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Nothing Matters When We're Dancing (Magnetic Fields cover)
The Antlers
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing (Magnetic Fields cover)

nothing matters when we’re dancing (magnetic fields cover) | the antlers

dance with me old friend, once before we go
let’s pretend the song won’t end
and we never have to go home

“ b a y l e y aesthetic

                          – the sun sets to always rise again

Can you please stop..
  • I do not mean to sound rude but I am receiving a lot of messages asking me to hurry up and post again or when am I posting even after stating why I am not.
  • Guys, please let me write at my own pace. I am trying to keep up with my school work on top of running this blog.
  • I am trying my hardest to write up smuts for you to read ad will be posting them maybe even today or tomorrow.
  • But can you please stop asking me to hurry up and write as it can be viewed as rude? Thank you guys.
Hey There Steve Rogers
Hey There Steve Rogers

I’M BACK!!! I’ve said it before and I will say it again: every fandom needs a Hey There Delilah rewrite and I am here for those needs. I present to you the saddest thing I’ve ever written (seriously I wrote this at work and got choked up it’s embarrassing) anyway sorry in advance for the long post but I’ve attached the lyrics as per usual! Please enjoy and FYI I will read every single tag on this thing I live for feedback ahhh ok I’m done jabbering please have a listen :)


hey there steve rogers, I’m your jerk and you’re my punk

i can’t believe i always find you in back alleys all beat up

ill protect you… i try my best you know i do…

its all for you

hey there steve rogers, listen up I’m sergeant barnes

shipping out first thing tomorrow, ill win the war while I’m gone

to keep you safe… theres so much that i cannot say…

while I’m away

steve, please stay safe for me, steve please stay safe for me

steve, please stay safe for me, oh, steve please stay safe for me

hey there steve rogers, whats it like in that new body

you’ve gone and done something’ real stupid, but i won’t lie, i missed you terribly

its true, and now I’m back where i belong

right beside you…

hey there steve rogers, whats it like beneath the ocean

yknow i fell thousands of feet for you, and you still blame yourself,

oh steve, don’t you… but we had ‘em on the ropes yknow its true

i forgive you…

steve, please god be okay, steve please god be okay

steve, please god be okay, steve please god be okay

please god be okay…

hydra found me in the snow, then what they did steve, i don’t know,

but now i can’t remember who i am…

i tried so hard to fight them off, but no one came and i gave up,

they could never make me forget you anyway

well zola and his scientists, they took my arm - made me forget

my best friend who i loved for all my days

im not who i say…

hey there steve rogers, you’re my mission and i must kill you

you call me “bucky” like you know me, but you don’t- who the hell is that

i can’t recall… in the potomac you must fall….

we can’t have it all

steve, im tryin’ to remember you, steve im tryin’ to remember you

steve, im tryin’ to remember you, oh steve… I will  remember you.

help a person who is turning homeless in may

Ok! Hello, help me.

This is the second to last day in my house.

I’m going to try and set up a paypal tomorrow (april 28th) so I can beg and beg for donations.

I’m going to be homeless all of may. We don’t know where we are going to stay, but I still have to go to school. Junior year costs lost of money, for my exams, drivers ed. Also other stuff like food, water, clothing.

please, keep in touch when i open my paypal.

My mom recently got out of jail (i’m so happy!) but her job is the only way i eat dinner now. she comes home at 1am from her ruby tuesdays job with the only food i eat all day. 1am.

i need money to have food.

my dad had hospital costs cause his face is paralyzed. I need money to go to a doctor (i have never had one!!)

i need money to help me with my medical costs (glasses are expensive! mine are very weak on me) and i recently got a second degree burn which is healing, but i need money for aloe.

we don’t know where we are going to stay, but more than likely it’s going to be far away from my school. i usually wake up at 4:55 for my school, and now i’d have to wake up at 3:55? or so to get to school on time.
(i feel bad that my mom is driving and doing all this for me. I need to get my license soon. but, money :( )

anyway, tl;dr- help. I have no financial support and im scared. I’m scared, scared, scared. Please, i’m going to open my paypal april 28th. even a dollar counts.

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that if you are fan of Gravity Falls and have been keeping up with the series, to please make sure(if you can) to WATCH THE EPISODE AS IT AIRS ON TV. Gravity Fall's ratings and viewers have been dwindling this season and I'm not sure if it's because people can't figure out all the changes in scheduling, if they can't make it in time, or if it's more appealing to them the stream it and Disney isn't helping by moving the show to XD when Disney Channel gives all the views. So please, if you can, PLEASE catch "A Tale of Two Stans" tomorrow night, 8:30pm EST and find out when it airs in your area!