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Chris Evans Imagine

Imagine winning an oscar for best actress and being handed the oscar from Chris, your co-star for the past movies you’ve made.

You sat there with your best friend Sebastian Stan sitting beside you, you see your co-star Chris walk onto the stage. He was announcing the oscar for the best actress, Sebastian has told you over and over it was going to be you because you were nominated. But you just kept telling him the same reponse, ‘It’s probably not me.’ As you sat there, shaking nervously, Chris started naming the actress’s who were nominated. When he said your name, your heart jumped as everybody in the room started to clap for you. You smiled and looked at Sebastian who was smiling at you with a scrunched up nose making you giggle.

“All amazing actress’s, really..” chris sighs, looking down at the envelope.

“The winner is..” chris opened the red, shiny envelope, slowly pulling out a piece of paper.

Those three words scared you, you didn’t even notice but your leg was going up and down constantly, you were terrified. You didn’t care if you won, but you felt like you weren’t going to and the negativity was dragging you down. As you looked at Chris, you see him read the paper, a smile appeared on his face and his lips go back to the mic.

“Y/N Y/L/N!!” chris yells into the mic.

Your hand slapped over your mouth, claps started to fill the room, Sebastian cheered and stood up, cheering loudly. Sebastian’s standing ovation made everybody else in the building stand up as well, some were whistling and others were cheering. You couldn’t even feel anything im your body, you couldn’t believe that you won, this was like a dream come true!

“Y/N! Come on up here to recieve your oscar.” chris says into the mic.

You stand up, losing your balance a little bit but Sebastian was there to catch you. You squeal and hug Sebastian, he returns the tight hug you were giving him. As you let him go, you look at the stage that wasn’t to far and let out a big relaxed sigh, you lift up your dress and made your way to the stage. As you passed everybody, there were bunches of celebrities there that were congragulating you. Some of those celebs were people you’ve always wanted to meet!

And now they’re congragulating you on your oscar!! As you made your way to stage, you get onto the stage and the woman with Chris hugs you and tells you congratulations. You thank her and than you look at Chris, he was holding the oscar and he had a big smile on his face. You walk up to Chris and he hands you the oscar, the claps were still going on, you hug Chris and he kisses you on the cheek. You blush and rub him on the back.

“I knew you could do it Y/N.” chris whispers, making you blush even harder.

You let go of Chris and you had an oscar in your hands, Chris started to clap now that his hands were free. You go up to the microphone and everybody fell silent, they all sit down and you looked out to the crowd. You couldn’t believe it, you won an oscar.

“Wow.. This is.. I don’t even know what to say! I um.. I’m just very thankful for this and for everybody who has been helping me throughout my acting career! Mostly my good good friends Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans,” you turn and look at Chris who was biting his lip.

“Chris has sometimes been a pain my butt, but he’s also been a dear friend to me. As for Sebastian, the same goes to him, I just.. I just don’t know where I’d be without those two in my lives. Mostly Chris.. This was probably my seventh movie with Chris, and all the other six movies I’ve had with him have all been amazing experiences. Stage people, everybody who has helped me with the movies, you all are amazing. My directors, my co-stars, I love you all! You all are such amazing people and thank you so much for voting for me, I will never forget this moment. Thank you.” you smile.

Those last two words made the crowd go wild, they all stood up once again and they started to cheer. You turn around and Chris was right there, he gave you once last hug and you hugged him back. You won an oscar, and you probably the affection from Chris as well.

The End

‘Versace on the Floor’

The Elite Fics

This Fic is a result of the Pole I posted, were Kenny was the winner. I am writing this Fic to be based off the song ‘Versace on the Floor’ by Bruno Mars.

Pairings: Kenny Omega x Reader
Rating: M. M. Mature (Nsfw)
Warnings: Language, Smut
 Word Count: 1655
Author’s Notes: I know you guys are prob tired of Kenny Fics…BUT YOU VOTED FOR IT. Thnx.

 As you shut the Front door, your eyes caught a glimmer of red on the white marble tile floor. You turned placing your bags on the ground, walking towards the rose pedals on the floor, your heart beating faster as you took each step.

 “Kenny?” You called, walking up the stairs towards the bedroom, following the trail of velvet flowers to your bedroom door.

“Kenny?” You called once again, your voice shaking. He wasn’t supposed to be home for another 3 weeks.

As you pushed the bedroom door the rest of the way open, you gasped. The floor was covered in rose petals, the room dimly lit with tea-light candles, the room was slightly warmer than the rest of the house, the candle’s warm glow illuminating a gown that lay draped across your bed.

 You walked into the room further, now able to see a thick piece of paper laid on the gown, Kenny’s sloppy hand writing scrawled across the paper. You look around the room confused, flipping the note open.

       ‘Y/N, Put this on, then meet me down stairs. Don’t ask questions, for once. I love you.’

You grinned at his note. Looking down at the long dress that lay before you, its material shinning lightly against the flickering of the candles. As you lift the soft material you wonder idle if you should blow them out before heading downstairs; worried they might catch something on fire.

You chance a glance in the mirror as you bend to put the shoes Kenny had provided on your feet. The fabric hugged you perfectly. The scarlet dress had a deep plunging neckline, dipping to your waist, and was sleeveless. It had a split that made it’s way clear up your leg, stopping just at the top of your thigh.

The red shoes he had chosen, had a band that wrapped around your ankle, and a 6 inch heel. Slowly, you tested your balance in them, walking the hallway that lead to the stairs a little slow, enjoying the resounding clack of your heels.

As you reached the top of the staircase, note in hand, you spotted Kenny, his usually unruly hair pulled back into a bun atop his head, his large frame covered by a black suit. You made a mental note to get the tailer’s name, because the suit hugged him perfectly, showing his muscular arms, and tapering down his midsection, making your mouth water.

 “Wow.” He purred as he met you at the bottom of the staircase, reaching a hand out to take yours, his blue eyes shinning as they glide over your figure, his tongue darting out to wet his lips before his teeth catch his full bottom lip.

“Wow yourself Mr. Omega.” You giggle, reaching up to adjust his red bowtie, straightening it, and pulling his lips down to yours.

“I believe I was invited?” You hand him the note, smiling coyly at him, leaning forward to place your lips on his, your teeth replacing his on his bottom lip, nipping him lightly, whimpering quietly as he pushes you into his body. The material of your dress was so thin, you could feel the heat of his hand against your own as he pulled you into him.

“I do believe you were.” He says, pulling away, looking you over once more. “But, after seeing you in this, I really just want to see it on the floor.” He continues, running his hands down your sides, making you shiver and close your eyes, your head lulling back a little.

 “Mmm, anything you want, you did buy it.” You smile as his lips find your bare neck, the scruff on his chin tickling and pricking your sensitive skin.

“Mmmm, Only the best for you baby.” You can feel his grin on your neck, and down your collar bone as his lips trial their way down the dip of your dress, his fingers digging into your hips, pulling you deeper into him.

