”, he asked, concern lacing his voice.

“I’m okay. And you?“ 

Connor just shrugged, not breaking eye contact for a second.

"You’ve been ignoring my calls.”, he stated after a moment of silence.

A sigh escaped your lips, but there was no point in lying to him.

“I did.”, you said, at least trying, to be honest.

“Why?”, he asked, his voice obviously showing that he was hurt. He had tried to reach you countless times in the first two weeks but you never responded so that he eventually gave up.

“Because we broke up, Con. That’s what you do.”

“But you can’t just make this decision on your own. You completely left me out of that.”

“I know. I just thought if I do it like that it would be better somehow.”

“How exactly could any of this be better.”, he muttered, more to himself than to you.

“Can we please talk about it?”, he added after yet another moment of silence, staring you down with hurt and hopeful eyes.

“On the sidewalk in the rain? Like every movie ever?”, you chuckled sadly, hurting more than you did in the last month. Him being there was making it all worse.

“How about my place? Tonight?”, he offered.

You looked at him for a second, contemplating your options before you sighed again and nodded.

“I gotta go.”, you apologized.

“Can I hug you?”, was his only questions left. You nodded with a sad smile and he wrapped his arms around your waist, his head next to yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck and stood on your tiptoes.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

You separated and shared a last glance before you continued your way, pulling the hood further up.

Your mind was a blur but one word stuck out.

Maybe. Maybe you would be able to fix this or get some kind of chance to move on.

Christmas (Preference #4)


“Babe, do you want all the boxes down? Like things that aren’t for the tree?” Luke yells from the loft. “Uh, yeah, please.” You shout back, from the kitchen where you’re starting dinner. Luke nods to himself, and grabs a box, climbing down the ladder and sets down the box on the floor. After a while, Luke manages to bring all the boxes down and they’re all placed by the tree. Luke begged you for you to allow him to put the tree up these past couple of days, but you said it was too early, so now it being the 8th of December, you finally caved and agreed. So whilst you were at work, he went and got the tree and by the time you were home it was ready to decorate. “You ready?” Luke questions as you walk in, wearing a Christmas jumper, holding a cookie you bought on the way home. “Sure.” You nod and open up one of the boxes. “We should really get some new decorations baby, we’ve had the same ones more or less for the past 3 years.” You tell him as you peer into the other boxes. “I did get a small collection last year, from when I was on tour.” Luke replies, taking a bite of your cookie that you’d almost forgotten in your hand. “You got like 3.” You deadpan and take some fairy lights out. “More than you.” He sassily speaks and grabs the other end of the lights. “Should I put some music on?” You ask, as you take out your phone. “Yeah.” He shrugs and starts to wrap the lights around the branches, as the beginning beats of Christmas Time (Dont Let The Bells End) by The Darkness begin to play. “Why do we have so many glittery snowflakes?” You question, picking out some things to hang on the tree. “This is gonna be a bitch to clean up.” You add. “Okay all the lights and bead things are on the tree, now you can add whatever you want.” Luke announces as he takes the few steps over to you, running his hand down your back. “Wasn’t this your mum’s?” You ask, holding up a shiny reindeer. “Something like that.” He nods and picks up some red tinsel.“And that’s that.” You say as you place the star on the tree. Stepping down from the chair, walking over to Luke to admire your work, and he slings his arm lazily over your shoulders, his fingers subtly copying the beat of the song on your collarbone. “Does it look right to you?” He asks. “I think so.” You answer, tilting your head to the side slightly. “Wait, I know what will make it right.” You claim and leave the room for a second, coming back 5 minutes later with the cat and a framed picture of Draco Malfoy. Leaning the picture against the trunk  and then putting the cat under the tree, all she does is sniff it. “Really brings it all together.” You purse your lips as you admire it. “Yeah, totally.” Luke replies unsurely. “What’s next?” Luke questions. “I want to put some fairy lights around the front door.” You tell him. “That would look cool.” He agrees and picks up the lights, following you into the foyer. “How on earth are we supposed to get these up there?” You ask as you look up. Your house has got really high ceilings, one of the main reason why you bought it to be honest. “Edna.” You call the cat, she comes trotting up to you guys, and you lift her up, seeing if she can reach it. “No?” You question, bring her to your chest. “You did good.” Luke compliments as he stokes under her chin. “Why dont you get on my shoulders, see if you can reach it from there.” He suggests. “Could work.” You nod and put the cat down. Luke kneels down by the stairs and you stand on the third step, putting one leg after the after on his shoulder. “You ready?” Luke asks. “Yep.” You answer and let out a little squeal when he stands up. “I’m gonna trip over this cat.” He mumbles as he walks over to the wall. “Okay, this is good.” You comment after a while of taping the lights to the wall. “We’re a good team.” Luke says. “Always have been, baby.” You tell him and press a kiss to his head.


