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BTS Reaction ;; when you’re whiny

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Jin found you incredibly adorable in those moments. He had to restrain himself from purposefully pushing you to the edge but he couldn’t help but indulge in those moments. When your bodies were intertwined, and neither of you knew your start nor end; with breathing stretching through the silence of the room, and he truly felt content with just holding you closer to his being—when just moments prior you were a whining mess.

You whined just to get here, to snake your arms around him, to pretend that you could hold onto him for an eternity. You longed for this unexplainable scene with your emotions threatening to burst. He was humming lightly, to whatever tune that invaded his mind, and he left a kiss to your forehead, smiling afterwards, “You’re so cute, darling. I should get you whiny more often…”

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Your boyfriend could be just as whiny about sleep as you were but you both had horrible, exhausting schedules that couldn’t just be moved. You always tried keeping your composure around Yoongi, knowing well that he had to have it more rough with all the hours he went on without sleep—just, today wasn’t a day on which you could hold back. The moment you both were in the same room that had a bed, you dragged him to the comforts of the blankets, displeasure crossing your features.

“It’s enough, Yoongi. The world  is enough, work is enough, everything is enough. I’m done. You’re done. Sleep. Please. Please,” you kept on murmuring words as you both got comfortable enough underneath the warmth of the bed. Yoongi was looking at you with the biggest smile on his face, albeit tired. He didn’t say a thing as you kept on ranting, he only shut you up with his lips against yours, and his arms squeezing you closer to him.

“Me too, baby, me too.”

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Hoseok saw it coming from the moment you weren’t enjoying the night out. It wasn’t that it was bad or that you didn’t want to spend time with him, rather the people were too loud and the place was too loud. He noticed how you were suppressing yawns, and the subtle remarks you would make about how it’d be nice to have a movie night or so after this. He also noticed the way your eyes glistened in agonizing anticipation. It was obvious how much you wanted some rest.

Hoseok didn’t waste a second with that newfound realization, almost instantly getting the two of you in the comfort of your house. You felt infinitely grateful to him, immediately hugging him the moment you were both out of the public’s eyes—but you wouldn’t let go, not really. “Hobi.~” You drawled, voice muffled as it was buried in the crook of his neck, “Hobi, I don’t wanna let go. Don’t make me let go. Let’s just go cuddle and sleep like this.”

“Aish, (Y/n)!” He protested but still had a smile stretching over his lips, “We can’t sleep in our clothes, come on,”  he manages to, somehow, get to the bedroom with clutching you in his arms (more like the other way around). You refused to comply, which led to the both of you lying in the bed still dressed from the night’s events. “I promise, we’ll change…later. I just need a moment with my lovely boyfriend.”

He couldn’t say no.

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It was late at night, though you refused to go underneath the covers without Namjoon. Spending a night with him was already so rare as he was constantly working, ideas infinitely pouring out of him. You enjoyed seeing him so passionate, you really did—but now was not a good time. You barely kept your eyes opened, growing tired of begging him to stop. You saw that he was just as tired, but he was doing this on purpose now as he could have ended his little inspiration streak hours ago.

“Namjoon, baby, please…” You practically slurred the words, draping your form over his. You gently tugged at him to try and make him stand up from that computer chair, but he wasn’t bugging. No, he chuckled at you. “Please, please, I miss you so much, come on…” You drawled, littering kisses all over his neck.

“I’m sorry, I just find you so cute when you’re this desperate for my attention,” he grins as he turns around in his chair, embracing you in his arms. You sigh in relief, clinging onto your boyfriend as if there was no tomorrow, “You big jerk. I’m gonna keep you in bed till late morning, okay? And I’m gonna cuddle you, and you’re gonna be paying extra attention to me.”

“I’d love nothing more.”

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“Chim, I feel like I could drop dead and just sleep for the next seventy-two hours. Would that be socially acceptable? If I faked my own death, I could sleep for all eternity then. It doesn’t sound so bad. No, it’s even appealing,” you rambled, occasionally glancing at your boyfriend with the most serious look in your eyes. You were seated in the boys’ living room, specifically on the couch as you watched Jungkook, Jin and Taehyung play whatever video game Jin choose. Jimin laughed at you, shaking his head, “You’re not enjoying in this at all, hmm, love?”

“Oh, no, no, don’t get me wrong,” you heaved a sigh, crawling in his lap for better comfort, “I just feel really tired,” you said in a slightly higher pitch, “And I just wanna sleep. Can baby sleep?” You asked him sweetly, already yawning, “Can baby sleep with you?” To this, Jimin laughed as Taehyung groaned in the background, and an ‘ohmygod’ could be heard from Jin.

“Okay, okay,” he picked you up, and had it been any other day you would have complained about your weight, but you let him make the exit for you both.

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It was the middle of the day, hence Taehyung figured that it wouldn’t bother you that much if he teased you and annoyed you out of your sleepy state. Though, he had accidentally woken you up when you had fallen asleep at the couch in the boy’s dorm, inevitably making you extremely angry—yet you were far too sleepy to actually be angry or manage your emotions well which resulted in you actually crying.

