please please please look into it

reyes: alright boys when i talk to moira i’m going to need you both standing behind me to the right and left, facing either side and not looking at the camera
genji, an expert with selfie angles: got it
mccree: the fuck you mean ‘camera’? there’s gonna be cameras??
reyes, running a hand over his shaved head: jesse when will you learn that wherever i go there are always cameras

moira: hey
reyes: hey
moira: why are your guys standing behind you like… that

Black Emporium gifts for you AND me! *_*

The @black-emporium-exchange collection is live, though authors and artists remain anonymous for the time being. But if you take a look, you might be able to find a few things from yours truly… I will of course be posting those here when our secret identities are revealed, but until then why not see if anything catches your eye? Tons of great stuff in there if you’re into Dragon Age and rare pairings!

This year I got three totally amazing gifts from three totally wonderful creators and I’ve got to share them:

One Jump, Dalish/Skinner
An ENTIRE COMIC, like, three times as long as anything I’ve ever made, which is an absolutely incredible feat and I am in awe of the creator’s hard work. It’s an exciting action/adventure story that explores how Skinner ended up with the Chargers and fell in lesbians with Dalish, with bonus background Adoribull, also featuring Dalish and Dorian playing off each other hilariously. It’s so great and I am so blessed to have been the recipient.

[NSFW] Sweet Talk, Cassandra/F!Adaar
This artist heard my plea for Cassandra getting *** ***** ***, THANK YOU, KIND ARTIST, BRAVE HERO. And the result is so lovely and warm and pleasing to look at, just a super gorgeous drawing.

and the one that came in late this afternoon as a treat/birthday gift from a totally mysterious person I’m sure I don’t know, hm, who could it be,

Pathways, Nathaniel/Velanna
I don’t even know how to explain how much I just spent the last hour screaming into my own ass over how much everything about this was directed specifically at me with the intent of making me scream into my own ass. ADVENTURE FIC. AVVAR SPIRIT NONSENSE. CULTURE-ACCURATE POETRY. All of it a delightful backdrop to Nathaniel and Velanna being infuriatingly, stupidly in love. Seriah makes a cameo! MY VERY OWN DAUGHTER. My heart was hammering the whole way through and when I wasn’t smiling over how much I love the characters I was clutching my face and trying not to cry about it. My head caught fire and I died. That’s about as ringing an endorsement of a thing as I think a person can offer.

I’m an angel with a shotgun,
Fighting ‘til the war’s won,
I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back.

Something to help me practice expanding my style, so I sat down and drew a Kenny McCormick!

P.S. He’s transparent


The instant all five of my fingers touch your neck, you’ll start crumbling from the skin of your throat.

I’ve never done a screencap redraw before!! this was a lot of fun :D also the first time I’ve ever managed to draw deku successfully which probably tells me something >>