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Well i said I was projecting…so this is what you get. 
So here’s  Nebulous AU PostOp TransMan Jack Zimmermann because it was more fun than drawing self portrait sketches to document my experience lbr.

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straygodess  asked:

okay but are we going to talk about how broken keith sounds when he says "i know youre right"

You want to go there? You really want to go there??? Because liSTEN UP he sounds so broken. Everyone is trying to comfort him while appealing to his rational mind at the same time and he knows they are right. He knows. Of course he does. He tells them that he knows but then he just……. stands there. Takes a few seconds to push his emotions down (“he is gone. he is gone. he is gone. no one will ever be able to replace him. he is gone.”) and finally gives his consent in “figuring out how to form voltron”. NOT in searching for a new black paladin because that’s Shiro and it will always be Shiro.

I’m just. This hurts me so much? Because Shiro leaving was literally his biggest fear.

Keith, the guy who is constantly going on solo missions and is never afraid to make his opinion known, chased after him. And why? “Shiro is the only person who didn’t give up on me. I won’t give up on him!” 

Shiro’s approval and his presence is everything to Keith. Listen, I knew that he would be sad that Shiro was gone, but the extent that was shown in the first episode surprised me. Keith was able to deal with being Galra - who were not human and, most importantly, pretty much inherently evil so far - better than he was able to deal with Shiro disappearing. And Shiro had already disappeared once before and– @kcgane analyzed Keith’s handwriting on the little post-it notes in his shack and:

It’s pretty hard to read but we’re pretty sure it says “and it’s killing me when you’re away”.

And that was just the first time. Now Shiro disappeared again. Keith is broken beyond expectations and he needs the team’s support now more than ever. MY HEART HURTS ;A;

anonymous asked:

Your writing is very poetic! Can you recommend some books to read to enrich my vocabulary?

                        ah ,        thank  you    so    much    for    the    positivity       &       for    this    question    !         i    would    love    to .        my    number    one    man    is     t. s.   eliot ,       specifically    the    waste    land ,       the    love    song    of    j .     alfred    prufrock ,         &       four   quartets .           john   keats’s    writing    also    can    be    a    major    source    of    inspiration    for    me    if    i’m    stuck    in    a    rut .         in    regards    to    books ,             the  scarlet  letter    is    a    big    favorite    because    i    love    the    constant    uses    of    strong    imagery ,                [      plus ,        it’s    still    unfortunately    extremely    relevant   :             double    standards    pushed    on    women    while    men    in    powerful    positions    run    freely    in    spite    of    their    wrongdoings     ?           very    familiar .     ]           the   awakening     by     kate    chopin    falls    in    the    same    category    for    the    same    reasons .            victor    hugo’s    les    misérables    is    a    long    read           [     still    not    done    lmao     ] ,            but    i    personally    really    love    the    fourth    volume    in    particular ,         especially    books    two ,       three ,       five ,         &       seven .             i    also    want    to    slip    a    few    plays    in    here    just    to    kind    of    round    things    out   :         the    seagull    by    anton   chekhov    offers    multifaceted    presentations    on    art ,       love ,        family ,         &       naiveté .          the    sign    in    sidney    brustein’s    window     by    lorraine    hansbury    may    be    the    best   play    i’ve    ever    read ,          has    a    fascinating    production    history ,           &        hansbury    transcended     every    expectation    imaginable ,         especially    at    the    time .         she’s    a    genius .          4 : 48    psychosis    by    sarah    kane    is    extremely    creative       &     abstract    in    format ,            but    it    is    extremely    triggering ,          especially    for    those    who      struggle    with    mental    illnesses .           it’s    a    grueling    read ,       even    in    your    best    state    of    mind ,            so    please    be    careful ,        but    the    format    is    fascinating    in    its    breaking    of    boundaries .              ––––––––––––––––                 that    about    wraps    it    up    !          thank    you    again    for    the    question ,           &         if    you    pick    any    up ,        pleasepleaseplease     feel    free    to    come    discuss    them    with    me    !
Leave Out All The Rest, a song by Linkin Park on Spotify

When my time comes, Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed.
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty, Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest, Leave out all the rest.

Miss you, Chester 😔😞

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I despise zayn lol. His music is ok and good for him doing what he wanted to do, but he never should've blasted the boys, the very same boys that helped launch his career. He was always the quiet one while they were the loud ones in the interview. Easily forgettable in interviews. And then his vogue cover about gender fluidity is incredibly stupid since that whole campaign was started with the LGBT community. They should've stuck jaden smith or young thug on that cover, not two people who share

I tend not to really pay attention to him, really. I seemingly notice how he barely does anything but get seen walking in and out of Gigi’s apartment, haha. If it’s that easy to make a living out of, I could do that, too. ;)) 

Jaden Smith literally is more gender fluid than the two of them? He wears female clothes out and about, doesn’t he? Why get two people who haven’t really spoken about gender fluidity at all, nor have they picked up on it or spoken in interviews about it, on the cover of a huge magazine, talking about how they share clothes, when you could have had someone who has been a bigger supporter of the whole campaign/community for ages? 

I don’t need to follow his career if I don’t really like him nor do I like where he’s going with his career; his kind of music just isn’t my favourite so I’m not going to listen to it because it doesn’t attract me, you know? I’m going to download it because I won’t ever listen to it whenever I feel the urge to. Not like how I do with Harry and his album, anyway. xx

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EXO’s rival is EXO

is there anyone else here that absolutely lives for canon lance and keith being the same height???

because they are. they are the same height. in the one screenshot that everyone uses to prove that keith is shorter than lance, lance is actually standing quite a bit behind keith and perspective (or in this case surroundings, the color of the stone they are standing on changes, indicating that its height changed too) has to be taken into account:

but when they are right next to each other, they are the exact same height and

guys, guys just- just listen

all these missed opportunities 

they are lance and keith

lance and keith, neck n neck

they are literally on the same level

they are the same, equal partnership,,, ,

guys i’m s o b b i n g no one is above the other it’s so perfect pleas e just listen they are the same-

[continuation here]