“Tae..” You practically glared at him even though you were whining his name, “Why would you do that? I just wanted some sleep, a boyfriend to cuddle, maybe even do him a favor if he was nice to me, but what do I get?” You buried your face in your pillow in the meantime, your complaining muffled to Taehyung’s ears. He grinned sheepishly, immediately laying down next to you to try calming you down.

“I’m so sorry, sunshine,” he started, shushing you down, “I didn’t know, I promise! I swear, I’ll be a good boyfriend now and comply to your wishes.”

“You’re only saying that because the ‘favor’ piqued your interest.”

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You just weren’t having it—it was a tiring day, on the borderlines of being entitled a shitty one as well. All you wished to do was drop dead, preferably with your boyfriend, on the bed, underneath the covers, and if you were feeling spicy enough with hot chocolate and a nap afterwards. Though, midway into brewing the hot drink for the both of you, Jungkook wrapped his arms around your form, grinning with his front teeth on show. You instantly leaned into the warm embrace.

“Hey,” his tone seemed mischievous, “Are you up for a hangout? The guys want us over, maybe a movie, a few rounds of Mario Kart…” Obviously, the idea was appealing to Jungkook but you had to instantly reject it with a heavy sigh. What you should have expected is for Jungkook to question why when you exactly didn’t want to explain yourself. The thin thread broke, and tears started pooling in your eyes.

“I just want to sleep, and do nothing with my life. Please, Jungkook,” you whined, hugging the male closely to hide your tear stained face in the crook of his neck. He immediately hugged you back just as tightly, “I’m so sorry, shit. Okay, okay, yeah, let’s stay in then, alright? I’m gonna cuddle you until you feel better, how about that, mm?”

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Part 1


I’m in love with Simon but recently things changed. Not with me, with him. He’s still the same gamer who stays up all night editing and playing games, but now he’s cold and quiet. Too quiet and I’m no longer having to shout at him to be quiet so I can sleep because he’s already in bed and turned towards the wall.

He’s distanced himself.

But then he snapped back and I didn’t know how to react. I was happy to see him being back to himself but I didn’t know how to feel because I still wasn’t close to him.

“Si I’m getting up really early tomorrow.” I whisper as I stand in the doorway to the bathroom in only a sleep shirt and my pants.


“I mean I’m getting up early and wanted to know if you would join me?”

“I don’t know. I mean I have to edit and won’t be in bed for about another three hours.”

“Okay well I don’t wanna interrupt so I’m gonna go stay in the guest room. Night Si.” I walk over to the bed and grab my phone and pillow.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He calls after me and feel nauseous as the words leave his mouth. No affection or emotion.

Just apathy.

“So why on earth is there a suitcase, a girly one thats yours, by the door downstairs?”

“JJ not now.” I whisper as he follows me into the other room.

“No we’re doing this now because you’re dating Simon and he didn’t say you were leaving.”

“Cause he doesn’t know. I’m going to go stay with some friends in Brighton. I just want to be by the beach. He’ll figure out soon enough.”

“Why don’t you just tell him?”

“Because have you seen him? He doesn’t kiss me anymore and he doesn’t touch me. He doesn’t act like he’s mine JJ. He’s been like this since the New Years party and I’m trying but I can’t keep grasping onto the little bit he gives me. I told him I’d be in the guest room and he just said okay see you tomorrow.”

“Jide, I know you know. I know that you know the girl he’s been seeing and it’s nice that you’re trying to salvage my relationship, but he’s bored of me. Six years too many.”

Six years and he was bored. How could I mix it up like that new girl could? Simon and I were old news and nobody wants old news after a certain point.

“My stuff is all out of here and I have more of my suitcases in the car. So when I’m gone tomorrow morning don’t say anything. Please.”

“No that’s not what you’re doing.”

“JJ I’ve known you and Simon for years. We’ve been the best of friends for years and maybe it’s just time Simon and I aren’t. Just please do me a favor and please don’t tell him what I’m up to. I already blocked him on social media and I’m changing my number. I just need time and I have none when I’m constantly worrying about what he’s doing. You kept his secret so please repay me by keeping mine.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s what I need.”


I soon put the pieces together when I had time to myself. Simon because distant and quiet when it first happened. He was guilty and he felt bad for now liking someone else. Then he stopped feeling guilty and I think that’s when I needed to go. And that’s why I did go. That’s why I’m in Brighton in my own flat near my friends who support me and make me feel wanted.

But all good things must come to an end.

“You know JJ can’t keep a secret.”

Words like knives.

“He kept yours for pretty long. Probably wouldn’t have told me if I didn’t figure it out myself.” I uncross my arms over my chest while hastily going to walk away.

“Karen can you handle the store if I head home for the day.” I shout to the back of the cafe and she nods.

Who the fuck let him come down to my place of work.

“Simon I’m not gonna spend my time talking to you so walk and talk. I have other places to be and other people to see.” I motion for him to get on with it once I have my keys and bag.

“You left without notice.”

“And you cheated on me and then continued seeing her.” I snap and he looks shocked.

