please please please just come and sit on my face

headcanon: mcsnurtle the turtle becomes a therapy pet for barry. whenever he comes back from a mission, he just lies down on the floor with his cowl down and lets the turtle crawl all over him for HOURS. iris tries to get him off the floor in vain and resorts to sitting down with him to play with mcsnurtle

Exo Reaction To You Breaking Up With Them Because You Think You're Not Good Enough

He would be absolutely heartbroken. He’d grab your hand and sit you down and try to talk things through. He’d explain to you why he loves you and why he thinks you’re making a mistake. He’d do everything in his power to make you stay.
“I don’t know what made you come to this decision, but you’re the light of my life and I don’t know what I would do without you.”

He won’t cry. He’d actually be angry. Angry at you for feeling like this is the answer, angry at himself for not noticing and making you feel like he didn’t care about you enough.
“This is bullshit. Why would you say something like that? What did I do wrong?”

There will be tears, and lots of them. He won’t try to stop you if it’s really what you want, but he’ll make sure you know that it’s not what he wants and he loves you more than anything.
“I’m so sorry if I ever made you feel this way. If you want to go, I won’t stop you, but I love you so, so much and I’ll miss you.”

He’d just barely be able to stop himself from crying, for your sake. His voice would shake as he begs you to stay.
“Please, please don’t leave me. You’re my whole world. Please don’t leave me all alone.”

He won’t say anything. He’ll just nod and let you leave, but the second you’re out the door, he’ll burst into tears.
“What did I do wrong?”

He’ll be crying too hard to even try to stop you. If you don’t take mercy on the boy and stay with him, he’ll text you every day begging you to come back home.
“I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t work. I can’t live without you.”

He’d sigh and sit down and bury his face in his hands. Like Jongdae, he won’t say anything, but he won’t cry either. if you do leave him, he’ll fall into a depression, but he won’t try to get you back. You had to have a reason for leaving him, so he’ll respect that.
I’ll never find someone like them… I really screwed up this time…”

Here come the waterworks. Instead of begging you to stay, he’ll tell you all the reasons why he doesn’t deserve you.
You’re such a beautiful person and you’re smart and kind and amazing and I can’t understand how someone like me ended up with someone as perfect as you.”

He wouldn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want you to leave, but he always wants what is best for you.
“I-I… I don’t.. understand… If that’s really what you want, jagi, then okay…”

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3 times newt didn't admit something was wrong and the one time he did | newt scamander

Prompt: 34 “ please don’t give up on me” . Newt

theme: hurt/comfort

warnings: nothing I don’t think

author note: school is almost out so more fics up soon

Originally posted by dont-give-a-bother


Newt is obviously disheveled when he pushes through your door. You hadn’t seen him in months and it was obviously a surprise to you that he had come because he had been God knows where. He sat down at her kitchen table and put his hands in his lap.

You looked over at him and smiled softly, “Newt? Are you okay?”

He glances up at you and nods softly, breathing slowly. He interlocks his fingers and closes his eyes and leans back in the chair. It isn’t really a problem that he’s come, just in the manner that he has. Usually, he would call or write and says he’s stopping by. Nothing this abrupt.

You rock on the heels of your feet for a moment and watch him. Entire body tense, rigid breaths. It’s unlike him and you’re worried but Newt doesn’t want that. He just wants a moment.

“You,” you pause and wait for him to acknowledge you, “are you going to stay for dinner?”

He swallows and his Adam’s apple bobs a bit but he nods.


You’re both walking down the street, you’re tucked perfectly under his arm. Your arm is wrapped around his torso, glancing up at him every now and again to make sure he’s fine because sometimes being out too long makes him uncomfortable.

You notice the way he clenches and unclenches his jaw, how his free hand in shoved into his coat pocket. How his eyes are sharply trained to nothing in particular.

Pressing your hand a bit harder to his side to get his attention. He made a soft sound of acknowledgement but didn’t look over to you. He was obviously antsy but wasn’t trying to show it.

“Newt? Do you want to go back to my apartment?”

He shakes his head, of course not! You wanted to go out and he was going to make it out with you. You dealt with a lot in your relationship and he was going to give you this.

You breathe in, he didn’t have to do this if he didn’t want to, “we can go back, I promise, it’s fine.”


Newt is, by all means, a great boyfriend. He’s just awkward. And when he gets into those moods he becomes upset. Of course, you understand this. Why wouldn’t you? The two of you had been together since Hogwarts. There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for your him and vice versa.

That means, when you were invited to a friend’s wedding, he attended. Obviously he wasn’t going to let you go alone, he insisted that was absurd. Even if crowds made him uncomfortable and talking was sometimes hard because of it. He wanted to make you happy.