Although everything is nicely decorated at your house, seen friends and family a lot recently, pretty much everything is perfect, you can’t help but feel lonely. You’re asleep with half a cold bed, there’s only one plate on the table, there’s always plenty of room on the sofa, and there’s only your shoes by the door. You’re missing your other half. The one that makes everything okay. You knew when you started getting close with Michael that he’d be gone a lot, but that was a fact you were willing to take on. Saying that, it does make the time you do have together, a lot more special. The last time he went, you bought a dog so the house wouldn’t feel so lonely. It’s not like you can just join him on tour whenever you fancied, you were tied down to your job, and you loved it too much to quit. Usually you and Michael decorate the tree and around the house together, but this year he wasn’t around, so you had to do it yourself, and it wasn’t the same. There were no laughs, there were no kisses that made you forget all about it, there was no Michael wrapping tinsel around you, there were no boys that come over towards the end of it, and there were no Christmas songs sung together. You tried to get into it, but it didn’t feel right without Michael. He said he’d be home by the 19th, and when he told you, you both got a little upset, because this time of year is always special for you two, but sometimes things happen and you can’t help it. Usually you’re alright with him going on tour for a long time, but this last stint has just gotten to you. It’s not like you’re sad all the time, you’re just down sometimes, and you miss not only Michael, but all the boys. Today your whole family and family friends, were at your parent’s house for a family Christmas type thing, because your family is spread out all over the country, and some people want to spend time with their own family on Christmas, so it’s the only time people can get together this time of year. You’re spending Christmas with Michael’s family this year, so you wanted to have a Christmas with your own family. The majority of the time you were happy, interacting with everyone but now that the meal is over, and everyone is spending time with their partner or family, you feel lonely. Just sitting in the corner with your dog and your phone, watching everyone be with their loved ones. “(Y/N) do you want anything else to eat?” Your mum asks you. “No thanks, I’m still recovering from lunch.” You joke and rub your stomach. “Alright, love.” She smiles and asks some distant cousin the same question. “You alright kiddo?” Your dad asks, sitting down next to you. “Yeah, I’m just missing Michael.” You sigh, petting Buster your black Labrador’s head. “He’ll be home soon enough.” He reassures. Your dad and Michael have always gotten on, which shocked you because when you bring home a boy who’s got dyed hair, an eyebrow piercing, and multiple tattoos, usually it doesn’t sit too well, but they got along really well, they could’ve talked forever if you didn’t pull Michael away from your dad that day. “Yeah, it’s just this Christmas hasn’t been the same this year, I know it’s only the 14th, still quite a lot of time left, but I like spending Christmas with Mikey, this is the first time he’s been away during the holidays and it doesn’t feel right.” You vent as Buster begins to readjust himself right on top of you, then looks up at you, asking what’s wrong, making you smile as stroke his side. “When’s he due home?” He questions. “19th.” You answer and the doorbell goes off, making Buster whip his attention towards the direction of the door. “A little birdie told me something else, go get it.” He teases and you look at him suspiciously, but get up anyway, the dog getting up with you and following you towards the door. “Who is it Buster?” You get him all excited and he starts jumping around, wagging his tail and his mouth wide open. Opening the door, you look up, being met with the person you haven’t seen in 5 months. “Michael!” You grin and step outside  wrapping your arms around him, his arms doing the same to you. “You’re actually here.” You breath as you pull back from him, but still having your arms around his shoulders. “Yeah, I am.” He nods, using the same tone as you. “Can’t believe it.” He adds, holding your sides tight. “But you were supposed to be home on the 19th.” You remember. “Suprise.” He chuckles and connects your lips with his, something you’ve both been missing since he left. Michael tucks you closer towards him by your waist as you kiss him. “I love you.” He mumbles against your lips. “I love you too.” You repeat, as you always will, and he connects your lips again, but before it can get into anything serious, you feel some paws jump up at you both. “Oh I’m sorry.” You laugh and stroke his head. “How could I forget you?” Michael cooes and kneels down on the floor, beginning to fluff up his fur. “Did you miss me?” He chuckles as Buster goes crazy. “Looks as if he did.” You comment and Michael looks up at you, a smile growing on his face. He wraps his arm around your hips and rests his chin on your stomach. “Did you miss me?” He asks. “A lot, a lot more than I thought I would.” You confess, and run your hand through his hair. “Well I missed you a whole lot too.”