“Six years of dating. I was waiting for the ring Simon. I was the idiot thinking soon you’d propose to me and boy was I wrong. Simon I’ve known you for years and been by your side for so long and you cheated on me. You didn’t even just do it once, you kept seeing her and you thought I wouldn’t know or that our friend wouldn’t tell me. You had your mates keeping it a secret. That’s low Simon. Now I go home and my parents ask where you are? I tell them that you can’t make it because if I told them we were over I don’t know if I’d be able to see their faces. They’d ask questions and I’d have to tell them that you cheated on me. So instead I lie and I tell them that you’re busy with work and can’t wait to see them.”

“Simon I waited thinking you’d propose to me this year. That after New Years we’d be engaged but instead I’m single. But you’re not because you cheated and decided to still see that home wrecker. The bitch who stayed with you and slept with you knowing you had a devoted girlfriend of six years at home waiting for you. I’m sorry but I’m sick of waiting for you. So go Simon, you got to see what you wanted. You saw the girl fawning over you and begging for you to have just been better. However I’m done being that for you because I’m happier now than I was with you because now I don’t have to worry if my famous boyfriend is gonna go fuck another girl.” I finally silence myself after putting on quite the show for the people of Brighton.

“And tell JJ that he could’ve kept his mouth shut. That I didn’t need this because I was just settling in to my new home.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re not sorry Simon. You’re just sorry you got caught. There’s a difference.”

“And Gia or whatever her name is can have you because I guess she had something you wanted that I didn’t have.”

“She wasn’t looking for a ring. That’s what she had.”

“Oh so after six years you don’t think she’ll also want one? She will and I’m assuming she’ll want a much bigger one and one much sooner. All I wanted was the confirmation that you did love me and that you did want to have a family with me. That’s what the ring meant for me. It meant confirming those six years and confirming that we’d be together forever. You just couldn’t do that. Now you’re here and I don’t know why.” I take a huge breath while holding my hands at my side.

“Just… Why are you here Simon?” I ask as tears start to well up.

“I don’t know. Everyone is asking for you. You stopped social media and changed your number. The only person who knew where you were, was JJ and everyone wanted to know where you where.”

“But did you?” I ask and he looks down while avoiding eye contact.

“I don’t know why I’m here. Just forget that I came here.”

“No I want to know why you’re here? Six years together Simon. Why are you here?”

“She’s pregnant and I don’t know what to do. With every issue that came up, I came to you and I’m used to going to you. I’m panicking. I can’t be a dad. I can’t, especially now.”

And that’s when it stopped.

The world stopped when he said she was pregnant.

“Simon I’m sorry I can’t help you with that. You want your ex girlfriend to help you become a dad? When you were supposed to be my husband and the father of my kids?”

For @saysthemagpie, who eons ago asked me for E12 : kinky - begging and C6 : goofy - fumbling, tickly, giggly sex, with any pairing (so I picked Lilo, because I’m me). I combined the two prompts, I hope it’s okay.


“Shh,” Louis whispers, pressing two fingers to Liam’s mouth, but he’s giggling just as much as Liam is, muffling the noise against Liam’s shoulder. “Payno,” he says between two chuckles, “if you don’t pipe down… they’ll hear us!”

Liam doesn’t dignify such an unfair accusation with a reply and instead slides his fingers under Louis’s sweat-soaked tank top, fingertips brushing featherlight against Louis’s sides and giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Louis shrieks, body twisting to get away from Liam’s attack, but it’s not like Louis can go anywhere, not with the both of them squeezed into Liam’s bunk, Louis half kneeling over him, legs wedged between Liam’s own legs and the bunk frame.

“Stop! Stop…” Louis gasps, weakly trying to push Liam’s arms down, his lips wet against Liam’s neck.

Liam moves his fingers up to Louis’s armpits instead and Louis whimpers, twitching above him. He slumps down on top of Liam’s chest, legs stretching out behind him, and there’s no mistaking the hard weight pressing down against Liam’s stomach through Louis’s tight jeans. It makes Liam’s blood go hot, makes his fingers move back down to Louis’s hips, his touch rewarded with another giggling whimper, Louis rutting down again him.

“Liam… cut it… off…” Louis whispers, shaking with suppressed laughter. He slips his hand through the sleeve of Liam’s t-shirt, burying his fingers into Liam’s armpit, but he lacks conviction and it feels more like he’s playing with Liam’s armpit hair than tickling him.

“Say please,” Liam whispers back, and that only gets him a vicious bite to the neck, right where it meets his shoulder. “Hey!”

Stop it,” Louis says again, a bit louder this time. He sits up, or at least tries to, banging his head against the top of the bunk with enough force to alert everyone to their shenanigans.

Liam bursts into laughter, both because of how petulant Louis looks, rubbing the back of his head with murder in his eyes, and because he’s still high from the show. He’s not quite sure how they ended up here, exactly, with Louis lying half hard on top of him and the taste of Louis’s lips still fresh on Liam’s tongue from when Louis pressed him against the door to the bunk room and kissed him senseless.

The snogging wasn’t exactly unexpected, not with the way Louis’s been wrapping himself all over Liam every time they sit next to each other, fingers poking and prodding under Liam’s shirt, stroking his nipples instead of the usual twists, Louis’s breath hot against Liam’s ear as he teasingly asks him if it’s getting him hard.