“Kenny, please?” You whimper as he pulls away, gripping you by the waist and leading you into the kitchen, lifting you by your hips onto the cold Granit counter-top.

“Please what baby, all you have to do is ask.” He grins, bending to his knees, running rough hands over your bare leg.

You lean your head back as his fingers glide down your thigh, over your knee and down your legs slowly, stopping at your ankle to unbuckle your heel. As he moves his fingers, he presses his face to the inside of your thigh, his stubble making you squirm as his tongue runs the length of you to your knee slowly, driving you crazy.

“Please, you know I need you.” You moan out softy as he pulls your shoe off, his eyes coming up to meet yours as he kisses your now bare instep.

“Need me to what Y/N? Ask me.” He continues, moving his fingers to your other foot, making quick work of your remaining heel.

“Take me.” You say, a command, not a question. His eyes darken when they meet yours, his lips part slightly as he takes in a breath, his gaze locked with yours.

“Your wish is my command.” He says as he stands, shrugging his jacket off, and dropping it in the seat of a bar stool that sat to your left.

He pulled you forward so that your hips were pressed together, your heat rocking against the strain in his pants as he walked you towards the stairs, his mouth never leaving your neck as he made his way to your shared room.

 “K-e-nn-y,” You say around his mouth, your lips crashing together nosily as he enters the room, pressing you into the wall just inside the door, “Watch out for the candles.” You giggle as he kicks his shoes off, bringing each of his knees up one at a time, to just under your ass, reaching down to push the heel of the dress shoes off with one hand, and balancing you with the other.

He let out a low moan as your teeth found his jaw, just in front of his ear, nipping him, then running your tongue over the reddening flesh of his neck and jaw.

 “I need you Kenny.” You purr into his ear seductively, your teeth grazing his lobe and making him stiffen further underneath you, his fingers gliding the zipper of your gown down, and letting it fall so that it pooled around your exposed breasts, revealing your hardening peaks to him.

 His eyes travel to your face for a moment before he spins, and makes his way across the room, setting you down at the foot of the bed, his eyes locked on your body as the silken cloth cascades down your body like a waterfall, falling to the ground before you silently.

“Lay back.” He nearly pleads, and you can the outline of his cock straining against the material of his dress-paints.

You do as you were told and lean back on the bed, spreading your legs so that your dripping sex is exposed to him, your eyes never leaving his.

“Touch yourself.” He says, slowly and with adept fingers he unbuttons his shirt, pulling it from his waist line to reveal his perfectly chiseled abs and chest.

You lean your head back against the pillows, gliding your fingers down your body and running them over your sensitive bud for a moment before dipping one into your soaked core.

A low, husky growl comes from his throat and he over you in a moment, his naked skin pressed to yours. His tongue fighting yours for dominance, as his hard cock pressed into the inside of your thigh, digging into the skin there and making you grind your hips into him.

“Y/N, I want you so bad. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He coos into your ear softly as he reaches between you, aligning himself with your opening.

“Oh, Kenny!” Is all you can manage as the tip of his large shaft pushes into you, stretching you ever so slowly, making you whimper, and wrap your arms around his shoulder, your nails clutching his back.

“Say my name again baby.” He orders, moving his hips so that he is pushing into you harder, his hips meeting yours in a relentless pace.

“Kenny, oh Fuck Kenny!” You cry out, pushing your hips to meet his thrusts, your mouth finding his as you both gasp for air around your tongues.

“K-K-Kenny! I’m going to c-c-cum!” You wail as he pulls you up so that he is leaned back, with you on top.

“Let it go baby.” He groans, your hands finding his chest. You begin to bounce, moving up and down on his cock, pushing it deeper than before into you, the feeling sending you flying over the edge into your orgasm, nails digging into his chest.

“Fuck, Y/N!” He Moans out your name, pushing his hips up to meet you as he cums, sending rope after rope of cum into you, filling you.

You collapse on top of him, a smile on your face as you lay draped over his chest, your fingers intertwining with his much larger ones.

  After a moment you both catch your breath and he smiles down at you, blue eyes shinning.

“I guess I like the Versace better on the floor.” He chuckles, making you grin a tired smile.

“Me too, welcome home baby.” You purr before falling asleep in his large arms.


This AU starts with bad news for both Kent Parson and Jack Zimmermann. Pictures of both of them being huh, cozy, during a HAUS party surface on the internet. It’s dark and grainy, but their faces are easily visible and Kent’s hand on Jack’s ass is even more.

At the moment the twittersphere explodes, the Falconers are playing, so Kent is accosted first, on his way home, with a bag of groceries on each hand. There are like, thirty reporters all shoving their mikes up Kent’s face and he’s tired and sore after practice and is feeling lonely and sorry for himself and let’s be honest, mentions of Jack Zimmemann and his stupid butt and times where he was able to grope said butt bring out the worse in him.

“Yeah, sure I’m gay, who wouldn’t be for the best ass in the NHL. Jack, if you want to catch up for lost time, just call me, baby, you got my number!” Cue outrageous wink.

And then the Falconers win against huh, let’s say Boston because I may not know much about hockey but I’m from Montreal and fuck the Bruins.

Jack is feeling okay, they just won by a point but it still makes him feel lighter and chirpier than usual. And then he goes to change and gets attacked by all the mikes in a ten miles radius, all asking about his gay relationship with Kent Parson.

The experience is so surreal that the only thing he manages to blubber is

“… no, I have a boyfriend.”

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Love and Comic Con

Characters: AU Single!Misha X Reader, Supernatural cast, other celebs and various other well knowns.

Chapter: Epilogue

Warnings: Definite Angst, fluff, language

Notes: I don’t think there is any..

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7

Misha groaned in displeasure and slowly pushed you back and away from him. He went and answered the door. The pizza guy was eyeing you the whole time; blushing and looking you up and down head to toe. Misha apparently took notice. He cleared his throat, said “that will be all,” tipped the guy and shut the door a little harder than necessary. You failed at stifling a giggle. “Still a little weary of the pizza man, I see.” “Wow! Really, y/n?” You burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. You sat against the wall and slid down, barely conscious of your dress hiking itself up around your thighs. You could hardly breathe you were laughing so hard. Tears were staining your cheeks and running down your neck and chest. Misha was just watching you in amusement. “Mi… Misha… I’m sorry… Your face… I can’t breathe!” You fell over laughing. “He couldn’t help but laugh. “Alright, alright. Come on.”

