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An update to the stolen bird:

Casa la Parrot has now posted videos in addition to photos. Here’s the first video of her walking around and a short video from a different view walking out the door:

This woman has been seen in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was on Burton ans Union.  She has also been seen on Burton near Kzoo and Eastern.  If you see her PLEASE call the police @ 616-530-7300. We need to find Max before harm comes to him.

UPDATE. ::ATTENTION:: does anyone recognize this woman? She stole Max a white bellied caique today. If you have any information please call us at 616-247-3663 or call the Wyoming police at 530-3700. Please share this post and help Max get back to his dad!

Come Home Harry, Come Home Part 3 (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: “Y/N is 5 months pregnant, and Harry gets into a car accident.  The car accident affected Harry severely with a loss of memory.”

Requested: yes

Warnings: divorce, delivery problems

A/N: I am so sorry for the long wait, it’s been a bad week. Thank you for sending in ideas and voting on your favorites! I hope you enjoy.

Part 2

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Come Home, Harry, Come Home (Part 3)

“You’re agreeing to the divorce?” Gemma asks, as she visited you after hearing the news.

“Yes, he doesn’t remember anything. And I agree with him, it’s not fair to him, if he really doesn’t remember, that he would live a life with a woman he doesn’t know, and a baby that he would think is his.”  You explain playing around with your wedding ring.

“I should really take this off.” You say, taking off your ring, “Can you give it back to him? I don’t think I can see him.” You say, handing it to her, not looking at her.

“I can’t take that ring. I don’t believe that you should agree to the divorce. He loves you, he’s just out of it right now. He will remember, you have to fight for this Y/N.” Gemma says.

“But I can’t.” You say defeated. “He said my worst fear. That I am holding him back. I have felt that way the entire time we have been together. I’m not famous, I am the girl from back home, and he gave up what could have been his party days, where he could have been dating any girls, and touring everywhere, to marry me, and start a family at 23.”

Gemma breathes out, and seems to think of what to say next.

“You’ve known my brother for a few years now, but I have known him for his entire life. The fame life does not faze him. The partying, the hooking up, that’s not satisfying to him. He always wanted to be married and have a family. When he met you, I had never seen him so happy, it was like when he would get off stage from performing in front of an awesome crowd. He told everyone about you, he wanted all of us to like you. And whenever we would joke about marriage, he was always serious about saying you would be the one he was going to marry. Y/N, I am begging you, you can’t just give up. Because one day he is going to wake up and remember everything, and you won’t be there. And he will feel like he ruined everything. It will kill him.’” Gemma says, almost begging.

You feel tears in your eyes, but you shake your head, “I’m sorry Gemma, I can’t. I have to go, I need to get prepared for our meeting tomorrow.” You say getting up, not looking at Gemma, because if you do, you will cry.

“I’m sorry.” You say softly again, before walking out.

After you drive home, you are lying in bed rubbing your nine month size stomach.

“Hi baby girl.” You say rubbing your stomach. “I’m sorry that I have been crying a lot, and that I have been stressed, I’m sorry, but mommy is going through a lot, but I promise you, after tomorrow we are going to have a new life tomorrow. And we are going to be okay, just you and me.”  You say feeling tears fall down your face.

“We’re going to be okay, love. We’re going to be okay.” You say rubbing your stomach. “I can’t wait to see you, and hug you and kiss you. I will see you soon. Good night love.”

After about two hours of sleep, you wake up to a very uncomfortable feeling.

“What’s going on baby?” You ask, rubbing your stomach, and then you get the feeling again. And then, you feel liquid go down your thighs.

“Oh, you’re coming. Oh my God you’re coming.” You say pushing yourself up, off the bed.

You grab your phone from off your nightstand, and dial the Gemma’s number.

“Answer Gemma, answer.” You beg, breathing out at another contraction.

After a few more rings, she answers.

“Y/N?” you hear Gemma say very tiredly.

“Gemma” you breathe out.

“Y/N? Oh my God are you okay?” She asks worried, hearing your heavy breathing.

“The baby.” You breathe out. “She’s coming.”

“I will be right over.  You hang in tight alright. Just breathe, and count the time between the contractions.” She says.

“I will, just come quick.” You say trying to control your breathing.

Within fifteen minutes, Gemma is there, helping you, get up, and grabbing the hospital bag.

After she gets you in the car, she tells you, “I called Harry, he is coming. I’m sorry if you didn’t want me to, but he is the father, and even if you said that you didn’t want him there, I know you would want him there.”

“No, it’s okay. That’s-“ You breathe out, “it’s good. He should be there, it’s the birth of his daughter.”

“Alright sister, we’re here. You ready?” She says, unbuckling her seat belt, and reaching over to unbuckle you.

“Yes, let’s do this.”

When you both get into hospital, you see Harry sitting in one of the waiting rooms, and when he sees you, he immediately gets up, and wraps one of your arms around him, helping you walk.

“I got you a room.” He says.

“Thank you.” You say, not looking at him, knowing it is too hard.

As you get into the room, Harry helps you lay down, and immediately nurses, and a doctor comes in.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Styles” the doctor says, “I am Doctor Carlino, and I will be delivering your daughter today.” She says smiling.

“How far in between each contraction?” She asks one of the nurses.

“6 minutes”, says the nurse, and she starts preparing you for your epidermal shot.

“Put your legs up” the doctor says, which you do.

“You are close to full dilation. Just a few more inches, you’ll be ready, just hang in there sweetheart.” She says, holding your hand. “First time parents?” She asks, looking between you and Harry.

“Yes.” You say, before Harry could answer.

“You two are a beautiful couple, your daughter is going to be very lucky.”

“Thank you” Harry says politely.

After about two hours, Doctor Carlino comes, in and checks you again, “you are at full dilation.”

“Now, I am going to need you to start pushing.”

As soon and your start pushing, you begin to feel weak.

“Doct-“ you try to say, “doct” you try again.

“Y/N? Y/N?” Doctor Carlino asks, looking up.

“Grab the oxygen tank.” She orders to the nurses.

“What is happening?” Harry asks concerned.

“Your wife is preeclampsia.” She says.

“What, what does that mean?” He asks.

“It means that we need to deliver this baby now.”

“What if we-“

“Mr. Styles, it is my job as a doctor to do the best that I can do. I need you to let us do our job. I am going to make sure you go home with both your baby and your wife. We need to deliver your daughter, to prevent injuries to your wife. But Mr. Styles, I need to know right now, if it comes down to it, who do you choose, you wife or your daughter?”

It is in that moment, where Harry looks at you, and everything comes back. He remembers seeing you when he came back home to visit the bakery and seeing that you took his job. He remembers your first date where you made the first move and kissed him that night. He remembers your first Christmas together, buying the apartment together, him proposing to you, and all of your friends and family running in afterwards to congratulate you both. He remembers you walking down the aisle at your wedding, and feeling the wind knocked out of him of how gorgeous you looked. He recalls the day he came home, to having you run up and jump on him to tell him you’re pregnant. He remembers waking up that morning before the car accident, and rubbing your stomach and speaking to your daughter. Then it comes back to him what you said to him when he was asleep.

“The baby.” You answer before he can. “You save the baby.” You say looking at him.

“You do everything in your power to make sure our baby girl gets out safe, don’t worry about me, and just make sure our daughter is born.” You say to the doctor.

“Love” Harry tries to say.

“Harry, I am a fighter. Don’t worry about me. I can do this.” You say looking at him, then grabbing your stomach in pain.

“Mr. Styles, you need to leave.” One of the nurses says.

“But-“ He says looking up, trying to see you, but suddenly he can’t, as he just sees the back of nurses and doctors.

“Mr. Styles, you need to trust us, that we will do our job.” The nurse says.

“Please, just please have me bring home my daughter and my wife.” Harry says feeling tears fill his eyes, “please.”

And then Gemma comes, up and grabs Harry, and hugs him while he cries.

They both don’t say anything, but Gemma just holds him, rubbing his back.

“Gemma” He says looking down at his sister. “I, I messed it up.” He says. “I wanted to divorce the love of my life, the mother of my child.  And I can’t even apologize to her, or tell her I love right now. Or I might not ever, I- I” Harry says breathing heavily, with tears streaming down his face.

“Harry, right now, you need breathe. You know Y/N, she is a fighter. And she will make it through this. You need to believe in her.”

After an agonizing hour and a half, the doctor finally comes out.

Harry immediately stands up, and rushes to her. “How is she? My daughter, my wife? How are they?”

“Your daughter is like your wife, a fighter.”

“They are okay?” He asks.

“Yes, you can go in and seem them. Congratulations.” She says, grabbing his shoulder.

Harry does not hesitate, and walk into the room. When he walks in, he feels all the air leave his lungs. He sees you, with no makeup, and your hair sticking to the side of your face due to the sweat, and in that moment, you look as gorgeous when you walked down the aisle. And then he looks at your daughter in your arms, and he feels tears stream down his face.

“And look love, Daddy’s here. Daddy’s here to see you.” You say to your daughter looking at him.

Harry walks over, and looks at your daughter.

“Can, can I hold her?” He asks you.

“Yes.” You say, carefully placing your daughter in Harry’s arms.

“Hi baby.” He says looking down at her. “It’s your daddy. You are so beautiful, you definitely got your beauty from your mom.” He says looking over at you.

“I wasn’t here for a little while, and I’m sorry. But your mommy did a very good job taking care of you and keeping you safe. She’s great isn’t she? We’re both very lucky. But, I am here now, and I am not going to be leaving you or mommy if I can help it. Okay?”

Then a nurse comes over, to grab your daughter to clean her off, and put her down to sleep.

Harry walks over to you and grabs your hand, “You kept the ring. You still wear it.”

“Yes, I tried to give it to Gemma, but she wouldn’t take it. She kept telling me to fight for us.”

“Were you going to fight for us?” He asks, playing with the ring on your finger.

“I wasn’t going to fight the divorce.” You say. “If you wanted it, I would agree with it. I just want you to be happy.”

“I don’t want the divorce.” He says.