The snogging wasn’t unexpected, but the timing still took Liam by surprise, shocking him enough that he didn’t even argue when Louis pushed him into his bunk, crawling in after him and shutting the curtains a split second before Niall entered the room, mumbling a “good night” to no one in particular before crawling into his own bed, right atop Liam’s.

Liam’s brought back to the present when Louis pinches his waist, clearly put out at being ignored. “You lapsed out,” he accuses, twisting Liam’s flesh again, hard. Liam winces, but he can’t deny that the pain feels weirdly… good, maybe because Louis’s biting on his lip as he does it and it makes Liam want to kiss him again.

Instead he shifts his leg so he can stroke the sole of Louis’s foot with his big toe, making Louis jerk back and hit his head again. His feet have always been his weakest point, Liam recalls with a grin as he does it a second time, liking the way Louis desperately tries to shuffle out of his grasp, in vain.

Don’t,” Louis warns, but it falls flat with how the word barely makes it out of his mouth, his breath cut short with either fear or desire, it’s hard to tell. Liam keeps on tickling Louis’s foot with his toe, brushing his fingertips up and down Louis’s ribs, stroking his knuckles against Louis’s quivering stomach, gently blowing air against Louis’s neck, and it’s not long until Louis’s a mess, his back pushed against the side of the bunk as he tries to curl up on his side, his eyes filled with tears, hiccuping with laughter. Liam turns on his side too, wedges a leg between Louis’s, fingers skittering along the waistband of Louis’s jeans, making Louis squeal. Louis pushes at Liam’s chest, forehead pressed against Liam’s shoulder, but Liam doesn’t relent, and when Louis chokes out “Payno, stop!” Liam only answers, “Say please.”

Louis freezes for a split second, then bends his knee, hitting Liam square in the nads. It’s not like it hurts much, Louis having no room for any kind of momentum, but the message is clear.

“Say please,” Liam says again, digging his fingers into the hollow of Louis’s hipbones. He doesn’t flinch when Louis’s fingernails rake down his side, hard enough to scrape skin, and instead reaches down to tug on the button of Louis’s jeans until it pops free. “Say please,” he says, sliding Louis’s zipper down.

Louis gasps against Liam’s shoulder, then bites him, slow and almost gentle, teeth digging into his skin.

“Say please,” Liam whispers, slipping two fingers through the open fly of Louis’s jeans, barely brushing them against the damp cotton of Louis’s pants.

“Fuck, please,” Louis says at last, the words sounding like they’ve been wrenched from his throat. “Please,” he says again, pressing a kiss to Liam’s jaw. “Please,” he gasps against Liam’s mouth, jerking forward when Liam cups him with his entire palm, feeling the heat and the weight of him.

Liam didn’t plan on wanking Louis off tonight, but now that they’re here, Louis shaking against him, his pants wet where his dick is leaking precome, Liam can’t think of anything else he’d rather do. Slipping his hand into Louis’s pants is the easiest thing in the world, and while holding someone else’s dick is weird, the sensations are familiar enough for Liam’s hand to know exactly what to do, wanking Louis with slow, dragged out pulls, until Louis is muttering against his cheek, a string of “please” and “don’t stop” and variations on Liam’s name, Louis’s hand fisted around Liam’s t-shirt, his other arm curled above Louis’s head, knuckles pressed against the top of the bunk, fist punching the ceiling with every stroke of Liam’s hand.

It’s hot, wanking Louis off, and it’s even hotter how little time it takes for Louis to shiver all over, body going taut from head to toe as he comes in wet hot spurts all over Liam’s forearm and wrist and fingers, his hand shooting up to grab at Liam’s hair, wrenching Liam’s head back so Louis can kiss him, hot and wet and desperate.

Louis goes all pliant afterwards, slumped down against Liam, his eyes half-lidded. He’s loose- limbed as Liam shuffles them around, lying on his back and letting Louis drape himself over him, tangling their legs together.

“Need to get you off,” Louis grumbles, his cheek pressed against Liam’s chest, fingers weakly playing with the sweaty curls of hair stuck to Liam’s cheeks. The bunk is sweltering and the smell of sex is overwhelming, but Liam wouldn’t open the curtains if someone paid him.

“I’m fine,” Liam says, because he is. He’s hard, but it’s nothing that he feels the need to take care of, more of a curled-up ball of warmth in his belly than a red hot current of lust spreading through his blood.

“You’re not fine,” Louis argues, but he sounds half-asleep already, arm flopping down, fingers curled against Liam’s neck. “Need to… come…”

“Need to sleep,” Liam says, tugging a corner of his bedsheets free to rub at his hand and forearm, before slipping a hand through Louis’s hair, gently massaging his head until Louis’s practically purring, or maybe that’s snores.

Liam’s phone pings, screen lighting up in the darkness of the bunk, and Louis grumbles something unintelligible, definitely on his way to sleep. Liam gropes above his head until his fingers find the smooth surface of his phone and close around it, bringing it down to his face.

There’s three texts, all sent in a matter of seconds. One from Niall (Next time fukcing WARN A PAL befre u fuckers decide to shag!!! >.< ), one from Zayn (Nicely done leyuum ;) ), and one from Harry (Why do I always miss all the fun? :((( )

Liam clicks his phone shut and wraps his arms around Louis’s back, trying to ignore the burning in his cheeks.