He scooped you up and threw you over his shoulder fireman style. You squealed through your laughter. “Misha!! What are you doing?” He sat you on the couch and sat the pizza on the table in front of you along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He looked over, “well, I’m not sure wine is such a good idea… you seem to be doing much better.” You smiled finally over your giggle fit. Mostly. “Hey. Hey. Don’t play with a girl’s emotions like that! Definitely want the wine!” He smiled and poured you a glass. You took it from him but not before leaning forward and planting a soft kiss on those lips you have come to love. He smiled into the kiss. “Hungry?” “Very.” You both turned toward the pizza and started digging in. “So what movie do you want to watch?” “Hmm I’m not sure, what movies do you have?” “Well I…” He was interrupted by a knock at the door. You both looked at each other. “Uhmm expecting someone else?” He furrowed his brow, “No.” He sat down his pizza and went to answer the door. 

He opened the door to reveal four smiling friendly faces. Jared, Gen, Jensen, and Daneel. “MISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!” You jumped and turned to see the guys practically tackling Misha to the ground. Through a groan of pain you hear him laugh, “what are you all doing here?” “We were driving by and saw your car and the lights on!” Jensen said pulling him up. You stood up and walked over. “Y/N!!!!” Gen exclaimed and they all ran to you and enveloped you in a huge hug. “Oh my God are we… interrupting?” Jared bit his lip and wriggled his eyebrows playfully at you and Misha. “Yes!” Misha said but you just laughed. “It’s okay! I missed you all! Misha was turning an awful night into a great one.” “Awful night? What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Jensen asked full of concern. You and Misha looked at each other and you nodded giving him the go ahead to tell the story. He lacked on his heroics but you made sure they knew. “Son of bitch! Let’s go! Guys get in the car! Ladies we’ll be back!” Jensen motioned for Jared and Misha to follow him. “Whoah, wait!” You protested only to be interrupted by Daneel and Gen, “Yeah!” “We want a piece of this too!” Misha looked over and saw you getting upset but didn’t get the chance to put a stop to everything because you handled that yourself. 


Everyone stopped and turned to you. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. “I really appreciate how protective and defensive you all just got over me. It means a lot, especially since you haven’t really known me that long; but it’s over. Misha and I took care of it. I just want to move past it, please I’m begging you.” You had tears streaming down your cheeks. Misha was standing against the counter behind you and you were leaning against him, he hand his arms around your waist. “Please.” You choked out. Gen rushed to you and hugged you. You buried your face into the crook of her neck and just sobbed. “I’m so sorry, y/n.” Daneel came up to the side of you two and the three of you stood there crying for a few minutes. The guys just silently stood there watching. You all finally broke apart, wiping your tears. Jensen and Jared each came up to you separately and hugged you tight, kissed the top of your head, and apologized for upsetting you. “I’m not upset with you all. It’s just, I didn’t really deal with what had happened until just now. So I’m sorry I freaked out on you.” “I don’t know what you mean that was hilarious, ‘look everyone just chill the fuck out, cuz we gots this!” Jensen said mocking you to try to make you laugh. It worked. 

You hugged Misha and whispered in his ear. He smiled, nodded, and whispered, “whatever makes you smile.” “Hey will you guys hang out with us tonight?” You asked with a big cheesey smile on your face. “Hell yeah!” Daneel and Gen both shouted in unison, kicked off their shoes and you dragged them over to help them pick out a movie. Jensen and Jared looked at each other and laughed. “Guess we don’t get a vote?” “We never get a vote.” “No chick flicks!” Jensen shouted. “Whatever! He loves chick flicks!” Daneel giggled. “Damnit babe!” Everyone laughed. Misha came up behind you and lightly kissed your ear. “I’m pretty sure, I’ve fallen in love with you.” You felt your heart flutter and you turned and kissed him. “I’m in love with you, Misha.” “Well welcome to the family, y/n!” Jensen shouted with his fists in the air. “Damn love and comic con.” Jared laughed.  

***Sad it’s over! Hope you all enjoyed this journey with me!

Love it and having trouble letting go?

The Riley Diaries Pt19

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: The last episode of GMW gave me inspiration not only for vidding, but for writing too. The next chapter I post will be the last - I already wrote it but I will still not post it because I might decide to change something. I really hope you like this part and that you are still enjoying the story, even though I didn’t update it in a while. Also - Sorry, Auguste.
Enjoy xo

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part5 Part 6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15Part16 Part 17 Part18


Riley’s POV

Four days have passed since I last talked to Lucas, since he completely shut me out. But I deserved that, no one can change what I did. I was still home – somehow I couldn’t go to town before my flight tomorrow - I wanted to stay here with my parents as long as I could. Sitting in my room, I was looking at the perfect dress I had picked out for prom, even though I wasn’t going.

“Come in,” I said when I heard someone knocking on my door.

“It’s me, honey,” Maya said with a smile while she was entering my room, “I am here to try and change your mind for the last time.”

“You don’t give up easily, do you,” I laughed and got up to give her a hug.

“I want to party with you and Joshy before you leave for Spain,” She started dancing in the middle of the room.

“Joshy,” I threw my head back laughing, “I have to use that.”

“Hey, he’s mine,” She gave me a judgemental look and jumped on my bed.

“I already dated him, he’s all yours now,” I sat next to her and chuckled at her expression.

“I forgot about that,” She shook her head, “You are messed up, Riley Matthews.”

“You have no idea,” I laughed and then looked at my dress again.

“See, I want to be the prettiest girl tonight,” Maya obviously traced my gaze, “But it would be a crime not to wear this beautiful dress tonight and have fun with your friend.”

“Lucas hates me,” I sighed and turned to her, “I can’t go and pretend I am happy.”

“If you are not happy why don’t you stay here and change things,” Maya reached for my hand, “Why do you insist on running away from my brother when you know you want to be with him?”

“I don’t know why, Maya,” I looked down, “Something in me is fighting the feelings I have for him.”

“Then beat it,” She squeezed my hand, “He is suffering, you are suffering. Just try one more time – come tonight.”

“Maya, I –“

“No,” Maya didn’t let me finish, “Just come, try to work things out but don’t push him – simply talk to him, tell him that you are willing to stay and just start over.”

“I don’t know if I am willing to stay, that’s the problem,” I took my hand back, “I am really excited to leave and meet new people and have a new life.”

“But you can’t escape Lucas, you can’t escape what happened to you,” Maya sighed and half smiled, “We are here, and we accept you the way you are. There is always time to travel and meet new people but you will always regret leaving him – believe me.”

I stayed silent for a moment, thinking that Maya may be right. I really loved Lucas, this may be the first time I am admitting it but I have felt it for a long time. Do I really need a new life, do I really need new people when I found some of the best friends here? I was now more confused than I was before.

“I guess I can come tonight and see what happens,” I gently smiled.

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Request: Hatred

Jack felt pride swell up inside him as he finally uploaded the video that he’d been working on for months, so much energy having gone into it in order to have it all edited together and as funny as he could possibly make it.

This was his first funny moments montage and he’d never felt so proud of a video than he did right now.

Immediately, as soon as it was posted to his channel he watched as the views began to go up, for the like button to be clicked much to the Irishman’s happiness and he sat back in his chair, letting out a relieved sigh as people seemed to be enjoying the video he’d worked so hard on.