Acceptable reasons were given as to why he would come although you told him he didn’t have to and before you knew it, you were both in a crowded church waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.

Newt was okay for the most part, awkward as usual but pretty much dealing well with it. A few people clapped his shoulder while waiting and said hey, and said he was next since the majority of the people you two had gone to Hogwarts with were married.

He laughed, breathlessly, and glanced over to you. You smiled back and grabbed his hand. Sweaty palms as more people, who were all waiting for the bride who was, of course, late, talked to him.

“You don’t have to talk to them if you don’t want to, you know? I can talk to them for the both of us.”

He swallowed, “no I’m fine. I can talk to people about things.”

You gave him another smile despite knowing something was wrong, and that is was probably the over abundance of people who all wanted to talk to him at once about his life.


“Come on Newt! Can’t we just go out and have dinner this one night? You know, the night you’re actually home?” Arguments rarely happened between the two of you because you were usually on the same page but tonight–tonight was different.

Newt, happily, had been gone for a resounding five months. Off studying magical creatures and acquiring a new and unfamiliar set of scars. Scars that covered his arm, chest, back, and face per usual. Not that you were going to argue with him about safety because that one never ended well at all.

He paused, hands wringing together and his tongue jutting out and then back in nervously. “I just, I just don’t want to is all.”

You bring your bottom lip under your teeth, crushing the soft skin beneath it to keep from yelling. Not surprisingly, Newt didn’t want to go out but every time he was home now he seemed to not want to do anything but sit in the kitchen and study his notes.

“Please, just this once. We haven’t gone out in ages!” You continue with your argument. You’re going to win this time, you are.

He closes his eyes and leans forward to where his face is resting on his hands, “why can’t we just stay here and eat and then go to sleep.”

Something in his voice was far more desperate then. Pleading for you to just agree. Let him read over his notes and then come to bed at an ungodly hours to just get up and leave in a few hours.

You rolled your eyes, this had gone far enough really and you were about to finish it.

“I don’t know why, all of a sudden, you have the urge to sit in the apartment all the time you’re back here. It’s like you don’t want to be seen or something, I don’t understand!”

His jaw clenched, “please,” he breaks, ”please don’t give up on me. Please understand. I can’t. No one wants to see my face like this.”

Hit From Hell

Becca_Bae93 Has Signed On

Becca_Bae93: Hey, what’s taking you all so long? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

AngelWriter999 Has Signed On

AngelWriter999: rude Bec

Becca_Bae93: Boo hoo, Angel. I wanna see who won the hits count up! (◕‿◕✿)

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AmbiableJinx: Oh please you’re only doing it because you KNOW you won this week.

EsterAndrews: You don’t know that for sure, I did really well this week too!

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can people please stop being confrontational with call center workers, please? Please??

i swear to god i am doing my best to help every single person i get on my line, but if you come to me teeth bared i just dont have time to care about you anymore. because your ire at me is completely unwarranted, i deal with at least 50 people everyday that just want to be difficult and chew me out and i have to sit through that with a straight face, and pretend it doesnt bother me and you fucking know it. thats why you do it. because youre a spineless fuck taking your frustration out on me because i cant fight back when im here. god if i could i would rip you all a new one, i would sink my fuckin teeth in. hell i’d probably just hang up on a lot of you.

everyone always totes call center jobs as easy. “OH ITS JUST TALKING IN THE PHONE ALL DAY LMAO” no one seems to understand the emotional toll of having to sit through hours of abuse per day for things you had nothing to do with and not being able to say anything but sorry. i hate it. im literally being paid to be an abuse victim because people want to blame me for the mistakes of a company and im so sick of it. its fucking me up. i get yelled at everyday and spoken too like im evil.




i dont care if you had to take time out of your day, i dont care if you hate talking on the phone. i understand these things, its not an excuse to be one of the 50 people that will make me feel like shit. take your frustration elsewhere. its my job to help you not endure your abuse.

First Kiss || Brooklyn Beckham

Anon: Hiii could you do more imagines with brooklyn please? Like having your first kiss with him and him making it really passionate and romantic

Hey there,
So, I wanted to ask if some more people can react on my post about the Christmas Special ^^
Here’s the link:
Christmas Special
Thanks already xx

Anon, I hope you like your imagine. I got so much feels while writing this one. Oh my gosh, not good for my health. And no, I don’t know who the girl from the picture is… At some point I thought he had a girlfriend, but he doesn’t. And at some other point I thought it was his mom… But I doubt that. Anyway, I thought the pictured fitted the imagine.

Song to listen to: Lucky ~ Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat


Brooklyn called me to come to his house to watch a movie. So here I was, sitting a bit awkward on his couch, waiting for him to come back with the popcorn and coke.

Finally he came back and sat next to me after setting the food on the coffee table in front of us.