Nothing Matters When We're Dancing (Magnetic Fields cover)
The Antlers
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing (Magnetic Fields cover)

nothing matters when we’re dancing (magnetic fields cover) | the antlers

dance with me old friend, once before we go
let’s pretend the song won’t end
and we never have to go home


Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Request by anon: Can I make a Derek request where Derek and Y/N have been dating in secret like she is an Alpha. So they are cuddled up on the sofa with the fire on watching a film, all of a sudden the loft door slides open and the pack come in and they are all shocked to see Derek cuddled up to a girl. He asks why they came over and Scott tells him that he promiswd to train Liam, Y/N teels him that it’s okay for him to help and she will help to, as she’s worked with a lot of betas before. Thank you!Request by anon: Can I make a Derek request where Derek and Y/N have been dating in secret like she is an Alpha. So they are cuddled up on the sofa with the fire on watching a film, all of a sudden the loft door slides open and the pack come in and they are all shocked to see Derek cuddled up to a girl. He asks why they came over and Scott tells him that he promiswd to train Liam, Y/N teels him that it’s okay for him to help and she will help to, as she’s worked with a lot of betas before. Thank you!

Please request more Derek imagines :) I really enjoyed writing this one :)


“Hey love.” Derek comes down the stairs and wraps his arms around me. “What do you want to do today?” he asks and kisses my forehead. “Cuddles and movies?” he laughs and carrys me to the sofa.

“You’re like a little puppy.” he smiles putting me down. “I’m an alpha!” he smiles and pets my head. “Sure, puppy.” he goes over to the fireplace and starts a fire. I pout. “What is it puppy?” he comes back to me.

“Don’t call me that.” I hit his chest. “But I love to call you puppy.” he sits down next to me and pulls me onto his lap. “And I know you like it too.” he whispers into my ear. I giggle and he smiles. “So cuddles and movie?”

I nod and he brings us into a lying position. “You choose.” he gives me the remote. “101 dalmatians?” he laughs and kisses my neck. “Yes!” I turn around and cuddle with him.

He smiles and wraps his arms around me tighter. I kiss his neck and suck a little leaving a big love bite. He laughs and kisses my forehead. “Come on now. Let’s watch the movie.” he puts a blanket over us and we watch the movie in silence.

“Can we get a puppy Derek? Please?” I ask when they get all the puppies. “Y/N…we talked about this…” he kisses my cheek. “But we’re dating two years now. Please can we get a puppy.” I turn around. “Y/N…” I sit up and look at him. “You don’t introduce me to your pack and you don’t want to get a puppy with me! Why do you keep this such a secret?!” I flash my eyes red.

“Y/N please…” he wants to take my hands into his. “No! I’m sick of it.” I want to go but he pulls me back into his arms. “We’re getting a puppy tomorrow okay?” “Really?” he nods and kisses me softly. “Everything you want love.” he smiles.

We start cuddling again when the loft door opens. “Derek?!” I hear some voices call. “Is that the pack?!” I jump up but Derek pulls me back. “Who is that?” a girl with strawberry blonde hair stands in front of us. “Derek is cuddling?!” a boy looks at us. He smells like human…

“Can you please leave us alone.” I hear Dereks annoyed voice. “Is that your girlfriend?!” a girl with short brown hair asks. “He has a girlfriend?!” the human boy asks again. “Uhm guys…” a really cute guy says.

“Aww! He’s such a cute puppy!” I jump up and run my hands through his hair. He blushes and looks at me. “Can we keep him Derek?” I hug the boy.

“Let go of Liam.” he crosses his arms. “What? Are you jealous?” I smile at him. “Maybe.” I let go of Liam and hug Derek. “You are cute.” I smile at him. He wraps his arms around me and looks at them. “What do you want?” “We wanted to train Liam. And you have a training room so… and you’d say you’d help if there was a new beta.”

Derek rolls his eyes. “I can help! I already trained a lot of betas.” Derek looks at me. “No.” I hit his chest. “You can’t tell me what to do. I’m stronger than you Derek.” I cross my arms. “You’re not training him.” He points at Liam.

“Watch me.” I take Liams hand an pull him to the training room. “Y/N! He has anger issues. He could hurt you.” Derek follows us. “Oh c'mon as if you didn’t have anger issues when we first met.” I roll my eyes.

“Y/N!” I turn around. “What? I’m gonna do this. Help me or not. I don’t care.” he looks angry. “Fine…” he drops his arms and comes over to us. “But only because you’re important to me.”

“ b a y l e y aesthetic

                          – the sun sets to always rise again

Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

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Cheating (Bucky x Reader)

Word Count: 1200

               “What the hell is this?” You walked into yours and Bucky’s bedroom as he was packing up his stuff. “Why are you packing?”

               “I’m not stupid.” Bucky muttered, shoving in his shirts as fast as he could. He couldn’t believe you, you could go and make phone calls with another man and then come home to him. He knew what you were doing with him, he just couldn’t believe you’d lead him on. “you’re cheating on me with that Bill dude.”

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Attitude Problem- Part 5

He continued to rest his temple against her forehead yearning for more of her touch.