Deciding to look through the comments in order to see the feedback given, he was very happy when he saw the sheer amount of positivity exploding from his fans, telling him how much they had enjoyed it and how funny it had been. So far, it looked like it had hit off really well.

Well, that was until he refreshed the page and the first comment he saw, was extremely long and to his misfortune, contained no positive outlook whatsoever.

‘I’m fucking sick of Jack trying to be like other Youtubers. He’s no longer got any originality. He might say he’s not leeching off other Youtubers, but he is. And this montage takes the piss. I’m fucking sick of watching my most favourite Youtuber be sucked into the void of the egotistical, pretentious and pompous world that is Youtube.

You used to be so genuine Jack. Where the fuck did that go?’

The comment wouldn’t have been as hurtful if it weren’t for the amount of likes on it. From the looks of it, a lot of people seemed to agree with this person and Jack felt a pang of hurt strike his stomach, travelling upward toward his chest and causing it to tighten uncomfortably.

That video which he’d put so much effort into, was just being compared like any other montage from any other Youtuber and to be called ‘egotistical, pretentious and pompous’ was just the icing on the cake. Those were the three words he’d never wanted to be labelled as in his entire life and yet, nearly thirty-three people agreed that he was.

It hurt so much, that Jack turned off his monitor and collapsed in bed. Not seeing the point in being motivated anymore when his efforts came as nothing.

Later on that night, Mark arrived home from work in a tremendously good mood, skipping with each step as he whistled a song away to himself. A grin of his face and his whole body jiving with positive energy. He looked around for Jack, only to notice that he wasn’t downstairs.

Something very unusual for the Irishman at this time of night.

Feeling confused, the older man made his way up the stairs toward their shared bedroom, opening the door and wandering into the darkened room where he was hit with a strong cloud of tension. Without even seeing Jack, he could already sense that something was wrong.

“Jack baby, you alright?” When he didn’t get a response, Mark immediately began to worry and walked further into the room, noticing that Jack was lying in bed. Another unusual place for Jack to be at this time of night.

He gently pulled the sheets back and saw that the Irishman was awake and from the looks of it, he’d been crying. Mark turned on the bedside lamp to bring light into the room and Jack hid his face from it, burying it in the pillow since he’d been lying in the dark for so long.

“Is everything okay?” The older man queried again, resting a hand on Jack’s shoulder and squeezing it softly, his whole body tensing up at his touch much to Mark’s upset since he hated it when Jack didn’t want to be touched.

“You’re beginning to scare me, what’s wrong? Please tell me, Jack..”

Hearing how scared the American seemed to be, the younger man turned his head and looked up at his boyfriend with bloodshot eyes, wiping away the tears that still fell. “I.. Somethin’ happened t’night.. A-and it’s really hit me”

Immediately, Mark felt himself become protective over the other man, knowing for a fact that if anything bad happened to him, he’d be there to sort it within an instant.

“Tell me what happened.. I want to know”

The Irishman heaved another sigh and slowly began to sit up, resting his forehead against the comfort of the older man’s arm, closing his eyes since he felt better when Mark was here to console him. “I.. I got some hate on my newest video.. Yeh know, the montage that I’ve been workin’ on fer ages..”

Mark quickly understood his upset and moved his arms in order to wrap them around the younger man’s slender form, pulling him close to his body so that he was sat on his lap and cuddled close into him.

“What did they say?” Jack shifted away for a moment and grabbed his phone, pulling up the video and going straight to the comment section where the comment in question was voted the second best via how many likes it had gotten. Just knowing how many people agreed, really fucking hurt.

“This is just awful. I’m sorry babe, want me to report them?”

Jack shook his head and wiped away another tear. “People have their opinions, it jus’ seems like a lot of them are negative..” But Mark couldn’t agree with that and in secret, reported them before he went through the other comments.

“I don’t think you should concentrate on that particular comment babe. I mean look at all these positive ones, they would for sure drown out that negative one. You need to understand that your fans love you and your videos. Just because some people don’t like a particular video, doesn’t mean you should care. If they can’t accept it when you try something different, they shouldn’t be apart of your community.. Please understand Jack, there are people out there who love you and that includes me”

Feeling a small bout of warmth spread in his chest, Jack looked up at his lover and smiled slightly which brought relief washing over Mark like a wave. To see him smiling, it was a start. “Thank you..” He whispered, cuddling into his boyfriend again.

“Anything to make you better baby, I hate seeing you so upset” Mark kissed the top of his head and hugged him closer, appreciating this moment as they held each other in the silence and expressed just how much they loved each other through the action of their embrace.

Mark couldn’t have asked for anything better.  

“Why do you always look so nice in suits, hm?” You teasingly asked Jin as you straightened out his blazer.

“Why do you always look so beautiful all the time, hm?” He mimicked you, smoothing out the ruffles on your dress. “Oops, sorry baby.” He chuckles as his hand bumped your growing stomach, “You look nice in light pink—its appa’s favorite color, you know?” He kneeled down, holding your tummy with both hands. “A cutie such as yourself should learn from your eomma at an early age what dresses to wear,”

“Aren’t you going to help her, too?” You raised your eyebrow, “Appa has to help (Baby’s/Name)~”

“Of course I’ll help my princess,” He placed a gentle kiss on your stomach, “Anything for the princess.”

“What about me?” You pouted, “I thought I was the princess.”

“Ah, yeobo~” He stood up, “This just means you’re the queen now.”

“That makes you the king, then?” You looked up at him.

“Precisely.” He poked your nose lightly, “And (Son’s/Name) is the prince.”

“That would explain why he’s so spoiled,” You giggled, wrapping your arms around him.

“If you think he’s spoiled,” He held your lower back, “Just watch how this little doll is going to be.”

“I can’t wait,” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as Jin left little kisses on your cheek.

“You always take the fun out of things, (Y/N).” He frowned, “This is why (S/N) likes me better.”

“I don’t take the fun out of things,” You looked up as his lips trailed down to your neck now, “I just know discipline, and I can actually enforce it—instead of some people who can’t say no to a classic puppy face.”

“You try saying no to that boy’s face,” He mumbled against your skin, “It’s impossible.”

“Have you not met me?” You breathed a laugh, “I always say no to him when it’s something extravagant.”

Jin gently pulled the strap to your dress down your shoulder and kissed your collar bone, “That’s you, dear. I don’t understand how you can do that,”

“I’m as hard as a rock—no face he pulls will make me cave.”

“You say no to me all the time,” He laughs, “He looks somewhat like me; practice beforehand.”

“Thank you for preparing me for your son,” You pat his head.

“I hope she doesn’t look like you..” He nipped at your skin.

“You know it won’t matter who she looks like, right? Either way, you’re sure as hell not going to say no to the princess.”

“I never say no to the queen,” He pecked your lips, fixing your dress. “I guess I just spoil my whole family.”