“So, what movie?” Brooklyn asked.

I smiled slightly and sighed. “I thought you’d already picked one.”


“17 Again?” I suggested and Brooklyn instantly whined.

“Nah, no chick flick, please.”

A smirk appeared on my face and I shrugged nonchalantly. “Yes chick flick, please.”

Brooklyn pouted and shoved toward me for a hug. “Please, let’s just watch some action?”

I pouted back. “Please, 17 Again?”

Brooklyn’s face turned serious, then thoughtfully and finally it turned into a naughty expression. His arms grabbed my wrist and before I knew it, we were laying on the ground, wrestling.

“Brooklyn! Go off me! Pleas!” I yelled laughing.

“Nope, not before you say we’re gonna watch some action.” He gave me a quick wink and I felt my cheeks turn into a light red color. We were just friends. No, I say it wrong – we’re best friends. Though, I can’t deny that I always had (and still have) a huge crush on him. But I couldn’t tell him, I didn’t want to ruin anything, so I kept silence and didn’t tell him.

“Why do you want to watch that movie anyways? We’ve already seen it like, a thousand times before,” Brooklyn mumbled while sitting on top of me and playing with my hands, not looking at me.

I just shrugged, though he didn’t see. “I just love the movie.”

“You just love the movie, or you just love the person who’s playing the main character?” Brooklyn looked at me again and raised an eyebrow, being all serious.

He kinda confused me so I just frowned, then smirked. “Maybe. Zac Efron is just the hottest human being.”

Brooklyn shut his eyes down, got off me and sat down on the couch again. I frowned again and sat next to him.

“Hey, why the instant mood swing?” I wrapped my arm around his waist, but he slightly pulled away.

“Let’s just watch some action. You chose last time,” Brooklyn mumbled and grabbed the remote control. I took the thing out of his hands and he looked at me, exasperate.

“I’m your best friend,” I said softly, “you know you can tell me everything, right?”

Brooklyn slightly nodded and sighed. “I know, but not this. Let’s just-“

“No. We’re not gonna watch a movie like nothing’s going on. Just tell me-“

In an instant, Brooklyn softly pressed his lips against mine. I was surprised about his action. I couldn’t help but smiled and kissed him back carefully. It was my first kiss and he knew that. I also knew this was his first kiss either. I felt the butterflies in my stomach being brought to life, what made me smile again.

“This is what you wanted to tell me?” I asked, softly giggling.

Brooklyn nodded. “I felt kinda rejected when you said that you were only my best friend, though.” His smile was so sweet, it made me all softened up.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I think I was a too afraid to tell you that I really, like, really like you,” I grinned.

Brooklyn smiled even wider. “You’re my first kiss.”

“You’re my first kiss too, you know that,” I smiled back. Then, something came up to my mind. “Oh, and I was wrong about Zac Efron. He’s not the hottest human being.”

Brooklyn raised an eyebrow at me.

“You are,” I smirked, before I pressed my lips against his again.

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33 with Sirius for the blurb thing, please. Thank you

Prompt Request - Prompts List
33. “Bite me.” “If you insist.”

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 314
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

“Yes, Sirius, I’m sure you and Marlene were just having a nice conversation, especially since you two were inches away from each other’s faces. That’s usually how I have my conversations, so I apologise,” you said sarcastically, sitting on a couch in your common room and refusing to look at him.

“Nothing happened between us! I don’t even like Marlene!” Sirius defended himself, frowning as you turned away from him. “So convincing, thank you!” You crossed your arms over your chest.

“Come on, babe, please. Please look at me. ‘Wanna see your pretty face. Please look at me! Nothing happened, I promise!”

You said nothing, and didn’t move. “At least say something. Anything! Please! Yell, scream, hit me even!”

You rolled your eyes, “Bite me.” A smirk crawled across Sirius’ face as he replied, “If you insist.” He ducked his head down and began kissing the side of your neck from behind. When you didn’t stop him, he slowly began moving round to the front, seemingly looking for something, until you finally let out a moan. “Found it,” Sirius murmured against your skin, before slowly sucking and biting down on your neck.

“Sirius,” You moaned aloud, gripping onto his biceps as he continued, before pulling away and instead leaving a series of kisses leading up to your lips.

“You really had to leave a mark?” You muttered as Sirius leant forward to press his lips against yours. He pulled away for a second, only to say, “'Course, babe. You’re mine and I want people to know that.”

He had a hold on your hips, keeping you pressed against him as he gently pushed you backwards on the couch.

You laid across it, as Sirius hovered above you, supported by his arms that were placed either side of your head. “You’re an idiot,” you said, trying to hide a smile.

“Yes, but I’m your idiot.”

