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In 1963, the Beatles were exploding in England. Their debut LP, Please Please Me, came out in March, followed by their mega hit single “She Loves You” in August. Their second album, With the Beatles, and another hit single, “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” followed in the fall. Screaming girls, throngs of fans, bushels of albums being sold—this was when it all started. (x)

theory: dex hasn’t been in recent updates because he got really into finding nemo & has been watching it nonstop in his dorm room

The only important thing I took away from the Sander clear video: LP PUTTING ON MUSIC BEFORE HE GOES INTO BATTLE (and probably punching to the beat) GIVES ME LIFE.

Just a really quick sketch, so it’s not meant to be quality.


What if he listens to cuteass music


when will i stop hurting over this

ღ Fetus&2011 One Direction Video Masterlist ღ

you better get a box of tissues ready tbh bc this gon’ be painful and nostalgic bye

these are just some of my personal favourites compiled into a handy masterlist

X Factor Video Diaries (don’t watch these if you’re not solely here for louis being loud and irritating as fuck) 

O2 Tour Diary

X Factor Tour Q&A 

One Direction Q & A

Sugar shoot Behind the Scenes

The Pokemon Diaries (if u’d like to hear louis singing DON’T CHA WISH UR GIRLFRIEND WAS HOT LIKE ME to harry)

Dare to Dream Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Makeup at The Hits radio (i watch this solely for louis applying foundation and giggling)

One Direction by One Direction (yOU KNOW YOU WANT TO)

Up All Night Album Cover Shoot Behind the Scenes (NIALL HAS A FUCKING LEPRACHAUN WHERE HE SITS)

Find The Phone 

Super Pokemon Rumble

Sugarscape interviews!!!!!!!!!!! (THE BEST OKAY)

enjoy bbies


Here is what happened on this day (April 6th) in Rock History:

April 6th 1963: Beatles enter UK LP chart for first time with Please Please Me.

April 6th 1968: Pink Floyd announces that founding member Syd Barrett has left the group.

April 6th 1969: Bassist Pete Quaife announces that he’s quitting the Kinks.

April 6th 1998: The Plasmatics’ outrageous front-woman, Wendy O. Williams, 48, commits suicide in the woods behind her home in Connecticut.