Just then y/n retracted her hand from Finn’s hair and shifted on the floor to reach for a box underneath her bed. She drew the box closer, placed her book inside of it and withdrew a stack of Polaroids from it.

There were multiple pictures of her and Finn. In most of them they were just goofing off & making funny faces. But in some they peered soberly into or away from the lens of the camera, exuding a hopeless romanticism with their poses. The pictures aptly depicted the dynamics of their relationship: they oscillated between two extreme ends- there never was a middle ground nor a compromise. They either fiercely loved each other or fervidly hurt one another.

“You can take these. I remember you asking for them some time back.” Y/n whispered to him.

“What…what am I…why…” Finn lost the ability to formulate coherent sentences.

“I don’t want them anymore. I don’t think I’d want too much of anything that creates nostalgia.” Y/n explained.

“But why?” Finn asked vexingly.

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore, Finn. I’m not entirely sure if I want to break up or just take a break but I certainly need time apart to think things through.”

All the colour drained from Finn and he turned a shade of pale that dissolved the usual glow from his face. He felt a sharp pang in his chest and he was sure the cracks beneath his skin were visibly deepened at y/n’s words.

But the wound in his chest seemed to have provided a passage for his darker self to push through. The demon instinct seeped out of him as he grew incredibly agitated.

“I did not cheat y/n! Why won’t ya understand that?” He argued.

Y/n said nothing in return.

“We’re not breaking up & we’re not taking any break-”

“You don’t get to decide that.” Y/n quipped. She folded her arms across her chest and looked away.

Silence consumed the room until Finn’s chest revved with angry, heavy breathing. He then stood up from the floor and rammed his fist against the door, fortunately only denting it instead of breaking it in half. He then opened the door and slammed it shut with a thunderous bang, the sound echoing through the entire apartment. Y/n stayed in her room, rooted in her spot, still reeling from the shock of all the mixed emotions she was experiencing. She could hear Finn’s feet stomp angrily towards the main door. He slammed that door too, on his way out.
Y/n didn’t hear from him for the next 8 days. No texts, no phone calls. Nothing at all. She knew he was travelling most of Europe this week so it was probably easier for the two of them to stay out of each other’s sights. However, in his absence she realised how much effort he put in to make the long distance thing work. Until today, she hadn’t truly resonated with the concept of distance because Finn would be on his feet 24/7- he’d go left, right & centre just to be with her, vaulting from one flight to the next. On occasions where he found himself concrete bound, he’d have her flown over to him.

But she was alone now. She didn’t know if things would ever be the same anymore…and the thought of it rattled her to her core.

She picked up her phone & typed in a text saying she over reacted to the situation and she wanted to see him again. But then the insidious paranoia of rejection came seeping in. What if Finn didn’t want to see her melodramatic ass ever again? He didn’t even bother contacting her ever since the feud.

What if…he was with someone?

No no no. It can’t be. It’s just been 8 days. He can’t move on that fast.

On the ninth day y/n held her head in her hands and cried hot tears at the dinner table. She was in utter shambles and she had no one to blame but herself.

Eventually, on day eleven, she mustered the courage to call Finn. She couldn’t presumably end things without talking them through.

It rang and rang and y/n’s breath hitched when she heard a click on the other side of the line.

“Finn?” She pronounced his name nervously into the speaker, praying he’d be willing to talk. Just talk. Nothing more.

“Yeah?” He spoke breathily, just one bland word. It was hard to gauge any emotion in his voice with just a syllable.

Y/n hoped he would say more, perhaps use any one of his unique terms of endearment for her. But he didn’t. Her insecurities took third gear and she decided to play it cool before she was disappointed by her own lofty expectations.

“I… I was just wondering how you’re doing?” She attempted to keep her voice composed.

She heard him exhale deeply before answering and could vividly imagine him running his hands through his short hair, maybe have one hand placed near his hip as he would, whenever he grew frustrated.

“I’m fine. What about you?” He replied. Still no expression in his voice. Y/n feared the worst. Maybe he doesn’t care anymore. Maybe, inferentially so, we have broken up.

“Oh. Yeah I’m fine too.” She anxiously searched for something to say to keep the conversation flowing.

“When are you coming back from the tour?”

“Erm, we’re actually returning tomorrow evening.” He spoke casually.

“I’d like to see you then.” Y/n spoke with half confidence and half trepidation.

Please don’t say no. Please say yes, you want to see me too. Please Finn.


Finn took his sweet time before responding.

“Yeah, I think there’s some things we should talk over- in person.”

Wait, why’d he say it like that? The way he phrased it sounded worse than the horrid “talk” you have with your parents before they drop a bomb on you.

“I… I’ll see you then.” Y/n didn’t know what else to say. She was just relieved she was given the opportunity to see him one more time.

“See ya.” Finn replied dryly.

Y/n held onto the phone for several seconds before her gaze drifted to the Polaroids she first thought of discarding with her boyfriend.

They stood atop a lush green hill, doing the Finn freeze. She watched the image intently from where she stood now, hoping to relive the captured moment.

Fuck nostalgia.