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Can I have a reaction to the guys walking in on y/n and hobi and she's sucking him? (gif reaction or not you choose :)

I hope you don’t mind I kind of made it sort of kind of like a scenario/ drabble. The reaction will definitely be in here though.

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Get a Room. (J-Hope)

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my bed hair looked p. fabulous this morning

(Translation) Aishi Kimi ni, Koibumi wo (vol.4)

愛し君に、戀文を ~宮間克己 編~ (R18! Please proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Oda Hisafumi

Get this CD from Amazon

T/N: As requested! More senpai-kouhai relationships yasssss!! Like the title says, the story revolves around (love) letters… Overall it’s quite enjoyable, I find the way he says senpai is pretty sweet. (or is it just my kink??? who knows)

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Lana on her favorite scene, the prison scene with Robert Carlyle in ‘The thing you love most’. (x)

Makeup (Muke fluff)

A/N: I wasn’t originally gonna post this because it’s a lil weird but I’m a lil weird so whatever

Warning: Cross dressing and shit

Michael’s POV

I was sitting on my bunk on the tour bus, waiting for the other boys to go just about itching in my jeans, I hated jeans, much to most peoples surprise considering that’s what I wore for a considerable amount of time every day

Luke, Ashton and Calum decided to go out to a club tonight and I had faked being sick to stay home and have time to myself

The curtain of the bunk was tugged open and Luke appeared with a giant smile on his face

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay back with you babe? I wouldn’t mind,” he said

“I’m sure, go have fun,” I said adding a fairly convincing cough and a sniffle

He pouted and hesitated for a second until I gave him a reassuring smile, “go, have fun I’ll be fine,” I said

He nodded but still looked hesitant, “okay, but I promise I won’t stay out too long,” he said and pressed a small kiss to my lips

I smiled, “stay out as long as you want babe, just no grinding or dancing with anyone else,”

His nose curled up in disgust at the thought and I kissed his nose

“At least let me tuck you in before I go honey,” he pouted again, usually I didn’t like anybody calling me honey, I’d think it was too weird and laugh it off, but I loved when Luke said it

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” I laughed, choking on the gum I was chewing in the middle of laughing, making it sound more like I was sick

“Oh, babe,” he said rubbing my back as I continued my coughing fit until finally the damn gum unstuck from my throat and I could finally breathe again

“C'mon sweetie pie, lay down,” he said gently, lifting the covers up from under me and placing them on top of me tucking in the sides as I cuddled into the warm blankets

“Oh you’re so cute,” he cooed

“Fucks sake Luke quit babying your boyfriend and hurry up!” Ashton yelled

“Shut up!” Luke yelled back

“Well to be fair it’s not the first time he’s been sick, he knows how to take care of himself!” Calum added

“No one asked you!” Luke said

“You better go before they throw a fit,” I said and he leaned in and kissed my nose

“I’ll be back soon honey,” he said back, closing the curtain

I waited until I heard the tour bus door shut, making sure I was alone before digging through my bag, finding everything I needed and running to the bathroom

I turned on the light and looked in the mirror, I looked okay right now, but once I was done I would look better

First I set everything on the counter, laying them out in order before taking out the clothes I had with me, a short pink skirt and lace panties

I almost tore off the skinny jeans, happy to be able to get out of the confines of them

I slipped on the panties before putting on the skirt, my loose fitting white long sleeve shirt almost covering the skirt

Then I grabbed the makeup, starting off with liquid foundation, covering up the bit of my face the best I could

I really didn’t know much about doing this, everything I knew had come from online

Once I was satisfied I put on some blush until my face was a light shade of pink and smiled at how it was starting to transform

Next was the lipstick, I had picked a dark red because applying it to my smooth lips, I was never very good at putting on lipstick but I would try my hardest

Last came eyeshadow, one of my least favourite parts, mainly because I’m horrid at putting it on, I was gonna go for a more natural look but instead decided to go for a smoky eye

My mistake

I leaned over the mirror starting to put on the eyeshadow, cursing as I realized I had too much on the brush, some of the powder falling into my eye

“FUCK” I yelled jolting back from the sink, most everything I had falling down with the violent jolt

I stepped back, accidentally stepping on the lipstick, having the plastic crack under my foot

I looked down, seeing the lipstick smushed into the floor along with broken plastic everywhere

The perfect palette of eyeshadow I had was now a broken and glittery mess on the floor

“FOR FUCKS SAKE” I cursed again, seeing that having not closed the liquid foundation was a terrible idea and it was now splattered on the floor

“Mikey?” I heard somebody yell

I whispered profanities, hearing Luke’s footsteps coming closer to the bathroom

I started trying to clean up, my hands shaky, really only spreading the mess out on the floor

“Mikey honey where are you?” Luke’s footsteps got closer and there was more panic in his voice

