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All I really want this season is for Queen Bee and Rena Rouge to have a fight sequence where they fight an akumatized victim together. And to make things even better: they have to save Chat and Ladybug.

HAPPY 34TH BIRTHDAY KANGIN OPPA !! Spend a wonderful day and have fun !! Stay as handsome and funny as you already are !! ELF love and support you !!! Come back soon in Super Junior please !! 생일 축하해요 강인 오빠 🎁🎂🎈🎊😘💙

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hi!! i’m a HUGE fan of your writing, and i was actually wondering if you could write a gwuncan au about gwen coming out to him as bisexual for the first time, i don’t ship them romantically at ALL but i do enjoy the two as friends. also i LOVE your headcanons btw, you’re literally such an amazing writer lol

Wow, thank you! That’s super nice of you to say - and I really appreciate that! <3 

Gwen sat on the rickety picnic bench and drummed her nails impatiently against her leg. Picking this place to meet Duncan at had probably been a bad idea - this particular park was notorious for drug deals and other various sleazy exchanges - but Gwen wasn’t too bothered by that. Not when she had more important things occupying her mind, anyways. 

She didn’t know why she was so nervous - actually, scratch that, she knew perfectly well why she was so jittery and antsy and just couldn’t seem to sit still. Maybe it was the splintery bench she had elected to sit on, but more than likely it was the fact that she had texted Duncan to meet her here for the sole purpose of telling him something that had been weighing heavily on her heart and mind for a very long time. She wasn’t too worried about him judging her - he was too lazy to be judgmental - but, still, he would be the first person to know she was bisexual, and that in and of itself was a little nerve-wracking.

Gwen hadn’t wanted to tell her family - not immediately, anyways. Her mom was busy with work and being involved in her little brother’s schooling (to his chagrin), and her brother was too busy trying to figure out how to spend more time playing video games. She was sure they’d both be supportive - especially her mom - but it simply wasn’t something she was ready to tell them. She knew she would have to eventually - that was a given - but she’d do it on her own time. 

If there was one thing Gwen valued, it was authenticity - and just keeping to her own personal code of being true to herself by telling someone (one of her closest friends, as a matter of fact) was enough to make her feel somewhat reassured about the whole thing.

Not that there was anything to need reassurance about, she reminded herself as she sat on the bench and squinted at the rustbucket currently pulling into the park parking lot (with an ornamental skull on the hood, naturally). She was who she was, and anyone who doubted or judged that could go right ahead and fu-

“Hey, gothy.” Duncan interrupted her reverie when he came strolling towards her, twirling his key ring around on one finger. 

“How original,” Gwen deadpanned, forcing her fragmented thoughts aside to retaliate with a smirk of her own. 

“You want a smoke?”

“You bet.”

Duncan slipped his pack out of his pants pocket, jimmied a few out, and passed one to her. They lit up together, and Duncan took a seat next to her, with his legs sprawled out in front of him. “So, what’s up? Hate to say this, but you better make it quick - I’m on my way to a thing and Courtney’s gonna get pissed if I’m late.”

Gwen took a deep puff - exhaled - watched as the smoke fanned out. Even though she knew how Duncan was, she was growing more and more apprehensive by the second - had this been a good idea? Was she really sure she wanted to tell him? But before she could let those doubts dissuade her, she turned to him, took another hit, and said bluntly, without any warning whatsoever, “I’m bi.”

Duncan’s expression didn’t change - he simply turned his head to look at her, cigarette of his own hanging loosely between his fingers. “That’s cool.”

That…was it? Gwen wasn’t entirely sure what she had expected - but, in a way, his complete and utter casualness about the whole thing was a bit of relief. She smiled, slumped against the picnic table, and exhaled another flume of smoke. “Well, uh…I guess.”

“How’s your mom feel about it?”

“Haven’t told her yet.” Gwen shrugged. “Haven’t told anyone, actually. Except for you.”

“That makes me feel awfully special,” Duncan said, and Gwen made as if to playfully slug him in the shoulder - now wasn’t a time for his crappy jokes - but he just smiled. A genuine smile - a rarity. “No, but, for real. Good for you, Gwen. You’re kick-ass.”

“I know.” Gwen grinned at him, but the softness in her eyes thanked him for that. That was one of the best things about Duncan - he rolled with the punches, genuinely and authentically, and pretty much everything that came out of his mouth was his genuine opinion. She appreciated that - and the fact that there was no need for any mushy verbal sap. One grateful look and a dip of Duncan’s head was all it took.

“Alright, you should probably get going. Don’t want Courtney to rip your eyebrow piercing off or anything.”

Duncan rolled his eyes. “As if I’d let her do that.” At Gwen’s look, he snorted and shook his head. “Willingly, anyways. Alright. Hey, if you need me, you got my number.”

It was the first time he’d said anything remotely sentimental - in his own weird way - and Gwen nodded, watching as he got up and stretched. “Hey, Duncan?” He looked back at her and grunted. “…Thanks.”

He shrugged. “Nothin’ to thank me for. Actually, you could treat me to that new horror flick comin’ out -”

Gwen snorted. “Yeah, right. I’m just as broke as you. Hit me up when I have money, and maybe it’ll be a different story.”

Duncan snickered. “Alright, cool. I’ll hold you to that, though. ‘Later.” He tipped her a two-fingered salute before marching away back to his rustbucket of a car.

Gwen watched him go, feeling as if an enormous weight had been lifted off of her shoulders - for all of his annoyances and aggravations, Duncan could be a pretty damn great friend, when he tried - that much she could begrudgingly admit. 


everyone’s favorite super villain~

  • Rey: *via hologram* So Ren, how was your first day as Emperor?
  • Kylo Ren: Fantastic. I pillaged villages, destroyed whole planets and trained for the next time we meet.
  • Hux: *in the background* He's lying. All he did was lie on the ground bawling when some sunlight came in through the window, saying it was just like you.
here is a loving hugging bear for those who are struggling now.

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i just want a girlfriend that’s all i want to take her to the park and discuss how a swan fell in love with a swanboat and how tourism and capitalism intersect and what we think our dreams meant. i want to hold her hand during the scary parts of movies and hold her hand when people are staring and hold her hand just because we’re both alive and isn’t that something. i want to learn her favorite colors and how she feels about certain clothes and when the last time was she cried to music. i want to wake her up with kisses and keep her up the same way and discuss our secrets under covers and stay in bed all day. i want someone i can love in a big, all-encompassing way.