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Music Series: Chloe by Grouplove (sequel to Friends)

2nd quest to fulfill my sequel requests! This is a lot more work, and taking a lot longer, than I thought it would!

Some of you enjoyed the secrecy of their relationship in “Friends”, and some of you wanted them to be discovered! Shame on you!

Have no idea what it’s like for celebrities to be in this position, but this is fiction anyway, so hopefully I can at least give it a good story.

This is the sequel to Ed Sheeran’s “Friends”, linked with the title if you’ve not read it. I had a different song chosen for this sequel and had already begun writing it, then thought of this song and changed it, knowing this one was more fitting.

This is “Chloe” by Grouplove, which you can listen to HERE on my Spotify playlist called, ‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’. Thank you for requesting a sequel, and this goes out to all the Grouplove fans! xo



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Hello all!

We bring two important pieces of information about EvB.

  1. Sign ups for EvB have technically closed, but we have an uneven amount of people at the moment. So, we will be allowing more sign ups until latest of 9am PST on June 28th, as we work to balance the teams. However, because the purpose of this is to balance the teams, we reserve the right to cut off sign ups once they have been balanced. (If you sign up and it’s been officially closed, you will be added to the waitlist for the event.)
  2. If you have already signed up, you should have received an email confirming your registration. Please reach out to us asap if you haven’t received it. In your confirmation, you should have also seen that we are asking for you to confirm your email. This is simply so that you can be added to the team spreadsheet, which will be hosted on google drive, so that you can keep track of your points. Please confirm your email for us!

Thank you! Please look forward to TOMORROW, when we will release the team rosters and begin voting for your team leaders! 

Remember that the tag for this event is #engineering vs biochem!

Prequel to Jon Snow x Baratheon!Reader

Baratheon reader; arya sees her fighting in K.L and is impressed so ned asks her to train her

Jon SnowxBaratheon!Reader Part 1

Jon SnowxBaratheon!Reader Part 2

Jon SnowxBaratheon!Reader Part 3

Jon SnowxBaratheon!Reader Part 4

Jon SnowxBaratheon!Reader Part 5

Jon SnowxBaratheon!Reader Part 6


        Although you hated Kings Landing, and you weren’t too fond of most of the family you had in it, you loved the feeling of the sun on your skin and the light breeze that came from the ocean. Dragonstone seemed to always be more cloudy and cold when you compared it to King’s Landing.

        The dress you wore fluttered around you as the breeze took and moved the light fabric, something your mother had insisted you wear to fit in around the palace and your…particular…Aunt.

        Your Mother had long given up on trying to get you to wear dresses everyday like a Lady would but you both knew your Aunt seeing you in pants would start more drama than either of you wanted.

Yet, as you found yourself loving the sun and breeze you longed for your Father to finish meeting with your Uncle Robert and his new Hand so you could return home to Dragonstone.

Your wandering of the gardens turned into you wandering he whole castle and you found yourself ending up where you always do; in front of the armory and training area for the Kings Guard. Gold cloaks jabbed at each other with practice swords and men lined up their bows with the targets they stood across from.

You felt yourself chuckle. They were good, sure. And you were happy for your Uncle and sweet cousins, Myrcella and Tommen, because you knew they would be protected. But you were quick to see that you could probably take down most of the men there in hand to hand combat.

“What are you laughing at?” You turned to the young voice and saw a small girl with dark hair and tattered clothing standing behind you, a thin sword at her side.

“Light footed, aren’t you? I’m laughing at the guards.”


“You want to handle that sword, yes?” She nodded. You beckoned her near you and squatted down to her level. “One of the most important things in fighting isn’t just knowing how to use your weapon…it’s how to use your opponent.” She looked at you confused. “See that man there,” you pointed to one of the men sparring 10 yards in front of you. “He does a little jolt with his shoulder before he swings his sword. If you saw that as you fought him you’d be able to tell where he was going to aim for before he swung his sword.”

You watched her watch the man and she finally nodded, “I see it!”

“See that man there?”  You pointed to another man as he jabbed with a fellow guard. “He’s bow legged. Even as he gets a wide stance and lunges at his opposition his feet are still far too close. If you met him on the battlefield a swift sweep of the feet or a hit powerful enough to mess with his balance would send him on the ground with you towering over him.” You went through explaining the faults and patterns of fighting each man showed as they practiced.

Finally, a guard who had seen you pointing and snickering with the girl hollered at you from across the courtyard. “You, girl! What do you think you’re doing over here?”

“I’m telling this young girl what exactly each one of you are doing that will lead to your demise,” you frankly stated.

“You saying we don’t know how to do our job?”

“Not at all. I’m just pointing out the flaws and patterns in your fighting that will inevitably at you killed at some point.”

“Who do you think you are? You are a woman, what do you know of fighting?” You walked over to the stand of swords nearest to you and expected the blades.

“What’s your name Sir?”

“Sir Eyan Tymber. What of it?”

“Your problem, Sir Tymber, is that you underestimate your opponent,” quicker than he could prepare for you lifted a sword up and held it at his jugular. “That’s what will lead to your demise. You’re too cocky, you think everything you do nothing but perfect. You think of yourself as undefeatable and you think of your opponents as lesser beings.”