He knocked on the door and I knew that I was done for

I threw the wipe that was in my hand the floor with a few other, sitting in a curled up ball and letting tears fall, knowing this would probably be the last time Luke ever called me honey, he would probably laugh in my face and break up with me after this

I let out a choked sob and the knocks stopped for a second

“Mikey, baby open the door please open the door! Why are you crying please open the door honey!” He pleaded and I knew he was on the verge of tears, the door knob shook and the door was jolting

“Please just don’t come in, you don’t want to” I whimpered

“Why? Honey what happened? did you throw up, what’s going on?” He asked but I couldn’t answer, my body still shaking, choking on my tears

“Open the door please sweetie I wanna help you please or I’ll have to find another way in,” he said but I still wouldn’t move

I heard his footsteps getting further away before returning within seconds

I heard a key in the door, hiding my face as the door opened

“Oh my god, what happened my love?” He asked and I felt his arms around me but I just shook my head

“Mikey is that blood on the floor?” He asked and I shook my head

“What is it then?”


“Why is there lip- oh,” he said, “Mikey, look at me please look at me love.”

I lifted my head a bit to look at him, suddenly ashamed of what I looked like

He bent down a bit, putting a finger under my chin and gently lifting my head up so he could completely examine my face

“Oh honey look at you, a pretty little thing aren’t ya?” He smiled but I just shook my head

“You like putting on makeup and skirts does it make you feel pretty sweetheart?” He asked and I nodded

He nodded back, looking around at the mess

“Why don’t we get the mess here all cleaned up and then I’ll take you shopping, buy you some more makeup and skirts, whatever you want you can have it,” he said

“Okay,” I said and he smiled even wider, pecking the top of my head before cleaning up the mess on the floor

When he was done, he grabbed some wipes, cleaning up the smudged makeup on my face, before helping me up

“You wanna change out of the skirt before we go or you wanna leave it on?” He asked

“You wouldn’t be ashamed of being in public with me when I’m wearing a skirt?”

“Course not, you look beautiful with it on, do you like it?” He asked and I nodded

“Is it comfy?” I nodded again

“Well then let’s go, leave it on, I’ll show everyone how pretty my baby is,” he said and I smiled

He grabbed my hand as we left, walking down the street, receiving some disapproving looks from some people to which Luke would simply flip off and hold onto my hand tighter

When we got to the mall, there were so many different places to go that I didn’t know where to start

“Come on, let’s start small and make our way around,” Luke said and I nodded, practically hiding behind him from the people looking at us

He turned around, pressing a kiss to the top of my head, “it’s gonna be okay honey, if you’re too uncomfortable we can go home and I’ll do some shopping another time.” He said but I shook my head

He smiled and off we went, Luke insisting on buying anything that held my attention for more than 10 seconds or if I kept eyeing it when we walked by, really not having anything big happen until we were in the final line to pay in the store when i felt someone pull on the bottom of my skirt gently

“Excuse me mister,” I heard a small voice say

I turned around to see a little girl and who I assumed to be her mother behind us, her mother smiling at me and looking nervously at the little girl at the same time

“Mister your skirt is nice, where did you get it?” She asked and I looked at Luke, seeing him smiling at me as I told the girl where I had bought it

“Okay, thank you, you look very pretty,” she smiled and I thanked her before getting up again, Luke putting his arm around my waist and kissing the top of my head

When we were finished paying Luke had handed the cashier some money, telling them it was to pay for the lady behind us’s stuff and telling them to give the change to her little girl

The cashier smiled and nodded at us, telling us that we were a cute couple before we left heading back to the bus

When we got back we immediately dropped all the bags in the back room, stretching out our fingers from all the carrying we had done

“You know you really didn’t have to buy me anything,” I said plopping down on the couch

“Yes I did,” he said sitting beside me, “you’re my baby, I wanna spoil you, and maybe someday we’ll have another baby we can spoil.”

“You wanna have kids someday?” I asked and he nodded

“As long as I’m with you yeah,” he said

He pulled me in close, my head resting on his chest, his arm around me, rubbing circles on my side and his head atop mine

“I’m sorry for earlier,” I whispered

“Don’t apologize honey, it’s okay, it’s more than okay,” he said, pressing little kisses all over my face

“You’re perfect,” he whispered before kissing my lips, the kiss slow and full of love

When he pulled back he pressed our foreheads together, his thumb stroking my cheek

“No matter what you do or what you are never be ashamed to tell me, and never be ashamed of yourself okay? Promise me?” He asked and I nodded

“No matter what I am?” I asked

“No matter what,” he said

“What if I’m an axe murderer?” I asked and we both burst out laughing and he pulled me in, hugging me tight

“I love you honey,” he said, his hot breath leaving goosebumps on my neck

“I love you too,”

A/N idk how crappy this is but I haven’t read it over yet so there’s probably a lot of mistakes

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Hello!! If you are taking any prompts, heres an AU that i saw that thought would be so cute for Clexa “i run the night slot on campus radio and some jackass keeps calling in to insult my music taste and request high school musical songs instead”


“Raven.” Clarke spins her chair to face her friend and spreads her legs ever so slightly. “How may I service you tonight?”

