please please

What is that one music video where there are two ladies in a white room and then another lady shows up and they undress her and then put her in black spandex and i think there is a stag beetle at some point? and then the black spandex lady is put on some sort of table? and there is milk everywhere? and the song is something about pheromones? The video was featured on grooveshark like forever ago. Please and thank you, asking for a friend, help me.

Okay I had enough.


You seriously need to get a handle on the pornbots.
They have stolen my photos, put awful captions on it and worst of all; I AM ONLY 15

15 years of age.

Now I have always blocked those bots that follow me but this??? Taking my photos and then claiming it for their own??? Writing captions I never put on them, and the fact that I am an underage person for even such a thing can get this into legal trouble.

This is disgusting and the fact these things are still even on here are an issue, I do not want my name tarnished because of some deranged bot that you have failed to take care of.