“What?” You ask confused, looking up at him.

“I remember everything. I can’t have you leave me. I need you, I need the both of you. Please.” Harry begs.

“I am not going anywhere. Neither of us. We are staying right here.” You say grabbing his hand. “I promise.” You say grabbing his hand and kissing it.

A/N: THAT WAS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER AND I AM SORRY AND I’M ALSO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT. I love you all, and I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think!

Careful What You Wish For pt.2// Yoongi Angst // TRIGGER WARNING**

Trigger Warning // This scenario does involve suicide attempt and some harsh language, please do not feel as if you should subject yourself to this topic if you do not want to. If you ever need help dealing with an abusive relationship, bullying, etc, where you feel as if you want to commit suicide, please do not be afraid to message me and we’ll talk it out together, and we’ll get you the help you need lovely. You are beautiful and should never think of suicide as an answer.♥


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PT.1 // PT.2

Yoongi sat impatiently in the waiting room, completely exhausted and emotionally drained. The dark circles under his reddened and sore eyes was very much apparent that he wasn’t getting any sleep. Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok, were there to comfort him in his time of distress, but nothing they did helped him in his distressed state. The only thing that kept going through his mind was that this was all his fault. He’s the one who told you to disappear. He wasn’t being considerate and he should’ve stopped enticing the argument when you asked him to, when you begged him to. What the hell was wrong with him?

Namjoon kept trying to reassure him that you were going to be alright, but he couldn’t believe the younger boy. Even if you did live, what made him think that you would want to stay with him? He didn’t deserve you, what boyfriend drives their beloved to feel the need to kill themselves? He stood the second your doctor approached, searching for answers in his worn out eyes.

“Min Yoongi?” he questioned, raising his eyebrows at all four of the boys that stood, awaiting for results.

“That’s me,” his voice was gruff as he spoke, “is she..?” He held his breath, preparing for the doctor’s response.

“She’s alive,” he reassured, lifting the weight off of all of their shoulders, allowing for Min Yoongi to finally breathe knowing that you were okay, “We had to pump her stomach three times, and she’s been placed on suicide watch for the next seventy-two hours, but we’re lucky you found her soon enough before her organs started to fail.”

“Can we see her please? I-Is she awake? I need to see her now, please..,” without even waiting for a response, Yoongi tried to move past the doctor, only to have his hand pull him back.

“I will have a nurse check with her, but honestly all visiting hours are over for right now, you’ll have to return tomorrow sir.”

“No, you don’t understand, I need to see her now,” Yoongi’s voice started to raise urgency, “I have to see her, she’s my girlfriend and I need to tell her—”

“I’m sorry sir, please come back tomorrow.”

Before Yoongi could plead his case and cause all of them to be thrown out, Namjoon and Jin would have to pull him back, speaking calmly but firmly.

“Yoongi, we’ll come back tomorrow, she needs her rest just as much as you do,” Jin would speak up, “We’ll be back first thing in the morning, you can bring her something back okay? We’ll come back tomorrow.” Reluctantly but surely, Min Yoongi nodded, feeling relieved but still unsatisfied with being unable to see you for himself.

He wouldn’t have been able to sleep that night. Yoongi hadn’t even returned to the dorms with the boys, he would head to your apartment, wanting to be close to you the only way he could. While laying himself down in your bed, he would hold onto your pillow, wishing that it were you while he quietly sobbed against it, repeating into the object just how sorry he was.

The next morning came around and Yoongi and all of the boys found themselves back at the hospital. He’d brought your favorite book, snack and blanket along with his sweater for you to wear if it got too cold in the hospital and your house slippers. None of the other boys said anything about his state, he still seemed very distressed not having seen you yet, not knowing how you’d react seeing him now, but still somewhat excited that he got to see you once again, alive with your heart still beating. He couldn’t even explain how grateful he was that you were still here.

“Hi, we’re here to see Y/n Y/L/n,” Jin would speak to the secretary as Yoongi  kept quiet, staring down at where your room could be, holding everything he brought close to him.

“Alright, please wait in the waiting room, and we’ll have a nurse come and take you back there shortly,” she gave a small smile as she gestured for them to sit.

While they waited, Yoongi bit his lip in anticipation, unable to sit as he waited impatiently. The nurse finally started to approach the boys, her expression slightly perplexed.

“Y/n can see you now, but she has requested to not see someone by the name of Min Yoongi?” she furrowed her eyebrows as she looked over the boys’ expressions.

“What do you mean she doesn’t want to see me?” his voice was slightly cracked, yet raised in volume, “I need to see her, I need to apologize to her. Please, tell her I need to see her—tell her that!” The nurse would flinch back at his raised and desperate voice. Before he could do anything he regretted, Jin would step in between.

“Yoongi, we will tell her, okay? Maybe we can get her to change her mind, just wait here,” he stated.

“Jimin, V, and Kook wait here with Yoongi,” Namjoon remarked before starting down the hallway with Hoseok and Jin accompanying him toward your room.

You were dressed in hospital provided sweatpants, and a large white t-shirt. Being on suicide watch, they didn’t allow you to have anything with string, or pretty much anything at all that would cause you to harm yourself. They checked in on you every 15 minutes, and if you took too long in the bathroom, they would come in, invading all types of privacy.

The most ironic part was the medication they gave you. Giving you pills to keep you subdued from any thoughts of suicide, even though it was pills that caused you to be here in the first place.You hadn’t been there long, but already learned that if you refused the pills, they would sedate you by force and put you to sleep. You hated this place, you were supposed to be gone, it’s what Yoongi wanted.

You didn’t want to see him because of that. You thought that you had been doing him a favor and you were surprised he came in the first place. He was probably just here to remind you how pathetic you felt, and how much he didn’t want you around. You couldn’t face him and you didn’t want to hear that. There was no possible way you could bear hearing how disappointed he was that you were even still here, so you rejected seeing him. You’d rather hear it from Namjoon then to have Yoongi confirm your thoughts.

When you heard a knock at your door, you froze, tensing up a bit at the thought of any of them seeing you in this state. The door opened, revealing Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jin to see you. You could barely look at them, feeling embarrassed that you’d been led to this point.

“Y/n..,” Namjoon came over to hug you first, being enveloped in his arms was the first type of warmth you felt in all the time you’d been here. The other two boys joined in making a short lived, yet comforting group hug. “Why would you do this to yourself? We were so worried about you, all of us. Yoongi could barely sleep—why don’t you want to see him?” Your voice was caught by the lump in your throat, you wanted to cry, but the pills made you feel sort of emotionally numb. You shook your head and shrugged nonchalantly.

“He shouldn’t want to see me Joonie,” your voice was husky and low as all three boys watched you intensely, “He wanted me to go away. I don’t want him to see me like this.” It hit you when you said it, seeing you like this, you meant seeing you alive; he wouldn’t want that.

“What are you on about Y/n? He’s basically out there about to get dragged out by security because they won’t let him see you,” Hoseok spoke up and looked at you with a pout, “Yoongi-hyung didn’t even want to leave you here last night.” There was no possible way that your sugar bear was causing a fuss over you. He wanted you gone didn’t he?

“I know that Yoongi is one to lash out when he’s angry but, what did he say to you Y/n?” Namjoon made his presence known again, “He was in a state of panic, and he’s the one who made me call 911. What happened?”

“I-..,” the tears were finally forming on the rim of your eyelids as you shook your head, “Remember how I spilled water on his keyboard Joonie?” He nodded. “He was so mad at me. I don’t know if you guys knew this, but a lot of your fans bash me for dating him. I try not to listen, but when you’re being told hurtful things over and over, you start to believe it. He knew that I was struggling with my insecurity and he would be there for me, but he lashed out like never before—I mean he threw it all back in my face.”

The three boys were listening to every shaken word come out of your mouth, feeling torn. None of you noticed that Yoongi had escaped the watch of the three younger boys, and was standing outside your door listening to the sound of your voice. Your words breaking him apart.

“I wish it didn’t escalate, but he snapped and I just thought that he wanted this,” you scoffed at yourself as the tears finally broke free and streamed down your face, “You have to listen to what people tell you when they’re angry, that’s when the truth comes out. I-I just didn’t want to be a burden anymore, you guys should just go, really I’ll be fine. Tell Yoongi that I’m sorry to disappoint him…I tried.”

At your final words, Yoongi would burst into the room and stride over to your bedside, dropping everything he’d brought for you at the end of the bed. He was sobbing, a complete mess in front of you as he grabbed for your hands desperately.

“No, Y/n, n-no,” his voice had pain lingering in it, “No, no, I’m s-so sorry. I love you jagi. I would never want you to disappear. I’m hot headed and stupid and an asshole for e-everything I said to you. Please don’t say that.” Min Yoongi was coming undone before you. Begging for you to listen to him, begging for you to believe him and not caring that the other members saw him in this vulnerable state.

Even though you were already crying, seeing this site before you made your tears pour down your face harder than before.

“You mean that Yoongi?” you managed to get out between sobs. All he could do was nod as he wrapped his arms around you tightly, crying with you, refusing to let you go ever again.

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EXO Reaction: Their Reaction To Their S/O Being Bratty {NSFW}

Could u please do a exo reaction to their girlfriend being bratty ? Thanks


Minseok being the switch he is can be dominating when he needs to be, but since he’s subbed to you more times than you have to him, he provides you with some leeway. “It would start out real simple, you wouldn’t know you were doing it until he called you out on it. Minseok had been so wrapped up in the comeback he was barely paying any attention to you, he didn’t notice this, of course, having his head in the clouds, but you did and you didn’t like it. It started with wearing his sweaters, he loved seeing you in his sweaters, he loved seeing you in his sweaters, they reached midthigh for you and you never wore panties underneath them.