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Songs Of The Waterfall (starter)

Kid was alone this time, sitting at the waterfall and staring into the distance. He was thinking about his old family, his dad and his brother. Then he started singing the song his dad taught him, just before he was dusted.

“Listen and hear a song the birds are singing
Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming
A pleasant breeze flows by leaving a trail of dust
This is your fault, right?

Standing in the corridor
Who thought we’d be here like this together?
On a gorgeous day like this, I ask
What is it that you want?

I believe there was a time
Where we could be pals and things were better
Eating bad food, enjoying laughs
Can we go back to that?

If you’re in there listening, kid,
Just reset the time line and
Let’s please forget all of this

Even after what you did he believed in you
’til the end.

Looking at your face right now
That expression tells me I can’t
Afford not to care anymore

Turn this path around, wipe your dirty hands clean.
Give up!

Please don’t come back
If you’re my friend


Listen and hear a song the birds are singing
Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming
A pleasant breeze flows by leaving a trail of – (dust)
How could you have done this?

Is there still
A glimmer of hope?
Will you choose
To do the right thing?

Please now, bud
If you’re there
Have a change of heart

Listen and hear a song the birds are singing
Sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming
What a nice day..”

@cally-alley-cat @rainbow-paint-brush @leeroythelusterror @neko-error-rp @error-zero @mustardandpunsonly
All of these stars will guide us home

Synopsis: Season finale AU. They didn’t make it back to Storybrooke. 

Word count: 2268

Rating: M

I.               I was a heavy heart to carry

“We… We can’t go back?” She mutters in a broken whisper. She feels Killian tense beside her, his fake hand pressing into her lower back.

“That’s right, dearie” Rumplestinskin says in a sing song voice “you saved their future, but yours? I don’t think so”

“What should we do, then?” Killian replies, anger straining his voice.

“Travel, go far away to don’t mess up with the timeline. Again.” He chuckles, doing a flourish with his hands. “I bid you adieu, dearies”

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Okay? Never - Austin Carlile

Can you do an Austin Carlile one where you find out he was cheating on you when he was away on tour and you are really upset at him and a bit of smut/fluff happens and he promises that he’ll never do it again.

Liked this request c: Hope you like reading although it’s kinda short… Left the smut out… sorry. Written by Emma.

My jaw dropped. I was horrified by what I was seeing, so much that I just froze on the spot. At first I hoped my eyes were deceiving me, but I knew they weren’t.

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Fists & Knives - Chapter 21

sorry it’s a little shorter, my imagination has been lacking for the last few days, but i didn’t want to leave you without a chapter!

“You ordered a child’s peanut butter and jelly?  How old are you again?”

“Sit,” he commanded softly, ignoring me.  He reminded me of myself.

“Go fuck yourself.”

Harry raised his eyebrows and smirked.  “Please?”

I frowned. “Please go fuck yourself?”

Harry laughed loudly, earning us attention from the few people around us.  “No, K.  Please sit down.”  

“I’m not allowed to be seen with you in public, remember?” I replied shrewdly, making a face as I did.

Harry laughed and patted the seat across from him. “This place in hardly public.  There are like three people in here.  Come on.”

I crossed my arms. “No.”

“Christ, K-“ Harry growled as quietly as he could. “Just fucking take a seat please?”

Knowing that if I didn’t sit, Harry might cause a scene, I fell into the seat and crossed my arms.  Harry grinned, clearly pleased with himself.

“Fuck off,” I breathed, rolling my eyes and reaching up to pick at some peeling paint on the wall beside me.

Harry grinned a little bigger.  “I’m happy to see you, K.”

“How did you find me here?”

“Garf told me where you were.”

“Ugh… traitor…” I grumbled.  Harry grinned at me again.“Harry, what do you want?” I snapped. God, I was happy to see him too, but I could never admit it.

“Oh, wait-” Harry said, reaching into his hoodie pocket and pulling out notecards.  He flipped through a few until he found the one he needed and read aloud: “I have come to apologize.”

I scoffed. “You had to read that from a damn card?” I asked, reaching for the stack in his hands.  He pulled them away from me quickly.

“Wait, I have one for that too.”

I sat back and watched as he flipped through four more cards and nodded. “Yes, because I am stupid and have a hard time formulating my own sentences when a pretty girl is in front of me.”After reading the card, Harry frowned. “Wait…”

I finally giggled and shook my head. “Did Louis write these for you?”