“I see no problem,” You kissed his lips, “Just that we need to discipline them at some point.”

“Am I a good father to you?” He randomly asked.

“Why do you question your parenting now?”

“Well,” He scratched the back of his head, “We are on our second child, and you say I spoil (S/N) too much. You’re the one who disciplines him, and her in a couple of months.”

“Maybe you should try?” You suggested, putting your earrings on.

“Try to be a little more strict with (S/N)?”

“Yes, Jin.” You lightly laughed, knowing he wouldn’t last.

“Appa! Eomma!” Your son was running down the hall to your room.

“Now’s your chance~” You smirked, turning around as the door swung open.

“When can I have a cupcake?!” He whined, jumping up and down.

“It seems like you’ve already had one, you cheater.” You held a laugh, licking your thumb and wiping the corner of his mouth.

“N-No..” He looked down.

“(S/N), there was pink frosting on the side of your mouth.” Jin took over, “Look,” He brushed his matching suit, “You got crumbs all over your nice new outfit.”

“Appa, I want a cupcake now.”

“You can’t have one just yet,”

“But I’m hungry~” He sang, rubbing his tummy. “Can you hear it? It’s speaking,”

“Is it?” Jin raised his eyebrow, “What is it saying?”

“Feed me cupcakes, (S/N)!” He said in a ghastly voice, “Do it before I eat you!”

“If it’s that hungry, I’m sure you want actual food instead of sweets. You’ll have to wait either way until we get to the banquet hall,”

“Appa..” He pouted, looking up at him with those big brown eyes that were just like Jin’s. His bottom lip stick out exactly like his as well, and it seemed like you were staring at a mini Jin. “Please?” He swayed lightly.

“Agh,” Jin hung his head, “Only one.”

“Yay!” He ran out the door again.

“What happened to being a stricter parent?” You walked over to him.

“Did you see that adorable face he pulled?” He put his hand on his forehead.

“You do realize he looks like a clone of you, right?”

“No way,” He shook his head, “Maybe a little, but not entirely. His smile is from you,”

“Mm,” You laughed, “Okay~” You began walking away.

“(Y/N)!” Jin whined, following you down the hall. “He doesn’t look that much like me, because he’s adorable like you.”

“He looks exactly like you, Seokjin.” You used his full name when you were being serious, or while you were upset.

“We’ll ask around at the baby shower,” He held your hand as you slowly went down the stairs, “The most votes is what I’ll believe.”

“Deal.” You put out your other hand.

“It’s on.” He shook your hand.

“Eomma,” (S/N) said, “When is (B/N) going to be born?” He licked his tiny fingers from the frosting.

“Soon, sweetie.” You answered, stepping into the kitchen. “She’s just a little way to go,”

“I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy having a younger sibling,”

“Jin help me with the cupcakes, please?” You picked the tin container.

“I got it, jagi.” He carried it. “Are you ready?” He asked both of you.

“Yes, appa.” You two said in unison, holding each other’s hands.

“Beautiful..” He breathed a laugh, walking to the front door. Jin decided it was best if you held the cupcakes on you lap as you sat in the passenger seat, just to prevent any poking of them from your son. “(S/N),” Jin sighed as he began driving, “We need to have a little talk.”

“About what, appa?” He asked, swinging his feet.

“About the baby,” He looked in the rearview mirror, “You know how eomma is pregnant, and the baby will be here soon—I don’t think I quite explained what things will change when she arrives, however.”

“Will you guys not love me anymore?” His voice quivered.

“No!” Jin shook his head, “Wait—Yes, we’ll love you still!”

“Promise?” He sniffled.

“I promise, (S/N). But what I wanted to say was that once the baby comes, things will be slightly different. The baby will be the center of attention in the family, we have to take care of the baby first before you, the baby requires more care, and we’ll ask you to get along with her—please? I also need to have a little man to man with you—father to son.” He reached behind him to pat his knee, “You’re going to be a big brother; they have responsibilities. Once she’s born, you’re officially a big brother. You have to protect her no matter how upset at her you are, or how silly you feel for doing so. You should be kind to her, and you help us out when we ask you to. You have to listen extra carefully when we tell you to do things. I know this is a lot, but you are going to be her role model. Do you think you can do it?”

“Mhm.” He gave a determined nod.

“Good.” A smile appeared on Jin’s face. It was a not very lengthy car ride which was filled with jokes, giggles, and discussions of the baby. You didn’t expect as many people carrying baskets, bags, and boxes containing gifts.

“Noona!” Jungkook ran to you, “You’re big!” He rubbed your stomach in awe. “A baby is in here..” He said in a whispery tone, “Hyung, you did a good job.”

“What?” Jin laughed, “What do you mean?”

“Two children already,” He pressed his ear to your stomach, “You did a good job.”

“Ah, Jungkook.” He shook his head, putting his hands in his pockets as he looked down at him.

“Noona~” His head shot up to you, “She kicked, she kicked!”

You giggled, “I know.”

“Hey, (Y/N).” Namjoon greeted, hugging you and kissing your head. “What’s Jungkook doing?”

“I’m feeling the baby, duh.”

“You can feel her?” He squatted down, placing one hand on the side of your stomach.

“She kicked just before you got here,” He touched every inch of your stomach.

“Yah, stop feeling up the pregnant lady!” Yoongi yelled.

“But the baby is kicking!” Jungkook whined.

“That’s weird..” He mumbled, going to hug you. “How’s everything going?”

“Just fine.” You smiled.

“How’s (S/N)?”

You pointed to him running around with his cousins already, “Jin explained how the house is going to be when the baby is born, and how things will change—he took it pretty well, so I guess alright.”

“So long as he understands.”

“Guess what I got?!” Hoseok sang, dancing over to you. “Surprise!” He held a bag out to you, “Open it now!”

You open the bag up and see onesies with every animal on them, “Thank you.” You hugged him.

“The frog one is my favorite—it comes with a hat, too!” He excitedly pulled it out. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Extremely.” You agreed.

“Um, you know there are two boys feeling your stomach—right?”

“We’re listening,”

“And trying to get the baby to kick,” Namjoon finished.

“Whoa, she’s kicking?” Hoseok quickly dropped to his knees.

“Yeah! It was great, hyung! Jin is so lucky,” Jungkook gushed.

“We still have two more to go,” Jin told you, putting his hand on your shoulder.

“I’ll go take that to the gift table,” Yoongi took the bag from you.

“Thanks.” You kissed his cheek.

“Omo, what’s going on over here?!” Jimin and Tae bounced.

“Why is everyone crowded around her tummy? Is the baby talking?” Tae asked, pushing his way in. “Hello, baby.” He poked your belly button, “You can hear me, right?”

“Yah!” You flinched, “Don’t poke my belly button, Tae.”

“Hello.” Jimin kissed your cheek.