"Minseok?” You called out into your apartment, “Minseok?” You walk down the hall, playing with the ends of the sleeves of the sweater you had slipped on. You walk into the living room, finding Minseok there with Sehun and Jongdae, the three of them lounging, watching some random show that was on when they had turned the television on. “Minnie, baby, why aren’t you answering me?” All three of their heads snap toward you, Minseok’s jaw locking at the sight of you in his sweater. He doesn’t say anything just motions for you to come here. You walk toward him and sit on his lap, your legs laid on the rest of the couch, your head falling to rest on his shoulder.

“Hi, noona,” Both Sehun and Jongdae wave to you before turning their attention back toward the television.

“Hey guys,” You mumble, hand coming up to draw shapes on Minseok’s chest. “Will you come back to bed with me, it’s ten at night.” The statement surprised everyone, “You two should head up to your apartment, or you could stay here, sleep on the couch, there are covers in the closet, I don’t really mind as long you,” You pause, poking his chest, “come to the room with me.” You stand up, off Minseok’s lap and he frowns when the sweat shifts a certain way, revealing the cup of your ass.

“Y/N?” He pulls you back onto his lap, the sudden and abrupt motion catching the two younger boy’s attention. “Don’t worry, everything’s fine,” He waves them off, eyes focused on them, as he leans in close to your ear. “I know you’re not wearing any underwear and normally I’d love to be able to peel the sweater off of you, and bend you over the nearest surface-fuck the shit out of you but not while my members are here.” He closes his eyes, trying to keep his chill. “I’m not going to punish, you, only because you caught me on a good day. Go to the room, put on some damn shorts, sweats, leggings, whatever, just put something on.” He sits back and you stay on his lap for a minute, frozen with shock. “Now!”


Junmyeon’s attitude toward you acting up all depended on the day he was having. If he was having a good day, he’d be a little more understanding. “It’s been a long day for the both of us, I know how you get when you’re tired, and horny princess, it’s okay, I forgive you.” If you caught him on a bad day…well, you’d most likely end up bent over his lap, his hand repeatedly coming down against your ass. Unlucky for you, the day you decided to act up…Junmyeon was at his wit’s end.

“Junmyeon, please!” You begged, tugging at his hand.

“Y/N, please just listen to me, not today baby, we need to be heading back toward the dorm in a few.” He sighed, wrapping his arm around your, kissing your temple. “Now, if we could please leave.” Junmyeon had brought you to the mall and you had been here for a good two and a half hours, he brought you here because he had missed your birthday while he was on tour and of course he had felt extremely bad, but now he was tired and you were stringing him out.

“No!” You stomped your foot, crossing your arms, standing still in your place. “Not until you take me to Bath & Body Works!” You pouted your lips, ducking under his arm. He shifted your bags in his hand, running his now free hand down his face.

“Y/N, what could you possibly want from Bath & Body Works? We’ve been to the damn store three times?”

“It’s right there on the way out, please, oh please,” You clasped your hands together, the customers and employees of Victoria’s Secret staring at the two of you like you were some t.v show, everyone truly entertained by your behavior.

“You know it’s not on the way out….if it were on the way out,  I wouldn’t mind going to the store, but it’s all the way on the other side of the mall.” Junmyeon smiles at the people whose attention the two of you had drawn. “Now, can we please leave because you’re causing a scene.” He whispers, stepping closer to you.

“No, no until you say we can go to Bath & Body Works,” Junmyeom growls and grabs you by the bicep.

“Y/N Y/L/N, I swear to god if you don’t stop fucking around with me, I will take all this shit back, take you home and I will bend your over my knee, and take my time spanking your ass until you’re sobbing, not crying, sobbing, begging me to stop. I swear, I will make sure you can’t walk properly, put on a pair of panties, pants, I will completely ruin your ass, stop fucking with me…please.” You look up at him, your eyes widen and you let out a shaky breath. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” You nod your head,

“Now…what do you want to do?”

“G-go home,”

“Good girl,”


Yixing and you had this long conversation at the beginning of your relationship, discussing boundaries, kinks, things you were 110% into and things that would 110% turn you off. Tthe conversation lasted for a good two hours, which is why he was so confused you never brought up the fact, you were a little. When it happened, other members were there, Kyungsoo, Minseok, and Jongin, they littered the front room, Jongin and Minseok going head and head as they played some video game, it looked like Overwatch, was set up like Overwatch but it wasn’t Overwatch. You didn’t put too much thought into it, you didn’t play the damn game. You sat on the couch, head on Yixing’s lap. You were playing on your phone, ‘Angry Birds 2’, and Yixing was running his fingers through your hair, something he often did when he was bored or tired.

“Yixing?” You asked, sitting up from his lap. “I want to color,” Yixing furrowed his brows at you, tilting his head to the side.

“I’m sorry, what’d you say?” He giggled a little, finding your sudden change in attitude a little childish.

“I sad I want to color,” You pouted, crossing your arms. You felt like crying, not understand why he wasn’t understanding what you wanted. “I want to color, now!” You shout, your voice getting higher. This draws the attention of the others, the game even being paused.

“I-I-I don’t understand, I’m-I’m sorry,” Yixing’s cheeks begin to heat up at everyone focused on the two of you, he truly had no clue what you were up to and he was growing frustrated, “Y/N, what are you talking about?”

“I actually want to paint.”  You look over toward the hall, “Do you think we have paint? Finger paint?” You hold up both your hands, your face splitting into a wide grin. “Yixing! Get me some paint!” You tugged at his hand, your eyes widening as you begged him to get you paint and paper. Yixing watched you, his lips pulled into a tight line.

“H-have you slipped into little space?” It finally clicked in his mind and he had to force himself not to burst out laughing, not because it was funny but because he was truly embarrassed. He had read somewhere that if your partner slipped into little!space you were supposed to immediately tend to their needs, he could only imagine how you felt…him denying you the first two times.

“I think so,” You muttered, shaking your head, clearing your thoughts. “Now can we get some finger paint and paper? Or a new stuffie?” Yixing furrowed his brows,

“What the hell is a-” He shook his head as well, not wanting to upset you at all. “Yeah, yeah, let’s go.”

Baek, Chen, Chanyeol

Ksoo, Kai, Sehun

so cold 03 / min yoongi

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summary: after a week someone decided’s to show up at you dorm

note: the last part of the so cold, I hope this part is just as good as  the other two were

part 01 | part 02 

after countless days of just sleeping you managed to pick yourself up. the pain was still there but thinking about it either to stay still and not move or to overcome everything and forget about this past week made you very anxious. because part of you knew that you probably won’t let this go so easily. but the other part it felt like someone else was pushing you to stand up and back on your feet.

so you choose to get up and start fresh. with no worries not even a single thought about him. 

going into the bathroom you already knew what kind of a mess you were going to face. you. if these past few days have been the worst, well today you looked even worse. messy hair, unwashed while your face was so badly swollen. honestly you just didn’t care at all the way you looked. however since today was the day you’re finally going back to college you started a shower. washing your hair, face and body felt like you were erasing someone old you couldn’t recognize and a newer better of version was in front of the mirror. now standing with washed hair you put on an outfit, packed everything in your backpack and were off to college.

walking into your first lesson of the day was pretty normal. no one really asked where you were which was a good thing since you didn’t want to bring the past events back up. it’s not that you didn’t have friends. you did, but these people in your class were just your classmates and you would only hang with them in school. however you hated all of them. especially girls they were always bitching about other girls and talking about boys. that’s why you only had guy friends, that way there was no drama involved in your life. well now it is.

the college finished and you were now heading back to your dorm. stepping into the car you plugged in the key ready to start it when a figure pops beside your window. 

‘’y/n can you give me a ride home pleaseeeeeeee?’’ it was Jimin. one of yoongi’s best friends. the only time you would hang around with the other guys would be at yoongi’s house. usually you all would play beer pong or any sort of game that you found quite stupid. but at least you had fun and a good laugh out of everything.

‘’uh..sure jimin’’ you said and he ran on the other side of the car opening the door and sitting in ,throwing his bag on the back seats

‘’jimin buckle up your belt’’

‘’oh right sorry…’’ and as soon as he did that you started the car and drove of to his house. the silence was kind of awkward since you two hadn’t talked in about two weeks. that’s also the same amount of time you haven’t spoken to yoongi. you were thinking if maybe he mentioned anything to his other hyungs about you but praying that he didn’t. your friendship was over and that was it.

‘’how are you?’’ jimin asked turning his body to you. jimin was the same as ever his snapback that held that black messy hair in place, his gorgeous eyes and those lips that you were so always jealous of. jimin and you did talk quite a lot actually but since that day you haven’t spoke to him in a little while.

‘’been better you?’’ you answer quickly your eyes still facing on the road ahead of you. jimin lived about 15 minutes away from you. all of the guys lived about the same amount away and then you would all meet at yoongi’s house to chill. you wished that the ride would be short but today was one of the days it just had to be a huge traffic jam. 

‘’i’m good.’’ he says and you could feel his gaze on you. you pretty soon noticed he was looking at your face. so you turned your head to him as another red light popped up.

‘’can I help you?’’

‘’yeah actually I was just wondering…were you crying today?’’

and there it is. he noticed. he noticed something is up with you. you quickly bite the inside of your cheeks controlling your tears while turning your head away from him. honestly it doesn’t really matter if jimin knows or not but you don’t want to tell him your side of the story, you’ve been in pain long enough and don’t want to relive those moments.

‘’uh..jimin here we are’’ before you know it you two were outside of jimin’s house. you saw some movements from the kitchen’s window and noticed shadows moving in there as the music was blasting. you stopped the car waiting for jimin to get out but he insisted on you answering him.

right as you were about to tell him that you just had an allergy on something the door to his house opened and on the porch stepped yoongi. your eyes wide spread, heart pounding just like the last time not know what to do you quickly reach over to jimin opening his door saying ‘’get out please’’. he didn’t obey so you practically had to yell at him until he almost flew out of your car.

quickly closing the door you put in reverse and started going back on the road. in your mirror you saw yoongi’s face shocked and sad. as you were about to drive off you saw him running to your car, hearing your name being called over and over again.

