please please please

give me low-income slytherins
  • slytherins who cant afford to have the killer designer wardrobe that all slytherins apparently need
  • slytherins who shop at thrift shops and forge their own style
  • slytherins making potions with second-hand cauldrons and tattered books
  • slytherins who are 100x more ambitious and cunning with their resources than their rich classmates because they cant /afford/ to waste a single knute
  • slytherins who never go to hogsmead because they spend their extra money supporting their family
  • slytherins staying up all night in the library studying not because they love the subject but because they’ll lose their scholarship if they fail it
  • first-year slytherins who have no idea what to do when a house elf cleans their dorm for them
  • slytherins who say thank you and please and are almost over-the-top with their manners because they know what it’s like to struggle and work for rude customers
  • slytherins who use muggle tech because it’s cheaper than the wizard version
  • slytherins who seem like they aren’t great at magic but they’re using the same wand as their father and his father and his father…

please never ever tell anybody who is negative about their weight or struggling with their body image that they aren’t fat in order to make them feel better. they themselves might take it as a compliment, but you are contributing to the huge pre-existing stigma surrounding fat bodies and the idea that they are intrinsically bad, and therefore that to be “fat” is to be “bad”. those things aren’t synonymous. instead, tell them they are beautiful regardless of their size.

I have a favor to ask of you artists in tumblrland. I’m having trouble finding coloring pages of the Black Widow that aren’t too sexualized for my 5 year old daughter. She just needs a few, simple pages of her favorite superhero to color. If anyone out there is willing to draw some for me, I would happily make you a hat, scarf, necklace, earrings, or bracelet for the fandom of your choosing in return for your services. It doesn’t have to be super detailed. Just like normal, kid coloring book style. Kind of cartoony is fine. She loves the Black Widow and she loves to color. I’m just having a hard time finding stuff that isn’t full of weird T&A poses and super-cleavage. Please help a mom out! 

Pro tip: If you know someone has issues with their immune system, tell them if you get sick. If you have plans, let them know you’re sick (yes, even if you’re “mostly over it”). If they choose to risk it, then at least it’s their choice, and they can take extra steps to avoid catching your bug.

If they ask to reschedule, or do go but refuse to touch you or get to close, don’t get angry. Don’t be offended. They’re literally just trying to look out for their health.

Even if it’s a scratchy throat, or you feel a little stuffed up, and you’re not “really sick”, still say something.

Hello Mr Troye Sivan Mellet

Attempt #865287872 of

Summoning Troye Sivan

Here’s Nutella

Knowing Troye, 4kg of Nutella probably isn’t enough, so here’s a lifetime supply of Nutella

Some sweet sweet lemon candies

Some more sweet sweet apple candies

Even more sweet sweet strawberry candies

About 20 chicken nuggets

And of course, his friends

Last but not least, Tyler Oakley

And now, we wait for Troye to hopefully notice and follow 


Undertale is such an incredible game-!! It’s so hard to choose a favorite with all these colorful characters but I have to admit I have a soft spot for Papyrus (along with his brother), hE’S SO GREAT 💙 

(more character fanart to come !! NowIpatientlyawaittoplay)

honestly, this is super important.

we need to get at least 3.20 million views for taemin to get full SNS points on inkigayo AND sm promised to release the practice video if we get to 4 million but that’s still far away, right now the view count is at around 2,640,000.

taemin worked so hard for us, the least we can do to repay all that hart work is to watch his music video! it’s really not that hard, just click here and let it play in the background, (you can mute the window but not the actual player). deleting cookies / turning off your router to get a new IP address every once in a while helps too!

also it’d be great if you could reblog this and help spread the word~