“Agh..” You held his arm tightly while shutting your eyes.

“What’s wrong, jagi?” Jin quickly asked you, “Is she coming early?”

“No,” You held onto him instead, “She’s moving around and stretching..”

“That was awesome!” Jungkook clapped, “We can feel her moving!”

“I wanna feel!” Jimin went to the floor as well.

“Agh, Jin!” You groaned, digging your nails into his arm.

“Jagi what’s wrong?” He held you sternly, “Baby,” He worriedly said, dragging a chair behind you. “Sit down.”

“Ow,” You took a sharp breath in.

“What is it?” Jin asked again, pushing the boys away.

“My ribs..” You held them weakly.

“She’s getting in position..” He smiled like he couldn’t believe it, “She’s coming soon..” He rubbed your stomach. “Do you hear me, (B/N)? It’s me—appa. Just hold on there,”

“Please don’t be born now..” You squinted your eyes.

“Does it feel like contractions?” He held your hand.

“No, but anything can happen.” You had a strong grip on him, “Ow!”

“She’s just getting ready..” He cooed, petting your hair. “Don’t worry.”

“Do you need anything?” The boys asked, standing up.

“No—No, I’m fine.” You shook your head, “She’s just getting ready.” You repeated Jin’s words.

“Feel better—We’ll be over there.” Namjoon rubbed your back as they all walked to a table.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jin kissed your ear, while still holding your hand.

“It’ll pass.” You nodded, swallowing as you felt her elbow press against you.

“I’m here..” His thumb traced over yours, “I’m here, (Y/N).”

“I know..” You kept your other hand on your stomach.

“I’ll always be here,” He held your stomach as well.

“Eomma, what’s wrong?” Your son ran over to you worriedly, “I saw you.”

“The baby is just moving,” You sighed.

“Don’t come out yet, (B/N).” He rested his head on your stomach.

“Not just yet,” Jin traced tiny circles on your baby bump.

There you sat until your baby calmed down: playing with your son’s hair as your husband rubbed your tummy and you held hand.

“I love you.” You felt tears coming into your eyes.

“I love you, too.” Jin kissed you deeply.

Light Behind the Onyx (Part Two)

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                                                 Stand Alone
Light Behind The Onyx (Part Two)


Authors Note: For Part One See Here


The throbbing, the call, the hallucinations. Dean was struggling to control it. The Mark was calling for him. It called for blood, it had a thirst for the pain and suffering. And it was taking him over.

He needed to hunt. He needed to be able to sated it somehow and right now the best chance he had was killing some kind of monster. He opened Sam’s laptop and started going through the news. Unexplained killings, murder suspects that made no sense, missing people, signs of demonic activity. Something. Anything. That would ease the call.

He spotted an article on a murder suicide in Ohio. Loving mother and two kids. He went through as many articles as he could to make sure it was a possession or something similar.

‘Post natal gone south, there’s nothing there,’ the familiar voice said quietly from behind him.

He froze. She shouldn’t be here. He wanted to see her more than anything. He wanted her more than anything. It had been a long six months without her. The worst of his life for so many reasons, but he knew it was safer for her to be thousands of miles away. It was his only saving grace in the misery he felt.

‘Y/N,’ he gasped, standing up and turning around.

‘Hey, Dean.’

He moved closer and automatically pulled her into a hug. God he had missed her. She felt good, smelt good. He fought back tears and the urge to kiss her. She tasted good. He knew that. He has spent a lifetime fighting off a possible relationship, for her safety and her saving himself from the pain of losing her.

But then he turned, he became his worst nightmare and to save her he sent her away. But not before finally caving. He let himself feel what it would be like to have her. He had been suffering ever since.

‘I missed you,’ she whispered.

Dean kissed her neck and tightened his arms.

‘You have no idea,’ he mumbled. ‘I’m so sorry, Sweetheart. But I was right. It’s not safe here. You have to go.’

‘Sorry, but you don’t get to make that choice for me again.’

He sighed. He realised then the call had backed off, his mind clearing of everything but her. She pulled back and looked at him. Giving him that one sided smile he loved so much.

‘I love you, Dean. More than anything and I’m pissed that you didn’t call when things got tough. We’ve always faced this sort of thing together. The three of us. Don’t shut me out because your punishing yourself.’

He huffed at her and stepped back.

‘Really? You’re going to chuck a tantrum?’

‘I told you it wasn’t safe. I didn’t do this to punish myself, I did it to keep you safe!’

‘And in that time, I’ve had a broken collarbone, fractured wrist, three stab wounds, internal bleeding and multiple concussions. Oh and some jerkoff totalled my car! I wasn’t safer being away from you.’

Dean froze, ‘What?’

‘I called but you didn’t answer,’ she said quietly. ‘Four months in hospital. It wasn’t pretty.’

Guilt washed through him.


‘As I was leaving. Drugged out driver, high as a kite and just as happy, apparently. He didn’t make it.’

‘It’s still safer than being here right now.’


‘I love you. You know that. But you really need to leave,’ he pleaded. Tears running down his cheeks.

‘Not. Happening.’

‘You’re out voted!’

She gave him a look of triumph and Dean felt his blood boil.

‘He called you in didn’t he?’

‘Sam, Cas, Charlie, Jodie. They’re worried and from what I’m seeing I don’t blame them.’

‘Last time…Last time, I hurt you.’

‘According to your alter ego, that was Sam’s fault.’

‘Not helping, Y/N.’

‘Dean, let me try and help, please.’

‘I can’t go back there. I can’t have you here if I do. What he wanted…’

‘We can bring you back, you know that. I can control him… somewhat. Better than anyone else can.’

‘No,’ he whispered.

She frowned at him. His gorgeous best friend. The love of his life and his reason for being. The one he could never be with.

‘No. You’re leaving. And you’re doing it now.’

They heard a noise and he looked up to see Sam in the doorway. He let rip, screaming at him for calling her. Risking her life. If she died it was on his head. Dean stormed out, down towards his room and slammed the door shut.

‘So that went well,’ Y/N sighed. ‘He’s worse than I expected.’

‘I’m sorry, Y/Nny I thought if he saw you, it might help. He’s hating himself.’

‘He’s punishing himself, Sam. He wants to die. Even if it does demonise him.’

‘Yeah, that’s what I figured. Hopefully, he comes around.’

Dean stared at himself in the mirror, the blood pulsing in his ears. The mark burning and calling for him. He looked deep into his own eyes and saw black. He panicked momentarily before they turned back to the the forest green they usually were.

She shouldn’t be here. She should be away from here. Safe somewhere. Happy. Away from him.

Her hand gently touched his arm and he sighed, turning to face her.

‘I hate that you’re stubborn,’ he muttered.

‘That makes two of us,’ she said softly.

The throbbing in his ears faded out. The burning on his arm slowly easing.

‘Don’t push me away, please,’ she begged.