‘’y/n please stop the car! wait I need to talk to you! we can fix this please…’’ 

but you were off.

you were at your dorm now sitting on the bed watching some series on your computer. you didn’t really think back at what happened 3 hours ago, since it could make you upset again so you distracted yourself with something else.

the weather outside changed so fast and it became gloomy. it started raining, large amounts of rain drops were now falling down from the sky and it became quite chilly. you moved your laptop away from you, getting out from the bed and stepping to your window. you decided to close it since it was pretty cold but as you were closing it you saw a person standing in the rain. drenched wearing all black clothes. then it clicked it was him. yoongi. if this wasn’t enough your heart started racing even harder when your heard your phone going off. reaching out to it and looking back up at yoongi, you noticed he was the one calling you. fighting with yourself not knowing if you should pick up or not you decided to do it.

‘’y/n? y/n please let me in…I…I want to talk to you it’s important please..’’ you could feel sadness in his voice and a few sobs escaping his lips. that made you start crying in seconds. you still cared so much about him no matter how many times you tried telling yourself you will never ever talk to him again. 

‘’the door’s open’’ you said closing the window and sitting back on the bed. you put your phone down, covering yourself in blankets like you were trying not to face the problem coming your way. what does he want? what are you going to say? why? so many questions were going through your mind and you needed answers.

hearing the footsteps approaching you twisted the blanket in your hand even harder, heart still pounding as if it’s going to explode out of your chest. he flung open the doors just like he always did. you kind of missed that, the way he would just barge in without telling you when he’ll come and then you two would have long conversations about nonsense.

‘’hi…’’ he started off slowly, his hair dripping wet making spots on your carpet.

‘’oh shit..’’ he hissed, looking that he’s making a mess on your floor.

‘’it’s okay’’ you shortly said and that made him look up to you. you couldn’t look away from him. his face was just as swollen as yours if not even worse. traces of tears were on it and unlike you he was lacking lots of sleep. all you wanted to do now was to run up to him and hug him, stay in his hug forever as his strong arms were giving you a feeling of protection. you wanted him to stroke your hair while you would put your head in the crook of his neck, smelling his signature perfume. it would always be like this, whenever you had a bad time or if he had. you two would be hugging for hours in complete silence which was normal for the two of you. 

still looking at him you couldn’t help but to cry as well.

‘’don’t cry please…’’

‘’how can I not cry…you broke me yoongi…the past two weeks, i’ve spent nothing but sleeping, I wonder how I’m even alive after all of this.’’ you said this in between sobs. letting all of your emotions go you didn’t care anymore how you looked in front of him.

‘’y/n…I’m so sorry for everything..I never meant to hurt you and make you feel upset is just that…I don’t know why I was acting like that but…’’ he trailed off wiping his tears with his sleeve.

‘’i realized something y/n…I’m…I’m in love with you too..’’ 

looking up at him you couldn’t believe what you had just heard. is he making all of this up just to make you feel better? or he actually means it. either way you are about to find out.

‘’stop with the bullshit yoongi…just because you feel sorry now doesn’t mean you can say such things…’’

‘’but I really mean it I swear y/ have no idea how hard it was but this week I realized everything. my other half. my better other half. i can’t be without you at all, you make me happy. so fucking happy y/n. and I love you…not as a friend, or a best friend but as something more..’’

‘’no yoongi…this is just a big no…i cannot believe you…why were you acting so cold to me then huh? and you even got a girlfriend what’s that all about then huh?’’ you were now standing up facing him with your whole body. you two were inches away from each other’s faces and you could feel the tension in the room.

‘’i just… I freaked out okay…I..uh..I was trying to tell you the same and when you told me first I was scared because I just didn’t know what to do, you’re my everything and I started fearing that if we would be together things might not go well and…then I was at some random bar where I met that girl and that was the way I was trying to forget about you but I couldn’t…you mean so much to me I don’t know what I was thinking y/n…’’

‘’yoongi I…’’ you were lost for words, part of you still confused but a part of you understood. and then his face grew inches and inches closer to yours. you backed away a little while his body was moving to you. before you knew it you bumped into the bed, yoongi’s hands catching you, while now you could feel his hot breath on your face. and bam. he smashed his lips onto yours but he didn’t move them. he just stayed like that waiting for you to kiss back. but you pushed him away, however he didn’t stop. grabbing you again he forced his lips onto yours, putting his hands on your wrists holding them up in the air while backing you against the wall. 

and then you just gave in.

you started kissing him back hands moving to his back, not caring that he was still wet from the rain. your hands tangled into his hair while he put his hands on your waist, pressing into you. you two kept kissing and it felt like you wouldn’t stop. after a while you to broke off and you just stared back into his eyes, slowly a tear slipped by across his cheeks you quickly taking your thumb wiping it off. he took you up in his arms placing you on your bed while he climbed behind you, spooning you into his figure.

‘’i’m sorry you were lonely…I’m mad at myself for not coming sooner but I just didn’t know…’’ he quietly said

‘’’s okay now..everything’s okay..’’ you said back to him. yoongi was also someone who didn’t know how to control his emotions, so you understood him not thinking about anything else but just him.

and you two stayed like that for the rest of the night, both not broken and not lonely, and again you felt happy just like you did before. with yoongi by your side.

@cyberkryo5 Hiccstrid feels, yes? *wiggles eyebrows* :D Thanks for the idea my friend! What-if on “No Dragon left Behind” 


“This is bad.” Fishlegs whispered, holding the wooden bowl close as he peered in at the meager contents it contained. He glanced up at the twins, lip between his teeth. “Guys, I just-”

“What? What is it, Fishy, SPEAK UP.” Ruffnut demanded shrilly, eyes wide and hands rung together. “Astrid is dying, and you can’t even talk!”

Tuffnut was sniffling loudly, a few stray tears gathering in his wide eyes. “Fishlegs, if there’s a problem, don’t tell me! Don’t you know Hiccup’s gonna kill us if she dies?”

Ruffnut punched her brother hard in the shoulder, sending him splaying to the ground. “YOU IDIOT!” she screamed, pouncing.

Fishlegs squealed and rushed back to Astrid’s side, still stirring the concoction worriedly. “Guys, please. There’s not enough antidote- I don’t know…”

“We need Hiccup.” Ruffnut stated firmly, jumping to her feet and rushing to her part of their dragon. “Come on, Tuff, we have a mission.”

Tuffnut grumbled as he shuffled to Belch’s head and climbed aboard. “Does that mean we can leave Snot?”

Fishlegs didn’t hear their answer, thank Thor there was at least one sane twin- or at least, sane when the time called for it. With Ruffnut hollering at her brother to become a bit more sensitive, the two took off into the sky.

Stormfly croaked sadly, curling even more into herself as she snuffled a sigh. Her eyes were trained on her unconscious rider who lay only a few feet away, resting on a stone covered in a blanket.

Astrid whimpered in her sleep, brows scrunching together and head lolling. She pursed her lips as she whined again, the sound putting Fishlegs on edge.

“Thor, oh Thor… I hope those two hurry.” He whispered, bending over the girl. He rested a hand on her forehead, sighing heavily at the feeling of her sweltering skin.

“Fever… nngh…” He leaned back against his heals, eyes trained on the sky. “Come on, hurry guys…”

The twins arrived just in time.

With the Slitherwing’s coming in at rapid speeds, mouths open and poised to strike, Hiccup was certain he was a dead man. Snotlout was screaming, Toothless shooting a plasma blast a second, things were looking bad…

But for once, the twins proved effective without directions or orders. Why they were there, or where they’d come from Hiccup didn’t know, and he didn’t care. He was just happy to have survived that one with minimal injuries.

He swung aboard Toothless, as Snotlout did the same to Hookfang. They took off, the twins spinning about to follow.

Hiccup slowed once they exited the cave, grinning back at the twins gratefully. “Thanks guys! We really owe you-”

“No, Hiccup, you have to hurry!” Ruffnut shouted, the two flying up alongside. “Astrid’s been poisoned, Fishlegs needs your help-”

First three words, and Hiccup was gone. His heart was pounding fiercely and his head was spinning. He couldn’t breathe. 

Not Astrid, please Thor, not Astrid…

He hardly knew what he was doing. Toothless was crooning in concern, not understanding what the rush was for. But Hiccup kept whispering over and over again for him to hurry, to go as fast as he can. 

“Please, please, please…” He gasped under his breath. 

He spotted them in the clearing, Stormfly still lying in the same place and two small figures huddled in one corner, clearly Fishlegs and Astrid. Hiccup twisted Toothless in a dive, both shooting down towards the ground below.

“Hiccup!” Fishlegs called, scrambling to his feet once Toothless bounced into a landing, but already Hiccup was out of the saddle and dashing to Astrid’s side, where he instantly dropped to pull her close.

“Fishlegs what happened?” He whispered, cradling her in his arms, hushing soothingly when she let out a pained gasp.

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REQUEST by ANONMOUYS: Can I maybe have a Roman smut where he and y/n are at a family party and y/n her ex is there, constantly flirting with her, causing Roman to get jealous af and when everyone leaves, he makes sure she’s his and his only omg

Warnings: Smut, language
Disclaimer: This is my first time writing smut so please don’t judge. Feedback and help are always more than welcome 


Finally the day arrived where I was looking forward to, unlike my long term boyfriend, Roman. He felt really uncomfortable with my ex being there, which I fully understood, but I had nothing against him.

‘’You getting ready?’’ I yelled from the bathroom. ‘’I’m starting to think you’re the one who needs more time than I do.’’

‘’That might be the case,’’ Roman laughed and came in the bathroom, wrapping both his large arms around me, ‘’you look beautiful babygirl.’’ He started to kiss my neck slowly, causing me to shiver under his touch.

‘’Babe,’’ I laughed and turned around to face him, ‘’I know I’m probably asking way too much of you, but can you, please behave today?’’

‘’Y/N, listen,’’ he took my hand in his and we walked into the bedroom, ‘’I’ll try, but how can I behave myself when your ex is in the same space as me, the same space as you? He will try to hit on you again, I just know.’’ He looked at me serious. I tiptoed and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders.