Harry nodded slowly and flipped through more of the cards. “I should have looked over them before I came here…”

“Grace me with another answer.  What did Arnold do or say when he found everything out?” I asked hesitantly. Different scenarios and reactions had played in my mind for the last few days, but none that I thought might actually happen.

Harry flipped through the cards. “Arnold said, and I quote ‘You fucked up.  You owe me.  Kennedy fucked up.  She owes me.  Louis fucked up.  He owes me. But having seen this coming, I have a plan.  Get Kennedy back here.’”

As I listened, I chewed my lip.  “So you came to get me because Arnold told you to.”

Harry sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and flipped through the cards once more.  Surprisingly, he found the reply to my statement, since it wasn’t technically a question.  Dammit, Louis was good.  “I came because I wanted to,” Harry started to read, but stopped and put the cards down on the table and looked at me. “I didn’t know how to react that morning when you were so gentle and calm… rubbing my back and kissing me even though I fucked up… No one has ever done that to me before so it just kinda shook me up…”

It was impossible to hide the blush in my cheeks.  Harry even turned red and looked away from me.

“I would have stopped kissing you if you had asked me to nicely,“ I said softly.

Harry’s eyes twinkled as he met my gaze again. “I didn’t want you to stop.”

Our chests began to rise and fall together as we stared into each other’s faces.  I blinked away from him looked around the restaurant.  The way his black tee stretched across his chest was making it hard for me to stay mad at him.  “So what is Arnold’s plan?”

Harry actually picked up his sandwich and handed me a half while taking his own half and biting off a third of it.  “He said maybe we could pull this off like a Jennifer/Brad/Angelina thing.  I don’t know exactly what happened, but Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were dating, Brad and Angelina Jolie get involved or something and now Brad is with Angelina… I don’t really know.  Arnold was trying to explain it to me earlier today but I wasn’t listening.”

“Oh, great,” I said sarcastically.

Harry shrugged. “Well I figured if I said the three names, you’d know what I was talking about.”

I nodded. “I got it.”

“Arnold said maybe we could convince Maria to stop trash-talking and just pretend like it’s all good,” he said, taking another bite of his sandwich.  So I guess it must have tasted pretty good to him after all.

“You mean pay Maria?” I asked.

“Well, yeah.”

I picked at my nails and thought. “Wait, pretend like what’s all good?”

Harry’s face fell and he picked up the cards from the table.  He faked searching for a card to tell him the answer, but dropped the cards and ran his fingers through his hair while he thought of his own answer.  “K, I really, really like you and I want us to work this out.”

Don’t be stupid, Kennedy, I thought.  There was no way I could possibly just go back to him and be wound up in a life of picky eating and paparazzi and bad moods.  Not again, at least.  I had convinced myself to do it once and I wasn’t about to do it again.

“Are you okay?”  Harry asked quietly, taking one of my hands in his own and rubbing it.  My hands had begun to shake as I thought about what I would do, but I hadn’t noticed until Harry said something. 

“I’m fine,” I said, pulling my hand back from him and placing it in my lap.  “Harry, I can’t come back with you.”

Harry’s face seemed to lose all of it’s color.  “Well why not?”

Finding the right words to say at that moment was difficult.  The longer I looked into Harry’s handsome face, the more I started to miss the crazy, stupid life that I had lived for the last few weeks. “You were right about me.  I had no idea what I was getting into and I just can’t do it anymore.”

“Bullshit,” Harry said a little too loudly, earning us a disapproving look from the table beside us.  I smiled apologetically to the older couple and then glared at Harry.

“I’m serious, K.  You picked up on this whole paparazzi thing and fame life so much faster than anyone I’ve ever met.  And you snuck into that fight without being seen?  That was pretty amazing.  And when that girl called you ugly you didn’t cry… you’re stronger than you realize.”

I rolled my eyes and grinned.  “Who said I didn’t realize it?”

Harry grinned and took my hand again. “Please K, come back.  Please.”

I sighed and looked around the restaurant.  Both Nadia and Sam were watching us from the kitchen and grinning.  “I can’t leave on my first day.  I literally just got a job here.”

Harry winked at Nadia. “I saw you come here yesterday before your run.  I talked to Nadia and told her you were a psycho who escaped a mental institution and would only be able to last a week here before killing someone.  I explained that you usually came to work at small restaurants after your escapes and that we would pay for her next shipment of ingredients if she played along until I came to capture you and take you back to the institution.  She declined my offer to pay but played along anyway,” he said, shrugging.

I slapped Harry’s arm.  “You creepy, stalking prick, you didn’t tell her that!”

Harry laughed and stood up. “Actually, I did, but I don’t think she believed me.”