Dean looked to the ceiling, blinking back tears of frustration. She shifted and wrapped her arms around his waist, letting her head rest on his chest. He wrapped her up. Holding her tight. She shifted and smiled at him.

‘Thank you.’

She rose onto her toes, kissing his cheek.

‘I’m going to go grab my gear and find a shower. It’s been a long couple of days.’

As she walked out, Dean felt the pulsing and burning come back with vengeance and it scared him. He locked himself in his room for the night, leaving Y/N and Sam to catch up.

Y/N stood in Dean’s doorway, early hours of the morning.

‘He’s been restless since you left,’ Sam said quietly, coming up next to her.

‘He’s not restless, he’s having nightmares,’ Y/N told him.

She watched in pain as Dean tossed and turned, grabbing at his sheets. Calling out. He was covered in sweat and no longer sleeping in pyjamas. She knew why. He was so scared they could come true, that he would need to fight the moment he woke up.

‘I don’t know what to do,’ Sam told her.

She could hear the anguish in his voice.

‘Leave it to me. You go get some sleep.’

She watched as Sam left, before heading over to Dean’s bed, climbing in next to him. She gently ran her fingers through his hair.

‘Dean? It’s ok. You’re safe, human and no one’s hurt.’

He slowly stopped throwing himself, much to Y/N’s relief. She kissed his forehead gently and ran her fingers along his jaw.  

‘Y/N?’ he mumbled.

‘Yeah. Sorry, but it looked like you needed some company.’

Dean grumbled something and Y/N sighed.

‘Don’t go being a douche.’

She settled down next to him and Dean shifted so he had her wrapped in his arms.

She tilted her head and kissed his cheek. But Dean couldn’t take it anymore, he quickly turned his head and captured her mouth with his. Pushing his hand behind her head he pulled her in closer. He needed her, wanted her. Every part of her. It was all that consumed his thoughts.

The desire to kill long gone, the call of the Mark in the back of his mind.

Her moans, and fingers nails digging into his shoulders only spurred him on. He knew once this was over, there was no way she was leaving. But in that moment he didn’t care, he needed her.

He woke the next morning to find her still in his arms, and for the first time since he got the mark, he had no nightmares.

Realisation washed over him as he put two and two together. Like with the demon side of him, she somehow managed to push back his desire to kill. Ease the calling of the mark. His need for blood, turning into a need for her. He had no idea if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

Selfishly though, he wasn’t going to complain. If this meant he could have her, it was worth it.

Over the next couple of weeks, Dean watched as Y/N and Sam spoke quietly. They were keeping secrets and it started to annoy him. The jealously the demon side of him felt, slowly rising up. He watched as Y/N nodded at something Sam said and as Sam put a hand on her back and lead her out the room.

The rational side of him knew there was nothing too it. Sam was always like that with her. It was platonic, protective, safe guarding. Sam knew how Dean felt. He also knew Dean and Y/N were together. Neither knew why Dean had suddenly changed his mind. They had both questioned it but he refused to answer. Just told them he missed her, couldn’t live without her. It was true. He certainly wasn’t lying; it just wasn’t all of it.

His once clear head turned into nothing but thoughts of her. Needing her. Contact, talk, closeness, attention. It was as bad as his desire to kill. But instead of bloodlust it was a Y/Nlust. But when she left the urge to kill came thundering back.

He watched, relieved as she came back into the room. Smiling at him.

‘So Sam and I are heading out to catch a movie. Some French thing I think. We will catch up with you tonight?’

‘Or Sam can go, and we can stay here.’

He wrapped his arms around her, feeling the urge and desire fade slightly as he pulled her onto his lap.

‘I thought you would have been fed up with me already and wanted a break,’ she grinned, kissing him.

‘Never. Not in a million years. I want more, not less.’

He kissed her back, using his lips to plead with her to stay. Sam came back in and Dean watched as Y/N looked at him. The two seemed to exchange a silent conversation, before Sam nodded.

‘I’ll go watch it, you stay and keep Dean company.’

Dean was getting agitated, Y/N had left earlier that day to go to the shops and get a few things. She wasn’t meant to be gone long. And he knew she hadn’t been but not having her around was killing him.

He was pissed that Eldon had got away. More pissed that The Book of the Damned was still around and he had a feeling Sam was lying to him about it. He had been searching for Eldon, for Y/N but no luck. At least she was out when he got away.

He confronted Sam about the book and completely lost it when he found out.

‘I don’t freakin’ believe it! You got Charlie involved with this again, and now she’s missing?!’ he screamed. ‘What about Y/N? Is she in on this?’

‘She found out and wasn’t happy, but I made her promise to keep it quiet. She was going to check on them this morning.’

Sam’s phone buzzed and he was grateful to see Charlie’s number come up.

‘Charlie, where are you?… If you have the book, give it to them.’

‘Charlie has the damn Book of the Damned?!’ Dean demanded.

‘Then give them your notes, Charlie! Give them the code … whatever they want!’

Dean snatched the phone from Sam, ‘Charlie, I don’t know what the hell is going on, but you need to listen to me. Give whoever that is whatever they want. You understand? Charlie?!’ ‘I can’t do that, Dean,’ she said quietly.

The line went dead and Dean panicked, the two men rushing out to the car. Both trying to call Charlie over and over. Arguing along the way.

As they pushed into the bathroom, they found a sight they never wanted to see. Charlie lying dead in the bath.

‘Oh God,’ Sam gasped.

‘Charlie?’ Dean’s voice came out like a whimper.

Pissed wasn’t the right word. He hated his brother for what he’d done. What he put her through. He refused to talk to him. He tried Y/N again and again, but she never answered. A sense of foreboding washed over him.

He couldn’t take it any longer he grabbed his car and left. He wanted the Stynes to pay. He wanted his girl and he wanted away from Sam.

Sam had barely picked up when Y/N’s frightened voice came through the phone.

‘Sammy?’ she cried.

‘Y/N, where are you? Are you ok?’

‘No. I… shit… something’s happened. I pulled up at the motel and some guy attacked the car. I took off hoping to draw them away from Charlie. I…oh God, Sammy. I can’t shake them and I can’t fight them, vamps are easier than these guys.’

‘I know. Where are you?’

She gave him the details of her motel and room number and Sam went to hang up.



‘Is Charlie ok? I’ve tried calling her but the lines dead.’

Sam didn’t say anything. He knew that the two women were close. He listened as Y/N choked back a sob.

‘I’m so sorry, Y/Nny.’

‘Where’s Dean?’

‘I don’t know. He’s pissed and he took off. He’s trying to find you and the Stynes.’

He heard her swear and listened as she struggled to calm herself down.

‘I call him in a minute. Might be safer for him if I calm down a bit.’

‘Yeah,’ Sam said quietly. They both knew how Dean could get. Especially when it come to her. More so since the mark. He broke a guy’s arm because he drunkenly stumbled into her knocking her into a table.