‘’I understand,’’ I pouted my lips as I ran my hand through his black hair, ‘’it’s the fact that him and I are still friends, otherwise I wouldn’t invite him, you know that.’’ I kissed his lips, immediately feeling myself getting aroused by the way his huge hands rubbed my back up and down. He sighed against my mouth and pressed his head against mine.

‘’I’m only doing this for you.’’


Both of our families and friends arrived at the house me and Roman shared together and it was pretty crowded. There was food that was being brought along with Patricia and Sika, Jimmy and Jey took care of the music and everyone was having a good time, at least, that’s what I thought. Little did I know that Roman was boiling with anger and jealousy deep inside, watching my ex and I talk with a couple of other friends. Whenever Dan, my ex, got a little too touchy, Roman shot me a dangerous look, signing me to take my distance. At times, I obligated, but he can’t order me around.

‘’Why don’t we grab a bite,’’ Dan said as everyone left, him being the only one, ‘’just like old times, you and I.’’ He smiled. I shook my head as I walked to the kitchen with a few plates.

‘’Look, I’m happily taken and I don’t think it’s smart to go and eat something, especially because you are my ex.’’

‘’Too bad,’’ he said, getting closer to me, ‘’I know you miss me y/n.’’

‘’There is a reason why we broke up, Dan.’’ I looked at him, suddenly realizing Roman was standing in the kitchen opening, arms crossed. ‘’You should leave, everyone left and we want some time for ourselves.’’

‘’Ah I see.’’ He turned around and looked at Roman. Dan chuckled and threw his hands in the air. ‘’Fine, see you later.’’ He walked past Roman, straight out of our house.

‘’What was that?’’ Roman asked low. He was frustrated.

‘’That was absolutely nothing,’’ I said, strolled by him, up the stairs. As I stepped inside the master bedroom, the door closed behind me with a loud slam, ‘’Roman, I’m not doing this now.’’

‘’So you and that jerk are meeting up?’’ He inquired, his voice full of anger and annoyance. ‘’Tell me honestly, do you miss him?’’

‘’Oh my god, Roman,’’ I groaned and sat down at the edge of our queen sized bed, ‘’you are being senseless.’’

‘’Oh am I?’’ He made his way towards me and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me up. ‘’Are you sure?’’ His hands grabbed my ass and I let out a small moan. ‘’I’m being senseless?’’ He mumbled against my neck, biting down on my sweet spot.

‘’Yes.’’ I whispered. I clenched my thighs together, feeling the wetness soak through the lace panties I was wearing. Roman noticed and his left hand traveled down to my center and rubbed me through the thin fabric. I let out a soft moan and gripped his biceps tightly.

‘’You’re all wet baby, all for me?’’ He groaned. I nodded and grinded my hips against his arm, begging him to do more. He chuckled and slowly lied me down on the bed, him towering over me. His hand, once again, slid down my body. He pulled aside my panties and slowly circled my clit with his thumb. I arched my back and threw my head back in pleasure. ‘’I’m still being senseless?’’ He asked. I nodded and pulled his face down to mine. My lips hungrily found his and I gasped against his lips as he slid two fingers inside me. He took advantage of my gasp and slid his tongue inside my mouth.

‘’Oh…my fucking…’’ My voice trailed off in a moan as he pumped into me with an exaggerated slow pace. ‘’Roman…oh fuckk.’’

‘’Does that feel good?’’ Roman growled. My breathing became uncontrolled as I felt myself begin to tighten around his fingers, reaching my peak. ‘’Not yet babygirl, not yet.’’ He slowly pulled his fingers out, leaving me feeling empty.

‘’Roman please,’’ I whined, ‘’I need you.’’

‘’What’d you say there?’’ He purred as he stood at the end of the bed, undressing himself, pulling his black t-shirt over his head.

‘’I said I need you,’’ I said louder. His tribal tattoo left me speechless everytime I saw it.

‘’Take off your clothes.’’ He demanded roughly, towering over me again. Impatiently, he grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Once I was fully naked, he took his time, looking up and down at me, shaking his head. ‘’You’re so beautiful,’’ his head dropped down to kiss my breast. ‘’And all mine.’’ The feeling of his tongue flicking against my nipple, his hard, thick erect shaft rubbing against my entrance, his warm body pressed  against mine, made me crazy. ‘’You want me inside of you baby?’’ He took a hold of his dick and slowly pushed the head inside. I arched my back, trying to push him inside of me more. ‘’Nah ah, use your words baby.’’

‘’Roman, please.’’ I breathed.

‘’Please what?’’ He smirked against my neck, licking a trail upwards to the spot behind my ear, making me shudder.

‘’I need you inside of me,’’ I whispered as seductively as I could, ‘’please?’’

‘’That’s my girl,’’ he gently said, pushing himself inside of me carefully, ‘goddamn y/n, you’re fucking tight.’’ Roman groaned in my ear, making me even wetter. We both moaned as he fully rested in me, grinding his hips in slow circles. He hooked my left leg around his waist and started to thrust, setting a wicked pace. His fingers dug in my waist, guiding me down as he thrusts into me, causing him to go deeper with every move he made. It felt like absolute heaven. ‘’You’re all mine babygirl,’’ he grunted, biting down on the skin right above my collarbone, making me cry out, both pain and pleasure involved, ‘’mine and no one else.’’ He pulled back and I felt it burn, knowing the mark would be hard to cover, but who cares.

‘’All y-yours Roman, oh fuck!’’ I moaned. ‘’Jesus Roman, p-please.’’ Feeling my orgasm coming, I was into anything that would make me cum. His thrusts became sloppy and less coordinated so I knew he was close too.

‘’You gonna cum for me babygirl?’’ He pants. I nodded, my hands wrapping around his sweaty shoulders. ‘’That’s it y/n, fuck, right there,’’ he moaned loudly as I felt his dick twitch inside of me. He kept thrusting, now roughly massaging my clit, sending me over the edge. I cried out, fireworks exploding as I clenched around his dick. Roman slowly pulled out and fell next to me under the covers. ‘’I’m sorry if I overreacted,’’ he murmured against my hair.

‘’You honestly thought I was flirting back?’’ I asked, looking at his slightly embarrassed face. I chuckled and traced my finger over his impressive tattoo. ‘’I’m yours Reigns, don’t you worry about that.’’

‘’All mine babygirl.’’ He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss.

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Ooh please 4 for those kissing prompts!

4. in the moment kiss

You run your hand through your bangs, making them stick up in all directions. You don’t seem to notice though, your thumbnail caught between your teeth as your eyes dart across the page. Harry’s watching you with a smirk on his face.

You had absolutely begged him to take you to the bookstore at midnight, “Please, Harry? Please, please, please, we can bake cookies before and listen to Fleetwood Mac on vinyl.”

He had frowned at you, “You said Fleetwood Mac was boring.”

“No, that’s not true, I said you had to be in a very specific mindset in order to enjoy their music.” He snorted and went back to his journal where he’d been scribbling all morning, “Harry, come on, please?”

“Why do you need me to come?”

You looked hurt by the question and he immediately regretted asking. “Because it’s really important to me and I’m not asking you to enjoy my hobbies, but I do want you to experience them with me. I don’t particularly love Fleetwood Mac, but I went to the concert with you because I just like… watching you be happy, you know?”

He watched you for a moment before lowering his pen, “You’re right,” He brushed his thumb over your cheek bone, “Of course I’ll go with you.”

Harry held your hand as you walked into the bookstore, nearly bouncing on the balls of your feet in excitement. You pulled away from him when you saw the new display of the book you were looking for, grabbing the first copy you could and turning it over in your hands, “It’s so pretty…” You whispered to no one in particular.

After that, it had been impossible to convince you to do anything but read and occasionally make noises from your seat and stare blankly ahead when you reached a particularly thought provoking moment.

It was just over 24 hours since you had bought the book and Harry could see you were nearing the end. He had asked you about five minutes ago if you were ever going to eat dinner and you had just made a bunch of intelligible sounds.
When you finally closed the book, you stared at it in your lap in silence for a few moments before flinging it away from you and resting your head in your hands, “Oh my God.”

“You okay?” Harry asks tentatively after a minute or so of silence.

You look at him suddenly and blink, as if you had forgotten he was in the room (you had) before you process what he’s asking, “Am I… Okay?” You stand up and start pacing and then you shake your head, “No… No, I need something to eat before…” And then you make a frustrated screaming sound.

Harry, amused beyond what he thought he ever would be by you reading a book, follows you. “I left you Five Guys in the fridge.”

You stare at him and frown then look at the fridge, “Cold…?”

He’s trying very hard not to laugh, “Yeah, baby, that’s why they invented microwaves. You can warm it up.”

You just shake your head and look increasingly more panicked as you pull the paper bag out of the fridge and stare at it.

Harry chuckles and takes the bag from you to put everything on a plate for you, “Should I be concerned?”

You rub at your eyes, “How could she… it doesn’t make any sense, there was just… no purpose.” You’re muttering to yourself again, having completely checked out of the conversation. Harry put the food in the microwave.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“What if you want to read it? I don’t want to spoil you.”

“To be honest I think I’d be much more entertained by hearing you explain it to me.”

You waste no time, eyes only flicking briefly to the microwave when it dings and Harry goes to get your food, “Okay so it’s a series, this is the fifth book and it just… It fucking ruined everything. It had so much potential and I just…” You stuff a fry in your mouth when Harry slides the food to you. “She built this beautiful complex character and she had so much growth from book to book and here I was… thinking we’d get even more growth… But nope! I just…” You groan again and put your head in your hands, “The whole ending made no sense there were so many plot holes not to mention it was a rip off of an ending she already used in a different series. Harry, I don’t think you understand, she literally self plagiarized. I waited a whole year to reread the same ending I already read six months ago in another book and she made a perfectly good character go back on her characterization and she barely paid any attention to anyone else but this stupid character that she ruined and her stupid new boyfriend. Like why create a bunch of different characters with complex back stories and relationships and then just… Not write about them for a whole nov—”

You’re not sure when it happened, but Harry’s lips are on yours and it finally grounds you, pulling you somewhat out of the funk you were in. You pull away for a beat, staring at him, his eyes aglow with adoration that you just now noticed. “I have french fry in my mouth.” You say, because it’s the only thing you can think to say.

