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I walk the paths of familiar mountains with one I care for at my side,
and let the silence of falling snow carry us to a distant liminal space.

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as this is a holiday week for a number of people, here’s a Small and Friendly reminder that if there’s someone around you this Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving who is very obviously reluctant to eat much (or any at all), harassing them until they eat more or forcing them to eat would be a pretty shitty thing to do 🙃

It’s another commission notice!

Hi I’m Emily and I have a huge loan out and all my money is going towards that, bills, and minimal Christmas shopping.

I do have a bit of money saved up but literally all of that is going toward my bills for this week.

As always I’d like to point out that I do have commissions and donations open! I really only need money to eat and get some winter socks so please only spare a dollar if you want because I know there are people who need money way more than I do!

I’m on mobile right now but here’s some examples of my art!

My prices are as follows-

-Icon/Shoulder up $5

-Bust shot $10

-Full body $15

-Reference sheets $25

-Add color/shading $5

-Add background $1

-Extra characters $5 each character added

-NSFW content $5

If you need more examples of my art, my art tag is #pettydeerart, and my dA is also PettyDeerArt! My PayPal is

If you can please reblog, my budget is a bit tight and any lil bit helps. Thank you!

Please Consider Helping

My name is Kale and I am a disabled trans man. My boyfriend and I live completely on our own and because of my disabilities, he is the only one with a job. We are falling behind on bills very quickly (by over $200 so far), so I am trying to help him by selling hand made custom yarn tails and flower crowns. More info under the read-more link. (If you’d just like to donate a bit, my paypal is Thank you!)

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hey so I have a new policy, I’m unfollowing anyone who shares posts making fun of teenagers having mental breakdowns on my dash and I encourage my followers to do the same because there is literally nothing funny about bullying actual children who are panicking, scared, confused, or in emotional or psychological pain

Follow-up:  SNOW was an excellent topic for class today.  The class is divided pretty sharply between people from places where it snows a whole lot and where it never snows.  (Exception: Syria, where I gather it maybe snows a little bit two or three times every year.  Everywhere else seemed to be pretty much BIG SNOW or NO SNOW.) 

Many opinions about snow.  The woman from Ecuador likes snow when she’s inside and looks out the window.  I agreed, and said that it’s nice when I have a cup of hot tea and I’m warm inside and I can look out at the snow.  The Albanians immediately chimed in: it’s nice to look out the window AND DRINK TOO MUCH.  BEER WINE ANYTHING.  AND SING.   Another opinion was more practical: if it doesn’t snow a lot in Afghanistan there isn’t enough water.

More complicated thoughts about language/communication below the cut, just me rambling and trying to put some things down while they’re fresh in my head.

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36 Questions

Summary: After a fight between Kylo and Rey on Ahch- To, Luke forces them to do an experiment to bond. [Or, the one in which Kylo and Rey (unknowingly) answer 36 questions to fall in love]
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 6,138
Additional Tags/Warnings: Implied smut, swearing

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Rey liked to think she was a forgiving person. It was hard, but grudges were unnecessary and time-consuming. She would very much rather move on with her life instead of letting something fester in her heart.

But Rey’s lack of grudge would always leave something much larger: A sense of caution.

Kylo hadn’t spoken more than five words to her for nearly a week. She first brushed it off as moodiness, but his sharp replies to simple questions such as “What are you doing?” or “Will you grab that for me?” was starting to make Rey not only angry but a bit sad as well.

He had come to the island only three weeks ago, expected by neither Rey nor Luke. It hadn’t been a nice welcome, but he’d insisted he’d defected from The First Order for good, and Luke was somehow inclined to believe him. Rey wasn’t sure about the decision, but she decided not to question her master.

It didn’t take long for him and her to go from behaving right back to where they started—chilly and biting.

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hey so ive made donation posts in the past and i hate doing it but this will hopefully be the last one. me and my husband were homeless for about a month up until the beginning of november and sleeping on various peoples floors and sofas until someone finally reached out and offered us a place to stay, and i guess they just now changed their mind about us not having to pay first months rent (they said they were gonna cut us some slack since we were homeless, jobless, and had $30 between the two of us). so now we have to pay $550 for this month and another $550 in two weeks for next month. right now because were both new to our jobs, we only have $350 to give. we’re doing anything we can to make up this money but we’re still worried about falling short. we can’t be homeless again. we’re both disabled and we will probably fucking die if were on the streets!

tl;dr gay disabled couple at risk of being homeless unless we magically materialize way more money than we have right now

my paypal is ADDITIONALLY both me and my husband are artists and take commissions. message me or @471-371 if youre interested in getting cool art in return :p