“Charlotte, baby, stop eating the batter.” You chuckle as she sticks her hand in the bowl, with a a little chocolate around her mouth, all she does is look at you with a curious look. “Finn you wanna change the song?” Calum asks your son, running his hand over your back as he walks past. “Yes, daddy.” He nods and picks up Calum’s phone with tiny chubby fingers, the beginning tune of Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass by All Time Low coming on, making you chuckle. “How come Char gets to eat the cake and I can’t?” Finn asks as he sees his sister. “Because I’m mummy’s favourite.” She smirks at him. “Here.” You take a wooden spoon with a little bit of batter on it and hold it to his mouth. “By the time we put it in the oven, there’s not gonna be any left.” Calum comments, walking towards you guys, lazily slinging his arm around your waist. “Charlotte, stop eating.” You stifle a laugh and take the bowl from her. “Come on, babygirl.” Calum smiles at her, picking her up from the stool she was on, taking her to the sink to wash her face and hand. “Mummy.” Finn mumbles against your leg. “Yes?” You raise an eyebrow. “When’s uncle Ash coming?” He looks up at you. “Soon, baby.” You assure stroking his head. “Uncle?” Charlotte questions. “Yeah, uncle Lulu is coming as well.” Calum tells her. “But first we’ve gotta finish this so no more eating.” You add and turn around, beginning to tip the mixture into a cake tin, with the help of Finn. “Okay, who don’t you and Charlotte go into the living room, and play with your remote control cars.” You suggest, and Finn bolts off the chair and runs off down the hall, Charlotte shortly following him. “You look pretty.” Calum mumbles, pressing himself against you from behind, placing his hands on your waist. “Thank you.” You chuckle, beginning to fill the sink up so you can do the washing up. It’s Christmas eve, and all the boys are coming over, it’s kinda a tradition that they come over on Christmas eve and you all eat a lot of food, and the boy’s bring over a present for Finn and Charlotte. “You look pretty cute too.” You add. “That’s nice.” He mumbles against neck, causing you to lean to the left slightly. “Yeah.” You agree, turning around so you’re facing him, and wrap his arms around his neck loosely. “I. Love. You.” Calum says between eveey peck. “I. Love. You. Too.” You do it back, making him smile. You brush your lips against his, making him groan appreciativly, tugging you slightly closer to him. Calum smiles into the kiss as Fairytail Of New York plays in the background, suddenly a remote control car interrupts you as it drives into your sock covered feet. You pull away from Calum and look behind him, seeing Michael and Finn, Michael with a smug smirk and Finn with a excited smile. “We have visitors.” You inform and walk out of his grip. “Hi Michael.” You drawl. “Hi Y/N.” He copies your tone. “Hey.” Calum greets, picking up Finn, whispering to him and he walks into the living room, you and Michael follow him in. “Hey guys.” You smile, watching Luke interact with Charlotte. “Hi.” Luke greets and uses Charlotte’s hand to wave at you, making her giggle. “So how’s your- oof.” Ashton gets cut off by Finn jumping on top of him. “How come every time you come over you steal my children from me?” Calum huffs sitting next to you. “And me.” You raise your hand. “I don’t know, I guess we’re the favourite.” Ashton shrugs. “Right Charlotte?” Luke asks. “Yeah.” She mumbles, playing with his necklace. “I need to finish washing up.” You inform and get up, letting go of Calum’s hand. “I’ll help you.” Calum says and stands up, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “No funny business.” Michael smirks and you give him the finger. “Y/N, you are around children!” Ashton scolds. “Yeah, my children.” You tell him and head to the kitchen. After a while you’ve finished washing up and putting everything away, with some help with Calum, although you would’ve gotten through it all a lot faster if Calum wasn’t there because every other minute he wanted to either kiss, cuddle, or dance to the music, and by the time you were finished, the cake was done and you got a small flutter in your stomach, and a small smile made it’s way on your face. You told Calum to go into the lounge as you decorated the cake, your nerves building up. “Mummy!” Charlotte squeals and runs up to you, wrapping herself around your legs. “Uh, yeah?” You raise an eyebrow looking down. “Luke was tickling me.” She mumbles, glaring at Luke and he just smiles smugly at her. “I want to be the favourite uncle.” Michael whines as Charlotte goes over to Calum. “Well maybe you’ll be the favourite for this one.” You suppress a grin, avoiding their confused gazes. You leave the room for a second, coming back with a cake that has icing on it that read baby #3. Placing it on the coffee table, biting your lip as Calum reads it, his face lighting up. You’d been trying for a while now but haven’t had any luck, it’s nearly been a year and a half since you’d been trying. “No way.” He shakes his head with a grin, standing up, coming over to you. “Are we really having another baby?” He questions, holding your arms in his hands. “Yeah.” You nod with unshed tears in your eyes as you smile at him. His smile widens and he brings you in for a hug, pressing a kiss to your head. “How long have you known?” He asks as you pull back. “A couple of days.” You answer, wiping away the few tears. “I love you so much.” He chuckles and connects your lips together. “Hear that Finn and Char, you’re gonna have another sibling.” Ashton tells them as Calum presses a hand to your stomach.