Harry laughs and rests his head on your shoulder, “God, I love you so much.”

“Why’d you kiss me? I was in the middle of ripping that author a new asshole.”

“Because,” He kisses you again, “The passion and love you have for these books, they’re so important to you, and you’re so damn smart.” He kisses you harder this time, “It was… I was just suddenly overcome by how in love with you I am and I needed to kiss you.”

You smirk and kiss him again, “See? Aren’t you glad I made you come to the bookstore?”

“Ecstatic.” He declares, “You’re never going to the bookstore alone again.”

You giggle before pulling him back in for another kiss.

What I want in The Ship of the Dead (according to me when it first came out)

- Alex x Magnus bonding please! We already saw in the first three chapters how developed their relationship was but I need mORE (and according to the mini spoilers I’ve been seeing there will be more ish)

- Badass Alex…Just because the world needs it?? Like imagine all the cool fight scenes?? i cANT WAIT


- Samir because they’re so pure holy ish!!!?? I need cute moments w/ them, or at least more info on their relationship. AT LEAST LET ME KNOW IF AMIR IS OK

- Sam/Alex sibling bonding would be great like they need to be beSTIES SUPPORTING EACH OTHER and maybe a whole scene where Alex is trying to teach Sam to resist Loki and ish?? Badass sibling duo


- BLITZSTONE IN GENERAL OKAY…I do not need to explain really… I mean, I really REALLY want them to be like officially canon (even tho they’re practically boyfriends) bUT I at least just want to see cute moments <3 Even if they don’t become canon hELL THEY PRACTICALLY ARE SO WHAT’S TO WORRY THEY WILL BE OKAY

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"Please... please just wake up. We--I need you."

ao3 |

Summary: Richard Grayson may have just been shot in the back of the head, but Damian refuses to believe that Batman will die. He doesn’t care what his father thinks. Richard will make it.

Prequel to Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

“You can save him, right?” Damian demands the moment Father walks back into the Cave. Richard is lying on his side on the medical cot, face pale, eyes closed, and breathing labored. Pennyworth works over Richard’s wound, but his face is grim. Hurt had said twelve hours until permanent damage, and it’s already been far longer than Damian would have hoped.

But with Father back, maybe they have a chance. A chance to save Richard from the fate Hurt hoped to give him.

Father frowns. “I’ve called the top neurosurgeon in the world, and she’s on her way. She’ll save Dick.”

He doesn’t sound convinced, and if Damian hadn’t been so focused on the sudden hitch in Richard’s breathing, he would have called his Father out on it. As it is, though, Richard’s face tenses in pain, and then Pennyworth and Father are both bursting into action taking vitals, attaching needles monitors.

And Damian? Well, he can only sit here and watch as his Batman slowly dies right in front of his eyes. He hopes that neurosurgeon gets here soon. He will not let Richard die. Not on his watch.

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Request:I was wondering if you’d be able to write some sort of harry imagine where he comes home early from the studio after texting you and telling you that he wasn’t feeling very well all of a sudden and once he’s home he just gets worse and ends up sick in the bathroom all night ?? And maybe you try to get him to go lay in bed but he just wants to lay on the bathroom floor so you make him like a makeshift bed?? Super fluffy cuddle harry!!

It wasn’t unusual for Harry to have a weird schedule when he had time in the studio, sometimes he’d be gone for an hour or six, or a half day or a full day, it really varied. So when you heard your front door opening around midday you hadn’t given it a second thought and continued going around with your own work. It wasn’t until you realised an hour had passed and you hadn’t seen Harry, you called his name and heard a grunt from your shared room, opening the door you found Harry striped to his boxers sprawled across the bed looking a bit paler than usual.
“ What’s wrong gorgeous” you questioned kneeling on the floor next to the bed using the back of your hand to feel his forehead, the heat radiating off his body concerning you.
“ ‘m feeling poorly” he groaned as you pulled away the arm he had covering his eyes to get a better look at him. His eyes were red from where he had rubbed them continuously and his nose was dry probably from the tissues that lay on the floor next to the bed.
“ Im going to get you some soup and a wet washer to cool you down yeah?” you pushed his hair back from his face, as much as you hated that Harry wasn’t feeling well you liked being able to look after him like this. After getting Harry to eat his soup and tried to cool him with the wet washer you left the room while he slept hoping a good nap would let his body recover. It was while you were on the phone to Anne asking her what Harry likes when he’s not feeling well when you heard him vomiting in the bathroom.
“ I gotta go Anne I’ll call you back” you hung up without waiting for a response before rushing towards the bathroom to see your Harry slumped over the toilet coughing a bit. You grab a glass of water before sitting behind him and starting to rub his back as he had done many times to you. You both sat there a while longer he seemed to have thrown up the contents of his stomach, your hand was tracing patterns across his bare back he was now laying his whole body across the tiled floor.
“ Come on, lets get you back in bed” you stood up flushing the toilet and washed your hands.
“ I wanna stay ere, its nice and cold” he spoke grabbing your ankle preventing you leaving the bathroom.
“ Gorgeous you can’t stay on the floor, it’ll hurt your back, you’ll sleep much better in bed” you knelt down next to him glad you had mopped the floors this morning, you pushed his hair out of his face his hands entwining with yours.
“ Please baby, lay with us” you secretly loved when Harry got whiney, you loved the way he spoke his words sloppily and the way he craved your touch wanting nothing but being close to you. You gave in and soon enough you’d pulled the covers off the bed and had them and the pillows laid out on the bathroom floor. You couldn’t say the floor was exactly comfortable, but nothing made you happier than Harry laying with his head on your chest, bodies as close as possible while his arms wrapped around your waist, your hands continually running through his hair and along his back, tracing small patterns which would bring hums of content out of Harrys parted lips.
“  Babe?” Harry questioned, you were trying to move out of his grip to get him some more soup, your hummed in response stilling your movement.
“ Can yeh cuddle me?” he asked his green eyes meeting yours with a pout on his lips.
“ You need to eat first, you’ve got nothing in your stomach, once you’ve eaten we can cuddle” you reply kissing his head softly.
“ Please don’t leave me baby, I don’t want food, please just cuddle me” His voice cracked and your arms instantly engulfed his body his back facing into your chest, you would do anything to make him feel better, even laying on the bathroom floor. 

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The Last Goodbye

This imagine is a collab I did with Nay!! (@tomimagines) shes amazing and writes really really cool imagines. If you don’t you should totally go follow her :) 

Characters: Tom Holland, Y/n + Holland Family 


Emily: (@hollandsloser)

Tom clasped your hand tight as you both walked down the hallway. The long white hallway that seemed to grown a mile with every step. You looked over to Tom, whose eyes were kept straight and glassy.

He knew this day was coming for a couple weeks now, but no amount of preparation would even come close to prepare him for this. You both got no sleep last night, you stayed up late drinking coffee and watching old videos of her and remembering the first time she ever met you. You both were laughing but the laughter died off and it turned to tears pretty quickly.

You formed your lips into a line, looking back down to your hands interlocked together as you walked. You both were early, Tom wanted to make sure he had enough time to say goodbye as possible.

You reached the room and he paused. Freezing in his footsteps and stopping you with his arms. You looked to him again, he was still looking forward, his eyes more watery this time. It broke your heart.

“I don’t-I don’t know if I can do this.” Tom muttered, looking down at his feet.

“Hey,” You spoke softly, reaching a hand up and turning his head towards yours so both of your eyes locked with his. “It’s all going to be okay. I promise.”

Tom’s breath hitched before you took him into a hug. His arms immediately wrapped themselves around you and he buried his head in your neck. You closed your eyes tight and rubbing your hand up and down his back slowly. You did this for a while before speaking.

“Let’s go see her, yeah?” Now, even you were choking back tears. For all the time you and Tom had been together you and her formed a nice bond.

Tom nodded his head slowly while standing back up straight. You looked him in the eyes once more and gave him a slight nod before opening the door. Tom grabbed your hand again almost immediately, squeezing it tight.

The first thing you both saw was Tessa laying still on the bed. You could hear a sniffle  behind you before the sound of the door closing. The vet beside the table looked up from his computer and smiled thoughtfully.

The room was bright. Yellow and painted like a field of flowers. It was suppose to be comforting but it just came off as more annoying than anything. The smell was like a warm vanilla, that’s suppose to comfort you once again which this time it might actually work.

“Tom, I’m glad you came early,” The vet stood up, shaking Tom’ hand, he turned to you. “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t think we were ever introduced, I’m Dr. Hunt.”

“I’m Y/n.” You said politely, he smiled at you once more.

“Like I said, I’m glad you came early, she isn’t doing well.. I thought she could last through the day but-” He stopped, looking at her then back to Tom. “I just called your family, they are on their way.”

Tom nodded slowly. “I’ll give you some time and send your family down when they get here.” He put a hand on Tom’s shoulder and left the room.

Tom looked over at you slowly, he was crying now, more than before.

With his hand still in yours you slowly moved your feet over to the chairs beside the bed, dragging Tom with you. You both sat down and Tessa looked as excited as ever to see Tom, her little tail going wild behind her and her trying desperately trying to lick you and Tom.

She can’t really move her body, just her head and her tail. She’s gotten really old within the years, slowly not being able to climb the stairs, get up on the bed despite not being allowed to, and not playing anymore.

“Hey, girl. Hi, Princess.” Tom cried, petting Tessa up and down. You watched as Tom took her one paw in his hand and laid his head on her body, his head bobbing up and down with her breath. Each one looking weaker than the last. “You’re okay, princess. You’re okay.”

You reached your hand out and stroked her head, her giving you a quick lick to the hand and you followed down to her paw that Tom was holding. You wrapped your hand around his and smiled at him sympathetically. Her tail had almost stopped completely. The only noise in the room was both of your sniffling and the occasional ‘Good girl, Tess.’