“Easy for a dirty fighter to say,” he said carefully as to not get his throat closer to the blade.

You dropped your hand to your side suddenly. “You’re right.” You took four paces back and turned again, raising the sword and hiking your dress behind you as best you could. “So fight me now, knowing not to underestimate you.”

“Fight you? You’re a girl!”

“A girl who just had your life in her hands. What’s the matter? Scared?” The gleam in your eye was enough to send him over the edge and have him raise his sword. You played with him for a bit, like a cat with a mouse. And when you grew bored you disarmed him and had him on the ground.

“Like I said, Sir Tymber, never underestimate your opponent.” You looked down and notice the bottom on your dress was dirty and tattered. “My Mother will not like this.”

“Your Mother some whore in court,” he jealously spat.

“My Mother is the wife of Lord Stannis Baratheon.” The man’s eyes went wide as he realized who that made you. You handed the sword to a guard next to you and walked towards the young girl. “Did you learn anything?” She could do nothing but nod. “Good,” you smiled and walked away


“I’m telling you Father she was the best fighter I’ve ever seen! Better than you and Robb and Jon! Maybe better than you three put together!”

“That so,” Ned Stark grinned amused as his daughter’s excitement. “And what was this woman’s name?”

“That’s the best part. It was Y/N Baratheon!”

“Stannis’ daughter?” Arya nodded, “That means I can do it too, Father! I can be a swordsman like her and a Lady like you and Mother want me to be. Oh please, please, please, Father can I train with her?”

“I guess it would be up to her.”

“You’re the Hand of the King, can you ask her if she will teach me?” Ned looked at his daughter, he hadn’t seen her that excited since they came to King’s Landing.

“You will come with me tomorrow morning to ask her if she will train you.”

“Oh, thank you Father!” The young girl jumped and hugged her Father right before running out of the room.


Your were in another dress that your Mother had begged you to keep in pristine condition. You sat at the small table in the garden breaking your fast and watching the birds fly over head. Someone cleared their throat and you turned. “Lord Stark,” you greeted him.

“Lady Baratheon,” he nodded and you saw a small girl behind him.

“Please, sit.” He sat across from you and the girl sat between you two. “It’s a pleasure to speak with you Lord Stark.” You looked at the girl. “You must be Arya.” She nodded. “The whispers I’ve heard make sense then,” you joked. “Would you two like anything to break fast?”

“No, thank you, we’ve eaten,” Ned said but the look in Arya’s eyes as she eyes your fresh fruit said otherwise. You tossed her and orange and grinned. “You’re too kind.”

“What can I do for you Lord Stark?”

“My daughter said you taught her something yesterday, as well as some of the Gold Cloaks.”

“I did.”

“Arya is interested in learning to use that sword of hers and would very much like to train with you before you return home. If you have time that is.”

“I have plenty of time,” you told him. “But I will not train her,” she looked crushed. “Not until she does the first task.”

“Which is,” he asked?

“She must as me herself. A woman can’t learn to defend herself with a sword until she can speak up for herself.” You and Ned’s eyes turned towards the small girl who sat up straight in her chair and fearlessly looked you in the eyes.

“Lady Baratheon, will you please train me to fight? I want nothing more than to learn to be as good as you.”

A grin overtook your face. “As you free after lunch today?” She glanced at her Father, who nodded, and looked back at you nodding. “Then met me at the corridor at the end of the West hall. Bring your sword.”



Fushimi Saruhiko - Episode 1
Song Without a Name (Reprise) - Chapter 28 - LadyYateXel - Johnny the Homicidal Maniac [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 28/28
Fandom: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Johnny “Nny” C./Edgar Vargas, Devi D./Tenna
Characters: Edgar Vargas, Devi D., Jimmy “Mmy”, Johnny “Nny” C., Tenna
Additional Tags: Songfic, AU, Rewrite, Asexual Character, Asexuality

“Reincarnation is complicated and apparently not a refined system. When the lines between lives are blurry at best, and memories seep in from the person you were, do you stay the person you are? Who do you want to be, and do you want to be seen?”

Sharing a bit of a personal experiment in rewriting ‘Song Without A Name’, a fanfic I began writing in 2004. You absolutely don’t need to the read the original to read this, and I’d actually prefer if you didn’t! If you do decide to track it down, please just keep in mind things have changed in over ten years, even if I’m still using the same summary!

Even more excessive notes inside~! Updates on the 10th of the month. Complete.

The End.

I’m done, and I feel kind of sick about it.   I’m putting it up a day early because I’ll be at work tomorrow an unable to orchestrate everything I need to do.  Thank you for reading this thing that was my world for so long.  Please, please enjoy it.  It is my thing.  More long winded talk under here: 

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lovelyplantbirb  asked:

i know the nightfury AU isn't a fave of yours or even all that serious- but i gotta see the nightfury boys designs, please please please.

Well, ALL of my other art / detailed references for it is in my sketchbook, but here’s some colored refs I whipped up real quick! I’ll probably post the actual references and other art tomorrow, but enjoy this for now. I’ll add some simple descriptions + more facts below the cut!

(I also just never took it seriously because i never thought anyone else would take it seriously, so I’m glad you like it, and kinda surprised!)

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