“Well she probably should have,” I whispered jokingly as I took Harry’s hand and allowed him to help me up.  He chuckled.

I hugged both Nadia and Sam and apologized for my alleged mental instability before taking off with Harry.  As we walked down the relatively empty street to the motel, Harry continuously tried to grab my hand and intertwine our fingers, but I wasn’t giving in that easily.

“What have you been doing the last few days?” I asked.

Harry raised his eyebrows as he stared down at the sidewalk. “Trying to cook for myself, boxing, laying in bed really.”

“How are your dreams?”

Harry’s face fell. “I’ve had a nightmare here and there…”

“I’ve been gone four days… ‘here and there’ like every other night?”

Harry shook his head and ran his fingers through the top of his hair, making it stand up a bit. “Here and there like… every night, maybe?  I can’t remember.”

A pang of guilt shot through me as Harry spoke.  The last thing I wanted was to feel completely responsible for the dreams coming back, but I couldn’t help it.  Trying to make light of the situation for both mine and Harry’s sakes, I giggled. “So you just want me to come back to be your human teddy bear.”

Harry attempted a frown, but his smile shone through on his face instead. “No… that’s not it…”

Harry texted Garf to meet us at the motel right as we arrived.  He loaded my bags into the trunk while Harry walked around the motel room, completely appalled at the damp, dark atmosphere and horrid stench.  The worst part was that it was actually cleaner than it had been, thanks to me cleaning in my free time.  Harry looked at me, disgust etched into his face. “You’ve been living here.”

Unable to tell if it was a question for me or Harry just confirming it in his head, I merely nodded.

“Do you feel healthy?  Are you breathing okay?  Is your vision blurry or anything?” He asked, his voice full of serious concern.

I pursed my lips and shrugged.  “I’m contaminated.  You should just leave me here to die.”

Harry frowned and moved to stand in front of me. “I’m serious.  Are you okay?” He asked, peering down into my eyes.  Deja vu was all I could think of.  Like when we first met, I was trying to stay angry and keep my distance, but all I found myself thinking of was Harry’s lips against mine, his fingertips brushing up my bare back like he had done so many mornings before…

“I’m fine.”

Harry raised his fingers to brush a piece of hair from my cheek.  His gentle touch made me shiver and I immediately turned away, but not before Harry could grab my face and plant his lips firmly against mine.  I could feel my body starting to go weak in his arms, but I stopped myself and pushed him off of me. “Harry, I’m trying to be mad at you for goodness sake-“

“Let me make you un-mad,” He grinned, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me to his lips again. 

“Un-mad isn’t a word,” I mumbled against his lips.  I squealed when he pressed his mouth to mine harder to try and get me to be quiet.

“Just kiss me, K,” he managed to say with his lips still on mine.  His attempt to force me to kiss him was beginning to make me laugh.  We probably looked hilarious, trying to talk to each other with our mouths pressed together and me now giggling like an idiot.  Harry finally gave up attacking my mouth with his lips and just changed to kissing me all over my face and down my neck, eliciting playful shrieks from me.  When I could, I reached up and pinched Harry’s side a few times until he laughed and struggled to get away from me. “NOT FAIR.”

I grinned. “You fired me and then came crawling back to me so I think the least I can do is tickle you for a whole 30 seconds.”


I nodded.

Harry shook his head.  “At least not in here,” he said, grimacing once more at his surroundings.

“When we get home,” I demanded.

Harry cocked his head at me and bit his lip. “Home?”

I rolled my eyes and pushed Harry’s chest away from me. “Don’t read into it.”  There was another thing that I wouldn’t admit to Harry… that his house had become more of a home to me than anywhere I had ever stayed… even including the apartment that I lived in with Clark for two years.

Harry caught my hand once again and pulled me to him, staring straight at my mouth. “Just kiss me once and we can go home.  You have every right to be mad at me, but that doesn’t mean you can’t kiss me.”

God, he was handsome.  His vibrant eyes flickered up to meet mine and even they seemed to smile as he watched me struggle so hard to decide whether or not to kiss his soft, pink lips.  I don’t know why I was still struggling, because I really had given in the moment I let Garfield load my bags into the car.  Harry’s smile spread as I took his face in my hands and pulled him down to me, puckering my lips and placing them against his in a real kiss.  Harry slid his hands around the small of my back and pulled my body into his, a feeling that I had definitely missed for the last four days.

Something in Harry’s jeans vibrated against my leg.  His phone.  He growled at the interruption and pulled away from me, placing a kiss on my nose before pulling the phone from his pocket and glancing at the text.  He chuckled. “It’s Garf.  He wants to know if we’ve got everything.”

I glanced around the room once more for anything I might have forgotten to pack. “We’ve got it all.  Let’s go home, Bear.”