“I love you, Tess.” Tom mumbled over and over again. “I love you, Tess.” He played with her paw, his head still on her body. “I love you, Tess.

You both almost hadn’t noticed when Tom’s head stopped bobbing up and down.  

Nay: (@tomimagines)

You shut your eyes tightly but that doesn’t even stop the tears from pouring down your face. You press your lips on Tessa’s head and hear as Tom’s sobs become louder.

This is pain that you never want to feel again. You ache for the loss of someone so important not only to yourself, but for the one you love the most.

“No, Tessa,” Tom cried out, his voice muffled. “Please, please, please.”

You open your eyes and through your blurry and watery vision, you can see Tom still crying, his whole body shaking, his head buried in Tessa’s fur. “Tom,” your voice breaks.

You move your chair closer to his and just hold him as he lets it all out. You feel your chest constrict just hearing the hurt from Tom’s cries.

“We needed more time,” Tom murmurs.

“I know, baby. I know,” you comfort him, kissing his hair while rubbing your hand up and down his back.

Just then, the door opens and Paddy is the first one to come in, followed by the twins, and then Nikki and Dom. They all freeze in the doorway and just stare at the both of you crying over Tessa.

Nikki’s hands go flying to her mouth as she tries to stifle her cries. Dom wraps his arm around her and kisses her head as he closes his eyes.

“Tessa?” Paddy speaks and that makes Tom lift his head up. He immediately wipes his eyes with the sleeve of his sweater, sniffs and stands up to turn and look at his family.

“Hey, Pads. Hey, guys,” he mumbles shakily. Nikki steps forward and hugs her son tightly before the rest of the family follows.

You wipe at your face, stand up, and take a step back to give the family a moment to themselves. You can’t bear to look at Tessa’s still body on the bed so you turn to look at anything but the tears come back.

“Come here, hun,” Nikki calls out to you, her hand reaching out. You smile sympathetically and take her hand. She pulls you in into the big family embrace and you can hear nothing but sniffles and the clearing of throats as the whole family comforts each other.

Paddy is the first one to break from the group and walks over to stand next to Tessa. Slowly, the rest of the Hollands follow suit until they all form a circle around the table.

You stand next to Tom and his arm wraps around your shoulders, your own arm wrapping around his waist. You hold each other tightly, crying, and you feel him kiss the side of your head. “Thank you,” you hear him whisper into your hair, “for being here. I don’t know if I would have been able to do this without you.”

You close your eyes and then turn to kiss his shoulder softly before laying your head on it.

You begin to reminisce the way Tessa always lit up the room whenever she came to snuggle while you and Tom watched a movie. The way she made everyone laugh every time Tom dressed her up. She was a friend and a comfort you always wanted to have around.

Before dating Tom, Nikki’s approval was crucial but even more, you were anxious to see if Tessa ever accepted you. She’s his princess… and always will be.

You try to think of other memories, like how her favorite thing was running around in the fields, completely free, with her tongue hanging out. Looking at the yellow walls again, you start to paint in your mind long strands of grass and the sun shining down on the walls. You hold onto Tom tighter as you imagine that Tessa is now running happy, with no pain, in the endless fields and looking down at you all.

Just Friends (part four) - Stiles Stilinski

Your knee was bouncing like crazy on the couch of your living room.  Your nerves were eating at you like angry gnomes in the pit of your stomach.

“I’m sorry-” Stiles tried.

“No don’t” You shook your head, looking behind you to the kitchen where your mother currently was.  She’d invited him inside, and Stiles didn’t have the time to say no before your mom ushered both of you into the house.

“y/n I know you didn’t want me to be here and if you don’t want me here then I don’t want to be here if I’m not wanted” You wanted to protest, but you just shook your head, and avoided his gaze.

After everything you’d literally gone through earlier that day, you thought that this wouldn’t happen.  But here you were.

Then your mom came back out, smiling as she sat in a chair across from you.  “So” She said cheerfully.  “How long have you been together?”

“We’re just friends” You said, voice dangerously close to a mutter.

“Okay, well then how long have you been hanging out?” She asked.

“I don’t know” You lied with a shrug.  Even though you knew it was a month and a day.

“Alright… are you going to let Stiles here talk?” Your mom asked, and you looked to your lap.

“Miss y/l/n, it was really nice meeting you, and I’d like to talk again, but my Dad’s been expecting me home for dinner, so I think I should head out” Stiles said while standing.  You secretly sighed with relief.

“y/n can walk you to the door, we hope to see you again Stiles” Your mom said, and you just nodded, walking behind Stiles while your mother went back to the kitchen.

“y/n I’m sorry- I don’t want you to be mad at me” He said, a hand on your arm as you stood in the doorway.

“I’m not-” You glanced to the other room, seeing your Mom was in the kitchen, then whispered.  “I’m not mad at you Stiles, okay? I’m just glad Jerry wasn’t around”

“So I can come by more?” Stiles asked hopefully, smiling a little bit.  You bit your lip.

“I-I don’t know Stiles” You said with a head shake.  “Can we talk about this another time?” Stiles got the hint that you were done with the conversation, which happened quickly with this topic.  “Just.. just give me a few days and I promise we can talk about it again, okay?” He nodded.

“Can I hug you?” You giggled a little, and nodded your head.  Stiles leaned forward, tugging on your arm and pulling you against his chest.  Both of his long arms wrapped around your back.  Your nose was pressed into the crook of his neck, arms laying on the front of his chest.  Stiles set his chin on your head, and after a few seconds, you realized you were swaying back and forth.  You let your eyes slip shut, just enjoying this that you have right here.

“Stiles” He hummed in response.  “Thanks” And that was that.  You pulled away, hands holding each other’s fore arms.  Everything that you’d needed to tell him, came in that one word.  He opened his mouth to speak again, but you heard the garage door in the back opening.  Meaning Jerry was home.


“You have to go” You rushed, and he stuttered  string of syllables you didn’t quite catch.  “Now, please” You begged, opening the door, and you pushed him towards it.

“y/n what’s-”

“Please just please go I’ll call you and we can talk about whatever you want I’ll answer any questions just right now you have to go” He paused, sucking in his lips and nodding.

“Okay” He said, walking out the door.  You were about to close it when he turned abruptly, taking your hand.  Your eyes shot up to his, and for the five seconds you stared at him, you realized no one had eyes as beautiful as his.  His hand squeezed yours, and then he let go.  “We’ll talk later” He said, walking off to the Jeep.  He got in quickly, and waved a little before driving off.

You stood at the door for a few extra moments, leaning on the frame and staring as his Jeep became a smaller and smaller dot.  You breathed out heavily.

Why’d you miss him?


You had quickly ran up the steps, entering the room, and closing your door silently.  You collapsed back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fingers fumbling over your stomach.  You fell asleep curled up on the mattress.

You woke up two hours later to an obnoxious vibration and the sound of ducks.  Your eyes flickered open slowly, and you yawned as you grabbed your ringing phone.  You glanced at the screen, but pretty much knew only one person would call you anyways.

“’ello?” You mumbled sleepily into the speaker.

“Hey sunshine, did I wake you up?” You shook your head, then realized her couldn’t see you, so you made an ‘nuh uh’ sound into the phone.

“What time is it?” You asked quietly.

“About eight thirty, why gotta be somewhere?”

“No, no just wondering” You said, and rolled over to be laying on your side, curled up slightly under the covers, your phone laying on your cheek.

“So… care to explain earlier?” You licked your lips.

“Yeah okay” You said softly.  Stiles was patiently quiet, waiting for you to speak again.  “Um, Jerry came home” You said plainly.

“Yeah, and what is it that’s so wrong with him?” He asked with a slight chuckle.

“He just uh… he gets drunk and asks dumb questions” You said.  “I didn’t want to embarrass you”

“Please, I don’t know if there’s anything that could possibly embarrass me, I handled your mom right?” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right” You lied.  If Jerry met Stiles, you didn’t know who he’d beat the crap out of first, you, or him.

“So… I can still pick you up for school tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah okay” You shrugged.  “Just text me when you’re here, and I’ll just come outside to meet you” You told him.

“Alright, I can do that” Stiles said.  “I’ll swing through Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks on the way, what’s your favorite doughnut?” He asked.

“Oh, I don’t know I probably like any kind”

“Probably? Doughnuts aren’t like any other food, they’re a gift from the Gods”

“I’m an atheist Stiles” You chuckled, and he laughed with you.  You suddenly wished that you were there with him, hearing his laugh in person.  It always seemed to warm you up, lighten the mood.  But here, you just felt cold, and lonely.

“Alright, well should I be hanging up on you and letting you sleep?”

“Eh, we all know I’ll be up all night anyways” You said.

“So we can play games?” Stiles asked, a hopefulness in his voice, which made you smile.

“Yeah okay, what games?”

“Chutes and Ladders?” You rolled your eyes.

“Stiles” You scolded playfully.  “What games can you even play over the phone?” You asked, rubbing the corner of your eye.

“Truth or Dare?” He offered.  You thought for a moment.

“I think that’d just be truth or truth” You said.  “But sure, if that won’t bore you” 

“Yeah, sounds cool” He said.  “So, miss y/n, truth or truth?”

“Hmm” You pretended to contemplate.  “Truth” You answered with a giggle.  

“Favorite color?”

“(your answer)” 

“My turn” You said.  “Best memory?”

“Scott peeing on my sand castle in the first grade” You giggled.  “If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want it to be?”

“A turtle” You said.  “Not little, but big enough that I can carry them in both hands” You said.  “I’d name him Jelly” Stiles laughed.

“How creative of you” He said.  “Can I have a turtle too?”

“If I name it” You replied cheekily.

“Okay and what would you name it?” You thought for a moment about it.

“Alexander the Fourth” You replied after a few seconds of silence.  Again, Stiles laugh erupted from the speaker.  Your heart fluttered for an unknown reason.