“Come on Y/N it’s almost Christmas!” Ashton encourages you as you look up at him from your laptop, unamused. “I know.” You reply, going back to your laptop. “You’ve gotta get at least a little festive.” He claims. “Hey, I wore red lipstick the other day.” You tell him. “Okay, a lot to more than that.” He emphasises. “I live in a decorated house.” You offer. “Yeah, that I decorated.” He huffs. “I helped decorate the tree.” I inform. “Babe, you put like 3 baubles on and a bit of tinsel then ate a load of Quality Street.” Ashton corrects you. “I’m so festive in the eating department. I’ve eaten so many chocolate coins, Santas, Quality Street, Celebrations, Roses, and so many mince pies. Get off my dick.” You say, making him laugh. “I’ll give you that, but it’s not the type of festivity I’m looking for.” He tells you. “What do you want me to do? Wrap myself in fairy lights every morning? Add a little tinsel to my outfit? Use baubles as earnings? Wear antlers 24/7?” You question. “Wouldn’t mind it.” He shrugs. “You only listen to 3 Christmas songs, which are All I Want For Christmas Is You covered by My Chemical Romance, Thank God It’s Christmas by Queen, and Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) by The Darkness.” He sends you a knowing look. “I listen to Wonderful Christmastime and Fairy Tail Of New York, thank you very much.” You explain as Ashton puts on some Christmas music, making you sigh. “Like, how can you not like this?” Ashton asks as Last Christmas by Wham plays. “I never said I didn’t like it.” You claim. “Then why don’t you play it?” He raises an eyebrow, sitting next to you, slipping an arm around your shoulder. “I don’t know.” You shrug, leaning against him. “I’ve known you for almost 5 years now, and you never get into Christmas, you might go to a Christmas party, but you don’t dress up, you just drink and socialize. Isn’t there a picture of you where Luke wrapped some tinsel around you and you look so unimpressed?” Ashton laughs. “I just don’t get it, I don’t get the hype, it’s one day that’s hyped up for 24 days, and it’s always underwhelming on the day, and there’s always so much pressure for it to be a good one.” You explain your view point. “I can see that, I guess. What about when you were a kid?” Ashton questions. “I was kinda the same, never got into the festivities, I just got excited for the presents.” You reply. “You rarely ever go home for Christmas, since we’ve been dating you’ve only gone home twice.” Ashton points out. “2 reasons for it guess. One because usually I was working over Christmas and all my Jehovah friends would come round and we’d socialize and throw a mini party. Then second because my parents always argue on Christmas, they always do, and it ruins the whole day, and in a sense it’s kinda ruined the whole season for me. There’s always so much pressure for them to not and you end up skirting around certain topics and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.” You explain. “Aw babe.” Ashton glances down at you with sympathy. “It’s fine, I’ve used to it, it’s not as bad as it seems because me and my siblings have some fun on our own.” I shrug. “Where are you spending Christmas this year? Last year you spent it with my family.” He questions. “Uh, I think my dad wants me to go down, but none of my siblings are going, I’ll feel bad if I don’t go because they’ll be on their own.” I sigh. “You’re always welcome with my family, you know.” He tells you. “I know.” You smile and peck his jaw line. “Now let’s dance to this song.” Ashton smirks, pulling your laptop off your lap and placing it on the coffee table. “Nooo.” You whine as Ashton drags you up and into the open space, as It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The year by Andy Williams plays. You stand still, your arms dangling by your side as Ashton dances around you as if he was in some kind of tribe. “Come on, dance.” Ashton giggles, clutching onto your forearms, shaking you a little. With an eyeroll and a huff, you befins to shuffle your feet, joining in halfheartedly as you laugh at Ashton’s dance moves. “No, you can’t grind to a Christmas song!” Ashton whines making you laugh. “Let me lead.” You chuckle and begin to dance with Ashton, taking the reins as Ashton has a goofy smile. “You’re cute, my little Grinch.” He laughs, pulling you into a hug. “You’re cute as well my little Who.”

Master Plan Pt 4

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,116

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

   I walked to school, winding up being 15 minutes early just so I could avoid Stiles. I also didn’t even try to dress cute. I wore dark skinny jeans because that’s all that was clean and a zip up maroon jacket. I didn’t even bother wearing a shirt underneath because I didn’t feel like going to school. The top half of my hair was rolled into a bun to keep it out of my face. Other than that and a pair of shoes, I felt pretty good about even making it out of the house.

   My first period wasn’t with Stiles, but it was with Scott. When I got in, he watched me the entire walk to my seat. Seeing him now, I felt guilty for making him worry.

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