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Comic pitch: Eight-year-old Dick Grayson, having just lost his parents, is understandably sad. It’s cool that Bruce knows what he’s going through, but Wayne Manor isn’t the most comforting place, and Dick is lonely. He explains to Alfred that it’s not only the loss of his parents that get to him– it’s also the loss of his community. All the Haly’s performers were super close, and they were his family too, until he had to leave them. Now it’s three people in an empty mansion, and that’s depressing.

Bruce hears this and develops a plan: he’ll take Dick to work with him tomorrow. Wayne Enterprises isn’t like Haly’s– Bruce doesn’t think of his employees as his family– but Dick doesn’t know that, and at the very least, he’ll get out of the house for awhile and see some other people. Dick agrees.

The next morning, Dick puts on his gala suit and follows Bruce to work. He doesn’t like it at first. It’s unfamiliar, and everything seems very formal, until they walk into the WE lobby and start to meet employees who seem thrilled to see Dick. He is, after all, small and adorable and wearing a tiny suit. He’s very cute, so they are very friendly. 

Bruce walks around the place introducing Dick to his people, and then he asks about their children and grandchildren and dogs and hobbies, because he does know all about them, for security purposes. It would be negligent of him not to research his employees, right? He has to keep track of everybody. 

Dick follows Bruce around for the entire day and meets tons of people, forcing Bruce to interact with all of them. Dick has a blast. They let him roll around in the big CEO chair yelling nonsense instructions about the budget. On the last page of the issue, the two of them walk out of the building and into the car where Alfred is waiting. Dick is clearly happy. When Bruce asks if he had fun, he grins and says, “Your family is huge!”

As Bruce thinks back on the day, he realizes that he does genuinely know and care for all of his individual employees, and it’s clear that they love him too. Maybe the kid is on to something. In the final panel, Bruce looks fondly down at Dick, who is falling asleep in the backseat of the car. 

“It’s… getting bigger.”

guess who tried digital art for the first time

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James: Hey, Kara, did you hear about- 

Kara: Lena and Reign? Yes. I did. Winn has told me. Alex has. Maggie. Jess, Lena’s secretary, and the security guard, Hank. Lena herself and even J’onn mentioned it. So yes, I’ve heard all about them. I mean, Lena barely knows her and she’s suddenly all ‘Reign this’ and ‘Reign that’ and you know that she canceled our lunch date earlier? Because Reign apparently needed her! Needed her!? I was going to order the Greenies lunch today! I was even going to get an extra portion of the fried garlic mushrooms so i could pretend i was full and give them to her because she loves them, like really loves them, but now she’s with Reign and i haven’t seen Lena in like a week and– 

James: Uh, Kara? Are you okay? You seem kind of upset. 


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lance lance lance im so so sorry for doing this to you

-pidge and lance end up stranded on a planet somewhere. pidge is an angry mess and won’t stop crying, and shes blaming lance for letting them fall to the ground. lance is trying not to fall over from blood loss.

-shiro is staying up so very, very late, and he hears singing coming from the bridge. lance is singing an old lullaby his nana would sing to him, to calm his nerves. shiro takes it as lance just testing out his singing skills and thinks almost nothing of it. he doesn’t see lance crying.

-allura pushes too hard with everyone, and lance speaks up for all of them. ‘allura, stop. you need to stop pushing us so hard, most of us are teenagers!’ she doesn’t see reason for a while, until someone breaks down.

-coran is reminded of his son whenever he looks at lance. one day he calls lance by his son’s name by accident. the name is similar to lance’s brother’s name.

-a planet has some weird pollen that temporarily makes everyone change sexes, and it changed their body a bit too. everyone is confused over why lance was unaffected. (hint: it’s trans!lance and he’s overjoyed!!!! he gets a fully flat chest) 

-lance gets a personality changing virus. it only tears down the mask that he wears.


Pool Games Inc 2.0

“So this had been Pool Games Inc, we did it a second year, we won’t do it a third year probably…based on the reaction to this one.”

“Think twice before you ask us every day for a year to do a sequel to a video, cause this is what happens.”