You went on playing the game for another hour, your voice growing quieter as the night grew closer.  Your mother and Jerry had come upstairs and retreated to their room just down the hall.  You didn’t want to get into trouble for being on your phone, so you continued conversations in a whisper.

“Okay, goodnight y/n” 

“Hm?” You jolted, not remembering the past few minutes.

“You fell asleep, I’m going to bed now”

“How long was I out?” You asked, checking your phone.

“I dunno.. ten minutes tops” Stiles said through a yawn.  You held back your own.

“Okay” You said softly.

“Alright, well.. goodnight”

“Stiles wait-” But he’d already ended the call.  You pulled your phone from your ear, looking at the screen as it faded for a moment, before showing you your home menu.  “Goodnight” You sighed.

Maybe you’d talk to him later.

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It’s about damn time.

I was sitting on the couch with Kian & JC. I’ve known them for about four years now & they are my best friends. I’ve had feelings for Kian for probably two of those years. I can’t tell him though because I can’t risk ruining our friendship. JC knows because JC sees me when Kian flirts with every girl he come across. He sees my face when Kian tells interviewers that I’m his best friend, just, his best friend. This particular Saturday we were getting ready for the teen choice awards. The boys invited me to go with them, and I wanted to support Kian, so I agreed.

We were walking the carpet & I was hanging back as the boys were doing interviews. “So Kian, Anything you want to tell us? We saw a gorgeous girl taking pictures with you on the carpet.” The interviewer smiles back at me. “Oh that’s just y/n, she’s our best friend. We aren’t dating or anything! She’s basically my little sister.” My face turned white. He always answers like that. Just ignore it. He’s your best friend at least, at least you still have him. Jc shot me a sympathetic look and as soon as they were away from the interviewer he pulled me into a hug. “I’m sorry y/n. I don’t know why he’s being so stupid. He’s told me before that he likes you.” I nodded and forced a smile. He put his arm around me and walked the rest of the carpet with me. A couple other interviewers asked if me and Kian were dating and I just smiled and shook my head no. “Oh I just thought, you guys are always together and both so attractive.” One replied. I shrugged “nope. Just friends.” and forced a smile as JC pulled me away. As we turned around I saw Kian posing with some of his costars from guilty party. He was laughing with one of the girls and posed for a picture by kissing her cheek. “JC I can’t do this. I have to leave.” I struggled to get the words out, but he nodded. He always understands.

I ordered an Uber and got into the car within three minutes of pressing send. Once back at my house I ripped off the dress Kian had bought and got out a bottle of tequila. I didn’t want to remember all of the questions on the carpet. His arms around whatever her name is. Why doesn’t he just kiss me already. When it’s just me and kian he’s so sweet. He holds my hand and acts like we’re together. He kisses my cheek and cuddles me during movies but the second anyone else is around he just ghosts me. Maybe it’s the tequila but something made me pull out my phone. “Kian, I can’t do this anymore. When it’s just us, I feel like there’s something there & maybe it’s just because we’re alone and you don’t realize that I’m in love with you but I just can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.” I pressed send and threw my phone across the room.

A month later.

I haven’t heard from Kian since the award show. He never responded to my text and he hasn’t tried to get ahold of me. JC texts me about once a week and asks if I’m okay, but I just ignore him. I’ve gone on a couple dates since the awards show. A couple with Grayson Dolan.
“Hey y/n, wanna go grab some smoothies?” Grays name popped up on my phone. I smiled “absolutely. Pick me up?” “Already on my way. 😊” I smiled and walked into my bathroom to touch up my makeup. I was wearing a pair of jean shorts, one of gray’s T-shirt’s he had left here and my superstars. I grabbed my adidas hat I stole from JC and put it on over my straight hair. Gray texted me to let me know that he was here and I walked out to his car. When I got in he kissed my cheek and we headed off to pink berry. Once we were inside I saw JC and Kian. I tried to hide behind gray but JCs eyes met mine. He shot me a sympathetic look but didn’t tell Kian I was there. It wasn’t until Gray and I were walking back to his car that Kian noticed me. A couple minutes later my phone was buzzing with a text message. From Kian. “That guy? Seriously y/n? After everything these past four years you just walk away?” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah because you fought real hard to make me stay didn’t you kian.” I didn’t even pay attention to whatever he said next and looked up at Gray. “What’s wrong y/n?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Kian and JC were at the smoothie place. We haven’t talked since the TCAs because Kian’s an ass.” “I see. I know it’s not my business but do you still have feelings for him?” Grays eyes searched mine for an answer and I shrugged again. “I don’t know Gray. I don’t want to. You treat me better than he ever did..” happiness flickered in his eyes but he didn’t say anything. When we got to my apartment I saw JC’s car in the parking lot. My heart was racing, Kian has a key.. I grabbed Grayson’s hand and we walked into my apartment. Unsurprisingly I found Kian sitting on my couch. “What do you want kian.” I groaned. “You know what I want y/n.” I rolled my eyes. “Clearly its a little late for that.” Gray looked uncomfortable but he still held my hand.

Kian steppes towards me and I stepped back keeping the same amount of distance between us. “Just go Kian. You’re too late.” “Y/n please..” Kian trailed off. Gray stepped in front of me “I believe she asked you to leave.” Kian growled at Grayson’s protection of me. “What the fuck do you want with her anyways huh? She’s not yours. She’s mine. She will always be mine. You’re just a distraction. Maybe you should be the one to leave.”
“Kian stop.” I hissed. His eyes met mine & they filled with sorrow. “Can we just talk please. I miss you y/n” He said more calmly. Gray looked at me as if to make sure I was okay and I nodded. “I’ll be fine, just give us a minute?” He nodded and kissed me softly. “I’ll go pick us up some food.” I smiled and he walked out to his car.

“What kian.” I asked more annoyed than I had asked the first time.
“You walked away.. I miss you..”
“Kian I may have walked away but you didn’t come after me. I told you how I felt and you said nothing.”
“I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how I felt or how to deal with what I felt. I didn’t want to lose you, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I am terrible at relationships. I didn’t want to date you and then hurt you by doing something stupid.” I rolled my eyes as the words came out of his mouth.

“So pretending that nothing was there around everyone but me was your solution to that? Kian I would have been fine if you had been consistent but you would act like you were my boyfriend when it was just us and then the second anyone else was around you became a huge dick. The way you talked about me to the reporters..” my voice trailed off as I remembered the TCAs. It still hurt to think about. I felt Kian’s arms around me and I started to cry. “Shhhh. Don’t cry baby. I’m here. I’m not leaving this time. I won’t let you walk away from me. This past month has been hell. Not talking to you, or seeing you, and then the first time I do see you you’re with Grayson. Come on y/n you don’t actually have feelings for him do you?” Kian looked down at me searching my eyes for answers.

I pondered for a second thinking about how great Gray was. “I do.” I answered and Kian’s face fell. “But they’re nothing like the feelings I’ve always had for you.” I finished. His eyes lit up. But I decided to be difficult. “But I’m just your little sister. So I don’t know why you’re acting like you care about my feelings now.” I wrestled out of Kian’s grip and sat down on the couch.

“Y/n that’s not what I meant I just, What was I supposed to say huh? We hadn’t talked about our feelings yet and I didn’t want to tell you on national television that I had a crush on you.”
“So you called me your little sister and then walked off and flirted and kissed some other girls cheek… great way to show me you like me.” I rolled my eyes.
“Y/n I fucked up okay? Just please, give me a fair chance…”
“Why. Why shouldn’t I give Grayson a fair chance, huh? He’s been better to me in this last month that you have this last year!” I shouted
“Because I love you!” Kian shouted angrily. “I always fucking have.”
“You love me?” I asked quietly
“Baby how could I not?” He sat down and wrapped his arms around me. “You are everything I could possibly want. You’re smart, adventurous, funny, kind, gorgeous and stubborn as hell. Your laugh is my favorite sound, your smile melts my heart and your eyes make me feel like you see right through me. You’re the only person who sees me for who I actually am.” His hand strokes my cheek as his eyes search mine. I smile and lean my head into his hand.
“I love you too Kian.”

He leans over and kisses me softly. “Please forgive me… please give me a chance, please y/n.” I smile and nod. “Okay. But you have to let me talk to Gray. Alone. I don’t need you to go mental on him.” Kian nods.
“Just come over when you’re done?” He smiles.
“Yeah, we can surprise JC together.” I giggle. He kisses my cheek and heads back to his house.

A couple minutes later Gray comes back in with food. “How’d it go?” He asks nervously.
“Gray I…”
“I know.” He cuts me off. “He’s your best friend y/n. I understand. I want you to be happy.” He smiles at me. I kiss his cheek.
“Gray thank you. For everything honestly. You are amazing and I’m sorry that it didn’t work out.” He smiles at me, “what are you waiting for huh? Go get him.”
“Thank you Gray.”

A half hour later I’m sitting in Kian’s driveway. I pull out my phone and send him a text. “Hey baby, I’m here, come outside?” Kian comes out to my car and pulls me into a hug. “Y/N will you be my girlfriend?” He smiles as he kisses my forehead. “Yes Kian, Of course.” I stand on my tippy toes and kiss his lips gently. It feels so good to finally be able to kiss him whenever I want. “Come on beautiful, let’s go surprise JC.” I giggle and take Kian’s hand as he leads my inside. “Wait here.” He whispers. “Hey JC, I uh need to tell you something.”
“What’s up?” JC asks not looking up from his computer.
“I have a girlfriend.”
JC rolls his eyes. “Dude I don’t know why you’re not just going after y/n. You’re being stupid.”
I giggle. “Hey JC. I missed you.” At the sound of my voice JC stands up and runs over to give me a hug. “It’s about damn time.” He says poking Kian. “Shut up.” Kian laughs.

Yellowstone- Auston Matthews

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Ok so when you said traveling, anon, I’m sure you meant something grand, but to me I like road trips, so you got a long road trip full of ups and downs! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I liked writing it!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Can you do a Auston one where him and his girlfriend go traveling together?? Thank you :)


              “Noooo we’ve already been there!”

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