As Dean left the police station, he had made up his mind. He knew what he had to do. In part anyway. He pulled his phone from his pocket and tried Y/N again. He’d tried tracking her phone but had no luck. He was growing more worried by the minute. First thing first. He had to get rid of the Stynes then he could find her. She would be safe at least then.

He felt the call of the mark and let it take him over, his only hope was that he could still come back from it.

Her stormed the Stynes property, feeling confident they were all going to die.

As he stepped through the door and listened to music playing softly, he was surprised to the stairs suddenly covered in men holding all kinds of weapons.

The next thing he knew he was blinking, struggling to focus on the light overhead.

‘Morning, Sunshine. Monroe Styne, pleasure.’

Dean grunted softly as he tried to move.

‘I’d ah, shake your hand but you know.’

The two carried on with their exchange of words as Dean tried to find a way to get out. At the end of it he knew one thing. The Stynes planned on harvesting his body parts. Despite his warnings not to.

‘Dean?’ a voice cried out.

‘Oh right. Where’s my manners? I did forget to introduce you to our other guest. I have to say Dean you certainly have taste when it comes to the ladies.’

Dean’s head snapped left as he looked wide eyed at Y/N strapped to the bed, trying to break free of her restraints.

‘You son of a bitch. Let her go!’

‘I wish I could. But you see, you’ve caused us a bit of grief of late. And well Eldon was all set to keep her for himself. But then after he finished with your little redheaded friend. He went looking for her and well Y/N here killed four members of my family, it’s not something I take lightly.’

Dean looked over at Y/N who’s struggling stopped as a small smirk appeared on her face. He couldn’t help but feel proud of her. Yes, she had been captured. But she’d put up a hell of fight. That was his girl.

He caught movement and he watched as one of the Stynes moved towards her.

‘So now, I have a dilemma, Eldon’s a bit taken by her. Something about her showing some spunk. He always did like a challenge with his women.’

Dean caught Y/N’s eyes and he could see the pure terror that filled them. She’d rather die. They both would rather she died than have that happen.

‘But I’m still inclined to cut her open and see what gives her that spunk.’

He watched as the guy that was by her picked up a scalpel.

‘Don’t you touch her!’ he screamed. ‘Y/N!

He watched as the guy put the blade to her chest, he could see her trying to keep her breathing under control, trying not to move.

She cried out as the blade cut into her skin and Dean lost it. Breaking free from his restraints he broke Monroe’s nose. Grabbing a saw he cut the throat of the man that had cut Y/N, before killing the nurse.

He went after Monroe, preparing to make him suffer.

Y/N fought as hard as she could against the restraints, trying to break free. She could feel blood trickling down her chest towards her neck. She hoped it wasn’t too deep. She watched as Dean killed Styne after Styne. She didn’t know what scared her more. The Stynes or this side of Dean. He had let the mark take over. She knew that much. And while she knew she was safe, it was a matter of what it would do to him.

She watched as he ran over to her, untying her arm cuffs. He didn’t say a word just pulled her into his arms and held her tight, before pulling back to kiss her passionately.

‘How deep?’ he asked, through tears as he checked her chest. ‘It won’t need stitches, I don’t think.’ He grabbed some cloth and pushed it gently against her. ‘We need to move.’ He took her hand and gently helped her off the bed. ‘Stay behind me, stay out of the the way.’

She didn’t say anything, she just followed watching as Dean continued on his killing spree.

One of the Stynes came from nowhere and hit Y/N unexpectedly, sending her to the floor. She kicked out as he threw himself down towards her, but her feet met nothing but air, as Dean grabbed him, throwing him into a wall before shooting him.

He almost threw her into the car and took off towards the bunker. Not speaking even once. Y/N felt herself starting to shake. She realised then that she felt safer with the demon version of Dean than she did him right now.

He locked up the brakes and jumped out of the car. She went to follow but froze when he looked at her. Nothing was said, she knew what he was thinking. She was staying put.

Y/N waited until Dean had gone inside the bunker and decided there was no way she was waiting around. She moved inside the bunker, jumping as a gun went off, it’s shot echoing off the walls. She made her way towards the noise and froze there was Dean standing over the bodies of Eldon and another boy.

‘Dean,’ she whispered, putting her hand on his arm.

Dean turned slowly to look at her, finally getting the chance to take stock of what they did. The cut to her chest, the bruising on her jaw. There was a cut to her temple that had long since dried up, her lip was split, her shirt stained with blood. She was cradling her arm against her.

He felt the anger bubble up within him. He didn’t know if it was his, the marks or the demons. All three versions of himself loved this woman, all three wanted nothing more than to see her safe, protected and unharmed. He looked down at the men on the floor. Their deaths. Monroe’s death. The extinction of the Stynes themselves, didn’t seem enough for what they did to her.

‘Dean?’ she repeated, reaching out to take the gun from his hand.

He let go, watching as she emptied the chamber and removed the magazine. Dean grabbed her and pulled her in tightly, jumping back as she cried out. He slowly and carefully lifted her shirt and saw she was covered in bruises.  

He struggled to contain his anger, his jaw tensed and his chest heaved.

‘I’m fine. It could have been a lot worse.’

‘I told you to stay away,’ he growled.

‘This had nothing to do with the mark.’

‘This had everything to do with it!’ he screamed. ‘You and Sam trying to find a way to remove it, that’s what go us all involved with this. That’s what killed Charlie, that’s what almost killed you!’

‘So we were supposed to let it destroy you. Watch as you spiralled further and further out of control. I can’t do that, Dean. Don’t even try and ask me to do that.’

‘You were supposed to be safe,’ he whispered, tears welling in his eyes.

‘And I am, thanks to you.’

‘Y/N,’ he pleaded.

‘You honestly want me to go? To leave and never return? To never see you again?’

‘I want you safe and near me isn’t it.’

‘Away from you isn’t either.’

Dean sighed, she was right.

‘I love you, Dean. More than I thought I could, more than I should. More than my own life. And even if you push me away, I’m not leaving. I’m going to stay, be it here or close by and I will continue to fight to save you. You just have to decide if you want me doing it alone.’

He watched her, afraid to move, to speak, to give her any indication of what he was thinking.

She moved in closer and wrapped her arms gently around him. He automatically wrapped her up, more gently this time. Kissing her head. He felt his head clearing, the call and control of the mark subsiding.

As she shifted and tilted her head towards him, he leant down and kissed her softly, carefully not to hurt her further.

‘I love you,’ she whispered.

‘I love you too, Y/N.’

He had no idea what was going to happen now. He knew she wouldn’t stop looking for a cure, for a way to fix this. Neither would Sam. And he hated them both for it. He considered leaving, going out on is own again. But the thought of what it made him feel, what he did, what he wanted to do when she wasn’t around scared him. He needed her more than he wanted to admit. All he knew though, was despite his fear for her life, he couldn’t survive this without her.